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You are Shax Bonemurder. You have a ridiculously large sword, and you got promoted to Raid Leader, which means people respect you and listen to what you say because you'll probably be dead in a few weeks anyway!

You just met your aide, a dark elf! You don't know what an aide is, but you think it just means 'a slave who is smarter than you'.

"...Anyway," the man begins after rubbing his temples for a moment, "My name is Beyto Scarmaw and I'll be assisting you in your preparations. Your first order of business should be obtaining mounts for your raiding party. Might I recommend acquiring some from your goblin compatriots?"

You could barely hear him since beelined straight for the food and are now eating it loudly. "Mwhi alreungfy gwot sumf," you mumble through bits.

"...What? You did?"

"Yeah! I got some spiders and dragons. The one scar-" Wait, do dark elves gossip with each other? We're a raid leader now, so that's important. We can't just go gossiping about other leaders. "PRETTY. Lady. Said I could have some so she's sending over a bunch."

"Well, let me get a headcount of who all we got here..." He spends a moment counting the goblins squabbling in front of him, and mentally adds on the kuo toa. "Damn. We're down to nine? What the hell happened to three others?!"

You don't know what he's getting mad about. Nine out of sixteen is pretty good for a starting raid! You were happier when you thought it was twelve, but I guess he was wrong. Even aides aren't perfect? But he's still smarter than you!

Well, now that your belly is full, it's time for some real leadering.

>Current Raid Group: http://pastebin.com/mZgVD5yH

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"Regardless," Beyto continues, "If you've got the mounts we might want to start organizing some sort of command structure or begin group exercises for training."

He looks at your blank expression for a moment.

"You know. To get... raiding skills."

Oh. Those are definitely important for a Raid Leader.

"On the other hand, thanks to your Kuo-Toa friends here, we have helped shore up the numbers we unexpectedly lost. Still, it wouldn't help to try and recruit someone else. What do you think we should do?"

There isn't much time left in the day. It's time to make a decision!

>Training! You gotta learn how to use this sword, so you'll practice with it while intimidating the goblins into respecting you. You're the boss!
>Organization. You know you can be a bit scatter brained, but it would be a good idea to try and form some sorta cohesive unit. No point in being a Raid Leader if no one knows you are!
>Recruitment. The day is almost ending, but you could still use some more minions!

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>Organization. You know you can be a bit scatter brained, but it would be a good idea to try and form some sorta cohesive unit. No point in being a Raid Leader if no one knows you are!

We smart now! Leaders need to be smart!

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We can save training for when we have mounts.
For now we go recruiting, time to strut around like a boss and get people in our party by being yelly and stuff, wave our sword around and show we are strong. Our smarter than us slave can come too, we need more fodder. Tomorrow we train for skills

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Rolled , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , = 0


We the boss!

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Finally a new Thread!

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>Organization. You know you can be a bit scatter brained, but it would be a good idea to try and form some sorta cohesive unit. No point in being a Raid Leader if no one knows you are!
This is where a slave who is smarter than you would be most helpful.

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Let's see what our squad can do, so we can better know what holes to fill in recruitment.

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Alright. Organization wins. Writing.

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>>Training! You gotta learn how to use this sword, so you'll practice with it while intimidating the goblins into respecting you. You're the boss!

I'ze got da biggest sord so I'ze da baws.

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We are back and OWQ is running. Nice!

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Is our aide coming with us to raids? If so, does he have a mount? If not, will he be riding one of the lizards? Cause we have a free lizard and only goiblin who can ride a dragon is the raid leader so if he doesnt want to ride it we need to find another irregular to ride with us.

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>tfw you realize that you'll never raid a village with a goblin loli

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You don't even know these goblins! How are you supposed to find people to help out if you got no clue who you're working with. So you duck out of your tent.

"Hey! I forgot to ask!" Wait, should you be admitting this? Aren't leaders always right? "Err, I mean. I was waiting for the right time. Um, yeah! I dunno any of you so what are you names and skills when it comes to raiding, anyways?"

The goblins stop for a moment and look at each other, waiting for someone to introduce themselves first.

