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Chaos thread?
Chaos thread.

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You will be killed by traitor's hands.

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Having to be careful with which Slaanesh images I use.

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Ah, the Chaos Gods speak clearly now.

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What are good books to read for CSM and the lore?

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That's pretty awesome.

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Depends on which CSMs you want to know about.

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Black and Alpha Legions

Something from their point of view

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I'm guessing post Horus heresy?

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Well I wouldn't know whether they're particularly good or not but they're is Abaddon: Chosen of Chaos and the Black Legion supplement (both usually in ebook form).

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What sparked this Chaos mania on /tg/ this week?

No Blueberry threads, No IG but lots of chaos

I'm not complaining but it's weird

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Based Slaanesh giving us trap cultists

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Hugs and kisses, from the Imperium

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OP I am pretty sure /b/ is better-suited for this thread, with all due respect.

The image dump is mixed between fantasy and 40K, and some of the images are really low-quality. Generally a chaos thread would involve more discussion than image dumps. Furthermore /b/ has successful threads like this somewhat often.

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Appreciate the advice. Just dumped images and hoped peeps would discuss more.

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Can an inquisitor serve Malal?
I have heard of radical inquisitors using Malal mercenaries.

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Will continue here as well though.

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If the Dark Eldar are Slaaneshi-exclusive, why don't they focus less on pain and more on extravagance and pleasure, like the human cultists?

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Does Khorne get off to orks krumping things?
Since the fluff has changed the gods to be timeless and not human-specific (is that true?) (obviously Slaanesh gets off to Deldar)

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I suppose that's possible. Perhaps not knowingly.

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I've heard that Stormboyz can align themselves with Khorne knowingly, owing to their more rigid and structured nature and discipline. Can someone elaborate?

Also didn't there used to be Nurglite Orks? Are there still, even after Nurgle got krumped? Orks would have to serve willingly, of course.

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Weed marines: cultists of both Nurglite and Slaaneshi alignment.

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Yes, The Khornate section in the Daemon codex says that Khorne gets off from all warfare. Orks, humans, Eldar, and Tyranids are all playthings and puppets dancing to his war tune and marching to his maw.

Also Tome of Blood says Khorne is sustained off all violence. From a wolf killing its prey to exploding suns.

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Is a collapsing building or exploding sun not a Nurgle-thing?

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Give me your most Slaaneshi image.

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Dark Eldar aren't Slaaneshi (they don't worship Slaanesh). Chaos worship is forbidden by all Eldar (especially of Slaanesh since she/he/it wants to eat them all).

Yes. Though not as much as he gets off to human's fighting.


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>I've heard that Stormboyz can align themselves with Khorne knowingly, owing to their more rigid and structured nature and discipline. Can someone elaborate?

No mention of them in current lore but they could exist.

Recently the Blood Boyz (Khornate Orks) appeared in the Tome of Blood.

>Also didn't there used to be Nurglite Orks?

There is still Nurglite Orks (Picture related). G&M beating up Nurgle is an Ork myth and not actual fact.

>Orks would have to serve willingly, of course.

Sure why not. Orks are easily deceived and if not they will be tortured or possessed.

Abaddon is currently experimenting on Orks to create Ork-Daemon hybrids.

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What would happen if Tzeentch ruled the universe?

What is the personality of a Tzeentch cultist? One can assume that they would be necessarily hopeful and manipulative of their surroundings, as that is Tzeentch's core element. However, would a smart cultist not see the folly in fooling the fool god, and resolve to serve Tzeentch utterly and completely, as a Grey Knight serves the Emperor? Would not he remove all hope and manipulation from his heart to serve Tzeentch most effectively? Is this not a contradiction?

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I love it.

All that info brings a grin to my face.

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>There is still Nurglite Orks (Picture related). G&M beating up Nurgle is an Ork myth and not actual fact.
Interesting, very interesting.
So orks aren't immune to disease then. I heard that somewhere and assumed it was true. Thank you anon

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>What would happen if Tzeentch ruled the universe?

Happened once.

The Chaos Gods teamed up on him and throw him off a cliff. He fell and parts him shattered into countless shards reducing his power considerably. This caused the birth of magic in the universe.

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To elaborate: Tzeentch always plays with cultists and backstabs them. Thus a smart cultist would surrender completely to Tzeentch's will, and avoid believing he can trick the devil and get away with his skin. Thus the cultist has no trace of Tzeentchian values.

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>Dark Eldar aren't Slaaneshi (they don't worship Slaanesh).

I heard that too, that's why he sent out xirat'p and p'tarix.
Might be a myth, like gork and mork wrecking nurgle, though.
>Would we notice if Tzeentch ruled the universe?

