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Is mr. strikeforce selling these?

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>tyraninds are geting squated after no sales due fail codex

Why would anybody bother selling them.

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it's crazy that saying this made you feel good.

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I remember this being what people said about the eldar book, too

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[Citation needed.]

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Yes he does

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Who is this strikeforce guy? Is he a counterfeiter?

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I got the new Tyranid codex and I can answer some questions if you guys want. Won't deliver pics because I cant be arsed to.

By the by, your precious Crone will be shot out of the sky by pretty much anything with skyfire. T5 W5 Sv4+ 155 pts... Bullshit with wings I say

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Is there a piece of wargear for Ymgarl mutations.

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Can you run us through basic prices and special rules?

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No, he's an LGS owner selling genuine stuff really cheaply. I asked him before if he was doing it to launder money from his meth business and he didn't reply, so make of that what you will.

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no, there is a piece of wargear which imitates the ymgarl mutation on the gribblies which can take the so called bio artefacts. Real Ymgarl genestealers went the way of the Doom, the Pod and the Parasite.

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See >>29365305, although I don't see no points costs.

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Can Tyrants still buy 2+ armor, it doesn't seem to be included in biomorphs.

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Scans or pics then, I won't by anything that is in text...

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A lot of work and I'm here for about 30 minutes or so. I'll pick and choose several, so you won't be disappoinred:

T-fex - 175 base
Mawloc - 140 base
Trygon Prime - 230 base
Carnifex - 120 base
Harpy - 135 base
Crone - 155 base
Haruspex - 160 base (shit has just 3 attacks +1 from 2 pairs of hands)

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Do genestealers still suck?

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I-It's not like I really n-need to do it, baka

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Can harpies/crones be grounded or are they immune? I heard of a rule called Born in the Skies.

Also, general stats of the exocrine would be appreciated.

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If by "suck" you mean stayed pretty much the same, then yes

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Yes, they do. They still cannot charge after entering from reserve. 14 points a piece. T4 Sv5+ getting rekt by bolters

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Is it just me, or are these very expensive for an army that's meant to have many.
These are barely cheaper than a riptide.

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Cheers for the info dude.
Is the Harpy the same stats?

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Do any units have / grant Eternal Warrior

Can venomthropes join units?

What does the rupture cannon do?

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No you don't, but if you are one with the codex and you are sharing it content why not go the extra mile?

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The rule is bullshit - they can be grounded.

The exocrine is pretty nifty. Stats are BS3 (4 if stationary) S6 T6 W5 Sv 3+ I3 A3 Ld7, Has a 24" large blast S7 AP2 gun or Assault 6 24" S7 AP2 guns. Can take a thresher scythe tail for 10 pts. It costs 170 pts

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>>Is it just me, or are these very expensive for an army that's meant to have many.
>>These are barely cheaper than a riptide.

Only the Prime rivals the effective cost of a Riptide. And Riptides get spammed all the time.

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Are any units better than T6?

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Ignore Crotch-Rot. He's a known shitposter

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all i need to know is if the FOC is altered, and if we can use fortifications/gun emplacements now.

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No there are sadly no units that can surpass the T6 barrier. No biomancy either, so you wont be dealing with that T10 GUO in CC anytime soon

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>They still cannot charge after entering from reserve
And Ymgarglenids have been removed? Goddammit. It's a bad day to like nids.

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What bonuses do Primes give Warriors? Can they join other units?

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And I will disappoint you too - no rules stating we can use emplacements and no rules affecting the FOC apart from the known Tervispam (which requires 30 gants btw)

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...by which I mean Stealers. Although maybe it's a bad day to like Nids too, I dunno.

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Base cost of normal Trygon?

What about Hive Guard and Raveners? Anything new?

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Think of me what you will, but is my request to much to ask?

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wait so is it buy one unit of 30 termagants and get 5 troop tervigons? or 1 to 1 ratio?

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The Primes are indeps so they can join other units. They confer their WS and BS to the warrior brood they are with.

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O+Just one question: has the swarmlord changed much beyond the aforementioned psyker 3?

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Evidently it is, because the guy with the codex has already said no.

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1 to 1 sadly


base cost 190
The Hive Guard now just have Homing and Ignore Cover, homing being the typical no-los dickery.
The raveners can now take a red terror upgrade for 85 pts

>> No.29365651

Shockcannons do what for Hive Guards?

>> No.29365656

So is the 2+ save upgrade for Tyrants gone or not?

>> No.29365660

Do any units have / grant Eternal Warrior

Can venomthropes join units?

What does the rupture cannon do?

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>t10 guo
>not using the superior i10 guo with endurance

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Do Scything Talons still grant re-rolls to hit in Close Combat?

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Shame but I guess it really does not matter if he speaks the truth or not for it will be revealed in 3 days...

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I just called mr.strikeforce. He's charging my order today, so I guess that means today is the last day to place your order.

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Instant death all the time on his swords. No other changes apart from the obvious +5 pts and no biomancy

Assault 1, Blast, Haywire, no skyfire

No - nothing grants EW in the book. Vens cannot join units. The rupture cannon is unchanged.

Sadly, they don't. They are now just AP6.

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I wanted to start WH40K and I really liked the look and fluff of the tyranid army, but seeing all this whining I guess I better wait for for Imperial Guard as they are my number two pick and hopefuly their next codex won't suck.

Or am I mistaken and tyranids aren¨t actually terrible?

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Any changes to Crushing Claws and Scything Talons?

>> No.29365722

forgot to add 18" S5 AP5.

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wait for the book to come out, these are knee jerk reactions to leaks.

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We don't know yet, really. Also it completely depends on what your friends play. If they play casually then a codex being sucky isn't nearly such an issue.

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I covered Talons above. The claws are now S+1, AP2 Unwieldy Armourbane

>> No.29365748


can tyrants take double boneswords?

>> No.29365773

They can buy a 2+ armor but it only works in close combat and it is a bio-artefact, so only 1 in an army.

>> No.29365776

why would anyone take scything talons on MC's now...

Is the T-Fex still BS 3?

>> No.29365780

>S+1, AP2 Unwieldy Armourbane
Sigh. There goes the fun of fielding crushing claw fexes again.
Why would you even change them to this, seriously, they are even more useless than the old overpriced variation

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what are the new tyranid psykic powers?

>> No.29365790

>Sadly, they don't. They are now just AP6.

Okay. Well. That's problematic. So, pretty much all of our dedicated CC units have lost their re-rolls to hit in close combat, as well as losing an attack from their base profiles. Warriors and Genestealers didn't get the help they needed, the loss of Biomancy nerfs down MC's even further, our Artifacts are rubbish...

This is heartbreaking. Here's to five more years as a Dark/Craftworld Eldar player, I guess.

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Yes they can. It wont do them much good above an additional +1 attack they'd gain from having talons anyway.

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so, is 4th ed codex still the best one?

