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So this is out now. What does everyone think?

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Scans when?

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It's everything I wanted in a Tyranid codex.

I don't play Tyranids.

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Look on the bright side, Tyranid models on E-Bay will be cheap now I guess.

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There's the usual crying because the spammed OP standbys got needed into reasonableness (and I say that as a nid player), but a lot of things of questionable use are quite good now. Honestly, people have been bitching about the internal balance last codex, I think this one really does attempt to address that.

/tg/ will tell you to sell your nids while you can, but I see them making a comeback. They got better at their main schtick (tons of everything, even monstrous creatures), which is by itself a foil to the current meta. In a few months, people will be bitching about carnifex spam or harpy spam or some such.

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I like it! I hope you're right and everybody else is wrong.

Power considerations aside, it bugs me that they just straight-up got rid of units. Variety is the spice of codices, geedubya.

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and WHERE are they good? i saw only nerfs so far

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1) Guants are not cheaper once you have given then furious charge and poison (i.e. what everyone use to run them with), infact they went UP 30 POINTS.

2) yes the tarranofex, biovores and heavy supports are good, infact everything you mentioned that was good was heavy support, but what about the rest of the codex. Warriors/Shrikes still suck (guess what GW, about half the armies out there have ignore cover ID weapons).
Then there is the fact that the anti-flyer options are almost none apart from the harpies brother which has a decent chance of being killed by a single quad-gun.

3) Yes the single biggest problem with the last book was points cost (and none eternal warrior) but this book has made the problem worse.
Tervigon has gone up in points, gaunts have really at the minimum stayed the same in points, hive guard up in points. I could go on but everything worth taking has gone up in points. So yes you can have a large army full of crap useless models, or an even smaller army than before but which is using not as crap (but still crap) models

4) Physic powers: are you seriously trying to tell me that the powers nids have are anywhere near as good as biomancy, telekinesis or telepathy (i think those are the right powers) ?

Yes people did complain about the eldar book. Before the book came out everyone was saying how bad eldrad would be, how banshees and striking scorpions were still useless how the vyper was now pointless with the new war walkers, how harlequins still dont have a use unless you build your entire list around them and that the hemlock wraithfighter was a joke. And guess what....they were right. Eldar was about 2 competitive builds or 3 if you could taudar. Nobody said thay d-scythe wraithguard were bad, or the waveserpant got a nerf. Some did say the wraithknight was over costed and well people are still 50/50 on that (although everyone agrees that the sword is a complete waste)

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someone needs to scan this bitch up!

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IIRC some people were complaining that the Wave Serpent was still overcosted, or needed assault ramps to justify its cost. I was one of the ones pointing out to those people that it had gained a Bloody Big Cannon.

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The thing is a lot of player don't like the idea of running 5 man avenger squads that only hope out last turn for objectives. It still might be powerful but it doesn't feel like the aspect warriors matter. The Eldar should be just sneding out hover tank companies in the first place, fuck infantry.

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i wanted to start tyranids again so fucking bad.
i am seriously thinking about using 4th edition codex (i don't have the 3rd edition one) and hope for the best
also tervigons' gaunts can't now move or assault when they come out of moma's womb, which is pretty stupid considering they even increased the tervigon's cost
i mean, why on heart would you take one of the few good units of the codex and make it worse? just for the sake of seeing all those people who created their own tervigon see all their work get fucked up?
yes, it's not a big deal, but it's still pretty stupid as a new modification of the rules

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I don't think many fucks own the 3rd ed codex like I do.

Maybe I should scan it up for you guys

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well it would be great bra
i started playing right after the release of tyranids 4th edition, so never saw how the old one was

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No, idiots would see "Tyranid Codex scan" and assume it's the 6th, then get furious at you for trolling them.

You'd think I'm joking, but this actually happened when the Chaos Space Marine Codex came out

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I'll give it like a week then and do it

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Anyone have any experience with both the physical codexes and the ebook versions?

I was set to go with the ebook versions but then I remembered the awesome pictures like this the 6th Edition codexes have. I guess what I'm asking, do the ebook versions hold up to the real ones?

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I don't have any experience, but obviously not unless you believe that a tiny screen is as good a visual experience as a big full-colour book.

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ePub when?

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Scans when?

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>1) Guants are not cheaper once you have given then furious charge and poison (i.e. what everyone use to run them with), infact they went UP 30 POINTS.

I hate these new hidden stealth nerfs. Space Marines have them too. Yeah your marines went down 3 points but the sergeants lost their veteran status which cost 10 points and all your weapons went up 10-25 points.

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The ebook has all the pictures, but I've always found he formatting was worse. Still, having a search function and updates are really useful.

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I wish the Tyranid autists would stop crying for a second and just scan the fucking dex so I can get a good look at it.

I, a former DA player, will be the judge of this dex.

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They gave you the option to buy a dirt cheap squad or purchase upgrades to be the same cost as last dex faggot

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>tactical marines
>dirt cheap


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> (i.e. what everyone use to run them with)

Nobody used to run them with anything. In the case of Gaunts, they gave the Tervigon the upgrades and used the Prood Progenitor rule to buff up the Gaunts, and Hormagaunts (on the rare occasions where you saw Hormagaunts) were ran naked as scoring tarpits/distractions. Actually buying upgrades for Gaunts and Hormagaunts has almost always been a terrible decision as you're usually better off just buying more bodies.

I mean, the new Codex still looks like a heaving pile of shit as far as I can tell, but the price cuts to Gaunts and Hormagaunts are one of the few good things to come out of it.

Trying to remain on the positive side, I almost feel like melee is going to be more viable now, given that Adrenal Glands provide fleet as well as Furious Charge. A large body of Hormagaunts, plus AG Carnifex Broods and an AG Hive Tyrant+Guard with Dominion to keep them in line *might* be workable, especially if you've got Venomthropes to keep them protected. Throw in some small Termagant broods to cower on objectives, some dedicated anti-tank and anti-air, and a few other Synaptic broods, and it could work for friendly games.



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Substantial points drops across the board is the main improvement, but everybody is ignoring that because they're a bunch of whiney bitches. Yeah warriors are still subpar and raveners got weaker for some reason, it's not a perfect codex, but a lot of things did get better.

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The only time SM squads are more expensive is if you give them the full VetSarge (why.jpg, Ld doesn't matter for ATSKNF squads and they shouldn't be in CC anyway) + Special Weapon + Heavy Weapon, which isn't an intelligent loadout in 6e to begin with. The only reason people used that loadout was because it was cheap and no better alternative existed.

Not to mention the entire army gets Chapter Tactics for free.

As a long-time Marine player, anyone bitching about our current codex is a fucking baby.

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And a lot of things got worse. Net result? It's just as shitty as the 5th ed codex, but shitty in a different way.

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>across the board

Some stuff went up as well, and basically everything got a rules nerf in some form or another. Its a big net loss.

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Is there any scans of the new book yet?

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No one can be bothered, they're too busy having a huge cry about how awful it is.

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I bet you were one of the retards who thought the last Tyranid codex was bad.

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Damn. If I had the money at the moment to buy the book I would scan it myself

>> No.29421369

Just wait for digital.

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Guess I'll stick with the hardback codexes and digital for everything else. I'm only saving $15

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Sadly, I'm stuck waiting for mine to arrive in the post, due to not having returned home from holiday. So I'm stuck waiting on a scan too in the meantime.

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I thought it was mediocre. Tervigons and shooty flyrants are cool but I want to take other units from time to time as well.

