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Hey /tg/, since weird stuff is always good for inspiration (and I'm pretty sure /x/ is being raided right now), I thought I'd come here
Post some anomalies/unexplained things that are (for the most part) legitimate. They could be articles, but videos and pictures are nice as well.
Pic related; a giant planet-sized object making a shadow next to the sun captured by a NASA probe

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>pretty sure /x/ is being raided right now

/x/ is always like that

Here. Can't go wrong with a classic
>inb4 man in suit
>inb4 people display their armchair physiology knowledge

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Not sure what's actually happening here, but it's one of the creepiest photos I've ever seen.

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I don't know man, I mean - I guess its that one blacker spot with a string to the sun? I mean, it looks more like some slight light trick or perhaps the remains of a flare that just went off.

The more I look at this, the more it looks like it was just taking a shit and is pissed over you looking at it.
Actually, this is creepy - where did you get this? Might use this for a campaign.

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Look up the story of the "New Motive Power", anon. I'm planning an Unknown Armies campaign about it.

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Something about blank facial features or distorted things of that nature always bothered me. Stuff like that won't scare me late at night but if I look at it during the day it just fills me with dread.

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It was there for several days, and then accelerated away from the sun at incredible speed, causing a ripple across the sun's surface where the string had met the sun.


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the band?

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The motherfucking bloop
That's the kind of stuff I love, it's not a subjective claim, or an elaborate possibly fake story, just a sound that no one knows what the hell it is
The point where people who find this kind of stuff always loose me is when they try to explain it as aliens or monsters. The scariest stuff is ALWAYS the unknown stuff
Like crazy weird stuff in the background of normal photos
That Always freaks me out. Mostly because it means there was something the people taking the photo didn't see
Is it just me or does unexplained stuff make you feel excited?

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This is one alien sighting that always kind of bothered me. Not because of the events that unfolded but the fact that most times at least some of the people warm up to the media and make publicity stunts, but the people interviewed for this one are legitimately shaken whenever they recount it.

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I am scared shitless by underwater creatures in videogames. I don't care if I'm in the water IRL, but if there's underwater stuff in a game I always have to take a moment before going in.

The idea that there might be some giant creature beneath the deepest parts of the ocean we could reach is intriguing

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I don't know how to feel about this. It chills me to my core but I don't know why.

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Ugh, that one. Most supposed alien encounter stories don't bug me too much; they're either bog-standard "wanna see where they probed me?" accounts or over the top hoaxes. But that one...something about it is really disturbing.

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I fail to see what's the problem here

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what the hell is that

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Radioactive Corpse hole

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It's one of those spots where south asian people leave their dead to be eaten by birds.

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So what time period and or culture has the most creepy stuff for you guys. My taste sort of sticks to the early 1900's, because it's a time where enough records were kept to allow for stuff like this to get around, but not enough for it to be easy to dismiss.

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On the opposite end of the spectrum, I heard that during and after WW2, sightings were attributed to nazis experimental weapons

I find the idea hilarious

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I like turn of the century. Latest parts of the 1800s, up to the 1920s. Things like Spiritualism, Occultism, Aleister Crowley, and other weirdness - it has a unique style that I enjoy.

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Okay that's just silly

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Late 19th century through the post-WWII hunt for lost Nazi tech.

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I was almost expecting something like the two legged dog gif, pretty disappointed

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Something I always thought would have been cool and pretty fucking hilarious is if while hunting for nazi gold a bunch of explorers find a nazi labs just filled with Jew hunting velociraptors.

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what am I looking at here?

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Since we're dealing with this, weren't nazis experimenting Tesla flying saucers?

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>Gangster Computer God

If I ever become a rapper, this will be my name. And Uresiyo Accidents will be my first album.

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>Since we're dealing with this, weren't nazis experimenting Tesla flying saucers?
Yes and no.

It wasn't Tesla technology, but yeah, they were working on flying saucers.

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Does anybody have any real photos of stuff no one can explain?
Stuff like faces in the background of a family photo and the family freaks out upon seeing the photo
That's the best
Also when scientists just come out and say "we have no idea what the fuck that is"

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The front end of a crashed alien space ship. The exposed part is just a little bit smaller than New York City.

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>I have the weirdest boner right now

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Slenderman ruined almost all of those picks when he raped the pussies of the Internet

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Slenderman, like Minecraft, is something I have no idea how got popular.

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What's the third pic from?

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It's from the Spirit rover on Mars.

Just google "skull on Mars" for more.

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It's a rock that the Curiosity rover took a picture of. It's a rock, by the way.

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/x/'s sticky has damn near everything you could want if you dig a little. My favorite is the Dyatlov Pass Incident

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some of those slenderman series's are good. however you will notice that almost all of them are only tangently about slender man.