>> No.29365805

Thanks man. That puts my mind at ease.

>> No.29365810

Yes, he is.

The spoiled page with psychic powers should still be around. Lurk, friend.

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what about old one eye and deathleaper?

>> No.29365821


what about the 'instant death on a 6' ability?

also are both exocrine and haruspex in elites?

>> No.29365835


its become to us what the 3.5 dex was to chaos marine players...

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>buying Nid models

I guess you have not seen the new codex or just wants to paint them

>> No.29365855

This is looking more and more like the Chaos codex in terms of exciting new rules, changes to existing ones and well thought out design decisions.

>> No.29365856

I've heard Zoanthropes are Brotherhood of Psyker ML 2.
A. Is that true?
B. Do they roll for their power or just default to Warp Blast

Also what ML is the Tervigon and does it roll for powers or have a set power ala the Broodlord.

>> No.29365860

Why do you expect shooty army to be masters of melee?

>> No.29365871

How are they more useless?

>> No.29365875

Agreed, Trygon's are looking not so good anymore, hell even my slim hope for hormagaunts has diminished.


Meh, That's not all bad, you don't have to half your attacks and smash anymore, but I see what you are saying. AP 1 would be better....

>> No.29365876


It's not nearly as good as 3.5e chaos in current edition. Just try it against Tau or something and you'll see.

The only thing is cheap carnifexes. Genestealers were awesome in 4e because of rending rules, which are now changed and that makes 4e codex stealers suck a thousand cocks.

>> No.29365880

Here you go...

>> No.29365888

On a scale of 1-10, how retarded are you? Do you think all the dedicated assault options/units are just decorative for the shooty units or something? They're shooty because they HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE, and frankly, they do shooty badly too.

>> No.29365892


oh man rending on genestealers was on 6's to hit

those were the days.

then some asshole decided to put it on assault cannons and ruined everything for everybody.

>> No.29365904


Monstrous creatures ignore unwieldy and always strike at AP2 at least. Crushing claws are unwieldy in this codex because Tyrant Guard can take them too and giving them at-initiative AP2 weapons with high strength and armorbane would be OP (because they'd be better than powerfists).

>> No.29365905

Theres always a knee jerk reaction to leaks. At the same time there are always those who don't want to accept whats in front of them by saying that we don't have the whole picture. Codex might end up being fine, but its not looking promising with the information we have

>> No.29365914 [DELETED] 

There is no point in paying so many additional points to get a S9 monster +1S while it already rapes vehicles, and lose that bit of initiative you have... It could be considered if you were up against nothing but land raiders and it was a free upgrade

>> No.29365918

I'm not sure I'd go that far. The 4th edition Tyranid codex wasn't amazing either - the amount of options it provided you with was fantastic, but a lot of things in it were severely overpriced. In a way, it looks like our 6th edition Codex is harking back to it - insomuch as it contains some really good shooty Monstrous Creatures and a bunch of overpriced filler.

Tyranids aren't supposed to be a shooty army. That's the problem. They're primarily a melee army, that uses firepower to neutralise vehicles and suppress enemy infantry until the close combat troops hit home.

That's the theory, at least.

>> No.29365925

How is the pyrovore in this shitdex?
From what I see GW still can't bother to give players a decent product.

>> No.29365927

Is the Swarmlord as op as some anon said in some other thread, could we get his stats and point cost or any rules?

>> No.29365928

Besides that I find that this new set of rules make more sense fluff-wise to what Crushing Claws are.

>> No.29365929

Yes, they retain that of course. The Spex is in Elites, the Crine is in HS.

OOE is WS3, BS3, S10 T6, W4 I2 A4(+1) Ld8 beastie that can give its Ld to other gribblies, comes with a FnP warlord trait (he gets it after he is dealt 1 wound) he has the scythe tail, crushing claws and scything talons base + a rule that enforces new attacks for every successful to hit roll (those new attacks cannot further generate attacks obviously). He has regeneration base (now its 4+ to recover 1 wound). All for a meager 220 pts

The Deathleaper is WS9 BS3 S6 T4 W3 I7 A4(+1) Ld10 Sv 5+ with chameleonic skin, Deep Strike, Fleet, Hit and Run, Infiltrate, Move Through Cover, Stealth, Pheromone Trail, Very Bulky. Where is it - now grants the enemy snap shots when targeting Deathleaper. - 130 pts

Sadly my life interferes therefore I am finishing up for now. If noone will pick up the slack, I might pop in in about 3-4 hours.

>> No.29365930


>Just try it against Tau

seriously? ANYTHING against tau is auto-lose

except other tau and loldar

>> No.29365952

What's the word on the how the Flyrant is now? How are devourers w/brainleech worms?

>> No.29365955

Tbf to him, I've played Nids for almost a decade now and they've always seemed to be a shooting army with some mediocre CC elements. Maybe that wasn't how they're designed to be, but thats how the rules always mold the army

>> No.29365961


some one said there was special super biomorphs one which added eternal warrior to synapse

>> No.29365979

>>(those new attacks cannot further generate attacks obviously)

Obviously. Can't have a special characters rules be as good as a Blood Angel dread...

>> No.29365985

Apparently, Brainleech Devourers remain the same as they are now, but they've lost the Ld penalty they inflict at the moment.

They lied, or were misinformed. None of our Artifacts are anywhere near that useful.

>> No.29365990

Venom cannons still shitty blasts.

>> No.29365992

how can you play this shitty game for almost a decade?!

>> No.29365995

much appreciated

if it's only an ITWD(4+) and FNP how did it regenerate to its starting wounds in 1 turn in the wd batrep...
>wd batrep
ok I get it

>> No.29366009

That makes sense

Cheap Carnifexi (?) sounds promising and fun. I think a brood of at least 3 will find its way into my list.

Wonder how much Regen will cost on them (assuming they can take regen?)

>> No.29366010

Im guessing that Swarmlord stuff was bullshit

if he doesnt have EW he isnt beating Draigo

>> No.29366014

Speaking of regen, how has regen changed in this dex?

>> No.29366020

>The Deathleaper is WS9 BS3 S6 T4 W3 I7 A4(+1) Ld10 Sv 5+ with chameleonic skin, Deep Strike, Fleet, Hit and Run, Infiltrate, Move Through Cover, Stealth, Pheromone Trail, Very Bulky. Where is it - now grants the enemy snap shots when targeting Deathleaper. - 130 pts

That's absolutely shit. Jesus fucking christ, if it gets in combat with ONE fucking powerfist, it dies instantly. 130 points. Great, it gets into assault, does shit all and dies. Phenomenal.

>> No.29366030

Because I don't hate fun

>> No.29366034

4+ now I think, but you only roll once instead of for each lost wound (not 100%)

>> No.29366049

>chaos 3.5=nids 4th

L-let's not be so f-fast to say that anon.

if they're brotherhood lv2 wouldn't they still loose some psychic power? would've been easier to add them in as lv2 like say wolf guard or something.

