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This is a quest based on the Teen Titans animated universe, as well as the DC universe in general.

Are you new? If so, you can get caught up at http://pastebin.com/cEFrBd9d (don't worry; that pastebin isn't nearly as long as it seems)

Updates are currently being prepared.

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Welp...lets get started.

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It's time.

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I'm ready.

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OH GREAT, just in time!

I needed a good cry.

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Hey, maybe things won't be so bad!


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My body is ready

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Who wants to guess what the scraping noises were?

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The cultists scraping Jinx off of the floor

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Yeah, maybe...

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As you round the corner, the source of the sound reveals itself.

A hearty man in a flowing robe is on the stone floor, attempting to crawl away from his attacker. Clumsy nails on fumbling fingers scratch at the floor.

His attacker, Jinx, is buzzing loudly with energy, muffling the softer sounds in the room. She's sweating profusely, her chest rising and falling in rapid time.

"You're crazy!" The man stammers out, rolling to face her.

Jinx responds by pressing a tall, heavy boot onto his throat. She has not yet noticed your arrival near the other end of the chamber.

"Don't flatter me. I've gotten that before." She says, cracking a smile. It's weird; her teeth aren't misshapen, but Jinx's smile appears crooked. There's something villainous about it.

A: Call out to her.
B: Keep running in her direction, but stay quiet.

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Rolled 16


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Fuck me...

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Oh fuck, I just got it too.

Those fuckers did something to Jinx.

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I think the only one that did something to Jinx was us when we mindfucked her memories, though maybe I'm wrong.

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Hopefully it was just her and that's the reason she was awake...

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Well I mean this is nothing but baseless speculation and overreacting, but the fact that there's a room called processing in this fucking dungeon and the fact that Jinx is about to kill a dude implies things.

Or not. I may be freaking everyone out for no reason.

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Well, we did erase an important memory, probably coming back to bite us in the ass, or not, who knows?

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>freaking everyone out
more like just yourself

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Or maybe she was just suddenly jumped by MC Hammer and his 30 goons and she had to break a few nails just to get out alive. Anyone would be a little cranky after that.

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Yeah, maybe this.

But I'm not sure if putting her boot on someone's throat is in character for Jinx. Especially a "reformed hero".

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You call out to her, making your arrival clear, and approach as quickly as possible.

The villainous expression breaks in an instant. The energetic streams of light fade; her eyes lose their glow. Her smile, previously evil, is now straight and genuine.

"Sweet! You're alright!" Says Beast Boy, giving Jinx a hard pat on the shoulder.

"Just barely." She says. "Either of you know how to open these doors?"

Jinx is playing it cool, but signs of her exhaustion are evident. Her hair is slightly out of place, and while still far more graceful than a normal person, her movements have gotten just a bit more sluggish than usual. You can't say you're surprised; every wall and corner of this room is littered with dazed and injured cultists. It must have been a tough fight.

"You're lookin' at the door master over there." Says Beast Boy, pointing two fingers in your direction.

C: Open every prison cell.
D: Ask Jinx what she thinks you should do next.

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So, do we still have that gaping knife wound, or did that heal up?

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Since the knife is no longer there, it has probably been healing slowly since.

But it hasn't been mentioned in an update, so I imagine it's not a big deal.

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You ask Jinx what she thinks should be done.

"You know where the exit is?" She asks.

The two of you tell her all you can. You aren't certain, but based on the breeze, everyone might be able to escape down the other end of the sewer piping.

"That's great." Jinx responds. "But we can't leave right now."

"What?!" Beast Boy exclaims, throwing up his hands. "Yes we can, dude! I'll turn into something big, put the team on my back, and we'll slip outta here! What's the problem with that plan?"

"The problem..." Jinx says, reaching up to straighten her hair and eyepatch. "...Is that these are Scath cultists, and they're trying to summon something big."

Beast Boy sighs. That settles it, then; they need to be stopped.

"By the way, you alright? That looks rough." She points down to your stomach, and the red puncture upon it. "I could try some healing, if you want."

You'd nearly forgotten about the gash. It isn't bleeding anymore, and you're rather accustomed to serious injury by now. Still... It does hurt, and you're not sure how dangerous it is, being that your powers won't close it up.

Let Jinx try to heal your wound?

E: Yes.
F: No, you should all get moving as soon as possible.

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Yes, but I hope she doesn't Jinx it

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damn it.


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> Scath cultists

Alright, we need some Raven Magics to deal with this shit. I say we wake her up first.

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This wasn't the dynamic of sexual healing I was expecting but ok.

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I think we'll be able to get everyone out.

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Things are going better than expected.

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You'll let Jinx attempt to heal your wound.

She scratches the back of her neck. "You should know... I'm not really the best at this. I've never exactly done it before."

A nearly invisible blush of pink rises on her cheeks.

Are you sure you want Jinx to try to heal you?

G: Of course. You trust her.
H: ...Maybe it's best to forget about it for now.

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The next moment someone dies I am blaming your ass!

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Death by waifu

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It will be extremely painful...

For you

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>Taking her healing virginity

You better be gentle Donn.

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fuck, Som chose it, it must be the wrong one

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I love you too, anon

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Well this one was a no brainer, so I think we're safe.

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Of course. You trust Jinx completely.

