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ITT: real life Orky things.

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/k/ is Orky right?

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Da boss.

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>take a .30 cal machine gun from a downed fighter aircraft
>slap a stock on it
Jobs a good'un, boss!

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I remember reading on 4chan about the soviet version of the A10, about how the kickback of the gun deformed the chassis and thus most of the times the plane had to land on its belly. Does anyone have the screencap?

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derp, meant to say on /tg/

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Oh, Killdozer.

I really hoped that you would be the harbinger that ushered in an age of vigilantism and lawlessness to would split the First World asunder.

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>that file name

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>Naval cannon is of solid design, Ivan. Now attach to aircraft.

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Early experiments in Stormboys.

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really? This hasn't been posted yet?

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>except that's what it was actually called

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Pic semi-related.

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>Battlefortress on the alert!

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>Focusing light energy

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Dat's so zoggin' beautiful.

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The flying fuck is that and can I get one?

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Redneck? That's from the revolution in Cuba.

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That's from one of the Top Gear specials, isn't it?

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'Ard boys.

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It's the one where they went to Africa

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Botswana Special

The rocks are to keep the bonnet down, but there's also cardboard under the bonnet to stop the battery shorting on it. The cans are for bullet protection IIRC.

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I only have this one pic, /tg/


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Is that he battlewagon from Mystery men?

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Specifically, the first time.

Season 10, Episode 4.

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>dat file name

Waaaagh indeed.

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>The cans are for bullet protection IIRC.
Nope, for keeping lions out after they removed the doors to cross some sorta desert.

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Between this and the Floating Cuban cars, I get the feeling that Top Gear: Cuba would be hilarious.

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>You had a car right Manolo?
>And they had tanks, right?
>And we have a forge.
>I think I know where you're going.

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Ah my bad. It's been a while since I watched it. I'm getting that confused with the Middle East special aren't I?

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>The cans are for bullet protection IIRC.
They were for warding off lions and badgers.

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Ah yes I forgot they went to africa more than once.

Basically any Top Gear challenge where they have to build something produces orky results

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Where he jammed sand in the door? Yeah, that was for bullets.

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The police cars were some of the best

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>In jail no one can hear you scream

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>Creed joins the orkz.gif

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If you're looking for inspiration, just watch any of the mad max or death race series

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When I see things like this, I can't help but wonder how much lead is in the back of it.

With a (presumably steel) barrel that long, the counterweight must be immense, otherwise it would fall forward with every small bump.

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Man be.

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* Kan be.

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>Comrade, we don't have money to build both missile cruiser and carrier
>Worry not! We build carrier and slap as many missiles on it as we can get away with. Now we have both carrier and two missile cruisers, all in one!
Seriously, soviet war machines are ork ideology incarnate.

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If the AK-47 gets to be on flags, eventually the Hilux will join it.

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Original configuration

Yes, those are depth charges at the front. Guess they figured they needed more planes.

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That's the Su-25, which doesn't mount the Gsh-6-30. You're thinking of the MiG-27.

Link if you're interested: http://www.quarry.nildram.co.uk/GSh-6-30.htm

>The first 25-round burst made in flight was ended by the failure of all of the avionics in the cockpit.
>Major Shvyrev, of one of squadrons of the 722nd bomber regiment, was returning from a gun-firing flight when he discovered that the doors of the forward landing gear were deformed and it was not possible to lower the gear.
>In the 58th bomber regiment a broken electrical safety fuse caused almost complete failure of the stabilizer, flaps, landing gear and navigation system control.
>a MiG-27K returned from a flight without the cockpit canopy: emergency locks had released the canopy while shooting.
>On recovery from a dive after gun shooting, the instrument panel fell onto the pilot's legs: the panel fastenings had been sheared by the recoil force. The pilot reached an airbase holding the panel, which was hanging via electric cables, by one hand.

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Is that a static display or a drive able vehicle?

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And here the picture.

