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You are playing D&D and you loot this.

>wat do?

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Speak to arrows I guess.

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>speak with arrows
>carry around a long speech for use in combat
>clouds of arrows just fly out of my mouth
>enemies are felled
>never need to carry a bow again

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That's an, uh, pretty unique ability. Do arrows even have anything interesting to say? They seem like they might be kind of singleminded...

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For one thing, they are all hetrosexual. You can tell what sex they are by the fletchings.

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What if the arrow is a bolt, and the fletching is made of wood?

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Sounds about right, they all look completly straight.

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Bolts are to arrows what space marines are to humans. It's only natural that their sexual parts have become... atrophied(?)

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Does that mean "hello arrow how are you" or "*vwip* *thwock* the arrow shouts 'HELLO'"

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Alright, to make this thread not shit:
The first result is the only thing you're allowed to take into battle with the BBEG. How fucked are you?

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>Distant Ring Mail of Rulership and Lust
Either I am very fucked or the BBEG is very fucked. Probably both, but I win.

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>Acidic Pyramid of Mystical Kindness Circles


>> No.29337760

>Ultimate Shield


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>tfw you find out arrows are the weapon equivalent of the "throw the ball throw the ball throw the ball THROWTHEBALLTHROWTHEBALL~" dog

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>not superior monster generator

What do YOU have to fight, /tg/?

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>Crazed Fletcher's Pyramid of Thought Walls
So I can... erect walls within his psyche? Useful. No direct damage, but I can give him a grand mal seizure and kill him while he's spazzing out.
>Cerebral Blinder
I think my spell will be double-useful here.

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>Berserkers' Belt of the Lordly Fletcher

I'm surprisingly cool with this

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"Hey there! I seem to have landed right in your leg here. Looks kind of painful. Listen, my wife is still back in that quiver, mind getting me back to her? It looks pretty dangerous out here."

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>Bullet of the Calling of Cat Seduction
all the pussy are belong to me

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I know, right?

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"The orcs in the back shoot a volley of arrows at you with their longbows."
"I roll to intimidate the arrows. 29."
"The arrows are scared witless of your tirade and avert their paths to avoid further provoking you."

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But this implies arrows sentient or not can alter their own path. If an Ogre threw you at a teammate could you avert your path to avoid them?

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>Dire Portable Tower Shield

What's that? No, go ahead. Fight him. I'll be right here.

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Blowgun of Elf Slaying

Depends on if my enemy is an elf and I can hit the spry little bastard. Did I just get /tg/'s ultimate weapon?

Also how the fuck does the Greater Vorpal Medicine of Blood Hail even work? That just sounds ridiculous.

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Well, obviously, sentient arrows can move their fletching to change their course. What's the point of being self-aware if you can't affect yourself?

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>Greater Vorpal Medicine of Blood Hail
This medication allows you to create razor sharp throwing blades by freezing your blood.

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It is implied that they can communicate through magic, nothing tells us they can alter their "anatomy".

It's like paraplegic people, except they are way easier to use as portable lethal projectiles.

>Blasphemous buckler
Might be tiresome if you have the ability "speak with bucklers"

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I want magical smack talking arrows with Portal Turret voices.
*thunk* Goodbye

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>way easier to use as portable lethal projectiles
Someone hasn't played a Hulking Hurler.

>> No.29338885

The actual reason I suggested that as a use for that ability is just because I thought it sounded amusing, FYI.
Like the cartoon bullets in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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I would go nuts hearing the horrid screams of shafts lost to the war effort.

"Tell my wife I love heeeeeeer!"
"I always wanted to be a crossbow boooooolt!"
"I never saw the Allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllps!"

Truly a sad existence.

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It depends on what the mean by "With." Do I have the ability to converse with arrows, or when I open my mouth to speak does a torrential stream of arrows just burst forth from my mouth?

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A-and the actual reason I responded is because I wanted to tell a lame joke...

>> No.29338973

Happy Annihilator's Gauntlet of Flesh Storm


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>ability to converse with arrows
What is intended
>when I open my mouth to speak does a torrential stream of arrows just burst forth from my mouth
How my DM and I would choose to interpret it.

>> No.29339021

Fair enough

>Bola of Accursed Lineage Beam
So, let's see... a bola whose cord, after being thrown, transforms into a beam of energy that, rather than causing any more damage than the bola would do by itself, just curses the BBEG's future children with... I dunno, birth defects, or something. Not terribly useful to me, especially assuming we're looking to kill the King Shithead right here and now.

