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Ruhar leads you through the camp. There are less looks and stares the further you get in, most of the dwarves sticking to their own business. There are tons of them here, and in such a small area. You wonder why you haven't heard much about them, yet? Most of the talk in the camp is about orcs and dark elves. Eventually you reach a hut belching out smoke. Ruhar knocks on the doorframe before shouting, "Tullia! Got someone I'd like ya to meet."

A stout lady wipes grimy soot off her face with the back of her arm as she turns to face you, lifting the goggles off her face. "Hmm?" She's wearing an apron and thick leather gloves. "What's that you've got there, eh?" she muses, in a thick accent as she approaches you. She looks your sword over. "This thing is made from pure shite, inn'it? What's so special about it?"

"Not the damn sword, Tull, the thing that's holding it."

She looks down at you, seemingly noticing you for the first time. "Oh. Oh! It's not a slave. Thought you had the poor thing lugging around some sorta magical whatsit." She crosses her arms. "So? It's got some sorta strength enhancement or something, yeah, what's the big deal?"

"That's the thing, Tull, she can hardly handle the sword." Ruhar pats your shoulder. "Give it a few swings, lass." You wind up and Ruhar places one hand on your arm. "Perhaps not in here, eh?"

Oh! Yeah you probably shouldn't wreck the lady's place up. Especially if she's supposed to teach you something. You step outside and look over your shoulder nervously to make sure she's watching. You rear back and give it your best swing, practically flying all over the yard.

"...What the hell are ya showin' me this for?

"The higher ups apparently wanted this wee thing to be a Raid Leader, and she's lookin' for someone to teach her how to handle this thing. As funny as it'd be, it'd be a shame if the rest of the war goes harder 'cause this lass got herself killed in the first skirmish."


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Tullia arches an eyebrow at Ruhar. Obviously there was more to it. And she glances back at the goblin girl swinging the giant weapon around. "And what exactly am I supposed to do about it? The thing ignores physics as far as I can tell. I got no foundations as to how to even adapt this into a proper fighting technique." She watches you flail around for a few more moments before sighing. "Look, if you can't control the damn sword, you can't really use it, yeah?" She's talking to you! You stop midswing, and basically go crashing into the ground. You stand up and dust yourself off.

"Sorry! I can't really help it, I don't have any other supplies..."

"Surely you can get a regular old goblin sized sword, and just forget that thing, right? Hell, I'll make you one. It'll be less trouble."

There was spare sword. It was left behind by one of your minions who got eaten by a spider. There wasn't any harm in using that. Still... you owed this sword a lot. You've gotten a lot more friends and lots of food, and all sorts of stuff because of it. It'd feel wrong to get rid of it. In fact, you kinda like it! You hug the sword.

"No! This is my sword! I'm not getting rid of it."

The duergar woman shakes her head and shrugs. "Alright, alright. I get it." She narrows her eyes. "So... this thing defies any physical laws when it comes to slingin' it about, right? Maybe we can work with that." She seems lost in thought. You hope she can think of something! She's not you so she's probably smarter than you, so maybe you shouldn't worry. You've never heard of that fizz ex thing before, so it probably isn't that important.

"Listen up, lass!" Tullia exclaims. "For this to work, you've gotta listen exactly to me, ya hear? Get this through yer wee goblin brain: You ain't got a chance if you don't do EXACTLY what I say, got it? Now, let's get started."

>You're training! Roll a d20. Best of three. 1 crit fails, 20 crit succeeds.

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Rolled 5


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Rolled 5

I'm not liking our chances.

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Rolled 15

You should throw a link to the thread up on your twitter.

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Good idea.


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Significantly less bad than expected.

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That's pretty decent.

We going with that dance-like footwork thing with all the spins and flips and jump we talked about before?

Not that Shax would know how to take advantage of centrifugal force but she'd probably be pretty enthusiastic about trying to dance.

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Ha ha time for OWQ!!

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You spend a long time getting yelled at by Tullia. A really long time. She yells a whole lot. You think maybe she likes yelling. Still! There is definite progress made. She seems to focus mainly on where you plant your feet, and tries to explain to you how to swing the sword in such a way that you know where you're going to get dragged to, and how to to take advantage of it.

You're not too sure what she means when she tells you all this, but after a few hours of practice, you see significant improvement. Ruhar sticks around and lets you beat up on him sometimes, as you put some of the principals to work.

It ends up being a highly mobile style... dragging you from place to place as you smash everything around you. As a goblin, smashing things is naturally quite fun, and you've never done it quite at this scale. It's a big thrill!

"A few problems with this, lass," Tullia begins explaining towards the end of the evening, "Obviously, you can't do this in close quarters. Keep to the open. Worst case scenario, in tight spaces you're just going to have to brute force the whole issue."

Tight spaces are comfortable, because you have less ways to get stabbed, but I guess you'll have to avoid them while using this sword.

"I'd suggest carrying a knife or something as back up in those cases." Tullia walks into her workshop and you can hear the distinct sounds of her scrummaging around, before coming back out. She presents to you a small blade with a fancy handle, "Here. You're my first student, I guess, so here's something nice."

