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You are Shax Bonemurder, raid leader! Today is the day when you begin your mission: Raid the Manderlin plains with the goal of crippling the economic support and supply routes provided thereof...

At least that is what the woman in front of you is currently saying to you and your raiding party.

>CURRENT RAID GROUP: http://pastebin.com/mZgVD5yH

"-ery important that you do your best to be as surreptitious as possible. The longer it takes them to realize the extent of our operations, the better. Of course, with a force as large as we are currently organizing, it will be difficult to maintain this secrecy for long. That is why you are going out ahead of the army so soon. To do as much damage as you can before the war truly begins."

You nod along like you have been doing. You'll just ask Beyto what you need to know later- Oh wait, that's right. He isn't coming along! He told you this morning that it was nice working with you, and he hopes you make it back safely. You're going to miss him! He always had nice advice and was patient with how dumb you were, despite you bossing him around.

Regardless, the boys are all lined up and looking sorta bored. The lady is done talking. Any questions?

>Write in what you would like to ask her.
>Motivational speech to the boys and then roll out!

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>Motivational speech to the boys and then roll out!
No question is really coming to mind.

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>Motivational speech to the boys and then roll out!
Any known adventurers in the area?

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Ask about adventurers. There the big problem if they show up.

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>>Motivational speech to the boys and then roll out!

Did you draw that yourself OP?

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>Motivational speech to the boys and then roll out!
No point wasting time thinking!

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Alright, one quick question, then.


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"Um!" You raise your hand for some reason, even though the woman is clearly looking at you. "I remember taking this job because it was easy, but..."

You think hard and try to remember all the details.

"I think I remember something about 'adventurers'? What do I need to know about those."

The dark elf woman cocks one silvery eyebrow at you. "What an astute question. And a hard one to answer. Adventurers are a problem specifically because they are difficult to expect. One day you'll run into a band of questing knights seeking to purge the land of evil who simply heard of a goblin band roaming about. The next day you'll run into a mish-mash of conlficting personalities and widely varying levels of ability roaming about in a chaotic fashion that simply happened to stumble on you."

You look a little distraught. "My best advice," the drow woman says, leaning towards you as if in great conspiracy, "Is to kill the people casting spells first." She says, patting you on the head. "That makes things much easier."

That, you can understand. If they are doing something magical, kill them!

"Other than that, it's hard to give any good advice simply from how diverse they can be. The City of Manderlay and its surrounding provinces are a hotspot of activity, and such activity draws the notice of such eccentric and powerful people. Just don't make too much of a fuss, and it shoudln't be a problem."

But your entire job is to make a fuss... isn't it? Oh well.


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You can't think of anything else to ask, so it is time to roll out! You turn to the boys, and get your best gruff leader voice going.

"You heard the lady! Our job is megas important! We gotta raid those buildings. But don't think of it is a job. It's fun to break things, right?" The boys nod their heads. "It's fun to blow stuff up, right?" There is some shouting, the dwarven brothers join in, "And, most importantly, it is fun to eat all the time!" Everyone cheers, "Especially when it's other people's food!" More cheering. Yeah. You're so inspiring. You even inspire yourself, and you're the biggest coward you know!

Alright! Now you're feeling amped! "So let's get out there, and eat all the chickens and cows we can!"

You all get ready to ride! Mounting up, you head to the passage way leading out, trolls loping along on their ape-like appendages. The boys chat as you ride along, and morale is generally pretty okay. A few drow scouts appear and escort you to the entrance. The trip takes almost the entire day, but you get to the entrance. They tell you to memorize this spot. If you get in trouble, real big genuine trouble, this is the way back to the army. You tell them you'll do your best! Ahead of you is a big forest, and they tell you that the Plains of Manderlin lie on the otherside.

>Take the long route around. Try to get to know the area.
>Cut straight through the forest!

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>>Take the long route around. Try to get to know the area.

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>Take the long route around. Try to get to know the area.

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If we go the long route, people will see us.

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>Cut straight through the forest!
But all sneaky like and not like you're rushing to the dinner table.

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I just remembered! Do we have anything that can make fire? Burning all the wheat seems like it would be an effective way of fucking shit up.

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You can make plenty of fire. You're well supplied, for now. I'm not going to be too anal about inventory in this quest.

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OP, you absolute card, you.

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We have sappers. If they can't make fire, then why did we bring them?

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I don't want to needlessly spam /tg/, so since the tie wasn't broken we're going go the long way through the forest!


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>Take the long route around. Try to get to know the area.

We should ambush people from the edge of the forest if possible. Or at least set up a base camp there.

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>Take the long route around. Try to get to know the area
we might as well scout out our targets

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we got lost?

I think we got lost. Wonderful.

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It's your first raid. You don't want to mess this up, so you're going to take it cautiously. You head further into the woods. It's dark and quiet, so you sorta like it. The spiders move very well through the underbrush, and you march at a good pace, albeit without much direction. With such short visibility, you tell the small boys to scout ahead.

You continue at a relaxed pace for some time. There isn't much to find here. You try to remember what Beyto told you:

A) Either never stop moving, or find a good base of operations.
B) Never take hostages, never leave witnesses. You're not bandits. You're here to raid.
C) It's better to run away from a tough fight than to win it with heavy losses.