>> No.29339026

>How my DM and I would choose to interpret it.
This is how I would interpret it as well.

Time to take up a career in politics.

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How is that medicine? Woudn't that be a potion of blood freezing vorpal blade transformation?

>> No.29339108

>Blowgun of Elf Slaying

Why is it shaped like a dwarf's penis?

>> No.29339117

>undead's knife of crazed ladies
...uh what?

>> No.29339130

It doesn't even have to be that. It could be that the arrows you shoot convey meaning and metaphor as you decide.

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Nono, I meant that that's obviously an item from a Donjon generator, and knowing the different parts used in their magic item generator, that is what is intended.

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Bloodstained Master-sleeper
Brinethunder Ruler
Crocodile Slime
Custodian Wave
Cyclops Tracker
Emberaxe Tearer
Evil Raven
Executioner Piercer
Illuminated Reptile
Imp Horse
Infernal Minion Keeper
Masked Witch
Merciless Rider
Ochre Vivisector
Primal Man
Purple Lynx
Raging Maw
Rust Wisp
Sacred Pudding
Vinelump Emperess
Warp Roc

How fucked are we?

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That's the blowgun of Elfs Laying your thinking of.

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Agile Priestess' Drink

I'm not sure I'm comfortable where this is going.
Just kidding, this is /tg/ after all.

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>Caster's Sword of Energy Disks
cuttan niggas in half with ma energy disks

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Here are some I got

>Assassin Choker
>Hag Devourer
>Rotcarrion Elemental
>Screaming Cube
>Secret Warrior-creamator
>Emperor Person
>Returned Fungus-strangler
>Spell Yeti
>Golem Ghast
>Infernal Scare Mammoth
>Kitten Warlock
>Secret Undead
>Weird Gorilla
>Thought Strider
>Illuminated Golem Jelly

They all sound awesome.

>> No.29339416

Demonic Giant Longsword of Lava Shields

>very wepoun

>> No.29339419

Death of the Author, fucker.

>> No.29339431

>The first result
>Brew of Platinum Absorbtion

>How screwed are you

Depends. If the BBEG is made of, uses, or his plot hinges upon platinum, I'm good. If not, I'm boned.

>> No.29339435


>Spell Yeti
>Kitten Warlock
>Weird Gorilla

My next group of villains is almost complete.

>> No.29339437

>War-axe of Timelessness and Hunger
me like. me like.

>> No.29339438

Songrainbow Empress

.. I'm weirdly okay with this.

>> No.29339444

I'm sorry, but please keep your Dota to /v/ kay?

>> No.29339447

someone else uses donjon! i'm not alone!

>> No.29339462

>Immovable Banded Mail
I'm pretty fucked.

>> No.29339499

>so lava
>such weapon

>> No.29339503

>Animated Utensil of the Cunning Defender

It's ALIVE! And it cuts through my enemies like a knife through hot butter!

>> No.29339504

>Beaver Slaughterer
Is it a beaver killing creature or a beaver that kills?
Either way I'm scared.

>> No.29339518


It slaughters beaver.

If you know what I mean...

>> No.29339531

Protect your beaver, son.

>> No.29339538

>Ultimate Beaters' Cube

Aw yiss

>> No.29339540

>Unholy Mold
>Final Otter
>Octopus Choker
>Emperor Person

I have to fight an unholy mold, a "sporewhip", the last otter on earth, someone or something that chokes octopi, and an emperor person.

I have my work cut out for me.

>> No.29339561

>Whip Elemental
Welcome to /d/ kiddos.

>> No.29339577

>Child Pudding
What? Ewwwww....

>> No.29339586


Let's see if I can complete it with some more choice picks.

>Grasper Toad
>Soil Octopus
>Triumphant Thing
>Cosmic Death Butterfly
>Southern Shocker
>Emperess Dog
>Grand Jaguar
>Memory Barracuda
>Rainbow Emerald Porcupine
>Squealing Trunk
>Pup Lich
>Rope Slime
>Slaughter Bee
>Squealing Eel
>Unholy Dirt Elemental
>Crazed Vivisector
>Bug Cheeta
>War Owl
>Water Whale

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Emperor person showed up two times?

It's a sign.

>> No.29339609

>Emperor Hell Crab
This is going straight into my next campaign.

>> No.29339690

>Wounding Person
So what exactly does this imply?

