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Let's have a boardgame thread. What games have you been playing lately.

Finally got this in the mail the other day. Hands down the best co-op game I have ever played. Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island

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Boardgame thread? I'm always down.

I've been playing a lot of the Blood Bowl Team Manager.

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Now that I've played through about a dozen games of Arkham Horror, which expansion should I get first?

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wizard is OP

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I usually argue for getting them in release order. Mechanics are added that are used in subsequent expansions. Innsmouth is my favorite personally.

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been playing alot of Go online....

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Dulwich Horror, because of the madness and injury cards that don't completely screw you over if you get knocked out.

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Played and fucking loved Coup, and bought and played Love Letter and would reccomend it as well

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Shadows Over Camelot. The answer is always Shadows Over Camelot.

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I got Berserk: War of the Realms in the mail a few weeks ago so my friends have been playing it. It's a pretty great tactical card game.

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I got Coup myself but won't be able to play it until I go back to school. Shit sucks having no local friends who like board games.

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>Shadows over camelot

My sides. Just play BSG.

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We don't have to have another Coup argument tonight, do we?

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There was another board games thread that was derailed by people arguing about Coup strategies.

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Should always declare you have the Duke first turn.

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I was playing Battlestar Galactica last week. Not pictured: all 3 human players in the Brig.

Humans lost.

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>playing old tom zarak, not the new one

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>The Duke

>Not "Assassinating" everyone in the second turn

How's that working out for you?

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Works out fine because my group is too afraid to call out bluffs.

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Trying to get my brother to play Dungeons and Dragons Lords of waterdeep with me.

He refuses to do so.

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Why? He hates boardgames?

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No he loves em.

Just won't play that game with me for some reason.

I think he wants to play that new Malefoe game or whatever its called.

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It's babby's first eurogame. If you guys already play more complex euros it won't do much.

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Wait, Waterdeep or Malefoe?

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What the hell is Malefoe?

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You guys ever try Mage Wars?

Its kinda like a CCG but you can use any card in your deck at anytime (assuming you have the stuff for it, like mana and any prerequisites.) and it has a game board where you can summon creatures and move them around and such. Sort of a CCG crossed with a simple war game.

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It seems like everyone in my area loves Mage Wars, but I dislike it. The board is too small for all the cards and pieces you're supposed to be placing on it.

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Oh snap! I just got that too. Loads of fun. If by fun you mean worrying about where tomorrow's dinner's coming from, the storm clouds looking over the horizon and whether or not that snake that bit you was poisonous or not.

So yeah, fun.

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Get Eldritch Horror instead, it's Arkham Horror 2.0.

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You could always make your own board thats bigger. Wouldn't be hard, it's just a flat board with squares, after all.

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Except it's lacking a lot of depth. It's more like Arkham horror lite.

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I just finished assembling and sharpieing the 3D bits of OGRE. Now I just need to sort out the rest of the chits.

Played half a dozen games so far and it's awesome.

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>So lonely that I play board games on my computer

I am pathetic.

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Buy some good solitaire games, bro. Thunderbolt Apache Leader 4 lyfe.

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Any good solo games?

I already have Arkham Horror.

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DVG: Thunderbolt Apache Leader. Hornet Leader (the recent edition) as well.
Old-school: Ambush!, Carrier, Peloponnesian War.
Confusing rulebooks but so worth it: Fields of Fire.
Just being reprinted: Where There is Discord.
Worth taking a look: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/24177/ultimate-solitaire-or-solo-game-battle and http://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/19939/solitaire-solo-single-player-games-meta-list

These are pure-solitaire games, by the way. There are plenty of co-op or competitive games that play well solitaire as well.

Thunderbolt Apache Leader is basically the best solitaire game ever, though. If you like planes shooting things.

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Robinson Crusoe.

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I love it. The game warns you about all the shit that is going to happen to you and then you have to decide what you're going to let fuck you and what you're going to fix.

Are you going to use that last piece of wood to reinforce your palisade to keep the hungry animals out, or keep it so that you wont freeze to death when it snows that night? Or maybe you can use it to build a spear in hopes of hunting that gorilla that will give you enough fur to build that lifeboat and escape this fucking island.

so many tough choices to make

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Robinson Crusoe Adventures on the Cursed Island
Defenders of the Realm
Flash Point Fire Rescue

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Anyone got some Print and Play games?

https://rapidshare.com/files/2872375307/ Autokross-88.pdf

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Right now I'm contemplating some house rules for Space Hulk Death Angel since my friends seemed to enjoy it but one of them wants there to be a "PVP aspect". So I'm trying to figure out how to make a nice "Hivemind player" variant.

Also, trying to think how I should store all the fucking shit from Tannhauser. I swear, I'm never getting another FF game again.
Except maybe Descent 2nd Edition.
And BattleLore 2nd, too.

Also also, I'm trying to find a way to get my hands on Dungeon Twister 2, as it sounds interesting as fuck. Anybody here play it?

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I wonder what I should ask to print them on..

Looking at all the DwarfStar games

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Barbarian Prince is a fun Dwarfstar solitaire, but there's a visually redesigned version on BoardGameGeek that's prettier, and other games based on it that are also free, like the Doctor Who Solitaire Story Game.

Star Smuggler is fun but I wouldn't say it's worth printing.

Dragon Rage isn't available for download, but the recent new edition is great and also really damn pretty. It filled the OGRE-shaped hole in my life until the new OGRE came out, and I still like it and play it every so often.

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I was more looking at stuff like Outpost Omega and Gravarmor.
Don't really care for Solitaire games.

Anyway, got an advice for the material I should be printing these on? Never really done it before. Thick? Normal paper? Cardboards? Laminated?

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>I wonder what I should ask to print them on..
If you have to ask, I feel I have to warn you that while the costs may be hidden or less obvious than one big purchase, pnp games often end up more expensive than just buying a professionally-printed game. A lot of people see pnp and think "awesome, free stuff!" but it can cost a ton of time and money to do.

Games originally designed for pnp tend to be better about it, but still. It's not like pirating a PDF, or even printing a PDF and sticking it in a binder.

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Search BoardGameGeek's DIY forum for some advice on getting into pnp. My advice would be to buy games rather than spend stupid amounts of money on ink and ten hours of surprisingly difficult and painful labour cutting and assembling parts.

Grav Armor always seemed like a worse knock-off of OGRE/GEV when I played it, but I haven't played it recently.

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Print them in black and white on shitty paper first. Make a mock-up version. See if you give enough of a fuck to make a proper version with card and colour.

Laminating isn't great. I like the big full-sheet sticker paper, stuck onto foamboard or something, but it's expensive.

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Well, they're still a nice alternative for me since they don't sell games like these where I live.
And I don't think they even make 'em anymore, either.

But anyway, how pricey could a simple 2-board printout be (One for maps, one for tokens)? I'll look into that DIY forum, I guess.

Good idea, I'll do that first. Thanks.