This is advice you're going to try to take to heart! You don't know how ruthless you can be, but you got other people here to do that for you. Still... you've been in the forest for an awfully long time. You wonder what the scouts are going to say.

Eventually, they get back. You're still pretty far from the plains, but they've found some things of interest.

>An old hut with a well tended garden. They were being super sneaky, but it felt like something was watching them from there. Leave no witnesses!
>Near the edge of the forest towards the plains is a dilapidated temple of some kind. Perhaps some ruins to explore?
>Following a stream upriver lead to a populated quarry. It's got some guards, but maybe you could get some nice supplies while raiding it?

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>An old hut with a well tended garden. They were being super sneaky, but it felt like something was watching them from there. Leave no witnesses!

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>Near the edge of the forest towards the plains is a dilapidated temple of some kind. Perhaps some ruins to explore?

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>>An old hut with a well tended garden. They were being super sneaky, but it felt like something was watching them from there. Leave no witnesses!
The ruins might make a good base, too.

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>Near the edge of the forest towards the plains is a dilapidated temple of some kind. Perhaps some ruins to explore?
I'm having a hard time picturing Shax as capable of this stuff.

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>>Near the edge of the forest towards the plains is a dilapidated temple of some kind. Perhaps some ruins to explore?

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leaving the old hut alone will probably mean adventurers, but going for the quarry is our actual job.

voting for quarry. give the nice dwarves some supplies.

>> No.29476157

>Near the edge of the forest towards the plains is a dilapidated temple of some kind. Perhaps some ruins to explore?

Might make a good base.

>> No.29476166


Don't worry, you're not going to turn into murderhobos. This quest was born on lightheartedness, and that's not going to change.

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>Near the edge of the forest towards the plains is a dilapidated temple of some kind. Perhaps some ruins to explore?
Base first.

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m8 I'm voting to kill

>> No.29476226

You're leaving no witnesses and aren't taking hostages if they join your raid. Shax will find herself accidentally taking over a peasant rebellion.

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Looks like ruins to me! Writing.

>> No.29476434

Oh boy. Ruins contain magic stuff. Magic stuff lets us use our big sword.

Or maybe we'll find another big weapon?

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>Tenga Toppa Gurran Goblann when?

>> No.29476687

You put on your serious face. It's time to be a raid leader! You'll sack that quarry, and get plenty of supplies! Everyone will be impressed by how well you function as a team! Yeah! ...And then Xab mentions some ruins. He's a little crazy, but... he makes it sound super cool! He paints it in an artistic light and really captures your imagination. A small quote: "The light coming through the canopy glitters through the stained glass windows, inviting you to plumb the depths of hallowed ground like some ancient, shimmering spirit." You really should start off on a strong foot, but... This place sounds really neat.

>Minion Talent Unlocked! XAB - Storyteller. This talent allows Xab to distract you with cool sounding stuff. Neat! How'd he get so well spoken?

>QM's note: Talents do nothing. Try to collect them all!

"Alright boys!" You announce in a gruff voice. "We oughta check those ruins out. It's got some sorta shimmer spirit or something?" Everyone who was captivated by Xab suddenly looks a little confused.

"...It might make a nice base, too?" Milda offers helpfully.

"Yeah!" That probably should have been your plan all along. "We gotta make ourselves a home, and it might as well be a cool one, right?" Everyone agrees, of course. No one wants to live in a lame home.

You set out to the temple. It takes nearly all day, but you see it ahead as the sun is setting. Ivy creeps over stone blocks, and through the crumbling walls you can see sets of pillars. It looks fairly large, and fairly old. There is one clear main building and several side buildings. The buildings are all mostly ransacked. You order the boys to search around.

>Make a d20 roll! Best of the first three. No crit chances.

>> No.29476727

Rolled 4


>> No.29476737

Rolled 2


>> No.29476742

Rolled 12


>> No.29476746

Rolled 1


>> No.29476779

Thank god.

>> No.29476798

Rolled 2

The dice do not like us today.

>> No.29476832


Good thing crits don't count since the second guy rolled a d2.


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That's a hell of an eloquent goblin.

>> No.29476948

We should get lessons in how to talk pretty.

>> No.29476959

Do the dwarves not have any sneakiness at all?

>> No.29476991


They are fairly sneaky. I forgot to add.

>> No.29477022

well explosions are KINDA unsubtle...

>> No.29477182

But they make great diversions, covers for retreat, booby traps...

>> No.29477190

You start ransacking the place thoroughly. Nothing can wreck up a place better than a goblin. Still, most of it seems pointless. The boys have fun busting up benches and the like, but there doesn't seem to be anything valuable in the whole building. What a disappointing trip!

Still, just when you were thinking of calling it off, Truz says he found something. The big guy is standing in a small pit. Apparently he'd just been trying to remove the podium for whatever reason, and found that the floor tiles were a little loose. Naturally, he started ripping them apart.

>Minion Talent Unlocked! TRUZ - Demolotion Man. Truz can efficiently and instinctively rip apart buildings. Worse than explosives or any form of construction equipment in every imaginable way. Congratulations!