Wow! You take it immediately. "Thanks, Tully!" You shout, and hug her waist. Being a leader is so great. You gently tuck the knife into your waistband.

It's time to get back to camp.


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When you get back Beyto greets you. "Hey, Shax. The boys are shaping up into a genuine crew." He points at the dummies. They seem well battered. "After today you'll only have five days left. Get some rest, alright?"

That's a good plan! You settle into your tent for a good sleep. You have a dream about dancing. Your partner is your sword. It is wearing a fancy bowtie. It's very shiny so it has to be very fancy. You wake up in a good mood, stretch, and yawn. Let's try to make today great, too!

Beyto is awake before you, as usual, sipping his disgusting stuff. You tried it once and it tasted real bad. Smells good, though. You think the liquid should be ashamed for lying about how it tastes with that good smell.

Tully told you to practice every morning, and she was nice and gave you a knife and everything so you figure you should listen to her. You spend a couple of hours practicing with your sword. Beyto whistles. "Wow, that looks almost refined. You must have gotten a good teacher, eh?"

"Tully is the best!" You shout. It's probably true. No, definitely true.

"Well, whoever Tully is, she wouldn't want you to neglect your duties. What now, boss?"

What's the plan for the day?

>Morrreeee training! Getting strong is fun!
>Recruits! Maybe more people will respect you know that you are cooler?
>Let's rest up! It's been a busy week, and it'd be nice to relax and get to know the boys.

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"watz that o'er there?, those mages magicing a moving sword or somthing?" "nah tha's jus the raid leader, pra'ticin with er sword, loo' you can 'ardy see her as she dan'es around it!" "i's like the sword's throwin 'er around, like she the weapon and the swords the figh'er"

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>Recruits! Maybe more people will respect you know that you are cooler?

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>Recruits! Maybe more people will respect you know that you are cooler?

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Can we split up time? Train in the morning, look for recruits in the afternoon?

We probably want to spend like the last three days just training, so more recruits are always good until them.

We can get to know the boys eating in the evening or something.

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>Morrreeee training! Getting strong is fun!
I'm not really sure we should be adding more people unless more get themselves killed. We're still a newbie and shouldn't overextend ourselves.

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>Recruits! Maybe more people will respect you know that you are cooler?

>> No.29368379

I'd rather recruit today, 3 days training, and use the last day to rest so everyone's in top shape for the raid.

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>Morrreeee training! Getting strong is fun!

Did we ever get a chance to ride our mount yet?

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I'll second this

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I think the deal is, people are definitely going to die when we go raiding and we won't be able to replenish in the field.

We've got two big dudes and a half dozen fish guys who can probably handle themselves and a bit more than that in goblins who probably can't.

I'd be happier with another half dozen or dozen or so.

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>Morrreeee training! Getting strong is fun!

>> No.29368421

>Recruits! Maybe more people will respect you now that you are cooler?

>> No.29368523

I think recruiting takes the vote.


As much as I'd like to split up time in a day, if I did that it'd be Oversized Weapon Quest part 34 before we could ever get through the next five days.

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Seems like a reasonable course of action

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Forgot to mention. Writing.

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I think your quest got misarchived

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That's actually more obnoxious than the other misarchivals.

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Truly, it is this that will drive me away from /tg/ forever! Good bye! Misarchiving my quest is the only thing that could banish me from /tg/, nay, 4chan altogether.

I just email the dude to fix it, right?

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Glad I caught this when it has only just started up again; what was the twitter again?

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You know, we really should just start misarchiving everything. That would be amusing.

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Just use foolz.

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Might take a while though

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Go for it but don't be surprised if he doesn't bother. Historically he hasn't.

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What an idiot. This is why the whole QTG thing is awful.

Everyone sensible does, but sup/tg/ is quest territory.

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I don't see it as being misarchived at all.


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Not really, he's been steadily escalating as people stopped caring and migrated to Foolz.

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You stretch a bit after morning practice and then look at Beyto. "So, how many people do raids usually have anyway?"

He stares at you for a second. "I thought this was a goblin specialty? Typically raiding parties have anywhere from ten to twenty five people. Any more than that, and you're too bulky to sneak around. Anything less, and you're just one hero away from being wiped out."

You're pretty sure sixteen is less than twenty five. Probably. "Umm, so to be maximum safe it is best to have the most people right?" It makes sense. If you have more minions to get hit by arrows for you, you are less likely to get hit by arrows.

"Not necessarily. With a larger party, you're going to draw more attention, and maybe get into fights more often. Still, there is a certain amount of safety in numbers."

Who cares if you fight more often, you're more likely to win with more people. That's simple logic! "Alrighty. I think I'm gonna go find some more minions, then." You don't know where to look, but Beyto had good advice last time, "Do you have any suggestions?"

The dark elf thinks for a moment. "Well, as much as I am loathe to accept a mind flayer's 'gift', the two deep trolls really helped out our need for muscle. The fishmen function well as ranged and support... You might just need more rank and file troops. But, if you want something more special this army has plenty of that as well."

