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Quest Runners' Directory (post your Twitter ITT and you'll usually be added speedily, otherwise just message the guy): https://twitter.com/Eisenstern/quest-runner-directory

Player's Topic: What is the quest you hate yourself for liking?
QM's Topic: How do you reconcile waifus with your personal philosophy?

A selection of guides to get aspirants started:
The Quester's Starting Guide by elusive guidefag
http://anonkun.com/user/Dev-kun (If no reply via PM try Twitter).

Stuff about writing things :

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I was thinking of an Space Admiral quest (think LoGH).
I need to keep thinking.

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If so, I demand lasers. Not like pew pew, just
Know what I mean?

>> No.29258340

>No 'quest' in title
Get ready for whiiiiiiining!

>> No.29258348

It's early.

I suggest he deletes this and starts over.

>> No.29258353

I was thinking of "Quick Escalation" one shot.

>> No.29258389

Rolled + 1


>> No.29258398

This. Please save us the bitching of the self-moderation crowd and remake it with Quest in the subject.

>> No.29258406

>not realizing why it happened last night

Stay pleb.

>> No.29258409

Rolled - 1

ok i do it now. for reals

>> No.29258422

It's also just easier to find in the catalog.

I like to do a search, instead of scanning every row.

>> No.29258438

Sounds like extra effort.

>> No.29258444

oh it is fixed.

>> No.29258558

>It's also just easier to find in the catalog.
That. OP. PLease.

>> No.29258571

Delete the thread by the way.>>29258240

>> No.29258572

>Professor Chaos @HPNasuQuest 13m

>And damn, lost 400 words worth of stuff, and then my internet goes down for a short time. Dangit.

Fuck. I was looking forward to the coming rape scene.

>captcha: Unchastity galeots

How appropriate

>> No.29258702


Rum & Booty Quest is live and kicking. A battle just about to begin, lads!

>> No.29258719

Question time /qtg/: What quest do you think would make the best videogame? What genre would it be?

Hard Mode: Don't make it a VN.

>> No.29258745

>What quest do you think would make the best videogame? What genre would it be?

Joker Quest

Genres: Action, Slice of Life, Drama, Psychological Horror/Thriller (I assume)

>> No.29258749


OK, got directed to here from the CYOA thread to announce my King of fighters Quest (Ignore the CYOA in the title; I'm a total newfag that doesn't know what the hell I'm doing.).


>> No.29258778

Totemist. Action-RPG.

>> No.29258780

Joker Quest: Free roam FPS, Social Simulation.

>> No.29258802

scorpion girl

Character action monster fights game

>> No.29258841

Golden Empire, with Demon's Souls/Dark Souls-type combat except adding a (costly to use and hopefully fun) rewind-mechanic a la that Prince of Persia game, and obviously tweaking the gameplay mechanics to ensure having 1 - 3 or so allies and a few more creatures in a fight doesn't make things dumb or annoying.

>> No.29258893

Scorpion Girl. Musou game. Wade through enemy soldiers, big boss fights.
Maybe a skill tree with magic and physical prowess and shit.

>> No.29258931

Hmmm...add a support-system to that rewind mechanic - using it after an ally has taken damage or died will give button-prompts (think QTE except predictable and very varied time-sensitivity) to help them out, if you can't just beat up their attacker yourself.

>> No.29258934

Hoo/d/ Quest could make an interesting card game in vein of Magic, with allies to play in battle and spell cards based off the colors.

Managing the Vitae resource would be important. Not sure how that would work though. Either keep it card-resource based, or the players have to perform sexual acts.

>> No.29258938

Totemist Game with Witcher-like mechanics would be bitching.

>> No.29258949

A Black Comedy.

It would be a combination of a Darkstalkers style hack and slash with one of those H-Games where you rape everyone into submission.

>> No.29259000

>hack and slash

I think you confoolzed Dark Souls with Darkstalkers

>> No.29259006

So like two ships are fighting but they ain't going
like "pew pew pew"
It's like, one ship is bigger but the underdog goes
I got ya.

>> No.29259007


>> No.29259051

Hero Quest.
Make it a cart racer with an interweaving storyline like CTR.

>> No.29259062

I'm starting to think Pokemon Quest #2 isn't going to happen...