>> No.29339692


>>Pup Lich

You found a way you magnificent bastard.

>> No.29339745

>Ancient Carrion Dijinn
A member of a tribe of lesser-known spirits. Unlike their grander, more refined counterparts who favor lamps and luxury, they prefer to take up residence in old and abandoned things, typically former mementos cast off and forgotten. Although they possess the ability to realize wishes, they demand payment in the form of human blood. Upfront.
>Assasin Caster
An agent of the Circle of Witches, fast and formidable. Although their magical training is limited, they make great use of a small variety of practical spells. Those who are not blinded by their magic are soon after silenced by their blades.
>Beast Creeper
A creature of the wilds who prefers the company of dark. Solitary creatures, they tend to keep to themselves, but will lash out violently at anyone who disturbs their territory. Unless they are hunting and hungry, keeping your distance will typically ensure your safety, as they do not look for trouble.
>Beasttooth Manipulator
One of a heretical caste of druids, long since banished from the Forest of Birth. Living off the land has left these spell-casters lean and practiced at survival. Combined with their ability to brainwash the local plant and animal life into their service, anyone expecting an easy battle will be sorely disappointed.

>> No.29339758

>Bent Drowner
A breed of water wraith resembling a young woman in flowing nightgown and long black hair obscuring her face. Typically encountered in the dead of night, they appear with their back to their prey, leaning over as if washing their face in the water. Should anyone be foolish enough to approach, the drowner will turn and reveal its hideous face, and drag it victim beneath the surface of the water.
>Black Cat
A common feline, rumored to be unlucky. At a glance it offers nothing particularly noteworthy, but one wonders how a simple housepet managed to get so far within the ruins unscathed...
>Bloody Dreamer-chopper
A shaman of the people of the swamp. Nervous and fidgety, they come out only at night to relieve the necks of sleeping adventurers the weight of their heads. Believing the head to be the wellspring of thought and dreams, the skulls are collected and used in various rituals.
>Chromatic Whip Digger
A thief of the elusive Rainbow Brand. Color-coordinated according to role and rank, a simple glance at the sash at their shoulder will tell you everything you need to know. Eschewing knives, they prefer whips and shovels, and always travel in pairs.
An enchanted piece of luggage cast off by magicians unknown. Although sedentary and harmless if left alone, attempting to open it will trigger a summoning spell raining fiery meteorites from the heavens. Currently considered a newer breed of mimic, though it lacks the mother-species' penchant for inherent hostility.
>Crystal Hedgehog
A crystal carved animal granted a will of its own. One of the many creations of Geoffrey the Great, who filled an entire menagerie with such sparkling beasts. Although small, it's hide fetches quite a price, but anyone who touches it without the proper protection will find themselves pierced by its crystal quills.

>> No.29339787

>Doppleganger Shadow
A malignant spirit born of regrets and lamentations. A hunter by nature, they have been known to stalk their prey for days, learning their nuances and inclinations, before assuming their form and murdering them in their sleep. A fully "Matured" creature is capable of perfectly assimilating to the life of their victim, and it is unknown how many currently walk among the populace.
>Final Scorpion
The very last scorpion left alive after the great purge. Considered an endangered species, its life has been placed under government protection. Although easily killed with the sole of one's boot, the accompanying guards will prove more of a challenge.
>Flamespell Disenchanter
An anti-magic device created and employed by the Circle of Witches. Fire magic is among the most wild and uncontrollable of schools of enchantment, and thus safety protocols were installed to ensure the safety of the practitioners. Although typically found around school grounds and related installations, older models have been known to crop up in junkyards, shorting out and actively seeking fire magic to interrupt.
>Half Cyclops
A disabled beast hailing from the wildlands, where its tribes still do battle. Stripped of his mobility but refused the leniency of death, this brute has fastened together a crude wheelchair to unable it to move about. Although considerably faster than it's hulking, fully-legged cousins, it is easily tripped up and does not do so well around stairs. Leaving a few copper coins in his cup is customary for clerics and visiting saints.
>Hellshred Mouther
A diabolical spirit born from lies and proclamations of hate. Unlike many of their brethren, they live quite openly in human society, typically within the mouth of one whose speech strikes an accord with them. There residing, they steal the voices of their hosts and speak for them, and upon forceful removal will attempt to tear their throats out.

Finished for now.