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Dat ain't Orky! Smash it!

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That's cool as fuck.

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>implying this isn't the most Orky of Dinosaurs

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ok so is there a stereotype about americans clapping? because i havent seen that.

and i live there, you think i would notice

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It started on /v/ IIRC, when a tourist noticed that Americans tend to clap in cinemas, where the actors are pictures on a screen and can't hear them.

This then extended to clapping for everything.

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With all those spikes, it's clearly chaos.

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not real life, but Orky as fukk.

oh god does anyone have DA SQUIG

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> not real life
> obviously from Detroit

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as a detroit native i'd usually get pissy but seriously that made me laugh

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Except the 2nd death race.
Just trust me.

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And here's Da Squig.

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you are a scholar and a gentleman.

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Yep. It's the finest non-lethal military vehicle ever made!

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>take a tractor
>slap on some metal plates and a heavy machine gun or a small gun
>use mainly to scare the enemy thinking there's tanks afoot

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>Length: 4.20 m (13 ft 9 in)
>Width: 3.30 m (10 ft 10 in)
>Height: 3.65 m (12 ft 0 in)
>Crew: 8

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Needs more dakka.

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Can you imagine eight Orks cramming themselves in to that thing? I bet that's how they make them Super Orks

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>c.: sented forRok

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surprised no one has posted this yet.

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or this.

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...is that a fucking blowback 12 ga?
captcha: gli Machinists

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2nd as in the remake, or 2nd as in the sequel to the remake?

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It will break your wrist, but damn it looks cool.

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Dat recoiling mass tho. It might actually have fairly mild recoil at the cost of weighing 12 pounds. Blowback bolts for more powerful cartridges weigh a ton.

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If lumberjacks actually use things like that, I'd sign up in a second.

All we get IRL is glorified cranes.

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Is... Is that supposed to make industry look not-awesome?

Man, Greenpece is bad at its job.

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I'm curious, what's blowback mean?

I'm only /k/ool enough to know what a 12 gauge is ;___;

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>green trash boyz

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>boyz, i figgered out da problim wit dis plate... it don't got any dakka! so i fixxed it!

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It's a type of action. Basically, a big heavy piece of metal holds the cartridge in the chamber long enough for the gas to propel bullets, and is "blown back" where it ejects the old cartridge and picks up a new one. For smaller calibers, it can be a pretty small piece of metal, and it works well for small pistols.

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>David vs Goliath
You see, Greenpeace, here is where you fucked up.

Goliath had a weakness that was easily exploitable with a sling.

In addition, he didn't have two rotary saws the size of moons, among many other attachments.

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That looks like Darth Vader's tour bus.

Not that I have a problem with that.

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Did I just miss it, or has no one posted an Obrez yet?

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Weirdest boner etc.

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Deep Space 9 wasn't really that Orky.

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So it's this... on a pistol-like 12 gauge shotgun.
Jesus fucking christ

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That's a heavy 30mm aircraft cannon out of the Third Reich. The blowback system is excellent for everything because it allows for a high firerate and very jam-resistant operation but aha, I wouldn't put it on anything you want to hold freely in your hands. The G3 is an awesome battle rifle but it's drawbacks are fairly obvious.

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Iz dat..? Iz dat a BOLTA?! KAN I GETZ WUHN?!?!

It's zoggin beeawwteefuhl, mate. *sniff*

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>I wouldn't put it on anything you want to hold freely in your hands
*that isn't a pistol or uses a similar caliber, forgot to add.

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Great Gorkamorka!

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My wrist hurts just looking at these

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>fer dekeratin

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Next challenge:

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It actually probably less killy than a slugga.

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Germans have some pretty strange designs too.

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Isn't that a giant quarrying machine?

For when you need to fuck up a mountain's day

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It's a rotary saw, or maybe grinder. For grinding away the land itself.

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Amusingly, those were only developed because of noise complaints.