>> No.29366051

It's 30 points per model, and is a better version of It Will Not Die - triggering on a 4+ rather than a 5+. It's one of the few things that's gotten objectively much better in the new book.

A brood of three Carnifexes with Regeneration and Adrenal Glands might be worth a punt, I guess. It's almost 500 points for the unit, but they're going to be very hard to kill without dumping an obscene amount of money into them, and Fleet means they might actually hit combat in a timely manner.

>> No.29366053


Most marine HQ's (which are more expensive) die in one hit againt a powerfist. Don't charge the powerfist.

>> No.29366054 [DELETED] 

So it got both better and worse, got it.

>> No.29366075

>issue challenge
>kill champion with pf


>> No.29366076

4+ to regenerate one wound and not one per wound inflicted as before. The biomorph page is on the other nid thread.

>> No.29366085

Regeneration costs 30 each, adrenal costs 15 each. You're looking at 435 points with no guns, shitty scything talons which do nothing and really aren't that hard to avoid.

Guess my nids are going to be narrative fun time only for a bunch longer.

>> No.29366092

Oh, wait, shit. You're right. You roll once per wounded model, not once per wound lost. That's nowhere near as good as I thought. Probably not worth the 30 points per head they're charging.

This sucks. I've been playing this army for well over a decade now, and feel really let down after slogging through the last book and now being presented with this shitpile.

>> No.29366100

I think you missed the bit were you can only regen a wound a turn.

Not really sure if it got buffed, nerfed, or more or less the same statistically, but its still a shit upgrade that isn't worth taking.

>> No.29366127

I am in the same situation.

I play Tau too... but I like having friends =[

>> No.29366136

Now you have more certainty to regenerate a single wound instead of a chance to regenerate completely, I think I prefer the latter

>> No.29366181

It's weird how each codex past 2nd ed has managed to be a downgrade. And by weird I mean terribly depressing.

I've got some blind hope for the Vanguard Swarm being a neat little supplement/detachment, though.

>> No.29366188

>on gw site, looking the 360 photos
a-are they laughing at tyranids player?!

>> No.29366203

>> No.29366207

Perhaps if you whine loud enough at GW they will release paperback "Tyranids: codex update" in few months for the low, low price of 20 dollars.

Perhaps... that's their plan.

>> No.29366216


How have you not been fired yet.

>> No.29366217

Guys! I just realized something!
if crushing clawsare just +1 S AP 2 armorbane, unwieldy, they are actually great!

>> No.29366232

Gee, that'll help my I2 carnifexes. How much do they cost, like 30 fucking points?

And yes, they're confirmed still I2.

>> No.29366240

you should spoiler that
and change the name to devourer of hope

>> No.29366270

Fantastic! Our Carnifexes can continue to strike at their massive Initiative of 2! And what Carnifexes always needed was an extra pip of Strength and Armourbane, what with their measly Strength of 9 and all!

>> No.29366287

to be fair, i2 mean we strike faster than fists

>> No.29366294

Do Venomthropes Give shrouded or are they that same shitty "5+ Cover"

If they give Shrouded, might be able to make a phalanx kind of wall work to get the big guys in combat, little dudes up front, Big guys behind getting a 4+ cover or 3+ cover for shooting through another unit and shrouded....

unless of course you are playing against tau, or eldar....

>> No.29366308

this one
a friend of mine confirmed this

>> No.29366325

Okay. That's a plus point. I've always loved the Venomthrope models, and if they do confer Shrouded, then they'll probably be useful enough to bring along.

Right now I'll grab only any shred of hope I can find that this Codex will be playable.

>> No.29366385

Well that's something at least.

Can you confirm if its 6" still? Too much to hope it would be more than that I suppose. Would be nice if they were like warlocks or wolfguard and could join other units....but that will never happen.

The Scything talons really bug me (pardon the bad pun), makes no sense as to why they would nerf them so much...

>> No.29366409

>why they would nerf them so much...
that's not a nerf
hormagaunts that eat half of their unit away from synapse
that's a nerf

>> No.29366415

they are basically stop, until you buy a better weapon

>> No.29366428

It's probably his work again
They just didn't put his name in so people can't blame him again and his feelings won't be hurt

>> No.29366458

Who does the White Dwarf attribute it to?

>> No.29366466

They want to streamline the rules by by removing majority of the rerolls, resulting in faster gameplay.

>> No.29366478


>No - nothing grants EW in the book.
WTF gee dubs? So I can still lose an entire brood of mid-sized bugs to an Ion Accelerator or Battle Cannon?

>The rupture cannon is unchanged.
So it's still poop

>Sadly, they don't. They are now just AP6.
This doesn't even make sense. Why does it cost Genestealers(who have AP5 from Rending Claws) 4 pts per model, to get something that gives them AP6? Do ScyTals give a +1 A bonus for dual wielding when combined with Rending Claws or something?

>> No.29366485

>games development team
but then there's an interview with cruddace
who let him rape the nids again? Seriously, who?

>> No.29366516

Everyone deserves a second chance

and a third one in the future

>> No.29366542


>S+1, AP2 Unwieldy Armourbane

Interesting. So I won't have to smash: I'll get full number of attacks, and still wreck Land Raiders. And bastions. So actually, they'll be net'ing me an extra attack vs heavy vehicles and bunkers, and increasing my strength to boot.

I'm not disappointed thus far. How many points do they cost?

>> No.29366550

>This doesn't even make sense. Why does it cost Genestealers(who have AP5 from Rending Claws) 4 pts per model, to get something that gives them AP6? Do ScyTals give a +1 A bonus for dual wielding when combined with Rending Claws or something?
It makes zero sense! Stealers have two sets of claws on the model, so they have already two sets of CC weapons. Scything talons as an upgrade would do absolutely nothing!

>> No.29366568

This... What the fuck GW

>> No.29366573

(no they don't)

>> No.29366577

Stealers come with a pair of human hands and a pair of rending claws. Can exchange human hands for scything talons.

But yes. 4pts for an extra attack is bullshit. Fuck GW

>> No.29366633


It was 2 pts for re-roll 1's, now it's 4 for an extra attack.

Not all that great if you ask me. Genestealers are already strong in close combat, it's getting there that they need help with.

The Lord of Crud does not deserve a second chance. Seriously, between 5th ed. Tyranids and all the badly written rules in 6th ed. Chaos Daemons, why hasn't GW just fired his ass?

>> No.29366656

Are you new to GW? Welcome. GW dosn't give shit about you or any codex. They just sell models. NOW BUY, BUY, BUY!

>> No.29366662

Have they changed that? Anyone have that stealer stat pic?
>4 points for extra attack for a unit that gets cut to shreds in the shooting phase
GW, why do you hurt my brain with your lack of fairness/logic?