>> No.29339798

>Angry Ghost's Chain Mail

Depending on the ghost I might be totally ok

>> No.29339808

>Emperor Hell Crab

That sounds amazing

>> No.29339827


Indeed. He would be amazing.

>> No.29339847

The question is if he would be a humanoid Emperor of the Hell Crabs or just a giant beast that's called the emperor hell crab

>> No.29339858


It says WITH arrows, not TO arrows.

So you can agree to talk with someone, and when you open your mouth to respond -- BOOM -- an arrow hits them.

>> No.29339870

Emperor Hell Crab makes me think of some kind of classification, like Emperor penguin.

In my mind's eye it'd be a spectacularly large crab with a legendarily sour temperament towards adventurers found mistaking it shell for a modest island.

>> No.29339880

>Arch-angels' Pyramid of Ghost Seduction
I... I don't know...

>> No.29339898

The Emperor Hell Crab would need to have some kind demon abilities to really live up to it's name, a giant crab with an obsidian looking shell shooting fire from it's mouth would really live up to it's name.

>> No.29339938


I imagine a gigantic crab whose carapace smoulders with Hellfire and whose hot touch and demon breath burns foes to ash.

>> No.29339961


Especially if it has like a small goblin fishing village that worships it as a god

>> No.29339967

Let's settle this
>Emperor Hell Crab
>Giant species of crab born from deep sea regions with high volcanic activity
>Adults tend to live just off-shore, their considerable lifespans ensuring they come to house an entire ecosystem on their backs. While stationary they are often mistaken for small islands
>Once angered, they will bring to bear the full brunt of their fury. Their enormous obsidian claws are capable of crushing steel, and they breathe volcanic ash and fire from their mouths
>Have been known to take exception to French chefs

>> No.29339970

>Banded Mail of Marvelous Ruby Blast

I let the villain strike me, then watch as his torso disappears in a shower of crimson. Then I loot the body!

>> No.29340006

They should totally be inhabited by primitive races that offer it sacrifices to appease it/for a better harvest/punishment/etc

>> No.29340020

>use 7th Sanctum book generator along with a dice roller
"The Mating Habits of Yetis"
This book is all but impossible to understand because of having an author that was apparently suffering from mental illness. A talented person may be able to derive some understanding from the book and find it is reasonably useful. After a quick examination, one will find that the ideas within are very original.
Examining the book, one will find: Some document listing supplies in incoherent writing can be found stuck halfphazardly into the book, and seem to be partially-related to the book's subject.

I'm keeping this one for my players

>> No.29340028

I think so too.
>You have angered the Emperor Hell Crab! Six goblins with their shaman appear from the jungle on its back with blowdarts and spears.

>> No.29340046

Or something like

>"Insult shaman they did! Feed the outsiders to the land mouth!"

>> No.29340057

>Buckler of Ultimate Flesh Lance

Strap that puppy on and hit the red light district. I'd say I'm very fucked.

>> No.29340065

>I'd say I'm very fucked.
I'd say everyone else is

>> No.29340084


You don't seem to understand how the Carlos thing works man. Maybe go take a breather? Seen a couple similar post in active threads so if it is you, go work on this and stop shitting up the board okay?

>> No.29340088

>Chakram of Arch-angel Summoning
Prepare your BMX.

>> No.29340186

Carlos only makes funny jokes.

Vicious Crusher's Quilted Armor
He likes the feel of silk when he is viciously crushing.

Slayer's Chain-mail of Barbarians.
Seeing as it's made out of fucking barbarians I assume it's quite deadly.

Scythe of the Marvelous Glamour of Kill Killer
I don't know but it sounds dangerous.

>> No.29340979

>Adamantine Bar

Pretty good by the looks of it

>> No.29341022

>Animated shurikan
Pretty fucked, BBEGs don't give a fuck about 1.5 inch knife wounds.

>> No.29341050

>Dwarven Lizard's Buckler of Monstrous Lust Lance
Fucking dragon dildos.

>> No.29341087

>Ancient Ogres' Mechanism of Crystal Negation

Uhh... pretty fucked unless BBEG is a crystal, I guess...

>> No.29341099

>Masked Grasp
>if you know what I mean

>> No.29344727

Brew of Crystal Transformation

I turn into crystal? Hope he doesnt use sonics

>> No.29344844

Instant Saber of the Barbaric Undertaker


What the hell is an Instant Saber?

>> No.29344860

>fire the arrow up into the distance/sky
>retrieve arrow
>apologize and ask nicely what it saw
Easy scouting.

