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How come werewolf never got the love vampire does? They are superior in every way so you think more people would like it

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Because Bela Lugosi never played a Werewolf in a Stage Play and a Movie adapted from a best selling novel

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Werewolf looks stupid, is hairy, stinks, while the Prince of Darkness will suck your cock or vice-versa...

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Not dapper enough.

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>They are superior in every way

Dracula could turn into a wolf.

What now?

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Because furries.

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Actually it was just a wolf instead of berserking rage engine, but that's irrelevant.

That daylight thing on the other hand...

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>mindless ravening beast
>suave aristocratic immortal
Really now.

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But we got Lon Chaney, Jr. instead

Some might say thats better

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Not sexy

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>Not sexy
>Implying you don't want to be held in them strong furred arms as it carries you

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Sexy vampires died with that sparkling saga called "Sundawn" or something. And furries seem to grow in number each day, so that "unsexy animal" may not be a thing anymore...

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I tend to agree, but could OP maybe elaborate what makes violent beast men better than emo sexual predators?

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/b/ pls leave.

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hate to break it to you, but the things you've been taught are vamps aren't really what they look like, true strigoi are actually pretty fucking hideous, especially when they mature, they grow this disgusting turkey wattle. If anything they look even less human than the wolves do

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Again, werewolves are mindless beasts that tear you apart, not cuddle with you.

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>So on the one hand you've these eternally youthful immortal aristocrat sex machines. With mind control. Downsides: biting, bloodlust, immortality is a double edged sword, so is aristocracy. On the whole the appeal is visible.


>Getting maimed by an exceptionally large fucking wolf in the middle of nowhere and feeling you're lucky to be alive after getting chewed up. Except, from now on, you're going to go fucking homical every 28 days and chew up anyone, so you'd better hang around in the middle of fucking nowhere.

>Also, you'll be hunted like an animal, because you're probably going to be pissing people off with that shit.

Yeah, OP, why would anyone want to be a vampire over a werewolf, huh?

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Some people prefer it that way instead of cuddling and shit...

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I had an idea about werewolves the other day. The premise is that werewolves are feared and hunted because the famous ones can't control their beastial urges and give in to their bloodlust to hunt anything that moves (including people, hence the fear and loathing). The powerful werewolf houses, who CAN control themselves, are in charge of policing the other werewolves, and maybe other quasi-magical beings. I haven't decided how much the general public knows yet.

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Because the internet used to really, really, REALLY hate furries, and some grumpy dicks still do. Meanwhile emos were just sort of pitiful.

Also because vampires are more like fantastic creatures in their own right, whereas werewolves are just people who go insane every once in a while. At least according to usual depictions.

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Werewolves tend to just be, well, a man who can become a giant wolf and is unkillable.

Vampires tend to be magical, seductive, and have a huge array of mysticism built in. There's just generally more you can do with them.

In short, one is 'mindless murder machine', the other is 'suave seductive mystical murder machine'.

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Werewolves are the sexually intimidating macho man. Vampires have potential for the sexually non-threatening limp-wristed faggot.

Werewolves are just some random dude who probably lives rough. Vampires are high-status, social individuals.

AKA women are shit.

Or maybe it's because Dracula makes "seduction" a vaguely vampire trait, while nothing of the sort is there for werewolves; most people don't openly desire the knot.

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Vampires are a fear of the afterlife
Werewolves are a fear of instinct and impulses

Which do you think strikes a bigger chord?

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I wonder as well.
A werewolf can get preggers and enjoy a non-knot, too.
A vampire can't do that.

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>most people don't openly desire the knot.
Recent survey had the number of British women who've had sex with a dog at 3%.

That's between 1-2% more than there are homosexuals.

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Yes, but when you thing vampire you think Dracula, Christopher Lee and Bela Lugosi , yes I know you want to show on an anonymous image board your knwoledge but most people don't care about strigoi.

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manipulation by the Ancients to make people ignore that their true forms are actually just as ugly

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chicks love cats not dogs.

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Do you have the source on that? On the women, I mean, not homosexuals.

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Perhaps, but people in general don't. Hence werewolves have no mass appeal.

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>not Gaycula

What a terrible name

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Wow. More women have sex with dogs than with other women. Bet that makes certain forever-alone lesbians feel like shit. Lesbians get special dispensation to have forever alone feels as they can be pretty damn bro at times and also have to put up with the bullshit involved in dating women.More women would rather have sex with dogs or go gay than have sex with you. Feels bad, man?

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>Werewolves are the sexually intimidating macho man
No they aren't, they are wild beasts bereft of reason and sanity. They aren't life partners, they are axe murderers.

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I'm honestly not suprised here.

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>Except, from now on, you're going to go fucking homical every 28 days and chew up anyone, so you'd better hang around in the middle of fucking nowhere.

I become a woman?

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That's technically inaccurate. The estimate is that 1.5% of the British population is gay.


That includes everyone, not just women. If we're going to look how many women are gay, that percentage is probably a little higher.

