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So I just finished reading Pariah, the first book in the Bequin trilogy (although we’re all here for Ravenor vs Eisenhorn).

Here be spoilers.
The plot is basically the tale of “Alizbeth Bequin”, someone who is between a clone/daughter of the original Alizbeth Bequin, and who has been trained in a Cognitae facility (masquerading as an Inquisitorial one) since she was a child. Two infiltrators are watching over here, each unaware of each other’s presence, Medea Betacore and Patience Kys.

The plot evolves into a multifaction fight over Bequin, one faction comprised of corrupt Ecclesiarchs and Word Bearers who want to use the blank Bequin as a sort of sterile way of using Enuncia, another faction of Children of the Emperor want Bequin for their own purposes (with the Glaw family making an appearance), there’s also the King in Yellow who wants to create daemon/pariah hybrids (how isn’t explained but there is an example of a successful hybrid), and lastly the two Inquisitorial warbands hunting the King in Yellow (and each other), Ravenor’s team with Kara Swole and Patience Kys reappearing, and Eisenhorn’s team with Harlon Nayl, Medea Betacore, Cherubael, and Alpharius (no seriously).

I had some criticisms of the plot, the first two thirds were interesting but bereft of Eisenhorn and Ravenor, and I really hate the forced connection between the 21st century and M41 (for example Bequin can read French, and finds a model of a rocket ship with the letters C.C.C.P in a rare antiques store) that has become increasingly prevalent in Black Library books but goddamn it felt good when Eisenhorn reappeared to fuck up a Word Bearer.

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You could consider it a return to the Rogue Trader days.

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I've read it a couple of times, it's weird as shit. Sometimes Dan likes to go a bit off the deep end with regards to how 40k he makes his books, and Pariah's pretty batty. It's hard to tell though, since nothing and no one is resolved in any meaningful fashion. Just going to have to wait for the sequel coming out in buttfuck never

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Oh I almost forgot, the King In Yellow's ultimate plan is to uncover the Emperor's true name in Enuncia.
It really was hard to follow in the beginning, but I thought Abnett did a good job of showing the world through Bequin's eyes, I.e. ignorant.

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Oh yeah, it was totally deliberate. Lizzie doesn't know shit about shit, and it shows. I'm still hype for the sequel, want to hear more of that Curst guy whose name escapes me

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I loved the description of Renner, where Bequin is explaining how most curst will tattoo the deeds they've accomplished on their skin, with a few having as many as four or five. Then Renner takes off his shirt and he's covered neck to waist in tattoos.

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I was confused as fuck as to how Bequin was... well, Bequin until it got explained. I can't even remember the explanation now aside from something something cloning, but I remember it sounded as though it was going to come back as a major plot point later.

Abnett's definitely still got it though.

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I really liked the Warner Brothers cartoon routine in the end.
The whole I'm chasing you! - No, I'm chasing you! and dicking each other over was pretty cool.
As well as the part where Eisenhorn gets fucking steamrolled like a coyote.
Not quite the brooding and suffering we got in the other books.

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So the original is still in a coma? Eisenhorn and Ravenor are hunting each other, still? Abnett's writting seems to have gotten really weird.

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She's dead, Jim. Ravenor and Eisenhorn are both on the same case, but also after each other. Eisenhorn might have gone full chaos, given that he's got an Alpha legionnaire on the payroll.

Also, fucking Emperor's Children. I thought that was a great villain.

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Not even the Alpha Legion is full Chaos.
Eisenhorn is a twisted heretic, but still not a traitor, at least not consciously or in his goals.

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>given that he's got an Alpha legionnaire on the payroll
You have read Legion, right?

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>I really hate the forced connection between the 21st century and M41

That's been in there for ages. There's references to old human cultures and shit like Merican fusiliers named after an ancient human empire, stub weapons are compared to 20th century firearms, pic related, etc.

Why is French even a problem? Last time I checked, the universe is filled with non-English names and places. Why is it ok to have German places, but French is a no-no? And rocket ship could have been a later reproduction, not an actual period piece. Soviet Union was very much a pioneer in space flight, so if later someone made memorabilia commemorating human space exploration, surely Soviet rockets would be among them.

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Interesting picture, about how far up do you think the floor is from original sea level on earth? Cause damn that crust must be a fuckhuge labyrinth of shit.

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I feel that the difference is one of subtlety. Things like the Merican Fusiliers were very nudge-wink references and were spread out over various works of fictions, rulebooks, codices etc.

But now in this one book we have blatant references to the French, the Greeks, Abrahamic mythology, and the Soviet space program. It's a bit too much especially considering that knowledge of the past is supposed to be scant, especially knowledge of the times before old night.

Bequin grows up on a world, in a solar system, in a sub sector, in a sector, 38,000 years removed from the 21st century. Given the thousands of languages that our own planet has spawned in its short spawn of history it stretches my belief that someone so far out in space and time would be speaking French. Not space-french, not neo-huegot, but "Old Franc" of 21st century Terra.

Amy one of those references by itself would have made me excited to see it, but put all together it reminds me distastefully of the recent trend in the Black Library to have characters with explicit connections to the past, a Marine from Iwo-Jima, or a soldier from Verdun.

What's next, another mary-sue Perpetual assassin? Maybe this one will have a flashback to one of his past lives where he was part of the SEALs hunting Bin Laden?

See that's the thing. Those references you brought up are half there, not overtly graphic, and outnumbered by references to in-universe historical events and ideas.

It ruins for me the atmosphere of mystery that permeates 40k where no one really knows everything, and the past has been forgotten.

Don't even get me started on the "they're going to kill the Emperor plotline" either, it was for a good reason that they stopped allowing storylines like that after the Draco books.

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High Gothic is apparently a direct descendant of our english, it would not be a leap in logic to say the english/latin/greek descended alphabet survived as well.

