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All of my YES!


I don't care if the site is awful this article needs to be read.

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Pastebin, OP. I'm not giving those marxist cunts page views.

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more like social democrats but rednecks can't tell the difference.

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No, they hold marxist views. As a social democrat I can say quite firmly that I'm horrified by them.

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>holding Marxist views in the 21st century.

Isn't that just a phase college kiddies go through after their first Pol/Sci class? People actually believe that drivel?

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Didn't the Nazis and communists already curb stomp you guys out of existence?

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Yes... yes there are.

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Basically, just have humans in your setting, that what I read.

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>implying glorious motherland is a bad thing

jesus christ /tg/ what happened

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/pol/ happened to all of 4chan

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Scandinavia stronk

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This article is so fucking faggy.

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>expecting actual names
>lolnope races

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Marxism was the keystone of Social Democracy

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The only good kind of Marxists are the autonomist kind. The rest are just meddling tyrants.

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Also this, social democracy was rooted in Marxist thought, and even to this day still retains a strong influence from it.

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Well, that was nothing particularly revolutionary.

Of course, I kind of have difficulty with those whole "mix it up" mentality. Yeah, you should try to do something that hasn't been done a million times over, but if you're going to be mucking with the formula of a certain concept, why not just include a different concept?

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This was complete bullshit. An utter waste of time and you are to blame OP.

Don't bother reading this trash, OP is a raging faggot.

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Having read it i can safely say that it doesn't need to be read.
Seriously it only tells us what we've been bitching about for fucking years now.
Yes we know that people just will not stop sucking tolkiens dick and copying his every move.
Second the advice that writer gives kinda suck as it's all "be different just to be different". And While i can agree that different races and such need to be fleshed out more just adding shit to add shit just gets in the way. If you want an example of this just take a look at the latest hobbit movie, specifically Lego-lass and the female-elf.

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you got it backwards. Site is decent, that article is terrible.

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>article is on races

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I thought I was the only one bothered by this.

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