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>tfw DM never gives me princesses to rescue

I'm playing a cavalier/bard.

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I'm supposed to say "Die Cis Scum" here, right?

Or "That's so heteronormative of you."?

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>tfw DM never gives me kingdoms to conquer

I'm playing an invincible sword princess.

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I think this is more of a "chauvinist pig" scenario.

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>princess heroically sacrificing herself for the kingdom
>Guy comes along and spoils it for her
>Well, I guess I'll just take the D then.

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The heroic self sacrafice was good, but it would be better if their was no need to self sacrafice. For example. were some warrior to come and kill the dragon

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look at the bitch she knew he would have to come after her she is just using men as work horses, feminism is an anti-men movement

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Nah, that's still chauvinism, it's just taking away the glory from the woman because he's a man using his violent man tendencies to solve a problem.

godfuckingdamnit why is there so much /pol/ discussion on /tg/ lately?

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Declare the next woman you cross is a princess then roll for bluff

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Because you enable it.

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She looks highly unimpressed with his dragon slaying.
>"Oh, you slew a tiny green dragon with retarded legs while up on a horse using a 10 foot long lance? You must be SO brave."

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i bet shes dissapointed she doesnt get to hang out in that sweet ass dragon tent.

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I dunno, there ARE cultures that rate dying for your country highly, but taking the D very low.

I am trying to think of one where the contrary is true, but I'm drawing blank.

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In D&D, the Dragon would own all the land we see behind the lady and the guy who's slaying him'd be some random Murderhobo.

So yeah, if I were the lady and my universe D&D, then I too would look unimpressed.

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THe dragons a guy in a shitty costume.
He's been lanced in both heads.

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>I am trying to think of one where the contrary is true, but I'm drawing blank.
Arguably Egypt towards the end of the Ptolemaic era.

But for the most part you don't see that sort of thing lasting very long because the countries that prefer dick over death in battle tend to get conquered by more militant countries almost immediately.

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like that guy who dressed up like bigfoot and got shot.

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>"Fuck off bitch, I'm doing politics and strategems!"

This is how empires are forged.

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>tfw the DM never gives you any Muslims to Crusade
I'm playing a Paladin, we're supposed to destroy evil things!

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Yeah, but it's the murderhobos land now

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What disturbs me most is that someone saw bigfoot and just decided to shoot him. What the fuck. Who doesn't want to partake in his wisdom and learn his ways?

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>dat cleopatra
Goddamn, why did Egyptian style clothing have to go out of style?

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Nah man, fantasy tropes dictate that the castle crumble, the earth is torn asunder and that the land gets covered by lava now that the monstrous lord of the realm is dead.

>With murderhobos everyone loses

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But it wasn't self-sacrifice.

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We lav u /pol/

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Because modern standards of what constitutes acceptable attire are highly eurocentric and Europe is too cold to go around basically naked.

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Those clothes are probably an entirely incorrect western interpretation.

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And so, he will cut every tree, strip mine the whole place to the core, sell everything and buy new weapons and armors to go kill another dragon.

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saint george was a murderhobo, but that got lost over time. you dont see the part where he stole all the princesses stuff.

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Yeah, the actually preserved egyptian garnments are... less sexy.

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It doesn't help matters any that the Egyptians didn't really make realistic art or sculpture the way the Greeks and Romans did. It's all so damned stylized.

That said, the qt3.14 standing next to Horus on this carving looks to be dressed pretty much like >>29412583

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/tg/ - Ancient Fashion

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That's because breast sweat is really unpleasant. Not covering them in a desert is not a bad idea -as long as your not prone to sunburn or you stay in the shade.

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r u a gril

>captcha: hellenic yetinhe

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That looks remarkably unpleasant to wear.

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No, anon is an oven.

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the Egyptians were a grumpy folk, the clothing probably didnt help

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Hm yeah, it's hard to tell whether or not it's actually what they- OHMYGOD WHY IS HER BOOB STICKING OUT OF HER STOMACH.

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An actual photograph of Cleopatra isn't really up for incorrect interpretation, bro...

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They are.

The actual style was more of a form-fitting stretchy dress that ended just under the boobs and had little shoulder straps to hold it up.

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Oh, my bad, I couldn't tell it was a photo. Ancient Egyptian cameras always make the picture look like some kind of engraving.

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>realistic art and sculpture

Pls. They bascially plastered all of their shit with cape comic characters. Their art wasn't any less stylized than that of Egypt.

They only ever softened their canon and approached stuff that wasn't cape comic character statues during the Hellenistic period.

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Yeah, seriously. Unless they coerced my girl Cleo (lol yeah right) into getting her titties out, then that guy has no idea about his "western interpretations" bs.

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Where did the ancient Egyptians get stretchy fabric from?

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The ancient aliens that helped the Egyptians build the pyramids had a spandex fetish.

But really, fabrics woven from processed reeds can have a remarkable level of stretch, and upper class Egyptian girls like that most likely had custom tailored dresses, adding to the appearance of tightness.

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>GM never gives any monstergirls to save from evil noble women

I'm playing a paladin

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How did she put on the clothes if she has wings instead of arms?

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>Tfw DM never gives me princesses to kidnap

I'm playing a dragon

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>you will never have a harpy waifu who you lovingly dress and undress

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I guess a finger or two would be left sticking out. Sorta like with bats.

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She had the heart to find the way

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>Tfw DM sends no dragons to kidnap me or knights to rescue me

I'm playing a princess

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If that's Monet from One Piece, she holds stuff with the ends of her wings. She also used to not be a harpy.

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I kinda dig that this is the only real answer so far.

Never change /tg/.

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I'm trying to figure out what perspective this image is in and it truly boggles the mind. Her head, tits, and ass are sideways, but her shoulders and the straps on her dress are facing the viewer.

How flexible were these ancient fuckers?

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It seems to me like the perspective is that you're seeing the person from the back while they look to the right. Admittedly, it's a bit strange, but it's just enough for there to be some sideboob.

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>godfuckingdamnit why is there so much /pol/ discussion on /tg/ lately?
When you bring your politics into a place - as the general leftist/marxist/SJW crowd has done on /tg/ for the past year - you will inevitably trigger a backlash against it. You're witnessing that backlash these days.

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The idea is to provide as much information as possible about what the girl looks like in a single two-dimensional image so the viewer can picture what she looked like.

By showing her head sideways, you can see the entirety of her hairstyle and the profile of her face. Since the face is symmetrical, you only need to see one side to know what the other side looks like.

Her tits are sideways because you're seeing both part of her chest and a bit of her back. You can see that the straps of her dress come across the outer sides of her tits in the front and down her back as pictured.

Her shoulders and the straps of her dress are facing the viewer so you can see that there are two straps (instead of just one, as a purely profile drawing would depict), plus you can see how the broad necklace sort of thing she's wearing comes across her shoulders.

Her ass is sideways so you can see the her dress clings to her every curve, instead of just hanging limp past the broadest part of her lower body.

If the artist had picked only one perspective, much less would be shown.

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Ancient Egypt didn't do perspective. You have to think of it like a person squished down into two dimensions, like a flower pressed between pages in a book.

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The drawing still leaves much to be desired. Like, what is her dress made of? Is it little scales, or is it patterned fabric?

I contend that a well-made, Renaissance-era painting that depicts photorealistic detail from a single viewpoint conveys more information than a weird Egyptian wall painting that shows multiple perspectives at once with little detail.

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Patterned fabric. It's a dress not armor, you faggot. There is not such thing as stretch scale armor.

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