Three are from your clan, so they're smaller than average like you. but you don't know they so they must be distant cousins. Gneb is super sneaky, Kuzr says he can see real good, and Kxogs has some sorta unhealthy obsession with fire.

You have two people from the Fouldrinker Clan. These guys are pretty huge and mean! Truz says he never loses a fight, and you're guess he's right cause he isn't dead, and Mnar says that he's never started a fight cause he's too scary. He is pretty scary. He's got big scary teeth.

The other largest group of goblins is from the Devilooze Clan. You don't like these guys because they're creepy looking. Really skinny and bald, the Deviloozes are more tolerated than accepted. Baxut and Rund are twins, and they are always skulking about. Xab doesn't say anything and just laughs while playing with his sword.

And lastly, the Tonguehunter Clan. Only one of these guys is here. People say Tonguehunters are Orcs that were too stupid to be Orcs so they decided to call themselves goblins instead. They're huge! Nost is big and dumb, but he sure is big.

You get their names and talk to each of them a bit. You've got a good idea of their strengths and weaknesses, now, but you're not too sure what to do with this info. You ask Beyto for his opinion.


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Yes, Sword Big, Gobloli Small quest!

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"Well, seems to me you really got three sets of people here. The small and sneaky ones, the big and dumb ones, and the kuo-toa." You got no idea what those are, but you listen since someone smart is talking. "It's up to you really, but I think you should keep them in these sorts of groups. Whipaldookat is the clear leader of the fishmen, so you don't have to worry about them. I think they'll listen to just you, so try to keep them close."

You glance at the fish faces. They're keeping their distance from the rest of the goblins. They're a little uptight. You're not sure how well they'll get along with your other raiders.

"Wether you want to use them as rearguard or as a retinue is up to you, and obviously can change depending on the situation on the field. Other than that, I recommend splitting the rest of the goblins into two or three groups with an elected leader."

"I'm the leader."

Beyto sighs. "Sub-leader."

"I'm the only leader." You say stubbornly. You don't want people thinking they can be leader, otherwise they might stab you when you sleep and you'll never wake up.

"Whatever you want to call them, then." The aide says with a wave of his hands. "Still, you won't be able to get your hands on any more goblins so getting these ones into line first is a good idea."

You think they got a healthy respect for you. Your sword is very big, but getting smaller groups to handle is a good idea.

>How many groups do you want to split them up into? Two or three?
>What sort of composition do you want the groups to have and who should... represent them?

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Three Groups:

Group 1: Sneaky Group
Group 2: Big hit things group
Group 3: Spotter/Grenadier/light shit on fire group

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Small gits and big gits.

Scary teeth for the OVERMINION (yes that is a good word for someone who is not the leader like us!) of the big gits and Kuzr for the small gits cuz he can keep on eye on the others if he sees so good, maybe they won't stab him in the back.

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I changed my mind from this >>29294440 to the above, but I still suggest Scary Teeth and Kuzr for overminions.

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Follow Beyto's advice.

I'm not sure about this sub-leader thing, but he's been on the up and up so far. We need a special name for the guys in charge of other guys who aren't the leader because they aren't us. And sub-leader isn't a good one, we'll have to think about it.

So three groups, sneaky, big, and kuo-toa. Put whichever is smarter out of Gneb or Kuzr in charge of the smaller gits, and put Mnar in charge of them.

Kua Toa obviously stick with themselves, we'll put them where we most need them, use them in water jobs, they can probably swim real good.

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> Two groups, the sneaky small and the big and buff.
Sneak can do all the Spot/grenade/fire stuff anyway.
Each have a sub-leader, or as Shax might know them, head minion.

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Two groups.
Sneaky group, leader, no call them /helper/ cause they have the privilage of helping you, their helper is Gneb.
Bigguys group, their helper is Truz.
Also we'll get ranged fighter for free places and that will be the third group.

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Small and sneaky ones into an infiltrator / scout group. They'll be sent first into places to check them out and spot enemies.

Big scary ones into another group. Their job is to hit things that we tell them to hit.

Fishmen are their own group. What are they capable of, exactly?

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>Fishmen are their own group. What are they capable of, exactly?

... hold their breaths for a REALLY long time?