He lists out several things.

>Go back to the duergar, and try to find some guys he called 'sappers'. Apparently they also have good priests like Whipawhatsit.
>Orcs are scary, but you can probably convince some to come help out with promises of loot. Beyto says they make nice 'shock troops'.
>If you just need cannon fodder, nothing better than kobolds. See if you can't figure out where all these guys are coming from, and if you can't get some.

>> No.29368850

>If you just need cannon fodder, nothing better than kobolds. See if you can't figure out where all these guys are coming from, and if you can't get some.

>> No.29368865

Orcs or Duergar. Duergar probably preferable.

>> No.29368866

>If you just need cannon fodder, nothing better than kobolds. See if you can't figure out where all these guys are coming from, and if you can't get some.
Sounds like we already have a decent number of people, though. Wish we had that info before making the choice.

>> No.29368870

Aw yiss, kobold time

>> No.29368884

Rolled 4


>Go back to the duergar, and try to find some guys he called 'sappers'. Apparently they also have good priests like Whipawhatsit.

Now 'this' sounds promising. We could use some magical assets; we don't want to be raped horribly on our first encounter with an entourage of magic users after all.

Captcha: because aflurva

Indeed Captcha, that is the reason

>> No.29368887

Can we ask Beyto what the fish guys are? I'm assuming Kuo-Toa.

>> No.29368897

>If you just need cannon fodder, nothing better than kobolds. See if you can't figure out where all these guys are coming from, and if you can't get some.

>> No.29368901

>If you just need cannon fodder, nothing better than kobolds. See if you can't figure out where all these guys are coming from, and if you can't get some.
Of course we need Kobolds!

>> No.29368908


Forgot to remove roller again...

>> No.29368911

Goblins are cannon fodder. We should get some guys who can actually fight. Another priest would be really helpful too.

>> No.29368934

>Duergar sappers
Raid parties don't need cannon fodder. They need specialists.

>> No.29368954

We already have the trolls and Kuo-toa for actual fighters. We should just get more cannon fodder since we're making are group too big at this point for specialists to really shine.

>> No.29368972



>> No.29368987

>If you just need cannon fodder, nothing better than kobolds. See if you can't figure out where all these guys are coming from, and if you can't get some.

It'd mean that there would be something in this party smaller than Shax.

>> No.29368989

Kobolds make good sappers too, and are good at trap making and ambushes and love interests and crowbowmen.

>> No.29369025


What? No way.

We're too large for specialists, so we throw in a group of idiot meat-shields? That makes no sense at all.

We have sixteen heads, throw in some specialists and we're well rounded.

Throw in crappy foot soldiers, and they'll be dead in no time, be a pain to organize and order, and fuck up constantly.

That's not going to help us raid.

>> No.29369052


Whoop whoop

>> No.29369057

'Dances with big blade shax' is gonna need a nice rounded party before she can earn her title!

>> No.29369062

Kobolds are notorious for their skill at trapsmithing

>> No.29369076


Wow, I'm impressed, that's a great feature. I'll be sure to use that in future quests.

>> No.29369080

B-but Anon, how can we samefag vote if QM uses this?

>> No.29369088

The votes looked pretty even but then I was having a hard time telling which ones were people who had already posted and are just discussing? So
May be the best compromise.

I'll close votes in five minutes and check the results to not waste too much time.

>> No.29369097

By reloading the page apparently.

>> No.29369116

It checks IPs, so I guess if you use a proxy, but hey, thats a lot of work for most lazy neckbeards.

>> No.29369137


Be that as it may, we're going to be doing rapid engage and retreat ambushes. We'll have the luxury of picking and choosing whom we attack and where, but not how our targets will move and react.

We're going to be out in the plains, and we may not have the luxury of setting up traps beforehand. Besides, lay down the two trolls with a thick rope slightly buried. Wait for group to get near, pull rope, trip up horses. Attack.

Simple and effective.

>> No.29369141

I really don't want Duegar, mostly because our assistant told us that they don't like our bestest friend.

>> No.29369142

But i don't have a proxy I just closed the tab and opened it again and it let me vote again.

>> No.29369154

A team of specialists works better when it's small and can slip by unnoticed. Having a bunch of people around means they get in each other's way and draw a lot of attention. It's counter-intuitive to special missions, which is what specialists are for.

A big group of people is a big target and they get caught up in big skirmishes. It's cannon fodder tier. If you wanted to specialize you should keep to a smaller group.

>> No.29369159


That, and you'd be pretty pathetic to proxy a damn quest vote.

>> No.29369167

Huh, It gives me a message that I've already voted if I do that. Weird. You are hax

>> No.29369191

Does this mean I won the internet? Can we finally go home now?

>> No.29369195

Also, Kobolds can sneak too. They'd be great for flanking

>> No.29369221

We can be a diplomat.

>> No.29369238


Perhaps we're looking at the problem in different manners.

I envisioned us splitting up and making best use of our individual talents. We could have the trolls with the big goblins as shock force, the smaller goblins on mounts doing hit and run, stabbing where weakness presents itself, have our fish guys at range, and our mages on the side messing everyone up.

