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Previously, on Bord Quest!

We are Hugo Packagebord, an engineer on a colony ship headed to Borgas IV. But when we awake from our cryosleep for our maintenance shift, we find ourselves alone. Which is weird, since the previous shift is supposed to be helping the next before they take to the cryotubes. After an encounter with a possible bord-eating monstrosity from the vents, we find another Bord awake...

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So, after your crotch pain subsides from getting hit by Rando Bornum with a size 100 wrench that you seized, you ask him about any possible weapons that you could get, or possible weapons you could engineer.
"I like your way of thinking! The maintenance room's this way, you might find some stuff for you." He said, in his thick Osbordian accent.

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"...and here we are. Seems like the previous shift didn't return much."
You seem a bit dismayed at that news, but hey, at least there's some stuff left behind you can salvage, right?
But first, we take a look at our inventory.

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IG, could I have a quick chat with you about part of the setting's continuity? You know where to find me.

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Well, we have our engineer getup on, with our engineer's belt and our standard shoes on. On our back is the size 100 wrench, and in one of our pockets we have four C-Bar rations.

>What should we take from the maintenance room? Keep in mind that we still have our own two hands free.

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>Inspect what's left.

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From what we see, there's three bolts on the floor and a crowbar propped to the corner. On the wall is a cable cutter and a glue gun. You wish it was a drill, but it's a glue gun.
There might also be stuff in the shelves.

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>Take it all.

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Wanna search the shelves first?

>also, forgot to say, roll d100, top of first five gets chosen

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Rolled 65

Yes, search the shelves.

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>well, since there's no other votes

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Rolled 81

Anything in the far back behind something useless-looking

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Rolled 13

Dang, too late.
Probably a bad time of day, or this is something that would benefit from slow updates.

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eh, slow updates are good. Just like the original Primordial games!

Well, seems like the top shelf's jammed. The bottom shelf, however, has an e-tool, a coil of cable, a screwdriver, and some more loose screws. You know from your training that the e-tool can be used to 'hack' into cables and read data or electrical outputs.

>Right, which ones should we take? inb4 'take errythang'

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Rolled 51

Combine the cable, crowbar and gluegun to make a rudimentary crossbow.

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Rolled 50

Might work to pry open that top drawer.

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Rolled 82

Nevermind. Forgot about the crowbar. Unless of course, there's a lock to try and force.

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So the shelf's jammed. We have a crowbar! You fiddle with the shelf...

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>what do what do what do
>seems like it's different from the creature before though

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Rolled 93

>Kick it out of the room.

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Rolled 21

Talk to it! It might be friendly.

Tell it to calm down, and that we aren't going to hurt it. Ask it how long it was there and if it saw anything.

>captcha: whampla One

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Rolled 49

This. It hasn't shown any hostility, and we'll likely need all the help we can get. Our situation is...

>captcha: somewhat whorard
...yeah, that's a good way of putting it.

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With a swiftness of the foot you spin around and kicks the blob long before it hit the ground.
Rando looks on as the thing sailed past his head.

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and sailed, sailed right out of the room.
You can hear a blop as it lands somewhere down the corridor.

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Rolled 52

>with the problem momentarily solved due to our vastly superior bord physiology, look at the items on hand to see what we could make. roll to brainstorm while feeling smugly satisfied at our conquest.

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while you begin to gloat over your superior physiology, you hear a series of blops, each one closer than the last.

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Rolled 82

Oh god it's coming back for revenge. Shut the door.

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To your surprise, the little blob seems to like the little game you did with it.
"Why, I think 'e likes ya!" commented Rando.
>right, you have now gained a blob. Now what do we take from the maintenance room? Or maybe we want to learn more about the little thing?

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Rolled 25

>apply 1x food bar to blob, observe results. if hostile, apply 1x s100 spanner to blob. observe results.

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Go back to fiddling with the supplies. Make a crossbow.

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(don't forget the roll)

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Rolled 57

Whoops, forgot to roll.

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Rolled 99

Aww, how cute! I think I'll call it Whampla.

Let's try and talk to it. Ask how long it's been here and if it's seen anything odd. Try and see if it can understand us. If not, give it a piece of our food bar and see if it likes it.

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put e-tool in toolbelt.

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You decide to try and talk to the thing you now call Whampla, and start off with the universal greeting. Whampla just emits a confused pop as a reply.

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Rolled 55

If language doesn't work, there's always prime numbers. Try chirping twice. If he pops three times, then chirp five times in response. Even with no common language, any sufficiently advanced intellect will recognize prime numbers.

After that, try some hand gestures. Make a circle sign with one hand, then point at the corner with the other. If it goes to the corner, then pat the ground to signal for Whampla to come back. Pet him if he can follow your directions.

>captcha: asentonh may
I hope that Asentonh may aid our communication efforts.

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Rolled 28

We forgot to pocket all the supplies and tools. Do that now.

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sorry guys, IP just switched to a blocked one, and had to reset twice to get to another that's not.

You try unwrapping a C-Bar and toss it to Whampla. It seems like Whampla is happy with this development!
+1 Whampla
-1 C-Bar

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Rolled 31

Stuff Whampla in your pocket. Do the same with everything else you found.

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Rolled 80

Okay, now that we're done playing with our slimy buddy, let's see about getting stuff. So far, we've seen:

>cable cutter
>glue gun

The question is, what's missing? Anything that isn't here has been taken by the crew and not returned. Someone else likely tried to improvise a weapon against the monster; either it worked, and they kept it, or it didn't, and they died before returning it. Knowing what's not here could be an important clue for battling the monster.

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We don't know what's supposed to be inside here, but your engineer background tells you that they should have at least a drill, a welding torch, a smaller wrench and protective gear.

And whoo, I'm getting tired, let's continue this next week. Inventory update next week, and more detective work?

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Eh, okay. Also on Friday?

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yeah. Exactly 1 week methinks. I'll announce it on the nearest QTG around.

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