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Suck my tits filthy marine player.

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It was bad. It could put together a couple of powerful army lists, but the internal balance was abysmal. You had three or four really powerful units, then a load of mediocrity and outright dross. If you weren't running Dakka Flyrants, Tervigons, and Hive Guard, you were playing with a crippled book.

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Internal balance is worthless without external balance, which this book clearly gave up in favor of more internal balance. We'll see if there was any net gain in external balance in the future.

>> No.29421579


Hive Tyrant
Trygon Prime

That's more viable units than most armies get. You're retarded if you think any codex ever is going to have every unit be good.

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>Hive Tyrants













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You do realise that guy was talking about the previous 'dex, right?

>> No.29421660


Not just nerfed, removed entirely.

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How exactly was the Tervigon nerfed? You got to admit it was pretty good in the 5E codex, but all I see is that they removed somethings and added others.

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Yeah, because REMOVING SHIT FROM THE BOOK promotes internal balance right? You wanted variety right? HAVE SOME MORE OF THESE LESS UNITS TO USE!

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Hmmm? They increased the price, increased the gaunt-killing zone, removed the biomorph sharing and increased the number of termagants required to make it troops. Tervigons got hit in almost every aspect.

>> No.29421799


Are you fucking retarded? is this why you idiots think the new book is good? Because you're so fucking retarded you can't see huge fucking nerfs staring you right in the face?


>> No.29421812

Doesn't buff Gaunts as much, lost Biomancy, kills more Gaunts when it dies, Crushing Claws/Scything Talon options that are mandatory upgrades got worse.

>> No.29421843


Are you dense?

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Yeah but tau don't have psychic powers at all and get Ws2 across the board.

>> No.29421936

>not having Fear to make them WS1

I Shark You Guys Don't Do This

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The fact that you think Carnifexes were viable in the 5th ed book shows us just how little you know about this game.

>> No.29421956

>The codex built around shooting people from across the map isn't good about hitting people in the face

>> No.29421963

Goddammit! The only armies I play are Dark Angels and Tyranids!! Why can't I ever have anything nice?!

>> No.29421973


Because 3 Devourer Carnifex list with Skyshield totally didn't win a major GT in 6E. Totally.

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>I'll totally not address the point to this post! What's more, I'll do it with a post that's completely WRONG!

Yeah Carnifexes sucked, just like Tyranids as a whole, right?

You're so fucking bad.

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Im still running 10 tervigons and you cant stop me.

>> No.29422029


>increased the gaunt-killing zone

They also increased the counter attack zone

>removed the biomorph sharing

Because getting of out of paying points is kind of bullshit, especially now that AD gives Fleet and Poison got buffed.

>increased the number of termagants required to make it troops

Which makes sense, do you honestly think it was fair that by just taking the bare minimum of Termagants you were able to take a scoring MC troop that spawns more free troops? As far as I can recall the only other codex that can get free troops is Daemons and that either requires the Daemon player to be lucky or pay for an artifact that is less durable than a Tervigon and only spawns the bare minimum?

They knocked the Tervigon down a bit, but I don't see anything that makes it unplayable.

>> No.29422049


Are you saying devourer carnifexes weren't playable, or are you just one of those assault fanboys?

>> No.29422057

I never said any of the nerfs were unreasonable, or that tervigons are now unusable. All I said was that it's now weaker, which is absolutely true.

>> No.29422086

Are you kidding me?! Tau have the best psychic powers in the game!!! They auto-pass all of their psychic tests and nothing in the game can deny them. They're stupidly OP

>> No.29422090

>Because getting of out of paying points is kind of bullshit

I would be fine with paying points to give the shated out gants upgrades.

Its not even an option.

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What do Tau have to do with this? They have a completely different approach and focus than nids.

>> No.29422137


Doesn't fucking matter. Look at what this faggot (or some other faggot) posted, which was what we were all responding to:

>How exactly was the Tervigon nerfed?


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Scans when?

>> No.29422167

People are to busy crying. Scans aren't coming

>> No.29422182

That's... exactly what I said?

>> No.29422203

Anyone know what the minimum unit size is for Tyrant guard now? I'm snagging some old ones off of eBay.

>> No.29422206


Putting shit in your scanner could damage it, anon. Or at least stain the glass.

>> No.29422231

You appear to be quite angry.

>> No.29422273

>People are to busy INTO THE TRASH IT GOES

Naisu gurama

>> No.29422317


Stupidity and ignorance angers people not because they are mentally deficient, but because they hold certain expectations and standards of their fellow man, and failing to meet these expectations and, worse yet, failing to realize it, serves only to frustrate and vex the person who thought so well of you and assumed you were just as non-retarded as he.

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whats with all the moonspeak in the nid threads?

>> No.29422374

scans? I understand people are angry, but my collection demands MOAR books.

>> No.29422464

I've been holding onto a giftcard for the FLGS waiting for this release. What am I even supposed to do with it now? Buy star wars shit?

>> No.29422521

where da scans at

>> No.29422544

What the?

>> No.29422626

pull that book out of the trash, scan it, and then return it if you feel it necessary

>> No.29422805


on the off chance this isn't bait: Nice Grammar

>> No.29422808

i wish my local flgs played things other than yugio ,mtg , and hoardes. then I could get in on this party

>> No.29422945

Yes! Yes! Yes! If only for the sake of history.

>massive historyfag here
>also loves tyranids

>> No.29423028

Please do, I need it badly! I can't find scans of the thing anywhere

>> No.29423068


we could all stare at it and sigh wistfully.

>> No.29423130

it makes me glad I play Necrons.

>> No.29423133


I actually thought you were serious about the sarcasm for a second.

>> No.29423172

Alright, i'm gonna see if I can pick up a copy of the new codex to scan it. If I can there'll be scans in a bit.

>> No.29423186

What about the 3rd ed Codex scans. Those are the ones we really want.

>> No.29423226

Get Malifaux.

>> No.29423313


Thats a no go. Malifaux died around here pretty hard.

Infinity is still hot shit though. Is it any fun?

>> No.29423547

I am waiting for scans.

>> No.29423605

Join the club.

>> No.29423650

I wish to join, too, anon.

>> No.29423771


Carnifexes totally winning a GT guys!

>5 months after 6E hit
>Tailored as fuck to missions
>TFW no Tau/Dar yet
>Pre-Look out, Sir! nerf
>Never saw the light of day after

Using this logic, I get to brag how my Blood Angel army is OP as shit because it wins in South Africa.

I will choose to ignore the fact that the 3 biggest tryhards in SA play Blood Angels are have a club attendance of 50 guys.

>> No.29423782

Is there a full scan of the Space Marine codex up? I got the PDF that has the rules, but no fluff. If someone could post a link I would be most grateful!

>> No.29423789

I have summary sheets if /tg/ wants them?
No full scan tho sorry.

>> No.29423833


beggers cant be choosers. gimmie gimmie.

>> No.29423862

First you must pass the Secret Initiation ceremony.

1. You must posses a 3rd edition zoanthrope.
2. Gently touch the head of the zoanthrope to you anus.
3. Gently probe your anus with the zoanthrope. Do not push it all in.
4. As you do, press the F5 button on your keyboard 66 times.
5. When you have done so, exclaim "BASED CRUDD, GIVE ME SCAN"
6. Then push the zoanthrope all in except the tail tip.
7. go back to 4 until the scan appears.

Now you are ready.

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>> No.29423891


>> No.29423911


heretical as fuck.

