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I heard you leik nidz?

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Haha, the time has come!

>mfw OP doesn't post rules

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YAY! Pls give some scans of the army special rules PLS !

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I would, if had a scanner. I'll give you this one for free: Synapse doesn't give EW.


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Apparently GW doesnt though. Theres a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG list of nerfs that we got. And very few buffs.

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Yay Thx , also some force organisation chart mods? Maybe more hq\ St troops ? :)

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>Theres a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG list of nerfs that we got. And very few buffs.

That's like C:SM. What did you expect. Did you really think you'd be the new Tau or Eldar?

At least C:SM's nerf list wasn't that huge. Most of the buffs were hidden nerfs/washes though.

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>force organisation chart mods?


>Maybe more hq\ St troops

HAHAHAHAHA stop my sides are killing me.

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Fuck you, 7th edition will have Hive Tyrant troops!

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Allies ? Necrons maybe ? :)

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People forgetting that this last Nid book was actually good.

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Its kinda the opposite. Most things are a at least little buffed. In that they stayed largely the same but got cheaper points wise.

Also going full nudzilla is looking decent still. With MCs in every slot now.

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More like they never knew. Because they're bad.

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The points reduction doesn't make up for the grand amount of shit. It's like Ms Lincoln saying "Well at least the play was good"

Scything talons: Nerfed
Psychic Disipline Options: Nerfed
Hive Guard: Nerfed
Tyrant Durability: Nerfed
Methods of transporting units: Nerfed

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>scything talons
>implying people played something that wasn't devourers
>psychic discipline
>implying Nids weren't one of the best psychic armies around
>Hive Guard
>implying they were ever as good as the other options you could be running
>Tyrant durability
>implying FMCs aren't OP
>methods of transporting units
>implying you don't bitch about drop pods all the time just like everyone else

okay that one was bullshit

so was removing doom and spores but I just wanted to throw the spore in because don'tn fucking lie everyone complains about drop pods

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>Doom is actually gone
I'm still desperately clinging to false hope that everyone is just joking and he's still there but it still hurts.

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>scything talons
When they came standard on everything that I didn't feel like paying for or without options (trygon, Land Raider flipper fex, tervigon) Not to mention that even though hormies were not that great they still occupy a special place for me, and re-rolling 1's on toxin guants was what made me don't afraid of any riptideknight

>psychic discipline
We lost access to biomancy. That HURTS. A LOT.

>Tyrant durability
Implying nothing of the sort. But a walking tyrant that had OA (which is gone too) and a shell to buff the ground walkers helped the army a lot.

>methods of transporting units
I actually don't I like the idea of drop pods and have a lot of success with them. Not just as a DoM bomb, but full zoans as well as devilguant squads.

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>this last Nid book was actually good.
You mean previous one? Yeah, kinda.

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>Hive Guard
Hive guard are extreamly good and killing light to medium armor. Better than Zoans actually. However now they got more expensive and lost a point of BS.

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The niggers are blind they shouldn't have high BS.

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The fluff rationalized the high BS well. Using the sensory data of all nearby nids. When your shooting is based on the sensory data of hundreds of others you're probably going to be more accurate than a gaunt.

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Doom gone?

Then who killed Maleaa...Melatina...Mulani...WHO KILLED THE CRAFTWORLD?

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Nobody. Malan'tai is hale and healthy, if a bit disoriented from being brought back to life via retcon.

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He's still in the fluff. He just doesnt have rules.

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Lame but alright.

At least did they retcon out the Eldar dude soloing a Hive Fleet to make it fair?

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Hey Malan'tai, looking kinda Mymeara there.

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They talk about it right here, but only in a fluff piece. Lel

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>written by Cruddace(again)
>(the rest should be self-explanatory)

In greater detail:
>no more biomancy
>no more mycetic spores
>no more armoured shell
>new units are mostly bad
>even scything talons are nerfed
>no more biomancy
>only buffs involve minor point cost reductions
>still no deathspitter scaling up for monstrous creatures, it's like they're not even trying
>bio-artefacts, which are stuff like "40 pts for +6" synapse range"
>you better get it, because all units with Feed instinct attack each other outside of synapse, not just rippers


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Wasn't C:SM the last codex released? Why did they let Cruddace write two books in a row? Why did they let Cruddace write at all?

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Oh that's just rubbing it in.

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If you want a vision of the future, imagine a hoof stamping on a Swarmlord face - forever.

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I told you years back.

Crud needed to redeem himself. That's why he was chosen to wrote the Nid codex again. I guess if he truly messed up again, there will another chance to redeem himself after a few years.

Don't you believe in second chances, anon?

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Cruddace is the only fucker who NERFS shit. The only huge nerfs I remember are CSM going away from 3.5.

Seriously, why do you nerf armies that AREN'T EVEN AS GOOD AS THE CURRENT TOP ARMIES.

You make armies that are already not good, WORSE.


C:SM was never OP to begin with, especially not at the end of 5E. So what do you do? NERF NERF NERF.

Tyranids were good, which is amazing, but not nearly as good as Tau/Daemons/Eldar. So how do we bring them up to speed? NERF NERF NERF


Cruddace deserves to die. No shit. Either he should resign or he should die. That's my raging, autistic, nerdangry opinion. The fucker deserves to die for failing to realize his own incompetence. The patterns are there, you can view the data easily they have websites that total all aggregate tournament data, you can see the thousands of player opinions on old armies.

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The era of Riptides and Wraithknights continues with no signs of stopping.
Maybe Guard will provide a counter.

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If we follow the trend guard will get nerfs since they were not hurting in 5E or the first half of 6E.

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Tell me the one page you really, really want to see. Also give me a random number from 1 to 105.

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The new Guard codex is going to be an absolute bucket of fuck. It will have D weapons in it and vendetta will drop in points.

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Shall we start a petition to fire Robin Cruddace and treat his codexes as toilet paper at GW HQ?

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The tervigon page.


>> No.29383727


Show us whose name is listed as the author. Show us what it says.

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I vote that we send them all back to the HQ


One of these two


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Tyranid codex got annihilated to make people buy Heirodules, Harridans, and whatnot from Forge World.




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>Tau charging into melee

>> No.29383783


Those firewarriors were about to be overrun. The suits are hot dropping in to save the day because Tau care about their troopies.