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>620.M39 The Dust War

>On the edges of the Ork Empire of Octarius the Death Guard and the Overfiend’s hordes fight over the Urgorn Dust Cloud. A vast asteroid field of psychokinetic rock, the cloud coalesces around the space hulks and scrap-fortresses of the Orks, creating tiny worlds with micro-atmospheres. The Terminus Est wreaks havoc by infecting the environments with its Warp-fly miasma, the ship choking their tiny atmospheres with the bodies of billions of insects. Orks die in their millions, their green corpses bursting into rotting puddles of virulent disease. Yet the war rages on for months as more and more of the aliens spill out of the Octarius Empire looking for a good fight.

There have been many cases of Orks succumbing to infection and disease (Example above).

The Dark Eldar have pesticides/viruses that purge entire worlds of Orks.

Whoever told you they are immune was wrong.

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If Tzeentch ever won, wouldn't that basically cause him to become completely purposeless?

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Cultists in general just worship the Gods because they believe they'll be rewarded. If one was smart enough they most likely wouldn't want to be involved.
I get what you're saying and you're right if you assume the cultist in question doesn't get driven insane so that they can be both filled with hope and also have none simultaneously.

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>Tzeentch always... backstabs them

Great exaggeration. Of all gods and godlike beings, he intervenes to save his followers with most frequency. His mark's effect reflects this.

RELYING on said on a being with a chaotic, oceanic consciousness is pretty weird. Khornates don't rely on Khorne to make themselves able to hack down titans with rusty axes, so Tzeentchians shouldn't rely on Tzeentch to make themselves invincible.

And if you think the Thousand Sons have it shitty, more of the Thousand Sons survived the Horus Heresy to the modern day than Space Wolves.

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Not if he can twist the minds of mortals.
...Would living under Tzeentch be a good thing?
Are there any fluff examples of a Tzeentch daemon world? I have no fucking clue what it would be like.

>assume the cultist in question doesn't get driven insane so that they can be both filled with hope and also have none simultaneously.

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What? What don't you get? The Dark Eldar are incredibly indulgent and are completely aware that when they die they'll be devoured by Slaanesh but they're plan is to be brought back to life (implying their souls are pulled back out of Slaanesh) via a kind of cloning. Chaos worship is basically the only thing Dark Eldar don't allow for they're populace.

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>And if you think the Thousand Sons have it shitty, more of the Thousand Sons survived the Horus Heresy to the modern day than Space Wolves.
This brings up another question; how do the Thousand Sons recruit? Or do they?

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>Are there any fluff examples of a Tzeentch daemon world? I have no fucking clue what it would be like.

From what I have seen. A nonsensical wasteland of crystal and flame populated by pulsing tentacled mutants crawling through corridors that obey no reason or order.

>> No.29271468

Oh. I kinda just lumped them in with the cultists I guess. They're not far from it; they have all the marks of Slaanesh worship.

If symphonies of pain and bloodshed isn't worship, what is? I understand the distinction between actual rituals and effective rituals, meaning for example disease-spreading versus prayers-to-Nurgle, but are they so different?

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Nice, source?
sounds like the labyrinth.

I heard some anon talking about a planet dedicated to boring paperwork and pure bureaucracy, like an endless office with nothing but cubicle after cubicle of people pushing papers.

Maybe there'd be a planet that's one giant chess board, or Rubik's cube.

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Rubric Marines Digital book hints that Rubric Marines are still being created.

Implies that Ahriman might have sold its secret to others.

>> No.29271541

Well I've heard of a theory that Tzeentch's Great Plan is to make more plans to make more plans to make more plans... Therefore he wouldn't want to win because that would mean there would be no need to make more plans.

Oh they most certainly make Slaanesh more powerful but they don't care because they plan to avoid him/her/it if they can.

>> No.29271571

>Rubric Marines Digital book
sorry, what?

>> No.29271579

War makes Khorne more powerful but I wouldn't lump all those who wage war with Khornates.

>> No.29271599

>Great Plan is to make more plans to make more plans to make more plans
perhaps that is the win condition.
similarly, chaos as a whole couldn't 'win' per se, nor could Malal or Khorne, or the Orks. Their 'winning' is the act of fighting.

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Series of fluff digital books.

>> No.29271629

True. I just assumed it, because, y'know, purple shit everywhere and glorification of pain and sensations.

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I know the Chaos Gods are usually thought of as beings with their own thoughts and agendas but I often prefer to think of them as concepts given sentience (rather than beings given power and agendas).

>> No.29271808

I assumed they were both.

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Realms of Chaos says they recruit promising psykers and sorcerers from all over the galaxy, and especially from the chaos champions that roam the Planet of Sorcerers.

Note that its called the Planet of Sorcerers, meaning the Thousand Sons aren't even the only ones.

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/tg/ if you had to worship one (and only one) of the Chaos Gods which one and why?