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It's more like Arkham Horror Fixed.

It's like Arkham Horror with all the pointless busywork (Two turns for gate encounters, drawing Other World cards until they match the gate, moving monsters, outskirts of town.) taken out back and clubbed to death with a shovel.

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So glad I managed to find a 1st edition copy of Battlelore. Sick of FFG sticking Terrinoth into fucking everything.

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>And I don't think they even make 'em anymore, either.
Not those specific games, no, but there are a ton of wargame companies out there. Browse BGG for a bit.

I don't know where you are, but a lot of the publishers and retailers ship overseas. It's a niche and fairly expensive, but... production costs.

When it finally comes out, you should absolutely look into the OGRE pocket edition - it's $2.95, and OGRE is a classic that deserves its status.

>there is also the $150 designer's edition
>which they say they're losing money on as a thank-you, funded by munchkin profits
>apparently the fair retail price would be $400
>I believe it

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Yeah I'm looking forward to the Pocket Edition. But god knows when it'll come out, so in the meanwhile I want to try some out myself.

>there are a ton of wargame companies out there
I don't really know what to search for, tho! I'm looking for types of combat that have interesting features- like, sci-fi. Powered armor, assymetrical fighting, stuff like that. Not just WW2/1 scenarios

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For looking up games, go to Shut Up and Sit Down's site. They have funny reviews of boardgames, while looking at them from a professional point of view.

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Yeah ok. my lgs only supplies over the top complicated $90 games with 3 to 4 expansion sets. that no one knows how to play because know one wants to drop $220 just to play settlers. Kinda sad

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By the way, does anybody here have Tannhauser?
Should i just dump that little cardboard base it has? It looks like it takes up unnecessary room. I think I should just dump it, put the map in the bottom, and mount the rest of the stuff on it. Maybe split the tokens and miniatures into individual ziplock bags, too

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>playing settlers

How pleb.

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Problem is WW2 sells hilariously well. There are exceptions though!

Lock 'n' Load make some wonderful games. Mostly WW2, some modern/cold war/nam, but then there's stuff like Nuklear Winter '68 - WW2 ended with the Nazis retreating into bunkers as the Allies nuked the country into a wasteland and built a wall around the ruins. Twenty years later, NATO (...this game has NATO Spetsnaz counters, which should confuse a few people) are poking their heads in and seeing what's going on, the Nazis are coming out of their bunkers, and everything is full of mutants and death. Up to three players - most scenarios are two or three, but the third side is usually the new natives, who _can_ be run by a basic AI if you don't want a player for them.

If you want asymmetrical warfare, you may be better off looking for modern rather than SF.

SF, with PA, just isn't that popular, and wargaming's fairly niche so the companies tend towards safer stuff. A lot of them use a preorder system where they don't start production until they've got 500 preorders, so they know there's at least some market.

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Thanks for the info. I enjoy learning more and more about these kind of things.

I'll look into that Lock 'n' Load thing, but I still think I'll start off from safest- print out some older stuff at home, see if I like it, and then moving on to fancier printouts if I do.

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>I'm looking for types of combat that have interesting features- like, homoeroticism, the danger zone, assymetrical fighting,

GMT's Downtown: Air War Over Hanoi, 1965-1972 is a rather fun game. Scale is 2.5nm per hex, 1 minute turns, and counters are 1-4 planes. A large part of the game is planning and executing raids - as the US, you can't just mash PLANE GO and throw everything at Vietnam. You have to plan raids properly, get SEAD and EW up, send in escorts and bombers (well, if it's a bombing mission), but still get the bombers in and out fast enough that they don't get eaten alive as the defences wake up and fighters launch. The Vietnamese player positions air defences and has some aircraft, but it's very much not an even fight.

There's a WW1 version, Bloody April, which seems excellent. Haven't managed to play it yet.

Might not be the kind of asymmetry you meant, but it is an interesting style.

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>homoeroticism, the danger zone

That's really neat, man
Very cute
Whaddya got against sci-fi?

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Eldritch Horror

Played a few maps of Descent 2nd Edition until the Overlord got butt blasted and quit the game


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Descent is a horribly one sided game and it's better to just play a real roleplaying game than Teenage Munchkins.

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I'll never understand these kinds of people.. Aren't you supposed to be playing these things with friends?

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With the right Overlord and some slight tweaking, it can be a fucking blast

I rememeber one time in a scenario, I was supposed to get a princess that was carried off by some monster. But every time I was gaining on her, somehow he managed to get every fucking door explode in my face, block the princess with monsters, open up spiked pits, it was like something out of a scooby doo episode

>> No.29317458


I thought he would like being the Overlord because he is the type of person to play chaotic evil in a DND game and try to fuck up the other party members, but he was in a bad position in one of the early maps and quit.

It's weird too, because in the game there are two maps and the result of the first influences the second. He was losing the first map, which still gives him a good chance on the second map.

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I enjoy the game, but it can be prone to big swings of power so if the players or OL can't roll with the punches people won't want to play.

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Hello it's 5:30 am. I've played too much Descent to stick around.

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Good night, friend!

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I'm still waiting for Twilight Imperium to be available on FFGs homepage... that game is just way too much fun for someone not to own.

>> No.29317486

I thought of putting in some basic flanking\attacks of opportunity mechanics to make battles more interesting\tactical instead of just being stat\roll-dependent

But I can't find any time to actually try it out. Fucking semester, end already!

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I own it and will likely never play it.

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That thing looks monstrous. I'd never be able to get into a game of such scale. Doesn't it take like 5 hours to finish a game, too?

>> No.29317498


I am not sure if that will be necessary because most of the time both sides are just mad dashing towards whatever objective they need. Combat is really secondary IMO.

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>at Gaming Convention
>Play Rex
>Guy pulls out Twilight Imperium and suggest we continue by giving the winner of Rex a bonus
>9 hours later

pls kill me

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Only if you're experienced. Otherwise expect to commit a whole day to it.

You'll grow to hate it if you're playing with faggots who can't think ahead to save time.

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>most of the time both sides are just mad dashing towards whatever objective they need

Exactly! So having the threat of being ripped apart by AoOs on the way will make it more tactical and interesting.

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>No Carcassonne

/tg/, you have failed me.

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I got Mines of Zanandor for Christmas, I haven't had a chance to go over the rules yet though. Its about Dwarf clans that are competing to be next in line for the throne.

Anybody here played it?

>> No.29317516


I think the heroes would just get wrecked by the initial monster that spawns in front of them while the other OL monsters grab all the objectives.

>> No.29317525

What? Don't think it'll happen.. I mean, I only played the first edition of Descent, but the first mooks weren't much trouble for the heroes

>> No.29317544

if anyone would like to be Overlord for some people then let me know, we've been playing on VASSAL

Info here: http://boardgamegeek.com/article/12941985#12941985

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>it is a top gun joke
I'm as depressed as you are that no-one makes SF wargames as interesting as the historical hex & chit games.