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It's okay, Gorgon is defeated. Tau have too much plot armor to lose.

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Page 37. I thrown in page 36 for free because I'm too nice.

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>Implying that's not from the Dark Angels Codex
Are you even trying bro?

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>giant two page spread of nids getting surrounded and killed by marines in the tyranid codex


>> No.29383916

And this.

>> No.29383932

It's a Tyranid Cruddex.
I'm disappointed they didn't give us a giant spread of Maugan showing the Hive Mind who's really in charge.

>> No.29383933


You're not supposed to WANT to play the NPC faction!

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>People buying anything from Forgeworld
Gee, nice models you can never use on the table top.

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What shitty people you play with. Even on the rare occasion I find a random person to play with I have never once been told I couldn't field my contemptors.

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Show us the Timeline pages, please!

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>costs more points
>has to make a random roll to get catalyst
>no longer grants it biomorphs to nearby gaunts

it's like they wrote this entire codex as a sick joke on Tyranid players

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>not letting people use stuff from FW
>not using FW models as 40K units

Only a fool would do these things.

>> No.29383985


Escalation, son. If I field a Harridan, you don't GET to stop me. If you do, you become the store That Guy.

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The Daemon Codex had a two page spread of marines being heroic.

>> No.29383995


:3 thank you

may I please have some more?

>> No.29383996

I swear to god. I swear to fucking god.

>No more imparting biomorphs.
>No more usage of throwaway gaunts
>No more multiple powers

>> No.29384004

>Because the Tervigon has lost the burden of being laden down by all these beneficial and weighty rules, it can now move 24" Jump.

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Ohhh, some obfuscation...

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>MFW I told my store guy to order this book for me
I don't know why I was hyped, and now I get to pay for it.

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oh wow

>> No.29384036


>Produced by the Games Workshop Studio

Because no one person wanted to attach their name to this piece of shit.

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But they gave you guys the names of the Playtesters who chose not to save you.

>> No.29384066

>Implying anyone running a tourny has ever allowed the usage of FW units

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Summary page would be delicious, based Anon.

>> No.29384083

Was their playtesting making sure that almost every 6th ed. army out there could stomp nids into the fucking dust with ease?

>> No.29384084


Tournaments and the "Pure 40k" movement aren't really 40k anymore, since they change so many things.

>> No.29384089

I'm guessing they pointed out the exact same problems you have.
Then the people in charge just ignored them.

Or they all just really hate nids, and are working to have them removed from the setting by 8th edition.

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Oh man, you guys sure know how to make an old Primach chuckle. One more on the house before I go play vidya.

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Write down the names of the playtesters. They are to be fired.

Cruddace is behind this, I'm sure of it.

>> No.29384108


take a picture of the book sitting in your trash can.

>> No.29384110


Every single one of them is a Tau, Eldar, Daemon, or Spess Mehreen player. Probably.

Thank you, Playtesters, for giving me free wins with my Tau.

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mmmust see page with Herr Schwarmischerrrr

>> No.29384128


If you play the top 4 armies why would you need to nerf Tyranids.

>implying C:SM is better than Necrons


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>> No.29384143

>obtain home address of Crudace
>send death threats

>> No.29384152



Penn Jillette must be appeased. Into the trash it must go.

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>> No.29384175

>IG codex is released
>3+ armor for guardsmen
>regular guardsmen can now use boltguns
>melta vets melta range increased
>Leman russ 4HP
>Leman russ are cheaper
>Commisar can beat Swarmlord in melee
>Written by Robin Cruddace
I can see it now.

>> No.29384190

What's the point in being Mastery level 3 if you can only take your own codex powers?

>> No.29384192

I don't give a fuck. I'm still running nids in the escalation league.

I get shit for being a powergamer all the time. But this... this I can min max beyond the moon and no one has any right to complain.

Feet first into hell!

>> No.29384197


I never understood why the Tyranids wield bone swords. Shouldn't they be integrated into their appendages? like talons?

I don't know.

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Hahaha, if Nid players ever find Cruddace there's going to be a lynchmob.

This thread is the best, I'm laughing my ass off.

>> No.29384218


Nick Bayton does Eldar and Stefano Carlini does Flesh Tearers.

John Bracken is Warhammer World Events Team and Paul Hickey is the Warhammer World Store Manager

They planned it.

>> No.29384221


The sword is a separate organism.

>> No.29384225

This will be the new 40k general image. Thank you biased Alpharius

>> No.29384228

Because Nid Codex powers are shit, and they can't have access to nice things.

>> No.29384230

I wish we could keep Robin Cruddace's 5th edition Tyranid codex. It was actually better than this one...

>> No.29384239



might want to increase the gamma brightness on it before using it as a general image, so that people will know what it is

>> No.29384256


I never thought I would be saying this, but I agree. I want my 5th edition codex back.

>> No.29384262

That pic is shit. One more time, cus I love you fantastic bastards.

>> No.29384263


Thank you!

What is Synaptic Lynchpin - and where did the "you must reroll successful invuln saves" thing go? Can he buy any upgrades? Are Tyranids stuck to the codex Psyker powers or can they swap for Biomancy?

>> No.29384269

Nid players will do things to him that would make the Dark Eldar cringe

>> No.29384280

At this rate, I'll allow my gaming group to use their choice of the 4e book or the 5e book.

>> No.29384281


Looks like forcing re-rolls on successful invulnerable saves is out the window.

>> No.29384283


C:SM wishes it had 5E with 12 capacity land raiders, drop pods, mixable chapter tactics, lower wargear and unit prices on the commonly taken models, etc.

CSM wishes it was still 3.5 with legion rules.

DA is fucked either way.

BT wishes they still had a codex.

>> No.29384285



Thank you based Alpharius. Confirmed for best choice of new 40k general image.

>> No.29384295

>What is Synaptic Lynchpin
18 inch synapse range.

>Can he buy any upgrades?

>Are Tyranids stuck to the codex Psyker powers or can they swap for Biomancy?
codex powers only.

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>> No.29384311


dunno what your problem is, my scouting white scars with 20+ grav guns eat those lists for breakfast. The best part is when they cry cheese. People used to build to fight marines, because that was everything. Now they build to fight good lists, if you don't want to get raped don't bring predictable power lists.

>> No.29384323

The 3rd edition of the Nids codex was the best.

>> No.29384324

Now place a big meaty chud on it and take a picture.