>> No.29259079

The longer-range lasers go PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW
The high-energy ones go
And the short-range, high-spread ones go

>> No.29259101

Joker Quest, time management sim mixed with Armored Core. You get three actions a day, and there's a world map with random encounters. The random encounters drain actions, and can drain multiple if you take too much damage or time in defeating them. Certain map areas have stronger enemies acting as beefgates.

You don't play as the Red Joker. You're Kazuya.

>> No.29259121

Girls und Panzer: Lafayette Girls Academy Quest is running today.


>> No.29259126

and of course the hard beam X-ray cannons with 20 000 Megawatt outputs at 80% energy go KCHCHCHHCHHHRHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh------------PEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW-BZZZZZZZZZZZP.

>> No.29259251

>>29258719 here.

>>29258841 and >>29258938 are relevant to my interest, but I don't read either quest. Explain why they'd be good as you've described them, and how the quest mechanics would work in the game.

Also, what's Joker Quest? I've never seen it outside the archive.

>> No.29259278

so, uh

Is there AoPH today?

>> No.29259302

Well, 1 part hack and slash, 1 part puzzler, one part whatevs. Considering it's a Pathfinder game, and we're all of 5 posts into the reboot (you owe us XP, Professor!), it might have that sort of gameplay.

(We are thinking of the one with the Arthas Lookalike and the bargain bin relics from other videogames, right?)

>> No.29259319

To the unaware: Soul Quest X is live!


>> No.29259428

Archive binge moar.

>> No.29259507

Well, GE uses a very loose adaption of Madoka's magic system mostly just the 'make a contract for a (more reasonable) wish' and 'you can witch out' parts, and the MC has the power to see into the future a little bit, at the cost of constantly draining from her soul gem (further into the future = exponentially more drain, but that would clutter mechanics). It also means she's generally outmatched in straight-up fighting, since most enemies have powers that help directly in a fight, or are just more powerful (witches, demons, etc). I think an unforgiving but masterable combat system like the * Souls games would suit that very well.

The MC's power could easily be implemented as an on/off thing - when on, it drains your energy slowly (0 energy is death, separate from health) but it lets you essentially do a Prince of Persia like rewind whenever you want to by pressing and holding a button - although the cost ramps up the further you go, the bigger cost (4 - 5 seconds is no extra cost, just the drain, then every 5 seconds it costs more).

After leaving rewind mode, if any of your allies have taken damage or anything like that, you have the opportunity to keep that from happening, either by directly changing your approach to the following seonds and attacking another enemy (that would hurt them), or by using a kind of support system - hit a button after leaving rewind, and you automatically throw out a hand to pull them back, aim a kick that sends them sprawling, or whatever - so that the enemies miss their attack.

I think it would be really fun to play if implemented right. Only drawback is, would take a few free buttons dedicated to those mechanics.

>> No.29259527

A.I. Quest. It would be a glorious 4x / RPG combination.

>> No.29259529

IIRC, he said friday at the end of the thread.

>> No.29259552

Yeah, a late thread on friday, but the lack of twitter update is worrisome.

>> No.29259577

Any MGNQ regulars here? I don't normally browse these threads, but I realized something earlier that I need to share with somebody who actually catches the threads live, and preferably catches them early.

>> No.29259590

It's Accel World combined with Armoured Core, with a splash of mindfuckery and grimdark thrown in.

It has really good combat scenes.

>> No.29259608

>Player's Topic: What is the quest you hate yourself for liking?
No such quest. I have enough guilty pleasures in my life as it is, I can't bring myself to heap further shame onto my pile by reading a quest I don't openly and happily enjoy.

>QM's Topic: How do you reconcile waifus with your personal philosophy?

Write a compelling character. If she happens to be female and the readers happen to want to fuck her, I guess I'm doing something right.

>> No.29259626

Why would you ask instead of just sharing whatever it is? Anyways, share away.

>> No.29259627

Probably. Just spit it out, anon.

>> No.29259637

Sure, I usually catch it from the start.

>> No.29259698


>QM's Topic: How do you reconcile waifus with your personal philosophy?
>>Write a compelling character. If she happens to be female and the readers happen to want to fuck her, I guess I'm doing something right.