>> No.29294582


Be fishy?

>> No.29294589

I forget, what was our mission again?

Farms, right?

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Alright, I got an idea of how to get this advice all together.


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Be smarter than most gobbos? I think they're spearfighters too, so there's that.

>> No.29294614

>uptight fishmen
We need to get the fishmen drunk

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Mostly. We picked Plains and we'll start with raiding farms and it'll get harder and harder since surface-dwellers will want to keep their food source secure.

>> No.29294620

We also should procure some fire oil for the goblin who likes fire.

>> No.29294641


Careful, I hear they drink like fish.

>> No.29294654


Some fire oil for the guy who will *keep an eye on* the fire goblin, I am thinking.

>> No.29294702

But fishes drink very little

>> No.29294887

We definitely need more people. Nine is not enough.

>> No.29294909

Don't give fire to the other goblins.

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Yeah! This is what you pay Beyto for! Or someone pays him. This advice is good.

You walk out to the boys and point at them with your big sword. Holding it out like that is a super cool looking, you are pretty sure.

"Alright you gits!" You are doing your best orc impression, forcing your voice to sound a little more gruff than normal. You're not sure how effective it is. You wave your sword at the Bonemurder boys and the Devilooze boys, "You and you! You're going to be one squad! That means you gotta work together." The Bonemurder boys groan a bit, "Yeah, I know, they're creepy and bald and that's just weird. But you're gonna get along together cause I'm the boss, alright!" The Devilooze guys just sorta nod along. At least they're self aware. "Gnebs the, uh, Head... Overminion? Cause he's super sneaky. He'll teach you how to be sneaky, too." The bald guys look at each other with indignant expressions, "Yeah, I know you Oozies are sneaky! That's why you're all in one sneaky band! Ya get it?" You're getting a little frustrated so you wave your sword angrily for a moment.

It takes a moment, but they all nod. They get it, sorta.

"As for the rest of you lot, you're gonna be the big boys. You're there to break things up real good, alright?" They all grin. Breaking things is fun, after all. Still, they're real big, so you better get all leadery on them. "But don't try any funny stuff, misters." You do your best to stomp over to em and look at them real close in the eye. "Cause I'm the boss. Everyone said so, and you did too." You turn back at them. "Mnar, you're the Head Overminion of the big boys. You keep 'em in line and make sure they don't do anything dumb!"

"Now you guys know what sota groups you're in. So start campin' in those groups and figurin' who is good at what, you get it?" This whole organization thing was smart. It meant you didn't have to do all that work, and could just shove it on other people without losing any respect.


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Beyto clears his throat. "That certainly was, uh, inspiring. There isn't much day left, so maybe you should leave them to it and get some rest?" Wow, he's really smart. You were tired. And your throat hurt from all the growling. It was probably a good idea to get some sleep.

"Alrighty, Mr. Aide." You walk into your tent, "That's a good idea. Keep up the good work! Good night!"

You throw your sword on the ground and curl up on it, quickly drifting off to sleep.

You have a nice dream about sleeping in warm grass and eating all the surface chickens. You've only had one before but it was sooo good. You can't wait to eat more.

You wake up and the boys are all sleeping in the groups you told them to. It's nice having people do what you say. You've never really been respected before. Still, you knew people who got too big for their britches got stabbed a lot, so you better make sure to thank them for a good job.

Beyto is looking at some paper work, and there are a bunch of spiders and lizards in cages right outside your now growing camp. "Oh, hey. The mounts came while you were sleeping." He grips a strange smelling cup of something and takes a long sip out of it. "Yeah, I was wondering what you meant by dragons. These are Night-Basilisks. They're not nearly as scary as actual basilisks, but they'll do the job."

You feel a little sad that you won't be riding a dragon.

"Haha, what kinda party did I miss?" A familiar voice calls out. It's Squid Face! He's walking towards camp. Beyto visibly blanches at the sight of him.

>Run out to greet him!
>Make him come to you, you're the boss. Can't get too excited!
>Introduce Beyto to him, before he freaks out.

>> No.29295088

>>Make him come to you, you're the boss. Can't get too excited!
Make sure to say 'hey I'm the boss now so I can't be running around hugging you and stuff ok'.