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Actually disregard that, I am an idiot. Took a closer look at the stats. Don't look at me.

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I would love to muzzle and chain up my female counterpart once a month. Would be totally awesome.

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That thing must be the murder machine of murder machines

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Kinsey's famous reports had women who've had sex with an animal at 4%. Men at 8%

Of course, Kinsey's reports were heavily biased and inflated in almost every regard and shouldn't be taken seriously, but a more contemporary American study placed the numbers at 2% women, 4% men.

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I tell you this flavor text killed me.

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They're actually lawful good, and getting bitten by one slowly turns even a CE person lawful good.

So, less murder machine, and more productive member of society.

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How pleasing

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Gott strafe England!


Because Dracula was the definitive horror story for almost a century after it was written.

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Strangely enough I'd do the wererat rather than the wolf-girl or barabear.

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fucking lol

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Are there enough bear cards that one could conceivably build a bear deck?

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So in a fantasy world they use werebears instead of prisons for rehabilitation?

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No, because the druids would get uppity about the significant decrease in deer and salmon populations.

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Werewolf police on motorcycles + >>29321907

Powerful old houses of werewolves and relatively new clans who work in law enforcement discover each other and have some links and adventures...

... in motorcycles and fancy cars.

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Half a deck maybe


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Do your werewolves have a problem with daylight or something? 'Cause apart from bullshit modern fiction versions, vampires don't.

On the other hand, there's fairly few differences between vampire and werewolf folklore (look at vrykolakas, for example, are they a werewolf or a vampire?)

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>Ever being superiour to vampires.

>> No.29322362

>Do your werewolves have a problem with daylight or something
They don't
>Cause apart from bullshit modern fiction versions, vampires don't.
They do to some degree, they have no powers (or very weakened) during day light

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This is why I love /tg/. I now have a new idea for prisoner rehabilitation in my games.

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oh screw you, you know exactly what its called. tryin to pull that "i dont even own a tv" shit.

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Oh good lord, yes.

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>Guys trust me I'm an expert on what vampires look like IRL

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Thank you, kind sir!

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Dracula is hairy and stinks as well dude.

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Vampire is goffick faggots.
Werewolf is furries and ecofaggots.
Mage is the sort of cum-guzzling shitter who plays a wizard in 3.X.
Promethean is >tfwnogf losers.
Wraith is like Geist but for nihilist cunts and the kind of fag that plays Vampire.

Geist is a man's game.

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They were usually presented as active at night, but there is no suggestion I can find in a quick trawl through folklore reference materials to them actually being disabled during the day. The nocturnal activity cycle is presumably just the usual 'night is not safe' belief that any culture living next to efficient nocturnal predators like wolves would develop.

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>forgetting rule 34
Its ok, we'll remind you.

>> No.29322500

>suggestion I can find in a quick trawl through folklore reference materials to them actually being disabled during the
No folklore maybe but sunlight does removes Dracula's power in the book

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i like WoD werewolves. magic wolf people that talk to spirits and have insane lack of anger control.

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this thread needs more were-bears

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Dumbest thing to come of DnD. Bears are awful cub murdering sons of bitches

>> No.29322548

This. Is more like when you see girls on facebook saying that they like "skinny boys", but on real life, the strong, ripped dude is the one who gets the most pussy.
It's just a thing to protect the ego, think about the fox and the grapes

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Are you by any chance a deer ?

>> No.29322558

Unless foreign and tries his best to translate back to english.

Not every language has a word for 'twilight'

>> No.29322589

This work?

>> No.29322598

It's some good lore, but Meyer doesn't do it justice.

I like the "not werewolves, just shapechangers" thing. Also Taylor Lautner is fucking sexy.

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Male bears kill cubs to get their mothers to go back into heat. They literally kill babies when they're horny, and baby-killing makes them hornier.

>> No.29322641

I think you are confusing bears with lions

>> No.29322642

Lion too, and they are a symbol of nobility, pride and honor

>> No.29322651

Dracula was just dandy in sunlight. He just lost his powers in it.

>> No.29322655

Right? I live in wyoming and these fuckers get into everything.

>> No.29322674

Humans also used to kill their children. Like when we had kings and shit. Whose to say it didnt make them horny as well?

>> No.29322698

ITT: Nature is nothing but cruelty

>> No.29322701

He lost the power to change shape, from what I recall, apart from once at midday, but I don't remember him losing any other powers (admittedly it's been years since I read Dracula)

>> No.29322702

Bears do it too. "Papa Bear" is the most hilariously ironic phrase we have ever come up with. Bears are really shit dads

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Taylor Lautner is a fucking manlet.

>> No.29322758

Sometimes it's cute

>> No.29322761

I think you guys are looking at this the wrong way. Magic makes anything possible. In most rpgs were-wolves are crazy murdering bastards, whereas in real life wolves are very sociable and communal. Magic makes anything possible.

>> No.29322766

Well, lost -a- power, then.