>> No.29366677

The Eldar book isn't being written by The Crud.

>> No.29366679

And the crushing mediocrity of his Space Marine codex. He's screwed over a couple of Fantasy armies as well.

Basically, everything the man touches turns to shit. It makes me furious that he still has a job when it's been shown, time and time again, that he can't write decent rules to save his life.

>> No.29366680

>Can exchange human hands for scything talons.
Ah never mind this >>29366662 post...

>> No.29366705

My friend who is the only person I can play WFB with has Tomb Kings cruddex. He doesn't want me to play with him anymore because it's dogshit, and I agree. I rape him every time but it feels like kicking a kid that fell from his wheelchair.

>> No.29366723

Fun fact: it's actually so bad the Bretonnianas are better. Tomb Kings literally get nothing to deal with ethereal units at all.

>> No.29366737

IG Codex

>> No.29366749

>Cruddace writes my codex space marines
>Now he's writing my Tyranids
GW has deserted us. Ward has betrayed me

>> No.29366757

Almost all of which was shit, save for a few models.

>> No.29366758

Which is still badly written. The internal balance is abysmal. It is - or, at the time, was - overpowered rather than underpowered.

>> No.29366775


Your hearts deserted Lord Ward, our Spiritual Liege, peace be upon him. Now you reap the results. Only faith may get you through this dark time. Continue to pray, and one day he will return.

>> No.29366788

Ward preserve us

>> No.29366810


That codex is a key example of bad rule writing it is filled with shit and over the top broken units with a hint of odd rule writing (radios giving no range bonus for an example)

>> No.29366820

SO, let me get this straight:

Literally EVERYTHING has been indirectly nerfed, as IBs are so much more damaging now. On top of that, scything talons are worse, already bad shit got point INCREASES and Biomancy, the only thing making nids at all playable in 6e (not even remotely close to broken) was entirely removed.

I feel like they're pissing on a corpse now. These rules are weaker than the 5e codex, and we're now in a period where everything has gotten stronger. There's literally not a signle redeeming thing.

Fuck it, I'm gonna write an angry email. Like hell am I buying anything else from GW again if I can't even use my favourite army which has been shelved for 4 years already.

>> No.29366835

mmmmyes the sweet tears of unfathomable sadness.

Cry more Tyranids.
Cry more, your spiritual liege cannot save you now.

>> No.29366839

Didn't the points costs go down?

>> No.29366857

Yeah, and now units self destruct when out of synapse. Only notable point drop was the Tyrant, and that lost access to Biomancy and 2+ saves, so will be night unusable.

>> No.29366861

shush you!

>> No.29366872

>already bad shit got point INCREASES

Well, to be fair, almost everything has gotten cheaper or remained the same price as it is now. Tervigons and a few upgrades have gotten more expensive.

>> No.29366886

>why hasn't GW just fired his ass?

Why don't you guys just spam letter and emails to some higher up in GW complaining about poor product quality? Hell, have somebody actually calculate why some armies can never defeat other ones and deliver mathematical proof.

Even if GW rellies ojn impulsive sales, they will still notice if a lot of their long term customers complain about quality of their product

>> No.29366888

>Literally EVERYTHING has been indirectly nerfed
If you except the quasi general base point decrease. I know that doesn't balance it, but still.

>> No.29366897

>using Mathematical proof to defeat Robin "Math is Subjective" Cruddace

>> No.29366902


why doesn't somebody just kill him?

>> No.29366913

>Always wanted a Carnifex
>Nearly started a Tyranid army back when the last book was released
>GW bring out great value set
>I go all in, spending 300 dollars at least

>threads like these.

Why. Just why. Why couldn't they have been good?
This box is apparently full of useless shit. Great.

>> No.29366916

of course our best model went up. /tgents, this happens every new dex we see. Old models get nerfed, new models get boosted.......except Nids, we just get kicked in our tencles.

>> No.29366919

>notice if a lot of their long term customers complain about quality of their product

>> No.29366927


No actually the stuff in the box is pretty good according to the rumors.

It's everything else that's getting nerfed.

>> No.29366939

I love these delicious tears. It dilutes the tears I shed everyday about my dark angels codex and all the DA codexes of the past.

>> No.29366944

>it's simple... we kill the cruddace

>> No.29366946

Don't worry, your book is still better than nids. If these rumours from:
Are true, then nids are literally worse than Orks, who have a 7 year old book.

>> No.29366947

He might think math is subjective, but thier CEO, who most likely got his degree in a decent college, sure as hell doesn't.

>> No.29366954

Hold your weeping, cowboy. It's a while until the internet knows for sure, and even then the internet has been known to be wrong.

Also, can't you cancel your order? That box isn't even out yet, no?

There is a moral here, though. I never understand why people would want to preorder stuff they don't even know the rules for. Makes no sense to me.

>> No.29366972

You worship a false god.

Witness our one and true savior!

>> No.29366978

Then again, Tau were thought to be shit-tier when the book was previewed and initially released

>> No.29366986

>caring about the rules
>caring about what neckbeards say as long as the money keeps rolling in

>> No.29366999

No they weren't? Not even close. People thought they might not have been imporved enough, but that was all. Nids have literally had everything nerfed.

>> No.29367000

>/tgents, this happens every new dex we see. Old models get nerfed, new models get boosted...
That's totally not a pattern, though. See the Eldar codex, in which the models everyone already had were the best.

>> No.29367001

>Book isn't batshit broken
>It's shit
It's almost like Xenos children want every army to be Tau/Eldar.

>> No.29367007

>DA and Tau
Nah, aside from the Riptide, he's not bad. But I have only one Spiritual Liege.

>> No.29367025


doesn't count he made DA crap and made Tau OP bullshit

think about it
if every codex this edition was crap there would be no problem...

>> No.29367029

Orks are holding up surprisingly well. I also think we're next on the update list. I kind of wish we weren't. Now I have to hold up on building models until I can figure out what's worth running. And the new codex might suck, so there's always that. Fingers crossed for viable slugga boyz and a ghazzy waaagh that actually works.

>> No.29367031


>> No.29367033

> Saw what the gigantic pulse Gatling actually do
> meh

>> No.29367034

For how long has The Ward forsaken 40k now? Must be over a year...

>> No.29367055

He's doing supplements, the Eldar one and the Sentinels of Terra, based Pugh.

>> No.29367059

You took the words out of my mouth. Nice trips.

>> No.29367065

Jeremy "Lets make DA as shitty as possible once again" Vetock

I dont like that he is an American. I feel ashamed. At least crudunce is English/Baatorian

>> No.29367124

Complains on tau previews were mostly around two things :
- where are auxiliaries ?
- broadside railgun being S8 and not S10, because dick measuring contest with the Imperial laser canon

>> No.29367144

>broadside railgun being S8
I remember that. weeaboos thought that Kirby shat in their tea-cup

>> No.29367161

Oh yeah, now you say that I do remember people going "abloo bloo, how do Tau deal with tanks" in an edition where vehicles are mostly shit and they were looking at a big ass MC with a huge gun. I wish nids only had such "problems".