Not to mention, duergar mages may very well have access to fire or shaping magic. This could prove extremely useful in temporary shelters, and for ambushes, in addition to retreats.

>> No.29369240

Straw poll says duergar.

I hate to do a vote this way as I feel it cuts out on discussion and I apologize for having few options on such short notice. I'll try to come up with a better tie breaker in the future.

Anyway, writing.

>> No.29369255

Whelp, looks like dark short people win. I hope our bestest friend doesn't explode on us for having them on the team... Or the short people explode on us for working with one.

>> No.29369257

What are you guys most looking forward to on the surface? I'm most looking forward to eating a horse.

>> No.29369275

Orcs please.

>> No.29369276


Plenty of discussion went on the whole time though; the poll merely helped to clarify the tally.

>> No.29369277

Maybe have a discussion for five minutes, then a vote after that, so we get discussion AND a nice pie chart.

>> No.29369292

You're basically trying to turn a small army into a bunch of small independent teams. That's even more of an organization nightmare than having to deal with a big group of cannon fodder.

>> No.29369310

Yea, but I guess people couldn't change their votes afterwards. But we can do >>29369277
possibly next time.

>> No.29369316


Less than twenty-five heads now counts as a small army? In what world is that?

>> No.29369355

It was poor word choice.

Essentially, you're overcomplicating the process.

>> No.29369381


I disagree.

We split up naturally, as we're already doing mind you, and then engage the enemy making use of our strongest inherent talents.

That's it in a nutshell.

>> No.29369423

I think you guys need a Raid Leader to sort you out.

>> No.29369463

Who you gonna call?

>> No.29369643

Specialists are, well, special. They're for specific jobs, not big skirmishes. You need people you can afford to lose so you aren't relying on tactics that are solely around special talents. If you are then everything goes to shit if a specialist dies. If you have a big group, you need cannon fodder. Otherwise you may as well be playing Fire Emblem instead of Advance Wars. Where you have a small number of important people and you keep resetting the game to make sure no one dies when you fuck up,.

>> No.29369827


I'm inherely opposed to cannon fodder in raid tactics for exactly one reason. Diminshing returns.

These guys are crap, and we expect them to die. Therein lays the problem. How are we going to replace them when they're gone?

When they're dead, we're out our meat-shields, and worse off than before.

>> No.29369939

And I'm inherently opposed to all specialists all the time because the bigger your group and the bigger the fight the more likely people are going to die and the more you need strategies and jobs that any random grunt can do. Replacing fodder is fucking easy, replacing a specialist isn't.

You need people you can just get to do the grunt work and won't ruin everything if you lose. Let's say your mages for shelter building die, who's going to build the shelter now? Not the other teams, they're all specialists who need to be doing their own special jobs. You need grunts. If you didn't want any you should have stuck to a smaller team where this would all have been less of a problem.

>> No.29369953

Add to this the fact that we've picked a raid area that gets more difficult over time. So we're going to end up in the harder fights with no cannon fodder, less specialists that we could've had, and no way to reinforce.

>> No.29370006

This update is taking a while, so I apologize for the wait.

>> No.29370011


Alright fine. Where are you going to get more fodder from? Just going to walk back to camp and pick up some kobolds?

>> No.29370115

You first, where are we going to get more specialists from? The fact that you're expecting fodder to die but not a single specialist is dumb.

This is my problem with your approach, it's reliant on expecting everyone to live. Even worse, you're expecting people with specific specialized jobs that other people couldn't do easily to live. You need general skilled people and general jobs so death isn't nearly as big of a setback.

You can always just grab some of the villagers we've raided and make them take over for the fodder. Don't expect one of those villagers to be able to take over for a specialist, though.

>> No.29370156

The army isn't going to just leave you high and dry. How far away from supply lines you'll be going and how long it will take you to get back to get some reinforcement is going to be pretty huge, though.

>> No.29370223

Right back at you. Why do we need to take general dogsbodies with us, when we can just grab some villagers to do it for us?
How exactly are we going to gain more specialists along the way?

And no-one is assuming that NO specialists will die. That IS just dumb. But less specialists will die that cannon fodder. Kind of the idea behind the name. Therefore, we need to take MORE specialists so that we still have some specialists after the first few start dying.

Otherwise, we have one or two specialists die, then an entire raid team with no specialists at all.

>> No.29370229

Why not use kobolds for hit and run, while using trolls as distractions to draw guards out.

>> No.29370248

You can use "final vote" system. Shadow Quest is famous for it but a lot of quests use it when there is doubt about the outcome of a vote and a lot of discussion.

>> No.29370256

I think we should have voted for motherfucking orks. We need some gits good at rushing the enemy

>> No.29370261

Wait! Idea, what if we grabbed an animal tamer or druid from the Beast pens?
We can take in local fauna under our banner, be it wolves, large cats, coyotes, ect.

>> No.29370275

Those grey guys were nice to you last time. They started off a little scary, but maybe they don't know how to react to strangers? And you guess you can be a little annoying. You know you're annoyed by how you act a lot, too. You wouldn't mind getting to know them better.