>> No.29384326

>Alien Cunning
>MUST add +1 to reserve
>every other "tactical brilliance" character lets you OPTIONALLY add +1 to reserve
>"cunning" to force your reserves to come when you reserveed them to keep them safe and off the board until turn 4


>> No.29384339


>into the trash it goes

This is a happy day for me at least. With the new Tyranids being so terrible, my Orks might actually be able to win a game or two.

Come mindless horrors! We can share the balance of both being shit.


"Let's see how you like this Spinefist deep striking in your deployment zone."

>> No.29384344

How does it feel, noble Alpharius, to wield such foul a book?

>> No.29384354


Go home white scar fag you tried this a few weeks ago and no one bought it. Grav doesn't do shit to Eldar or Daemons and everyone else just brings servo skulls.

Things that kill good lists still kill marines. And the best stuff at killing good lists is other good lists, not some shitty marine army or non-Tau/Eldar/Daemons xenos.

>> No.29384358

>tells people to bring a predictable power list
>then tells people not to bring a predictable power list

>> No.29384365


Space Marines 6E is good. Dark Angels isn't that great though, it's kinda limited in what it can do and White Scars are an arguably better bike chapter. Deathwing Terminators are the only thing they have that other codexes can't match.

Black Templars codex was in need of update.

Chaos got boned, I agree, but at least they have allies. And at least their 6th edition dex was an improvement on the previous one, however slight.

>> No.29384370


you cant field your contemptors if you play me. There now you have been told.

>> No.29384379


You just dont understand the plan. Your mind isnt alien enough.

>> No.29384383

Why is your camera such shit?

>> No.29384396

Still have never been told when I actually want to play a game.

>> No.29384405


funny, at my store if you try and use the piece of shit escalation units, YOUR that guy. And I could stop you. Easily.

>> No.29384410


Wait... wait... where is the Eternal Warrior I was promised

This Swarmlord is going to get his ass kicked by missiles/lascannons/plasma guns/et cetera

>> No.29384411


I wish my gaming group was as gracious as yours. But they didn't even let me run the 4th edition codex after the 5th edition dex came out, even though they all started getting rid of their Tyranids after the 5th ed dex.

>> No.29384413

I vote that we insert a hollow glass tube into Cruddaces penis and then smash it with a hammer. Also fill the tube with salt.

>> No.29384421

OP please tell us if synapse does anything other than Fearless and preventing instinctive behavior

>> No.29384441


Sure you could, Internet Badass.

>> No.29384452

>Black Templars codex was in need of update.
>Codex gets erased

BT rules sucked because of how old they were but they had more character and were FUN, now our fluff got raped and any chance of getting some Templar specific models went down the shitter..

>> No.29384460

Giving Eternal Warrior to something that isn't eternal (Gets created on the fly on the battlefield) would be an insult to actual eternal warriors.

>> No.29384461

>missiles and lascannons kill tyrant

Sounds like you need to buy our new plastic tyrant guard kit!

>> No.29384467

Where can I get a Tyranid 4th ed. codex so I can see what once was?

>> No.29384469

Not, OP, but it doesn't

>> No.29384472

Wow, I can't even field Swarmlord anymore because without Iron Arm he will die like a bitch to ID everyone has in spades around here.

>> No.29384478

>The boy turned to his father and asked, "where are the xeno armies, the non power armored, the variety father?"
>"It started with the Tyranids son. They damned the army then the Orks followed. After that every army slowly became space marines, even the space marines."

>> No.29384482

How would Eternal Warrior stop him from being blasted into a pile of gibs by that stuff anyhow

>> No.29384486


Phoenix Lords say hi

>> No.29384488

Someone screencap these.

>> No.29384498

>Wait... wait... where is the Eternal Warrior I was promised

Who the fuck promised you that? Why did you listen to them?

>> No.29384511

Like Calgar?

>> No.29384516


>> No.29384525

Their armor is eternal.

They don't create the armor from scratch at the start of each battle.

>> No.29384535

Nah, it's just nids being terrible. They've become a balancing scapegoat, they are shit so the next medicore codexes will seem great

>> No.29384536


oh no demons and elder. Good thing I still have 3 thunderfire cannons and twin linked bolters I can choose to fire instead.

>> No.29384538

4e was glorious, the rules were so good you can still play a classic Nidzilla army vs modern codexes with better success than the last two books (although like everything they still struggle vs Taudar)

>> No.29384544


And the Tau and Eldar looked amongst the Plebs who begged for biomorphs, for transport capacity. for variety, for good options.

And they whispered "Fuck you."

>> No.29384546

>power armored

Why do you faggots keep mentioning marines in this thread? They're not even good.

Tau, Eldar, Daemons, Necrons. No power armor.

>> No.29384564

Yes, but WHERE can I get one, all the Pirates Bay links are dead.

>> No.29384575

>thunderfire cannon
>doing anything to flying MCs, 2++ invuln rerollable jetbikes, Wave Serpents

You're retarded and bad. How are you still coming here after being shut down and humiliated in the last thread you tried to talk shit like you knew how to even play the game

>> No.29384588


way to change what you said. You said you were never told you couldn't use it. I said you cant. My point still stands.

>> No.29384595

>And they whispered "Fuck you."


>> No.29384597

I played that book for four years. You look yourself in the eyes and say that again you son of a God-Emperor

>> No.29384614

>all the Pirates Bay links are dead

Just like Tyranids.

>> No.29384624


He is right you know, if your using escalation, you are that guy. Shit is a broken moneygrab and nothing more.

>> No.29384633

>You look yourself in the eyes

What, like, with a mirror?

>> No.29384634

I'm going to sabotage Cruddace's mp3 player so that the right ear volume is always slightly lower than the left.

>> No.29384636

it was terrible before 6th ed, and even then only because biomancy+FMC. i was there when the book came out in fifth. in less than a month no one cared about them, and almost no one played them. the doom was all that was good and people didn't play tervigons until like three months later because everyone was expecting a model (which didn't come for years)

>> No.29384646


You know what I find funny? People bitched about the R'Varna, but suddenly that thing's okay because of the Revenant and Warhound.

>> No.29384647

I bet $10 that the tyranid vanguard dataslate rocks faces. Its going to be the win with bugs tax.

>> No.29384648

At least I can still spam MCs and blare the Lost Planet theme while I play.... right?