"Alright, alright. But don't say I didn't warn you!"

She stands inches away from you, and places her hands on your bare chest. They slide down and twist, tracing runic, looping patterns around the puncture with their touch.

She is blushing deeply. Elsewhere, Beast Boy gives an awkward cough.

"Here goes nothing." Jinx says, pressing a palm over the puncture, and waiting for the spell to take effect.

You can feel her healing warmth pour into you, focused through the palm of her hand. It feels good. It feels comfortable. It feels... Very, very hot.

Oh god, it hurts terribly!

You collapse on the floor in a sudden spasm of searing pain. Your wound hurts more now than when it was first inflicted.

"Hey, I warned you!" Jinx says, attempting to play off her obvious embarrassment with tough words and crossed arms. "Let's just go!"

"Hold up!" Beast Boy says, standing in her way. "Aren't we gonna bust everyone out?"

"Nope. They're probably still out cold, and we can't carry them while we fight. Plus, I think the magical hobo over here is the only one who can open their cells, meaning they're safe for the time being."

You struggle to get up from the floor. The pain is fading, but remains a serious distraction.

The choice is yours.

I: Open all the cells.
J: Choose only one cell to open, and try to wake its occupant.
K: They're safe in here. Just get to the main chamber and finish this fight.

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Well, it was cute at least...

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My Jinx can't be this cute!

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Very nice choice selection this time Humble, I really had to think about it before I voted. I like it better when there's no "obvious" vote.

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All this sexual tension
Just hold hands already

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niggas can't beat cuddling in gotham sipping cocoa

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You sick fuck. This is a christian image board!

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Do not go there.

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You will open only one cell, and attempt to wake its occupant.

Whose cell do you open?

L: Robin.
M: Cyborg.
N: Raven.
O: Terra.
P: Starfire.

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You really want to put Raven in harms way again? SHe does not have a good track record with Cultists. And they probably want to scarifice her to Trigon or something anyway.

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How lewd!

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tell me Kamen Writer is with you

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Oh hey mini, been a while.

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>> No.29261922

Of course it is, ye of little faith.

Also, how you been?

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>> No.29261926

It sure is, buddy, it sure is.

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Hey dudes, what's the haps?

>> No.29261974


We almost gameovered.

>> No.29261975

We missed you, bro. How have you been?

>> No.29261982

Well, we've got caught up in some mess, Jinx beat the shit out of some cultist and tried to heal us, that didn't work out but it was cute enough.

And we're gonna wake up Raven to help us.

>> No.29261992

We need more minis, mini.

We need you.

Also we're pretty much royally fucked left and right. Same as usual.

>> No.29261997

We're stuck in a cultist hideout, got stabbed by a magic knife, everyone but Jinx, BB and us are unconcious in magic cells, and Jinx can't heal worth shit.

>> No.29262000

We punched a stoner cultist out cold, lost BB rep points because of it, had an awkward romantic pseudo-sexual moment with Jinx, and it's going to become the basis of a side scrolling beat-em up game.

>> No.29262022

So wait, who is this guy?

>> No.29262049

one of the original blokes from when we were on /co/, wrote up cool non-canon mini stories inbetween updates to soothe our souls at fucking everything up

>> No.29262057


Damn. Last I was here were fucking around with freeze.

Been good. Not much going on besides work and school, but I'll be internetting more often now.

>> No.29262063

He wrote a few side stories for the quest back when it was on /co/

>> No.29262067

>the basis of a side scrolling beat-em up game.

Don't bring this up in the thread...

Trip from back when we were in /co/

>> No.29262070

It was the best of times, it worst of times.

>> No.29262074

>Damn. Last I was here were fucking around with freeze.

Everyone in Gotham died.

Our fault.

Alfred's okay though.

>> No.29262078

Awesome, glad to have you back

>> No.29262095


Start reading the pastebin, son.

>> No.29262096

Jim Gordon is probably dead though.

Get on the Afterparty you schmo.

>> No.29262101

Are you uh... caught up yet?

>> No.29262122

Oh my God, that's horrible!! How could let that happen you fucking-

>Alfred's okay though.

So nothing too bad happened at least.

Thanks bro

Not at all. I expect people to fill me in in the

Yes the afterparty, heading there now

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Does anyone else remember when this song was super relevant to our feels?


>> No.29262144

that song was our existence

>> No.29262165


The snow was actually Joker's poison frozen and then sublimated throughout the town.

Honestly, we had no fucking idea.

>> No.29262182

And when we did something RECKLESS.


>> No.29262225

I always preferred


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You decide to wake Raven.

"You sure about that?" Says Beast Boy. "What if she's like, the last piece of their big magical puzzle or something?"

There's no way to know for sure, but you've made your decision.

Her door opens at your command. Raven is inside of the featureless room, curled up on the ground.

Jinx stays quiet as you go to her side, shaking her in an attempt at revival.

Moments pass. You guide Raven up to a sitting position, and her eyes gradually open to look you over. Dark circles are under them. She looks bad; tired, unfocused, and distant.

You notice something when looking into her eyes. The effect of familiarity; the close knowledge of her as a person, which you gained during your trip into her psyche; is fading. It's still there, but already not as close; you can't be sure of how she feels in this moment. Perhaps, as time passes, that intimate familiarity lessens.