"Hey, Beyto, what do sappers do, anyway?"

"You're thinking about the duergar? Well. Sappers are explosive experts with a remarkable specialization in helping breach more defensive-" You like explosions. You're not sure why he's still talking. He notices you not listening. "...They can get you to places that are hard to get to."

"Oh! That sounds useful. I think I'll go get some of those."

Beyto nods and goes back to sipping his coffee before something snaps to his attention. "Wait! It's probably best to either be upfront about your 'friend' Squid Face and his thralls or to just not mention it altogether. These guys really don't like him or other people like him. Keep that in mind."

But Squiddy is so nice? You don't understand what the big deal is. You'll keep that in mind, though. "Thanks for the advice, again, Beyto!" He's a nice guy. You oughta do something for him, eventually. "Keep the boys busy, alright?"

Beyto nods. "I'll put them through some riding drills."

You head back out to the main camp. Things are getting busier. More people show up every day from all over the place, and there is a general feeling of confidence brimming throught the entire army.

It takes a bit to get to the duergar section, but the familiar smoke filled air and small clusters of dark shapes reminds you of yesterday. "eh isn't that the goblin lass" "she kicked ruhar's ass good, mate" "I made a bit o' money on her" "did ya? then why haven't you bought me those drinks ya owe me yet?"


>> No.29370297


Specialists that we would not have had either way, should we take the kobold route however.

Two separate approaches to handling the same task; very similar, but with fine differences.

Neither are more correct than the other, I'd argue, merely our approaches differ.

What I'm saying is; let's just call it to a matter of opinion and leave it at that.

Both approaches have their respective strengths and weaknesses after all, as we've pointed out.

So, let's just get back to the story.

>> No.29370304

Sounds like they remember you! Hopefully they were impressed. "What are you doing here again?" That gruff voice was familiar.

"Ruhar!" You say excitedly, running up to him. He seems less than happy to see you.

"Look, I've been made fun of enough for three lifetimes this morning alone because of you. Don't cause me any more grief, lass." You've upset him? But he was the one picking on you. You feel kinda bad, now...

"Aw, shit. I'm the one who wants to cry, girl, don't you start crying on me."

"I wasn't gonna cry!" You weren't! It was just sad. You did something to hurt a friend.

"Seriously. It isn't a big deal. What are you doing here, anyway?"

Oh, right. "Beyto, the smart guy I told you about? Said you guys were big saps! He said that means you are good at sneaking and avoiding tough work. And something about being offensive? He said it would be useful for a raiding group."

Ruhar puts his hand on his forehead. "I have a feeling if this Beyto fellow heard you say that he'd have a heart attack. Still, yes, several of the lads here are more than a little obsessed with gunpowder." Ruhar wags a finger at you, "But, you gotta understand... Being around that stuff? It makes you a little crazy. Holding the power to level a building in your hands, and not being one hundred sure it isn't gonna just reduce you to dust at any moment can change the way a man looks at the world."

You don't know what any of that means. The way you see it, you'd have to be crazy to join up on a raid anyway. So maybe they're a perfect fit?

Ruhar looks at you for a few more moments. "I can see you aren't gonna be deterred. Fine, I know a guy who knows a guy... Just follow me."


>> No.29370327

So reliable! You follow him. It is a winding path through the camp, Ruhar introducing you to some dwarf and them talking for a moment before walking off to another dwarf. This continues for some time until you get to one building.

Two dwarves are messing with a metal tube. "No, idiot, you'll blow yer damn hands off." "Fuck off, I got this." "Did you get the fuse right?" "Course I did, I'm not you. I still got my eyebrows." "Fuck you, you know mum said I had the best facial hair and you never stopped bein' jealous of it." "You'll never get a pretty young lass if you keep talking about mum all the time, idiot."

Ruhar clears his throat. The two dwarves turn around suddenly and drop the metal cylinder in their hands. Ruhar immediately dives to the ground and the two dwarves do, too. It bounces once or twice and rolls off a ledge in the cave until it is out of your vision. "Umm, are we playing a game?" You wonder aloud.

One of the two strange dwarves looks up. "Fuck, it went bad?" There was a chorus of muttering. Ruhar looks mad. "And I'm pretty FUCKIN' glad it did, you two. SHIT. What the hell is wrong with you?" There is a lot of yelling all around.

They left some bread on a table... No harm in eating it, right?

You start chowing down while the three duergar yell at each other for a while. It's a little dry, but not bad. "Boys will be boys, eh?" A dwarven lady says. You nod. Seems like a pointless statement. Maybe she likes that sort of thing?

"Rocks are rocks." You say, with a false sense of sagacity, hoping she won't be mad at you for eating the bread. You keep chewing on it, though.

The lady laughs. "That's certainly true. So. I've heard around here that a small goblin girl with a big sword was looking for someone to join her on a raid? I highly doubt there are two of you around. So where are you heading on that raid?"