If you were in the same position, you're pretty sure you'd the same. There is just something so satisfying in mucking up the place. Still, he was REALLY thorough in it... you see a pit big enough for a couple of goblins to get in to. "Good job, Truz. You made a nice hole there." Every goblin nods and congratulates him. It was really impressive.

"No, boss," he says, hesitantly, "I wouldn'ta called ya over here for that. I found somethin' down here."


You peek into the hole. There was some sort of metal slab down here.

"I think it's a door."

You jump in and feel around a bit. You can definitely feel a handle. Could this be...? You pull on it, and you see a large, dusty staircase leading downward. Thankfully, your eyes naturally adjusted to subterranean life can see in here.

>Adventure awaits! Gather up a small posse and head on in. The rest will wait inside the ruins, to guard the place while you explore.
>Choose three people to accompany you.

>> No.29477250

Can the dwarves fit? The fishguys? Let's bring ourselves, one other goblin, one dwarf (with an explosive in case we need to seal the tunnel) and the fishguy priest.

>> No.29477271


Anyone can fit. The hole Truz made is a little cramped, that's all.

>> No.29477288

Grab a sneaky git, a fish dude, and a dwarf.

Fighter(us), rogue, cleric, and a demo man.

>> No.29477321

Okay then us, Gneb, Whoopaldookat and Mani.

>> No.29477341

I'm good with this. Have the others set up camp.

>> No.29477342

SOunds nice. Go for this then

>> No.29477347

We don't need sneaky! Let's take two strong guys like Mnar and Nost and take Milda cause she's sensible.

>> No.29477350

Milda, Truz and Gneb

>> No.29477354

That works.

>> No.29477403

Going with this. Well-rounded.

>> No.29477434

Alright, Mani, Gneb, and Whoopaldookat it is.

>> No.29477995

You sit back and think. Checking this place out is why you came here. But sending everyone down would be terrible if you ran into a fight back up top. Besides, if you're going to make this place your base like Milda said, you're gonna need to set stuff up. You tell everyone up top to start making preperations for camp. It's almost time for nightfall, after all. Still... shouldn't you start working on sleep schedules to make everyone work at night? All that sunlight is dizzying, and raids go better at night, you think. Well, whatever. You can figure all that later. For now, you really want to know what's under that door!

Still, you shouldn't take too many people or you'll just get in each other's way. And honestly, you're a little too scared to go it alone. Who should you bring along... Well, Gneb is sneaky. Really sneaky. If he thinks like the sneaky git he is, then he could probably spot what other sneaky gits would do in there. So he's on the team.

Dwarves are tough, you know that first hand. While Milda might be sensible, you want someone who knows how to handle explosives down there, and between the two... you'd rather stay out of close quarters with Dorle. You like your eyebrows. So Mani it is.

And to round it out, you know the fish guys are good at fighting. Beyto said so. So bringing one along is probably a good idea. But the only one you really know is Whoopaldookat. So you'll make him tag along.

So that's the party. Gneb didn't want to come along at first, but you convinced him that there might be treasure down there. Mani grumbled a bit about having to do extra work, but Milda cuffed him in the head. Whoopaldookat agreed near immediately. After getting their assent, you tell Milda and Mnar to keep the boys in line while you head down.

You haul up the thick metal door again.

"Careful, Raid Leader." The calm, wet voice of Whoopaldookat warns you, "I feel evil spirits about."


>> No.29478049

Gneb looks around nervously as you descend the staircase. The walls have various tapestries and sconces in steady intervals. "I dunno boss, I don't want any curses..." he says, worriedly.

"Not to worry, friend Gneb," Whoopaldookat says, "The Sea Mother will shield us from any such malicious energies."

Mani scoffs, "Your fish goddess ain't too concerned with us, though, right? The hell she'd want to protect us for?"

The kuo-toa priest simply remains silent.

You clear your throat, holding you sword nervously. The walls are pretty tight, you aren't going to be able to do much more than simple chops down here...

Still, you reach the bottom of the staircase. There is a wooden door to your right, and a hallway leading to a ornate stone door to your left.

>Let's start simple... wooden door.
>Gotta be treasure in there. Stone door!

>> No.29478080

>Let's start simple... wooden door.

>> No.29478098

>>Let's start simple... wooden door.

>> No.29478100

>Let's start simple... wooden door.
Years of video games have taught me to always go the wrong way first in dungeons.

>> No.29478158

>Let's start simple... wooden door.

Zambies soon

>> No.29478199

>Let's start simple... wooden door.
Easier to break down

>> No.29478201

Seems unanimous. Writing.

>> No.29478216

More likely to hear the stone door if it shifts. Wooden door first.

>> No.29478541

You take a quick glance at the impressive stone door down the hallway. Something itches at the back of your head. You can't just abandon a door like this. Untold mysteries lie behind it! Anything could be through this portal! What if you missed out on the chance for a truly unique experience?!

You try the handle. It's unlocked. You open it, and find...

A dusty room full of rotting furniture. Oh. Well. That's better than nothing, you guess. You spread out, and begin checking the place out. It seems like some sort of study. There are several books in here, but nothing too terribly interesting. Still, you're not sure what the point is?

One bookcase slides down.


A voice sounds in your head, creeping through it like cold metal nails across your scalp. Gneb visibly blanches, and starts panicking. "Aw, crap, boss! It's comin' to get us!" You're shaking in your boots, too. An armored skeleton limps out from behind the bookcase, wielding a big sword! It shambles towards you.