>> No.29322785

As in, a thing which is a small part of a larger whole and has the quality of manliness?

Yeah, I can see that, I guess...?

>> No.29322800


I'm not sure how WoD does werewolves, but I've always been interested.

I actually like werewolves more then furries, if only because running around the woods at night, wild and free sounds like fun. I dislike the modern world's complexity and crave simplicity whenever I can.

I'd also fuck a wetewolf, but my sexual orientation is so loose at this point it might as well be "Yes please". It's weird because there are loads of animals I'd fuck as well but dogs are totally off the table for me.

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Manlet as in
>The little fella you see at the gym who tries to draw attention away from his short stature by packing on excessive muscle mass (this generally has an effect opposite of that which was intended). Often waddles around like a muscly lil' meatball.

In other words a real dwarf

>> No.29322823

Nature is kawaii :3

>> No.29322832

>more than furries

I actually meant vampires, oh well.

>> No.29322869

Hate to break it to you, but vampires aren't real.

>> No.29322876

>I'm not sure how WoD does werewolves, but I've always been interested.
They fight for nature and talk to spirits. Spirit that can change overtime. For example they have a spirit of glass now

Also they are dying and fighting a losing war but they don't know it

>> No.29322885


Afraid I've never once seen the oft-mentioned 'manlet' in the wild; at this point I'm running under the assumption that it's a fictional creation by individuals trying to make themselves feel better, after having been contrasted against their ideal form.

I.e. "Ya I'm not ripped, but at least I'm not a manlet™"

>> No.29322889

Didn't come out of D&D, really, D&D based their were-bears on the depiction of Beorn in the Hobbit, IIRC

>> No.29322892

Thats the spirit.

>> No.29322924

My manlet detector's going off.
I had a high school biology teacher who was a manlet. Guy was like 5'2 and a bodybuilder.

>> No.29322957


Nope, I've got nothing.

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>mfw Beorn was my favorite character from the hobbit growing up
He is literally ONE OF THE FIVE ARMIES

>> No.29323034

That's not even right
It's "Je suis un ours"

>> No.29323053

By contrast wolves (usually) mate for life and fathers provide just as much care for their cubs as the mother. The alpha couple may kill cubs from other mated pairs, though if food is plentiful they may not care enough to. Painted dogs care for every member of the pack and will go so far as to nurse injured members back to health.

ITT: Cats and bears are assholes, canine master race

>> No.29323075

So are horses. And chimps.

Fuck chimps.

>> No.29323103

Aren't bears canidae to?

>> No.29323113

Fuck yea Beorn!

>> No.29323116

You've hit the nail on the head here.

>> No.29323143

No, they are ursidae, branched off from canidae however many millions of years ago

>> No.29323158

>That daylight thing on the other hand...

What about it? It was an inconvenience for him. That's why he had gypsies.

>> No.29323160

So cousins then?

>> No.29323164

hes the reason i want to play a changing breeds cha in nWod

>> No.29323178

Eiacula it's still better.

>> No.29323198

I never understood the term manlet. So only tall guys are allowed to lift excessively? Sounds like height privilege, anon.

>> No.29323207

It really is a social animal thing. Most cats are solitary, as are most bears.

The male lion only kills cubs when he takes over a new pride, as in, the cubs aren't his. The male lion is actually quite tolerant of his own offspring, though he rarely provides any care beyond protection. Female lions will share the burden of raising each other's cubs, especially females that don't have any of their own.

>> No.29323236

bears, cats, dogs, foxes, hyenas, seals, weasels, etc are all cousins in the same order of mammals. But yes, bears and dogs are relatively close

>> No.29323256

>forgetting the best

>> No.29323263

And foxes are the best

>> No.29323278

Bears are not close to anyone or anything. They will get you given half a chance.

>> No.29323279

Its exactly as >>29322885 said. Short guys often get ripped pretty easily, and a lot of them are self conscious about their height so they become strong instead.
The term "manlet" is attached to these guys because men are intimidated by other men who exhibit masculine qualities. Such as muscle mass. So, tall guys with less muscle mass then these supposed manlets, rationalize that they are still a superior male specimen because of their superior height.

>> No.29323298

Is that Sean Connery?

>> No.29323403

So you are saying that if a male bear wants to NTR another bear, in order to make mama bear a dick begging slut he needs to kill the babies? It's like one of my japanese animes.

>> No.29323404

>tall guys with less muscle mass then these supposed manlets, rationalize that they are still a superior male specimen because of their superior height
They're right though. Many women have great disdain for short men for no other reason than height. There are many more studies like this. Manlets are at a severe disadvantage.

>> No.29323482

This is true, and I'm 6'4''. I have to eat and lift like a motherfucker so I can in two years reach the level a person sorther than me is able reach within 6 months.

With that being said, I would not trade my height for an easier way to pack muscle

>> No.29323504

Yea. James Bond is a were-bear, didn't you know?

