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I would like to start off with how to make mono Tzeench a competitive army to play
2000 points

Lord of change
>wand of whimsy
>level 4
Skull Taker on juggernaught
>because you need that 1+ armor save and some one to take care of challenges, plus tzeench wants some skulls too
herald of Tzeench
> Level 2
>loci of blue horrors.

40 pink horros
>banner of flaming attacks

5 flamers of tzeench with pyro


Skull Cannon of Khorne

Burning chariot of tzeench

Total of 1974 points

advice please

also opinions on blue scribes?

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I'm new to fantasy and I just committed to Dark Elves. I got the rulebook, magic cards, and a box of dreadspears and I plan on making a 1000 pt list and finding ppl to play with at the game shop.

Supreme Sorceress - Sacrificial dagger, Tome of Furion
Dreadspears x30 - Standard, musician, Lordling
Dreadshards x10
Dreadshards x10
Coldone Knights x 6 - Lordling

Sorry op as said I'm new and have no ideas on how Chaos works in fantasy so I can offer no advice.

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its ok

i know witchelvs and sisters of slaughter are expensive as hell

but they will kill the fuck out of any unit you get them in

a stratagy i have seen work is you take your fast calv and vanguard / charge them in asap, lock them in combat for as long as possible while your witchelves and sisters of slaughter get to the battle they need.

dark elves are very high risk high reward

so you might have a bit of trouble starting out

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Everyone told me they are a glass cannon, like the Dark Eldar in 40k, and yeah if those damn sexy models was not 60 dollars for 10 I would get some.

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the price is outrageous honestly
i cant believe they even did that

i play tomb kings
and daemons
thoes are the ones i know

i also have a bit of knowledge of
ogres and orks and dwarves

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Dark Elves are glass cannons in Fantasy, but when comparing Dark Eldar to Dark Elves it's important to note that Dark Eldar are almost literally a glass cannon (on a motorcycle with a bayonet that disintegrates things affixed), whereas Dark Elves are like Imperial Guard who have been given fuckawesome equipment. That includes vehicles, because Dark Elves have glorious monsters.

Oh, and you can field the God Emprah himself, because god knows if you actually manage to put Malekith on the field it'll be a legendary battle no matter how it goes.

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I play High Elves and have a good amount of experience with Vampire Counts (not the whole army, I tend to stick to Blood Dragon and Lahmian lists). I've delved into Tomb Kings, but my experience is primarily watching people and research as I slowly build an army.

So I can give input on those armies.

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>Supreme Sorceress - Sacrificial dagger, Tome of Furion
Illegal combination, both are Arcane Items, Character can have only one Magical Item per cathegory. (Talisman+Arcane would be ok, Arcane+Arcane is not).

Crossbows could use Musician because Quick Reform.

CoK could use command group and Magical Banner. Unless you already purchased them it would be better to take 5 Warlocks instead. Warlocks are more versatile.

30 Spears should be decent enough anvil for 1000 pts game but opponent could be able to outmaneuver them, since it's all just one unit.

All in all you'll have to rely on Supreme Sorceress a lot. Otherwise your only real threat are CoK and competent opponent should be able to deal with them.

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what do you think of the named heros for tomb kings?

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i like how the skull on the bottom looks mad at the skull on top

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and lords*

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so ive been thinking about getting back into fantasy, whats this ive been hearing about mono nurgle builds featuring epidermis doing well?
anyone mind enlightening me?

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dear god he is overpowered

basicaly its a huge block of nurgle guys who go forward and rape

so long as epidemius is alive he buffs your army for the number of wounds you caused

he doesnt even have to kill them, even the warpstorm table can do it

0-6 models killed no effect
7+ all daemons of nurgle gain +1 str
14+ +1 toughness
21+ killing blow
28+ reroll failed ward saves

(only affects nurgle daemons

also daemons of nurgle have to be the ones to cause the wounds

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Settra is decent, but generic is better. But he won't lose you the game if you take him, and he is even decent in competitive games.

Khalida can be OP. In fact, she's the single most unfair thing that TK have, but personally I wouldn't consider her bad enough to ban or house-rule nerf (then again, I am biased in that I really like her fluff as well as the idea of her and Witch Hunters working together from time to time).

Arkhan isn't worth considering personally. Some people really like him, but he just feels too much like Eltharion to me. But without the mobility or magic freedom to make up for it.

I really wish I got into the game back when you could field Nagash. Because then I could act like a Tomb King back in 7th when people bitched about Teclis. "Back in my day we'd have to 3 on 1 to even make it to Nagash's bunker with cavalry! That was back when cavalry was OP mind you. Oh, but Undead were one race back then. The vampires looked like Vampires, like ol' Bella! I remember reading in White Dwarf how Karl Franz had to run from Louen's messengers out of fear the Empire was about to fall. Don't even get me started on Araby!
My friend had those miniatures. Ordered 'em straight from the catalog. He'd counter-crusade against me, made my crusades pointless!"

Funny how the artwork in the trading card game looks so much better than the actual model.

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i once used khateps scroll and 1 shoted a mage with it, so that is fun from time to time, plust having loremaster is nice

i found arkhan to be good if you put him in a unit of tomb guard and are fighting against somthing that purple sun will wreck.

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As far as mono-Chaos goes, he's the only fully viable one.

Khorne is decent, but his list is crippled in the magic department (unless you fluff your way with the Lore of Metal, and a proxy so it looks like it's a Khornate Smith joining the battle or whatever). It's also kinda squishy.

Tzeentch is unplayable since his options are terrible, and (ironically) his lore is the WORST lore.

Slaanesh is okay. Glass cannon, on par with Khorne.

But even when just looking at listbuilding regularly, other than the fact you're dropping Tzeentch casters a good list is a fully or mostly Nurgle anyway. If you put the Greater Unclean One on the table your opponent may suspect you're a That Guy. It's like bringing a Tau Manta.

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Ah, that's a good point.

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my time is here! hows nurgle hold up in 40k? might try to use the LotR trays so i can use demons for both games.

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what abour khorne and tzeench working together? i feel like blood letters and fleshounds are a great hammer for squishy tzeench casters,

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One you start talking about mixing Chaos, you're good. Once Tzeentch casters can take lores not his own, once you can mix Slaanesh troops and Khorne troops, and so forth. Tzeentch and Khorne is pretty good (obviously you can improve it with Nurgle stuff, but you're not walking crippled here, it's just a way to be a tad bit stronger).

Keep in mind Chaos is a bit underpowered, not badly, probably just a little bit below the middle of the tier range. Unless you're fighting High Elves, because what was supposed to be a nerf to Banner of the World Dragon instead made it so High Elves can plow through an entire Daemon warhost like Chaos Space Marines through unarmed human loyalist civilians.

Nurgle is still best in 40k. I think Daemons are weaker in 40k than in Fantasy though, as a list.

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yes yes good, boils and pestilence for everyone, thanks anon

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You run a Carnival of Chaos list?
Also, how far back are we talking? You know that the Hordes army is now 3 separate ones right?

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Ok, thanks for the I didn't know I couldn't do that

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Will this guy ever move out and get a girl? He's been living with his mom for the last few thousand years; maybe it's time he got his own place.

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but anon, he has his mom already.

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They're canonically trying to kill each other now, and Morathi has a champion she's fucking and possibly teaching magic to be the prophesied one to kill him.

She's also afraid of him, and he makes the decisions. Morathi is Slaanesh's High Priest, but Malekith is like his sitcom. When Malekith does something badass, Slaanesh's laughter echoes through the mortal world.

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where was that mentioned?

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>mono tzeentch
>skull taker
>skull cannon

i think you're missing the point of mono tzeentch anon

also, anyone build a deamon army for 40k/wfb yet? at some point this year i plan to. got 2 defilers i could convert/magnetize into soul grinders and i'm getting a keeper of secrets soon.

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>i think you're missing the point of mono tzeentch anon
read the OP
>I would like to start off with how to make mono Tzeench a competitive army
he's doing it right

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Champion is the new book, the trying to kill each other and Slaanesh approving and her being scared of him is Defenders of Ulthuan/Sons of Ellyrion.

Although in it, his dragon was crippled and dying and he dropped his magic shield in the water and Morathi's brain was partially fried by Caledor the Dragontamer.

On the other side, Malekith knows words of power that can fuck up the world that the Old Ones way back when used to do...stuff apparently. He atomizes a good chunk of Lothern's defensive gates with said words, but apparently it's very taxing on him to do it.

Oh, and Slaanesh is afraid of Isha, and by proxy the Everqueen now too.

It was a good series. Slow, but good.

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I wanted to build a Malal/Malice Daemon army, but it's a fair amount of work for an army who's playstyle I'm not fond of, and with that work I'd rather just make more scenery and cool shit for my other armies. Or make a Dorf army.

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Lets face it, tzeench loves to throw around a bit of change, I like to think that he wants to help his old friend khorne out once in a while, we all know tzeench alone can't do much so he has to add shenanigans

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>Nurgle is still best in 40k. I think Daemons are weaker in 40k than in Fantasy though, as a list.
Screamerstar is the best in 40k. And it's far stronger than any Fantasy list, comparatively

>> No.29401258

but it doesn't make it mono tzeentch? im probably missing the sarcasm there, oh well

>> No.29401336

In Fantasy, Tzeentch has done all of jack shit. Ever.