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Run, he is the best!!!

>> No.29295097

>Run out to greet him!
It would have been hard to remain one without his help to carry the sword.

>> No.29295149

>>Run out to greet him!

our best friend!

>> No.29295159

Go hug squidward, he deserves it. Such a nice guy.

>> No.29295165

>Run out to greet him!
I think we've realized by now, that some people are scared of Squid Faces. So if we are friendly with one that means people will think we are scary too! That should help with avoiding stabbings.

>> No.29295166

>Introduce Beyto to him, before he freaks out.
It's just Squid Face man

>> No.29295184

>>Run out to greet him!

What are friends for, if not for hugging????

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>that image name

>> No.29295205

>Run out to greet him!

Run out, wave. Remain eternally chipper and cheerful. Let him know that we figured out this whole overminion thing, leadering really ain't that hard after all. Give him a hug.

Then introduce Beyto to him.

>> No.29295208

Go tell him we're a raid leader and important and people are listening to us and does he want to come raiding, or possibly can he tell us who we should get to come raiding with us?

>> No.29295235

We've got to be careful we don't become too smart, I'm pretty sure these squid guys eat smart guys.

Make sure if he wants to eat out aide he has to wait till the raiding's done.

>> No.29295243

>Make him come to you, you're the boss. Can't get too excited!
"Hey squidface! I got a buncha minions! Nice lot. kinda. sorta."

>> No.29295246

>eat out aide
Eat OUR. Eat OUR.

>> No.29295257

Runnin' to the squid face, then.


>> No.29295290

I think you had something else in mind.

>> No.29295360


>> No.29295443

Hey, I never said anything about tentacles, it is you who thought if it.

>> No.29295518

Oh man, two days in a row! Normally his visits are farther apart, and yeah he mostly makes fun of you the whole time, but you're still excited to tell someone about your good luck. You start running over to the skinny purple guy. "Wait, uh," Beyto says, getting up as you start taking off. You don't know what he's worried about.

"Hey, Squid Face!" You shout, "These are all my minions. I'm a Raid Leader now!" You tackle him in a hug, barely budging him.

He pushes you back a bit, laughing, "Wow, how'd that happen?" You catch him up on the events. He narrows his beady eyes a bit as you talk, thinking. "Hmm. All this happened because of that bracelet, huh? I'll have to keep that in mind..." You're not sure what he's thinking about.

"Hey, you're going to need some help on the raids right? Fifteen people doesn't sound like a lot to me."

Of course you're going to need some help. "Yeah, I was gonna go out and see if I couldn't pick up some more minions. It was super easy yesterday, so I'm sure I could get lots more."

Squid face nods. "Of course. But I'm verrrryyy good at convincing people. Do you want me to find one or two minions to join up with you?"

Wow! He helped you get raid leader and now he's offering to get a few minions for you. Squid face looks up sharply and narrows his eyes as Beyto approaches. "If you want me to do it, I gotta get started on it, alright? So let me know what you think."

>Sure! It could save you some recruiting time.
>It's nice of him to offer, but you gotta get respect your own way.

>> No.29295547

Yeah he should totally do that. Make sure he's not going to eat Beyto too.

>> No.29295564


>> No.29295580

>>Sure! It could save you some recruiting time.

Oh, Squid Face. Where would we be without you now?

We can always recruit while he recruits dawg

>> No.29295593

>It's nice of him to offer, but you gotta get respect your own way.
Sorry Squidward.

>> No.29295601

Yeah, he should get us some recruits.

>> No.29295602

>Sure! It could save you some recruiting time.
We should still pick up some more minions, or come with him

>> No.29295604

>Maybe we can go together? I need to get respect myself, but you are good at convincing, and I can learn from you. Plus it's fun to be with you.

>> No.29295606

>Sure! It could save you some recruiting time.
Lets get one minion from him. I am curious what he'll give us.

>> No.29295611

>Sure! It could save you some recruiting time.
Squiddy is our friend

>> No.29295614


Sure we can use some more minions, I mean, what are friends for if not mindthralling unsuspecting bystanders to become your eternal slaves bound by shackles of the psyche?