>> No.29317565

It's like Eclipse only worse in every imaginable way
>I've played both, six full games of TI3, and it's a decent game but not worth the effort even if you enjoy effort

>> No.29317577


They're both completely different games though.

>> No.29317650


I've read comments from either Eclipse and TI fanboys and both agree that -aside from hexes- they're totally different games.

Eclipse is about logistics. TI is all metagame discussions... which is not for everyone, I'm sure.

Both are great games, prolly.

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played carnival zombie yesterday, it was so and so, not bad but i find that style of defence games a bit lacking.the drop cubes element of the game was fun though even though it didnt end up having much effect on the game.

also played ghost stories which was quite good of a game despite looking a bit silly at start. it played real well with out having that feeling of one player playing the entire group that games like arkham and pandemic can get.

oh, and hanabi and love letter, two real good cardgames.

that was my sunday.

>> No.29317670

played coup, not a fan of it but every one else seems to like it alot. found love letter to be more fun, personaly, or bigger games of resistance and avalon.

>> No.29317686

>that feeling when you can never play Republic of Rome ever again

>> No.29317687

>Should always declare you have the Duke first turn.
One thing that kills the game for me right of from the start, that that is the optimal thing to do, makes the entire experience moot for me.

>> No.29317712

arkham has no depth, it just have a lot of shit thrown on to it to mill through to extend the time to retarded lengths.

>> No.29317723

>It's more like Arkham Horror Fixed.
Fully agree.

>> No.29317744

Eldritch Horror is so much better than Arkham Horror

They trimmed all the fat and made it tell a better story. It also maintains a consistent difficulty instead of Arkham which is basically you eating shit until you seal some high priority gates and then the game is easy.

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Anyone have any suggestions to someone that liked Planet Steam and Noblemen a lot? I'm not really into anything that resembles a Euro but those games really grabbed me, probably because I really like the clear end condition of the game ending on turn X.

Has anyone here played a lot of Noblemen? I was thinking of picking it up myself because my plays were so much fun but I wonder if there's any dominant strategies that make the game painfully boring to play. I adored Glory To Rome until it became clear that you needed to either get as many crafters as possible or luck into drawing a game ending card and basing your strategy around that.

>> No.29317898

The FFG card inserts are universally terrible at actually holding the game pieces. It's better to just throw them out and ziplock or plano everything.

>> No.29317904

Last games I played were Tzolk'in, Terra Mystica, Madeira and Rococo

>> No.29318302

I picked that up and played it 2 player. I think it's a decent auction game, with interesting decisions to be made about upgrades and what to grab for your clan. It probably needs the 4 players to shine

>> No.29318326

GO away.

Get it?

>> No.29319091

True, but in my experience most people who play TI3 play it because it's as close as they can get to some idealised Space 4X game, and Eclipse comes closer, despite neither being perfect and both approaching the ideal from different directions.

>> No.29319344

I'm pretty new to board gaming but it's a hobby I really enjoy and want to keep up. So far my collection is Settlers of Catan, Dominion and 7 Wonders. Novice stuff I know, but its allowed my girlfriend to get interested in it and she really enjoys playing.

I probably won't get another game for a while but I'm building a list of what looks interesting. Suburbia and Last Will are on the list at the moment. I like the idea of the RPG-ish games like Descent, what are the D&D board games like (Castle Ravenloft for example)?

>> No.29320052

Our group just picked up Cutthroat Caverns and has been loving it. This is the game that Munchkin *should* have been. Way more player interaction and replayability. It's really like Munchkin meets Cosmic Encounter.

>> No.29320118


>> No.29320358

Castle Ravenloft felt like a great way to teach a group of new players 4e combat, and a mediocre board game. It wasn't /bad/, just not strategically deep enough to be worth the time spent playing it. Taking the role playing out of a role playing game wasn't for me.

Then again, I'm of the opinion that if you want to play a game that close to an RPG, you should just play an RPG, so YMMV.

>> No.29320360

I realise mine is probably an unpopular opinion but I really hope this art style goes away in time. I feel like every fantasy game released in the last ~10 years has the same box art.

>> No.29320408

It's a box with a bunch of compartments. They come in many sizes, and I forget what most boardgamers use.

I use Raaco PSC4-01 boxes because I'm a fucking obsessed wargames nerd who needs them to sort out millions of chits and make sure I can easily find just the right machinegun or early ww2 cavalry unit.

>> No.29320439

Yeah, I think you're just not the target audience for dungeon crawl board games.

I've played a few here and there and I can't stand Descent, but the D&D Adventure System games are good, and the older, 3e-era D&D Fantasy Adventure Board Game is wonderful if you can find an old copy. The rules are nowhere near 3e, which is a bonus.

Warhammer Quest is amazing but that may be nostalgia for playing it for about 200 hours as a kid.

I never liked the HeroQuest games much.

I've played others but I'm lazy and not typing more.

>> No.29320535

Currently Mage Knight: the Board Game.

It's pretty complicated at the begining but makes a whole lot fun and requires good tactics, if you got all the rules and special abilities together.

Also very nice illustrated!

>> No.29320553

>dat game
Love Mage Knight. I also love that it's a complete game without the expansion, and was always planned as a standalone game, and yet the expansion somehow manages to make it even better.

>> No.29320807

Sounds like the thing for me.

Tell me this, though- isn't storing them all in that kind of container make it kind of a hassle to lug around, in case you want to play it in somebody else's home?

>> No.29320875

Well, I thought you were comparing sci-fi stuff to being gay.

Still, maybe they'll get a resurgence in popularity someday somehow maybe

>> No.29320894

This is for people with a serious wargame habit, with games like ASL and (in my case) Lock 'n' Load where a shitton of boxes of counters use the same rules, so you can fill a box with rules, scenarios and maps, and just pick up storage boxes 1 & 4, rather than fucking around with individual game boxes and the mess they become once you introduce expansions and new revisions of the rulebook. Then you have games where there are a bunch of generic counters - sometimes you want all the morale/moved/weather/fire effect/smoke chits in one box rather than split over half a dozen game boxes and risk not having enough for a big scenario if you split them up.

ASL's really the big game for this sort of storage, though. Just organise an entire nation's OOB into a set of boxes rather than little baggies or matchboxes or whatever.

>> No.29320915

I also do it for Great Battles of History, which is less justifiable but does good things to the OCD Spergnard in my soul. It just feels so right to have all the clans from Samurai carefully arranged next to the different groups from Devil's Horsemen, even if they're never used in the same scenarios.

>> No.29320921

Oh, oh, now I see what you mean.

I know it might sound weird, but can you show me a photo of the style of compartment box you use?

>> No.29320983

Hahahah! That kind of "The armies of the world are all in MY GRASP!" feeling? I like it.

>> No.29320986

Not mine, but check out these: http://stavkaarchives.com/

I use the half-height inserts, so I can fit two layers in (most of the games I use have fewer counters of more types than ASL's squads) but it should give you an idea. The lids lock down and the chits stay in even when you're carrying them around.