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>> No.29423952


>> No.29423978

Thank you kind sir.
Can you post some unit pages too?
None complained about genestealers, can you post them?

>> No.29424050


>cannibalistic hunger
>if drawn use the highest

MOTHER FUCKER. Thats like, a direct contradiction of core design philosophy from the rest of the game. Every other fucking situation where there are simultaneous triggers like that its player whos turn it is chooses. Why would they do this to nids?

>> No.29424114


>> No.29424259

It'll be okay... Right guys, right?!

>> No.29424292

This is 4chan, you're either here because you're a weeaboo, or at least willing to put up with weeaboos.

Regardless, expect moonspeak (even if it's just engrish).

G-gomenasai, Anon-kun~

>> No.29424316


Because GW is not only terrible at playtesting and games design and balance, but the way they implement "narrative" rules is terrible as well.

I get that they're not going to make Tyranids some hyper balanced competitive Eldar level book except by a fluke or having some weird Tyranid version of Phil Kelly in the studio, but whenever they add these "cool fluffy abilities" they tend to fuck everything up.

>> No.29424351


Oh it wasn't bothering me. Its just the third or so time I'd seen it in a nid thread just tonight and i was wondering what was up.

I guess nids are kinda kawaii.

>> No.29424409

Nids can be kawaii as fuck. And sorry if I came across as confrontational, that wasn't my intent.

>> No.29424502

Every game that has "narrative" rules has been ruined by them. Look at Flames of War for example, it was rock solid until someone went MUH FLAVOR and shat all over it.

Special rules are an evil that must be minimized as much as possible. If your game requires so many special rules and exceptions that a codex tells me more about the game than the fucking core rulebook, your game is beyond saving and probably has been for several editions.

>> No.29424528

>Look at Flames of War for example, it was rock solid until someone went MUH FLAVOR and shat all over it.


>> No.29424605

In first and second editions the game went swimmingly, with minor issues. Then the Bulge books came out, we were hit with magical teleporting tank destroyers and tanks that easily outpaced other tanks that were in fact faster than them in real life, along with special buffs for ammunition they didn't have most of the time. Battlefront, being a good company, immediately came down on the worst excesses.

Really the whole Bulge run of books was simply a case of going way overboard with rule of cool as opposed to rule of fun.

>> No.29424658

ahh, welp could be worse: it could be made by GW!

>> No.29424830

Yes. Learn to strategy. That game requires a very different mindset than 40k, and even the best netlist will only take you so far. However that said, its damn fun once you learn, and even chaff (cheerleaders) can be effective once you figure out what you're doing.

>> No.29424855


>> No.29424898

>some weird Tyranid version of Phil Kelly in the studio

Like Phil Kelly?

>> No.29424965


I'm not one to defend GW but it always kind of makes me stare at my monitor when I see people going into GW threads just to talk shit about GW or talk about better companies.

It's like hanging out at the Shit Factory eating shit flavored ice cream cones made from real shit and then complaining about how bad shit tastes.

>> No.29424987


Nigger please Kelly loves Eldar way more than Tyranids.

We'd need like some kind of weird version of Matt Ward except for Tyranids instead of space marines in the studio.

inb4 Like Phil Kelly?

>> No.29424994

Man, that is one ugly-ass paint scheme.

>> No.29424998

i like 40k, and i dont think GW is the great Satan, but they never EVER admit they fucked up, unlike thoses guys apprently

>> No.29425171

Any kind of progress on this as yet?

>> No.29425243

His name is Andy Chambers, and he works for Blizzard now, writing background for the Zerg.

>> No.29425345

>We should get one of Blizzard's current writers to make the next Tyranid codex!
No. No we should not. Jesus, man, we want to make it better, not make ourselves wish we'd never asked for different.

>> No.29425386

Nope, I live in small town so there is only 1 local game shop and the book is sold out.

>> No.29425391

Uhh. You seem to be unaware of the fact that he's the guy who wrote the incredible 3rd Edition Tyranid Codex.

Also he doesn't actually write the shit tier storylines for Blizzard, that's all Chris Metzen. Like I said, he just does background concepts.

>> No.29425402

I tossed out years worth of White Dwarfs and a bunch of other books I didn't give much of a fuck about.

Totally kept the 3rd edition Nid codex. Fact that it was my first 40K book to ever own helped the case a little.

>> No.29425858

Any scans yet? My search-fu is not very strong!

>> No.29426094


Andy Chambers fucked your mother.

>> No.29426212

Noob here, does Hammer Of Wrath (D3) mean it has D3 Hammer Of Wrath attacks?

>> No.29426434


That's how I'm seeing it.

>> No.29426481


>tfw he will never save 40k

>> No.29426524


Believe in the Spiritual Liege, and his Second Coming.

>> No.29426778

Seeing that glorious bastard brings back fond memories of 2nd edition. Man, how Tyranids have changed since then.

>> No.29426780

Actually Andy C was responsible for (and overfiend during) the 3rd edition Necron book, which featured C'tan much like the storcroft dork voice. To the point that it wouldn't be strange if metzen and chambers swapped notes in the mid-90's.

He's responsible for pretty much everything I like about 40k, but you gotta look at the faults too.

>> No.29426921

May want to calm down there. You're literally tumblr right now.

So what got buffed in the dex?

>> No.29426954


>> No.29427168

Carnifexes. That's pretty much it.

>> No.29427196

All past sins would be forgiven if he came back and wrote us a Tyranid Codex that didn't suck absolute donkey dick.

Cruddace needs a scything talon shoved up his ass.

>> No.29427209

can you post some pages (photos or screenshots)
like kind sir before?

>> No.29427313

Haha, my first 40k book too!

I might get around to scanning up my 3rd ed tonight for you guys here on /tg/, if not tonight by the very latest monday

>> No.29427429

I like it. Sure we lost biomancy, but I like the new table almost as much. Only two things I hate is the nerf to scything talons and the loss of the DoM. Rest of it seems like a lot of fun, and I LOVE the buff to the venomthrope, making it easy to give MCs a pretty good cover save from ranged attacks. Plus, boneswords got better, which is a plus, and I think I may use Deathleaper and lictors for that percision deep strike. Can anyone say Mawloc auto hitting what I want with its underground attack?

>> No.29427539


>>Boneswords got better.

Are you retarded?

>> No.29427579


>Boneswords got better
>no armor saves vs ap3
>life drain vs ID on Ld test

I wish I could rape you remotely

>> No.29427613

I think he's used that colour scheme since 2nd or 3rd edition. Maybe this codex was a way to tell him to move on. Same with Jes Bickham's green and gold

>> No.29427668

Don't miss, you only get one shot.

>> No.29427676

God help me, I laughed.

>> No.29427682


That's impossible. Even for a computer.

>> No.29427700

I must disagree with you in regards to boneswords.
Formerly they ignored ALL armour saves. Be that 3+, 2+ or whatever. Now they are only AP3.
Life-drain causes Instant Death on a To Wound roll of a 6, whereas it previously would cause Instant Death if the model failed a leadership test. Personally, I prefer Life-drain to the previous version, but I guess you can't have everything.

>> No.29427722

anyone else use Quartmaster app interested in the new army template? just spend a few hours putting it together

>> No.29427725

Oh, didn't see the AP3 part. Well, to be fair, I only take them on Tyrants, who are AP2 anyways. And Lifedrain is MUCH better than the failed LD test.

>> No.29427750

Is it ogre /tg/?