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I fucking hate it when people do that
>Look, it's totally a face! I'll draw a face on it to show you!
Almost as bad as those assholes who put subtitles on static and proclaim it's ghosts talking.

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Is this another mistery? I see no sticky...

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I thought that was a sauropod for a minute.

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>hurr durr cracked.com
Yeah, it's a stupid site, but this stuff is hard to sift through

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Literally the first thread on there

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Link is dead, stop rusing me, I'm supposed to go to sleep now you know...

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Holy shit you're gone too

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Read this in French class. It's like the prototype cosmic horror story, and it still does a good job of playing on our fear of the unknown, technology, and the idea that humanity isn't all that important and stuff.

Also: I want to write a story where the main character is an otaku who's waifu turns out to be a Tupla/thoughtform thingy, specifically designed to be cute so people would feel for her, and she'd feed on emotions and thoughts to manifest IRL, with the implication that all waifus could be like this. Any tips? Suggested readings?

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What's a tupla?

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>prehistoric earth was "Tolkien-esque"
>stone circle 50 meters wide out in the middle of the ocean
>lava planets
>hums all around the world
I love to think that no matter how much we know, there's always some crazy shit that comes and says "you don't know SHIT"

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It's basically when you think of something long enough and you go schitzo and create a being which only you can see.

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Freudian slip, a tulpa. Basically, imaginary friend abomination.

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Don't know if you guys know about this

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Fuck, we've got a C'tan infestation on our hands...

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Uhh... everything in this article is retarded
>The manuscript
you can't just translate a language and fucking cryptologists aren't helping you either with this, the way we usually translate is basically reverse engineering the language
>the gear things
well look at this the people who are great at math abd inventor of all kind of crazy things have gears.... well...
>The pipe thing
that one's pretty cool to be honest
well batteries are something simple to be honest you just need copper a bit of coal and vinegar so they were probably discovered by accident and used in experiments
>Stones and THE BLOOP
well these 2 things are pretty cool to be honest, especially the bloop because how big and hard to explain it is. Also I really like strange deep-sea stuff

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That kind of looks like a model of every single blood vessel (or at least the ones big enough to preserve)

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I had a similar idea a long time ago. Mine wasn't an otaku waifu, just a slowly-going-mad author who begins obsessively detailing and fleshing out a character in one of his novels - and then that character begins (seemingly) exerting real influence over the real world.

Also, check out Jorge Luis Borges "The Circular Ruins". It's about a guy who dreams a man into existence. Also "Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius" - but that one's about an entire world, not people.

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Jesus fucking Christ
That's some mad-scientist shit right there

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Dyatlov pass always does it for me, my favorite thing on the scale of "Goddamn Terrifying to Goddamn Terrifying"

That shitty found footage movie last year almost ruined it for me, but not quite

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The thing is, it probably isn't just a model

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It is a forbidden tower of silence in a set of hills near mumbai where the villagers found it and then the cops came along and had no idea who put it there.

I have been to the place, it stinks of dead meat. Apparently the hole in the middle was filled with black blood or someshit.

I dont know its all messed up.

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I real Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius- that was awesome. I think it might've partially been inspiration for it.

Haven't read The Circular Ruins, thank you.

Also wondering about involving Japanese mythology as part of it, and a bit of surrealism. Lastly, I need a good motivation for the waifu when she's materializing. Can't just have it be a nice lovey thing. Does eating away at one's brain until they can't register anything but their waifu seem okay?

Also- good luck with that story. It sounds like a nice commentary on the idea of Mary Sues in general, however vague a term that is.

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I've seen this and it's kinda terryfiyng and really interesting

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It's a model because it's no longer a body, but a body was indeed used in its creation. As in pic related.
There are really beautiful works made by this methods and helped further the study of anatomy

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Accept your lord and savior.
>evedtal Masonic
This captcha.

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Its a tower where Zoroastrias place their dead to be devoured (cleansed) by birds.



That pic was edited for a creepy pasta to look like it was way deeper and full of blood. Think it was just derived from some place they got a little upset that people were still piling their dead in the 'open' like that.

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There's a Warren Ellis story about a computer-generated popstar that makes people become her.

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Thanks, that helped.

>> No.29475033


Here, have some more digital popstars.

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bloop was more-or-less confirmed to be ice breaking

>> No.29475360

Maybe true, but I went there and the villager told us that the place used to be fucked up and abandoned a long time before the zorasters came there, the other thing is that there are no zorastrians usually called parsis or iranis in india who lived in that area so the location is really sus.

There are strange shit like this all over the place in india, I have personally seen a fucking two headed cobra when I was 10, that shit scared the fuck out of me.