>> No.29321026

In my grasp AND ORGANISED.

I use the smaller Raaco boxes (with the same inserts, which is handy) for some smaller games, where I don't feel a normal counter tray is the best option. Sometimes it's handy to be able to take a few inserts out and hand them to an opponent.

>> No.29321043

This is because I have a crippling Raaco addiction, much like the BGG Plano Legions.

Also Raaco do larger storage/transport things which you can slot the A4 trays into. Really useful.

>> No.29321055

I can't wait till I have Kingdom Death in my hands...

>> No.29321057

For instance: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/532852/command-colors-storage-anyone-use-raaco

>> No.29321068

Hand, anon. You don't have to lie. We all know you plan to use Kingdom Death one-handed.

>> No.29321115

I don't need the game to increase my one-handed skill, anon. The game I actually need both of my hands.

>> No.29321779


For RPGish/Dungeon Crawls I often see Descent, Castle Ravenloft/Ashardalon/Drizzt, but if you don't mind 2nd hand copies of 20 year old titles, have a look for:

Heroquest - Arguably the grandad of the above games, very popular and there are still loads of good copies around. Prompted numerous HQ-likes or clones from various companies and remains popular. A Spanish company is trying to fund a 25th anniversary edition, but that's a whole other thing...

Warhammer Quest - If you have the cash and Heroquest is too babby for you. It is very expensive and quite complicated, but very cool.

Dragon Quest - Much like Heroquest but D&D franchise. Requires the player to come up with their own quests rather than including a lot of them in the box.

Dragon Strike - Another like HQ, has some interesting tweaks on the formula, includes a round limit before the Dragon appears and fucks your shit up.

Dungeons and Dragons boardgame (Parker Brothers 2003) basically DnD Heroquest with cool custom dice for attacks and pretty pleasing - if a little samey - minis.

I love 90s dungeon crawl titles. I made my own earlier in the year with modular tiles and a pretty cool magic system.

I posted about the first draft of it a couple of years ago, actually:

Hope this helps!

>> No.29321984

Been looking into VASSAL for fun co-op games for friends and I to play online. Hoping to find one for Wrath of Ashardalon /Castle Ravenloft, because we all enjoyed them when we still lived near each other. But the only one I've found was in fucking ITALIAN. I started just replacing the images, but when I started messing with the actual module, I had no clue how the Dungeon Tile shuffling was supposed to work, and just said fuck it.

Also looked at the Arkham Horror module, which looks fun, but having to go back and forth between the wiki for EVERY DAMN CARD is kinda annoying. Anyone got a version with the actual card images?

Also any other suggestions for co-op games with friends that aren't TOO rules heavy?

Currently waiting for Kingdom Death: Monster

>> No.29322606

>Currently waiting for Kingdom Death: Monster
My color-challenged relative

>> No.29322808

Recently I've finally managed to get a 5-players round of Game of Thrones together. It seriously owned bones, though it took about six hours, and that's only because one of the players got pretty lucky and managed to get the win condition in turn six. If we'd gone through all 10 turns we'd probably have played until dawn. Still, it was a great improvement on the 4-player games I'm used to, because now at last there's actually proper fighting going in the south as well as the Riverlands. One time I was one castle away from winning and there even was one in reach, undefended with routed enemies sitting on top of it ripe for the taking, but I couldn't fucking make it work because I didn't have a power token to secure the one I'd have to draw my attackers from.

I'm still kind of curious what it'd be like with six players (mostly because the Martells own), but it almost seems like that way it'd be borderline impossible to get the 7 castles and you'd always have to play all 10 turns. Also it might happen easily that one player ends up being completely inconsequential or even outright eliminated.

>> No.29322831

Whoops, that wasn't actually supposed to be adressed at any post in particular.

>> No.29325273

This thread ain't going anywhere if I can help it.

>> No.29325719

I was away at the time and completely missed this entire kickstarter and have been so annoyed ever since. I want those miniatures so bad.

They scream "Magnetise us!"

>> No.29325759


Eclipse is a eurogame in space.

>> No.29325843


There's an item text module floating around for AH.

>> No.29325884


Sci-fi stuff is like being gay. It's awesome and there are lasers.

>> No.29325964

Would this be a bad time to mention that he allowed late backers on Black Friday last year, but for that day only, and you missed it?

Also don't magnetise them. Their joints are way to small, and really frail. It would do way too much damage. Instead, just make copies out of them. Lots of forging tutorials online.

>> No.29325986


In my experience it is very difficult to get 7 castles the honest way in a six player game. This is not a bad thing. There are few sociopathic thrills that can compare with looking your friend or beloved in the eye and whispering gently that their blood which you spill is only for the good of the kingdom.

Martells usually have to make quick friends with either Baratheon or Tyrells. I've never had much luck when both hated me. Sea power is a big boon, especially to keep Baratheons from your sands.

>> No.29326022


Why would you tell me that!

>> No.29326041

There are no lasers in being gay gay. And I don't think it's awesome, either!

>> No.29326170

How about I offer you this instead:
With the kickstarter money, he is making a surplus of 3.5k copies of the game. Once he ships them, start checking the website EVERY NIGHT. Because if the game sells at the same rate as his limited run models, it will only be in stock for a week before he has to make more.

Be sure to have your 200 bucks ready at the time, because the game is doubling in price from the kickstarter cost.

to be fair, its also doubling in content

>> No.29326207

Yeah but I wanted everything in the same survivor package. I doubt it'll be the same as with every kickstarter after the product goes live for the public

>> No.29326338

Yeah, it seems like it'd be very difficult to get towards the central parts of the map as Martell without going straight through either the Tyrells or Baratheons, which requires the tacit acceptance of the other. Well, unless the Greyjoys start going crazy and raid the Reach or something.

Also, every time I end up playing as the Starks the even for recalculating supplies never comes up until at least five turns in. In that 5-player game we drew a recruitment event right before that and I had to let about five or six recruitment points go to waste.

>> No.29326342

Only thing Survivor actually gets is 2 Challenge Scenarios (the Paul and Aya ones) and a different model to represent their saviors, instead of using normal models for them. Other then that, its just extra copies of the same stuff.

>> No.29326373

Oh, hm. Does it comes with all the armour set models anyway?

Shit now im excited again.

>> No.29326456

>tfw you only played 6 player Game of Thrones
>tfw you wipe out the Greyjoys from the game because they took your last castle

>> No.29326521

Yeah, but like I said, its just extra copies.

The game comes with 1 copy of every armor kit (which makes 4 minis). Survivors just get an extra Rawhide, Phoenix, and Lion armor kit.

>> No.29326603

In my experience, the greyjoys are rarely a serious contender for the win, but still always a dominating force and an acute danger to everyone (with the possible exception of the Baratheons). Nothing happens in the Riverlands without their say-so, and if anybody shows a weakness they can be damn sure to have a bunch of eager ironmen sitting on their shore.