>> No.29323509

Yeah, but once you pass 6'2, you start to look too lanky to your female counterparts. 6'0 - 6'2 is the best range

>> No.29323551

He's quite a hairy fellow to be fair. I should have expected that.

>> No.29323554

They're both gay faggotry and you're candy ass arse faggot for like either

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>> No.29323703


Wouldn't Beorn be TN, though?

>> No.29323710

Meh, I'm just glad I'm taller than my girlfriend.

>> No.29323733

To degree to which she wanted his response to be "a good fuck" is unfathomable by mortal minds.

>> No.29323760

What occurs when a werebear is a bara bear?

>> No.29323781


If you ask me, you aimed low.

>> No.29323795

You enter magical realms

>> No.29323820

He grows a beard.

>> No.29323832

Presumably he's a bard, they solve everything by fucking it.

>> No.29323849

>Wake next day covered ins shota, traps, twinks and lumberjack orcs with salmon all over the place with tartar sauce

>> No.29323881

>not a single mention of Lord Hircine

>> No.29323882

Wat? I didn't aim for someone I was taller than, I was just saying I'm glad it turned out that I am indeed taller. Plus, who likes to fuck a woman that is taller than you?

>> No.29323903

Giant fetishists.

>> No.29323930

IT's more of an amazonian fetish. Giant fetish is more actual giantess and above.

>> No.29323931

She aimed for someone taller than her though. Nearly all women do. You would have been denied were you shorter

>> No.29323954


I solve all my real life problems by fucking it.

>> No.29323969

/tg/ and /d/

>> No.29323974

Look at the hat

Of course he is a bard

>> No.29323991

Not necessarily. If there are giant fetishes, then there must be midget fetishes. Or I have other qualities that are attractive. How do you know what she aimed for? ARE YOU HER!!!!

>> No.29324005

>high heels
Both cheating and bonerkilling.

I hate 3DP.
There are shortstack fetishests, yes.

>> No.29324031

>Not liking high heels
You are an extra sort of fag

>> No.29324069


>> No.29324070

They're stupid and impractical.

Bite me comisar.

>> No.29324140


>> No.29324161

Your not even worth the effort of killing

Your that much of a faget

>> No.29324212

Don't care, Comisar Notaste.

>> No.29324217

I think it's mostly because werewolves represent our fear of the wild while vampires represet our fear of ourselves.

>> No.29324226

Missing Bearscape

>> No.29324238

Its ok mr. Fuklaw, this is /tg/ we don't judge mutch

>> No.29324290

The rules of werewolves and vampires were very inconsistent in folklore. Hell, in some stories vampires are the resurrected corpses of werewolves, and sometimes werewolves are witches who dress up in wolf skins. But most of the time they are essentially just synonyms.

>> No.29324408

Lets just say you can get in some REALLY interesting positions all right anon? Makes me wish I was still short...sure it might have been harder but the sex was worth it. Ah yet more stuff to be nostalgic over...

>> No.29324409

>. Hell, in some stories vampires are the resurrected corpses of werewolves
How interesting

>> No.29324516

>there aren't different Bonds as some people think
>there is only Bond in varying states of bear

>> No.29324550

This thread has a disturbing lack of wolf ladies

>> No.29324564

Wasn't it humans, dwarves, elves, goblins, wargs and eagles... Beorn was just there to help out?

>> No.29324589

Because there are no "work safe" wolf ladies pictures to post

Well maybe Horo but she doesn't count

>> No.29324609

you could also post censored versions

or links.

>> No.29324621

I do not want this thread to go on this path.

Four-hundred and four.

>> No.29324648

Don`t try to resist. Just let it happen.

>> No.29324653

We're on /tg/.

It's habbening

>> No.29324657

Vampires are gaining all the spotlight amongst angsty teen girls. Are you a bear enough dude to take the spotlight for yourself?

>> No.29324660


>> No.29324682


Because people cannot play werewolves without them being slavering beasts.

>> No.29324710

I'd go so far as to say the vampire-wolf association in folklore is stronger than the vampire-bat ones. The alternative form is always a some kind of wolf, and the fangs are described as wolf-like. You by contrast rarely find vampires that take on bat forms

>> No.29324724

People play werewolves that way? I was under the impression everyone would play them the "know the person is a werewolf and can control the transformation and wolf form"

>> No.29324750

But she's not attractive. Shes got a man face.

>> No.29324764


>> No.29324802


>> No.29324808

That is how most people play werewolves

>> No.29324809

Where is the fun of censored?

But if you want she wolfs here you go



>> No.29324823

Thats how i would play them but everyone thinks that just because it doesn't have the face of a man it must be a beast.
How about links to some write-faggotry instead? Maybe something a bit like >>29323633

>> No.29324845


>> No.29324884

>Implying you don't want to have rough, violent, primal sex with a werewolf

>> No.29324888

If you make the mods delete glorious wearbear thread early m8s

And just because you didn't want to link to /b/ and just have a thread there

Tell u wot I'm gonna be rump rustled.