>> No.29295644

>It's nice of him to offer, but you gotta get respect your own way.

You can't take someone else's minions, they have to be your minions, otherwise they aren't proper minions.

>> No.29295671

But they'll be our minions. The goblins for example were given by that scary lady and huge goblin to us, but they are still our minions. You can take minions from someone else.

>> No.29295753

Alright, we'll let Squid Face help us out again. Writing.

>> No.29295776

Especially when their our best friend's minions! Also, attempt boss dragons kobolds recruitment? Yea or nay?

>> No.29295913

"Sure!" You say excitedly. Squid Face is your friend, so maybe he doesn't have the best tatse in friends? You're kinda dumb afterall. Still, he wants to help so no reason to say no, right?

Squid Face claps his hands. "Alright, then! I'll go find you some premium minions. Just don't get jealous of my recruiting ability, okay?" He laughs a bit and waves at you.

"Alright, see ya Squiddy!"

He looks at Beyto for a moment and nod before leaving. Beyto does not return the gesture. After he leaves a bit Beyto grabs you by the shoulders. "What the HELL was that?" he hisses, "Why is an illithid talking to you?" He looks kinda scary!

"Squid Face is my friend!" You protest.

"MiIND FLAYERS DON'T HAVE FRIENDS." He's practically shouting. The boys are starting to wake up. Beyto sighs, rubbing his eyes. Maybe he didn't get enough sleep? Still, that doesn't excuse being so mean.

"I don't care if you're my aide or how smart you are," you say glumly, "Don't talk to me like that." You haven't been yelled at in a while so you're trying to not cry. You sniffle once or twice.

Beyto looks at you dumbfoundedly for a moment before raising his hands in surrender. "Right, right. Sorry." He almost sounds convincing when he says it. You don't think anyone has every sounded convincing when they said sorry before. Maybe he means it?

"Let's get back to business, alright? You've got nine days left to prepare. We need to work out a schedule. This slapshot approach to making a party has worked out for now, but if you want to resemble anything close to a proper raiding party, we're going to need to spend a lot longer on an idea at once... okay?"

You pout a bit. But still, he's right. "Okay." You say, reluctantly.

>Spend the whole day training your raiding skills!
>Spend the whole day training your riding skills!
>Spend the whole day talking to the troops!

>> No.29295945

>Spend the whole day training your riding skills!
We're getting nowhere without mounts.

>> No.29295977

>Spend the whole day training your riding skills!

Get our minions used to riding things.

>> No.29295983

>>Spend the whole day training your raiding skills!
Better to have a raiding party that knows something about raiding

>> No.29296002

>>Spend the whole day training your raiding skills!
>>Spend the whole day training your riding skills!
They're only one letter different. Surely that means you can do both at once?

>> No.29296006

>Spend the whole day training your riding skills!

We should have our stealth goblins use the spiders, and everyone else use the basilisks.

>> No.29296013

Goblins are probably pretty naturally good at wrecking shit, but maybe not so good at riding
And it sounded like fishpeople aren't used to mounts, so probably need the practice

We need to commandeer the biggest lizard for ourselves, of course.
And come up with a suitable name for it.

>> No.29296023

>You haven't been yelled at in a while so you're trying to not cry. You sniffle once or twice.

oh my fucking god

> riding skills

>> No.29296030

>>Spend the whole day training your riding skills!
we must make sure that basilisks and spider riders work as cohesive group

>> No.29296046

Rolled , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , = 0

>>Spend the whole day training your raiding skills!

We still need to figure out how use the huge sword.

>> No.29296089

>Spend the whole day training your riding skills!

>> No.29296091

>Spend the whole day training your riding skills!
Let get to know our mounts.

>> No.29296103

Riding it is.

Roll a d20!
Best of three, 1 crit fails, 20 crit succeeds.

>> No.29296114

Rolled 12


>> No.29296133

Rolled 1


>> No.29296135

Rolled 10


>> No.29296149

Rolled 15


>> No.29296158

Rolled 14

>scrapes knee
>try not to cry
>cry a lot

>> No.29296159


I love d20s.