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That... strikes me as lewd, but I'm not sure exactly how.

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What's up with the american phenomenon of gluing stupid shit on their cars?

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That makes sense actually. Those cannons have a muzzle brake that diverts the muzzle gases and flash to the sides (and they of course also go to the front). That's why the two things are at the left and right of the muzzle.

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I don't know whether that says more about the lack of planning, impressiveness of the weapon, or the quality of aircraft design.

Any way, it is hilarious.

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It looks like a cock and balls.

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I can't understand if the testicles are what appears to be testicles (those cylindral things next to the tube) or the vehicle itself, since it is the provider of "ammunition".

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Thats global dude. Gluing shit to vehicles is genetically programmed into people.

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But the tank cannon poking up against the hole in the back of it also seems vaguely obscene, but implies the device's role is not as the cock and balls, which ultimately is what confuses me so.

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Artillery size suppressors are the coolest.

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> Look Boss, I made a smawl big dakka for ya stealff missins!

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I'm not talking about wings and flame stripes and stuff like that, I'm talking about, like, freaking porcelain figures and my little ponies and plushies and shit like that. I've seen it numerous times, and it's almost always in the states.

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Have you seen the OP pic? Everyone would do that shit if they had cheap cars.

>> No.29435645

Huh. I live in america and have only seen one car like that.

it had PBR and unicorn decals, WTF

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..no, no they wouldn't.

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You have never been to Japan, have you. The countryside leads to the truckers.. well there is a subculture which is.. well you know 'southerners?" Same thing applies (I only saw this since I was driving to visit my AF friend, so I drove across Japan.

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Seen plenty of cheap Peugeots here in the UK with the rear window blocked by stuffed toys with the back covered in stickers.

Always driven by young and fat women.

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I knew the molemen would come one day.

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Dekotora is amazing though.

>> No.29435770

I was driving in my civic, and I saw one, it was glorious. Also, the mountains of Japan, I see why Initial D was a popular comic. Holy shit the hills rival the horse paths of Upstate New York.

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It says that Russian pilots are crazy.
That's not Kuznetsov.

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I'm not sure, but when I was looking for dekotora I may have found the human equivalent of dekotora: decora. It's an awful lot of pink though...

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>It says that Russian pilots are crazy.
As true as that may be, they didn't design or build those planes.

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But they flied them. And some even survived.

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It's the same class, and the original configuration of said class.

It's the Novosibirsk, second in the class.

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Most pilots are crazy. Behold the thinking of the brits in WWI.

>I say chaps, we need a forward facing gun on these planes to cause some real damage to those huns.
>But the propellars are in the way. They'll be shredded by bullets if we actually attach a forwards facing gun
>That's why we've decided to put in a little box in front of the propellar so another chap can sit up front carrying the gun.

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Kuznetsov is Kreml-class, Novorossijsk is Kiev-class.
Kreml != Kiev

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>meanwhile the french say, "that's fucking stupid. just put the guns behind the propeller where they should be, and affix armor wedges to the backside of the blades so they'll deflect bullets that don't go through

>> No.29436060


Seems a key part of plane designs in history is the idea of 'how shooty can we get this and still get it to fly?'

>> No.29436065

It was made in New Zealand, so presumably it was crewed by hobbits

>> No.29436072

I think the French had a design where they armor-plated the propellers.

>> No.29436105

They're both missile cruiser/aircraft carrier hybrids from the same period.

>> No.29436111

Most "ramshackle" Russian designs were like this because either the military or political backers lost intrerest in the project or the USSR was already in decline when the project was conceived (as early as '75, military techies need quite some time to work out the kinks in advanced weapon designs).
Another reason is that the Soviets assembled this stuff all over the country, sometimes in underequipped and/or not properly staffed factories, so the assembled goods could differed a lot from their original technical drawings in size and material composition. There are cases with tanks where one side is 20cm shorter than the other and they still drove around with that stuff.
And last but not least, Russians LOVE to slap big guns on everything, even more than Germans.
>pic related

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Which resulted in the bullets fragmenting and flying back into the guy that was flying the plane.