>> No.29384662


>> No.29384674

You wouldn't dare.

>> No.29384677


I feel like we're crossing a line here.

>> No.29384681

I bet The Doom Of Malan-tai will get his own Dataslate like Cypher. Calling it now.

>> No.29384692


>> No.29384695


>> No.29384697


make a shit base, then get them to pay for more content that should of been, its like they've played modern FPS games and liked the idea of season passes.

>> No.29384705


"I totally remember telling some guy who isn't the same guy off with a witty one liner, because only one guy plays white scars. Man that sick burn I said made everyone in the chat room laugh at him. How can he even show his face in public again without committing Sudoku"?

That is literally you right now.

>> No.29384726

You monster.

>> No.29384731

y-you too..

>> No.29384737

Could we get a page 38 picture? I just wanna read the army special rules....

>> No.29384744


HAHAHAH the FUCK it is ok. Shit is the most broken unit probably ever made point for point killing power wise.

>> No.29384752

Because then they'd have something good.

>> No.29384757


Maybe all white scar players are retards who go "HURR HURR SCOUT PLUS GRAV" in response to any discussion involving Tyranids or Wraithknights or Riptides.

I don't know, that may very well be the case.

Regardless it doesn't change the fact that White Scars suck complete dick and haven't done a single thing except win one pathetic open tournament while all the smart people win invitationals with eldar. Repeatedly. For months.

>> No.29384759


>> No.29384761

>believing that data-slates/supplements will help
i wanna squash your hope but.. i can't

So evil, wanna lead my next foray into the material world?

>> No.29384769


Why? what do you think will be there? What could possibly be there?

A note saying "just kidding" an an address to contact to get the real codex?

>> No.29384772

I'm also going to put a super tiny pebble in each of his shoes.

>> No.29384776


Nigger people still bitch about Riptides despite Eldar and Daemons being a thing. People still bitch about HELDRAKES

>> No.29384778


And you'd rather face a Revenant? Another Battlesuit is small fry now compared to what I see fielded now.

And before you ask, I don't get a choice in denying Escalation. Both the LGS and the GW won't ban things that are selling like hotcakes for them.

>> No.29384781


Too far!

>> No.29384782

Same here, but I wanna know about my beloved Carnifex and Old One Eye!

>> No.29384785

4e Nids vs 5e Nids

I don't even play nids, but the 4e Army looks a lot more menacing on the table then the 5e book

>> No.29384790


But white scars DO shut down riptides and wraithknights, anon.

>> No.29384795


Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

>> No.29384804

>These guys are bigger faggots than me so it's okay for me to be a faggot

Well people are raping then murdering each other in Africa, so it's okay for me to rape you and give you AIDS right? Cause I mean, AIDS and gay rape? That's what you're bitching about? When people are being beheaded in Africa?

>> No.29384809

(I was referencing our names)

>> No.29384820

>And you'd rather face a Revenant?

rather than its points worth of r'vannas?

yes, any day.

>> No.29384821

One of the rationale for doom getting the boot was because he did not have an official model. While this seems a bit unlikely - Skarbrand doesn't have an official model and he's in and space marine captains on bikes don't have official models and they're a big thing, sorta - it should be noted that dataslates don't come with model releases. As such, if the no model, no rules bit is true, it's unlikely doom will get a dataslate.

>> No.29384825


I already said White Scars shut down Tau. Then they lose to about everything else. Ooh, grats, you killed the Eldar's single WK. How are you going to handle the 6+ Wave Serpents and seer council?

>> No.29384830

Keep in mind, this is 5e rules.

>> No.29384845


Skarbrand was written before the Chapterhouse lawsuit which resulted in the entire no models thing.

>> No.29384847

Why do people say the DA suck? Sammael with Ravenwing Bikers and Black Knights rape White Scars into the ground.

>> No.29384852


>> No.29384865

It's been a while since I've given a shit about 40k.

Is Cruddace generally accepted as being worse than Ward now?

>> No.29384875

My reply is simple:

>> No.29384885


Even if he did suck I liked the idea of the Parasite. I liked the Doom even after they faq'd his greatness away. They added flavor. Character.

Gone now. NO flavor. NO character. Fuck GW.

>> No.29384890

We didnt know how good we had it with ward. wish he'd come back from fantasy.

>> No.29384894


Cruddace is the Great Satan, who killed Black Templars, and destroyed Tyranids again.

Only by supplication to Lord Ward, our Spiritual Liege, peace be upon him, and his scion Vetock The Hamster, can we triumph through the dark times.

>> No.29384896

He always has been.

Ward hate was for his fluff, but at least the man could make good rules and interesting army choices. The Lord of Crud can't write shit for either.

>> No.29384901

wait, don't farseers on bikes not have a model? i know that chaos lords on bikes, steeds of slaanesh, screamers of tzeentch, and palaquins of nurgle also don't have models... unless you use a lord from the warriors range. it's an odd rule.

perhaps gw doesn't like us converting and making our own versions of characters? it would explain the recent space marine special character thing...

>> No.29384914


>Marbo will be a monstrous creature
>etc etc

>> No.29384924

Cypher has a model. it's an old as fuck metal model with a dumbass pose, but it's there in the Dark Angels HQ section

>> No.29384936

>He always has been.
Not even a litte.

>his scion Vetock The Hamster,
muh sides.

>> No.29384939

>praise for Ward

>> No.29384942



>> No.29384951

Maybe the rule only applies to special characters. I won't lie, the only place I heard the rationale being applied was on 4chan and it was without any real nuance or source so take it with a grain of salt. Still, it does help in explaining the loss of pod and doom

>> No.29384955


Ward would have the Swarmlord raped by Calgar up the ass with no lube, but he'd at least give us good rules.

>> No.29384968


The Ward cult has been around pretty much since 6th dropped.

>> No.29384978


>Next Guard codex won't have Creed in it


>> No.29384987

Because an immortal beast that keeps coming back to life with the exact same personality and has overseen the destruction of thousands of civilizations before this isn't considered eternal.

But some Ultrafaggot is.


>> No.29384993

>Leman russ squads of 5 confirmed

>> No.29384997

>But some Ultrafaggot is.

But he's a robot!

>> No.29385000

Honestly all I think we wanted from this codex was a return to 4th ed prices with maybe 2 new units. Getting Dakkafexes back would have made 90% of us Tyranid players happy.