"What's going on?" She asks. Her voice is far more raspy than usual.

You explain the situation, and she listens quietly. Things aren't looking good.

"...Help me up." She says.

You do so, taking her by the arm and giving a strong pull. You are surprised by how heavy she feels; how weighted. Perhaps she's simply too unfocused to levitate right now.

"...I'll be fine." Raven assures you with tired indifference. Did she read your thoughts?

"We need to go." Hurries Jinx, heading for the door.

She's right, of course.

What's the plan?

Q: Charge in, full-force, and take everyone in the main chamber by surprise.
R: Try to sneak in and get a peek at what they're doing before you attack.

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>> No.29262303

Wow, that's awesome. I expect nothing less from Humble

>> No.29262304

When has sneaking around ever gone well for us?

>> No.29262318

the lone voice of stupidity

>> No.29262328

When have any of the choices you've made gone well for us?

>> No.29262335

oh fuck, I literally loled at that response when I noticed it was som

>> No.29262336


When has refraining from doing something because you think it went bad the last time ever gone well for us?

>> No.29262348


>> No.29262354


>> No.29262371

>Jinx stays quiet as you go to her side
Someone's jealous

>> No.29262384

>Hey guys, let's go sneak around that area of Slade's base by ourselves

>Oh shit, Raven died

>> No.29262413

that's because we tried to teleport 3x what humble said we could nigga. that was us being reckless.

>> No.29262427

That was a combination of our shit-tier teleporting and Slade being Slade. We're more experienced now, and have more teammates to back us up.

>> No.29262428

>Perhaps, as time passes, that intimate familiarity lessens.

Oh, that's...a nice touch.


>mfw this retarded logic

>> No.29262430


Fuck yeah.

>> No.29262451


>> No.29262452

In all fairness Som, this is a different situation. The only similar thing is that we're sneaking around an enemy base. Just because sneaking around went bad once, doesn't mean it'll go bad again.

>> No.29262453

To be fair, all the others who went the other route got caught in an electric trap.

>> No.29262459

>Let's go sneak through that warehouse by ourselves

>Knocked the fuck out by catwoman

>> No.29262482

she molested us, TOTALLY a win. also we're not alone

>> No.29262487

> not by ourselves this time

I can do this all day boy.

>> No.29262492

Okay, fair enough.

>> No.29262493

>Let's go sneak through that warehouse by ourselves

>Get felt up by catwoman, FUCK YEAH!

So we should sneak around, right?

>> No.29262500

catwoman is sneaky
the cultists don't have sneak, they have big mace dude

>> No.29262517

MC Hammer has already been taken care of though, they might have sneaky cultists now for us to deal with

>> No.29262519

So we get felt up by Jinx this time? Or a random female Cultist?

>> No.29262523

And MC Hammer is currently KO'd, so we're golden.

>> No.29262540


Som, all of those situations could have been made into wins if not for people making consecutive bad choices.

You're assuming that everyone is going to be making consecutive bad choices if we sneak. You CANNOT assume these things when making the choice.

What if we did go attack? Couldn't we fail all those choices too?

Anons, don't let Somnius's defeatism poison you.

>> No.29262544


>> No.29262574

And what if we waste time sneaking around and they finish their ritual?

>> No.29262596


>and what if
>and what if
>and what if

Shut up.

>> No.29262600

Better than us running in against a surprise 100 cultists, they kill us then finish their ritual anyway.

>> No.29262609

We consult our friendly neighborhood demon expert.

>> No.29262613

Grats, guys. This is our first shitposting of the new year.

>> No.29262617

well it's more like 70 now

>> No.29262637

I don't see why you guys are arguing. Sneaking won by a mile.

>> No.29262648

I will not be silenced!
She's out of it, though

>> No.29262653

Nah, it's just Som being Som. Hasn't been any real shitposting, just heated discussion.

>> No.29262655

Cause Som wont shut the fuck up.

>> No.29262671


Heated discussion is not shitposting.

>> No.29262677

it's kind of shitposting if it's 10 people vs som

>> No.29262688

Then by sneaking around, we give her time to get back "into" it.

>> No.29262699

...okay, that's a good point

>> No.29262703

He's right!

Stop shitposting, Som!

>> No.29262706

We can't help that Som is an idiot

>> No.29262721


Can you define shitposting for me real quick?

Honestly, I've never understood, it's always one post that upsets a lot of people and they call that shitposting. Maybe that guy is just the black horse.

>> No.29262772

>Hey, let's be careful in this room full of science equipment

>Hey, do we run through the hallway with gas or carefully look for another way around while poison rises in the air outside the house with every second
>Being careful is the answer.

Different scenarios call for different approaches.

>> No.29262776

Stealth is the name of the game.

Raven takes a deep breath, folding her body into a sheet of darkness, and promptly disappears. Beast Boy becomes an unseen bug, flying out of sight.

...That's easy for them. Looks like you and Jinx are stuck doing this the old fashioned way.

The two of you peek around the corner, and exit the chamber side-by-side. At the end of this hallway lies the main room, which you can only assume the summoning will be prepared in.

Jinx moves with total, dead silence. You aren't nearly so quiet, but you still don't expect to be heard.