Gah! You shiver. You wish it'd shut up! You manage to keep your knees knocking together to ready yourself for combat. Whoopaldookat chants something and holds up some sort of strange fish totem. You feel energy pass through you, and the skeleton turns to face the fish man. "Ancient spirit of man, your foul master has abandoned you. Kneel before the Mother of Waves, creature, and let the waves of eternity envelope you." The skeleton writhes, as if fighting against invisible bonds. It's knees slam into the ground, and it screams an unearthly howl before stilling. It stands up slowly, all intellect malice gone from its eye sockets.

"Not to worry, Raid Leader." Whoopaldookat says, "I have gained control of the foul spirit."

>Whoopaldookat has dominated a skeletal warrior! Wow! He's handy! But really weird. This probably won't make him any friends, even though it musta taken a lot of work to learn how to do it.


>> No.29478567

"Let's ask it questions, then! Hey, you!" You walk up to it, and kick it in the shins. Ow! It's got metal boots. "Hnn. Tell me where the treasure is, or else I'll kick you again!" You feel tears welling up in your eyes. Oh man, you hope it tells you where the treasure is.

Whoopaldookat places a finned hand on your shoulder. "I'm afraid the domination has ruined what remained of its intellect, Leader. I apologize."

Oh. Guess you don't have to kick it again, though. Still, time to check out the cubby hole he had back there. You tell Gneb to snoop it out. He tells you to snoop it out. You say you're the leader, and you're not gonna snoop out a sneaky skeleton cubby hole. Gneb says he isn't going to certain doom without seeing his momma again for one last time.

>Minion talent unlocked! GNEB - Momma's boy. Gneb is a big fat momma's boy and this talent is going on the roster report forever and he can't ever get it taken off.

Gneb whines that that isn't fair.

"Oh for fuck's sake," Mani says, stepping into the unlocked passage. He pops out back out for a moment. "There is a small dresser here with some books on it. And a candle. The candle says 'Saggriloth'. Want me to grab it?"

>Grab the creepy candle and get out.
>Leave the creepy place and go to the stone door. ...Mani can grab it, though.

>> No.29478615

>>Grab the creepy candle and get out.

>> No.29478631

>Grab the creepy candle and get out.

And then as a group we check out the stone door. The Skeleton can take the front because we don't really care about it getting hurt.

>> No.29478635

>Grab the creepy candle and go to the stone door

Also, can we read the titles of the books? If there was a necromancer here, it could be important, maybe.

>> No.29478639

>Grab the creepy candle and get out.

>> No.29478697

>Minion talent unlocked! GNEB - Momma's boy. Gneb is a big fat momma's boy and this talent is going on the roster report forever and he can't ever get it taken off.

>Gneb whines that that isn't fair.

Alright, that's pretty hilarious. So far only one guy has a talent that can be considered remotely useful.

>> No.29478700

Mani! Grab the candle!

We would, you understand, but we need the hands to use our sword. That's all. Yeah.

>> No.29478731

Looks like grabbin' the candle (mani, of course) is gonna be the choice. Writing.

>> No.29478779

None of the talents are useful, anon

They are funny, though

>> No.29479130

"Okay!" You say. You don't wanna leave important things behind. "...You'll grab it right?" You say, making sure. "I would, but I gotta hold my sword." It is true. Your sword requires two hands. You're not spooked by the creepy skeleton's weird candle hole.

"Right, whatever," Mani grumbles, stepping out of the passage with the candle in hand.

"Oh, what about the books?" You ask, before you forget.

"I couldn't read any of that shite." Mani says simply. Fair enough, you suppose.

With this room cleared, you head over to the stone door. You don't wanna risk getting spooked by any skeletons, so you tell Whoopaldookat to make his skeleton to open the door. It slowly grinds up, revealing a staircase down into a large chamber.

There are bones everywhere inside. Some are huge, some are small, but they all litter the floor.

"Hey, Whoopal." you say, from behind Mani.

"Whoopaldookat," he responds.

"Send your bone guy in there, so we can see if there are any traps or if anything eats him"

"Ain't nothing going to eat a skeleton," Gneb whines, "It'll want to eat something juicy, like us goblins."

You look at Gneb. He looks at you. You both know Whoop is the juiciest person here. "Hey, Whoop."

"Whoopaldookat," he responds.

"Check out the room, too, you can fight off malicious spirits, right? Make sure none are in there." Gneb gives you a thumbs up.


>> No.29479166

"Very well, Leader." Whoopal heads out. You wait a moment. Nothing is snacking on him, as far as you can tell. The skeleton soon follows, and after a moment Mani heads into the room as well. Not wanting to lose your cover, you follow close behind him. Whoopaldookat looks at you, "It appears to not be haunted by anything still unliving, Leader."

Well that's good. The candle in Mani's hand lights up. A swarm of bones start flying around the room. Uh oh...

"Perhaps I spoke too soon," Whoop says, perplexedly.

The bones begin forming a giant figure, easily taller than any of you. "Hey, Whoop..."

The Kuo-Toa priest looks at you with a blubbery sight, "Yes, Leader?"