>> No.29344918

Barbaric Canines' Drink of Telepathy Transformation

So it's gonna be one of those 'Battle inside your head' things?

>> No.29344960


You'll be invincible against laser beams!

Everyone in the future uses laser beams.

(Except Cobra. Watch out for that guy. He's an asshole)

>> No.29345304

Alright, I am clad in a:
>Cursed Golden Chain Mail of Muck Balls
Wielding a:
>Ultimate Spined Buckler of Bone and Flaying
>Unknowable Consumer's Dirk
Adorned with:
>Amulet of Call Wyrm
>Angels' Hat
>Sandals of Fortification Deflection

I face a Legendary Creature, a:
>Shadowy Thief-drowner; This monster is the incarnation of a living person's misery. It looks like an ape bent into the form a ferret. It is hairless with white skin. Near it, all sound seems muted.

...How'd I do?

>> No.29345327

How the fuck do you remember all of these items straight from the books?

>> No.29345352

>It looks like an ape bent into the form a ferret. It is hairless with white skin. Near it, all sound seems muted.
Well, that's a forgotten beast alright.

>> No.29345399

Dude, there were two random Generators posted, and those have links to MORE Generators...

I just copypasta'd!

It fit well enough, I used the Monster Name Generator for a name and the Legendary Monster Generator for the description.

>> No.29345412

>Endless Acidic Hatchet of the Soldier's Casting of Nondetection
confused, does this mean I have a never ending hatchet made of acid.

>> No.29345486

...I think it means you have an undetectable Hatchet that's constantly dripping Acid...

>> No.29345729

>Warp Roc
Oh, fuckberries.

>> No.29345920

>Instant Saber
Folds into a pocket-sized hilt when not in use
>of the Barbaric Undertaker
Bonuses against lawful-aligned and undead creatures.

>> No.29345989

>Amulet of Resurrection and Slyness
Shit, that's like two aces in one.

Easy. Remember that guy in SSB that always played Donkey Kong, grabbed you then jumped off the ledge with both of you?

>> No.29346484

>Cyclops Tracker
He only has one eye. We are still safe guys!

>> No.29346546

But his one eye... CAN SEE EVERYTHING!!!

>> No.29346578

*twang!* WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... *tchlok*

>> No.29346620

Not scents.

>> No.29346637

>Ancestral Bullet of the Exorcism of Glibness Transformation


Also, I can shut down them fucking overdescriptive Mary Sues too.

>> No.29346697

>Kraken Hornet
>Behemoth Breeder
>Minionslick Succubus

Nope. Nope. Noooope.

>> No.29346752

>Worldly Thundering Two-handed Sword of the Barbaric Thinkers' Spell of Viciousness
My god, it's beautiful.

>> No.29346798

He can even see the sailboat!

>> No.29346955

>Devil Titan
>Glass Eel
>Gravehook Bane
>Holy Toad
>Illusionary Weird-shatterer
>Inescapable Crow
>Island Lurker
>Orb Shambler
So far so good...
>Penta Thief Stealer
>Profane Thief-swarm
>Ram Lurker
>Raven Blood Monster
please no
>Ressurected Quipper-twister
>Rust Burn Haunter
(When I first read this, I thought it said "Rust Bum Haunter". Now there's a monster to be terrified of.)
>Scare Spectator
>Sedge Harpy
>Shrinecharge Orb
>Soul Raven
>Spectre Stunner
>Unknown Vine Blaster
>Red Octopus
Alright, I can work with this...
>White Retriever-woman
furries pls

>> No.29347032

>Sagely Archmagi' Medication

Okay, sounds easy enough. Call up the local Archmage and tell the old bastard that if he wants his heart meds he needs to come crush this villain for me. Kinda dickish though. Maybe bake him a cake later or something.

>> No.29350419

>Innocent Thinkers' Shield
This one is kind of tricky to use, as it will only protect you from threats you aren't aware of, but because it's still a shield you also need to have it between you and whatever is dangerous to you. Maybe the best place to keep it is on your back...

>> No.29353387

It's like Metal Gear: D&D Edition.

>> No.29353456 [SPOILER] 

>>Raven Blood Monster
Relax, Anon. All it wants is gifts.

>> No.29354016

Accursed Pants of Deflect Bone... Shit, I bet the curse is that I can't take the pants off and therefore I can never pop a boner.