Plain double doors lead into the chamber; one of them is cracked open. It's a big room; about as large as an average auditorium; with stones for a floor and a pedestal rising in the center. You've been on that pedestal before.

It looks totally empty, likely due to the flood of cultists chasing you down into the sewers. Then again, peering through this crack, you can't see everything inside.

"I don't like this." Says Jinx, narrowing her eye.

You don't know what to think. It makes total sense, of course; they're all probably still looping around from your previous chase. Then again, you suspect Jinx has done more than her fair share of sneaking in her life, and she probably has good instincts for this sort of thing.

Time's wasting. What if they're summoning in another chamber? What if there's another door leading out of the auditorium that you can't see? What if it's a trap? What if you're almost out of time?

What do you do?

A: Carefully open the doors, and creep into the main chamber.
B: Bust in there. Attack any cultists you see, if there are even any here, as quickly as possible.
C: Wait. Keep watching a while longer.

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>> No.29262797


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>> No.29262808


>> No.29262810


>> No.29262819


>> No.29262821


>> No.29262826


>> No.29262835

>Can you define shitposting for me real quick?
I'm not him, but here it is straight from the horse's mouth. By which I mean moot's mouth.

>> No.29262842


>> No.29262856

Also, taking a fast break. BRB

>> No.29262857

She's suspicious. huh? Well, guys, I say we trust out... INJINX


>> No.29262874


>> No.29262893


>> No.29262901

>Pointless insults directed at people because of who they are
By that logic everyone who disses Som is a shitposter

>> No.29262903


>> No.29262905


Even Carlos isn't that bad.

>> No.29262911


>> No.29262922

We don't insult Som based on who he is
We insult him based on how bad his decisions are.

>> No.29262951


>> No.29262978


>> No.29262980


>> No.29262995


Look, we joke with Som about his bad decisions, but when he has retarded reasons for what he does he has a right to be criticized.

>> No.29263009


>> No.29263018


Holy shit is that OC? When did this happen?

>> No.29263037

And that is why you're alright in my book, Som.

>> No.29263040

Pfft, nice.

>> No.29263044

Thanks, anon

>> No.29263046

my pun brought forth oc into the world.

no regrets.

>> No.29263108

From the drawtread general on /co/ right now.

>> No.29263198

Would've worked better if you spelled "our" correctly.

>> No.29263210


>> No.29263227

back. Preparing the update.

>> No.29263243

Now its immortalized in this picture >>29262978

And now its on photobucket


>> No.29263336

Sorry guys, I know what the update is going to say, but I'm having issues keeping my computer charged. give me a few.

>> No.29263356


>> No.29263374

Nope, I just got it.
Now I'm writing the update, for real.

>> No.29263426


>> No.29263642

You exercise extreme caution in opening the door, careful not to make a sound.

The room is empty. Totally empty. No one behind the doors, no rocks waiting to fall from the sky; nothing.

"This is unexpected."

You nearly jump out of your skin. Raven has materialized behind you, huddled under her robe. Her features looks as exhausted as ever.

"I don't like it. Something's up." Whispers Jinx, darting her eyes around the room. "Where's Beast Boy?"

A fly buzzes down on command, grows, and stands next to everyone in human form.

"Present." He says, cracking his knuckles. "Looks like we missed the party."

It looks like you did. There are no cultists here; no summoning equipment. The room is so empty and quiet you could hear a pin drop.

"What now?" Asks Raven.

Well? It's up to you. What do you do now?

Wait a minute. What's that noise?

A: Get caught in the cultists' trap.
B: Get caught in the cultists' trap.
C: Get caught in the cultists' trap.

>> No.29263657


>> No.29263662


>> No.29263669


A seems like a fucking dumb idea.

>> No.29263673


>> No.29263676

D: None of the above

>> No.29263677


>> No.29263678


>> No.29263680

D. Get caught in ALL the cultists' traps.

>> No.29263683


>> No.29263713

Please, this was the obvious outcome. Better that we spring and deal with this trap now than...oh wait, no, no its not. Oh well then.

>> No.29263718


>> No.29263726


>> No.29263756


>> No.29263766

This is on you guys who voted A.

Humble basically said "Jinx says don't go in, so don't go in" and you ignored him.

Way to go.

>> No.29263787

Humble is Jinx?

Humble you are very pretty.

>> No.29263804

we all know humble is really a trap that dresses like jinx anyway

>> No.29263808


>> No.29263827


>> No.29263850

What trap do the cultists' have waiting for our heroes? Will their dark magic be successful? Can my little Jinx possibly be this cute?!

Find out next time in: Teen Titans Quest!

Updates resume this wednesday, probably at 6:00pm, just like today. After that, we'll be doing them once a week, every sunday.

I'll stick around for a while to talk about the quest and answer questions. How is everyone feeling?

>> No.29263863

How Cute can Jinx possibly be?

>> No.29263879

can what the cultists have waiting be a very elaborate and poorly planned surprise birthday party?

>> No.29263882

Well now I feel like shit for falling into a goddamn trap set by cultists.

So fine, I guess.

>> No.29263886


Well, I came to this expecting horrible things, then I got my hopes up, and now I'm expecting the next update to be horrible things.

I hate you.

>> No.29263888

Very cute. I've got whole barrels of cute scenes up my sleeves.

>> No.29263889

she is indeed 3cute.