"Can you make that thing your pet?" You say, pointing at the only thing in the room besides your party, the giant skeletal frame that is now rearing back and roaring.

"No, Leader, I'm afraid not." The cleric of the Sea Mother readies his spear, and you see Mani similarly readying himself for combat. The giant skeleton grabs a large femur and holds it like a club, roaring once more. Gneb snuffs the candle out. Nothing happens.

Ready yourself for combat!

>Roll a d20. Best of three results. 1 is crit failure, 20 is crit success!

>> No.29479202

Rolled 3

Foitin time

>> No.29479207

Rolled 13


>> No.29479210

Rolled 13


>> No.29479238


>> No.29479269

Neato! Writing.

>> No.29479391

Excuse me, but as I was browsing the archives I only saw instances 2 and 3 of this. Is there somewhere I can read the others of this fine quest?

>> No.29479392

Little late, but maybe we should've taken a troll instead of someone like Mani. Good that we're developing bonds, but if we dont do well as a fighter, a tough goblin might want to stab us.

>> No.29479418

There you go! All 4 and 5s ongoing one.

>> No.29479445

Thank you so much!

>> No.29479552

You ready yourself for combat! It is your first true fight, and you GIRD your LOINS for the chaos of battle. The good news is, this is a big room and you can get wild in here. The bad news is, that is a freaking bone giant oh my god

Whoopaldookat chants quickly, and you feel spiritual energy flow through your body. Gneb's eyes widen. You feel like you could take on the world! Even that big skeleton guy isn't a big deal! Mani roars and whips out a mace. In the other hand he holds a clay looking ball. You and the boys seen him practice with those enough to know what they can do...

"Hey, uh, Mani?" You say. You feel much less courageous about those things. "Could you maybe not blow up the temple while we're inside it?" You look around nervously. You feel like if you even look at those things they'll explode everything.

Mani blinks for a moment. "Oh, right."

Still! You aren't deterred! Everyone is amped except for the skeleton because he can't get amped about anything ever again.

The giant takes a large sweeping swing at the party. Everyone scatters. It's only about three times as big as you, so it doesn't feel COMPLETELY hopeless, with all these people. Whoop weaves in and out of the legs, stabbing at it, though he is more focused on disrupting and distracting the giant.

The skeleton mindlessly rushes in, hacking way with its greatsword. You feel like you need to get in there, too! You ready your weapon, and start the bouncing, loopy charge you've practiced! The giant sweeps its club overhead at you... and you actually catch it on your sword and knock it away! Wow! So cool! You bet everyone is impressed! ...No one saw you. And you lost your momentum. Oh well.

The giant, on the backswing, catches the skeleton and blasts it to bits.

>Minion Talent Unlocked! WHOOPALDOOKAT - Bad pet owner. Whoopaldookat doesn't take very good care of his pets. Remind me not to give him a pet beetle!

>Roll d20s! Same rules.

>> No.29479588

Rolled 2


>> No.29479593

Rolled 12


>> No.29479598

Rolled 6

Smash and bash and kill and crash

>> No.29479641

Alrighty, writing.

>> No.29479679

>our highest roll of the night is 13
>the majority are below 5

>> No.29479721

Before this thread I was looking for parallels to Ogre Civ Quest. The dice clearly don't want anything of the sort though.

>> No.29479769

Gneb is on the skeletons' back, chipping away at it with his short sword furiously. Mani is trying to stay under its guard and crack at it. Whoop is dashing about, stabbing the giant and generally annoying it.

You look around, trying to figure out where you'll be best served... and decide to just charge in from the front again. You do a hop, a skip, and a turn as you start building up momentum again. The air starts whooshing around, and the giant is too distracted to notice you careening toward him in an unsteady line. By the time you get to him, you're practically spining like a top... and you're yelling pretty loudly.

"Gah!" Gneb yells, hopping off the giant. Mani rolls away, swearing. Whoop just watches in silence as your tiny tornado reaches the giant. A huge splintering sound is heard as you crash into him. Bones fly everywhere as your progress is undeterred... until you scythe into the wall. Your sword leaves a huge gouge in the stonework before getting stuck. It takes you a bit, but you pull it out in minor astonishment.

The floor is a mess of bones once again, and they don't seem to be moving. Well... You guess you do have it in you after all.

Gneb is looking at you with wide eyes. Mani sorta scratches his head for a moment. "I heard ya beat Ruhar... but I guess I didn't believe it till now. Sorry, boss."

It is okay. You wouldn't believe it either. Still, you cleared the room out!

Let's get to looting! You spread out to find something of interest.

>> No.29479787

We are the best fighter ever!

>> No.29479819

It is 2 AM. I'm calling it off for now. If the thread is still up when I am ready to run tomorrow, I'll continue it then. If not I'll start a new thread!

Thanks for playing, again! You continue to be a great audience and I hope I continue to entertain. See you tomorrow! I'll get to work updating the roster on the very important talents before then.

They're so important.

QM Note: They aren't.

>> No.29479854

Thanks for running dude, see you tomorrow!

>> No.29479874


To give you an idea, I originally had base passing DC at 15. Rolls were so bad in the first few threads I figured I had to dial it back.