>> No.29326830

Greyjoys and Lannisters have to be careful because if they overextend just a bit, the other one is knee deep in their asses immediately.

>> No.29327097

King of Tokyo, Boss Monster and Galaxy Trucker have been popular in my group as of late.

>> No.29327140


Your group is full of plebs.

>> No.29327216

More like full of people who like fun

>> No.29327355

Whenever I play Stark, I'm super tempted to exploit that particular stalemate to lead a charge straight for Pyke itself, just to put those Greyjoys in their place.
Yet every time I'm distracted by the eastern riverlands and the vale just sitting there, usually uncontested and ripe for the taking, with Dragonstone and King's Landing being in reach from there too. I always feel like a shameful northman for ignoring my arch-enemies Lannister and Greyjoy in favour of fucking around with Baratheon.

>> No.29327468


Someone has to fuck with Baratheon otherwise they win and generally it is the Starks

>> No.29327724


Speak for yourself, I just got my gay laser in the mail with a congratulatory note for being gay.

>> No.29327767

Lasers aren't a prerequisite for being gay, but they do go together very well.

>> No.29327870

I may have sent those out to prove a point, after building a time machine to make sure they arrive on time. I don't know, I haven't built the machine yet.

>> No.29327889

Only just started the GOT board game with a group of novice friends. People figured that Baratheon was a major threat and they got gang banged both games. Martell has won both games but this is largely due to player personalities. I'm never near my nice, non-aggressive friends who are easy to manipulate.

>> No.29328005


The game is more about playing personalities than anything most of the time. It's basically Diplomacy except boiled down to a reasonable win condition and a cool theme

>> No.29328047


>letting a house get gangbanged without repercussions

Come on now.

>> No.29328490



Recently got introduced to this gem here. I've been falling out of love with Eurogames as of late, as I like to play more than one game in a given board game night without a fuckton of setup and rule explanation, but this one has got enough Euro flavor with a wide variety of strategy available, enough chance to keep you on your toes, and a relatively quick playtime to make for a nice little package.

>> No.29328515


Ticket to Ride, Carcassone, Settlers. Have to introduce family to something!

>> No.29328543


I'm sure it'll make sense tomorrow when it's yesterday.

>> No.29331857


Sure thing bro.

>> No.29335619

Mah niggas

>> No.29335684

Bought King of Tokyo for my girlfriend for Christmas, and she wants to play it constantly. It's a fun game, and simple enough that even non-gamers can learn it in a few minutes.

>> No.29335991

You know, it really disgusts me how much Kingdom Death seems to be taking over this board.

At first I thought people were only ironically liking it, like FATAL, but it seems people actually think its a good game?

Get better fucking tastes people.

>> No.29336213

>> No.29336256

Except for the bit where you move spaceships around a map and roll tons of dice to shoot lasers at other spaceships. It's as much ameritrash as eurogame, and most of the "eurogame" elements are in fact "good design" elements like using wooden cubes to save you having to do a ton of maths each turn.

>> No.29336283

>> No.29336308

Wait, there's actually a game attached? I remember in the kickstarter the dude made some videos and showed off what appeared to be a terribly unfun game-like thing that sounded neat until you saw it in practice, but I didn't realise people actually wanted to play that.

>> No.29336338

Battleship Galaxies and Risk Legacy give me strange urges to play Monopoly Something That Is A Good Game.

>> No.29337050


Seriously, it's miles better than any other Monopoly game short of the homebrew /tg/ Occupy Boardwalk rules. Plus you can usually find it for dirt fucking cheap

>> No.29337461

I've been playing a lot of pic related recently. Most fun when it's played by 3 or 4 people.

>> No.29338051

Bumping with recent acquisitions.

Nations is essentially a revised version of Through the Ages (which is still great and different enough on its own). It follows the Agricola school of replayability by giving you far more cards than you'd need for a given game.

I only played it twice before dropping $20 on a mere four promo cards (fuck promos).

>> No.29338107

Nobody is going to buy Kingdom Death for the game, that's just something they say as an excuse to buy porn figurines.

>> No.29338295


What is the play time like?

Does it play well with 2?

Difficulty level to learn/play? (I've never played TTA, but have played the Fantasy Flight Civilizatio game and Eclipse)

>> No.29338856

I have a question about Descent 2nd Edition..

I only have the first one, and it's pretty good fun. I heard the 2nd edition is even better, but from what I see the scenario maps there are really fucking tiny compared to the stuff in the original.
Of course, you can make your own dungeons, but can somebody explain what's up with that? Are they multiple levels of a bigger dungeon or something?

>> No.29338894


I never played Descent 1st Ed., but from what I have read they massively reduced the game time by splitting up maps into smaller scenarios. For the most part, everything in Descent Second Ed. was made shorter and smaller than First Ed.

For each encounter, there is basically 2 maps with a different set of objectives for both players (OL has his own objective instead of trying to kill the players).

The winner of the first map gets an advantage going into the second map and the winner of the second map gets some bonus and then chooses which mission to do next.

>> No.29338905

I love how that skellie's like "come on in, the dragon's fine!"

>> No.29338931

I see, thanks for the explanation.

>> No.29338934

More like bored games hyuk hyuk.

>> No.29339085


The game is fairly long. Our second game (with 3) took around 3 hours. But it doesn't drag.

I have not played it with two, but the people on boardgamegeek seem to agree that 3+ is better than 2. I don't think it'd be broken with two players.

The game is definitely simpler to learn than what you listed. The rulebook is kinda ass (in that many of the cards have effects that aren't entirely clear) but there's an official FAQ up on boardgamegeek that covers any question I had.

>> No.29339329

Catan: Seafarers, King of Tokyo, Munchkin: Call of Cthulhu, and Tanto Cuore.

>> No.29339351

Any one here play Chicago Express or American Rails?
Those are ones I'd highly suggest.

>> No.29339360


I bought this for £15 on sale from a local shop. Played all the scenarios with a friend and never touched it again. We both enjoyed it and I feel I got my monies worth but it's got no substance to it at all.

>> No.29339371

ahhh played all of those except tanto cuore (b/c dont want to spend 40-50 dollars on a game that might creep out my friends who already think im a creep

>> No.29339446


I was playing with guys and girls at an anime convention when a sniveling THAT GUY showed up at the table and nasally chortled that his favorite maid card was the one with the her pantsu showing before doing a creepy laughter and backing off when we paid him no mind.

>> No.29339488

Being a fan of the show and hearing a lot of positive things I've ordered pic related. Hoping to get a game in this Sunday.

>Once again, the gods spread cheeks and ram cock in fucking ass!

>> No.29339505


Fun game but can kinda drag a little at the end because everyone beats on the person that is about to win

>> No.29339516


If your friends are creeped out by Dominion: Maids edition then you need new friends.