ARE JIM AND BARBARA DEAD? WHAT ABOUT CAT WOMAN? I think you may have answered that Jim was okay before actually a while ago but I forget.

>> No.29263909


>> No.29263914

How easily can we push Jinx into reverting to evil?

Can we join her in her villainy if we succeed?

>> No.29263919


>> No.29263932

humble plz

>> No.29263942


After the murder of Raven, of course.

>> No.29263944

Depending upon your choices and the direction of the plot more details about what happened in Gotham may or may not be revealed.

Crap! You've seen through my plan!

Hey, Jinx warned you!

>> No.29263954


I'm guessing that mindmeld mishap at the island didn't just go unaccounted for huh?

>> No.29263964


>> No.29263968

yeah, she did

shoulda known better than to listen to fucking SOMNIUS about not having time, or sneaking around not working out for us.

>> No.29263970

Don't forget the campfire scene.

>> No.29263972

Trips confirms, Humble's not lying.

Now, Humble... if you please, give us the cute and nobody gets hurt.

>> No.29264012

Will Raven's crush on Cyborg ever be elaborated on unless those were Donn's feelings back at the beach

>> No.29264016

Technically speaking, we did sneak around and it went bad for us once again.

>Somnius was right once again

>> No.29264024

Humble literally has our closest buddies in a bad situation, along with our main protag, what the hell are WE gonna do? Throw rocks at him?

>> No.29264036

You'll have to wait, anon!

Jinx is the most complex character, probably. Assuming she's in a healthy state of mind, as she was at the start of this story, and nothing unknown has happened to her, it will take something big and terrible to push her back into evil again.

But I really can't answer these questions without spoiling things.

No, I have cute scenes planned for her too. And Starfire. And Terra. (etc...)
This story needs more cute.

>> No.29264056

Even if that was true, if would be >Somnius is right for the first time ever.

But we got caught once we stopped sneaking, so no.

>> No.29264058


>> No.29264062

Now now Anon, that cute is leverage, a hostage one might say. It will not be released while Jinx is imperiled. We have to not get her killed for a cute to be released.

>> No.29264066

Because charging straight into the trap faster would be so much better.

>> No.29264078

oh god yes
it needs much more cute

>> No.29264083

We summon a greater evil.

What? I can't hear you over satanic rituals!

>> No.29264086

>I'm guessing that mindmeld mishap at the island didn't just go unaccounted for huh?
I haven't forgotten it.

But you'll never know if you strange me!

You must choose the cute, anon. I cannot force it upon you.

Wait... What? What exactly are you referring to?

>> No.29264099

Can we have a cute Borotherly scene with BB?

>> No.29264105

Now now Humble, you have entirely the wrong audience if you want this quest to have cute instead of grim failure.

>> No.29264109

Gotta have dat cute nigga.

I don't actually have any questions though. Maybe if you keep like, a notepad of our skill level in our abilities? I don't even remember what rank everything is at. I think our teleporting is at like rank 2-3 and our mind meld at 2. Think tele-punch was just 1 though. I think. Maybe 2.

>> No.29264128

So...if we go for Terra, it's not NTR anymore, right?

>> No.29264129

>You must choose the cute, anon. I cannot force it upon you.

Yes you can.

>> No.29264133


Fuck, typing on a phone is hard.

>> No.29264138

>Wait... What? What exactly are you referring to?

Nothing, just a misconception about an update.


You must be new here.

>> No.29264140


>> No.29264150

Hey, feel free to force all the cute in the world on us. I wouldn't mind.

>> No.29264173



>> No.29264187

Yes. Tie us to a radiator and cute us in the mouth for days.

>> No.29264228

You can have those with anyone.
I'm going to put a lot more character interaction into this come the start of the next act.

Why not both?

I do, but it's a little complicated. Don't think of it too much like a game.

Depends. She's not in a relationship with Beast Boy by any means. Then again, she never was; he simply has very strong feelings for her.
More on this in the future.

Hey, you're growing your relationship with these characters as well as spending lots of time with them. Should you make it to those points, the cute will flow like the rootbeer fountains of valhalla.

>> No.29264229

Technically no, but we'd never want to go for Terra anyways, so it's irrelevant.

>> No.29264234


>> No.29264254

what the fuck

>> No.29264255


>You haven't seen Cyborg in a while.

>He's sitting on the beach. His mass is overwhelming the tiny plastic chair beneath him.

>"What's up?" He calls out as you approach, without looking over to you. He's focused on fixing some sort of mechanical issue with his arm. Tiny sparks fly out as he tampers with sockets you don't understand the arrangement of.

>It's really quite a peaceful sight. The glittering light of his arm; the pale blue of his circuits; the rolling ocean nearby.


After we mindmeld with Raven. I may just be looking into this too much, but it just didn't sound like Donn.

>> No.29264276


>> No.29264279

>I do, but it's a little complicated. Don't think of it too much like a game.

More of a railroad.

>> No.29264308

>the cute will flow like the rootbeer fountains of valhalla


Let me just say.

You have the CUTEST sayings. I'm going to start quoting you.

>> No.29264320


>> No.29264326


>"Hey Beast Boy, I'm gonna be dumping Jinx and go on a date with Terra, she's technically not into you, so there no problem right?