>> No.29427766


Unless you did anything with the powers to affect Ld

>> No.29427777

Powers which we didn't have in the previous codex. Only way to lower LD was with Deathleaper, and he was hardly seen.

>> No.29427809

>was hardly seen

>> No.29427846

The Trygon Prime was reduced in points cost by 10pts, and can purchase an additional attack for 10 (tail biomorphs), but lost its re-rolling potential.

Hive Tyrants were increased to BS4 and wings are cheaper, but they no longer have access to a 2+ save outside of Bio-Artefacts (hate that term).

Termagants are now 4pts/m instead of 5. Devilgaunts went down proportionally as well, since the devourer no them dropped 1pt/m.

Hive Guard are 5pts more expensive and lost 1 point of BS, but their Impaler Cannons now have full Ignores Cover, and they have access to an 18" Haywire weapons that's still Str5 Blast against non-vehicle models.

Venom cannons (heavy and normal) no longer have the reduced rolls for vehicle damage.

The Thorax Swarm biomorphs are only 10pts on models that can take it, and in my opinion have been buffed.

Warriors and carnifexes have access to assault grenades.

Flesh hooks count as assault grenades, but no longer rend.

>> No.29427847

Hive Crone or Harpy?

Exocrine or Haruspex?

>> No.29427869

... I too just realized the pun there. Well played mind, well played.

>> No.29427913

In my opinion, Hive Crone over Harpy, as Harpy is mass infantry, which Nids are good at already, and Haruspex over Exocrine, just cause it finally gives nids some decent, if short, ranged fire power that we needed.

>> No.29427932

So.... best nid book was 4th right? Come join us over here with our 3.5 chaos book.

>> No.29427949

Shouldn't the mobi be leaked by now so we can create a pdf?
Anyone have it?

>> No.29427971

It's not as bad as you would think.
A lot of shit is bad now, but the good stuff is good.
There are a bunch of nice little things that add up, like thorax swarms being cheap and actually useful now, and many weapon options don't have to be uniform across broods so you can mix melee and shooty fexes in a brood, or just give the lead one regenerate to take incoming fire in the face for the other 2 (probibly gonna be faq'd to hell,).
Most players will have to radically change how they play and what roles units are for now, but in time people will come to understand that. People will have to learn to not depend on trygons and tervigons to be the go to units.

That being said Carnifex driven Nidzilla lists will be the only thing that even inches near the touneyfag scene IMHO. You can try and make a horde list but there just isn't the support to back it up outside of the casual environment.

/tg/ had me really dreading the new codex but after I sat down with it and looked it over I'm ok with it. Yeah I would have liked a little more, and we are probably still the worst codex around by comparison, but it's not as bad as being Sisters like everyone thought, people need to calm down and just try it out for a bit, it is gonna take a lot of tinkering to try and figure out what works and how with this codex but I think everything will be ok.

Pic related, how every carnifex feels after being dropped down to 120 points base.

>> No.29427987

devourers are "per model" on guants too so you can take cheap ablative wounds to hide the double-costing devil gaunts

>> No.29427999

I believe you mean Exocrine over Haruspex. The Exocrine is the one with the Str7 Ap2 dakka.

>> No.29428012

Agreed, it is nice to finally have some semi reliable ap3, and the crone is the better of the two flyers by far.

>> No.29428019

But much like the Sisters, it doesn't fix the fundamental problems with the army that everyone wants fixed.

>> No.29428053

Greetings, Scions of the loathsome Hivemind.

It has come to our attention, we the mighty and glorious Necrons, the recent events of this week. We in our magnanimous goodwill decided that we should take pity on your sorry inglorious souls (or what passes for a soul in a Tyranid) and deliver to you the object of your misery. Now please, your gratitude is not required or needed. Your woe is enough.

Now behold your DOOM mindless usurpers and DESPAIR! Know that your are nothing but harvest now and forever.


>> No.29428059

Oh my, how sneaky!

>> No.29428167

I also never got this. Why come to a thread about one faction just to talk about how much cooler another one is?
Also, I have never been defeated by my Necron friend with my nids.

>> No.29428283

Do you have this in a PDF? I can't seem to find a .mobi reader.

>> No.29428311

nope it didn't, but it gave some work arounds and interesting options for people to try, Unlike sisters who got nothing but salty tears stains on the pages of WD.
Again we will have to wait and see what the new meta becomes, again probably the worst codex by comparison, but not unplayable, and certainly not unfun.

I just pray that the FAQ is kind to us, because what is keeping this codex decent could easily be shattered by it.

>> No.29428352


Calibre. Free and open source.

Seriously? Took me 10 seconds to find.

>> No.29428362

Have fun with it, 'Nids players. I'm going to keep painting my Grey Knight and Chaos armies until the day GW releases plastic Sisters and a good codex.

The day that will never come.

>> No.29428372


>> No.29428445

We of the hive mind shall enjoy this... despite how little biomass it contains.

Banter and arrogance go hand in hand in 40k anon.

>> No.29428668

Thanks brah, been waiting all day for this. I always knew you metal things were alright on the inside.

>> No.29428682

The Dark Angels look at you, and slowly blink. Tyranids are worse than us? Is that possible? Shit. I feel terrible for you son.

>> No.29428737

I honestly forgot about DA and know nothing about them cause no one I know plays them...

>> No.29428741

>Volatile: If a Pyrovore is slain by a Wound that inflicted Instant Death, every unit suffers a Strength 3 AP- hit for each model (excluding Pyrovores) within D6" of the slain Pyrovore (resolve damage before removing the Pyrovore as a casualty).
>every unit
So every unit on the table gets hit when a pyrovore is killled by instant death? that's kinda cool.

>> No.29428761

That is gonna get FAQ'd right the fuck out.

>> No.29428773

Until then I'm going to enjoy it.

>> No.29428789



>> No.29428810

I think it should be every unit within d6" of the slain pyrovore suffers a hit. They just worded it wrong.

>> No.29428814

>>Volatile: If a Pyrovore is slain by a Wound that inflicted Instant Death, every unit suffers a Strength 3 AP- hit for each model (excluding Pyrovores) within D6" of the slain Pyrovore (resolve damage before removing the Pyrovore as a casualty).
>for each model (excluding Pyrovores) within D6" of the slain Pyrovore (resolve damage before removing the Pyrovore as a casualty).
>for each model (excluding Pyrovores) within D6" of the slain Pyrovore
Fucking retard.

>> No.29428816

but anon, it'll be FAQ'd within a day, there's no way you could rape the marines/tau/guard with that in time... if you do i would love pictures of it

>> No.29428818


yes. #of models within d6 inches only affects the number of hits. It's still hitting every unit on the board according to a literal reading.

I mean, your interpretation is obvious intent, but thats not actually what it says.

>> No.29428824

Can we just start posting awesome Tyranid pictures and pray stuff gets FAQ'd the fuck over?

Capatcha: Stuffvia was

>> No.29428826

Holy shit and they're only 40 points a body. For 360 points in a 1000 point game you get nine of them. That's funny. Charge them head on into SM BT Crusader squads, or more hilariously mobs of boyz or pink horrors. Fun indeed.

>> No.29428832


Yeah, it should've been "each model within D6" of the slain Pyrovore (excluding other Pyrovores) suffers a Strength 3 AP- hit". They hashed the syntax.

Expect that to disappear from the ebook within the week.