I mean, pretty high-tier fetish but time and a place, gents. Though I really wish we would get a /tg/ red board, and no not /d/ they have problems but I'm not going to start a /d/ickgirl /d/ebate in this thread, that'd be almost as bad.

>> No.29324926

mtg innistrad has werewolves like that. mayor of avabruck / howlpack alpha.

>> No.29324964

Actually innistrad werewolves are full on psychopathic killers.

>> No.29324970

Anon knows what he's talking about, but I doubt much of /tg/ will listen to any reason 'cept the reasoning of the voices in their heads, kinda like Deadpool...

However, Aela the Huntress is...well...hawt is an understatement.

>> No.29324991

I agree. I don't find anything sexy about elevating the heel. I mean, it's supposed to make them arch their back to jut out their backside and chest, but it just ends up looking contrived and strange to me.

>pic related. Heel armor is the dumbest.

>> No.29325022

Really cute psychopathic killers

>> No.29325049

That's called "not being a furry."
Like, it's fine with me if you are, not judging, but not everyone's like that.

>> No.29325062

>implying turkey wattle is not sexy

>> No.29325096

The best kind of killers

>> No.29325124

No it didn't. That was a case of the Mayor of Avabruck having turned but doing everything he could to hide his affliction and deny his true nature.

Eventually, the cathedral in the middle of town which supplied the holy wards snapped. He snapped, went wolfmode, and sparked the panic and chaos necessary for the Mondronen Howlpack to savage the town and violently murder it's civilians. They occupied the town for a week before enacting a ritual of sanguimancy at the cathedral to level the town from the inside, creating a solitary ring of preserved buildings around a ruined center. All rescue attempts failed, and IIRC there were no survivors.

Now it's called Hollowhenge for that singular ring of quiet buildings, and angry ghosts, wild beasts, and stranger things still have begun to move in.

Holy fuck I want to play an Innistrad campaign so badly, does anyone have a system that would work?

>> No.29325126

Not all of them IIRC. The Wolfir were like awakened werewolves or something and a few of the standard werewolves had some level of intelligence.

>> No.29325130

Dumb bitch wants to damn her soul to Hircine and become his plaything in some eternal hunt, that's her business. I'm not going to forsake Ysgramor's ideals that the Companions were founded on- I'll go to Sovngarde after I die a glorious death on the battlefield.

>> No.29325144

>They are superior in every way so you think more people would like it
Well at least your argument is objective.

>> No.29325169

That's only after Avacyn came in and decided to break all the horror elements of the setting

>> No.29325173

It could just be really rough femdom.
The wolfir didn't even exist until AVR happened. And none has any actual intelligence, the closest thing was some accepting what they were and just going with it.

>> No.29325184 [SPOILER] 

Can children be lycanthropes?

Can they become werepuppies?

>> No.29325199

I don't see why not.

>> No.29325204

Actually there's just a lack of them in general.

>Huehuehue e621 etc
No really. It's outright disappointing. For every one there's 100 male ones filling in the traditional werewolf stereotypes.

Way more female vampires. Too bad I don't give a shit about them.

>> No.29325244

Yes they can.

The DM is still a dick for facing you off against a litter of them, though.

>> No.29325267

See of it like this

As a Vampire you can't fuck anyone because your dick is not working

Werewolf? You can still fuck as a human, and with any luck maybe even in beast form (also possible increased libido and sex drive)

Plus the full moon is only out once a month so you can enjoy both the day and night all year around (minus the full moon nights)

>> No.29325281

Who said they were aggressive?

>> No.29325307

>DM sends you fighting against werepuppies
What kind of cruel monster is your DM?

>> No.29325316

A what will you do in Sovngarde? Fight endlessly in battle? What difference is that from the eternal hunt?

>> No.29325322

Even the strays need adopting.

Spay and neuter your werewolves, people. Control the savage beast population.

>> No.29325334

Well, it depends on the setting I guess. In most modern writings a vampire can usually blend into human society (living amongst the shadows of modern cities) or is self-sufficient enough to live on their own without great comfort. Either way, they're usually portrayed as powerful and manipulative enough to create a luxurious lifestyle for themselves, beyond what a normal person could easily create. Furthermore, there are the sexual overtones of their preferred sustenance.

In contrast, a werewold is usually a social pariah whose condition precludes any sort of societal contact or manipulation. They live alone in the forest or in tribes of their newfound kin. They have no nations or organizations of their own, and they completely lose themselves every month, if not more often. That's a pretty raw deal, man.

>> No.29325344

No different from the classic orc babies scenario.

It means the DM really really wants certain party members to leave.

>> No.29325375

>You suffer 1 Sanity damage from sleep deprivation.

>> No.29325392

You will become part of time and get nothing, Dragonborn. Assuming time is still a thing when the next game comes about. Fucking Thalmor.

Also assuming you don't become Herma Mora's plaything and have fun with magic tentacles for the rest of your existence.