>> No.29264354


>this guy again

>> No.29264368

The appreciation of the calm aesthetics may have been influenced by her, but that's it.

>More of a railroad.
You have a lot of freedom, anon.

>> No.29264373

While we're nailing Terra, Robin pats us on the back as Beast Boy rampages across the city as a T-Rex

>good job, nice effort

>> No.29264375

Hey bro, you're in the wrong thread

>> No.29264381


Complain, mostly.

>> No.29264412


Please direct him back to your railroad quest.

>> No.29264414

Well, at least you're honest.

Goddamnit Humble, when are we gonna hold hands with Jinx?

>> No.29264426


>> No.29264441


>> No.29264442

You disgusting piece of shit.

>> No.29264454

>You have a lot of freedom, anon.

A or B.

What choices do we have~!

>> No.29264460

Need I remind you this is a blue board?

>> No.29264471

Quote away, anon. You have my blessing.
I was just referencing Grim Adventures.

>dump jinx
TECHNICALLY you two aren't officially together right now. I mean, is it on paper?


I don't get it ;_;

You already kissed her!
You perverts.

>> No.29264479


I'd imagine we'd get that from Starfire first.

She just seems like the kind of person who would do that sort of thing with ANYBODY.

>> No.29264488

you forgot C

>> No.29264521

>You already kissed her! You perverts.

We want moar

>> No.29264523

>Referencing Grim Adventures

Just when I think I can't like you any more...

>> No.29264548

>TECHNICALLY you two aren't officially together right now. I mean, is it on paper?

No, but like most neckbeards do, the majority has decided on marriage even before Jinx knows whats going on.

>> No.29264587

>What choices do we have~!
A lot.
I don't write boring pathways, but things could have gone differently depending on what you did.
I mean, think about parts of the quest where you chose whose life to save, whether to go with slade, or most other things. If this were something where I forced you around, I'd never put those options directly in your hands.

Take the sneaking part, here. If you'd have trusted Jinx and not gone in, you'd (and I won't reveal too much for spoiler purposes) have seen a bit of a clue to tip you off on what was about to happen. You might also have seen something in the room if you would've not opened anyone's cell, and hurried straight to the room without spending any time.

A railroad it is not.

>> No.29264598


>> No.29264618

humble no don't validate sominus's choices

>> No.29264635

When you say it like that it sounds like we did everything wrong...

>> No.29264681


Because she's acting like we're supposed to be acting on knowledge that we don't have.

>> No.29264692


>> No.29264693

She even gives you FULL BODY hugs.
I need to cool this quest off a bit.

Then kiss her again!

Cartoons are what I do.

Well, to be fair, she seems to be pretty into you.

That image is silly. Why is one on his head? He can't do anything with the top of his head.

>> No.29264695


>TECHNICALLY you two aren't officially together right now. I mean, is it on paper?

>> No.29264746

What one on his head? That's hair, you racist!

>> No.29264748

hahaha, yess
>He can't do anything with the top of his head.
humblebee I know you're more creative than that

>> No.29264753

I will as soon as you make another kiss option available

unless it's like
A: Kiss Jinx
B: Dodge magic knife that will definitely kill you.

>> No.29264810

I-I didn't mean it!

>humblebee I know you're more creative than that
This isn't that kind of quest, anon.

NOTE TO SELF: Only allow kiss if death is imminent.

>> No.29264847

>NOTE TO SELF: Only allow kiss if death is imminent.


>> No.29264861

>NOTE TO SELF: Only allow kiss if death is imminent.

I should have kept my big mouth shut

>> No.29264875


Also, we haven't ruined keeping Terra right?

I want to keep her.

>> No.29264891

When will Slade Apprentice Quest happen?

And has anybody archived it yet?

>> No.29264920


This thread, I mean.

>> No.29264924

Mah nigga

>> No.29264943


For mud wrasslin. Not for waifu'in.

>> No.29264974

Mud Wrasslin with Jinx, BB, and Terra.

>> No.29264976

Either way is fine.

Terra is like Raven where she's make just as good a bro as she would a waifu

>> No.29264996

Terra is a way worse bro and a slightly worse waifu

>> No.29265022


I disagree with you wholeheartedly, but I respect your opinion.

>> No.29265097

You haven't ruined that.
In fact, I'd say that's looking likely.

...But the last Slade Quest was an experiment, really. It's not canon, and it's getting rebooted into something cooler next time.

>> No.29265109

I disagree

>> No.29265155


We better take part in Slade Apprentice Quest again.

Loved it.

>> No.29265189

>In fact, I'd say that's looking likely.


>...But the last Slade Quest was an experiment, really.

Good call.

>> No.29265210

you probably shouldn't give us the opportunity to be full evil in slade quest, humble.

...also oh no are we going to have to trade someone to keep Terra? D: Didn't we not keep kid flash because too many people?

>> No.29265243

I uh...Don't think we're gonna trade anyone off.

If worse comes to worse, we can get become roomies with someone.

>> No.29265272

We can room with Jinx! We've done it before.

>> No.29265352

We might even snuggle under the covers

>> No.29265400

Dude, come on. We are NOT that kind of guy.

>> No.29265421

As much as that sounds nice, I don't think Robin would allow people in a relationship to bunk in with eachother.

Maybe we'd bunk with BB.