>> No.29339527


The long edition is the worst. Start on the average start. And don't sell guards to Glaber, you'll regret it.

>> No.29339563

Bro, I've whipped out Tentacle Bento and Kanzume Goddess out infront of girls I want to put my weiner in thousands of times, and once they got over "what the fuck is this guy making me play, what kind of art is this, christ he's so weird" and took not of the mechanics of the game, the creepy art didn't matter at all.
Mechanics and playing games you think would be/are fun is more important than not being "creepy"

>> No.29339658


>friends love playing games with traitor mechanics
>hates playing BSG because it looks too geeky

>> No.29339922

While they have good taste in mechanics, they can suck fat cocks for not being open minded. Plus that's a good game either way.

>Playing video and board games.
>Don't want to look geeky.


>> No.29340010

I just moved to a new house as a tenant. Among other things, I have a copy of the more recent version of Space Hulk.

So does one of the housemates.
The other 4 all love playing the game.

We recently finished a campaign that lasted from the 3rd December until Sunday night. Each game took 2-3 nights at about 4 hours each session.

>> No.29340086

The problem is that it's clearly set up to be expanded the same way Heroscape was, and then nothing materialized.

>> No.29340387


But Settlers is mainstream now! People won't look strangely at you if you play it!

>> No.29340405


>> No.29340814

>I will never have friends I can play lengthy boardgame campaigns with.

So jelly.

>> No.29340926

Stay classy guys.

>> No.29341168


Get better friends.

>> No.29341266

Why does it have to cost so much god damn

>> No.29341344

>what I played
Ticket to ride
>what I expected
monopoly with trains
>What I got

>> No.29341453


But ticket to ride has no dice.

>> No.29341641

Any recommendations for games suitable for a large number of players? My gaming group is 9 people at max, which usually means that we'll have at least 5-6 people around to play, so games for 2-4 players are out of the question.

Pic related is what we play the most. It's quick, relatively simple and ridiculously addictive.

>> No.29341708


>shadow hunters

Oh god.

BSG, Game of Thrones Arkham Horror, The resistance, Coup. Ton of suggestions already listed in the thread.

>> No.29341800

My friend actually got The Resistance a while ago and we played a couple of rounds when we last met. At first it seemed simple, but it was surprisingly fun. Partially thanks to one fumbling member of the resistance blurting out things like "Guys I might have accidentally put in the wrong card."

I'll have to check the others out, thanks for the suggestions. Some seem a bit too long since it already takes us around three hours to finish games that claim can be finished in 45 minutes.

>> No.29341816


Sabouteur is also a good suggestion.

>> No.29342948

I got my family a few board games for Christmas; Batman Begins: Shadow Assault for my brothers, a Ragnar Brothers card game for my, and Monopoly Tropical Tycoon and Forbidden Island for the whole family. All of them have gone down very well, although my little brother and his friends have kinda hogged MTT.

I backed 404: Law Not Found, and I'm really glad I sprung for the full game. For anybody who doesn't know what the game is, it's basically RoboRally meets 2001: A Space Odyssey, only it only takes an hour and it's fun to play
The card game version is pretty mediocre; it's okay for a memory game, but name me one great memory card game that wasn't made for kids.
Super Cluedo Challenge
Cards Against Humanity

>> No.29343207



Never again.

>> No.29343564

>bought Munchkin Apoc, Elder Sign and Catan to kick off collection
>planning on Warhammer: Invasion next
>also bought Catan app and been having a blast with that

I'll hopefully have a decent variety before the end of the year.

>> No.29343687

Fair enough, it's not for everyone, and if you feel there may be some cards that should be removed before playing with certain people, then by all means take them out.

I'm getting a copy for my little brother. I suspect he and his friends might enjoy it a little too much.

>> No.29343726

My boardgame collection, in no particular order:

Cosmic Encounter
Twilight Imperium 3
Rex: Final Days of an Empire
Android: Netrunner
Spartacus: A game of blood and trachery
Android: Infiltration
Smash Up
Cutthroat Caverns
Risk: Legacy
The Resistance
the Resistance:Avalon
Fortune & Glory
Star Trek: Fleet Captains
Level 7: Omega Protocol
Skull & Roses

We've gotten a good number of plays on almost all of those, I'd love to answer any questions people have.

>> No.29343748

What's Cosmic Encounter like? I've heard it's amazing, but I have no idea why.

>> No.29343765


>yfw that's the only game he plays

>> No.29343831

Amazing is a good word for it, at least with our group. It's our staple game, and we've got something like 40 games of it played. Even keep a record of wins for it.

Base game is pretty simple. Each player gets a star system of five planets with four ships on it. Players take turns attempting to capture planets in opposing players star systems, or trade planets with each other. Object is to have ships on five planets outside your star system.

Game is great because of opportunities for bluffing, rapidly shifting alliances, asking someone to trade with you and then stomping them when they drop their defenses to negotiate, and the like.

On top of that, every player gets an alien species with specific powers that break/warp/skew the conventions of the game. They make a huge difference, add a lot of replayability, and there's fifty of the races in just the base game. With expansions, we're up to 125.

>> No.29343871


And Magic took a few mechanics from Cosmic Encounter also.

>> No.29343872

Missed a couple on that list!

King of Tokyo
Space Cadet: Dice Duels
The Duke

>> No.29343897


>no BSG
>no love letter
>no tanto cuore

>Fortune and glory

My nigga.

Also do you start your games on the long, normal or short variant on Spartacus?

>> No.29343978

Actually do have BSG, but my brother lost it somewhere in the mess of my parents house.

Love letter is really good, but with all the other dedicated bluffing games I've got, wasn't sure there was a slot for it in my collection.

Tanto Cuore hasn't popped up on my radar.

Last time we played fortune and glory, we actually dressed up as they characters we were playing. My BSG-losing brother did a REALLY good Jake Zane. Could've been tom cruise sitting across the table.

As for spartacus, we usually do the mid-length, or one influence lower than mid-length. Need to give long another shot, though.

>> No.29344039

I got Tannhauser some time ago, but didn't get to play it yet due to studies. Care to give some opinions about it?

How quickly will the board map fall apart?

>> No.29344047


What's people's issue with it? I just know that it's some joke\card game that got it's funding from KS.

>> No.29344070

My boards are holding up pretty well, but it doesn't get a TON of play.

My opinions on it:
I like the miniatures a lot, I like the weirdwar2/hellboy/wolfenstein feel to it.
It's a lot of fun to play, and a lot of fun to set up squads for it.

It's maybe a little more random than it should be, and has a bit of a problem in most gametypes with the first player to lose a model or two usually losing the game.

There's a guy I'm working with over on boardgamegeek to playtest out a big set of houserules/revisions to it, though, and they seem to be helping quite a bit.

Overall, I like the game a lot. It's got some problems, but still VERY underrated in my book.

>> No.29344087

That's cool. Do you have some kind of a WIP thread or something I can keep an eye on and see how it's progressing?