>> No.29370337

You have failed to grasp the point. People die. Cannon fodder is there to keep important people from dying. Specialists are important. If all you have is specialists, someone important is always going to die.

You don't fill a party with people you can't afford to lose.

>> No.29370356

"The plains of Manderlin! The nice scary lady said it would be easy." Is that supposed to be classified? Probably not. She told a whole lot of goblins. You wouldn't be surprised if the entire camp knew.

"I see. I actually have a few things I wouldn't mind doing on the surface, and the plains of Manderlin are near where I had in mind. Mind if I tag along? I'm pretty handy in a fight."

You nod, she's nice! She even laughed at your joke. "Sure! But are you a sapper? I was lookin' for those."

"No," She says, shaking her head, "But, my brothers are." She gets up and goes. "HEY! You THREE. STOP SQUABBLIN' AND GET OVER HERE." The three dwarves sheepishly head over to the table. "Dorle. Mani. You are comin' along with me and this goblin lass, you hear? I got some business topside." They protest for a moment and she punches one of them in the face. "Shut up and do what your big sis says."

What did Beyto say? Oh right, something about Squid Face.

>Be upfront about it! Let 'em know what a nice guy he is.
>Avoid it altogether. Maybe they won't find out? You leave on the mission soon.
>Wait till you're back at camp. That way you can avoid a big public argument.

>> No.29370366

I think what he's saying is that you have the cannon fodder do their meat shield thing and die in place of any specialists. While having too many specialists means you're going to get one killed.

>> No.29370367

>Wait till you're back at camp. That way you can avoid a big public argument.

>> No.29370392

>Force Beyto to tell them

>> No.29370414


>Wait till you're back at camp. That way you can avoid a big public argument.

It'll be more difficult for them to leave, should they decide to come with you, than to simply stay where they are now.

>> No.29370417

>>Be upfront about it! Let 'em know what a nice guy he is.

>> No.29370430

>Be upfront about it! Let 'em know what a nice guy he is.

>> No.29370456

Wait up a moment, there is just one teensy little problem which might make you mad:
one of the squid faces has been helping me a leetle beet and while doesn't show up lots you will see him, like now and then sooooo do you still wanna join?

>> No.29370473

pls no

>> No.29370489

>Be upfront about it! Let 'em know what a nice guy he is.
Better to just lay it. And if we are gonna have a fight its better here than where our minions can see us. Also they will feel cheated if we wait till we walk all the way there.
Hoping they accept.

>> No.29370492

Tell them squiddy gave you some trolls, but ISNT actually going to be around for the raid.

>> No.29370598

Alright. Being upfront looks like it wins. Writing.

>> No.29370683

Rolled 3


>> No.29370708

Rolled 5

That doesn't seem right. CHA is like the only thing Shax actually has going for her.

>> No.29370744

Rolled 3

:/ Stawp, just stawp with all the downloadan

>> No.29370760

pls stop

>> No.29370804


The dice gods are unkind. Time for Deicide

>> No.29371032

You are happy you made some minions so easily! But wasn't there something you had to decide on? Oh right. The whole thing where they don't like Squid Face for some reason. Well, you don't see what the huge deal is so might as well tell them right now.

You take a big bite of bread while the dwarves all squabble amongst each other. "Hey. I should probably mention something." They didn't hear you. "Hey! Listen!" That got their attention. You swallow some food. "Uhm, I have a friend with a squid face and my aide says he is someone you don't like? He gave me trolls." You take another bite while they stare at you.

"But its okay, you don't have to be his friend!" You say with a mouthful of bread.

"What. The fuck?" One of the brothers says. "You can't be meanin' to have us working with a god damned mind flayer, sis!"

They explode into a new argument for a moment, before she calms them down. "Let's just see what she has to say. What's this squid face done for you, lass?"

"I just told you, he gave me some trolls." Oh! And you wave your arm at them. "And this bangle thingy. That's it. He just comes by and sees how I'm doing every now and then."

"...That's it?" Ruhar says, clearly dumbfounded. The Dwarven lady checks out your bangle. "Seems magical, but a very simple enchantment. Doesn't look like its affecting her outside of one thing." She strokes her chin. "Doesn't look like she's under any sort of suggestion. What the hell is it's scheme...?"

They seemed really concerned. You REALLY don't get why everyone doesn't like Squid Face, but you just sit there chewing on the food in front of you while they discuss things. It takes them a while, but they seem to come to a decision.

"Look... I don't like it, but we'll still tag along. We ain't doing anything this Squid Face says, and we aren't gonna accept any of his 'gifts', alright? You seem harmless enough, though."


>> No.29371069

Well, that was easy. Another great show of leadering. "Alright! Thanks for coming along. C'mon, I'll show you camp."

Ruhar crosses his arms. "I hope you know what you're getting into, lass. See ya."

"Bye bye, Ruhar!"

On the way back to camp the dwarven lady introduces herself as Milda. Along with her two brothers Drole and Mani, they are a small dwarven clan offshoot. She's been looking after her brothers for years while they get into fights and arguments as a result of their explosives handling. "They're a handful, but since mum is gone they got no one else with their head on straight to keep an eye on them." Oh dang, their mom is dead? Maybe you should tell the fish guys to cut down on all the mother talk around them?