>> No.29259699

eh, the usual procedure is day/within an hour/its now

wait till 19:00 for freak out

>> No.29259737


Iori still doesn't know ANYTHING about Midori other than that she was the Magical Girl involved with her attempted kidnapping and rape. And now there's that picture of her and Chiaki kissing floating around on the internet. That's a massive drama bomb waiting to happen. We need to get them to meet so that Midori can explain herself and apologize before it blows up in our face.

>> No.29259768

As i said, what is worrisome is lack of twitter update which usually comes early in the day.

>> No.29259772

This assumes Iori ever got a decent look at Midori though.

>> No.29259797

Does iori even know midorin?

>> No.29259826

I mean, she was pretty out of it by the time midori's illusion break, i doubt she actually even saw her.

>> No.29259840

I would if I had time. I'm open to convincing that it's worth the time though.

Thanks for the write-up, that DOES sound promising. Sands of Time was an amazing game, and being the time warper leading a party using real time powers seems like such an obvious idea I'm shocked it isn't already a thing.

Is that Joker Quest? Hm.

>> No.29259843

>>QM's Topic: How do you reconcile waifus with your personal philosophy?
>Write a compelling character. If she happens to be female and the readers happen to want to fuck her, I guess I'm doing something right.

>> No.29259854


Sorry, anon

I just can't give a fuck about Iori.

>> No.29259872

It's a woman scorned, man.

I don't want her to go and do something stupid like contracting with Jyuubey to get back at us.

Again, it's not something I want to risk.

>> No.29259875

That was the subject of some debate.

I think we went with the 'Better safe than sorry' line of thought regarding the topic.

>> No.29259923

The related quest Totemist is definitely worth the read, even though it is on another indefinite hiatus. It is kind of a monster hunter quest. Beat a monster to near death, kill it with a ritual and trap their soul on a part of their body. Then you use these to enchant items. Also, you can make various totems with wide range of powers.

>> No.29259957

>Sands of Time was an amazing game, and being the time warper leading a party using real time powers seems like such an obvious idea I'm shocked it isn't already a thing.
Yeah, it's fun enough in the quest, but I think it would be even MORE fun in a game. Its why that's my must wanted quest.based game (in my fantasies) - lots of other quests would be cool, but GE combines some of my favorite existent game-play in the D*Souls series, with a mechanic I haven't seen anywhere and which seems like it'd be very fun - and a much better implementation of time-sensitive button-pressing than QTE's since you can actually predict them 100%.

Speaking of, Golden Empire just went live on Anonkun again! For any regulars that didn't notice.

>> No.29259984

Quest in about 2 to 3 hours. I'm hoping we can get another good sized chunk of the scenario done today.

>> No.29260116

Speaking of Joker Quest, does anyone else think Tyrian claimed that there's a level cap? Because Red Joker hit the experience cap, and is still gaining levels. Could be that's why Red Joker is so desired; no upper limit.

>> No.29260260

I don't think that's unique to Red Joker

Otherwise he'd be the only one able to use the golden armour, and all signs thus far point towards it being intended for somebody else

>> No.29260262

If she does we kill her.

>> No.29260373

>I don't want her to go and do something stupid like contracting with Jyuubey to get back at us.
Now that is utter bullcrap if i ever seen one.

>> No.29260389

He also mentioned affinity being a thing. So someone compatible with the golden armor would be able to turn it on with much less Essence than Red Joker would.

Besides, we're already a walking superweapon, and we've yet to meet anything resistant to black holes.

>> No.29260451

Incubators are master manipulators. And it's not like it's especially difficult to manipulate an angry, emotional teenage girl.

>> No.29260507

Kyuubey is too smart and cunning to do something like that which will make his prized warmaster go ape-shit crazy.

>> No.29260729

Not Kyuubey. Jyuubey. Dickbutt. Incubator of the 10th Officio. The one we've gone out of our way to piss off.

>> No.29260769

I always preferred Iori over Midori primarily because of how much more interesting.

>> No.29260795

the US government starts capturing incubators and mass producing magical man soldiers in dresses.

Are you a bad enough dude to run the government's magic program to defeat all the witches and aliens?

>> No.29260867

I would play it.

>> No.29260921

Yes, but can we go for a burger after that Mr President?

>> No.29260934

It it doesn't, I'll go and marathon every single Pokemon game since Gen 3.

>> No.29260947

burgers for everyone!