Hell, the Chinese are stealing magic right from under his nose and he does nothing about it. This isn't "anything could actually be him" shit, 40k states a blatantly when he does something.

He just doesn't give a fuck about the Fantasy universe. Skaven fulfill his role of "everywhere, planning everything, all according to plan".

His followers never do much of anything either, they just follow other Chaos champions. So Tzeentch daemons or champions going with any Chaos army isn't unusual, it's full expected.

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The only porn of Alarielle or Morathi is one image, no actual naughty bits but it appears as if Morathi is forcing a not entirely reluctant Alarielle to suck her fingers after they've explored Alarielle a bit.

Next time you guys see Lewd online, you guys have GOT to ask him to do more Fantasy stuff.

I mean, there's more Skaven and Lizardmen porn than anything else. At least Warriors of Chaos Cultistchan.

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hows the empire these days?

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Middle of the road race. Mono-army in that if you want a different playstyle, you buy more minis or gear up different instead of collecting a whole 'nother army.

Also glorious, and in the fluff they're being blitzed by every Destruction group except the Dark Elves (barring coastal raiding, but Settra does that too so they're against some Tomb Kings too).

But Ogres work for them a lot, Dwarfs are increasingly bros since recent comics show Dwarfs back them up a lot, and HE save their ass every other week. Bretonnians are just hostile to them, all fluff of the Brets beating their asses is retconned. Kislev is their bitches. They're trading with Cathay, either through the High Elves or they've got a Silk Road going on (Lahmians run it too. In fact, Empire deals with Vamp Cunts more than anyone, especially the VonCarsteins).

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Daily reminder that Dwarves are coming next month, and they're awfully pissed you haven't paid back that dime they lent you five years ago.

Hope they get a huge overhaul They really need on everything from stats to models. I'd love to play a game and do something other than fire cannons, watch warriors die, and dispel shit for a change

>> No.29402493

sweet. im going to wait until the dwarf book comes out next month, but I may go either nurgle demons or empire. this inability to chose is a problem i have only with fantasy. I like maybe 2 40k armies but i cant think of a fantasy army I wouldnt play.

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>they're awfully pissed you haven't paid back that dime they lent you five years ago.


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I am very hopeful for the dwarfs. from the rumors they are getting a giant drill machine, plastic gyrocopters, hammers/iron breakers kit and slayers/longbeards kit.

>> No.29402648

Proxy, mate. Come up with a theme for one army or the other so you can use the minis for both.

Hence my Vampire Dwarfs. Except I never got around to buying the Dwarf book or buying any Dwarf things I didn't need for the VCs. Hence my "one day I'll do a dwarf army thing" from earlier.

>> No.29402669

Dwarfs need Slayers viable, top priority.

It's the most important thing the update needs to have.

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So I'm planning on getting into fantasy here soon and I'm wanting to do an all skeletons vampire counts army. Like just slapping down absurd amounts of skeletons. Enough to fill almost all of my deployment with them.

So what am I getting myself into? I've never played Warhammer fantasy before so I don't know how well this would work or how fun it would be to play.

>> No.29402798

get a lot of white spray paint

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Finder's keepers, bone boy!

Not like you'd use the dime wisely anyway. How can you be wise enough to understand basic accounting when you're clearly too dumb to live?

>> No.29402832

yep spray em white and wash em black and brown. thats my plan.

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It should work ok.

Bring a vampire or necromancer, depending on which you want for your army's fluff, maybe a few wights and wight kings and you should have a decently competent army from which to expand upon. Just remember to protect your necromancer/vampire with your (after)life, because if he dies, all your skeletons will go right back to being normal dead instead of undead.

Also, unless you intend to play at a GW store, buy 3rd party skeletons. I suggest mantic as their kits are cheap, have a decent number of skeletons, and look pretty good for their price point.

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File: 100 KB, 764x1080, npc_Princess_Undead_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Skeleton core is basic (go sword and board, do NOT do spears. Spears are shit for everything in the game unless you get them for free, and skelly spear is an upgrade). Zombies are more durable, ghouls more killy, Dire Wolves go fastah', skellies are default good jack of all trades and shit.

Grave Guard are fucking badass, as are Black Knights AKA mounted Grave Guard. You'd be hurting yourself not taking some. Hexwraiths, AKA ghost Black Knights, are also skeletons. They're pretty good too.
Wight Kings are most likely going to be in your army no matter what as a standard bearer, and as combat specialists aren't bad.
Coven Throne is a giant chariot that buffs your undead, and can blow up and deal megafuck damage to the enemy, that is made up of ghost skeletons and one asshole vampire. You can just put a skeleton on instead of the vampire though.

Anything else...just proxy a skeleton using greenstuff. Put skeletons in dresses and make it a Coven Throne (pic related). Put skeletons on and in the Black Coach like it's Night at the Roxbury 2spooky edition. Use sprues and skeletons to make a Corpse Wagon made up of bones.
Go fucking nuts mate. Be sure to post pics here.

Oh, and primer in black and paint in gray, then white. Or dark brown then tan for a yellowed bone look. Do it factory line style, save time.

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Imagine for a moment the trophy rooms of your entire fortress coming to life, looking for revenge. Not to mention the lost trophies themselves.

Then speak to me again, hairy rat.

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Good luck casting your foul necromancy near a dwarf, nerd!

>> No.29403072

oh, the dwarf drill is a combo kit, either the tunneler or the 'orc crusher'

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That's cute. Our gods grant us these blessings.

Last I heard, yours prohibited you from ceasing your race's self-genocide. I've also heard there's no afterlife for you.

>> No.29403179

I can't locate that mini - was that one of the limited releases from Storm of Chaos army sets?

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At least we get to rest when we're dead.

Unlike some people.

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File: 91 KB, 972x751, Tomb guard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure, got the pic from coolminiornot I think.
Same guy did these.

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What are you talking about? They don't complain anywhere NEAR as much as they used to! It's been centuries since I've had to whip any of them. Doesn't mean I don't of course, just that I can do it at my leisure.

>> No.29403389

so what happened with 8th that so many people just stopped playing? genuinely curious on theories not trying to start trouble.

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Initially, horde armies were OP as fuck. It takes your book coming out for 8th to get some measure of counterattack.

Did nothing to address magic creep, and in some ways made it worse.

Cavalry rules were nerfed badly, making non-heavy cavalry shit until the army book came out and made them more viable somehow (point reduction and conversion to core for HE for example).

Ambush was made ENTIRELY shit, wounding Wood Elves and Beastmen terribly as armies.

Pre-measuring and random charge distance, which people are divided are good or bad things.

>> No.29403533

The same thing that happens every time people claim a new edition is shit. Rose colored glasses and unwillingness to change.

Seriously though, WHFB is on the upswing right now, with a steadily increasing playerbase, 8th edition is fine, even with hordes and powerful magic.

>> No.29403616

Some people hate big model edition.

I for one accept the edition of fabulous flying feathered chariot artillery.

>> No.29403734

fair enough, personally I wasn't a fan of random charge distances.

>> No.29403740


Spears are free in the VC book.

>> No.29403791


I far prefer it. I can eye the difference between 8", 10", and 12" with ease so I absolutely destroyed people in previous editions of Fantasy. It wasn't that I was better at the game, it was that I had better spacial reasoning skills. Games should not reward you because you are a carpenter.

>> No.29403795

>adamantine hammer
>doing that
It's like you don't even dorf

>> No.29403808

I like random charge distance for the same reason I like miscasts.
It ensures there's no surefire "all according to plan", something can always go badly right when you need it most.

Keeps the neckbeard That Guys in 40k, where the game is about the army and the list and not the strategy or the luck.

>> No.29403824

From the three games I've played with my Dwarves.

I like 8th edition. Apparently people at my store got upset about Lizardmen and Elf Magic. I didn't notice anyone bad about either army.

The third game was a 1v1v1v1.

Ogre Kingdoms, which was funny because my Cannons shot them to pieces.
Bretonians which my Thunderers tore to shreds
and Wood elves which I lost to due to a 30 strong unit of dwarves losing like four models and failing Morale and getting overrun on two double sixes...twice.

It was fun.

>> No.29403856

>Someone hasn't played MASTERCRAFTED have they?

>> No.29403859

That's the point of the image name. The hammerer refused take the adamantine hammer, and is now bashing criminal heads in.

>> No.29403904
File: 81 KB, 563x800, 1389334220545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I still want a pic where Caradryan, with the Banner of the World dragon attached to him like a Japanese ashigaru warrior, and a Gray Knight are bumping fists with one hand while flipping off all 4 Chaos gods with the other.

>> No.29403927

Fantasy is all about the multiple players.

40k is basically 1v1, Fantasy is just about the clusterfuck. It's like it was made to be played by Orks.

>> No.29403963

Thought it meant that the recipient should "take" the adamantine hammer, like "take this"

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File: 73 KB, 618x682, Ogre-Kingdoms-Firebelly-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ogre Kingdoms getting mauled by warmachines

I love my fatties to death, they're probably my favorite army in WHFB tied with dwarves and warmachines scare the hell out of me.

Cannons demolish any monster/character you've got, stone throwers spell the doom of any large ogre unit, and bolt throwers.... oh god bolt throwers. I've had entire units slaughtered by a single shot of a bolt thrower before.