You get back to camp, and introduce the dwarves to the boys. They noticeably shy away from the trolls who you say are gifts from Squid Face, and are generally very uncomfortable around them. Beyto says he's impressed you told them the truth. You watch the boys in their riding drills, and get some practice on mounts as well. The dwarves say they'd really prefer not to ride spiders, even though you got some spare ones. Well, you can figure that out later, you guess.

You settle in for the night. It was a more relaxed day than yesterday, and your body is grateful for the rest. You sleep soundly, and have no dreams at all.

It's the dawn of a new day! Gotta find the dwarves some mounts, but other than that... What's the plan today boss?

>Train train train. Gotta get strong!
>Get the dwarves acquainted with your other troops, in the saddle and on foot.
>Relax a bit. Take it easy!

>> No.29371110

>Train train train. Gotta get strong!

>> No.29371158

>>Train train train. Gotta get strong!

>> No.29371171

>Train train train. Gotta get strong!

>> No.29371227

I want to get the dwarves acquanted but I also want to stick to that 3 days train, one day relax before raid plan. I guess we can get them acquainted on the relaxation day and keep training for now.

>> No.29371229

>Train train train. Gotta get swole!
Also, poke about in the sapper's business. See how they make bombs and all that

>> No.29371239

Lets train our MIND! With Squidface, being smart is good!

>> No.29371255

> Strong strong strong! Gotta get train!

>> No.29371293

>Train train train. Gotta get strong!
If they will not ride spiders what are they gonna ride that could fit in with the spiders and lizards?

>> No.29371307

Training it is. Writing.

>> No.29371359

You want to make a Mind FLAYER train this little goblins girls mind? She doesn't even know what the Illithid does

>> No.29371401

>Train train train. Gotta get strong!

The strongest

>> No.29371403

He would probably hard reset her mind and re-write some parts.

>> No.29371498



>> No.29371530

>The dwarves say they'd really prefer not to ride spiders, even though you got some spare ones.

we should take some time out of our training, preferably during resting and go to the pens to exchange spiders for something that dwarves would like

>> No.29371550

You wake up and yawn. Oh right, the dwarves need some mounts, and they don't like spiders. You think about returning your spare spiders? Well... you might keep one or two. Don't want the animal handlers to think you're greedy.

You spend the morning training, and tell Beyto to get to work on the boys with drills.

After your work out session, you take Milda with you to return some of the spiders. "What sorta things do you wanna ride? I don't mind you getting whatever you'd like, but I got one rule." You look at her very seriously. "It has to be cool."

"I wouldn't worry too much about that, lass." Milda says, chuckling.

She looks over several animals and talks to the handler about what would not freak out around a bunch of basilisks and spiders. The handler is a bit dumfounded about the general concept of using both as mixed cavalry. Maybe it's a little out of his element. "I just feed the damn things, man." He says as you ask him about it again.

Eventually, you just get more basilisks. "I don't like the way it's scales feel... but I guess luxury was never the point, eh?" It's good to see that Milda is easy to get along with!

You get back to camp. Time to train super hard!

>roll d20s. Same rules as always.

>> No.29371574

Rolled 14


>> No.29371601

Rolled 3



>> No.29371604

Rolled 9

It's time

>> No.29371615

Rolled 18


>> No.29371627

Rolled 4


>> No.29371630

Alrighty. Writing mode: engage.

>> No.29371648

Well, at least it's above-average.

>> No.29371702

at least it is not a nat1

>> No.29371791

The boys have all gotten used to slings, and Beyto focuses on maneuvers and other skills. Ganging up on people is something you're naturally good at, but he shows you how to do it in a smart way.

Maybe it's cause everyone is getting a little bored, or are too used to it, but it seems everything is going sorta slow. People aren't picking up on things as fast as normal, and seem less interested in it as general. The concepts of trap making and scavenging seem less directly relevant to their continued survival as actual combatskills. Still, it takes all day, but everyone ends up smarter than they woke up.

The dwarves mostly squabble a bit together, figuring out more practical uses for their talents in a raid setting.

The trolls stand around in a daze, as usual. You make sure they're fed.

The kuo-toa spend some time practicing warchants and prayers that they'll sing out in the battlefield. Hopefully not while you need to be sneaky?

All said, its a somewhat slow, if productive, day. The sort of day you enjoy. You kinda wish thse sorts of days could go on forever.

You settle in for a good sleep. Your dreams are of running around in the grasses and eating everything that moves. The surface is filled with all kinds of edible animals, you hear, unlike these caves where everything is poisonous or bigger than you. You can't wait to see it, but you do feel like you'll miss home.

You wake up and stretch. Time for a new day!

>Fast forward: Train till the last day and rest.
>Take it megas easy. Rest the last three days.

>> No.29371793

Rolled 5



>> No.29371817

>Fast the fowards

>> No.29371821

>Fast forward: Train till the last day and rest.

>> No.29371859

>Fast forward.