>> No.29367164

Philipus Kellius! ftw

>> No.29367168

Understandable, IMO. Other stuff in the codex is great, but having your WunderGun made inferior to a puny Lascannon has to sting.

>> No.29367188

A. Chambers !

>> No.29367220

>mai glorious tau-steel railgun folded over a thousand times not superior to imperial piggu lascannon?!

>> No.29367242

Don't you mean rascannon?

>> No.29367278


fuck that hack piece of shit loldar fan faggot

>> No.29367332


Actually, that box is pretty much all the good stuff in the book other than tyrants, tervigons, and maybe the exocrine.

Sure gargoyles got nerfed, but termagants and hormagaunts and fexes are technically better. As long as tehy don't eat themselves.

>> No.29367343

Ah, the glorious saviour of the Space Elves (and the Spiky Space Elves, back in 5th). Shame the Spiky Mehreens displeased him, though.

>> No.29367377

I really wish we could get the complete rule scan already so we don't have to try to tell ourselves that it isn't total shit

>> No.29367414

And so begins the 'desperately try to keep hope alive' portion of the Nid Vigil.

>> No.29367461


>> No.29367465

Plus side for trygons: They can smash and have 4 attacks, or 5 attacks on the charge.

Still doesn't make up for the loss of re-rolls, but it's something.

>> No.29367498

GW must be going "wow, people still play nids? Let's shit on them". It's the only explanation I can come up with for this bullshit.

>> No.29367578

Well Gargoyles no longer wound tough units, but the blinding could come in handy (Gargoyles takes a head start, blinds an enemy unit and others can come a bit safely across the board).
Termagaunts are cheaper, so that's a plus
Fexes are much better against vehicles I recon, higher strength and armorbane at the cost of less attacks (I would dare to say that less attacks makes it not so effective against units like SM in general)
I hate to say it but hormagants are the worst unit in the box At the count of these rumors. They got a decrease in price but toxin sacs got increased. Loosing the ability to re-roll costs a full brood some 11-15 possible hits
Did I miss anything?

>> No.29367664

Honestly, I think Hormagaunts are still marginally better. While they lost their re-rolled 1's to hit, they're cheaper and faster than they were before. Dealing damage is a secondary concern, IMO; what's important is they're able to get across the table with enough bodies to bog down the enemy for a few turns.

>> No.29367672

>Did I miss anything?
they eat themselves

>> No.29367732

I actually agree with this. Now that gargolyes are a glorified tarpit, they really haven't got anything other than more consistent movement over hormagaunts who are cheaper, score and I5. They might be okay for going maximum horde though.

>> No.29367809

Actually with the new hunt table (1-3 Go to ground, 4-5 shoot at unit, no assault, 6 as above with PE) gargoyles are SHIT as an assault tarpit. If they go out of synapse AT ALL and fail their Ld test (which is on shitty Ld) they don't get to charge. Pretty fucking crippling.

>> No.29367876

Funny thing is all (but one) of their "conversions" replaced the rending claws instead of the humanoid hands with scything talons scince 3rd edition.

I don't know if the codex is bad - we'll see after some weeks. But as it doesn't favour my old school army, I can only hope for some dataslates.

>> No.29367907

Do people seriously run nids with little/no synapse?

If you're trying to win without controlling your army's movement and attacks, maybe that's a problem?

>> No.29367956

It's not that I don't use synapse, it's that when it dies, they become useless in the role you intended. Makes target priority an absolute joke for the enemy, when there should still be a little bit of threat. And yes, synapse WILL die, it's impossible to keep it all alive throughout the game.

>> No.29367959

>implying the enemy won't be able to overkill your synapse creatures with ease now that biomancy is no more
>implying nids can have nice things

>> No.29367984

That's true and that box has no synapse creatures. They get to use leadership 8 when near OOE, but can't fit them all there...
Well yes they are better against anything with "not the greatest T/WS". I guess that they want the big units to be left to the MC

>> No.29368015

Okay. So, clutching at straws here, but this might be viable if you want to run an Assault-based army. Lictors and Deathleaper can Infiltrate, and work as a homing beacon for Deep Striking units. Take a couple of Lictors and Infiltrate them out of Line of Sight somewhere, using Stealth and Go to Ground to keep them alive to your second turn.

Build the rest of your army around as many assaulty Deep Strikers as you can. Trygons/Mawlocs, Raveners/Shrikes (if they're still in). Apparently Hive Tyrants can still be upgraded to allow a unit to Outflank, so possibly do that as well. Maybe even Genestealers, since they can Outflank as well. Aim for a massed Turn 3 charge, hopefully only giving the opponent one turn's worth of shooting to stop you. Build the rest of your army around shooty Monstrous Creatures and Gaunts to hold down some objectives and maybe soften up the nastiest enemy units while you wait for your Reserves to arrive.

>> No.29368021

Ignore that... Fuck, should sleep more...

>> No.29368094

Well then glad the new powers can rival the main book powers in any meaningful way, cuz yknow forcing a pinning test or letting the Monstrous creature that will likely be flying give units in 12 inches feel no pain is so worth it.

>> No.29368285

It does give it to both the Flyrant (in your instance) and one other unit within 12" so its better than old catalyst.

That's something I suppose, good for a flyrant with a gargoyle shield maybe.... Wish it was the primaris but oh well.

>> No.29368788

I want my big dumb transport bug dammit

>> No.29368834

>play escalation
>take hierophant
>give it transport sacs biomorph
>not your profits!

>> No.29368853

Why don't we just make our own codex? We can spread it around the internet and gather support for it. It won't be an official codex, but maybe, just maybe, we can make an official unofficial fan codex for the nids.

>> No.29368895

we have a no faggotry rule where I play.

>one flyer per side
>no books besides codex/BRB
>no tourneys.

>> No.29369026

...are you me? I spend ~300€ on 'nids, since I always liked them, but always lacked the funds to collect a horde army. Now, new job and all, I can finally go all in, and then this happens. Fuck me. At least the minis are still sexy. Maybe the next one won't suck, and maybe my regular opponents will take some pity on me.

>> No.29369117

>I also think we're next on the update list. I kind of wish we weren't.
I know, right? My boys are performing reasonably well, Ghazghull can still punk over chars half a decade younger then him, and the book is still a hoot to play. I dread the moment they annouce the next ork codex.

>> No.29369174

On the same boat, not being all defeatist about it though. New to the game, so I don't have the same perspective of some of the veterans here, guess I'll just play and see

>> No.29369194

Let's start by fixing Pyrovore.

>> No.29369245

That sounds like your group is nothing BUT faggotry in an excuse to avoid it.