>> No.29296160


>> No.29296161

Rolled 82, 4 = 86


>> No.29296163

We just got someone eaten didn't we?

>> No.29296217

Looks like one of the mounts decides to eat some of our minions.

>> No.29296221

It was best of three. We should be fine.

>> No.29296223

Bah, that barely even qualifies as a failure in goblin eyes. It's gotta be much worse.

>> No.29296240


1's override non-20's.

>> No.29296255


By that logic, we would have to roll 3 1s to get a critical fail. It is assumed that a roll of 1 superseeds the nominal rule of "Best of 3", if it isn't and I have overstepped my bounds-


oh...that means we just fucking sucked...

I have a sad now.

>> No.29296258


>> No.29296282

Alright, fair enough. Let's see what happens.

>> No.29296370

I don't think QMs like playing with 1/8000 chance of critical anythings

>> No.29296446


>> No.29296633


>> No.29296663

So for using our sword, I'd suggest going with a style that's got footwork that is sort of like dancing with a lot of spins, twirls, jumps, and flips. Our sword is way too big and heavy for us to swing around normally with our height and strength so we kind of need to spin it around to really get any powerful swings out of it. Use that weight to our advantage.

>> No.29296727

Agreed, have to work the weight with us. Trying to control it is a lost cause unless we can magically gain a hundred or so kilograms of weight.

At least we'll have a unique fighting style.

>> No.29296732

I think our cuteness is our actual weapon. We'll want to avoid actual fighting.

>> No.29296747

I think our best hope is just to helicopter whenever anyone is in range

>> No.29296805

Considering it's weight, couldn't we use the sword's centrifugal force to make us jump higher and farther too?

>> No.29296811

use ballet for fighting!!!

>> No.29296818

"Well, the lady and you both said I'll need mounts to do the easy job, right?" Beyto nods, he knows better than to try to figure out what you assume he knows by now. "So we oughta work on that!"

The boys all wake up to you shouting at them, and get into the groups you told them to last night. They seem to be acting more naturally in their smaller groups. The Kuo-Toa show up as well. "Morning, honored one. These humble servants are ready for instruction."

"Alright! For this job we gotta be fast! That means we gotta ride. You might notice we got some new pets in camp." You point at the spiders and lizard with your sword. "We're gonna be riding those around, get it?" They all look a little wary. You know some of the boys are probably used to riding wolves, but spiders are a whole other story.

"The lizards are for the fish boys, they're both scaley, get it?" They all nod. It only made sense. "I also want a lizard since I'm the boss. You lot get the spiders, alright?"

With the mounts sorted out, they start picking out their rides. The spiders are very large, very fuzzy, and are either a dark brown or light black. The basilisks all have bellies low the ground, but they move real quick in a straight line. Plus they look wicked cool.

Everything starts out okay. The party was getting acquainted with the pets for a bit. When they started trying to riding them... it got more complicated. The spiders were scurrying everywhere, and the lizards just didn't feel like moving. The fish people looked totally lost, and the boys who weren't creeped out by the spiders were picking on the ones who were.

It got so bad you had Beyto call in a handler from the menagerie. With his help it went a little better. Still, you barely made any progress. You knew this was important so you decided to spend another day on it. Of course... over night Kxogs got eaten by his spider. He insisted on sleeping with it.


>> No.29296824

Yeah, that ain't happening.

>> No.29296843

Not to be deterred you get to work on the riding stuff the next day. It goes better this time. With the handler's help you manage to actually get the lizard move while you're riding it. It takes all day, but your team actually manages to get to the point to where they can ride the damn beasts. You're pretty proud of them. Beyto looks upset though, complaining that you're wasting too much time. You guess you did spend two whole days just learning how to get on these things... Still! This job was easy so no need to panic.

At the end of the second day, things were winding down. Some of the crazier boys said they wanted to sleep with their spiders again. You thought they were just bonkers, but you don't feel like stamping your foot down over something like that. Still, as the day wound down, Squid Face shows back up with some friends!

"Hey!" He says casually, two huge, dark shapes behind him. They grunt and sniffle a lot, and are generally pretty nervous, constantly twitching and checking aroudn them.