I hate it when people accuse me of being a cheesing faggot whenever I want to play ogres even though you'll never catch a hellheart or an ironblaster in my OK army. I may like to suck cock, but I'm still not enough of a fag to powergame.

>> No.29404085
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That reminds me, I found this online recently. I was going to come home tonight and do the Ogre Kingdoms fluff 1d4chan page, then upload this into the gallery then search for more pics so there'd be an Ogre in the scheme of every other Fantasy army there to illustrate how they are the Fantasy version of what makes Orks so awesome in 40k.

I...didn't. I forgot, as usual. But here you go.

>> No.29405300

Don't sweat it, man. I've said told myself I'd update the OK 1d4chan page more than one time, and yet its still blank, so I know the feeling.

>> No.29405417
File: 61 KB, 600x299, bats.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm the one who made the page, but I don't know jack shit about them so I left it for someone else to do. Same with O&G.

>> No.29406326
File: 3.00 MB, 226x175, 1364663781845.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most people don't know a ton about ogres, really. Before they became top tier, nobody really gave a shit about them, and the people who picked them up because they were FotM don't really care enough to learn about The Great Maw, how ogres were created to be the ultimate chaos hunters but the Old Ones couldn't finish them in time for the arrival of Chaos, and left them half finished and brain dead, because Old Ones are dicks like that or even how for the fifty years between their creation, and the Great Maw showing up, Ogres were actually pretty chill, just kinda wandering around in a huge field outside Cathay eating yaks.

Ogre fluff is pretty cool when you look into it, but nobody really gives a fuck, because they're not popular with fluff players for some reason.

>> No.29406475

That said, skellies are a tarpit unit, not a killy unit. You're WS2 S3 A1. Even if you get Fear onto the unit you're fighting, you're still gonna get creamed by anything not "empire spearmen with no chars" or skavenslaves. Having a parry save helps you get creamed slightly less while you pmagnoeuverre your Varghulf or Blood Knights or Black Knight Bus or Grave Guard to their flanks and proceed to bone your enemy.

>> No.29406500

I'd play you with my Lizardmen army that takes Temple Guard as elite infantry, but features no Slann because I, too, don't like winning.

>> No.29406876

I think it has something to do with their fluff being based on a real world culture that is very misunderstood and often overlooked. OK are pretty much pre-Genghis Mongols and nobody gives a shit about pre-Genghis Mongols, even the Mongolians.

>> No.29407067

> fluff players
Being a fluff player I can say it's because thought they have a neat fluff they are overshadowed in importance by pretty much every other faction and are kind of on the outside of the big events of the world

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How many companies make alternative warhammer fantasy miniatures? I always see threads on 40k alternative but not for fantasy.

Picture very related from Russian alternative.

>> No.29407287
File: 214 KB, 1920x1018, 1389348458846.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I also know of were woolf miniatures which makes some nice chaos dwarves.

>> No.29407929

I'm hoping they get something like a +X on saves the turn they are charged. You don't do a lot of charging as a dwarf, and the dwarven shield walls tend to crumble against anything even remotely build to charge.

>> No.29407943

I would like to see dwarves get global special rule armour piercing, to compensate for their base S3 a little, and makes sense how all their weapons are going to be well sharpened and forged.

>> No.29408150

I'd like to see dwarves be able to, instead of dispelling magic, being able to reflect it back at their opponent. Possibly through the use of some kind of catapult.

>> No.29408278

Most units having access to Great Weapon is all you really need. With I 2 you don't have to mind ASL all that much.

>> No.29408279

Speaking of armor, more units being able to equip gromgril armor would be neat. That's one of the things that makes the people at my local store sweat a bit as they go "wait, that entire block has a 3+ save?"

>> No.29408336

It doesn't make sense on Warriors and Thunderers/Quarellers since those are "commoners" of dwarven army.
Slayers just can't into armor at all.
For Ironbreakers and Longbeards, sure.

>> No.29408791

Little bit of lore tweaking to make gromril less "the stuff only the elite wear" and more "the stuff don't sell to outsiders because they need it themselves" would solve that.

But gromril for my longbeards would be fine too. Speaking of which, I hope we'll get a change in the "can't have more longbeards than warriors." I want my army of old grumblers.

>> No.29409529

While on the subject of dwarfs, I've been out of the loop for a while. Do we have any spoiler pics for dwarfs yet?

>> No.29409537

Not so far, still too early, give it 2 or 3 weeks.

>> No.29409556


>> No.29409565

He had a wife before the Sundering. I think she died quite gruesomely.

>> No.29409606

Does this nigga even have a plan? He just keeps failing with every invasion. And Teclis kicked his ass in a wizard duel.

>> No.29410471

no pictures but we know what units are getting plastic kits, namely gyrocopters, slayers, ironbreakers, hammerers, and long beards

>> No.29410501

What the source on it? I haven't been accompanying this but last time I checked we weren't even 100% if the book was actually coming out.

>> No.29410514

It was translated from another languages store from somewhere.

>> No.29410557

The reason 8th is on a upswing is the faster army book uptates and 40k Being kinda arse in 6th, Still fun but not as good as 5th honestly

>> No.29410590

Now all the main changes have happened in 8th, and armys have balanced out, since most have monstrous cavalry etc etc. So overall game balance is really good now all the army books are 8th.
When 8th first came out there was so many changes that put a lot of people off, but people are realizing that its a solid set of rules.

>> No.29410629

I'm heavily considering abandoning 40k alltogether for fantasy. I initially got into the hobby via fantasy anyway.

>> No.29410767

I've left playing 40k, and just collect a few units here and there that I love, whereas fantasy I love all aspects still, it just hasn't gotten as stale for me. Each to their own though, but I would recommend fantasy if you like the idea, and don't let inexperienced people put you off by saying magic is imbalanced, cavalry is useless etc, as everything has its place.

>> No.29411733

These bases are fucking stupid.

>> No.29411767

I've been thinking of starting a Skaven army for Warhammer Fantasy. I love the idea of a race of asshole rat-men who could potentially take over the world with sheer numbers if they didn't have chronic backstabbing syndrome.

How fun are the Skaven to play? Also, any suggestions on what I should get to start a Skaven army?

>> No.29411814

isle of blood (possibly 2) is a good place to start. they are really fun but need a huge number of models

>> No.29411878

Alright, luckily I've got a friend who's interested in playing High Elves so we could split the cost on that.

And a huge number of models is what I expected, swarms of rats and all that.

>> No.29412074

Welcome to the fun side, bro

>> No.29412119

I actually want to start HF, but I didn't buy Island of Blood since I didn't want Skaven

>> No.29412174

As long as you don't play 2 weed smoke factories + 2 HPA, it will be pretty funny for both.

>> No.29412176

Use the models as Vampire Counts! The Prince is a Vampire Lord on Abyssal Terror! The Warlord is a Wight King. The Mage is a Necromancer. The spearmen are actually Grave Guard. The Reavers are Hexwraiths. The rats are Ghouls. The ogres are Crypt Horrors! The weapon teams are... uhh... shit. I'm out of ideas.

>> No.29412212

>The weapon teams are... uhh... shit. I'm out of ideas.
Unit fillers.

>> No.29412268

This guy gets it.

>> No.29412273

Yeah it was all in the sundering books, can't remember her name off the top of m head, but they were good books

>> No.29412306
File: 565 KB, 1000x1000, 492px-1343700573073.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Dwarves are coming next month
yawn, whatever beard fag, call me when your a true elder race

>> No.29412381
File: 105 KB, 1920x1080, gimli trollface.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>can't even hold an axe correctly

>> No.29412399
File: 136 KB, 600x900, 1388612137959.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what was that? I couldn't hear you down there

>> No.29412653

Oh ho, ho. You asked for it, pointy ears.

Into the grudges book you go.

>> No.29412682

hahahaha, you and your grudges, stop talking and do something you tunnel dwelling troglodyte

>> No.29412713


>> No.29412781

I was thinking of using this mini as is as a Warrior priest since it actually looks like a priest unlike the plastic flaggelants

>> No.29412794
File: 10 KB, 300x169, 1389380255256.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot the picture dammit

>> No.29412906
File: 103 KB, 450x450, Orkowie-w-Diskwars-_bw66419.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just picked up Warhammer Diskwars, how are you guys building your orc regiments. I played last night, and my Empire/High Elf army beat my friend's all Orc list. Any advice for how to run orcs effectivly?

>> No.29413029

Also what is the advantage of the General over the empire captain. All i see is that the general has +1 Wound

>> No.29413063

hasn't he got better ld and attacks?

>> No.29413099

Maybe they're compensating for something.

>> No.29413720

Better ld, more options

>> No.29414299

more dwarf rumors

>Rules Rumours:
Pretty few that I know about, but here it is:
Playing Style: The playing style will be quite similar to the previous one,
but with a wider variation of possibilities. Ironbreakers will be even
harder to crack open while Hammerers are No-brainers (Dwarves are slow,
but those can hit like a meteorite if they get you!).
Cannons are a bit toned down but are still as accurate as always. I think
there's a decent chance of not having a single misfired shot within
multiple games.

>> No.29415533

>mini kit rumors

Light Armor Infantry Box is Slayers and a second build I couldn't
recognize. They look indeed weird, however the Slayers are more dynamic
than I'd expected them to be.

Heavy Armor Infantry Box is Hammerers/Ironbreakers dual build. They look
just so much better than their older versions, quite some variation
considering their former lack of such.