Not quite "break" all of them (pic related), just suppress them like she's done since Sorin made her. Humans had been around for thousands and thousands of years before she existed, and in fact the only real reason she was required was Sorin's dickass alchemist uncle who made a pact with a demon. Vampires tipped the balance of humans being born to humans being eaten ever so slightly and it would've caused eventual apocalypse. Avacyn was created to restore that balance, although she also created a mild problem in that much of Dark Ascension's human troubles were apparently caused by being overdependent on her solving problems. People huddling in now unhallowed cathedrals for protection, knights spending hours applying holy magics which were fast becoming useless, and the common people rioting en-masse and utterly losing faith in their government due to their ties to the church.

>> No.29325396

Several versions of vampires still have working sexual organs, they're just sterile. Werewolves spread the curse like an STD. Technically vampires do too, but more in the reusing dirty needles sense

>> No.29325424


didn't he have like 5 litters? browolf prob got nasty every night till he had kids

>> No.29325467

The blood calls, brother...

>> No.29325515

Its not like the companions have changed dickloads over the centuries and being anything from sellswords to bandits. What's a little Daedra worship at that point?

>> No.29325525

I think it's even simpler than this.

Would you rather be
>Undead, as in not living, as in nothing can happen without necrophilia , and having the impulse to kill 24/7
>Perfectly normal with heightened senses 95% of the time, impulse to kill is occasional and scheduled

One is living hell 24/7
The other sounds like minor drug abuse

I don't want either, but if you were forced then the choice is obvious.

>> No.29325537

>Several versions of vampires still have working sexual organs, they're just sterile
Well now

Thats news to me
>Werewolves spread the curse like an STD
That to

>> No.29325601

>Fucking Thalmor

Fucking Thalmor!

>> No.29325614

>As a Vampire you can't fuck anyone because your dick is not working
Uh, what vampire lore are you talking about? Most vampires are capable of sex. I think the only place vampires can't have sex is in the John Steakley novel.

>> No.29325626

I'd also add that another big part of why the Dark Ascension was so grim was that Sorin brought a lot of white mana to bear when he created Avacyn, which it has been stated caused a large chunk of the plane's white mana to manifest as yet more angels, which caused more of the plane's black mana to manifest as demons as Innistrad tried to re-balance itself once again.

But then Avacyn disappeared, the angels started permadying and losing hope, and a huge vacuum of power was created that the demons rushed to fill.

The Wolfir are noble savages taken to an extreme. More than animalistic but worthy in the eyes of god, actual half animals blessed by THE angel herself.

>> No.29325637

Are you telling me you wouldn't.....with her?
Not even once?

>> No.29325657

>what vampire lore are you talking about
All of them

But mostly Dracula and Vampire the Masquerade (ok you could have sex but only few could because something was needed)

>> No.29325671

VtM vamps were capable of intercourse by filling the appropriate organ with blood. It was not particularly pleasurable, but it worked. Several universes have non-sterile vamps that can produce half-breeds, like Vampire Hunter D or Twilight.

Werewolf STDs I just made up for a homebrew, I'll give you that. You can usually at least get it from a parent in vanilla settings, so it's sorta STD like

>> No.29325694

Several versions of vampires could have children with humans in folklore. In fact, it was fairly common in eastern europe for scammers to claim to be half-vampires, or dampirs, then fake a campire attack, charge an insane amount of money to save the town, lock himself into a room alone and throw furniture around for a while and then claim to have killed the vampire and leave.

>> No.29325695

You can have sex in Masquerade. And I don't remember them ever saying Dracula couldn't have sex.

>> No.29325756

>You can usually at least get it from a parent in vanilla settings, so it's sorta STD like

that just makes >>29325322
even more important. Now would the "dog" catcher be the hero or the BBEG?

>> No.29325761

>rule 34

>> No.29325765 [SPOILER] 

>License, registration, and proof of insurance, please.

>> No.29325804

Oh, don't get me wrong.
My Nordbarian would give her the futadick for days until they both forgot how to think about thinkings, but she's mostly just an abrasive bitch that basically mocked my Dragonborn to her face for not continuing to want to fellate Hircine's ego.

That, and she sees the use of those powers as a sign of weakness- That one cannot achieve such strength or ferocity on their own terms.

>> No.29325807


You'd have thought after years being on 4chan I'd have learnt by now, but holy shit that image made me rage.

>> No.29325870

>Therapist supports it

How much are you willing to be that she's a you know what?

>> No.29325877

A werewolf?

>> No.29325894

Oh you.

>> No.29325900

>DM sends you to fight children.
>What kind of monster is your DM?

Why I am anon. >:)
Seriously though. My gaming group consists of 2 married couples with kids. I'd love to see them handle this.

>> No.29325944

It's a tool to be used, much like a sword or a bow. It is not stolen power, it is your own enhanced. One could even argue it is a sign of even greater strength of character to tame and control such a bestial nature

>> No.29325952

>How much are you willing to be that she's a you know what?
Payed for listening to all this shit? Handsomely.