>> No.29261010


>> No.29261031


>> No.29261194

> no mention of beam lasers
Full pleb

>> No.29261232

I've got to ask, are there really that many players on Teen titan quest? There's like ten answers within less than a minute, and I remember it being a pretty slow quest back in the day

Never seen so many

>> No.29261345

>There's like ten answers within less than a minute
No someone with superfast writing is samefagging using ten different connections.

>> No.29261350

We dodged that Drama bomb last time by having Midori disguise herself as a disturbingly buxom girl called "Homura Akemi".

Its only a matter of time before it comes to a head though, especually given that picture Neco leaked.

Fun times with Magical Iori ahead I'm betting.

Looking forward to putting Iori in a hug and telling her exactly how badly she just fucked up her life, despite our best attempts to keep her out of it.

>> No.29261394

It'll be like when MGS learned that Rena was A-Rank.


>> No.29261421

Just had a thought:

Is it just me or is Skitter from Worm basically a /tg/ quest protagonist? Vindictive, doesn't know how to back down, forgiving in the most bizarre ways, constantly antagonizes everyone outside of her team mates on a regular basis, martyrdom complex, incoherent goals, and extreme powergaming?

>> No.29261439

too incoherent and vague to describe any one /tg/ protagonist.

Just like all those chet manlystache composites.

>> No.29261453

>Is it just me or is Skitter from Worm basically a /tg/ quest protagonist?

Is she a lesbian and does she have a waifu?

>> No.29261478

m-maybe Gobble meant Saturday

since he said it early Friday morning right? RIGHT?

>> No.29261499


>> No.29261501

Yeah, that's the only real point I can see against her. She does have a husbando, though, who is suspiciously the least developed of her team mates.

>> No.29261555

>LEAST developed
Well that must suck.

>> No.29261579

Currently heading out to get snacks and food. When I return, I'll be preparing for Breaker.

For those looking forward to the FTB, it's being worked on.

>> No.29261627

The quest reminds me of the older kind of anime or VN, the messy tragic kind, so it fits having an older feel to the game flow. You can spend time grinding Essence by fighting Players and Correctors, spend your time using your Essence swag to improve your real world social statistics, try to get to the bottom of the mysteries of the Red World, or spend time reconnecting with friends who've drifted away.

I think it'd be an interesting twist for Anon's social circle to be the key to unlocking the mystery, with Kazuya serving as the catalyst for Anon to start moving.

Multiple endings of course, with routes based on factions rather than waifu.

>> No.29261703

Due to the icy grip of death across the land around me

Wolf Quest 2 will be tonight.

May the Dice Gods smile upon you, for I will not

If you thought the hungering maw was you, then you were a fool

>> No.29261759


>> No.29261876

How about dat LHSQ?

>Dat changing room scene

>> No.29261890

It's more that the rest of her team mates (at least ignoring the later additions) are very sharp, well-defined characters, and Grue (her husbando) is... not so much.

>> No.29261963

I'm trying to figure out what would be a good main plot for a light-hearted, harem-centered lewd quest. Thoughts?

>> No.29262021

Women have been taken over by demons, and the only way to purify them is through MC's dick.
Those once possessed require constant purifications to keep the demons from sneaking back in.

>> No.29262045

>I'm trying to figure out what would be a good main plot for a light-hearted, harem-centered lewd quest. Thoughts?

>> No.29262055

Anything you can possibly imagine.
Fishmen nad merfolk and all sorts of sea creatures living under the waves and you are the gardener octopusguy. Have fun with your companions in an octopus' garden.
Sure go ahead.

>> No.29262075


>> No.29262090

Shina Dark.

>> No.29262124

...Not my picture, but some Touhou fan is now very confused. I'll take it.

>> No.29262140

For anyone that doesn't know how to search by tags it's pretty easy.


Type in any tag then click enter to filter by tag. Type a "-" in front of the tag then enter to exclude that tag.

>> No.29262185

If OP takes their time with smut scenes from now on, I'll enjoy it a lot. I certainly prefer it to /d/'s fetish-filled stuff.

>> No.29262223

i followed a quest and add it to 'favorite' list but where the hell is this list located?

>> No.29262276

>light-hearted, harem-centered lewd quest
Make a "Yamada and the Seven Bitches" quest.