>> No.29265428

So, people who I want to check on once this shit is over power rankings.

1. Terra
2. Raven/Jinx
3. Robin (for kung fu)
4. BB
5. Cyborg

>> No.29265448

>As if Robin isn't bunking with Starfire now and then.

>> No.29265463


He didn't seem to complain when we suggested Starfire bunk with him.

>> No.29265490

I'd agree to this

>Implying he and Starfire aren't constantly bunking together.

>> No.29265491

Holding hand jokes aside, is sex (proably fade to black style) a thing that could eventually happen in this quest, or is not rated for that.

>> No.29265495

fresh OC

>> No.29265513

we went over that before, and yeah

>> No.29265520

Oh my.....
We sort of had a sex scene during the Hell arc.

>> No.29265562



>> No.29265565

Sweet lacrosse goalie Jesus

>> No.29265571

>that pic

>> No.29265590

Aw yeah, now we're talkin.

>> No.29265617


I came.

>> No.29265620

I... don't think I remember that. What happened, again?

>> No.29265628

we don't talk about that, Som.

>> No.29265641

beast boy fucked a hell vision terra and nerly died and ended the quest before he turned into a whale

>> No.29265646

When we controlled BB for a bit and almost killed him.

>> No.29265658


Humble can do good smut.

Although really, I'm just wondering what kind of choices would we get in that kind of scene.

Mindmeld during sex.

>> No.29265665

We must never forget, anon.
Beast Boy hallucinated having sex with Terra

>> No.29265700

Oh that, right.

>> No.29265705

>shirt too big

I may be a Ravenfag but that's just too cute and hot

>> No.29265775

We don't talk about that you flaming faggot.

>> No.29265798

Oh really? See >>29265700

>> No.29265799

Well, besides that glorious OC, this thread is about over.

Thank you Humble, see you Wednesday.

>> No.29265840

You started it. Thus it's your fault.

>> No.29265856

Some men want to watch the world burn, I'm happy to be the one who starts the fire

>> No.29265861

Why is too big shirt so hot, anon? Why?

>> No.29265871

You'll love the new one even more!

I just need to design it more effectively overall.
No, I won't make you trade anyone to get another person on the team.


>> No.29265906


10/10 would save again

>> No.29265913

Oh, so you're intentionally being a faggot?

>> No.29265947

>You'll love the new one even more!

May I make a suggestion for what the next SAQ will include? (overall. And it's just an idea)

>> No.29265973

I haven't fully made up my mind on how to portray that, should it happen.

I won't do it carelessly, and I won't do it soon.

Sorry for leaving the thread for a few minutes, but if anyone's still here, what do you think?

How explicit should the story get? I won't make it disgustingly descriptive, but should I describe thing, or fade it to black?

Just looking for input.

>> No.29265990

on 4chan, we're all faggots

>> No.29266006

Make all the suggestions you want! I'm scheming over here, but I like to listen to the community.

>> No.29266024

You came from /co/ with the rest of us, why are you such a retard?

>> No.29266027

I'd be fine with whichever, really. Maybe a brief description that less describes the details and more just... uh. How it went. I don't know. We don't need smut, though.

>> No.29266033

In my personal experience with my quest, most people seem to prefer a fade to black sort of option. Of course, your followers are different from mine and may want something different. I could go either way really.

>> No.29266037

I think leaving it to the imagination and hinting is enough.

>> No.29266064

Have you never found the concept of a girl wearing your shirt and only your shirt hot? There's probably a lot of things that could explain that, one being it is implicit of your recent sexual activity with her. And maybe it being submissive/possessive.

>> No.29266066

yeah that

>> No.29266068

Vague descriptions of atmosphere and emotions and such.

>> No.29266084


Occasionally, like when we're unconscious or dreaming, have flashbacks to the MC's childhood and life before the starting point.

These flashbacks contain little nuggets of insight into his mindset and the signs/start of his inner darkness.

>> No.29266088


Som, you beg your players not to make you write a sex scene, and you are self-admittedly a horrible writer and know you WOULD write a horrible sex scene.

Your input on what "most people" would seem to prefer is absolutely WEIGHTLESS in this context.

>> No.29266102

>You came from /co/

I think you answered your own question, anon

Seems as good an explanation as any

Probably true

>> No.29266129



I know that you have the experience and sensibility to be vague and leave enough to the imagination, but one or two choices surrounding the event would be MOST wonderful.

>> No.29266155

Cute. You're the only one who stoops to arguing with newfags and egging them on. You're making the rest of us look bad.

>> No.29266164

>We don't need smut, though.
Yeah. I'll try to handle it gracefully without being too obviously avoiding.
It'll work out.

I think you'll like what I have in store.

Your voice has been heard, anon. Give choices. Understood.

>> No.29266171

oh god don't give us sex choices we'd fuck it up.

>> No.29266200

>Which hole do you wanna put it in?
>4 choices.

>> No.29266203

>Roughfags always getting in the way with atmospherefags

>> No.29266208

>I think you'll like what I have in store.

I'll stay with it.

Though if this arc ends in a character death, I'm gonna drop Teen Titans Quest and just follow SAQ

>> No.29266230

>You're making the rest of us look bad.

I know right? It's embarrassing.