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Creepiest picture I've ever seen was taken by a guy I knew in college on his cell phone. He and a few friends were at a cemetery for a reason that eludes me. They were sitting in their car and taking pictures with their phones. The picture he showed me was taken from the driver's seat and out to the front and the left. In the side mirror, I could clearly see reflected the face of a pale girl.

Dude claims that there was nobody near the car, and while he admits it would probably have been easy to photoshop, he struck me as being sincere about the thing.

Cliche I know, but it's pretty weird to actually see that sort of thing first (ok, second)-hand.

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>japanese lovecraft

Funnily enough, the best work of lovecraftian fiction i've ever seen was a visual novel Called The Song of Saya. Be warned though, it is probably the most singularly disturbing works of fiction that I have ever encountered, and I had real difficulties sleeping and fapping for about a week after my first playthrough.

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it does remind of the story of the lady of the river Seine though. The face of CPR dummies is an unidentified woman found drowned in the river Seine. They couldn't even make the face cast not creepy

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>having a problem fapping after Saya no Uta

C'mon, man.

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Downloading now

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That's just a set of goggles and listening enhancers to check for approaching aircraft; this was before RADAR, after all.

>> No.29477904

the fucking size of something that big, being in some kind of contact with the sun, then moving away at such a speed...has to be fake. the movement away from the sun of something that looked like it was like 1/20th the size of the sun would have to have some sort of gravitational effect that would be detected/felt.

that thing was Space Monsters from Gunbuster huge (but those could affect gravity too...)

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Couldn't be, right?

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It's more likely a magnetic vortex. Thus, little mass.
Also, bear in mind that the picture is false-colour, likely a small segment of the spectrum, it could be just a slightly different temperature plasma instead of an empty space.

Or it could be aliens. A powerful magnetic shield for a far smaller craft could make a huge indentation in the corona.

Captcha: arcnable secure

Arcnable is a cool name.

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A "sokushinbutsu", or how to turn yourself in a mummy for fun and (karmic) profit.

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What's supposed to be so creepy about the nazi's Mickey Mouse cosplay?

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fuck you man, it was too soon.

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The Black Knight satellite was found in 1954 in polar orbit. We couldn't achieve polar orbit until 1959-60. It has no known emissions.

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It's not my fault you 'RE NOW READING THIS IN HIS VOICE

>> No.29483739

It's an arc. They're common. Fluctuations in the sun's magnetic field.

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fuck man. i know i haven't slept all night, but i opened that picture and slightly moved, and the face within kept bouncing within its picture as if it had moved, too. time for bed.

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You forget the part about ssslooooooowlyyyyyyyy poisoning yourself with lacquer, until your flesh became venomous enough to kill maggots and other post-mortem scavengers... Very importan for the process!

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*Buddhist worshipers not included or guaranteed.

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What's wrong, dude? It's just art

>> No.29484135


There's a mango from the 70s or 80s that is literally a group of Lovecraft Mythos focused Ghost Busters, with the team's Chick usually gaining "pointing out the obvious powers/finding the monster of the week's weakness" powers after the mythos creature painfully violated her naked body in some disturbingly graphic fashion, like tentacles crawling about under her skin to get at her brain and shit.

Only story I remember off hand involve one of the Old Ones (the ones from Mountains of Madness) rampaging through tokyo and being immune to the main hero shooting it with a rocket launcher.

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What's that?

>> No.29485044


I don't think that was a work of fiction, dude.

Seriously though, This Man might be a good entity to work into an RPG.

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What was the deal with this man anyway? He looks like Teller the magician.

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>> No.29485866

You need aquanox series.

>> No.29485914

>girl skeleton
>with the bodice of her dress open

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Huh. I own this game, but I haven't played it yet. I guess it's time.

>> No.29486329

>"everything in this article is retarded"
>3 out of 6 items are "pretty cool"

>> No.29486380

"2/10, pretty good, GOTY" - IGN.

>> No.29486398

Well, the article IS pretty pleb-tier for /tg/, and downright obvious for /x/.

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isn't that an asgard form fucking stargate?

>> No.29486739

Anon I don't know what an Asgard form is but I'm pretty sure its a fucking Grey.
Yaknow, one of the archetypal aliens that show up fucking everywhere. Little Grey Men and all that?

>> No.29486769

Richard Dean Anderson invented Ancient Egypt.

>> No.29486782

I bet he's a reptoid.

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saya no uta is really great.

sayabloom true ending

>> No.29487874

Apparently a ton of people have seen him in their dreams. Some people just think its a combined face, like a bunch of faces combined, others think he is like a dream traveler. Creepy shit.

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