>> No.29326025

Eh you might as well send them up against zombified children. It's a dangerous disease that needs to be contained, the fact it already claimed children has jack shit to do with you and you're obligated to clean it up regardless of whatever tragedy it implies has already occurred on the grounds of preventing future tragedies.

>> No.29326046

They are practical for sex

>> No.29326069

I liked Death Valley, There where werewolves, Police had to check them out every full moon and see if they would be in their locked rooms, sometimes they tried to escape, There was a whole episode where a porn place was attacked by a werewolf, bad luck it got canceled.

>> No.29326075

>pic related
I hate the fucking thalmor so much.

>> No.29326084

True. They can't run away nearly as fast while wearing heels.

>> No.29326090

>charges toy and attacks it with a battleaxe

watch it again, Anon

>> No.29326114


>> No.29326124

You've never been nailed in the gut by a high-heel, have you? Even accidental, it's fucking painful. You could probably kill someone with them.

>> No.29326149

Yes it wasnt accidental

>> No.29326160

No, I keep telling them there are encounters that can't be fought through. Right now I have them in a Mordheim'esq ruined city with all sorts of crazy mutations and crap trying to figure out what the hell happened. I'm hoping that finding some lost kid "survivors" in the ruins will trigger the maternal instincts in them, and then watch what happens when they accidentally wolf out at night.

>> No.29326174

>You've never been nailed in the gut by a high-heel, have you
Must have been one hell of a gal to be able to kick you in the guts with high heels
>You could probably kill someone with them.
They can (if CSI is to be believed). Enough pressure around the neck and you get a tiny hole

How is it not cute? Look at him charing against the toy with his little battleaxe.

>> No.29326182

Zombies are lost causes. Werewolf cubs are sick, and orc/monster race babies may or may not be all that bad, depending on the setting

>> No.29326243


fuck all that.

>short, fat, neckbeard /tg/ master race.

>> No.29326275


>> No.29326292

Why are Masquerade and Requiem so good but Apocalypse and Forsaken are complete shit?

White Wolf can't do werewolves for shit.

>> No.29326469

Want sexy wolf ladies do you?
This work for ya?
I feel like dark shadows would make a really good ensemble WoD game.

>> No.29326502

This I approve of.

I will also need more pictures of sexy wolf ladies. For reasons.

>> No.29326540

No actually, it doesn't.

>> No.29326599

Well I have a couppla more Chloe if thats what you mean.

>> No.29326709

Well as long as it's for reasons.

>> No.29326712

Good to know I'm not the only one who likes her like this.

>> No.29326733

>ITT: pic related

>> No.29326737


>> No.29326789


>> No.29326832

What are the high points of werewolves in media? I can't think of any examples that stand out as being well written by murderous critter standards.

>> No.29326848 [SPOILER] 


>> No.29326875


>> No.29326884

American Werewolf in London, or The Howling. You could argue The WolfMan, but that would be like saying Dracula was the high point for Vampires.

>> No.29326901


>> No.29326956

Underworld isn't so much well written, but it's well known. The Howling is the most widely known werewolf horror movie (I think?). The Ginger Snaps Trilogy is personal a favorite, minus the third

>> No.29326958


>> No.29326959

See, this I like. It could only be better if her claws were ripping his clothes/digging into his back a bit. Well that and lewd but this does happen to be a christian imageboard and we can't have that.
Would like this too if the fur looked less like quills and more like fur.

>> No.29326970


>> No.29326982

>> No.29326989

>The Howling better known than American Werewolf

Are you high?

>> No.29327004

This thread makes me want to play a nWoD Forsaken game.

>> No.29327010


>> No.29327014

Dracula WAS a high point in vampire fiction though. His existence changed the landscape for them

>> No.29327054


>> No.29327069

>Werewolf the Analcalypse
>Werewolf the Foreskin

>> No.29327073

That's kind of what I was referring to. It just seemed like a shit answer since the person asking obviously meant in modern culture.

>> No.29327083


>> No.29327099

I don't know anything about american werewolf, watched the howling based on several recommendations. I don't know what normal people think about things dammit

>> No.29327112

I take it the big one is a the Alpha bitch
The Wolfman (original), American Werewolf in London and maybe Wolf with Jack Nicholson?

>> No.29327114


>> No.29327118

The nose seems a bit off, a bit too human considering she just turned into a giant wolf monster in the middle of the prom.

>> No.29327124


>> No.29327126

This is pretty much fetish territory, and terribly drawn to boot. Having such a shitty wolf lady design insults my sensibilities.

>> No.29327233

Actually I'd say it's fairly well drawn. The design is meh, but the guy's technique is only slightly amatuerish

>> No.29327240

>shaddap it counts, shes a werewolf

>> No.29327256

You should look into Werewolf: The Apocalypse or Werewolf: The Forsaken.