>> No.29371875

Rolled 20


>> No.29371877

>Fast forward: Train till the last day and rest.

>> No.29371878

Rolled 10


>Fast forward: Train till the last day and rest.

Seems sensible enough.

>> No.29371890

Rolled 14

Lets roll for each day of training.

>> No.29371891


I know what we are doing wrong.
We're not using a proper theme song.


>> No.29371895


>> No.29371944



>> No.29371947

Didn't mean to roll, what a waste


>> No.29372026

Looks like train train rest by two votes? Unless a nat 20 counts as three votes, then we're fast forwarding.

Make five d20 rolls. Best three results count towards the days. Crits count.

>> No.29372036

>Fast forward: Train till the last day and rest.

Hold a 'Getting Motivated' seminar

Not really

>> No.29372045

Rolled 3


>> No.29372061

Train train train

>> No.29372065

Rolled 3


>> No.29372070

Rolled 16

Train hard. Then train harder.

>> No.29372089

Rolled 2


>> No.29372102

Rolled 15

Gotta salvage this somehow

>> No.29372118

20s always count as three votes

>> No.29372128


Not bad

>> No.29372137


>> No.29372152


we train good

At least none of them were nat 1's?


>> No.29372160

Rolled 9


>> No.29372163

I guess that's fine.

>> No.29372174

Wait, worst three are chosen? Not...


>> No.29372193

Rolled 3

10/10 Good job, QM

>> No.29372196


Nah, its still best three. I just found the rate of 3's and 2's hilarious.

>> No.29372271

Too bad we can't bank that 20


>> No.29372392

Sometimes a leader has to have foresight! You don't think about the future much so this whole making plans thing is a little new to you. Still, a leader has to plan! You boldly announce your new schedule.

"Listen up, yous! We're gonna spend the next two days practicing our raiding. I don't want anyone bein' lazy like yesterday, ya get it?" You kick one of the lazier goblins in the shins. "But the good news is, if you do real well we'll spend the last day layin' about bein' bums. Alright?!"

The general response seemed to be. "'Kay." Not exactly your best speech.

Still, laying around seemed to be a good enough motivation. The boys worked hard, and everyone got pretty decent on their mounts, good at riding by attacks, and tossing stuff from atop their spiders. By the end of the second day you looked like a legitimate raiding party. Beyto was actually not scowling all the time, for once.

The duergar mostly hung out with the Kuo-Toa. For some reason Milda liked hanging around with them, something about them being "the only decent folk 'round here, Leader exceptin'", and the goblins generally raised hell. The last day came and you decided to hold a big get to know each other party for the whole group before you head out. You got a lot of food arranged and sat down with them all.

Turns out throwing everyone together in a party was not the best idea. Everyone was horribly awkward. Some goblins hit on Milda and were quickly turned down, the trolls creeped everyone out, the fish guys refused to have fun when activities came along, and Beyto was a colossal stick in the mud. Still, it wasn't enough to ruin everyone's mood. Just their day. You had a blast, though.

>> No.29372453

That's it for tonight! Next thread we'll start on our MISSION. I don't know if I'll be getting to it tomorrow or not. I'll keep you posted on the twitter. I'll update the roster by the next thread.

Thanks again for playing! Hope it was fun and interesting, and I hope you show up again for the next thread. Once again, you guys are a great audience, I hope I don't do anything to mess that up, and it was a pleasure running for you.

>> No.29372482

Just don't pull a PGQ and we'll always love you

>> No.29372561

Thanks for the run chief. Have a good night.

>> No.29372613

Thanks for running

I'm glad to have a quest where the stakes aren't in the stratosphere

>> No.29372616

So what's our plan if we run into adventurers out on the plains?

If they're the chaotic evil/neutral murderhoboing type we're kind of fucked but if they're any other kind I'm pretty sure we can use our adorableness and plot important NPC levels of uniqueness to get them to not kill us.

Of course, if we do -too- well they might just end up shanghaiing us into their party to be their daughteru like PCs are prone to do.

>> No.29372667

>So what's our plan if we run into adventurers out on the plains?
depends entirely on the adventurer(s). There is no point in discussing it now.

>> No.29372863

>Of course, if we do -too- well they might just end up shanghaiing us into their party to be their daughteru like PCs are prone to do.

Good end

>> No.29372992

>impying it would end there

It would just keep escalating from there as more and more people fall for Shax's innocent charm and constantly mistake her for someone more competent because of the giant sword and the company she keeps.

>> No.29373450

And then she gets mistaken for the messiah and the quest turns into Life of Brian except with a goblin

>> No.29373519

But anon, the Kuo-Toa already think she's some sort of Messiah.

>> No.29374463

Can we get someone, other than myself, whom actually knows how to archive, to create an archive of today's thread?

>> No.29374562

It was misarchived. Nothing to do but try and get LL to change it.

>> No.29376337

>Oh, right. "Beyto, the smart guy I told you about? Said you guys were big saps! He said that means you are good at sneaking and avoiding tough work. And something about being offensive? He said it would be useful for a raiding group."
The best.

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