>> No.29266248

I will laugh so hard if this happens

This anon gets it

>> No.29266251


A.) Vagina

B.) Rectum

C.) Mouth

D.) Ask Robin if we're doing a good job

>> No.29266282

>"Oh God, I finished too early! Robin, get the cage!"

>> No.29266296

>Have you never found the concept of a girl wearing your shirt and only your shirt hot? There's probably a lot of things that could explain that, one being it is implicit of your recent sexual activity with her. And maybe it being submissive/possessive.
I find it extremely hot. Just bizarrely, disproportionately, ridiculously hot. I don't think it's the just-fucked thing, since it's not like bed head does it or anything. I dunno, though, if I went over to my girlfriend's apartment, and she answered the door in nothing but a t-shirt and panties... it'd still be about as enticing, imo.

I think it might be the innocent and androgynous nature of it, which produces a sort of naturalistic vulnerability.

>> No.29266297

>Ask Robin if we're doing a good job

>> No.29266331


I had more options, like Eye, Make a Sandwich, etc.

>> No.29266333

>Oh god I made Jinx Pregnant!

>> No.29266363


Nah. We'd just end up accidentally causing a quasi-abortion in the end of the arc.

>> No.29266389

There's a question.

HEY HUMBLE ARE WE STERILE? We're kind of an abstract creation and not really a person. If we knocked up jinx would she have a horrible death abomination?

>> No.29266399

>MFW I can actually see that happening

>> No.29266407

Also, I hope everyone realizes the consequences for sleeping with a character. None of the females will take that lightly, and you might find yourself in something more committing than you'd like later on.

>> No.29266435

>Implying most anons in these threads don't consider themselves married to Jinx already

>> No.29266461

Eh, Pale kid with Pink hair who has the worst luck imaginable, nothing that bad.

Eh, so far we're half playing, half speculating. It could be worse. It could be like /a/'s waifu threads.

>> No.29266472

>implying Jinx is dumb or inexperienced enough to get pregnant
But no, you aren't sterile. Beyond that, I shouldn't say.

>> No.29266473

that means we're super virile and will instantly knock them up with a death spawn that the joker or slade will kidnap as part of some world destruction plot, isn't it. oh god and maybe the kid will artificially age since its an abstract immortal being

>> No.29266503

>Also, I hope everyone realizes the consequences for sleeping with a character.

Well, I do, but I know you'd have to spell it out for every other socially inexperienced player in this quest.

>> No.29266508


>> No.29266510

>implying Jinx is dumb or inexperienced enough to get pregnant
Jinx... is a slut?


>> No.29266531

>She's not a virgin


I don't think you understand what that word means

>> No.29266542

>that means we're super virile and will instantly knock them up with a death spawn
>oh god and maybe the kid will artificially age since its an abstract immortal being

>> No.29266548

You're right

Thats Terra.

>> No.29266561

she was a rebel in the villain crowd for a while she's definitely had a few goes

>> No.29266599

Is that guy holding a red stripe?

>> No.29266627

She's, like, 16. If you're not a virgin at that age you're a slut, pretty much (barring obvious things like your dad molesting you or w/e).

>> No.29266637


>> No.29266645

>Jinx... is a slut?
No way!
...But she was a villain living a rebellious, unchecked lifestyle for years. She's probably had a partner before.

Aw, c'mon. Terra's a respectable lady.

When it comes to based spoony, you just never know.

>> No.29266655

Look at what you're brought on Humble, look at and laugh.

Doesn't look like Spoony is hold a Red Stripe.

>> No.29266665


>> No.29266672

Oh, and in case it wasn't clear, I don't think pregnancy will ever be a part of this quest. That's a little too weird and out of place.

>> No.29266691

when its the next update?

>> No.29266693


>> No.29266715




>> No.29266720

Makes sense

>> No.29266722

>She's, like, 16.
This takes place some time after season 5.
Every Titan is over 18, with Cyborg being the oldest.

>> No.29266733

... but then how are they TEEN Titans? I don't think you've thought this through.

>> No.29266749

oh thanks

>> No.29266753


I'm not too familiar with the comics...

When does Robin become Nightwing?


Oh shush

>> No.29266761

you probably shouldn't look up the comics titans then

>> No.29266769

You got me! ;_;
But really, barring a serious change of heart, I'm not planning a pregnancy plot pathway.

>TEEN Titans?
ages 18 and 19 are still teen ages.
And maybe they won't be the Teen Titans anymore. Maybe the story will eventually cover that.
...Or maybe they'll just keep the name for familiarity, etc.

>> No.29266782

They settled that bit in the 80's man.

Nobody really cares

>> No.29267082

Didn't they just change the name to Team Titans or something?

>> No.29267121

>Team Titans

>> No.29267131


>> No.29267204


Unless it's the porno version and it's short for Tag-Team Titans.

>> No.29267307


>> No.29269211

>tfw thread dies soon

>> No.29269287

If you love something, set it free.

>> No.29269330


Don't worry, we'll see you on Wednesday! I hope!

>> No.29269347


>> No.29269384

Dubs of death

>> No.29269509

Well, it was a good thread at least, Awesome OC art, and a could-be-better Update.

I hope to fuck we get out of here, i miss Titans Tower...

>> No.29269558

>i miss Titans Tower...
So do I.

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