>> No.29344135

Sure, let me dig that up. . .


>> No.29344456


Netrunner (the Android version). Game is awesome in spite of all the issues I may have with the format.

Jyhad (That fake rumor that the game had been acquired for development by FFG left us wanting to play, so friends and me pooled our old remnant of cards and managed to make 5 playable decks... damn I love that game - Fuck you very much to whoever created that rumor).

Onirim (Always cool on travel; I like the fact that's it's a patience game that can be played co-op)

Disk World: Ankh-Morpork (fun as a distraction between two more engaging games; a bit too much randomness for my taste maybe)

Civilization (Been replaying a lot lately - well, at least once a week, which is a lot for such a lengthy game)

>> No.29344518

>King of Tokyo
So, do you have to purposefully not care about winning to enjoy the game? It seems broken.

>> No.29344545

Not that guy, but what seems broken about it?
We play it pretty regularly, and have fairly diverse outcomes.

>> No.29344565

Just bought it yesterday and rolling for victory points seems to make the cards largely irrelevant and turns the game into yahtzee.

>> No.29344588

We usually have games end by victory points less than half the time. Anyone visibly going after points (and succeeding) tends to get massacred by everyone else.

But we're usually playing with six people. Less people would probably make stopping a VP win harder.

>> No.29344617

>Anyone visibly going after points (and succeeding) tends to get massacred by everyone else.
>everyone else
It's just me and my buddy.

>> No.29344638

Yeah, I think we've identified the issue.
Damage is a lot scarier with six people at the table.

>> No.29344886


>> No.29346186

So is King of Tokyo worth buying? The reviews look great, and the game is (kind of) on sale at Amazon.But it also seems like some of you guys really don't like it.

>> No.29346250

The ones who don't like it are trying to play it with two people.
If you can only get two people to the table, no, don't get it.
If you can get 4-6, then yes, it's a great light, fun, punchy game.

>> No.29347249

The game itself is basically Apples To Apples for grown-ups. As for why it's so controversial...

Some of the cards can be downright offensive. I mean, REALLY offensive. This isn't even a "political correctness" thing, some cards are deliberately written to be the most balls nasty thing imaginable.

Don't get me wrong, that can lead to some hilarious combos but... yeah, it REALLY isn't for everyone. It's billed as "A party game for horrible people" for a reason.

>> No.29347292

>I mean, REALLY offensive.
>This isn't even a "political correctness" thing

You sure are making it sound like it is.. In which case I couldn't give a rat's ass

>> No.29347390

Fair enough. If you think you'd have fun with it, go buy it (Amazon has restocked) and have fun. I did when I played it; not all the time, but enough that I'll recommend it.

Hell, I wouldn't mind having another game, but it'd be hard getting enough players...

>> No.29347409

Have you played Apples to Apples? It's exactly the same game: people sitting around in a circle laughing at the same prepackaged jokes week after week. It might be amusing once or twice before it gets stale, but if you ever meet a fan of the game, shoot on sight.

>> No.29347441

Ah no, I didn't mean I'm actually interested in getting it, I'm not into these kind of "wacky party games". Just wanted to know what was some people's gripes with it is all

>> No.29347805

How are you supposed to play it? I've never heard of Apples to Apples until now.

>> No.29348346


I recommend doing a shorter game, but instead of starting at 7 points and playing until 12 (or whatever the number is), I recommend starting at 1 and playing until 7 points.

This makes it so you still have to wheel and deal to play your Intrigue cards instead of just being able to play them all.

>> No.29348621

I wish I could get my hands on Dungeon Twister Prison cheap somehow. Seems like such a cool game.

>> No.29350036

>no face when randoming Lannisters for the 10th time in a row when playing GoT
>mfw friend randoms Greyjoy for the 10th time in a row

>> No.29351223

>Santa jerking off into a pool of children's tears

>> No.29351357

Someone draws a topic, you put in a response. Person who drew judges which card gets the point

>> No.29352276

So someone draws, say, 72 virgins, and you say "they're probably all dudes"? And then everyone else says something about kebab removing itself, and the judge gives someone points?

>> No.29352318


Pretty much.

>> No.29352375

More like somebody draws "Sensual" and you pick from your 5-card hand

>Hellen Keller
>Aldoph Hitler
>My Senior Year of High School
>The Room

Everybody else does the same, and the judge picks their favorite card to give the points to.

>> No.29352470

you play like this, for example.
If you want to try it out, there's an online-version at pyz.socialgamer.net/game.jsp
I start a game with /tg/ every once in a while

>> No.29352517

/tg/ has their own set for Xyzzy now too.

>> No.29352572

We do? Awesome, what's it called?

>> No.29352653

I can tell you my personal issue with it at least - it's an overhyped, "sO rAnDuMb XD" game with much more potential for political discourse and jokery it simply doesn't use because it's trying too hard to appeal to the common denominator with non sequitors rather than anything particularly thought provoking.

I mean the premise is interesting, and there are some cards and some matchups that are great, but after the fifth round of someone using some stupid card like "used panties" or "swag" and everyone giggling like a schoolgirl, it just feels shallow and ultimately fails to be all that entertaining.

>> No.29352694

Must be awesome to be such a mature and sophisticated person. I can't find it in me, I'm too much of a CN.

>> No.29352726


>> No.29352751


If you don't like Apples to Apples, you won't like CAH.

It's a game I refuse to play now.

>> No.29352791

I'm sorry the game is only engaging to retards with the brain and humour of a seven year old.

>> No.29352807

There's the on subject card that has you make a haiku.

I made a weirdly coherent proper haiku that ended with "Mr Clean, right behind you."

I can't for the life of me remember what the rest of it was though.

>> No.29352897

>answering ad hominem with ad hominem
I'm not a native speaker, but I'm sure you know the idiom about "arguing with idiots", "dragging you to their level" and "experience", right?

>> No.29352944

Proves I'm not as mature and sophisticated as he's calling me out to be then, doesn't it?

>> No.29353027


>> No.29353091

Board games discussion is not a relevant place to argue about one's gender.

>> No.29353323

He is the pronoun used when you don't know the gender of a person you're talking about. We're anonymous here. We use he. No ones cares if you have tits and a cunt instead of a dick.

>> No.29353899

my carcassone niggas

>> No.29356601

Anyone know where I can grab PDFs for the quest book to Descent 2, as well as its expansions?

>> No.29356702

I played that once since my friend got it.

Only once because we only had ten hours to hang out and we spent one eating.

It was incredibly long but fun even though we misinterpreted the rules and lost really anti-climactically. Really want to do it up again sometime.

>> No.29356802

Pretty sure that guy means it should've been "you", not should've been "she". Look at the screenshot again.

That said, it's an anonymous image board and the context made it seem like a third person, so...

>> No.29356843

He, she, you, it's all the same thing. I can still refer to the person as he/she, it's anonymous so it's safer to assume it's a different person.