>> No.29385015

>Because an immortal beast that keeps coming back to life with the exact same personality and has overseen the destruction of thousands of civilizations before this isn't considered eternal.

Asterion Moloc DOES have Eternal Warrior, what are you going on about?

>> No.29385030


No its still going to be purchase them up to three per slot.

But then you can combat squad them during deployment.

>> No.29385034


>creed confirmed to have been the next incarnation of the Empra

>> No.29385035

That'd be nice, but mostly I just want to read the wording on the one page that I'm missing to cover all my models...

>> No.29385061

>assault 2 lasguns

>> No.29385067


the dakka banner is a one trick pony that isn't hard to get rid of.

>> No.29385072


I'm pretty sure those weapons don't have instant death against a guy with 6 toughness.

Still, he has a pretty good chance of eating bone sword and dying.

Also, force weapons.

>> No.29385083

>compensating for something?

>> No.29385084

god fucking damn it. i was actually excited for this reliece, patiently waiting though the shit forced upon me with the 5th eddition crud-dex, and i get this shit: another fine example of the crudmaster turning a formerly feared and respected army into a schizophrenic fuckup that has some of the most assbackwards shit ive seen in a codex since sisters.

and thats what nids are becoming
i swear next eddition rulebook is going to kill of the tyranids in some fucking lame way, like have them just run out of hive fleets. retcon them out of existence to a shitty fucking white dwarf dex.

i swear if i dont have fun playing this dex im going to sell everything and invest it all in some other game made by a company that actually LIKES its fanbase instead of giving them a shit sandwich and telling them its steak....

>> No.29385092

Does anyone deserve this?

>> No.29385098

Tyranids apparently are apperently doesn't play well with itself or others the army.

>> No.29385103

Cruddace deserves it.

>> No.29385107


No, why do you ask?

>> No.29385109



>> No.29385111

Swarmlord should have a rule where you can outflank him back onto the field 2 turns after he's killed.

Can I write codex now.

>> No.29385120


You know the worst part about those feels? Why couldn't we (whatever codex we may play) have gotten a nice update like Tau and Eldar.

How lucky are those guys to have gotten those updates? Ignoring the bandwagoners.

>> No.29385122


Yeah sorry I meant to imply that was two parallel thoughts

>mfw the goddamned Swarmlord still kills himself against mindshackle

>> No.29385132

Your pauldrons are looking kinda tiny there, buddy.

>> No.29385163

>tiny head
>tiny arms
>giant legs

Trying to imagine this man without his armor is disturbing.

>> No.29385177

>The helmet doesn't have a head inside
>The Space Marine willingly gave it to the Guard as a consolation prize since his species sucks so hard.

>> No.29385180

Its centurion armour

>> No.29385184


Why can't GW into anatomy?

>> No.29385186

Correction, it's the Chaos Space Marine HQ section

>> No.29385190

ITT: Motivation to hope and pray the upcoming ork dex is penned by our spiritual liege.

Im not one to mindlessly grip on GW but this dex really seems poorly thought out.

Scy tals doing what they are supposed to and rulebook powers would have made it a decent dex.

>> No.29385207

>turning a formerly feared and respected army
>feared and respected army
>feared and respected

>> No.29385212

The fact that it still fits him still makes him mutated as fuck.

>> No.29385214


Nids 4e Codex. First time uploading on mediafire, so I don't know how long this will last.

>> No.29385221



Maybe not respected but nidzilla used to be a thing

>> No.29385237

god that would have felt good, to finally have a codex i can lean on with confidence and say "i like my codex, my years of faithfullness to the tyranids has been rewarded ten fold"

but no, been playing nothing but nids since i got into 40k and i love the fluff to death, but its like gw just doesnt give a shit.

oh wait, thats right, its gw, they really dont care do they.....

fuck now i need a glass of whiskey and a hug.

>> No.29385240


Maybe he's talking about CSM.

>> No.29385243

Its more that blind Ward hate has fallen out of fashion as he continues to put out well playing armies

>> No.29385249

What happens when a phoenix lords armor is atomized by a gauss flayer?

>> No.29385258


>to finally have a codex i can lean on with confidence and say "i like my codex,"

My years of faithfulness to the Tau has been rewarded ten fold.

>> No.29385274



What the hell was that?

>> No.29385276

There are ways it could be done...

>> No.29385277


It gets fucking atomized. It just doesn't happen in the setting though.

>> No.29385286

All hail our spiritual liege, may the ork codex be filled to the brim with his blessed o-penis.

>> No.29385296

so how about someone hacks something together with the 4e dex and adds in the new beasties?

>> No.29385303


I always laugh at the idea that somehow the Space Marine gene seed makes it off the battlefield even if they got tabled.

>> No.29385346


>A space marine chapter so paranoid about losing their geneseed that they put teleporters in each and every one of them that activate once the marine's vitals drop to zero

>> No.29385363

I think the focus has shifted from hate toward ward to fear its going to be cruddance.

>> No.29385364

If I decide not to start Tyranids it wouldn't be because of the codex, it would be because of how the online Tyranid players have showed themselves to be whining fucking spoiled brats who make mountains out of mole hills.

>> No.29385373


The apothecaries come back after the fight and collect the geneseed. Yeah there will be geneseed that is lost or damaged, but that's why they constantly send tithes to Terra, so they have a bank of semen to make new space marines after losing a shit ton of geneseed.

>> No.29385390


We Protoss now.

>> No.29385398


They are whining a lot but this clearly is a mountain. Just scroll up and look at this shit. The new codex is strictly inferior.

sorry, nidbros.

>> No.29385406


So you're never going to start a new army? Or play the game at all?

Because you just described every faction. Including Tau and Eldar.

>abloobloo Riptide is too expensive
>abloobloo Wraithknight costs more than Riptide
>abloobloo Farseers got nerfed

Do you not remember this or were you just not around.

>> No.29385413

We drove Ward away.
We did this.

>> No.29385421

>fucking spoiled brats
>spoiled brats

tell me, exactly how does this new codex spoil up with its balance, cleverness, and flexibility?

>> No.29385433

That implies that they aren't instantly evaporated before the teleporter receives the signal that their vitals are low.