>> No.29369343

>New to the game

Be smart like me and wait fopr new Guard codex. The current Guard one and the new Tyranid one ware written by the same asshole, but Guard is considered to be among the stronger ones and since he's gonna write new Guard too, he's unlikely to fuck it up.

>> No.29369357

just give it torrent. Boom.

>> No.29369389

theres no tau or eldar in our meta either

>jelly fag

>> No.29369416

>Pyrovore: pay 20pts to remove it from the codex
There, done.
Maybe? Against armies like SM and DA I could see that working, though ypu'd open yourself up to being tabled by your opponent just blasting what little you have on the table to shreds with his entire army.

>> No.29369480

Yes! And today is the last day to get in on the first wave, unless you want to bring me cash money.

>> No.29369489


>CAPTCHA: nothing xpenerf
You are right, captcha.... you are right.

>> No.29369523

When I meant on the same boat is that I already bought 1500pts of nids. Before I knew the dex was coming out really, kind of a bad move on my end.

The thing is I really like the models and all the fluff surrounding them, by far my favorite models of the game, so guess I'll just have to make due.

>> No.29369592

Meh. Swarmie doesn't force inv rerolls anymore, has the same stats and shitty psychic powers now.
He was totally op and needed this nerf so much. Sigh.

>> No.29369621

So, was Old Adversary just cut off from the Tyrant page, or is that gone as well? Because fuck me, but at this point they might as well...

>> No.29369653

Hey, at least the nerf was compensated by ...increasing his cost by 5pts? The hell?

>> No.29369654

Oh, hey, Hive Commander got nerfed. It doesn't buff your reserves rolls as well any more.

What do we want to bet it still costs 25 points?

>> No.29369660

I really like Warriors and Genestealers.

But guess what, when I checked local "scene", it's tau, tau, tau, tau, tau, eldar, eldar, IG, IG, necron, SW, roughly in this ratio. I am pretty sure these are all considered god or top tier. So I realized I better wait and see.

>> No.29369667

So you have lame rules. I understand Escalation, but it pisses me off to no end when I spend hundreds of dollars making a Red Scorpions army and I walk in to a game store and people tell me the Imperial Armour books "Aren't real or balanced."

I spent time and money making my specific army that I like for their tactics and backstory. It would be nice to actually fucking play them once in a while

>> No.29369707

Damn skippy, the game isn't balanced anyway! Let the cool models and lists be free!

>> No.29369729


>> No.29369736

ehm, could you post more?

>> No.29369768

Understandable, we just have a gentlemens agreement, and we enjoy them and ALL play by the same rules. We don't frequent LGS, just house games with house rules, but always in good spirit.

Now if you like a model and buy it, whos to stop you from playing it. Not me.

>> No.29369773

Well, we have similar tastes. Both my warriors and my 'stealers have not seen play in the last four years, I think, and with the new codex it doesn't seem like they will in the next few years, either.
More like 30, I guess.

>> No.29369779

Thank you Anon

>> No.29369832


eh im working on something right now, I'll uploaded in a little bit.

>> No.29369835

Tyrants are cheaper, with BS4 , wings are cheaper. Devourer mincers still in the game.
Probably the best unit in the codex got quite a bit better, shit is shit as it was. Fucking GW.

>> No.29369946

I promise I am not using StrikeForce Games to launder money for my meth empire.

>> No.29369975


> BS4 Hive Tyrants

As much as they hate nids, they must have taken pity on Hive Tyrants to have given us that back. Glorious.

>> No.29369980

>...are you me? I spend ~300€ on 'nids, since I always liked them, but always lacked the funds to collect a horde army. Now, new job and all, I can finally go all in, and then this happens. Fuck me. At least the minis are still sexy. Maybe the next one won't suck, and maybe my regular opponents will take some pity on me.
Actually it sounds scarily similar. I started my first job six months ago and apart from replacing my several year old phone, this was the most I've splashed out.

Then I get his news. Finally I get a Tyranid army in one go and it's shit. Lucky me!

>> No.29369985


Whole bunch of pictures from the new codex. They're in Spanish, but if you've got half an idea what to look for, you can get the gist of it.

>> No.29370032

Could somebody tell me what the new IB rules do? I keep reading that 'feed' could potentially wipe out a unit affected by it? If that's the case, I don't even know where to stuff in all the synapse I need for my 180 hormagaunts / 90 gargoyles list...

>> No.29370061

Every model inflicts a hit on its own unit at base strength. You do get to take Armour Saves, at least.

>> No.29370072

>replacing a broken old phone as the first big splurge, then 'nids
This is getting kinda creepy, mate. I did the same...

>> No.29370102

Well, so much for my idea of runninng a 10 fex strong army with little support.

>> No.29370119

Have you noticed that not only is the tyranids the only army to not allow allies, it now seems to be the only army without access to RB psychic powers.

>> No.29370125

Warriors and Shrikes are synapse creatures meant to be used as leaders of the lesser bugs. Too bad they are always ripe for a krak missile.

>> No.29370169

>they must have taken pity on Hive Tyrants
There are a few change to be made in the next errata...

>> No.29370252


That's not even funny as a joke...

>> No.29370293


Spanish names are so awesome
El Senor De La Horda - Swarmlord
Muerte Silenciosa - Deathleaper

Might have to call Swarmlord - El Senor from now on.

>> No.29370324

>Might have to call Swarmlord - El Senor from now on.

But you won't because he'll be collecting dust on a shelf.

>> No.29370371


So many nerfs.... Wow.... Even the Tyranid Prime got hit with an 18 wheeler and died.

>> No.29370474


> Hive Guard now BS 3, 55 points base, and pay extra points to get their impaler cannons back

Well, fuck. Looks like we no longer have to worry about them taking up elites slots.

At least Tyrant Guard are now 50pts so they're better again.

>> No.29370508


Yeah, El Senor going to be chilling on the shelf a fifth of tequila singing about the good ole days of 5th edition.....jesus how horrifying.

Even the damn Harpy and Crone look worthless. T5 with a 4+ armor save....really....

>> No.29370559

That shitty +1S Bonesword is 45pts

>> No.29370567

And they can still be Grounded. So it'll be horribly easy to knock them out the sky, then kill them with small arms fire.

>> No.29370572

You sure?

My spanish Sucks, but that looks like canon emplador - same ole impaler cannon

>> No.29370617


I don't know spanish and couldn't really read it so I just assumed the worst.

Still looks to me like they went down to BS3 and got a price increase. Pile of shit.

>> No.29370795

Oh dont get me wrong, 5 point increase for a -1 Ballistic Skill is ridiculous. They were solid last edition, and i could understand the 5 point increase, but not with the additional decrease to ballistic skill...

I can see it now, Quad Gun takes four wounds off Crone, roll a two for grounding test, Nose dive right back into my bag.

>> No.29370811

Huh, fleshborer hive got 6' range more on it.