>> No.29436138

"Garros Wedge"

His plane was damaged and had to land for "completely unrelated reasons guys, seriously" but he wasn't able to destroy this game-changing development before being captured.

legend has that it was what inspired Fokker to develop the Interruptor Gear to actually fire through props without shredding them, but that's creative history.

>> No.29436283

So Abrams and Bradley are the same thing because they are armored vehicles from the same period?

>> No.29436311

Abrams and Bradley are different classes of vehicle, with different design objectives and different uses.

Kiev and Kreml had extremely similar design goals and uses.

>> No.29436345

missile cruiser/aircraft carrier hybrid is a rather more specific category than armored vehicle.

>> No.29436373

As someone from New Mexico, I cans tell you that I have never seen people do that in my godforsaken corner of the USA. Never seen anyone do it in Austin TX either.

I have seen someone from Newcastle in Britfagland clapping in a movie theatre.

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It's a meme, it doesn't have to make sense.

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>> No.29436414

Kiev is sub-hunter, Kreml is actual aircraft carrier armed with anti-ship missiles because Mother Russia demands. Cruiser is just a ship capable of operating on it's own without escort.

>> No.29436459

It's a modern stereotype joke more than a meme.

>> No.29436461

Kievs have anti-ship misses as well as anti sub ones, and the Kreml is equipped similarly.

They are extremely similar craft. It's like getting you knickers in a twist because someone confused a T-34-85 with a T-55

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Feels like it fell out of Fallout

>> No.29436603

Looks like he'd burn his hand from the gas coming out of that barrel.

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>> No.29436659

Those tanks are nearly 2 decades apart... I wouldn't throw a shit fit because of it but I would tell you they are neither the same nor from the same time and they had different design philosophies in mind

>> No.29436683

30 years later in Russia

>> No.29436698

They're built on the same chassis, by the same people and were armed with the same gun to start with.

It's the same tank.

>> No.29436710

>fuck you earth!

>> No.29436795

Doesn't count, geordies aren't real people.

>> No.29436805

>"komrades, let's stick a biggah gun in our KV tanks."
>"wot, like one of dem long-barreled 75mm the germans have?"
>"no, you gitz! much bigger! I'm thinking 152mm."

>> No.29436878

So Orks are WH40K Russians?

>> No.29436887

Uuh, no? T-34-85 is a, well, T-34 hull and the T-55 uses T-54 hull, with the T-54 being a modification of the T-44 hull. Unless you consider them the same hull because they have the same boxy shape with an angeled front, they are very different, e.g. armor thickness, turret placement, transmission, and so on.
They didn't use the same guns either, T-34 was only equipped with a 75mm and later a 85mm gun (hence T-34-85), whilst the T-55 mounted a 100mm gun.
Could it be that you are speaking of T-54 and T-55? They are quite similar, with the T-55 being an improved T-54 for ABC warfare.

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>> No.29436915


are You trolling ?

T-34-85 is a T-34 with mounted bigger turret that could mount 85mm ZiS-S-53 gun. The susspension it used was the same as on original T-34 and of christy design. Its basicaly armoured and armed agricultural tractor.

T-55 was mounted on upgraded Object 137 chassis (T-54/55) called Object 139 (T-55a). It was using modern torsion bars suspension and was drom the get-go designed to mount the modern, 100mm D10T rifled gun.

Like the last anon said those tanks are 2 decades and 2 models apart. FFS there was even T-44 series that was build from zero and had nothing to do with T-34 series.

Either a terrible troll or just ignorant and posting shit

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They're 40k Russian hooligans.

>> No.29436930

>So Orks are WH40K Russians?
Without Stalin to guide them, and only a general sense of direction where to pillage.