Here is an example of how I'm working them right now:

For the first combat roll it was: DC 8 for not being hurt DC 10 for stopping Mani from doing something stupid DC 12 for charging in so the giant didn't see your friends DC 14 to save the skeleton and DC 16 for taking out the giant.

The second combat phase, people had worn it down enough to lower the DC significantly.

I'm more or less keeping it simple, since a complex system wouldn't really fit this quest. Also, I got no faith in my ability to pull it off Cosgrove-style.

>> No.29479881

Thanks the thread, man. I love the talents. They're hilarious.

>> No.29480044


Good thread, Chief. See you next time!

>> No.29480143

D-does that mean no loli moeblob goblin tornado of bloodbath and carnage?

I was looking forward to that

>> No.29480179

I remember in the last thread someone was basically saying that the likely result of encountering adventurers would be we'd be shanghaied into the party as their daughteru and that's the typical kind of result I expect from most of this.

Shax is 2pure to for this shit.

>> No.29480430

We true tomodachi. We ride together. We die together.

>> No.29480494

I can see that happening

>> No.29480576


I just had a quick question.

Has Shax actually seen a squid before?

Or is Squidface just a meaningless monicker that she's heard being used?

>> No.29480676

We probably would have tried to eat him if we had.

>> No.29483218

Do squids live in caves? I'm going to assume she hasn't seen one personally, but at least knows what one is.

>> No.29483942

They do live in sea caves. If she ever lived in a cave connected to the sea she might have saw some there but i doubt it.

>> No.29485204

Alright, so now we've got a neat ruin to use as a base of operations, which even comes with an in-built bolt-hole underground if we need to hide from a passing adventurer party or something (I'd suggest re-covering the entrance soon). And we've just proven to a couple of our minions that we're a superior warrior beast that isn't afraid to get stuck into a fight. Now we just need to ensure that we never need to get stuck into another one.

If there's still daylight left after we finish looting the basement, could we potentially send out our scouts to find something worth raiding while everyone takes a break, then come back to hit it after dark?

>> No.29487055


She has seen a fried squid and eaten it, but only once when she was real little and brought along with a small raid. Goblins don't really have babysitters.

The memory is highly treasured by her.

Also; Since the thread is up I'll not make a new one. I'll announce on my twitter when I'll start again: https://twitter.com/Fouldrinking

But it should only be an hour or two from now.

>> No.29487071


>> No.29487159


>> No.29488132

More than one session in a day? This quest gets better and better

>> No.29488885

Whoopaldookat spends his time sort of organizing the bones. That guy has unhealthy hobbies. Still, it cleans the place up significantly, which helps out the search.

Gneb collects various trinkets... cups, plates, candlesticks, and the like from the cupboards and bookcases lining the walls in this room. You're not sure what they are all for. Perhaps this was a some sort of lunch room while the temple was still whole?

Regardless, you are tagging along with Mani as he searches the walls for more hidden passages. Apparently he can tell if stone was placed into the wall later than the other bits, though most of what we've found so far are just patchwork repairs. You're not entirely sure what made all these holes in the wall, but they seemed to take maintenance very seriously.

After several minutes of seraching Mani finds a large section of new stone. Tracing his fingers along the wall he finds a hidden switch, and pulls it. The wall groans and reveals another passageway. The duergar glances at you. "No guarantees there aren't more of these, boss." He's right. If they got one secret passage, who is to say there isn't more?

A strange chill starts creeping through the door you revealed. The thick, stagnant air seems to swirl and move of its own volition. Whoopaldookat approaches. "Best be careful, Leader, whatever is in there is beginning to stir."

Whatever that means!

What is the plan?

>Confront the secret passage right aways. Best to stop things from stirring too much.
>Hang around this room some more, try to find another passage. Maybe it will give you more info on what's ahead?

>> No.29488921

>Confront the secret passage right aways. Best to stop things from stirring too much.
We can loot later as well.

>> No.29489003

>>Hang around this room some more, try to find another passage. Maybe it will give you more info on what's ahead?

>> No.29489012

>>Confront the secret passage right aways. Best to stop things from stirring too much.

>> No.29489048

hang around

>> No.29489064

>Hang around this room some more, try to find another passage. Maybe it will give you more info on what's ahead?
Pffft, charging straight in...

>> No.29489077

Alright, hanging out seems to be the decision? Writing.

>> No.29489243

You're a bit nervous. That is some seriously creepy stuff going on in there. Still, it isn't going anywhere right? You turn to Mani. "Hey, keep checking for more doors, this stuff can wait for now." He gives you a surprised look and nods.

Whoopaldookat crosses his arms. "Matters like this are best handled as soon as possible, leader." You want to tell him that it is way too creepy, but think better of it.

Mani grunts once, then says, "Yeah, but we don't know anything about it. This place is clearly a temple, right? So they gotta have more info on whatever is happening down here." Oooh! Good point Mani! You would high five him right now, but it might be a little too conspicuous. Gneb looks relieved as well, puts his pile of stuff down and starts checking for more doors.

You cover most of the remaining room, but near the end Mani finds another section. With a grunt he pulls a switch. "That one was a little more tough..." The grinding of stone on stone is heard as part of the wall slides to reveal another passage. This one is much shorter, and you can see a bit of a study.