The "War Altar" is a dual build of Throne and Anvil I believe. It wasn't
quite clear, but it seems to be possible to give a "regular" Dwarf King a
toned done version of the Throne.

The plastic clampack character looks amazing. Simply. Amazing.

The Gyrocopter is quite a lot better than the previous one, but not quite
as good as it could have been. But it is a lot bigger, the dwarf isn't
really that much sticking out It blends in nicely with the rest of the army.

The Tunneling Vehicle looks pretty awkward considering the awesomeness of
the rest of this release. I think the rumoured "big cannon" could be a dual
build with this one, it looks pretty much twice as good as the Tunneling
Machine, especially considering how much potential there was.

>> No.29415650


I do hope Iron Breakers and Slayers are actually usable. In the current book they are just bleh compared to hammerers (even miners are more worthwhile!)

>> No.29415801

Any fluff change or new rumours?

>> No.29416282

none that im aware of. we shall see soon

>> No.29416759

/tg/, help me chose a province for my new empire army.

>> No.29416913


>> No.29417036

warriors/longbeards and thunderers/quarellers remain the same?

>> No.29417046

Hopefully the weird second build is the Brotherhood of Grimnir, as earlier rumors suggested.
Hopefully the Brotherhood of Grimnir won't be strictly better slayers.

>> No.29417104

Wonder if they'll still invalidate magic phases

>> No.29417203
File: 135 KB, 873x627, hobbit dwarves.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

from the sound of it, yes. they arnt bad kits, but a bit boring. I have high hopes for Iron breakers and hammers though. maybe something like the badass dwarf guards from the hobbit films

>> No.29417519

>the Witch-King of Naggaroth had a wife at some point in the very distant past
Not muh Malekith!

>> No.29418028

his mom got jelly

>> No.29418064

>Hopefully the Brotherhood of Grimnir won't be strictly better slayers.

Yeah. I hate it when codexes have poor internal balance.

I can live with being a sub-par army, but if I'm a sub-par army with no reason to take half of my units, then there's not much reason for those units to even be in the book at all.

>> No.29419423

>Playing Style: The playing style will be quite similar to the previous one,
Oh god no. I've played against them for years, it's dull and boring to the tears.

>> No.29419473

what would be a decent starting list for empire using the contents of the battle box + a hero or 2?

>> No.29419539

and by battle box i mean battalion box

>> No.29420390

Speaking of Lord Baconface – any new stuff in the most recent book? I heard he spent a year in the Realm of Chaos, but no speculation on just what he did in there. And is he ever getting his shit together to conquer Ulthuan?

>> No.29420545

talabheim like everyone else

>> No.29420634


>> No.29420652

>And is he ever getting his shit together to conquer Ulthuan?
Of course not. That would not only rend the High Elves non-existent, but also advance the plot. At most he's "getting his shit back together", but that's where the story stops.

>> No.29420747

>And is he ever getting his shit together to conquer Ulthuan?
Never. He's been beaten back every single time so far, and he will be beaten back every single time to come. Malekith, unlike Abaddon, doesn't have a grand strategy to his campaigns. He just heads over to Ulthuan, gets his shit pushed in, and then he retreats to prepare for the next time.

>> No.29421195

I wouldnt mind talabecland, but hell no to generic talabheim.

>> No.29421236

any one have any ideas for making chaos furies? conversion wise and economialy speaking

>> No.29421592

Play beastmen.

>> No.29421818

i have a beastmen army,
got like 80 gors
6 minotaurs
cyclopse and ghorgon
and a few heros

>> No.29421892
File: 815 KB, 1500x711, 1388533522541.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's got good plans. But the elf gods, with the exception of Khaine, hate him. The evil ones like seeing his guys die, the good ones won't let him beat the High Elves, and Khaine just wants to see a fight.

Hell, last invasion attempt that went so badly only because of a few minor things.

He and his mom took an elf captive they had been taking turns fucking and torturing and made him a Manchurian Candidate who stabbed Teclis with basically a Morgul blade, then Alarielle. It backfired on Alarielle when Isha manifested the Everqueen entity, which bolstered the FUCK out of the High Elves around her and she marched to war with them.

His plan from that point on was "mom and some Chaos Warriors that she said could rape her if they win attack from the west, and I'll make a lot of noise while I invade from the sea in the south so everyone important is around and I can kill them one by one".

>> No.29421922
File: 818 KB, 1276x649, 1388418349175.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

His mother lost when she abandoned her forces, leading the the WoC champion being purified by Alarielle and his force being wiped out. She tried to undo the vortex on the Island of the Dead, and only managed to kill a single mage (who was replaced by a descendant immediately) before Caledor the Dragontamer showed up and mindfucked her by showing her some magical shit outside reality and the Warp. She screamed in anguish like no mortal creature can, went cross eyed, and fled the island. Then a surge of magical power, which lead to Storm of Magic happening, went forth. Teclis used it to heal himself, then teleported and Conflagration-ed the entire remaining Dark Elf/WoC army in the west until there was nothing left.

Meanwhile, Malekith was doing laps and killing entire units of Spearmen. His navy wiped out MOST of the HE navy in Lothern, and he was using new types of magic nobody knows about to disintegrate the Lothern Gates. The Phoenix Guard even showed up in force, the kind they only do when a Phoenix King dies so Finubar was pissing himself in fear.

Then Eltharion showed up and he and Stormwing fucked up Malekith somewhat, tired out his dragon and tuckered him out magically. Then Prince Imrik showed up and tore Malekith's dragon's guts and eyes out, and Imrik managed to stab him so bad Malekith dropped his magic shield into the water. Malekith had to fly back to Naggaroth like that. Then the Caledorians on their dragons just crisped the entire Dark Elf fleet, wiping out most of their Black Arks.
When everyone looked at the Phoenix Guard, who had been killing all Dark Elves that made it to shore, they pointed towards a statue of Finubar that was destroyed by Malekith and shrugged then want home.

>> No.29422016

There's a guy at my shop that uses his Salamanders in Fantasy. They're on square bases now. They're still Salamanders, but I guess they charged the Warp and came out in Fantasy.
They serve the Empire now I guess. He fields them as a High Elf army for the flaming attacks.

I myself have some Sisters of Battle I'm never gonna play 40k with, so I've been considering getting more and doing a little bit of modding so they look like they've gone native in Fantasy to field as something.

>> No.29422038

hey sup? new to warhammer fantasy. haven't had a battle yet, but i have been building my army, i picked skaven to be my first, so far i have a set of plague monks, 2 plague sensors and a warp lighting cannon. what all do i need to have a good army? plus is there any where online of the main rulebook?

>> No.29422063
File: 112 KB, 560x343, BB_skaven_cheerleaders1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Buy Island of Blood, sell the elves on eBay. Buy another Island of Blood, sell the elves and extra rulebook and dice and templates on eBay.

Buy or proxy an Abomination. Then look into the fun options, like if you want Rat Ogres or Doomwheels.

For that, it's better to look at the fluff for the clans, and field your extras as whatever clan you like best.

>> No.29422094
File: 95 KB, 480x1007, 1389408391407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't want Skaven at first either, but I never got around to selling them.

Then I found out about... Fancy Skaven.

>> No.29422119
File: 249 KB, 1200x1814, 1389408454937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mocking our Dwarf brothers

You are not a son of Chrace. Nor are you a friend of Korhil.

>> No.29422149

Eh, I prefer the Warcraft Dwarf music better.

>> No.29422175

anyone have a link for the high elf heraldry book?
ive found the empire and skaven one and I'd like to complete the set.

>> No.29422176
File: 205 KB, 400x363, 1378879157304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Artillery and Flagellants.

>> No.29422202

Not sure I remember what warcraft dwarf music sounds like.
>>29422176 maybe nuln

>> No.29422225
File: 40 KB, 378x550, 1389408707299.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He had one plan.
"Make Dwarfs and High Elves hate each other".

He only came up with it because he was the first ambassador to the Dwarfs, and ever since then he's completely forgotten about it. Mannfred is the only one still trying to make them fight, but that might have backfired since Dwarfs like the Everqueens a lot.

>> No.29422271


>He only came up with it because he was the first ambassador to the Dwarfs, and ever since then he's completely forgotten about it.

Okay, that's fucking hilarious.

>> No.29422277
File: 44 KB, 500x447, fillerwip1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuckton of slaves. You'll need bodies.

Remember, Imperial Guard are just space Skaven. It's all about bodies, then the big toys those bodies are used as currency within their society to purchase.

As for scans...there's a bro who posts his mediafire with all the books, including the Heraldry ones. I don't have it, but keep asking and he'll show up eventually.

>> No.29422357
File: 556 KB, 1280x1024, 1288927781724.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's the vanilla IF song. It's the one that plays when you hang out in the city long enough.

Here's the newer theme, which is the one I like. Really captures Dwarf pride to me. Flashy, overstated, grand.


>> No.29422386

He's Caligula to Sigvald's...viking Caligula.

He's not going to have a plan, Dark Elves are the race that depletes itself like morons. The only question is if they can take others out with them.

>> No.29422491

Hahaha. I figured the dark elves would be morons when I first read their fluff, that one of their traditions is chucking their own babies into cauldrons of boiling blood to see how many survive.

>> No.29422591

They worship Slaanesh. KNOWING he just eats them when they die, or turns the most badass into Daemonettes. Which he tortures when he gets bored.