>> No.29436964

Look boss! Its Krumpy, choppy and shooty!!

>> No.29436975


T-54 was basically a T-55 prototype to check chassis and the D-10t, so that works. Or He meant T-34 and T-34-85. Thats basically the same tank just with bigger turret mounted on.

>> No.29436988

>Ork Kommandos throwing choppas while doing crazy jumps with pinpoint accuracy

>> No.29436992

>> No.29436994

Stalin liked Glorious Space Communism of Great Worker Imperium of Mankind more and became stronk Space Marine Stalin for the betterment of Space Communism

>> No.29437012

>> No.29437066

Actually GEoM is like psychic Stalin on steroids and without mustache

>> No.29437082

Did the Indians make that thing? I bet Indians made that thing--fuckers have always made the most whacky ass weapons.

>> No.29437083

>not having a third barrel for one single round in the center
0/10 needs more dakka

>> No.29437098

>> No.29437099


Oh god Yes the legendary 152mm BL-10. This was basically an artillery piece designed to destroy bunkers but russians, the always pragmatic people they are, found that when german Tiger or even Tigerb gets hit with 152mm bunkerbusting shell what happens to it is generally the same thing that happens to everything else. xD

>> No.29437105

zappy busta gun

>> No.29437119

well, then how is the

>> No.29437148

Now we're talking. All you need to do is make the treads out of ammo and slap a dozen or so revolving barrels as the wheels.

>> No.29437192

I can trust you guys to not kill anyone right?

>> No.29437231

>> No.29437247

>> No.29437261


>> No.29437325

It's probably a bad thing that I had a fair suspicion of what that would be before clicking the link.

>> No.29437356

I believe the term is "kustom mega blasta," technically speaking.

>> No.29437368

Its more zappy than blasty

>> No.29437406

>oi, we needs more dakka an all we'z gotz is sum busted shootas an' dese diggin things. All we gots is choppy!

>give 'em to me ya grotz, I swear if you wantz sumfin dun right ya gotz ta do it yerself

>> No.29437419

It's cock and balls with an asshole being penetrated by a tank. Or maybe a vagina if that's your thing.

>> No.29437441

That is amazing.

>> No.29437508

>1 Farad capacitor
>That transformer

I don't wanna be in a half mile radius of that thing when charging and discharging.

>> No.29437604


>> No.29437760

Iirc, the reason why Soviest carriers were so heavily armed was that the only warmwater ports they had were in the Black Sea, and an international treaty prevented carriers from travelling through the only route connecting it with the Atlantic. Said treaty said nothing about heavy cruisers, tho, so they just slapped some guns and missiles on the carriers and called them heavy cruisers (that also carried aircraft). Problem solved!

>> No.29437781

Das downright majkial it iz

>> No.29437907


>> No.29437959


It's a start

>> No.29437978

No one posted Gun Pods?

possible one of the best examples of air force thinking "we need more dakka in the sky"

>> No.29438012

All it needs is some turrets and it's fit for the 40 first millennium.

>> No.29438105

/g/ pls
Explain me that magic machine.

>> No.29438148

Killdozer is orky as fuck

Pity it didn't. Perhaps the phoenix that rose from the ashes would be decent.

>> No.29438871

Now granted I am over reacting for that capacitor, I'm just really antsy about that much stored energy.

That tube on the back is a 1 Farad capacitor. Capacitors store energy like a rechargeable battery does(though through a different process), but operates in a more idea fashion, allowing near instantaneous discharge.

The huge brown wrapped thing is a transformer, used to convert a power source from one voltage to another. This is most likely used to turn the low voltage on the capacitor into a much higher voltage.

Since this is an obviously homemade design, I can't tell whether its a type of EMP device or more likely a coil gun. The dish at the front is making me question it. But anyways, I don't like standing near high power capacitors. Though 1 farad might not be considered 'high power' by some as there's 3000+ farad capacitors available commercially and even greater ones used in industry.