A well preserved and skeletal corpse is in the chair. Mani casually knocks its head off with his mace. "Hm. This one is really dead." He grunts, before crushing the skull under boot and picking up the books. "More shite I can't read, boss."

Whoopaldookat takes a look at the book. "It appears to be some sort of ritual, Leader. It requires an obscene amount of energy," he pauses and glances back towards the main room, "Though I can't be sure they didn't complete it."


>> No.29489270

You put one finger on your chin, "What's the ritual do, Whoop?"

"'The Most Portentious and Arcane Sublimation of Life to Undeath'. I can only surmise it was some sort of mass suice. It has two parts... one forms the giant of bone we saw, the other forms some sort of more arcane beast."

Whatever that means! "So we just gotta smash it, too, right?" You pick up your sword.

"It might be slightly more complicated than that, Leader. We will probably have to make it truly manifest on this plane, first. And I'm not entirely sure how that can be accomplished. Perhaps more information can be found in its chambers?"

What's the plan, boss?

>Go back to the creepy skeleton hole and see if Whoop can figure something out from the books there.
>Head into the secret passage with the gross sounds and smells and air.
>Something else?

>> No.29489289

>Go back to the creepy skeleton hole and see if Whoop can figure something out from the books there.

Maybe go fetch a troll? Just in case everything goes upside down?

>> No.29489308

Yeah, send a troll in first, follow right after?

>> No.29489433

>>Head into the secret passage with the gross sounds and smells and air.
Whoops says we can learn more in that chamber. No point waiting for creepy thing to come out at night. Lets go see whats up.

>> No.29489449

sounds good
if the tell dis into the initial hole that is

>> No.29489502

Alright, taking a cautious approach. I'll write it up.

>> No.29489619

Definitely the best idea here.

>> No.29489729

"What about those books earlier?" Mani brings up. "You might be able to take a look at those, too? I don't think they were important, but it doesn't hurt."

Whoop shrugs, "If you desire, I can certainly look at them."

You tell the party to roll back out to that first room. Whoop takes rifles through the books for a moment. "This may take a while, Leader," He gurgles before setting immersing himself in the tome once more. You're a bit nervous. Maybe you should get some troll backup? Gneb looks like he is gonna have a heart attack, too. You'll swap them out.

Gneb looks pretty grateful to get to the surface with his loot safely. Even if it was all worthless junk. You get a troll's attention and get it to come down with you. It follows you with a strange gait as it attempts to cram itself through the cracks and other narrow passages till you get back to the room.

Whoopaldookat sees you and rushes over. "We have little time, Leader. The beast has been feeding off the raid's mental energies to grow in power. The good news is I know how to draw it to a corporeal form." That is good news. You think?

You nod at the fish man. "Okays. Let's go get that beastie!" Mani readies himself and the troll looks expressionless. At least it has no mental eneries to feed on?

You get down to the passage at a brisk trot. It takes a bit for the troll to squeeze through a couple of doorways, but it worked out. You wonder how these dumb priests planned to take their abomination out of here. Some more forethought, please, priesties! The strange sounds are much louder now, a sort of deep keening noise. The air has taken a noticeably foul taste as you prepare to head in. With a signal your group of four dashes into the chamber, troll first.


>> No.29489740

A cackling sound is heard for a moment as a strange figure falls from the ceiling with a sickening crunch. A strange shap of stitched together flesh burbles for a moment, and sounds of breaking bones can be heard as it rights itself. It appears to be a vaguely man-shaped with patchwork skin wings and long teeth and claws that look like blades.


The troll attempts to tackle it with a savage roar... only to pass through the creature. It feels hazy like a strange fog. It seems to shift places at random.

"Quickly, Leader. We must find the focus. It'll be an unsual object."

Uh, thanks, Whoop, that's so useful. "The whole place has got weird stuff in it, Whoop!" The beast seems to solidify a feet from where it was and slashes the troll with its strange bladed claws. A howl of pain is heard as the troll turns around and lashes back. It lands maybe one blow before the demonic form fades again.

"We must hurry and find the focus, Leader."

"And do what with it?!" Please say smash it.

"I need to perform a very short incantation to bind it to this plane." Whoop says. Poop! It woulda been so much easier to smash it.

"Could you be a little more specific in the description?" Mani asks desperately, eyes darting around as the cackling skin covered visage moves like an apparition in your direction.

>Roll a d20! Same rules as always.

>> No.29489757

Rolled 6


>> No.29489770

Rolled 20


>> No.29489771

Rolled 9


>> No.29489773

Rolled 11


>> No.29489789

The string of bad rolls is finally broken!

>> No.29489790

Fuck yeah.

>> No.29489798

Rolled 3

Can we keep it if it's nice and shiny?

>> No.29489803

Oh yes.

>> No.29489822


is this truly possible?


>> No.29489829

Pet abomination!

>> No.29489864

This was my first roll ever in this quest.

>> No.29489909

Good start, heh. Keep rolling.

>> No.29490128

We a fighting goddess.

>> No.29490170

"Well..." Whoopaldookat says dodging the apparition's sudden appearance and flurry of strikes before the creature fades away again, "It is round, crystalline, and it should have some precious metals encasing it somehow."