On one hand, they are fucking dumb as rocks. On the other...Dark Eldar, one of the smartest groups in 40k, look like tryhard pansies next to them.

So I guess it goes both ways. Dark Elves will be destroyed as a race if the plot progresses. But they're also the bosses of Chaos factions, when they're involved the inevitably lead the forces. Hell, even the MMO had Malekith giving Orcs magical shit he took from Dark Elf nobility.

>> No.29422625

ugh that first theme really kicked me right in the nostalgia.

whats a good empire hero(s) for low points games, say 500-1000 points

>> No.29422811

Witch Hunter is decent in low point games. I think that's where he's only really viable.

>> No.29422850

>Hell, even the MMO

stopped reading there

>> No.29422949
File: 67 KB, 500x399, High_elf_mount_concept.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't worry, he was barely in it. The game was 99% filler. Big name characters show up to be there, and that's about it. In fact, by giving players an item upon completion of a quest I think he did more than any character they didn't make up for the game.

The only good thing to come out of it was the concept art, which was glorious. Also the Squigcake.

>> No.29423026

god tier concept art to be sure. game needed another 2 years in development, but thats a topic for another day.

>> No.29423381

Tourni coming up, 2.5k HE

>White Lions x27 full command, Banner of world dragon
>Loremaster, dispel scroll, charmed shield, cloak of beards (because fuck anyone that would take dwarves to a tournament)

>Phoenix Guard x23, command, Lichebone Pennant
>Level 4 Shadow Archmage, Book of Hoeth, Golden Crown (2+ ward first wound)

>Sea Guard x30 command
>Noble BSB, Shield of Merwyrm (4+ parry save) H. armour

>3 x 5 Ellyrian reavers no upgrades

>2 individual eagles

>4 bolt throwers

Defensive army, use shadow magic to slow and reduce toughness etc. redirect with reavers and eagles then pack a punch with the WL and use PG to hold up anything nasty

Any input?

>> No.29423505

I like to think that Dwarven music is grand and booming like this, so that it will echo through the mountain, filling everything from the smallest home, to the grandest palace halls with music.

>> No.29423570
File: 363 KB, 1200x862, adrian_smith_high_elf_warriors.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some people would tell you to drop Seaguard for regular Spearelves.

I disagree personally. As long as you have a Sea Helm to let them reform. As is, the noble and Seaguard prolly don't work great together, especially since I don't think you plan on sticking him with them.

LSG mainly function in similar lists if you put them in the minimum amount, and use them as cheap ranged attacks on the flanks to double for protection when you're facing an army like Bretonnians that are aiming to stick your mage bunker in the kidney elves.

>> No.29423610
File: 365 KB, 636x900, 1389411992959.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People may have differing opinions on WoW, but rare is the fa/tg/uy that doesn't have a piece of WoW music they like.
Also one that dislikes Warcraft goblins and trolls.

>> No.29423638

dump set?

>> No.29423663

Goblins used to be my favorite WoW race, but I feel like Cataclysm took them in a direction I can't agree with.

I miss the days when they existed for a little comic relief now and again, but could also be taken seriously. Now they just feel like a huge, horribly dated, Jersey Shore joke.

>> No.29423767
File: 516 KB, 1600x1071, 1389412425847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't have it.

But it's just two pics of her face, one with her posing with two swords like a weaboo, and one grainy one of her in a GW store.

>> No.29423791


This'll be my first tournament too

I picked the Sea Guard for the bows and shields mostly, I rate 5+ over 6+ from archers big time. If I get the chance I will reform into 4 ranks before I get charged, not too bothered about the -1 to hit. If I want to have the sea helm I need to find the points somewhere and I don't think I can afford to drop anything.

I'll consider making smaller units with the musician and moving the Mage into the PG or WL if my tester games go badly

In reality I have no idea where to put my mage to protect it and just picked the Sea guard, she'll probably swap between units avoiding danger as I'll be fairly bunched, maybe 6" apart each unit.

Any ideas?

>> No.29423807
File: 182 KB, 900x942, 1389412531102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But that's ONLY the horde goblins. The Bilgewater Cartel is the shittiest cartel with the weakest connections and the slobbiest, most classless goblins.

It's actually telling that they've GAINED class by being in the horde.

>> No.29423835

You know Sea Helms can be BSBs too, right? Also, BSBs can't carry magic items, so that Shield of the Merwyrm has to go.

>> No.29423885

Mage is best with the White Lions or the Phoenix Guard. Core can't defend worth a damn, they're mainly an anvil, and Seaguard are supplemental forces. That is...unless it were High Magic and you were using Shield of Saphery.

>> No.29423928

They can't take magic items if they also have a magic banner, my Noble is just a BSB no magic banner here

nah shadow suits my play style, will probably go for the WL for the BotWD

>> No.29424031

I've noticed, but the fact that this is how they made the only playable goblins in the game just makes me sad.

They also ruined Kezan, and then blew it up, but that's a gripe for another time.

>> No.29424135
File: 669 KB, 1186x1090, Midasleepytime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, the only part of Kezan that's destroyed is the Bilgewater section. The surface is greatly polluted, hence why the Bilgewaters controlled half of it (and only half at that). The luxurious, almost Dwarven sections of Kezan are all deep underground and connected to other islands. Metzen says he doesn't guarantee a return to Kezan, but he really wants to explore it in it's entirety as a neutral city at some point.

Also, that's just the common goblin. Notice how the presence of goblins with class amongst the Bilgewaters, notably the ones that sided with Her Tallest and her love Vol'jin.

>> No.29424207

And the volcano, where the king of all trolls lived.

Although I get the feeling Metzen forgot that the Troll King even existed, let alone that he lived at the peak of Kezan's volcano.

>> No.29424283

He's got his own island. They're going off the RPG fluff on this.

It's suspected that the prophet leading the Zandalari is keeping him captive after bamboozling him.

>> No.29424401
File: 142 KB, 678x1763, 1337051309276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Swap the word 'Eldar' for Tzeentch and the word 'Meltagun' for 'Warpfire'

>> No.29424649

Two plans. The other one is "Work out how to get strong enough to push in a Slann's shit".

>> No.29424660

>her tallest

...That's an actual thing now?

I thought it was just Invader Zim fans having some retarded fan-wank all over the Cataclysm forums! You can't honestly be telling me that Blizzard actually took them seriously, and made her actually important in the game, aside from just having an NPC with her name on it in the goblin area of Org

Sage for offtopic discussion

>> No.29424759

pics or it didnt happen

>> No.29425760
File: 497 KB, 700x914, 1389418080392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's legit. While Gallywix is fucking things up left and right and blowing enormous amounts of money on himself out of cartel funds, she's actually canonically getting everything done right.

The canon (she's got a custom shredder, her horribly mistreated underling gives her piggyback rides because she refuses to walk from place to place, and she's very openly romantically interested in Vol'jin who has never met her but is horrified by the idea) is canon.

That being said, she's never done anything.

>> No.29426686

I think I threw up in my mouth a little

>> No.29426862

There's also a blood elf orphan with a mindless orc in a diver's suit dedicated to protecting her somewhere.

Honestly, considering Me'dan was thankfully rendered non-canon it'd take a lot to come close again.

>> No.29427622
File: 104 KB, 800x600, S1320004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>painting horses

it's so boring and they never look good because GW don't sculpt any detail onto their shitty faggot horse models

i'm probably going to paint my horses clown colours just to make them more interesting, would fit better for chaos knights/dread steeds or something instead of HE, but fuck it

>> No.29427857

Mah nigga.

>> No.29428359

Looks pretty good to my inexpert eye.

>> No.29428887

Hey, what size are Salamander/Razordon bases? I've got some extra Cold Ones that are gonna get konverted.

>> No.29429722
File: 100 KB, 479x362, 1389431778155.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw Bretons are completely forgotten
>mfw I won't play Empire
>mfw cavalry armies are dead as shit this edition
>mfw most of the useful shit for Bretons are reduced to "kaniggets of the realm" and their trebuchet is gone.

The round table has grown silent.

>> No.29430725

If we're talking dwarf music, can't forget this:


>> No.29430747

I guess since we are discussing Dwarf music this is slightly related


>> No.29430751


>> No.29430970
File: 52 KB, 490x375, loyalty intensifies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>yfw you can just proxy them as High Elves until the glorious Bretonnian update (complete with new artwork, a new plastic big model, balancing on named characters so they don't completely suck, and fluff involving fights against other factions (including possible Caledorian on Bretonnian bromance))

>> No.29430985

Pretty neat. But it sounds like a mixed dwarf/human sound rather than full dwarf.

>> No.29431103

Shame GW dropped the Norse looking dorf aesthetics from 6E or I might have given a damn.

I'm very annoyed that GW doesn't produce viking looking armies (and don't say Chaos because they don't look like vikings).

>> No.29431175

Or Arabs.

Or Chinese. Seriously, Cathay needs to be a battlescroll or something.

>> No.29431294

They made Arabs for Dogs of War.

>> No.29431298

Then they took Dogs of War away.

>> No.29431361

Because GW hates the fun you like.

Fuck, I would be happy if they just brought Kislev back.

>> No.29431389

But have 3 more flavors of Imperial Guard. Don't forget the fluff that goes with them about how they are always fielded like this, never work with these groups, and what paint schemes will get you booted from a GW tournament.