>> No.29385455


mfw there are giant vats on terra
these vats are filled with the semen of the emprah
he jerked off enough to fill them
enough 'gene seed' to support space marines for centuries

>> No.29385461

oh god its like its gws way of punishing us for turning our backs on our spiritual liege!

>> No.29385464

>implying I wasn't totally pro-Ward and getting insulted and shatposted against for months

Nuh uh nigga wasn't my fault

I even have Ward and Calgar blingee gifs

>> No.29385473


>> No.29385478

We space now

>> No.29385482


>teleporter mishap
>Calgar's balls get teleported to Holy Terra

>> No.29385483


>The new codex is strictly inferior.

I'm sorry, but have you even played with it yet?

FACT: /tg/ a shit at everything 40k that isn't painting


Oh I remember, but those were nowhere near the level of over the top anguish I've seen so far.


Maybe if you actually play with the damn thing you'll find out, but I'd guess you'd rather spend your time abloo bloo blooing about your pie in the sky dreams turned out to be nothing more than that.

>> No.29385489


>Space Marines
>once, we denied him
>Blood Angels
>twice, we denied him
>Grey Knights
>thrice, did we deny him
>and then, on a mountain of skulls, we did crucify him alongside Draigo and Guilliman and cast all blame unto him
>Phil Kelly wept, his tears preserved to use to pen the two glorious Eldar codices
>Cruddace, for his treachery was rewarded with his 20 pounds from GW
>we buried our Liege within the tomb, and set two Black Templars to guard it, so that neither troll nor fan could disturb his rest
>on the third day, he rose again, and revealed the new Necron codex and gave Vetock and Troke his blessing to write the holy 6th Edition
>but it was too late, for in that small absence, Cruddace had already written two codices: the Space Marines and the Tyranids, and bided his time, waiting to unleash his evil spawn unto the world
>too late to undo what the great betrayer had done, Ward lifted up into heaven to take his rightful place alongside the God Emperor of Mankind
>even now, we sinners shitpost here on /tg/, hoping one day he will return to us and bring forth a new era of Warhammer

>> No.29385497

>The apothecaries come back after the fight and collect the geneseed

What if they lost the fight?
What if they were all eaten or atomized?

Chapters are literally always on the edge of extinction, this is never represented in the fluff.

>> No.29385501

>Herr Schwarmischer
>not El SeƱor de la Horda

>> No.29385523


A successful implanting of a spess marine gets you 2 geneseeds if it works out.

>> No.29385525

>Oh I remember, but those were nowhere near the level of over the top anguish I've seen so far.
To be fair, while I will agree they haven't even played it yet. The Tau and Eldar weren't such shit on paper as the Tyranids currently appear to be.

Fine by me though, this thread has had me chuckling for a half hour now.

>> No.29385526

>FACT: /tg/ a shit at everything 40k that isn't painting

Nah let's be honest /tg/ isn't that good at painting either except maybe like 3 guys.

>> No.29385527


Learn to spell, dumbfag

>> No.29385528

We all know what happened to Ward and Cruddace.

>> No.29385535

In all fairness ignoring the testers is what SquareEnix did for FF14.
Then they had to tear everything apart and rework it all from the ground up. So there is hope.
Or there would be if not for the fact that continued poor sales after the launch frenzy could also be interpreted as meaning that the codex itself is FANTASTIC, but codex updates don't change sales.
Except maybe for Tau, but that's one out of a dozen, an anomaly to be discounted.

>> No.29385536

>Oh I remember, but those were nowhere near the level of over the top anguish I've seen so far.

Think. Think hard.

>> No.29385546

>Chapters are literally always on the edge of extinction, this is never represented in the fluff.

Dude tons of chapters are on the verge of extinction. They explicitly state this. Dying chapters are known by the dozens.

If a founding legion ever goes in danger, like the Blood Angels did, all their successors donate geneseed to them, which is how they saved the BA.

>> No.29385551

>implying ward didn't write my first codex

Posterboys were good in 5th too

>> No.29385559


I like how you mention Tau but not Eldar. Because Eldar AREN'T a freak occurrence.

Eldar: perpetual multi-time OP scum of 40k.

>> No.29385571

>BA, IG, SW, GK, Necrons

Yeah nah.

>> No.29385589

>I'm sorry, but have you even played with it yet?
Because it's blatantly obvious that it's inferior on paper to an already underpowered codex from last edition. I don't need to take a bite out of that steaming turd on my plate to know that it's shit.

>> No.29385594

The answer is clear then, we must remove Eldar from the premises. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocW3fBqPQkU

>> No.29385607

goddamnit Ellimist, get your head in the game.

>> No.29385626

From the Cruddex
And the Monobuild
Mathew Ward Deliver Us.

It was foretold that only devotion and praise to the Ward would save the Tyranids from the wrath of the Cruddace!

But the Tyranids players ignored Ward's warning!

LOLNEWCRONS they cried!

I Think he'll do what he did to the necrons to us even though that makes no sense and GW has no reason to do that, they lamented

And in so forsaking the Ward they have invited the very damnation they suffered back, to revisit his fell work and improve upon it.

And so the Tyranids were cast into an ever deeper pit of Crud.

>> No.29385634

5 fucking point termagaunts you piece of shit its a fucking swarm of 30 models for 150.

Tell me one thing that can gun down 30 models with only 150 points

>> No.29385653

what's with the arbitrary list of codices?

>> No.29385658

Get a load a' this guy!

>> No.29385669


>Straight up describes how it always returns from death. It is eternally warring.
>Not an eternal warrior.

Stopped playing nids eight years ago. Never looked back.

>> No.29385670


I always assumed that was partly unreliable narrator. That the tithe geneseed is implanted and duplicated and stored using cloned or condmned humans. I.E. as they do when mustering a new chapter or saving one on the brink ala Lamenters. The Mechanicus tried to even make its own chapter from scratch using Iron Hands geneseed. The Steel Confessors.

The big issue being the tithe is mandatory to check for purity. While also to keep the chapters to fighting strength. The big issue being that the mechanicus and highlords are technically holding all the extra geneseed hostage to make sure chapters don't go all Badab on them. Else expand to legion levels. One of the few control options that Terra has over Astartes autonomy.

Problem chapters would be totally cut off after heavy losses. Especially if the big I is involved in those losses.

>> No.29385673



>> No.29385676


>30 models
>forced to foot slog across the board

>> No.29385690

>5 point termagant

What the fuck? Didn't they used to cost like 3?