You know what these are!

Deep trolls. They eat goblins. A lot. They're super fast, and super skinny, and super crazy.

"Aaaaahhhhh! Watch out, Squiddy!" You'd run to help him, but you don't want to get eaten, so you hide behind your tent.

"No, no, it's okay. These are my, uh. Pets." He waves at them. "We'll just call 'em Troll 1 and Troll 2." They aren't trying to eat him. Maybe he's right? You timidly leave the tent and walk up to one. It's eyes are... completely blank. "Yeah, they won't do anything I don't tell them to." He puts a hand his hip and waggles a finger at them. "So don't eat any goblins! Unless this one here tells you to."

Wow, you've never seen one up close!

"Anyway, this is what I managed to round up for you, impressed?" He waves his hands up in the air like its a grand pronouncement. "The army will give em rations for a good while, but you'll be responsible for feeding them later. Or don't. I don't really care."


>> No.29296868

>we lost fireguy

>> No.29296882

It sounds more like breakdancing/Capoeira with a sword from that description.

>> No.29296889

One of these is our new mount.

>> No.29296964

When the boys woke up the next day, the trolls freaked them all out. You managed to calm them down by showing that they were completely loyal. You had the trolls doing everything you said! You might have gotten carried away when you told them to do cartwheels and handstands, and it was defintely an abuse of power when you had them eat all of Beyto's food as punishment for saying mean things to you during the training.

You apologized to him later and gave him some of your food. But only some!

Anyway, you only had seven days left. It was time to figure out today's schedule!

))I'm done for today. I was gonna run about three hours earlier than I started, and go on till now, but 4chan being down interrupted that. I'll update the roster and then see you next time. Sorry for the short thread!

Thanks for playing!

>> No.29297001

You getting a twitter?

>> No.29297002

exactly what I have in mind, the sword is too unwieldy for riding stuff down.

makes sense to use its weight in our favor

>> No.29297011

Someone archive

>> No.29297023

This is very promising, I already love your style. Thanks for running!

>> No.29297057

Since the sword is weightless to use we can say 'fuck conservation of energy' and use its inertia to fling ourselves around instead of riding.

>> No.29297058

Thanks again OP.

I really enjoyed this quest; once more.

>> No.29297108

Thanks for the run Chief! Any idea when the next thread will be?

>> No.29297114

We are really not going to have enough people by the time we leave... and anyone new that we recruit won't know how to ride their mounts! We need to get more people and solve this situation ASAP. If we go raiding without enough expendable minions, we'll be the one who dies, and that would be horrible.

>> No.29297128

What do you mean weightless to use? It seems to only be weighless as far as carrying it goes. We try to swing it and that weight instantly becomes a problem again.

>> No.29297221

We have enough to burn down some farmsteads.

>> No.29297409

bet that bracelet has moor powers..... if only we trained with the sword all that time ago

>> No.29297444

From what I recall of our mission briefing, we're expected to basically keep burning farmsteads as the enemy sends in wave after wave of increasingly competent people to kill us. We'll need cannon fodder.

>> No.29297510

We've tried to recruit what, three times now? The confines of the quest seem to allow us to recruit at best handfuls of people. We're on a time limit so I'm assuming handfuls of people are what we're intended to have.

>> No.29297608

The Moors grant us strength!

>> No.29297610


Training with the mounts was top priority, it jointly improved our groups cohesion and overall effectiveness. We 'are' a raiding party after all. We can't hit and run if we have don't know how to ride our mounts.

That said, we should set aside at least a day to work on our combat prowess. As a raiding party we actually need to...you know...raid. Can hardly do that if we can't kill things.

So, it's a two part problem, in a nutshell.

We've got our feet squared, now to get the hands in action. The head(actual experience) will come soon enough, once we get in motion.

>> No.29298656


Do river raids to disrupt trade and make ambushes on riverside villages obviously.

>> No.29299934

What if there are no rivers?

>> No.29300241

Then we will dig some. Dragons are really good diggers.

>> No.29300633

Hell YES!

captcha: such sigtheys

Yes, Captcha, it would be a sight to see indeed.

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