>> No.29428834


They phrased it incorrectly

>> No.29428838

Should tell you something. I'll give you a rundown. Our anti flyer flyer is 160 pts base, 11/11/10, not fast, not vector dancer, has 6 s6 missiles, a tl HB, and a 6 shot s6 gun.
>Anti Flyer Flyer
>S6 eveything.
>10 pts less than helturkey
>can take TL lascannon, but conflicts with missiles and HB for antiflyer wrok.

Only Eternal warrior in the dex is Sammael, the biker on a t5 jetbike.
Not the motherfucker who makes deathwing troops and has the fixed warlord trait to grab the enemy into a challenge and kill him.

our landraider special character azrael is laughable. Even Dante and Logan can whoop his ass.

Cant even make full hammernator squads because FAQ fixes shitty powersword on terminator sergeant.

White scars do everything the ravenwing can do except better and orders of magnitdue cheaper. 5 scoring WS bikes with grav guns is cheaper than three ravenwing black knights (who cant score) and yet my basic ravenwing troops dont get skilled rider for free like WS do.

New shiny landspeeder sucks.

Supposed to be plasma centric chapter.
>Not a fucking plasma related bonus in the fucking dex.

I can go on for days about this.

>> No.29428847

Ohhhh shit niggas, I didn't notice that. My bad. Still, it only does anything if your opponent is silly enough to smack a totally useless unit with a weapon strong enough to ID it.

>> No.29428873

Throw them at a mob of boyz with a power klaw nob. Or at squads of hammernators, or SM command squads w/ relic blades, there's a list of things that hit in melee at S8

>> No.29428876

>Only Eternal warrior in the dex is Sammael, the biker on a t5 jetbike.
You know what the only eternal warrior in the Tyranid codex is? Go on, take a guess.

>> No.29428877

Oh, well then, maybe on par with DA...

>> No.29428882


DA have access to stormraven stormtalon formation and Fire Raptor don't know why people keep crying about the NEphilim.

>> No.29428885

Imagine a whole apocalypse formation based around pryovores and when one goes volatile everything is hit by S10 AP1. Formation name:Hiroshima

>> No.29428903

And the black knights have TL Rapidfire plasma guns at 18" range. They aren't bad. Plus you want raven wing support squads for the melta attack bike and speeders to upgrade into missile variants (i forget the name, typhoon?)

>> No.29428936

and they get HIT AND RUN for FREE. As if Assaulty armies could fight bikes to begin with.

>> No.29428943

I always found that picture funny.
> nid codex illustration
> the bloodthirster kicking the shit out of nids not nids out of him

>> No.29428953

I'm still kinda reeling with sideslessness about Deathleaper only being able to be snap shot at.
>no leman russ main cannon, no plasma cannon, and no cunting sub munition rounds

>> No.29428956

Come with special harridans to drop them into battle

>> No.29428961

Actually, it's true for the story written in codex.

The Daemons raped the Nids in melee and forced the Nids to rely on range to turn the tide.

>> No.29428963


>> No.29428973

You know your book is bad when DAfags get in a pissing match with you trying to brag about whose dick is smaller.

>> No.29428978

Wouldn't take that dogshit scrap from GW if they paid me. The Stormraven teasing me with its assault transport capacity that I can't embark upon is insult to injury.

Mmhmm. That gets hot will kill more of your 42 POINTS A HEAD bikes than your opponent. Especially if he forces you to overwatch with them. 9' rapidfire is great... until you fail the charge right afterwards. then get facefucked because though black knights are the 'assault' bikes, they actually really suck ass at it.
At least YOURS isnt that fucking ass retarded redundant. I wanna have Belial mug Sammaels ass for the adamantium mantle (and his fucking ap2 sowrd while im at it) so the t4 hq who's supposed to be in challenges doesnt get fucked over by one powerfist, while sammael and his t5 can go ahead and take every wound the same way because t5 is the discount eternal warrior.

>> No.29428987

Haha, it's still here.

>> No.29428996

>At least YOURS isnt that fucking ass retarded redundant
That's true, from a certain point of view. We certainly don't have any useless, redundant eternal warriors.

>> No.29428998

From a Tendril to a single Bioship?

The Nerfed RA!

What an outrage.

>> No.29428999

And if the bikes werent so goddamned AWFUL in assault I might actually be able to LIVE through an assault to TRY and hit and run!

>> No.29429031

Such is the tragedy of Maugan Ra.

>> No.29429045

I'll see if this conversion comes out alright. The one I off-handedly tried derped on the images.

>> No.29429057

Or inaccurate illustration.

>> No.29429106

But that's the thing! If you charge just one squad, you'll kill it and then they'll unload grav guns on you on their turn! But, if you split charge three squads, then they all live and hit and run and shoot you again on your turn! Or charge you for free attacks!

>> No.29429166

Wait, who was this codex written by?

>> No.29429190


Doesn't list the author just says GW team.

>> No.29429192

oh dear lord. if I hear one more time that a quad-gun can insta-gib the flyers I'm gona lose my shit.

the job of the quad-gun is to kill flyers of all kind and it does that job well. almost every flyer has the chance to be killed in one volley.

the chances of the quad-gun actually killing the flyer in volley is not likely. another upside is that the mc can't get instagibbed in one shot with explosion results.
And the argument that tau can just kill them all with all their fancy shooting is bullshit. yes, tau can and will overwelm the flyers. if your tau opponent feels like blowing x3 point value of in shooting on your flyer your going to win anyway. it's like taking a vindicator in a marine army. you don't actually expect it to live more than 2 turns. 2 turns is better than average in my experience.
with any army, you need to have some sort of target saturation. give your opponent more targets than he cm possibly deal with.

>tldr: /tg/ is bad at 40k

>> No.29429199

Does anyone know who the "Head writer" or whatever was?

>> No.29429236

> Swarmlord no more fucks up invuls
> blade parry is now the special rule of his sword
So a succesfull disarm would leave him without invul.

>> No.29429244

The GW Design Team. Officially, in the book. They hid who the "head writer" was this time.

I wouldn't want my name on this book either.

>> No.29429253

Can we safely assume it's cruddace then?

>> No.29429260

>Warriors/Shrikes still suck (guess what GW, about half the armies out there have ignore cover ID weapons).
Warriors will always suck. They suffer from Ogryn syndrome, they are high strength and toughness infantry with multiple wounds and generally pretty good weapons. Unfortunately they are expensive as hell because of all of that crap. Honestly warriors would be better if they had a single wound since they would cost a lot less and little would change because they aren't hard to ID anyway.

>> No.29429267

One more.
A tyrant FAILING to stab an autarch at his own illustration in codex.
GW surely hate nids.

>> No.29429282


>> No.29429287

Like the Shas guy said.

You're not suppose to play the NPC faction!

>> No.29429308

That and the nid on the cover looks like it's running away in fear

>> No.29429324

> 756.M41 Assault on Calth

> Bio-ships seed Calth with invaders before rejoining the hive fleet at Circe. Though few in number, the Tyranids are led by a great Carnifex that wreaks havoc until it is shot in the skull by a Commissar.

>> No.29429338

So how the fuck do I arm a flyrant?

>> No.29429358

Bear in mind that Hormagaunts are now completely worthless as they're a fast moving unit that has a 25% chance of committing suicide if they stray too far from a synapse creature.

>> No.29429363


Oh hey, the unknown hero just got a bit less unknown.