Hmm... +1W, +1 Init and +1 Atk and +1Str in CC, time to get me 3 Pyrovores.

>> No.29370864

Why? If you want to ignore armour they only get one attack now. They're still pretty bad. Unless they got torrent and I missed it

>> No.29370939


Ah darn, missed it was exchange all. Saves me some money then I guess.

>> No.29371055

it still gives you shred (which is great when you ID on a six) and +3 1. the codex is still shit; the artifacts are terrible and uncreative, the survivability is laughable, the melee power is an atrocity, apparently bs 4 is too much to ask for, as is something with more than 24" range, and fucking 4+ armor on crones and no ground anti air, and apparently nid melee weapons no longer stack. why would you nerf one of the worst and most poorly received codex's put out last edition? it was only outdone by sisters (which also managed to get a worse codex), and at least they didn't lose something as central as the mysetic spore

>> No.29371147

Or just have a squad of guardsmen jump on them. they won't be going anywhere for the rest of the game.
>the two semi-decent relics cost 40+ points, each
>regenration is 30pts for 1/2 a wound per turn
>no 2+ for the tyrant
Jesus christ, are they trying to get rid of 'nids in one fell swoop?

>> No.29371160


But on the other hand for 30pts you can have toxin sacs and sword+whip. Unless the enemy has higher toughness than you have strength you're better off for 2/3 of the price (unless it has 3 more toughness than you have strength).

>> No.29371313

Alongside all this gloom and doom, just comparing the screenshots on Dakka Dakka nearly every unit got cheaper and several got statline buffs. Some stayed the same (Genestealers what) and the only ones that seemed to get more expensive were Ripper bases.

Upgrades are more expensive and nerfed, and the loss of Biomancy hurt a bit, but Nids should be able to field more MCs and medium creatures than previously.

Also Biovores got an extra wound, which is nice on a long range artillery creature.

>> No.29371354

Jesus christ, putting these shitty overpriced MCs against Daemons would be a slaughter
All the price cuts are a fucking joke, 10 pts less for a trygon and to hit rerolls gone

>> No.29371369

I know you are doing this as a joke, but seriously, his fucking face, and the fact that he bashed tyranids over the head repeatedly with his mediocrity, then when they were down and dying he inserted himself into the corpse and came gallons of shit writing while butt fucking what was left of their useable rules

>> No.29371485

got a question regarding the lashwip, i think the iniative 1 debuff is gone now...

Gone like my dreams

>> No.29371514

you forget that the cqc creatures don't reroll their attacks anymore, and the point reduction isn't enough for this

that the most regarded rules stayed the same (tunnels, explosive pyrovores etc)

that everything usable back then has been nerfed to hell or removed

and there's more

>> No.29371521

Wait, hiveguard BS3, t-fex's clusterspines are also gone? Great. Fucking awesome. Let's rely some more on our BS3 dudes to deliver the few shots we actually get. Brilliant.

>> No.29371524

No one wants to use the medium creatures, they still arent worth using. they dont have the staying power of MC's or the cheap aspect of little ones.

>> No.29371561

Why are Rippers more expensive?

>> No.29371608

Yeah, that's gone. now they buff the users Ini by +3. Mediocre against most stuff, shitty for the Swarmlord and fighty Tyrants going up against shit like Skarbrand.
Just kill me now...

>> No.29371647

Aside from Trygons and Mawlocs, you shouldn't be bringing MCs to just be Assault. They should be at least a mix of shooty and crushy, relying on all of one or all of the other is bad.

>> No.29371653

You tought GW would let all the people who bought them keep using them? No chance brah, pick up some new Hive Crones™ flyers or Zoanthropes™ instead!

>> No.29371673

Because they were obviously breaking the game's balance. I mean, didn't you see all those people just fielding nothing but ripper swarms?
Exactly, those powergamers were the worst and in dire need of a nerf.
Shit be bonkers, yo.

>> No.29371689

wow, those are fucking amazing
what are people bitching about so much again?

>> No.29371690

Do it! Save us all, and please sort the pyrovore

>> No.29371774

As a spanish speaker, I believe they sound horrid.

>> No.29371918

>The Horror: junk
>Psychic Scream: causes an average of one hit against MEQs with no veteran. ONE hit!
Dominion and Onslaught are decent, and Catalyst is downright great, but that doesn't make the lore awsome, that makes it 'marginally better than the rest of this shitfest of a codex'.

>> No.29371927

Yeah it says cañon empalador, meaning impaler cannon, it's their default weapon. So sad it's blurry, can't make a lot out.

Btw spanish speaker here if you want me to translate anything.

>> No.29372033

Can you spot anything regarding the Old one eye or the parasite in what has been leaked?

Wondering what some of the characters will do in terms of new special rules

>> No.29372038


Well its not finished but I've got most of the stuff I wanted in. Its not pretty either but its only a draft version so far so the syntax might be off slightly.

It is a fan codex, so let me know if you think anything is overpowered or too cheap. I'll let you know why did certain design decisions if they do puzzle you.

Its all a bit pre-emptive anyways because we havent read all of the new codex yet but here it is regardless.

>> No.29372040

My very limited knowledge of spanish tells me that the cluster spine option for t-fex and tervigon are gone. Please tell me I am missing something.

>> No.29372075



>> No.29372098


Parasite is gone. OOE is cheaper (220pts) and essentially teh same except without crushing claws and with worse regen. He has a total of 5 attacks though.

>> No.29372136


Tervigons have it, t-fexes lost it.

>> No.29372180

Parasite is gone, gone, GONE. Same as Doom.
OOE is a fex with FnP after losing his first wound and a LD8 bubble.
Swarmlord is just like before, only with ML3, and no longer forces rerolls on invuls.
Red Terror is a buffed ravener that removes one mini in b2b from play when he hits with all attacks.
Deathleaper has a load of special rules, but the only unique thing is that he can only be shot at with snapshots.

>> No.29372181

yeah. you are just dumb. tervigon is 195 base now, unless mexicans have different numbers for 195. i wouldn't doubt it.

>> No.29372182

I guess you can make a pseudo-turkey flyrant as you can have wings and thorax weapons at the same time... and another template from artifact gun

>> No.29372183

What ever happened to that supposed leak about different Hive Fleets being like different SM Chapters and having rules associated with them? Anyone with a Codex confirm that's gone for good?

>> No.29372235

Deathleaper sounds like a really cool unit now. Sure it can't duel Abbadon, but it'll take a lot of sustained fire to take down with Snapshots, and will still be able to claw through anything that isn't an Assault-tailored IC.

Most fun looking thing in the new Dex for me.

>> No.29372270

I see. Well, at least the tervigon still has it. That's something, I suppose.
Supposedly meant for a later release as a supplement. Just a rumor, though, so...yeah...

>> No.29372326

I'll admit I'm kinda shocked by the psychic situation in that book.