>> No.29327274


>This is pretty much fetish territory
There was something of a common theme in the artist's gallery

>> No.29327300

Yeah, the nose is too human in both and both are the exact same pose just a different scene. Part of the point of doing a werewolf is the fight for dominance/being dominated thing and while i'm all for having lovey dovey you gotta have some variety.

>> No.29327319

>this is how I werewolf girl

>> No.29327324

Bela Lugosi was the Werewolf who bit Lon Chaney Jr.

>> No.29327335

Just as a note, no one should ever ever watch The Howling: Reborn. It's 60 minutes of teenage angst and about 7 minutes of sparse werewolf happening near the end.

>> No.29327337

I never liked the werewolf design the American werewolf films

Now Van Hesling might have the best werewolf design I seen. Rivaled only by Wolfen Guy

>> No.29327381

>them muscles

>> No.29327412

The design is shit tier, her face looks horribly ugly and human hair on anthros looks absolutely retarded. The poses and composition are awkward too.

>> No.29327428

Werewolfs lift

Unlike vampires

>> No.29327440

This was my only problem with those wolves.

>> No.29327487

You want scrawny werewolves?

I must ask

>> No.29327554

And which book do you want to arbitrarily base all werewolves on? There are no classics of the genre, no one gives a shit.

>> No.29327580

It just looks like a wolf head on top of an outrageously large black man. It looks to human. If you toned down the muscles a little, and gave him more of a hunch, it would look a lot better.

>> No.29327611

>outrageously large black man.
>It looks too human.

>> No.29327612


>> No.29327626

>outrageously large black man
Black men have fur now? Why wasn't I informed.

>> No.29327674

fuckin space roaches

>> No.29327679

Forsaken > Apocalypse.

>> No.29327685

Too manly

>> No.29327727

Take it this is to human for you to?

>> No.29327740

This >>29327685 is what I imagine a werewolf should look like.

>> No.29327748

I'm with you on this. Though, I also prefer werewolves to simply be big wolves.

>> No.29327764

There's all kinds of connotations to this clip

(sexy connotations)

>> No.29327815

That's where I draw the line. God knows I love American Werewolf, and Rick Baker is a hero of mine, but I can't stand it when werewolves are just big wolves. There needs to be middle ground between furrybait, and full blown animal.

>> No.29327865

I like how the Forsaken does it. There aren't just two forms, there's a gradient between human and wolf forms.

>> No.29327923

Werewolves are just big wolves though. The inbetween form is a third step and usually has to be developed

>> No.29327960

I have never played Forsaken but that sounds amazing.
You know werewolves aren't real...right?

>> No.29327970

Werewolves in folklore were often described as being simply big wolves. The whole man-with-pubic-hair-in-his-face-thing that later transformed into bipedal wolfmonsters was a Hollywood compromise because the special effects would have been too expensive otherwise.

>> No.29328035

>The whole man-with-pubic-hair-in-his-face-thing that later transformed into bipedal wolfmonsters was a Hollywood compromise
You sure?

>> No.29328038

I've played a few WoD games, but never Forsaken. Iirc there are five forms, each with their special name. Human, near human, war form (traditional wereworlf form, and it makes you a bamf), near wolf, wolf.

My GM friend and I talked about having a Forsaken game, but its really fucking complicated. Still would really want to play a werewolf sometime.

>> No.29328073

That man is not about to transform into a wolf. He's just insane, or possibly infected with rabies. Probably both.

>> No.29328108

And in folklore The Wendigo was a person, and Slenderman had a face. We changed it, because we knew how to make it better.

>> No.29328130

>That man is not about to transform into a wolf. He's just insane, or possibly infected with rabies. Probably both.

Implying that's not what early "werewolves" were. Again, you understand that werewolves aren't real, nor were they ever real?

>> No.29328146

Slenderman was never folklore, he was born from the internet

>> No.29328151

It's like you gravely overestimate how long he's been around.

>> No.29328174

The Tall Man was a thing in German folklore. It's who Slenderman is based on.

>> No.29328182

This is how I werewolf

>> No.29328200

See >>29328174

>> No.29328351

That's just a made up thing to make Slender Man seem older than he is. The only sources you're gonna find on him are tied directly to Slender Man.

>> No.29328448

You know, I think there has been a conspiracy infiltrating the highest levels of our media to make bears seem less like things that will kill you and more like big fluffy friends who will help you out whenever you are in a jam. You have stuff like Winnie the Pooh, the Charmin bear, football teams and even kids toys portraying bears as cool or friendly.

I think this is orchestrated by a secretive group called the "Ursanians" who appear to be human but can shapeshift into horrifying man-bears at will to overpower groups of accusers when they are finally cornered. They do this so they can either eat more people who wander out into the woods in search of a new family to live with, or maybe fool people into handing over their delicious picnic baskets.

>> No.29328480

I think you're confusing me with someone else.

>> No.29328487

...I'd believe it

>> No.29328926

>football teams
>Implying positive about the bears
Haven't even won the super bowl yet

>> No.29331458


nature is nothing but indifference to joy and suffering.

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