>> No.29431419

I can see GW not wanting to release entire fresh lines of armies because they insist in turning everything into plastic sprues because shit gets expensive to produce.

I suppose we should be glad Bretonnia is still around.

>> No.29431451

No reductions in armies, everything currently existing will continue to exist. Nobody gets squatted. Yes, the plastic will cost as much as the metal. We're drilling holes and doing chemical analysis before you can enter that.

-Loath, Games Workshop

>> No.29431512
File: 2.99 MB, 256x195, 1349946340103.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's sad that I kinda wish GW would just die at this point because I love the Warhammer IP (but I don't care much for 40k and EA can have that IP for all I care).

Hell, I learned reading English because of Warhammer.

>> No.29431550

At least GW still leaves plenty of room for home lore.

It says flat out "make up your own shit, this is an example" (I'm paraphrasing, I don't remember exactly what but there's something along those lines in there in the core rulebook).

40k has set rules, tells you exactly what can never happen, then adds an extra layer of NOFUNALLOWED with heresy being screamed at the drop of a hat and things in the future of a plot that can never advance that literally mean "your guys all lose, nothing you can do stops that, you lost before you even started playing". It's the most rigidly unfun setting out there I think.

I mean hell, the Chaos God of Good is still canon I think.

>> No.29431669

They have pretty much said that Chaos will eventually win in Warhammer fantasy.

>> No.29431853

According to Asuryan's master plan, made with help of Lileath and Morai-heg, it comes down to one last big war. Chaos can perma-lose it somehow. Dragons go extinct no matter what, most likely because they require magic to live and perma-win means sealing off all magic from the world or separating whatever magic stays from the Warp which would decrease it's potential by a lot.

>> No.29431883

Yup. The giant Chaos incursions are getting more frequent. Millennia would separate Morkar and the next Champion of the Gods; Archaon rose to the rank just centuries after the last guy. It is feared that the world will eventually be consumed by a never-ending tide of Chaos.

>> No.29432095


I'm confused.

>> No.29432115

Levels of canon.
Conflicting pantheons of gods having different plans.

Just pick your race, and go with their idea of it. When it comes down to arguing, do it in-character.

>> No.29432147

There is also Nagash as a potential world ending wildcard.

Apparently Mannfred has stolen the Crown of Sorcery from the Empire.

>> No.29432178

Wait now that I think about it, if Chaos is indeed sealed and magic disapears won't all the Tomb Kings die for good?

>> No.29432256

Tomb Kings originally had their own magic to come back to life as shining, golden Adonises. Nagash fucked that up by using his evil Chaos-y magic to resurrect every undead that brought them back much too early as ugly skellingtons.

Skellingtons are so fucking ugly and disgusting, I wish they'd all just re-die.

>> No.29432321

All of this is in the Sundering or 8th rulebook?
I want to know because research reasons.

>> No.29432369

Depends on if the Tomb Kings needs the winds of magic to sustain themselves or if they will just start eating souls. Nagash poured so much magic into reanimating everything in the entire country that they wouldn't stay dead even after Nagash was destroyed the first time.

>> No.29432378
File: 40 KB, 320x240, Ulthuan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Except Vetock says that all magic comes from Chaos, all gods are just aspects of Chaos Gods playing a giant trolltastic puppet show, and since reality was born from the Warp and the Old Ones were also Chaos God puppets that were unaware of that fact, nothing really matters, anyone can see, nothing really matters. Nothing really matters, to meeeeeee.

Also, THAT canon is contradicted by recent fluff. Despite Vetock saying that's the plan since day 1 and that's always been true.

Just pick the army you like, go with their plans/understanding for everything, and for a more baseline info basis look at the Empire, High Elf, and Daemons books (taking the last one with a grain of salt because you're fucking listening to daemons dude, don't take them at their word).

Defenders of Ulthuan/Sons of Ellyrion. 2 parts. Sorry for ruining the ending.

>> No.29432407

Nagash wants to conquer the world, then the Warp, then reach into other realities in the Warhammer multiverse (it is indeed canon to be a multiverse, with one Warp connecting them (although not the same rules or even Chaos gods in the different Warps that are really one Warp, and if this isn't making sense then good. It's not supposed to. It's the Warp)).

Just look at N'kari. Human actress in one universe, bored High Elf in another, became a Daemon Prince somehow then became a Keeper of Secrets who was always a Keeper of Secrets, has managed to appear as a Daemon before she was even born as a mortal, and references her 40k backstory in Fantasy and her Fantasy backstory in 40k.

>> No.29432468
File: 37 KB, 600x406, 1350591824930.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw Nagash invades 40k and reanimates the Emperor as a Dark Lord of Nagash

>> No.29432474

>Also, THAT canon is contradicted by recent fluff. Despite Vetock saying that's the plan since day 1 and that's always been true.
His plan, maybe. But there's plenty of old fluff that contradicts his claims as well.

>> No.29432497

And stuff that supports it. Might as well just go with what you like best.

>> No.29432507

That anon, could actually happen. Nagash winning is such a big deal, Teclis and the Slann are planning scenarios for how to beat him. It's as big of a threat as the Chaos Gods, stated exactly.

Also, the Von Carsteins are trying to hasten his return even more.

>> No.29432510
File: 117 KB, 328x353, Multiverse.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gav says all Gods in fantasy are Chaos Gods either in guises or as aspects of them. The Winds of Magic are also called Winds of Chaos and Tzeentch is stated to be source of all magic in the mortal realm.

If you're wondering why would aspects or the Chaos Gods would war against themselves, then you're forgetting that Chaos is insane and is unknowable. There is no shortage of rebellious Daemons who turn on their makers. Skarbrand and the Dark Master are a few examples.

>> No.29432528

No prob. Thank you mate.

>> No.29432533

Don't worry.

Draigo will stood him.

>inb4 a silvery knight from beyond strikes down the arch fiend and disappears into the sea of souls

>> No.29432558


>> No.29432565

But that's boring, Anon.

The Great Necromancer in 40k would actually improve the setting.

>> No.29432592

That implies Tzeentch is the source of the other Chaos Gods too.

>> No.29432608
File: 242 KB, 1448x722, Chaos_Spawn_creature.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Do you want the 'real' answer, on the answer as perceived by an educated inhabitant of the Warhammer world.

>In real terms, as described in Hordes of Chaos, all gods are but aspects of the four Great Powers. Think of four overlapping circles within a larger circle. The large circle is Chaos, or what we refer to in the rules as Chaos Undivided. Within that are the four Great Powers. Where they overlap, there are concurrent and conflicting entities which bear portions of the vague consciousness of the Great Powers. Any lesser god will be a dot or smaller circle overlapping the diagram across the relevant Greater Powers. The example of the Horned Rat is a good one, as it is obviously dominated by Nurgle, but does have elements of Tzeentch in there as well.

>If you are talking about perceptions of the inhabitants, then they are unaware of the above (or driven mad by it if they find out!). They are aware that there is a large pantheon of gods, includig the four Great Powers. To them, each is distinct, although some may have different names for the same gods, for example, the marauder peoples have many different names for the Great Powers, and some may even have several names for the same Great Power.

-Gav Thorpe

>>The entities that shifted part of their consciousness into the world were of many kinds and dispositions. Some were benign, others less so, and most were insane or mindless. But all were creatures of the void; all had their roots in the Chaos stuff that composed their own realms. As only part of their being could enter into the world, some manifested themselves as true Chaotics, creatures of whim and change, whilst others entered as single-minded personalities encapsulating harmony and stasis - Lawful entities (Law being but one possibility amongst the multiudinous possibilities of Chaos).

-Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st edition:

>> No.29432609
File: 50 KB, 487x530, Oxyotl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1) Draigo fell.
2) Oxyotl did the same thing in Fantasy. He's a giant chameleon man programmed by non-fuckup non-douchebag versions of the Old Ones to be Viet Cong against Chaos.

He went into the Warp, spend millennia running around fucking up Chaos invasions from the other side and trolling the Chaos Gods themselves, then snuck back into the material plane and did it some more from this side.

>> No.29432625

But WH:RP canon isn't fully consistent with the wargame canon.

>> No.29432645
File: 190 KB, 497x329, Tzeentch being Tzeentch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> [the Four Chaos Gods] are the greatest of the gods to whom all other gods - each and every one - are but portions or conjunctions.
>To imagine that those very deities were but shards of the infinitely more mighty thing that is Chaos would be too terrifying for any priest of Sigmar, Ulric,or priestess of Shallya to even contemplate. As the wiser and less sanctimonious Elves might councel,it is best to put such thoughts aside and let such doubts remain unvoiced, for the alternative is to turn to darkness.

-Hordes of Chaos page 15

Now you understand why the Archoen went mad and called his former human gods liars and frauds before proclaiming the Chaos Gods as true and real.

Wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility. Tzeentch holds the Realm of Chaos from the mortal world and it is he who binds it together. Without him, there would be no Chaos as we know it.

>> No.29432656

>Draigo stood Nagash up
>"Nay, I cannot fullfill thy equest. I actually like Slaanesh!"
>"Abloo bloo bloo!"

>> No.29432657

I may be biased as a play Empire, but big models are actually quite vulnerable in 8th.

Especially to cannons.

>> No.29432724

>I see an old world beyond the next horizon – a world that likely never was, where sorcery blew in the very winds and a self-made god-king was all that stood against the Ruinous Powers.

