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Dark Heresy homebrew character path:

I wrote this up and showed you once before and basically the feedback was that it was too underpowered and lacked the feel it needed.

Well I've beefed it up some, and given it a lot of thought and based the level ups on commissar Gaunt, Cain, Holt, Hark and Yarrik and balanced them out by only giving them options available to other career paths of the same level and giving him a bunch of +10 options, but only a handful of +20 options.

Tell me what you think, I would really appreciate some feedback guys.

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I'll be bumping with some 40k art.

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>muh speshul snoflak 40k edition
>massive used twice in one entry

top lel

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go winge to the people who made it, I just thought I was a cool picture

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If it makes a difference, he's a Forge World character. All that its cooped directly from his entry.

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looks like a word bearer more than anything else

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That's because he's an Exorcist. Moreover, after saving an inquisitors life, he got the same hexagrammic warding that grey knights have on top of the usual runic warding that Exorcists are into.

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I think you should base your Commissar on Chris Chan instead.

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>Chris Chan

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He's joshing you.

I do have a question though. Why a commissar in Dark Heresy? Isn't that more of an only war thing? If not, how far off is the only war character for cribbing?

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While Commissars appear in Only war, the settout for Dark heresy is very different, and in my opinion different to warrant a different character path.

A friend of mine in our group is playing a guardman who's goal is to become a commissar. His back story is basically that he was under the command of a insane commissar who he shot in order to save his squad.

Sentenced to death his file was pulled and all trace of him in the system was erased.

Awaiting death he spoke to disguised prison guard, an acolyte of an inquisitor who had been looking into this commissar and had come to the same conclusion the guardsman.

The acolyte wanted some muscle underneath him, and the Guardsman wanted to live.

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