>> No.29354067

A... Baboon Gorilla? I don't... Uh... I can maybe beat it?

>> No.29358036

Celestial Cube of the Celestial Chant of the Serene Dwarves

So, a shiny cube of crystal and metal that emanates Gregorian chanting. Sounds like a cool mantlepiece topper.

>> No.29358110

>Automaton of the Evocation of Lava Conjuration
Go, Charizard!

>> No.29358908

>Wizard's Tower Shield of the Defender's Sorcery of Desire

I... um... wut.

>> No.29358974

It's a condom?

>> No.29359566


>>get ghost army
>>use ghost army
>>get fucked up by pissed archangel

>> No.29361440

>Infernal Caretakers' Banded Mail
So I'm a demonic daycare center employee, nice.

>> No.29362257

I think I'll be alright.

>> No.29362269

>blasphemous animate rapier
>carrying cursed items on your person

>> No.29362286

Archers' Dagger of the Conjuration of Ice Conjuration
Cool, I guess?

>> No.29362295

>Felines' Bola of Arch-angel Seduction
Honorable mention: Ethereal Berserkers' Cube of the Glorious Exorcism of Sharpness

>> No.29365572

>Unholy Monster's Bola of Kraken Summoning

I honestly don't know...

>> No.29365675


>Kitten Warlock

too unnoticable we are all fucked. its rubbing af ainst your leg and secretly cursing you. its purring is it casting insanity on the one petting it

>> No.29366199

>>when I open my mouth to speak does a torrential stream of arrows just burst forth from my mouth

>> No.29366277


>Kingly Viper's Hatchet of Absorbs Thieving

What does this fucking hatchet even do?

>> No.29366331

>Banded Mail of Fish Killing
Well shit.

>Airvomit Lamprey
Or maybe not?

>> No.29366355

>Celestial Hammer

>> No.29366376

>Humans' Bullet
uhh, do I get a gun for this?


>> No.29366387

>Unholy Screamer's Dirk of the Exorcism of Transform Knives

>> No.29366416

>Saintly Gold Automation

>> No.29366509

>Animated Utensil

So, uh, that's swell, I guess.

Kinda feel like I got the gag prize, here.

>> No.29366711

Armed with only my trusty
>Sphere of Alter Trickery
and the powerful item left to me by my fallen family
>Divine Blue Tower Shield of the Specter

I journey to defeat the all-powerful
>Unthinkable Blow Thief
>This mysterious being comes from another world. Its left side is that of a dragonfly while its right side is that of a rat.
and his army of
>Night Shadows From The Mad Sphere

farewell /tg/

>> No.29366734


> I used to be an adventurer like you...

>> No.29367922

>Unjust Questers' Throwing Axe of Celestial Courage Beam
>Inescapable Manipulator-fungus
I'm... not quite sure how this will play out?


>> No.29371164

>Lesser men speak with words. I speak... WITH ARROWS!!!

There were no survivors.

>> No.29373689

>Ancient Dragons' Mechanism
What does this do? wideeyes.jpg
>Chimera Torturer

>> No.29374919

>armguard of conjure diamond
welp, I've just retired

>> No.29379245

>Burning Blowgun of the Insect

I'm gonna spit flaming mantises at EVERYONE.

>> No.29379575


>Adamantine Voluge


>Black Brute


Guess we got a dead nigger on our hands.

>> No.29379815

Slay dragons. ...Nobody?

>"Arrow!" said the bowman. "Black arrow! I have saved you to the last. You have never failed me and always I have recovered you. I had you from my father and he from of old. If ever you came from the forges of the true king under the Mountain, go now and speed well!"

>> No.29379850


And of course it eats my image.

>> No.29379901

>Dwarf's Cube

>> No.29379904

>Sadistic Amazons' Claymore of Conjure Strength

not bad.

>> No.29380204

>Amulet of the Ceremony of Magma Conjuration
Hah! This will be easy!

>> No.29380441

Angry Goblins' Tool of the Curse of Hatefulness

>> No.29380515

>Throwing Knife of the Perfect Spell of Lightning
Oh jesus I hope I don't miss.

>> No.29380622

>Elemental Ladies' Throwing Axe
So... what? What does that even mean? Was this the axe of some chick who had a theme going? Does it open a portal to the Elemental Plane of Women?

>> No.29382828

>Elemental Plane of Women?

I once got lost in the Swamps of Vulva. So moist, so deadly.

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