I don't remember the French part though, a language surviving in its current firm is a bit much

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>Don't even get me started on the "they're going to kill the Emperor plotline" either, it was for a good reason that they stopped allowing storylines like that after the Draco books.
See, I was with you up until that. I thought that was a really clever, logical extrapolation of the nature of Enuncia. Creating the entire lexicon is obviously a fool's errand, re: Zygmunt Molotch, but it seems totally logical that there must be a sequence of phonemes that would be the Emperor's name.

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> What's next, another mary-sue Perpetual assassin
Nope, Thawn is the last perpetual

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I might be wrong, but didn't the lexicon...You know, didn't it *work*? Zygmunt actually did manage to use it successfully, and could even form new un-words.

Until he stopped using it in the third book, for some reason. You'd think it would have come in useful.

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I almost agree with you, killing the Emperor is the sort of plotline that I could see someone with Abnett's experience and skill attempting. But what made me say nope was Enuncia, which is Abnett's own fluff-wankery.

There are two forces. Reality (plasma bolts, kinetic force, a knife) and the Immaterium (sorcery, psychic power, daemons) the latter of which is corrupting. Now Abnett is adding something as fundamental as Enuncia which is somehow different from the true naming system that already exists for daemons.

He's created an entirely new force for his own universe, some sort of not -magic and he's going to kill the Emperor with it.

It doesn't sit right with me, I think its weak that he created a brand new fundamental force in the universe and he's using that to attempt to kill the Emperor.

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>blatant references to the French
>Not space-french, not neo-huegot, but "Old Franc" of 21st century Terra.

Does it actually say all that? Like right down to "this is what they spoke in the early 21st century France on Terra"?

>the Greeks, Abrahamic mythology

Such as?

>the Soviet space program.

You mean find a model rocket with CCCP on it?

>another mary-sue Perpetual

How is this new or bad? There has been the Sensei and shit, who have lived for eons and remember stuff. Do you shit yourself for the fact that there's people like Bjorn, who was alive during the Great Crusade? He probably knows things quite differently from the official Imperial history. Can't have that, that'll ruin everything related to 40k. How does one or two dudes remembering things differently have any meaning to the general setting. It's like finding an actually skilled techpriest bad because Admech isn't suppose to into tech.

>they're going to kill the Emperor plotline

You mean like every other such plot so far?

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What about the C'tan and their ability to alter reality at a whim without the warp nor machines?

Do we even know more about this language? It could still be warp based, just differently from regular sorcery. Like how knowing the true name of a daemon gives you power over it.

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Bequin lives in a house called the Maze Undue which she realizes after studying the "Ancient Terran" language of Old Franc, is a corruption of the phrase maison dieu.

>"I was studying texts of old Terra, Ancient Terra in fact...dated back to the time of the Great Crusade, the Unification, even to Old Night and the Age of Technology...Maze Undue could easily be a corruption of the Old Franc phrase maison dieu, or 'house of god'.

There are references to the ancient Terran myth of Atlas, as well as to the Holy Grail and it's significance to the deity to the heart of the Catheric (Catholic) faith of Old Terra.

The CCCP rocket was a clever reference, and if it had been the only one I would have accepted it. Even so, the idea that this antiques dealer has a model rocket that 38,000 years old and preserved is a bit much.

There have been the Sensei in 2nd Ed, who were either retconned or diminished in importance. I am fully aware of Bjorn and would like to point out the difference between a Dreadnought who spends centuries in stasis and a man with clear memories of the 19th century.

Besides, it's not about the fact that Perpeptuals or the Sensei exist in the setting, it's the fact that they've come to prominence apropos of nothing in recent canon. The Sensei were never given this graphic level of attention and I don't like it. Your opinion is as valid as mine but don't pretend like the treatment of the Perpeptuals is anything like what the Sensei received in eras past.

>You mean like every other such plot so far?

Oh come on, Draco novels, that HH Assassins novel, and Pariah are the only novels that I can think of featuring a clear cut and direct plan to assassinate the Emperor that doesn't involve wars of conquest and besieging Terra.

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It seems to be different from the True Naming of Daemons. I hadn't considered that Enuncia might be Necron/C'tan in origin which would be interesting if it turns out to be true in Penitent.

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>Besides, it's not about the fact that Perpeptuals or the Sensei exist in the setting, it's the fact that they've come to prominence apropos of nothing in recent canon. The Sensei were never given this graphic level of attention and I don't like it. Your opinion is as valid as mine but don't pretend like the treatment of the Perpetuals is anything like what the Sensei received in eras past.
What, you don't like the "Complete Adventures of John Grammaticus and his Immortal Pals" book series? They even throw in references to 40K, like using names like Horus and Fulgrim every now and then.

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1) Emperor dying has become a prevalent theory lately. Why the fuck is this? Isnt him dying practically totally crumble mankind in every technological, military, navigation and logistical way?

2) Who the fuck cares about French NOW let alone in 38,000 years

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It's like reading a Dr.Who/40k cross over fanfiction. Like that one Perpeptual who kills Vulkan over and over and treats a Daemon with nonchalance and sarcasm.

I was waiting for a fucking Tardis to appear.

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>daemon/pariah hybrids
That is the single stupidest thing I've heard in my entire life.
C.S. Goto would laugh at that shit.

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It's a good read, but Abnett doesn't give a single fuck about 40k lore or canon and it really shows. He's not even trying.

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Eh, it's basically ramming down some mumble jumble techno-psionic-alien-spacemagic device a pariahs throat. Seems kinda legit it would screw you over being on the receiving end, even if you are a pariah. Ah yes, you're also aware there is some bug-device thingy controlling you. Have fun with your eternal "AND I MUST SCREAM"

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