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Khorne because he is METAL and also because of the Warrior's Code.

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I kind of like that answer.

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It really depends for me.

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Not much going on so I'll see you guys.

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Serious question guys
If you are a follower of Khorne and you rape a Slaanesh daemonette and then kill her brutally, but quickly, who derives from this? Khorne or Slaanesh?

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Dearest Ladies and Gentlemen at a rather heretical locale,

In regards to your comments, I find your heretical beliefs are extremely childish. When it comes to heresy and levels of faith, you omit to mention that a hard hitting text refuting heresy is on its way. In fact, by the end of M41, it is likely the Gods of Chaos will have lost all vestiges of credibility. :) :) :)

Rest assured, Operation Charging Flagellants and Flying Cathedral is gathering steam!!! I am pleased to announce that I just carried out 24 purges.


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Guys srsly answer

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not immune but still very VERRRRYY resistant, as you would think from an ork

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>still no chaos bear terminator models
what the fuck gw

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infinite knowledge and mind-wracking power
until i inevitably burn out and get spawned or something

then i try to become a super duper spawn like that nurgle frog thing

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A better question would be why would a follower of Khorne rape someone?

>> No.29277436

if you are already a follower of khorne, your actions will only be influenced by your god so it brings the most power to your patron (though in some case it could also power 2 or 3 gods at the same time)

in your case, if the follower of khorne does not rape for pleasure for to make the blood flow (still a bloody lose of time, just kill her) then it's mostly khorne

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How do you serve Tzeentch?

For Khorne, you spill blood and gather skulls.
For Nurgle, you just rot.
For Slaanesh, you have orgies while blasting music at 9999 MHz.

Do you just cast spells in name of him?

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Fuck it, then I'm staying Imperial or Chaos Undivided. Khorne is the only good god with the least drawbacks, if you ask me at least.

>> No.29277507

by reading a book nigga.

>> No.29277555

I find Khorne to be the only good Chaos god for several reasons and Slaanesh cultists/daemons are hot as fuck.
But Khorne and Slaanesh share the most hateful relationship between the gods so...

>> No.29277591

Khornates usually kill off their enemies quick. You know why? because pain feeds Slaanesh.

Raping someone as a Khornate follower goes against what Khorne wants which is kill and get moving to the next target as soon as possible and also feeds his arch enemy. You gonna get smited.

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>TFW can't decide between Nurgle and Tzeentch
Nurgle doesn't hate sorcerers like Khorne does, right?

>> No.29278533

Nurgle and Slaaneshi sorcerers exit. Only Khorne rejects sorcery.

However, only Tzeentch has the top notch sorcerers because, come on, he is the God of Magic.

>> No.29279026

The really ironic part of that statement is how, in the 6e CSM codex, the Slaanesh discipline is actually the one that has the best psyker powers. Tzeentch's range from decent to terrible.

>> No.29279054

Tzeentch is all about selfishness. You serve Tzeentch by striving to knowledge, the reason you started worshipping him.

>> No.29279067

Are those boobs?

>> No.29279138

Tzeentch is incredibly easy to serve.

You make plans. You gain knowledge. You improve yourself.

Basically, you serve Tzeentch by acting with motive. You serve Khorne by acting in a certain way, but not with any purpose behind it. You serve Slaanesh by savoring emotion and experience. You serve Nurgle by either not acting at all or by bringing down others.

But as soon as you act with motive, you're serving Tzeentch.

Note that it's incredibly difficult to serve just Tzeentch in particular in ways it might be to serve just the other gods. Tzeenth works best when he works through others. Serving Tzeentch is no different.

>> No.29279154

>you rape
You're already serving Slaanesh. Khorne murders. He doesn't rape.

>> No.29279199

In other words, be like the Thousand Sons.

>> No.29279982

Thats basically what I see Grandfurther nurgle to look like. Just less mouths every where, thats Tzneetch's thing

>> No.29280078

>best sorcerers are tzeentch
>tzeentch chaos table is underpowered
>1k sons are only good for surprise force weapons
>horrors shooting can be denied
>burning chariots can't move or snap fire

i'd say something about screamers/flamers but they needed the nerf. though, a lord of change can now easily smack down a bloodthrister and they have access to a lot of divination.

>> No.29280260

Slaanesh is best god. Prove me wrong.

You can't.

>> No.29283672

He'll rape a virgin: blood for the blood god and all...

>> No.29283993


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Its thematic - we're betrayed by our very God, and every edition we hope we'll be better!

>> No.29286634

I think it's hilarious how we're supposed to believe that Chaos is the greatest threat to the Imperium, yet in the actual game, CSM are one of the worst competitive armies, and have flat out the worst 6e codex. How am I supposed to take the fluff seriously when they're so bland and easy to beat?

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