The creature appears in front of you, slashing downwards. You hold your sword out and its claws scrape across your blade before it releases an ear-piercing metallic howl, vanishing backwards before you can get your footing back.

...Wait, that description?

"I don't see anything like that 'round here, Whoop!" Mani yells, frantically searching through desks and book cases while the beast isn't focusing on him.

"Um!" You let out a voice, a bit abashed. "Is this it?" You hold out an object that you pocketed near immediately due to how shiny it was. You found it when you entered the room.

"The hell did ya get that?" Mani says, partially astonished.

"I..." You look around a bit. You're in the middle of the room. "Just found it?" It's probably not a good idea to let on how many shiny things you've been shoving in your pockets. They might get jealous.

Whoopaldookat rushes over, and chants quickly. The abomination howls and seems to waver for a moment. His form seems to warp into something more man-like, and it looks like it is trying to tear itself apart as it completely solidifies into this realm.

The troll rushes it and rips it apart in a gorey display of savagery. Well. That was easy.


>> No.29490194

"Time to loot the place, boys!" You shout excitedly. A thorough inspection of the room reveals no further passages.

There isn't much in here, except a few chests. They mostly contained robes of whatever cult this was. It did have two interesting things in it, though! A rod of somekind. Whoopaldookat says it is definitely magical. You tried it on a troll, but it didn't appear to do anything. Oh well, you can figure it out later.

It also had some gems, and gold pieces. You're not sure what you're supposed to do with this stuff, but you keep it anyway. Regardless you have cleared out the temple!

>You've gained a level! You don't get any stat points or anything, but it is nice to know you've gotten one. Progress feels so good, doesn't it?

Now what's the plan?

>Turn this into a temporary base, set up camp. Can always leave it later.
>This place is way too creepy! We'll camp here for the night and keep moving in the morning.

>> No.29490200

Knew the troll was a good idea.

>> No.29490212

>>Turn this into a temporary base, set up camp. Can always leave it later.

>> No.29490246

>This place is way too creepy! We'll camp here for the night and keep moving in the morning.

>> No.29490266

>>Turn this into a temporary base, set up camp. Can always leave it later.

If the gobbos are scared, they can stay outside. Good for sentries as well.

>> No.29490283

>You've gained a level! You don't get any stat points or anything, but it is nice to know you've gotten one. Progress feels so good, doesn't it?
Good going people! We doing great!

>Turn this into a temporary base, set up camp. Can always leave it later.
This is a great place to set up as base.

>> No.29490293

Ask Milda what's with the rod, she might know.

Another approach is having Whoop trying zapping, we might not have the talent?

>> No.29490318

>Turn this into a temporary base, set up camp. Can always leave it later.
It's free, it's good enough for a cult, a great deal!

>> No.29490350

>Turn this into a temporary base, set up camp. Can always leave it later.

Also, we can totally use those robes to pretend to be cultists if we need to disguise ourselves.

>> No.29490437

>Totally not raider goblin cultist.
Noone will know.

>> No.29490456

>Turn this into a temporary base, set up camp. Can always leave it later.

>> No.29490466

Alrighty, let's get to work! Writing.

>> No.29490530

Tell our gob buds to not
Loot Everything. After all, our base needs amenities like dishes and silverware.

>> No.29490861

Heading to the surface, you see that Gneb has been regaling the rest of the camp with stories of your adventures down there. You are pretty sure you only fought, like, two things, but he is making it sound like the whole basement was crawling with monsters. Oh well, it won't hurt to let him have his fun.

You remember Milda looked at your bracelet earlier and saw it was magical. Maybe she knows what to do with this rod? You take it over to her. She's lounging in a chair reading a book. When she sees you, she puts her glasses up. "Hey, welcome back. How'd the trip go?"

"We beat up a couple of creepy things and found all sorts of stuff. I can't figure this out, though. Maybe you got a better idea?"

Milda looks at it for a moment. "Hmmm, I'm not entirely sure. It seems to have some sort of triggered effect in it. I can try to test it out if you'd like? It might take a while, though."

What the heck, it isn't like you need it while you don't know what it does. "Sure thing. Just report back to me about it, okay?"

"No problem." Mild says with a smile, and begins tinkering with the rod immediately.

You order everyone to get comfortable. Sure the place is creepy, but you might as well establish a nice base to operate from for now.

It was your first day of raiding! You didn't raid anyone, but you raided SOMETHING so I guess that counts. All in all, you feel satisfied. A job well done! Maybe tomorrow you can do an even better job?

>> No.29490885

Alright, it was pretty short but I wanted to give this thread a boost since the last one wasn't that long and I made you wait all weekend for it. Now I got some things to take care of so I'm done for now.

Thanks again for playing. I dunno if I'll be able to run tomorrow, but hopefully I'll be able to get a thread going Wednesday. I'll let you know on twitter. You guys are great!

>> No.29490899

Thanks for running m8.

>> No.29490907

Thanks for the thread OP.

>> No.29490910

See you next time!

>> No.29490923

Thanks for the thread, Chief.

>> No.29490928

Thank you very much for running! Shax inspired me for a character. I'm gonna play a loli Orsimer barbarian with an oversized weapon as well. (Our GM put together a nice TES homebrew)

>> No.29491399

Thanks for the run Chief. Two short ones are a whole lot better than none.

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