>> No.29439158

>Not the Africans

>> No.29439277

So that weid dish thing is.... what, a projector of something? I was playing with the idea of making a microwave-thrower but I have zero technical knowledge in the field.

>> No.29439771


>> No.29440406

You know what really kills me?

The fact that it's CAMOUFLAGED.

Would have been more effective painted pink with a bit of hair stuck around them.

Because, nothing says "indistinct outline" quite like a GINORMOUS wedding tackle.

Like, somewhere, there's an enemy field commander looking down from a mountaintop through a pair of binoculars, and he sees the artillery.

And then he sees the suppressor...

And he feels inadequate.

>> No.29440537

Actually that might be a microwave projector, the mass on the end does look like a microwave generator. The dish is for directionalizing emissions.

>> No.29440599

I always asked myself why microwave tech didn't see more application in the military. Seems less fickle than lasters, given that it more or less only warms up water.

>> No.29440625

It's actually been designed because that particular firing range was closer to human settlement than usual ones and the people living there complained about the noise. That thing isn't remotely mobile.

>> No.29441043

Range limitations. Duration.

>> No.29441048

They're experimenting with microwave-based 'pain rays' as crowd-control devices, I believe.

>> No.29441465

>not posting superior, anti tank obrez

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>> No.29441902

/k/ult of Dakka

>> No.29441981

I don't even...

>> No.29442188

aaah... the great /k/ube, what's the story behind it anyways?

>> No.29442200

>Hanz, what do we do about all these Russians in their panzers?
>it's simple meine freund, we attach this 75mm panzerabteilkannone on a plane

>> No.29442340

Chinese marines
luckiest gitz on planet

>> No.29442375

Air force mechanic built his own mech suit


>> No.29442378

My god, what is that?

>> No.29442469

>> No.29442496

Holy hell, that is beautiful

>> No.29442497

da zog

>> No.29442514


>> No.29442529

/k/ makes custom ammo

>> No.29442583

What's the third from the left and the fifth from the right?

>> No.29442617


>> No.29442645

I think they say "kleenex" and "flash paper" respectively.

>> No.29442678

I mean the one one more to the left of that, the sixth, sorry. I think that one says Flash Battery anyway, like the one used in cameras.

>> No.29442883

Tank Biathlon
enough said

>> No.29442958

That one was fun to watch.

>> No.29442998

link pls

>> No.29443004

It gives men dreams of tools for war.

>> No.29443059

Look for it yourself. Russian Tank Biathlon should get you the right thing on YouTube.

>> No.29443150

>great /k/ube, what's the story behind it anyways?
It's an anti-gun sculpture made out of deactivated guns by two North American artists, as a statement about violence, death, gun control etc. etc.
It resides in a Canadian art gallery called the Prince Of Wales Armory. The exhibit includes multimedia presentations about the aforementioned themes and whiteboards for patrons to leave messages on.

Naturally, /k/ found it and proclaimed it their god of violence, paranoia and military ingenuity, turning the whole idea on its' head and using it to glorify war instead.
More precise interpretations of what the Murder/k/ube does or stands for varies from person to person. It is generally accepted that pilgrimages are a good thing.
Last year there was a rumour it would be melted down, but this has been proven false.
Velcro patches depicting the /k/ube are available from /k/'s very own military surplus retailer, Nugget Enterprises.

>> No.29443340

I wonder if the artists know that there are people worshipping their anti-gun object as a god of violence

>> No.29443444


The problems on the station were the result of combinding federation and cardassian systems, not the cardassian construction being shit.

>> No.29443469

>> No.29443504

from where does that engine suck the air, right through the driver?

>> No.29443560

To a degree; Orks have *some* common sense.

>> No.29443584

Russian did it

>> No.29443608

Not really, that's a mine clearer if I remember correctly.

>> No.29443617

I had no idea, but I wasn't about to tell them. Nobody should.