>> No.29429367 [DELETED] 

A lot in interesting fluff in the book.

the Tau successfully punched through the Tyranid blockade. Unaffected by the Shadow in the Warp, the Tau’s ZFR Horizon drives propelled their ships at near light speed through realspace, and arrived safely at Ke’lshan. It took the Tyranids many days to traverse the same span of space, and for the first time in months, the Tau hoped to have a chance to catch their breath and recuperate.

Imperial ships get stuck when the Shadow of the Warp descends upon them. Don't they have Warpless drives, even if they are slower?

Also why are the Nids so slow?

>> No.29429369

Warriors are relegated back to being a shooty unit, but necicasry as a synapse unit that isn't taking up an HQ or Elite slot.
I'm going to keep them in the back with deathspitters and a barbed strangler to hold an objective and occasionally throw a pie plate around.

Shirkes are doomed forever.

>> No.29429372

Alright, have a badly converted PDF. Sorry about the one paragraph pages.


Thank the guy that uploaded the .mobi, I'm just converting.

>> No.29429383

cba pressing ctrl-f, here's a scan: PDF format, slightly changed settings so less autismal pagebreaks --


>> No.29429390

A lot in interesting fluff in the book.

>the Tau successfully punched through the Tyranid blockade. Unaffected by the Shadow in the Warp, the Tau’s ZFR Horizon drives propelled their ships at near light speed through realspace, and arrived safely at Ke’lshan. It took the Tyranids many days to traverse the same span of space, and for the first time in months, the Tau hoped to have a chance to catch their breath and recuperate.

Imperial ships get stuck when the Shadow of the Warp descends upon them. Don't they have Warpless drives, even if they are slower?

Also why are the Nids so slow?

>> No.29429404

they go dormant and drift through space to conserve energy, farting though the cosmos is exhausting.

>> No.29429405


Wow, our timing. You probably have the better page-breaks,

>> No.29429426

>the cerebral cacophony worsens even further; the psychic sound of a billion alien thoughts scratch at his mind, and unless he is particularly strong-willed he will be pitched into an insanity where he will repeatedly utter phrases in a tongue too alien to properly pronounce.

Nids confirmed to have a language.

>> No.29429598

>n a tongue too alien to properly pronounce.

its probably danish.

>> No.29429618

Nah. Welsh

>> No.29429631

> mfw Tyranids are now truly vore monsters thanks to that Malanthrope entry

>> No.29429655

What happens when you vore someone with a vore fetish?

Jizz explosion out your belly!

>Daemonettes danced feather-light across the surface of the mire, weaving aside from frantically slashing talons as they gloried in the abundance of writhing, desperate flesh. A lumbering wave of Haruspexes pressed into the mayhem. Their serrated gullets spat forth to snare Daemons and drag them whole into their maws, only to find the strange flesh rebelling within them, bursting the biohorrors’ guts open like rotten seed pods.

>> No.29429662

Not happy but I did play one friendly game and it was pretty fun. Of course most friendly games are. Still list building was more fun to me then some codeci I have used.

>> No.29429671


>> No.29429672


Can't I hide a Lictor behind cover, Deep Strike perfectly next to it some Raveners with the Red Terror and then go in for the kill next turn?

>> No.29429706

French is pretty easy to pronounce, though just not phoneciallty
WELSH on the other hand... Well, you could type in gibberish like rtygwhnjdg and have a decent chance of it being welsh

>> No.29429720

>a horde of Tyranids approaches, blotting out the horizon
>over the distant thunder of their clawed feet and clacking carapaces you hear a great noise, as if the Tyranids themselves spoke with one voice

>> No.29429739

Great, now I'm imagining them all with the spy's voice

>> No.29429767

>They also increased the counter attack zone

tervigon also doesn't share it's ld anymore so good luck with those ld 6 tests

>> No.29429804 [SPOILER] 


>> No.29429821

Share the pdf format (no scans) please!

>> No.29429830


I'll show myself out.

>> No.29429833

El Senor De La Horda

>> No.29429845


The door was a Lictor and he stabs you in the back.


>> No.29429858


>> No.29429868

ITT: Everyone bitches about their codex not being powerful enough, and pretends that 40k is, or ever was, a competitive balanced game

>> No.29429873

Does this mean we can scare the nids off by throwing jars of pee at them?

>> No.29429882


I don't see anything wrong in wanting to be the top dog instead of the underdog YET AGAIN in an unbalanced game.

Especially given how numerous and heavy handed the nerfs in this update were. Even if this book turns out to be amazing, which is a definite possibility, the lists will look NOTHING like Tyranid players' current collections, meaning those guys have to buy an entirely new army pretty much.

>> No.29429891

Jarate? Nooooooooo!

>> No.29429894

Are you fucking stupid? If I charge three squads with 6 bikes, that's three times the overwatch, three times the attacks focusing on 1/3rd of the bikes, and you expect there will be anything left to hit and run with the next turn? Might as well give them a free consolidation.

>> No.29429900

>mfw all the marine hating hipster faggots
>mfw Horus Heresy is balanced as fuck in comparison to 40k

>> No.29429981

Marines a shit.

>> No.29429991


xenos is pig disgusting
you want a diversity
you want a horde
eldrad ulthran is a murderer
fucking xenos

>> No.29430017

I liked Metzen's artwork in Warcraft 2 though.

>> No.29430028

Its like he took a dump on hormaguants and their upgrades. then just lowered the points cost of everything

>> No.29430128

>As a long-time Marine player, anyone bitching about our current codex is a fucking baby.

It is slightly less shit than 3rd, 4th and 5th. It's still shit however.
Something being less shitty than before is no excuse for it being shitty at all.

>> No.29430138


The marine codex isn't shit, it's what every other codex should be.

Just because Tau and Eldar are better doesn't make it shit.

>> No.29430160

>it's what every other codex should be.

When this will never happen, and you know it will never happen, and it hasn't happened for over three decades, you're retarded if you think this will ever happen and use it as an argument.

It's like saying violence is bad because everyone should be peaceful, that's why it's okay for you to confiscate someone's weapons. Then he gets shanked and curb stomped by five niggers an an alley because you were such a naive retard.

>> No.29430169


Daemons and Necrons are also better. So are CSM in a straight 1v1 due to Heldrakes. You can beat CSM by tailoring against them with a flyer list but even that is 50/50 for whose flyers comes on first and then loses because his flyers arrived before the enemy's. Tailoring for a 50/50 against CSM shows how shitty C:SM is and how easy it is to shut down T4 3+ when they cost 14-17 points each.

>> No.29430189

So friends, i finished scanning my 3rd ed Codex

Where should i upload it

>> No.29430264

Depends on the size of the file.
<200 mb - mediafire
>200 mb - mega

>> No.29430343

its like exactly 200mb, ff

>> No.29430369

>it's what every other codex should be.

>Vanguard is completely useless
>Dreadnoughts are completely useless
>Half the Pred variants are useless
>Assault squads are useless
>Terminators are useless
>Libbys are useless
>Whirlwinds are semi useless because only few people play horde
>Vindicators are semi useless because everyone has lots of anti tank
>Scouts are useless since everyone ignores cover now
>Tactical Marines aren't tanky at all anymore, even though they should be as one of the most expensive troops around, need to stay in their shoe cartons or die
>Honour guard is useless
>Command squads only work in the un-fluffiest loadout you can give them, or as bikes
>Every army is now either a bike army or a losing army
>Techmarines solo are useless unless in a Thunderhawk (lol)
>Assault Centurions are useless
>Devastators are useless

>Thunderfire cannons are horribly underpriced
>Half of the Chapter tactics are completely pointless as they rely on horrible units

>> No.29430415

>trying this hard

>> No.29430456

Nice rebuttal. You sure argued your point very well there.