>Mayhap I would find the answer there, if I could find it at all.

-Draigo (Short book)

Draigo is a coming to fantasy. Prepare yourself.

>1) Draigo fell.


>2) Oxyotl did the same thing in Fantasy. He's a giant chameleon man programmed by non-fuckup non-douchebag versions of the Old Ones to be Viet Cong against Chaos.

Through guile and stealth. Not pure strength of body and mind.

Draigo cast down the Skulltaker a being whom Sigmar took three days to defeat in an epic duel. Nagash, Malekith, and all the villains of Fantasy are doomed!

>> No.29432775

Draigo comes from 40K. 40K is a pansy universe. In WHFB, it takes a few state troopers to kill a greater daemon, and the world is holding against two full blown chaos invasions for millennia with they steel balls and halberds.

Draigo will get out of the warp in the northern wastes, then get killed by some skaven.

>> No.29433452

This is true. Everyone in WHFB has better stats than 40k.

An 8 year old drunk Bretonnian hillbilly could wrestle down a Space Marine.

>> No.29433563
File: 90 KB, 484x359, N'Kari.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>N’Kari was born on an isolated, backward world which has been trapped in the centre of a violent warp storm for millennia. The Chaos Powers have repeatedly attempted to conquer this planet, but have so far been foiled by the uncorrupted peoples of the world.

>W-w-we'll get you next time, really! Stupid mortals! DOOMED! YOU'RE ALL DOOMED!

>> No.29433651
File: 485 KB, 965x685, who-dares-battle-the-saracen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>kaniggets of the realm

>> No.29433965

Only if you subscribe to the idea that FB and 40k exist as part of a shared setting.

>> No.29434061

Yeah, I tend to go with that.

>> No.29434432

Which is all quoted from the chaos books. Which of course are all in favor of Chaos, but why the heck would those claims supersede those from other sources? And the "chaos always fights itself" excuse might have made sense, if not for the gods in the other books acting decidedly unlike the gods as they are described in the chaos books. We're talking divine intervention without a paycheck here, something none of the chaos gods would ever do according to their own book.

"Chaos is unknowable" is a nice excuse, but it works both ways. It can also be used as "well, all the other gods exist as their own entities and do their own thing as well. Because chaos is unknowable."

>> No.29434572

It's only unfun if all you want to do is win.That's like saying a WWII game is unfun because you know the Allies are going to come out on top - it makes you seem dumb. And fat.

>> No.29436422

If not, then the Draigo we'll be getting here will be something completely different than the Draigo there, so I'll withhold any critique until I see him.

>> No.29436745

so some cunt put down 700 goblins in our 3000 point game today

>> No.29436772

How'd that end?

>> No.29436836


A draw, he was overly enthusiastic.

A wall of Tar pits.



>> No.29436860

What army were you playing? I can think of a lot of spells that would wreck a list like that.

>> No.29437040


Empire. I think I killed over 300 Goblins by the end.

Skarskink was bunkering at that back with two warlords down the side. Dispel Magic scrolls errywhere.

My Wizard exploded into the warp in turn 2, taking a bunch of Halberders with him

>> No.29437152

> scrolls errywhere
You can only bring one, bro. Did he bring multis? Because that's cheating.

>> No.29437591

Misunderstandings can happen.
I once thought too I could have multiple scrolls

>> No.29437731

I'm running a Blood in the Badlands-based campaign for ~6 friends soon. Any advice?

>> No.29439551

It used to. You used to be able to take stuff like plasma pistols.

If anything I enjoy the idea of the Empire winning over the Imperium by outshooting them with blackpowder weapons.

>> No.29439641

>a lot of spells that would wreck a list like that.
A lot of spells can also kill your wizard.

>> No.29439649

Up until 8th, the Lizardmen had a s5, 3-shot weapon that was basically a Necron Staff of Light.

>> No.29439693

This sounds like the kind of game I want to play.

>> No.29439806

They also added magic items after the Dark Shadows campaigns that had the same stats as 40k wargear.

>> No.29439881

Eh. Bound Items, too. Curse of Years + the flame rod from the Vampiro Cunts book. Wreck whole units.

>> No.29440180

Or, that daemons are the exact same in both settings. It's a reasonable explanation to say that daemons in FB are weaker because of the magical vortex siphoning off Chaos.

>> No.29440224

Hell, fucking Be'lakor is in 40k now.

>> No.29441014

Why would he be friendly to the good factions?
Nobody in WHFB is in the Imperium an worships the God Emperor, therefor they're all his enemies.

That's how 40k works. Everyone is a dick, everyone is enemies, and Chaos wins.

>> No.29441892
File: 30 KB, 592x252, alpha omega sigma.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29441985

I feel like this requires more intimate knowledge of the Greek alphabet than I possess.

>> No.29442023

The funny thing I thought about that before because Sigmar suddenly disappears and when Alpharius pops up in 40k he never ever revealed where he came from

>> No.29442190

Sigmar reincarnates himself in Fantasy.

He's done it 3 times now.

>> No.29443252

I never liked the idea of Sigmar being a primarch or something else superhuman. I like him best as Warhammer Conan that was such a swell ruler that later generations started thinking of him as a god.

>> No.29445860

It's 40k fans trying to pretend their Warhammer is the original. Ignore them.

>> No.29447313

Army with cool monsters who aren't WoC? I've had my HE for a while and it's time for a second army.

>> No.29447408

DE Have a couple of pretty neat monsters. Hydras in Special, and the Kharibdyss Squid Seadrake Vaginamonster in Rare.

You can also throw a Dreadlord or a Beastmaster on a Dragon and Manticore, respectively for extra monstery goodness.

And then there's Cold One Knights, who just look awesome.

>> No.29447563

Skaven, Ogre Kingdoms, and Lizardmen.

I guess also Orcz and Goblins, but to a lesser extent.

>> No.29447807


Well.. when you beat nagash one on one while a shit load of vampire faggots jumps on you, its kinds hard not being seen as a god.

>> No.29449937

Play them as HE, you have your core and special cav, and can get a psudo-lance fomation wirth a 3x3 unit because you don't need 5 wide to get supporting attacks.

>> No.29449986


Dark Elves do have great monsters, but they're pretty much identical to HE so that's not a great choice for a second army.

>> No.29451164

So, lizardmen player here. Godzilla as my Bastiladon with Solarbeam: yes or double yes?

>> No.29451485
File: 25 KB, 422x346, gamera-9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No love for Gamera? He looks more like a Bastiladon

>> No.29451551


>> No.29451644

I just don't have any toy Gameras in the proper scale.

>> No.29454627
File: 7 KB, 348x145, images (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go to the pet store and buy a real turtle.

Watch your opponents reel in fear as their troops are knocked aside by the might of your living, breathing battlefortress!

>> No.29456396

Weren't there rumors of Brets being on the update table soon?

>> No.29456411

The fact he keeps reincarnating too. Oh, and symbols of hammers working like crosses.

>> No.29456434
File: 70 KB, 531x549, skaven battletank.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see your Slann fortress and raise you a Skaven battletank.

>> No.29456586

I'm completely new to Warhammer Fantasy, and it seems bretty cool. Can someone give me an overview of the different armies and how they tend to play?

What would you suggest for someone who wants
>reasonably simple playstyle/not huge learning curve
>decent army with cheap models
>fairly easy to paint acceptably (I would rather very easy paint jobs that were "okay" than moderately easy paint jobs that were "good", if that makes sense)
>not Dark Elves
>probably not dorfs

I'll probably steer towards a human or skeletal army, but I'm definitely open to other options.

>> No.29456674
File: 307 KB, 800x619, dji0wAsok34ojFE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look these dwarves that I just found out there.
They look really good.

>> No.29456807

I asked that same question a while ago and some kind anon gave me a pretty detailed reply, unfortunately I didn't save it and I don't recall exactly what he said besides having decided to start HE

>> No.29456818
File: 2.95 MB, 3864x4952, Races Fantasy 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Minotuars who rape everything, and smear shit on what's unrapable. Underpowered currently. Rely on ambushing, and tough beasties.
French/English Knights. Underpowered currently. Badass cavalry, and lots of it. Also cheap peasant redshirts by the bucketful.
Self-pleasure, KILL KILL KILL, full of and thus immune to disease, and lolinsane/allaccordingtoplan flavors of extraplanar monsters. Lots of neat tricks based on what flavors you're taking.
>Dark Elves
Cenobite Nazi Pirates. Kill the fuck out of things. Kinda squishy. Good magic.
Dwarfs. Avenging grudges is the most important thing in life. Slow, but reliable troops. Next to get an update.
>High Elves
The Lawful Good group of the game. More durable than Dark Elves. Best magic in game, very elite troops that come in low numbers.