I honestly believed the reason they cut them off from rulebook powers and gave them a middle-tier-ish Psychic Power list was so that they could go absolutely nuts with Mastery Levels without risking them throwing 20,000 rolls at Biomancy.

I absolutely believed Hive Tyrants would be ML3, Swarmy ML4, and some of the middle bugs being ML2. That seemed like a legitimate reason to block them off from the BRB powers, which is kinda unheard of otherwise.

But...nope. Everything's basically the same as it was. Their power chart isn't BAD, and there'd be plenty of reasons to roll on it anyway, I just see no defensible reason to cut them off from Biomancy in exchange for it.

So fucking weird.

>> No.29372337

I see. So he might strike at I2 and still keeps the nerfed version of that Blood angel dread claw?

I was hoping he would get back from the dead like a Decimator, but sadly not. And i assume he only has a 3+ save and no invuln? is he really still overpriced after all this time. Thanks anyway

>> No.29372377

Trouble is, he dies like a bitch to a single powerfist. If doesn't butcher his opponent in one go, he's not going to be around for a second try.
Or, as an alternative, your opponent could just decline a challenge and have his troopers trample DL under their boots. It's really sad.

>> No.29372436

He's in the HQ page:

WS 3, BS 3, S 10, T 6, W 4, I 2, A 4, Ld 8, Sv 3+

Warlord trait: Biological Adaptation
Special rules:
- Living battering ram
- Instinctive behavior (Feed)
- Fearless (says literally courage but I'm guessing it's fearless)
- Alpha Leader (¿?)
- Guessing last one is Rampage, says Destructive Madness if I take it literal


- Regeneration
- Crushing Claws
- Scything Talons
- Thresher Scythe

Yep, it's gone

>> No.29372509

Still only 3+, yeah. Nerfed 'sustained assault'? Yeah, at 5A at WS3.
As an aside Dual boneswords is no strictly worse than bonesword and whip. The dual swords does NOTHING the latter combination doesn't do. Such bullshit...

>> No.29372553

Dude, it has T4 3W 5+ and it kills 1.29 marines in a round. It's gonna die punched to death by anything. Ten tactical are going to kill him in 3 rounds with only 3 death. 5 tactical die but it needs 4 rounds to do it, and he's going to take at least 2 wounds back. I think It could kill firewarriors, but he's gonna take 1,7 overwatch wounds by only 12 firewarriors.

>> No.29372585

>Destructive Madness if I take it literal
That's probably his 'successful base attacks generate more attacks' ability.
Alpha leader lets other 'nids in range use his Ld.

>> No.29372617


No destructive madness is the rule for Cruddace whenever he writes a codex.

>> No.29372623

Yep, then that's all for OOE, seems to fit with what's been said.

Anyone else need translation of something?

>> No.29372669

Possibly created with 7th in mind?

>> No.29372741

Something is confusing me here. Says the Hive Tyrant comes with 2 sets of scything talons and that he has access to pretty much everything in the equipment list. Yet I see nothing for devourers except in the basic bioweapons part that says that a unit can change his devourer for any of the following.

Does this mean the Tyrant has no long ranged weapons? Seems like a poorly written thing.

>> No.29372786

Nah, its there. Can take from Biocanones Monstruosos, there you have them for 15pts.

>> No.29372792

Adding to that I see nothing regarding them being able to be twinlinked, neither for them or the carnifex. I'm hoping the rules for this are on their own page.

>> No.29372821

Yep, you're right, thanks anon, can't read for shit it seems.

>> No.29372853

They are twinlinked. 'acoplado' = tl

>> No.29372855

>Dual boneswords is no strictly worse
is NOW strictly worse ....was what I meant to write.

>> No.29372956

Yeah I'm the one translating stuff, just got tunnel vision and didn't look at that table.

>> No.29372984

>> No.29373033

Can you find anything on the Red Terror?

>> No.29373311

I think I found a buff! It looks like tervigons can take those chest mounted template weapons

>> No.29373394

Wait, GDI, didn't tervigons used to be str 6?

>> No.29373493



they were always pretty shit at combat.

>> No.29373523


No, they were S5 in the 5th ed codex

>> No.29373531

In the Ravener page, one of the Raveners in the brood can be The Red Terror for 85 points. Stats for Red Terror:

WS 6, BS 3, S 5, T 5, W 3, I 5, A 4, Ld 8, Sv 4+

Special Rules:

- Instinctive behavior (Feed)
- Bulky
- Deep Strike
- Something about Swallow, or Devour or Engorge. Any of those words would fit, can't find any special rule named that, anyone else can give a hadn here?


- 2 sets of scything talons
- Prehencile pincer

>> No.29373582

And the Hivemind do.

>> No.29373728

Thanks mate, I'll toast to your health...

>> No.29374537

No. Bunch of poorly named abilities and shitty Zerg stuff.

>> No.29374700


It's 5pts cheaper.

Still a pile of shit though. I was hoping that flesh hooks would help but the boneswords points costs mean that warriors are shit period. Not even worth considering.

>> No.29374704

Continuing to try and stay positive, I really quite like the warlord trait table.

>> No.29374821


So they get 5 attacks + a S6 AP5 tail attack and if they hit with 4 then they auto-kill barring an invul save.

Nice, though not exactly 85pts nice.

>> No.29374890

Note that it isn't "upgrade an existing Ravener to Red Terror", it's "One brood can include a Red Terror". It's not an 85 point upgrade, but basically 55.

Raveners, I thought, were pretty underutilized in 5th (hell, Gargoyles too, no one seemed to touch FA), and this is a pretty good edition for them I think.

>> No.29374939

>- Something about Swallow, or Devour or Engorge. Any of those words would fit, can't find any special rule named that, anyone else can give a hadn here?
probably referring to the Red Terror's special ability. I don't have the page for it though, I think it's like an AP 1 Auto wound if you hit with all of its attacks or something like that.

>> No.29374951

An interesting first go, but not exactly stellar. More feedback incoming.

Personally I think we should go back an edition, and use that as a base. Remember when Zoanthropes and Lictors split up on the tabletop? Go in that direction: give most of the (non-warrior?) medium creatures Independent Character, let them join broods as leaders.

Good on you to write it down like this though!

>> No.29375114


yeah posted a more worked on version in the other thread. Thanks anyway! I wrote it up in about a day.

>> No.29375556

>Warp Lance

Nids tap into the Hivemind and unleashes a blast of PURE WARP ENERGY!

There is also the Shadow in the Warp that proves that the Hivemind is a Warp phenomenon.

>> No.29375620

So were warriors unchanged? I was so looking forward to an all warrior army :(

>> No.29375649

still no pdf ?

>> No.29375784

They were made worse. The close combat weapons no longer stack bonuses, and they can't get a mycetic spore to get there in. Shooting with them is pretty much unchanged: bad.

The sad fact is, that's one of the lesser nerfs.

>> No.29376350


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