>> No.29430475

This is what you get for playing NPC faction.

>> No.29430484

>Half the armies out there have cover ignoring ID weapons

You're exaggerating somewhat. Only army that commonly has cover-ignoring s8 is Tau with markerlights/tech support Commander boosted Riptides. IG has the Colossus, which I think has s8, but when was the last time you saw one? I have a friend who has converted some, but he's the only person I've ever seen to use them. Most other common cover-ignoring weapons are s7 or less (Wave Serpent s7, Heldrake s6-7, flamer weapons s6-4).

>> No.29430509

>what every other codex should be
So every codex should be monobuild with 70% units either weak of flat out useless? Because at this point All 6e codices except Tau are just like that: either with few decent builds or wjust one flat our broken one. With Tau you kan go broken (riptide spam), but everything else is still a viable option, so I'd wish there would be as much codices as Tau6 in the future. All praise Lord Hamster

>> No.29430510

Honour guard isn't useless though. stick calgar in there and you eat people

>> No.29430532

>Honour guard isn't useless though. stick calgar in there and you eat people
I can't see how Calgar makes them better.

>> No.29430543

I actually have nid codex from 2nd edition to 5th.

My first codex was the 2nd edition one. Didn't really play much of that edition.

>> No.29430565


Dreadnoughts can still be suicide podded. Ironclad can tarpit a few things.

Preds also got nerfs despite being useless. Good one, Cruddace.

Whirlwinds are completely useless because Scorpius, IG allies, and TFC.

Honor Guard SHOULDN'T be useless being what 25 points for 2+ armor with bolters and power weapons? But they are, which shows why this game is so fucked up.

Thunderhawks are useless so have fun putting Techmarines in them.

Every single person who says "I wish my codex (almost always some DA or CSM faggot) were as good as C:SM" has never even played C:SM 6E. I know this for a fact, because when I tell them to shut the fuck up and just proxy with C:SM they start blubbering about muh Chaos and muh fluff. It would be easy to try the rules themselves before spouting shit but they won't because they're entitled faggots. They want to not play vanilla but they want vanilla shit.

>> No.29430571

I actually want to take a Tau army and make it more fluffy than crunchy.

Praise be to Vetock for making it so I can have both at once, though. I want to write him a letter of thanks.

>> No.29430578


2nd edition nids are kinda funky, what with the 3rd ed HT/guard/fexes looking all different

>> No.29430579

Majority toughness used is always the highest (so a unit with 2 t4 models and t3 models has majority toughness of 4), so it does make sense strenght follows the same logic. Still, having 50% chanse of having your gaunts eat themselves after failing a lf check sucks.

>> No.29430592

Thanks man

>> No.29430597


Tell him the DA players said fuck you.

>> No.29430614

I think Creed is going to have some competition.

>> No.29430619

Will do.

>> No.29430630

Thats' creeds wife Or is it just creed wearing leather??

>> No.29430640

>Honour guard + Calgar
>400+ points without transport
>Put em in a Land Raider and youve spend a third of your points at least on one unit, so you enemy just kills the rest of your army
>Put em in a pod and they get rapidfired to death or tarpitted

I don't see your point.

>Dreadnoughts can still be suicide podded
>140 point minimum for one Multimelta and storm bolter on AV 12

>> No.29430644


>> No.29430649

It will never not be funny that Nids have a unit called 'Dominatrix'. Really though they should make use of the joke. Something about spiky feet, leathery hide, or whiplike speed would do nicely. Or
>wherever the Dominatrix treads, pain surely follows

>> No.29430655


It's 135 points now. 140 for the HF/MM.

Based Cruddace with the 5 point reduction!

Also, you might not be impressed but that's because marines are shit and overpriced in general. Name a cheaper way to both crack a tank and pull HF/double HF duty. Legion of the Damned are expensive and must reserve, suicide Sternguard cost even more.

>> No.29430659

So Creeds wife?

>> No.29430664

>wherever the Dominatrix treads, doom surely follows. Unless that's what you're into.

>> No.29430666

Might be the board of directors.

... But from the sound of it, it's a phoned in, mostly copy-pasted version of the 5E codex. I'm guessing /tg/ could create a decent, more fun codex in a month or so.

>> No.29430674

So a dominatrix is a norm queen rather then just the mount? I remember them being seperate.

>> No.29430679

How far would that one anon's suggestion
>all tyranid units can run and assault in the same turn
go towards fixing things?

>> No.29430683

>sphinctor portals

>> No.29430693

wait...so they made a unit meant to move large distances and act as either a scout or skirmisher and then they strap a suicide rule to its range?
what the fuck?

>> No.29430697


I want to stuff her lethifeous vapor chimneys and spore cloud ducts full of my dick

>> No.29430701

>Next turn
Yeah, good luck with that.

>> No.29430708

That obviously completely voids my previous statement. This makes Dreadnoughts the best unit in the Codex, if not in the entire game!

Based Cruddace!

>Name a cheaper way to both crack a tank and pull HF/double HF duty. Legion of the Damned are expensive and must reserve, suicide Sternguard cost even more.

Land speeders. 2 Multimeltas for 80 points.

>> No.29430709


Perhaps now you see the problem with the new book. This isn't the only retarded thing in the update.

>> No.29430718

>deep striking

Good luck with THAT you mean.

>> No.29430724

>implying she'd let you
She's a domme, not some common lady of negotiable affection. Now back on your knees, worm!

I find it hilarious and oddly heart-warming that some top executives, politicians etc pay to get insulted by women in high boots.

>> No.29430730


Problem with Land Speeders is if you go second or get seized, they're dead. If you can't scout, they're dead. They only have 24" effective range to get within melta deadzone so they won't be able to do their job except on Dawn of War deployment and if you go first.

Drop pod Dreadnought is GUARANTEED. But can be intercepted. Cue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ytCEuuW2_A

>> No.29430736


Powerful men (and women) are secretly subs because for them it's a way of release and escaping from all their power and responsibility and just have someone else take control.

At least that's the explanation I was given. I'm not into S&M.

>> No.29430754

Oops, reading comprehension fail

>>Name a cheaper way to both crack a tank and pull HF/double HF duty.

I don't know why you would want to do both on the same unit, that means you will waste at least half your utility.

Still, Landspeeders, double flamers or multimeltas. Dirt cheap and deadly as hell (at least for C:SM standards)

>Problem with Land Speeders is if you go second or get seized, they're dead. If you can't scout, they're dead

Thats why you deploy them hidden the first turn. If you cant actually do that you need more LoS blocking terrain.

>They only have 24" effective range to get within melta deadzone so they won't be able to do their job except on Dawn of War deployment and if you go first.

36" if you snapfire that shit, which isn't too shabby with two multimeltas, youve got a decent chance for a crippling hit anyway.

>> No.29430758

Thats one possible reason. S&M is complicated sometimes ya know? Sometimes you really just want someone to call you a whore, spit on you, and force you to crawl around like a dog before they and 4 other guys use every hole you have and shower you in semen

i'm sorry what were we talking about?

>> No.29430774

DA does have the awesomeness that is the force field generator, tho. For some reason a lot of people miss how good that thign is. Put a character with the generator in a squad behind several Land Raiders: wall of Land Raiders with 4++ saves! Put character in allied Guardsman unit: 50 man blob with 4++ saves and fearless (afaik, DA characters have fearless, which would be conferred to the unit)! Take an Inquisitor and give them Hammerhand and rad greades for extra fun, and now they wound Marines on 3+ in melee. Attach cheap Teachmarine to any unit for instant 4++ save!