>> No.29362076

Carcassonne is horrendously boring. People play it because its so simple and nonoffensive. It's a wife game, like Apples to Apples.

>> No.29362101

That's nothing.
>playing Catan
>five players
>mfw a seven is rolled 11 times in a row

>> No.29362145

I won that card once with "being a motherfucking sorcerer" and "being drunk on mouthwash".

I think the biggest problem with CAH is that some cards are way too specific. Like they had people submit cards and people submitted two paragraph long unfunny memes.

Also, it's basically a wife game when the wives are drinking.

>> No.29362152

Biggest issue I have with it is playtime. Since every tile placed changes where you can interact with the board, sometimes drastically, each player's turn can take forever, even if you allow them to draw their next tile at the end of their turn to help them plan their next move.

>> No.29362186

>Play Yatzy
>Get 5 1's
>Proceed to roll 5 5's, then 5 5's again
Sometimes the dice just speak to me

>> No.29362216

>Playing Catan
>Park my ass on sixes and eights -- baller.
>mfw nothing but fives and nines for ten consecutive turns.

>> No.29362254

Somebody start up a xyzzy game.

>> No.29362336

Current collection

>King of Tokyo
>Arkham Horror
>Horus Heresy
>Formula D
>Unspeakable Words

And then there's the ones that I have honestly never really gotten out, but own
>Cold War CIA vs KGB
>Forbidden Island

I'm always looking for new stuff, though... I have the "family" games, which I play with the family, and the more hardcore ones for the buddies.

Also, Empire Builder. Has anyone here played Empire Builder?

>> No.29362710

Anyone played Quantum yet? You should

>> No.29363005

Going to play Ascension and 7 Wonders tonight.

Played A Touch of Evil last friday. And for the first time I played, we won.

>> No.29363134

Let us know how Ascension goes. I've been interested in trying it out.

>> No.29363544

Is Eldritch Horror an ok game for a beginner board gamer?

>> No.29363634



>> No.29363660

Ogre for the win! I enjoyed the Designer Edition so much that I went out and snagged a copy of the Kickstarter Edition for the extra counters not found in the D.E. version. I still have all my Microgame versions from the 70's and 80s. I wish they'd come out with a Kickstarter a la Reaper Minis and come out with affordable Ogre minis in plastic.

As for other board games - picked up Small World, the new expansions for 7 Wonders, been playing Eclipse, and have been thinking about snagging 'Level 7 Omega Protocol' and Pandemic' as well.

>> No.29363698


what did that giant skull boss thing say?


>> No.29363866

Well, I've played the game before.

It's a deck building game where everyone fights over the same cards in the centre. (I think 6).

When someone aquires a card, it's replaced.

You can also get generic cards from a side deck.

Then the game has 4 different classes/schools/types of cards. Cards of the same type have more/better syncronization then cards of different types.

>> No.29363974

>mfw game of thrones 2nd edition is out of print


>> No.29364007


>mfw not enough people to play a decent game of GoT with


>> No.29364027

>tfw you buy Space Hulk and only play it once
$100 down the drain...

>> No.29365060

I can't wait for the pocket edition to come out

>> No.29365065

I'd play it with you. Where do you live?

>> No.29366322

I wish I had more friends so that I could play Chaos in the Old World more often ;_;

>> No.29366926

bumping for info?

>> No.29368113


>> No.29368252

Got expansions by any chance?

>> No.29368460

No, sorry.

>> No.29368789

Which means it's not a very good deck building game. You just pick the best cards from the center instead of having to think about the card pool.

Good deck building games are Dominion and Puzzle Strike.

>> No.29368831

>Good deck building games are Dominion
Stopped reading there.

>> No.29369437

Hey, guy who gave me a link to a PDF copy of this some time ago.

Are you here?

>> No.29369902

Dominion was INNOVATIVE, not good. It was the first, and it gave birth to a wonderful genre. But it was treading new ground, and didn't know how best to do things, because it had never been done before. Other people have since done it better, so there is really no reason to play the original. Same thing with LotR for fantasy, and Star Wars for sci-fi.

Agree with you on puzzle strike. Its not the best, but it definitely improves the formula. I'm also pretty partial to Thunderstone Advanced.

>> No.29370480

>not liking dominion
>year of our lord 2013+1

>> No.29371003


>> No.29371217

Used to be a Vegas resident myself. Moved 2 years ago though.

>> No.29371388

Hey, that's not true. There's about 6 throughout the city if you count Summerlin and Henderson. There are zero GW stores in the entire state however.

>> No.29371584


Pretty much every deckbuilding game since Dominion has made the mistake of trying to innovate further on the design, and failing. Thunderstone Advance is the closest; everything else suffers from major design flaws, whether it's uncontrolled randomness, degenerate gameplay, or simply uninteresting choices.

Protip: Things that are innovative but not good don't immediately spawn dozens of copycats; they get forgotten.

>> No.29371588

Sorry! I'm not from the united of states.

>> No.29371592

Been playing the shit out of Sentinels of the Multiverse lately.

We liked it so much I went and ordered all of the expansions online. I just wish they had a variant that let you battle heroes against each other.

>> No.29371644

Huh. I searched extensively and the only one I ever found was Little Shop of Magic.

I found Comics Oasis, and Toys in the Attic, but both of those only did friday night magic. Couldn't find anything.

>> No.29371737

Legendary did pretty well I think. And I also agree that Thunderstone was okay. Although a large part of that may very well just be me liking co-op more then competitive. I don't think you are correct about Dominion being the best though. I personally think Puzzle Strike is the current best on the market.

>> No.29371810


Am I the only one that thinks a reverse deckbuilding game would work well? I.e you start with a full deck, but every card played gets discarded back into the central pool (which is then open for purchase), and then either the last one with a deck or the 1st one to get rid of their deck entirely (not sure which) wins?

>> No.29371830


I fail to see how a game that has needed 2 major revisions in 4 years qualifies as the best on the market.

>> No.29371926


The questions is: What's in the deck? If the decks are predetermined, there is likely going to be a single optimal strategy, creating a game that lacks depth. If the deck is randomly created, you risk the game being determined by luck before it actually begins.

>> No.29372094


SotM is my guilty pleasure. Deep down I know it's not a very well designed game, but I still have a blast playing it.

>> No.29372364

>They patched any flaws they could find with the game which means it obviously still sucks
Honestly, Thats part of WHY I think its good. They actually fix it if someone finds something wrong with it.

And what do you mean MAJOR revisions? The changes they made weren't that drastic. The BIGGEST change in the game was that in multiplayer games, it now ends after a single player is eliminated instead of going down to the last person, to prevent people from just ganging up on the weakest player.

>> No.29373375

If you've played Dominion, how does it compare? So far, Dominion is the only Deck builder that I've liked. Everything other deck builder I've tried was either stupid or just "Dominion with a twist".

>> No.29373407

Cool game but very little replayablity.

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