>> No.29385692


>won't make it halfway as synapse gets killed and they all fall back

>> No.29385702


25 Shoota Boyz say hi.

>> No.29385703

Ice burn!

>> No.29385709


Is that really what the Krayak and the little minion thing and all those other fags from Animorphs looked like?

>> No.29385717

> Not using Stone Crushers and Tyrannofexes to draw away fire

>> No.29385736


>implying tyrannofexes aren't still shit

>> No.29385741

Well, this is good news for my attempts to get other wargames going locally, considering we have 3 different nid players locally.

>> No.29385743

>if you see shit on a sidewalk how do you know its shit until you step in it?

and i will, of course, play the dex. i didnt pre order the thing for nothing but fuck me if some of the shit i saw in those caps was just downright stupid.

>> No.29385749


Though they usually have better targets a Leman Russ tank is going to take a big chunk even on a sort of bad scatter unless they are in a one rank line.

>> No.29385763

>not using Forge World stone crushers and painting your guy red with white skin and blue legs and making WOOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP noises as you advance him forwards facing sideways

>> No.29385765


Oh wait you're serious? Pfhahahaha

>> No.29385774

I dunno, if you have dumb players in your groups, they tend to think it's OP and try to dedicate everything to it in addition to the Stone Crushers.

All the while letting my Devilgaunts get into range to force saves.

Hell, they think Tau are only OP due to mass Snipers.

>> No.29385780

>/tg/ said it sucked
>/tg/ said it sucked
>/tg/ said it sucked
>/tg/ said it was good
>/tg/ said it sucked

So either we're all missing something here, or going by /tg/'s track record, Tyranids is gonna be amazing.

>> No.29385801

>mfw some guy at my local GW store pre ordered the big ass army pack of $1533 before reading the codex

I bet hes gunna be pissed

>> No.29385809


Why would someone even do that. That's just stupid.

>> No.29385816

I recall the reaction to C:SM being lukewarm. But otherwise that is correct.

>> No.29385817


I'd love to get into Dropzone Commander or Mantic or Firestorm Armada but nobody plays any of that around here.

>> No.29385819

>ethereals do something now


>> No.29385821

That's why they pay geneseed thite, not just to keep in cjeck their purity, but tu found new chapters, keep it safe as an backup if the chapter suffer serious loses.

>> No.29385824


What this basically comes down to is

>the Tyranid codex is fine if your opponents are retards!


It's different this time because it's plain to see that the new codex is more or less the same thing, except that they removed a lot of options, added a bunch of stupid rules, and nerfed what we knew was good from the old codex.

>> No.29385844

Emperor, remember the rumor of toxin sacs being ranged? and Eternal warrior could be bought on fucking everything?

>> No.29385858


>buying 1500 dollars worth of merchandise
>doesn't even know what they do yet

He had it coming. Even if the codex was great, the odds are good enough that at least a quarter of what he bought would have been garbage.

>> No.29385862

Including you. I wonder if there's someone else locally who feels exactly the same way?

>> No.29385871


I remember the rumour of an upgrade that gave you another mini synapse bubble that granted Eternal Warrior.

>> No.29385876


It worked for me for a year so far due to the fact no one in my group is actually smart enough to try thinking outside of the box.

If they see a huge blob of Fire Warriors with an Ethereal and a Cadre Fireblade, do they use a blast weapon?

No, they fucking charge it all and call cheese when I Overwatch/Support Fire.

If they see 3 huge monsters and a blob of Devilgaunts, they fire the monsters and ignore the blob.

>> No.29385877

>removed a lot of options
I got nothing
>added a bunch of stupid rules
Supporting fire?
>nerfed what we knew was good from the old codex
I sold my broadsides on ebay because of that shit

>> No.29385894

Ugh, I should have gone with Necrons. I don;t really wanna sell my 'nids though.
Man, I should just get a higher paying job or something.

>> No.29385919

pure rumor my friend. unless all the people who have been kindly leaking this dex to us were blind/missing a page...

>> No.29385933


muhfukka sounds pimp like he do whateva he want wit dem stax do

>> No.29385934


Wishlisting. Just like the transport crab/bug that could protect gaunts but let them shoot like it was open-topped.

>> No.29385935

>removed a lot of options

Restricted to the Tyranid psychic powers is the big one. Removed mycetic spores, ymgarl, and doom because of their hissy fit with Chapterhouse. What are others I missed?

>added a bunch of stupid rules

The new "feed" instinct is the big one for me. Christ, the new instincts are almost Orcs and Goblins animosity bad.

>> No.29385943


Yes everyone knows that but why are they separate organism ?

>> No.29385945

So essentially Ward is Magnus and /tg/ is the Emperor?

>> No.29385959

>those nigger runes

I can't even make it out

>> No.29385961

You niggers better prepare for the massive wave of "Stop whining get over it". Probably from Tau and Eldar players.

>> No.29385964

I guess so, but without the psychic powers as far as anyone knows.

>> No.29385966

Haven't seen the treatment Warriors got. Still shit?

>> No.29385967

>5 fucking point termagaunts you piece of shit its a fucking swarm of 30 models for 150.

With two turns of shooting? Half the damn game.

>> No.29385972

I was basically saying thanks to GW, Ward and Cruddace were transformed into the monsters they are today.

If GW wasn't butting in, imagine what would happen. Imagine all the need to sell models gone and they could focus on making interesting and fun units/rules instead of cheese.

But it seems like GW will focus on 1 writer at a time, and corrupting them.

I mean, look at Phil Kelly's face during one Games Con event, he was pail as fuck like he was sick or something.

>> No.29385979

no ward is robute guiliman when he returns with blood angels assaulting out of reserves

>> No.29385980

More so than usual.

>> No.29385982


That is exactly the same as any daemon but they no longer get eternal warrior as well so why are you surprised?

>> No.29385990


Why would they draw fire? You've got time to kill all the gaunts before the big shit is even halfway across the board

>> No.29385991

How so

>> No.29385993

And his random table addiction is starting to get worse if Chaos Daemons is any indication. Hopefully Vetock's American-ness and thick fat will protect him for just a bit longer.