>> No.29430775

>36" if you snapfire that shit, which isn't too shabby with two multimeltas, youve got a decent chance for a crippling hit anyway.

Does new Vulkan's wording allow this to be TL?

>> No.29430777

The way GW treats tyranid players...

So basically, what you just said.

>> No.29430792

Because Tyranids is the most weaboo army in GW's repertoire.

>> No.29430793

>For some reason a lot of people miss how good that thign is.

Because they are too stupid and looking at the wings and banner instead of the PFG. Also Skyshield Landing Pad is a thing, people.

>> No.29430805

Well at least my Hive Tyrant can walk around surrounded by a green cloud like Warcraft III and DotA that turns a forest terrain into a bunch of piranha plants permanently each turn.

>> No.29430808

No, but you still got a 30% chance for at least one hit. Also, you effectively create a 24" kill zone for vehicles, which imho outweighs the reliability of that one multi melta shot you'll get off before losing your dread to johnny gourdsman and his meltagun.

>> No.29430809


Impressively done.

>> No.29430822

>Because Tyranids is the most weaboo army in GW's repertoire

>> No.29430823

Well, you could still have a deepstriking shooty unit, right?

>> No.29430831


That's not an Eldar, Anonymous-san.

>> No.29430847

>not taking plasma in your platoons


>> No.29430881

It might help, though I think the current CC rules don't seem all that much fun.

I'd probably go with synapse rules more like 4E's - more towards rewarding players keeping synapse than actively making an army shit for not being in synapse. Like, you lose control over your units when they're not in synapse, but that means they basically go after the closest enemy unit no matter how retarded that is, while synapse might give the SitW buff to units within synapse range and/or other fun things... etc.

>> No.29430902

but thats completely contrary to any actual gameplay

>> No.29430922


This, fucking this. I admit it's oddly phrased but it's still clear.

>> No.29430940

R'varna: Nice monstrous creatures you ahve thre, Tyranids. Would be a shame is something happened to them...

>> No.29430945


File too big

>> No.29430967

ignoring the fact that it doesnt actually make them better
what about those of us who dont want to use the bluebirds hammfisted special character and would rather run an army based on our own chapters fluff for once?

>> No.29430989


Then just use counts-as Calgar.

>> No.29431020

>Implying thats all being a sub is
>Silently laughing gimp.jpeg
what is this the late 90's?

>> No.29431078

youre still fucking stuff with his goddamned wargear and rules

I'd rather have the units themselves be fucking viable rather than be pidgeon holed into needing a special character to make them usefull

>> No.29431089

*cough* thats of course supposed to say 'stuck', my bad

>> No.29431343

So is it safe to assume that my hopes and dreams for some special rule allowing allying with Imperial Guard won't be coming true?

I just want my Genestealer Cult.

Upcoming supplement, maybe?

...Please, GW?

>> No.29431497

>At Macragge Calgar is forced to fight the Swarmlord and its bodyguard alone
>He loses
>At Ichar IV Calgar goes one on one against the Swarmlord
>He wins

Swarmlord is faggit.

>> No.29432052

Allright so can someone give a good break down of the pros and cons of the new codex?
I'm not talking about another rant from either side, im talking about a proper breakdown over what they did right and wrong (Ive heard cost drop but then I also heard price hike as well, so specifics would help).

I've beeen seriosly considering getting into playing Tyrannids but I dont feel like investing in an army thats going to lose all the time(for reason other than my own failure) or that forces me to field a certain type of army for it not to fail, I'd like some flexibilty.
So a breakdown will help me decide whether or not to go with the army I think looks kick ass(Tyrannids) or the other army I think looks cool(Chaos Demons)

>> No.29432251

>pt 1
lots of cheaper stuff!
Good flyers, that are dirt cheap!
Zoans get two powers!
Haywire on many things!
regen is now fantastic!
'Nades for warriors and 'fex!

Everything funky (pods, doom, parasite) is now gone!
bones swords got a heavy nerf (AP3, slightly worse ID stuff)!
ST no longer give re-rolls!
Nades for nothing else!
no Biomancy
a few things are more costly!
LW are worse (only +3 In)!
Still no invuns!
No 2+ for anything apart from tyranno fex!

>> No.29432302

No, because he has two pairs of sabres, so he could just switch to the other and go on as if nothing happened. Mind you, the rest of his nerfs are still total bullshit.
Mathanon recently said that without the forced invul reroll Swarmlord went from butchering smashfucker in two phases to three phases. That's a pretty significant step down.

>> No.29432305

pt 2
Did i mention how everything is dirt cheap?
4/6(maybe 5/6) warlord traits are okay!
Red terror is back!
Hive guard now have ignor cover
HT are BS 4!
and now can fly for cheaper!
VC dont get penalties to vehicle penatration!

harpy is still t5 4+!
More punishment for being out of synapes!
El senior de hoard is now more expensive and worse!

>> No.29432338

iirc Tyranid travel consists of FTL jumping large distances thanks to "I am a massive teleportation dick" bio-ships, and then waddling the last bit. This might've been 100% within waddling distance.

>> No.29432383

Where you bin brah? nids havent used FTL since 4th

they now use magic gravaton ships which makes they go super fast towards a given planet

>> No.29432577

Yep, you count the models within D6" of the slain Pyrovore and every unit suffers that number of S3 AP6 hit.

It's not "for each model it has within D6" of the slain Pyrovore".

>> No.29432658

so every model is cheaper? did they get cheapend alongside a stat downgrade or are the units just cheaper to field now?
what about the things you can add on like glands and such?

>> No.29432732

No, not every model is cheaper. Some stuff got bumped (sometime ridiculously so, like the Prime going up by 50%). Warriors and genestealers stayed the same.

And that's naked. If you start loading up on options, they generally end up more expensive. The price to pay is a global nerf on the whole weapon section.

>> No.29432804

Unfortunately very true. having said that seeing as adrenal glands, one of the major biomorphs, has had a big buff, its not surprise it got more expencive

>> No.29432995

Yes, yes it does.

>> No.29433555

>I just want my Genestealer Cult.
Wont happen, sadly, they won't make miniatures for them and they wont dare to encourage people convert them from guard and genestealer bits(promoting creativity? that just wont do...)

It's a bloody shame because if they brought back the cults I'd be all over it.

>> No.29433761

it would also make more sense to be a IG supplement rather than a nid one

>> No.29434071

I really dont get this attitude by GW, if you are converting guard models you are still buying their models and fuck probablly Tyranid bitz as well, additionally almost all of the best examples of awesome looking WH40k armies are the result of conversions

Why would they not want to encourage this?
And Genestealer cults are a long established part of 40k canon, why do they not want them on thre board?

>> No.29434214

I just don't know, anon, I just don't know.

GW these days just has this weird aversion to their 80s/90s material. It's just bizarre to me.

>> No.29434304

but...but that stuff -made- Warhammer because it knew the setting wasn't totally serious, it was 1 part Grimdark and 1 part pulp and 1 part parody and we all loved it

>> No.29435068

you forgot a single DTW now negates all 3 zoanthropes warp lances instead of having to roll it for each warp lance.

and zoanthropes got shittier because now the entire BROOD can only use 1 power per turn(ML2, warp blast takes 2, and the other power takes 1 but can only be cast once)

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