>> No.29443650

Nope. It's to extinguish fuel fires.

>> No.29443669

you should make a massive collage of /k/ posts worshipping the cube, like, eighteen poster's worth, then pack it into a huge parcel and mail it to them

i'd pay to see their reaction, I really would

>> No.29443678

This had better be a real thing.

>> No.29443714

and Australians don't call prawns shrimp. Since when has reality stood in the way of stereotypes?

>> No.29443751 [SPOILER] 

doesn't matter
its twin jet engine strapped on a tank
how orkier you can get?
I have answer right here

>> No.29443909


I will say I noticed it when i went to a bar in philly and the football team won (with an amazing interception). The whole fucking bar went wild and started clapping.

>> No.29443917

And they where uther shit and only good for propaganda

>> No.29444015

dey don't look killy ter me boss

>> No.29444055

The Orkiest umie ever


>> No.29444058

>no road warrior

That entire movie is Orky as fuck.

>> No.29444067

it would probably move faster if its legs moved like an insect instead of moving one leg at a time.
I could see this working really well in the mountains like Kentucky or Colorado

>> No.29444096


>> No.29444498

Air-carrying cruiser. What I heard too.

>without mustache
Is not real Stalin.

Here is gun from Russia.
Name is OTs-20 Gnom.
Is revolver.
Shoots buckshot.

>> No.29444531

>7.62x54r shotgun shell

>> No.29444594


>> No.29444779

Dis nigga knows orky!

(Papuan's are fucking crazy... and not in the funny kind of way either)

>> No.29444788

>Adam Ant

>> No.29444952

>implying the first tanks weren't just tractors with guns on them

>> No.29444996

>implying they were any good

>> No.29445037

"Good" is a relative term. In WW1 you can bet your ass they rocked the average infantryman's world.

>> No.29445113

Not the first ones; no.

>> No.29445141

Yes, they did. Big bad box, doesn't take shit from your gun or your grenades, has cannons or MGs. All they ever needed.

>> No.29445192

Look up the history of tanks. None of the WW1 tanks are the prototypes; the first tanks ever.

>> No.29445242

The idea to build a tank really only got rolling by 1915, everything before that was some spirited macguyvering but little more. The first real, actual tank going by the modern definition of enclosed armored fighting vehicle with top-mounted 360° gun turret was the FT-17 and that thing is fearsome enough.

>> No.29445307

Correct. Though I like the Mark1 more.

>> No.29445325

A7V master race

>> No.29445439

Nothing cooler than a line of Mark 1s advancing through a smoke-filled battlefield.

>> No.29445506

Nothing cooler than them meeting an A7V and bouncing every one of their cannon shots while getting rekt in return

>> No.29445551

But they didn't. They murdered the A7Vs without losing many of their own.

>> No.29445652

Nope. They couldn't, because there were only 20 A7V built. When they met, they bounced their ammo off the A7V's like a bongo drum and got rekt in return.
Of course, with so few built it wasn't exactly a game-changer. But I love the design and the sheer tankiness of it.

>> No.29445676

Surviving tank stolen by Australian loota's :p

Ours now krauts!

>> No.29445744

Maybe you should read that link. Says right there that the A7Vs got knocked out by the Mark 1.

>> No.29445808


>> No.29445812

>> No.29445863

Maybe you should try again, all I see is tanks that keeled over because of driving into a ditch.

>> No.29445973

Really? No one posted this yet? /tg/ I am disappoint.

>> No.29445993

Looks like both of us are wrong. The tanks did nothing to each other.

>> No.29446049

Early tank warfare, ladies and gentlemen.

>> No.29447056



Make sure they know its not a one off deal. That a psuedo culture has emerged around a completely contrary interpretation of their "art".

I want to see the rationalizations

>> No.29447341

Nobody posted this yet?

>> No.29447505

I must learn how to make one of these things.

>> No.29449640

Play game with orks instead of peoples.

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