>> No.29386006

>$1533 on nids

err what? sounds like he bought one of those quick gw bundles. the fool, a decent army is half that cost and that's before even paint/tools/time.

haters, gonna hate

>Tell me one thing that can gun down 30 models with only 150 points
6 chaos chosen, 5 flamers, 1 combi flamer. 143 points. but that does sound like a good deal on the gaunts, not sure if we'll be seeing more people play swarms though

>> No.29386019

Know who I fucking hate? That whiny bitch "daboarder" who waves his tiny Australian dick around in nearly every forum out there.

>> No.29386026

I hate that kirby guy too. Good ideas but hes just a jerk. "its not rocket spam its missile spam"

>> No.29386030

I play a Swarm thanks to getting several boxes of Nids dumped on me due to people abandoning ship. Lemme tell yah, it doesn't work.

>> No.29386036

Like I said, I play with dumb people who think using vehicles and flyers are dumb and would rather foot slog then complain about me using Remoras on their GEQs and Skyrays on their MEQs, while using Kroot Snipers and Drone Snipers on their TEQs.

All the writers for GW will succumb, only Kelly and Vetock seem to be holding out but slowly failing.

Kelly will soon become a Chaos/Xeno Spawn hybrid due to his love of Eldar, Chaos, and Xeno armies, while Vetock will use his last ounce of strength to become the new Ork writer, and give them a good codex before vanishing into dust, leaving GW with nothing but broken down writers. After all, his favorite armies are Orc and Orks.

Or perhaps he'll join Andy Chambers and try to correct Blizzard's Starcraft mythos only to fail.

>> No.29386041

The 3++ retard?

>> No.29386042

Or it turns out Ward is Robute as Alpharius, Alpharius is Creed and Marbo is Tzeench

>> No.29386052


Eternal Warrior needs to be renamed Sturdy or some shit. Celestine is the only real eternal warrior in the rules right now.

>> No.29386055

Explains why he doesn't scatter, neither does his demo pack. Every. Fucking. Time.

>> No.29386058

How so

>> No.29386063


Kirby never bothered me. I fucking hate AbusePuppy though. I would straight up fistfight him in real life.

>> No.29386073

he lives in the PNW, iirc he plays down in portland

>> No.29386086

Someone has the Haruspex stats with point cost ?

>> No.29386109

I'd fight daboarder. I'd slap his fucking dinkum face.

>> No.29386131

I once played a game where Marbo blew up my Land Raider with his demo charge on turn two.. which subsequently killed half of the honor guard inside.

I wasn't even mad. I just couldn't stop laughing as I fired every single gun in my entire army at one model the following turn

>> No.29386148

Ugh. The retards who run an FLGS nearby are always ripping on vehicles like they're quoting scripture.

>> No.29386190

>Like I said, I play with dumb people who think using vehicles and flyers are dumb and would rather foot slog then complain about me using Remoras on their GEQs and Skyrays on their MEQs, while using Kroot Snipers and Drone Snipers on their TEQs.

But vehicles and fliers are gay

>> No.29386201

Oy vey Y'he, whatever is the matter?

>> No.29386265

An Annihilation Barge costs 90 points and, with perfect rolls, can do it in one turn if all hits are 6s for Tesla and all hits wound.

Fringe case, but you asked.

>> No.29386283

Thunderfire cannon or 2 whirlwinds, even 1 will decimate them

>> No.29386318

Phoenix Lords disagree.

>> No.29386344

>in the rules

Read nigga

>> No.29386374

We just need two different kinds of an eternal warrior.
First one that prevents low toughness shit from being evaporized by high strength weapons.
Give that one to your stubborn marines.
Name it somehow redutant.
Second one that defends from any shit like thousand years old thousand times folded daemonic evil magic sword of bloody slaying.
And that should be named the Eternal Warrior.

>> No.29386396

Was this a previous edition where his demo charge was stronger? It's only Str 8 now...

That being said, I did wipe out a Reclusiarch and a 10 man squad of assault marines that had just deep strike'd next to my artillery with Mr. Marbo once. He's always been nice to me.

>> No.29386631

OP, any more pics? Maybe of the flap in the back like Warlord Traits and other USRs?

>> No.29386757

more pics, OP. Can you show the page of the hive crone and haruspex?

>> No.29386792

show us old one eye!

>> No.29386881


>Hive Commander special rule to make dis bitch outflank
>dis bitch comes in from the table edge
>spawns a fresh batch of itty bitty fuckers

what do you think?

>> No.29387087

Is /tg/ still writing fandex?

If so, can you give Nids some soret of suicide attack, like psychic power that makes other units explode for decent damage and penetration, or exploding biomorph on gaunts?

>> No.29387095

How about a Leman Russ?

>> No.29387309

I'll leave this here...


>> No.29387346


Acid Blood?

Tank shocking something with acid blood should be deadly.

I wouldn't be against an option for acid blood suicide bombers/Banelings/possibly modified rippers or spores?

>> No.29387478

I was kinda thinkig about this for gaunts:

>biofire gland (stupid name, I know)
>5 pts
>can only be used during assault phase if model is within synapse coverage
>remove model and plase small blast template over it
>all enemy models suffer under template suffer S (T of removed models + 2) Ap4 hit.

and this:

>toxinas transformation gland
>10 pts
>can only be used during assault phase if model is within synapse coverage
>remove model and plase small blast template over it
>all enemy models suffer under template suffer S 1 Ap- poison 2+ hit

>> No.29387482

Unit of twin burst cannon Crisis can deal out 24 Str 5 AP 5 hits and D3 flammer Overwatch hits, if charged, for 141. Pretty damned close.

>> No.29387847

I'm utterly fucking disgusted.

It's time to write an angry email, because this is bullshit. I guess they really hate selling models.

>> No.29387878

Thanks mate!

>> No.29387912

Im trying to cancel my codex preorder but cancellations have to be sent in writing and they're not replying to my emails.

>> No.29388036

But he keeps coming back to life... Ultrafaggot never dies. Swarmy dies every single time he shows up

>> No.29388058

Hey guys where can we go to make a fan dex?

think we can band together?

>> No.29388137

Too many cooks spoil the broth

If you want a homebrew, you'll need to have input from your playgroup. /tg/ will never agree on one

>> No.29388274

>He dies a lot!
>B-but he comes back!

Not Eternal Warrior material, they're supposed to not die.

>> No.29388438

Please share pdf/epub, not scans!

>> No.29388594


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