>> No.29456834
File: 2.32 MB, 3864x3936, Races Fantasy 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aztec clones that pursue the plans of their ancient creators. Play a bit like a blend of Dwarf and High Elf.
>Ogre Kingdoms
A race of mercenaries descended from mongols. The half-finished product of the ancient creators designed to fight evil. Like High Elves, but more durable. Good in melee.
>Orcs & Goblins
Greenskin horde. Reproduce by dying and releasing spores. Just in it for the fun of fighting, except goblins who are on meth all the time. Balanced playstyle.
Rat men who want to eat, and KILL ALL THE THINGS. Have WW1 level technology that runs on radioactive evil crystals. Nothing they make is reliable, and they LOVE backstabbing EVERYONE. Playstyle: flip a coin. Heads, you swarm over and win while lighting shit on fire. Tails, light yourself on fire and get stabbed by the guy behind you.
>The Empire
Catholic Germans in the renaissance. The most balanced playstyle, all the options and none of them stand out from another army.
>Tomb Kings
Imagine everyone who died in Egypt getting back up at once. Servants are mindless, but now 10 generations of royals are arguing about who gets the throne. Encompass all alignments and personalities. Playstyle is hordes of undead with supportive units to keep them going.
>Vampire Counts
Classic evil vampires. Come in 5 flavors, Dracula, Rick from Rick and Morty, TF2 femSpy, Kenshiro, and 30 Days of Night. Hordes, and killy as fuck options.
>Warriors of Chaos
Very durable, low population killy as fuck demon worshiping vikings.
>Wood Elves
Batshit insane Hills Have Eyes elves. HAHAHA, GET BACK IN INSIDE HUSBAND style. But with the Evil Dead rapetrees marching alongside them. Currently underpowered. Agile as hell, shooty as fuck, trolltastic strategy heavy army.

>> No.29456841

Chaos Warriors and Ogre Kingdoms seems to be the ones who fit best your criteria

>> No.29456886

>reasonably simple playstyle/not huge learning curve
>decent army with cheap models
>fairly easy to paint acceptably (I would rather very easy paint jobs that were "okay" than moderately easy paint jobs that were "good", if that makes sense)
>not Dark Elves
>probably not dorfs

They're fairly straightforward army with little extra rules (basic strategy is "get to the enemy lines and pound them"), high-point models so you generally need to buy less to field the same amount of points, big models so you won't be fiddling with detail as much, about as far away from the grace of elves or the shortness of dwarfs as you can get.

>> No.29456975
File: 33 KB, 444x319, Mighty Settra.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Servants are mindless, but now 10 generations of royals are arguing about who gets the throne.

>>Implying it hasn't been settled centuries ago.


>> No.29457020

Chaos Warriors, unless you're into Ogres.

Chaos is cheaper to buy (cheap ebay everywhere) and very easy to paint. Ogres are a bitch to paint.

Failing that, High Elves or Lizardmen.

>> No.29457055

Everyone bows to Settra and pays tributes except Khalida who he doesn't seem to have any problems with because she doesn't seem to give a fuck about anything other than killing vampires.

That being said, you've still got 10+ generations who all want to be in charge of the same kingdom, use the same buildings, and they're all prideful arrogant dicks.

>> No.29457075

Out of Skaven, Ogres, Chaos, Tombs and Empire, which are the cheapest to build an army, and which are the easiest to paint? These armies seem the most interesting.

Can you build an archer + man-at-arms empire army and do well at low points costs? If I don't take cavalry, am I just going to get sniped like a bitch? Basically, can I make a sort of medieval themed human army but COMPLETELY or almost completely ignore cavalry?

I don't want to sound incredibly lazy and cheap, but if I can't afford to buy it and can't be bothered finishing painting it, then I'll never play it. And I appreciate the advice.

>> No.29457182

Well take my advice with a grain of salt since despite liking WHFB, it's model range and fluff I don't actually play it.

Skaven and Tombs are horde oriented armies and therefore more expensive.
Chaos and Ogres are more elite orientated therefore less models and money investment.
Empire are middle ground. Dunno regarding who is easier to paint.

Also I hear that archer + man-at-arm can be pretty good with brettonia which has a more medieval feel than Empire since their archers are pretty decent and have a lot of cheap infantry but this army would be more expensive and dunno if you need to take some knight

>> No.29457237

Ah forgot to add

archer + man-at-arms should work well with Empire since they are one of the most versatile army in terms of play styles

>> No.29457242

You'll want to avoid Skaven. They're a horde army, which means buying lots and lots of units. If you have a friend who plays/wants to play High Elves you could buy a few Island of Blood sets and split the cost, but that still leaves you with tons of units you need to paint.

Ogres are big, making them ideal for starting painters. Since they're an army that relies on big, tough models rather than numbers, they're also somewhat cheaper.

Chaos depends on if you mean Warriors or Daemons. Warriors can cut the cost if you field the bigger, more expensive warriors (which are more point expensive and so you will field less). Daemons are slightly more numerical, but the upside is that, being Chaos Daemons, there really is no wrong way to paint them.

Tomb kings have arguably some of the easiest troops to paint in the game. Skeletons are very easy as long as you spend five minutes reading up on washing and drybrushing.

Empire tends to come in great numbers, and can get very finicky with painting. Since almost all your models are human, any errors tend to stand out.

>> No.29457463


Thanks again for the advice. My heart seems to be telling me that I won't enjoy the asthetics of Ogres or Chaos Demons. I think I might dislike painting Chaos, Empire and Bretons, but I'll probably be the happiest with how they look and the fluff.

I think the best thing to do now is to observe some Fantasy games and do more research. I'm kind of lucky, my mother owns a craft store and recently got some samplers from GW trying to get her to put their models in her shop (it's a scrapbooking and cardmaking store, dude what) so I can probably order at delicious wholesaler prices.

You guys are awesome by the way.

>> No.29457854

>My heart seems to be telling me that I won't enjoy the asthetics of Ogres or Chaos Demons.
This, along with the army's playstyle, should be the most important decision in choosing an army. If you don't like how an army looks, then there's little chance you'll enjoy the army.

Painting is something you can learn. Or in the worst case scenario get help with. But the looks of your army you'll be stuck with. If you find an army you like the looks, fluff and playstyle of, don't let its painting difficulty turn you off.

>> No.29457900

>Painting is something you can learn. Or in the worst case scenario get help with.

Don't GW employers teach you that for free if you want?

>> No.29457961

It's part of their job description, yeah.

>> No.29458078

>>29457463 here

I just downloaded the army book for Empire, and I really like what I see. I think I can deal with painting faces for this, and if I can get it wholesale the cost won't tear my anus that bad.

>> No.29458134

>I think I can deal with painting faces for this
Handy beginner's tip: Put the most detail in the models you put in front of the army. The ones behind the front line are less visible anyway, so if you make a few mistakes they won't stand out as much on them.

>> No.29458243

I really should go to be now, but not before telling you that these have been the most helpful and friendly responses I have ever got from any board on 4chan that I can remember, ever, in ~8 years of browsing.

>> No.29458342

Bit of an odd question, but does anyone know of any third-party companies that do Skaven models, or even just big rats? I'm thinking of building some unit-filler-y things in the near future for my Skaven list (so it can go from "you've got how many...?" to "my rats will blot out the deployment zone" without having to sell my kidney), and figured third-party unit fillers would be a good start.

>goilTr convenient
Go away captcha, goilTr don't make rat models.

>> No.29458636

Just get island of blood kits while you can. with 40 clanrats in each you'll bulk up no time.

>> No.29458660

>island of blood kits while you can

>> No.29458670

Doooh, forgot to write ' Why while you can' ?

>> No.29458723

Already been out 4-ish years. Should be the 9th due in about 12 months or so, then cheap starter kit models will dry up.

I wonder what the next set will be? I'm thinking VC vs brets maybe?

>> No.29458765

I though GW had confirmed that the new edition is won't come this year.

And honestly I hope not since I am on the fence regarding Island of Blood.

Do they usually announce the new starter set before they discontinue the new one?

>> No.29458811

are you going to play Skaven or High Elves?

>> No.29458835

High Elves, nothing against the Skaven but I just like HE aesthetic more.

>> No.29458972

Then buy the kit, its a bargain for HE players.

I'm playing HE too, still wondering what direction to push my army in.

>> No.29459001

I guess I'm just sad that if I played some other faction (Orcs-n-Goblins! Empire! Tomb Kings! Elves!) I'd have some fairly obvious third-party stuff to pad out my units.

Still, Skaven look awesome. Every time I see the Screaming Bell, well, I can't stay mad at them. Look at them, with their little ratty faces and tails and doomsday machines! Look at them! Awww.

>> No.29459021

I just feel that I would be wasting too much money suddenly since I would be starting 40k in parallel too, and I really don't intend to play, just collect (mostly due to the lack of players)

>> No.29459159

http://sciborminiatures.com/en_,shop.php?group=178 has one or two you might be able to use for hero units.

>> No.29459613

If you intend to just collect, there's no real need to buy in bulk. Just buy what you think would be a fun model to assemble and paint.

>> No.29460931

next army is dwarfs, followed by WE and then brets.

9th edition starter kit is rumored to be empire v orcs, so going back to something similar to the 6th edition one.
contents are some orcs ans gobos on foot with a river troll v 20 humans on foot and 5 Calvary dudes and maybe a cannon?

Here's hoping those 5 dudes are knights because the current empire knight model is beginning to look a bit dated.

>> No.29461037

>9th edition starter kit is rumored to be empire v orcs, so going back to something similar to the 6th edition one.
Hmm, cliche, but kind of the posterboys of WHF so not unexpected.

>> No.29461064

For some reason with the Dwarfs coming I had slight hopes that the new starter would include some shiny new dorf models.

>> No.29461097

I think most dwarf players hoped for that, but we already had Skull Pass not too long ago.

Personally, I had expected Wood Elves VS Beastmen. Two forest-themed armies that should be recently updated by the time the set comes out.

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