>> No.29262310

Smut writing is below average, and that is its main selling point. It is dry, doesn't make you feel the situation at all. It consists of simple statements of the situation.

>> No.29262381

Sure, but that can easily be changed - it seems mostly due to OP trying to crank out posts as fast as possible, and the merely suggestive non-smut scenes have shown they have at least a rudimentary understanding of how to write it less drily. Additionally, the descriptions of the acts themselves seem pretty fine to me, they just lack the necessary supplementary stuff.

>> No.29262470

...hmm. Maybe something like that.

Okay, let me give it a shot: the main character is the [primordial magical creature/spirit/minor god] living on [unoccupied island]. Women start making (indefinite-length) pilgrimages to his island for [reasons]. Sexytimes ensue.


>> No.29262508

It is not actually something that can be that easily changed, but if he can, it would be better if he changed it for the better because right now it is mostly what i said it is, below average smut.

>> No.29262532

Depends. Is the entity male?

>> No.29262541

So yes.

>> No.29262561

No word from Cosgrove in almost a week

I'm scared, guys... what if he abandoned us?

>> No.29262567

It is a lighthearted SoL and lewd quest. It is 99% dependent on your writing and character creation ability, you can make it work on -any- setting you can imagine.

>> No.29262588

He was here yesterday or earlier today. He's just been busy.

>> No.29262616

He did left a single post like a day or two.
He say he had plans to finish up the Bleach quest, continue ppq and maybe starting something new[/apoiler]

>> No.29262622

As a man of wealth and taste, I say go for it.

>> No.29262629


Did he say anything about when he might return to finish the Pym Christmas spinoff?

>> No.29262632

Yeah, but I need some kind of direction to start writing in before I can start writing.

>> No.29262641

Posted in last QTG. He's been sick and had work. Real life comes first. Hopefully he'll run tonight or tomorrow.

>> No.29262670

Nope, probably he will try to run it in the first opportunity

>> No.29262689

How long as Bleach Quest been going on?

>> No.29262691

I wonder if that means he's planning on making a rushed ending to Bleach Quest, or if he just means he plans to finish it within the year?

Where did that quest go wrong?

>> No.29262694

He posted yesterday in QTG and said he was just still sick but not dead.

>> No.29262697

The distant future. An autonomous ship on its way to a habitable star system, with advanced replicators that can create everything from smaller ships to living things. The ship spits you out as part of its preparations for colonization. Then it starts spitting out fertile females...

>> No.29262719

that was all he said. Also use spoilers plz

>> No.29262720

like six months

>> No.29262731

I don't know. Wouldn't that ruin the "average joe gets thrust into an unlikely situation" dynamic?

>> No.29262764

>I don't know. Wouldn't that ruin the "average joe gets thrust into an unlikely situation" dynamic?
I'm personally not very attached to that dynamic in my harems. It always seems implausible, and if I'm going to fantasize about having fifteen women who want to get on my dick, why not also fantasize about being handsome, rich, and smart at the same time?

>> No.29262765

Sort of. Hasn't been updated for two of those months, right?

>> No.29262779

Eh, the only appeal of that premise is to make self-inserting easier, and any man worth their salt should be able to self insert into ANY smutty harems regardless, so not a big loss.

>> No.29262791

>humans are just things<
>look, we can make them<
>and destroy them<
>because they are just things<

>now fuck because we are lazy<

>> No.29262792

There's no challenge then.

>> No.29262804

You could be a Dave Lister kind of character, a stowaway released from cryogenic imprisonment, or the ship's one janitor.

>> No.29262823


>> No.29262858

The idea is that a harem isn't supposed to be pleasant for the sort of guy that deserves one, because going anywhere with any of them hurts all the others, and he doesn't want that.

>> No.29262863

Then the quest will fail if you don't have tension and conflict.

>> No.29262879


>> No.29262898

It's fairly easy to introduce the kinds of interpersonal conflicts that harem situations necessarily lead to (two words: time management), regardless of how unbelievably sexy, cool, and charismatic the MC is.

>> No.29262914

But what if the MC has time travel powers along with eternal youth?

>> No.29262929

It's a smut quest. As long as it has decent smut, I'll be there F5-ing with 20 other anons.

For non-smut harem stuff, most of them have the challenge come from non-romance related stuff anyway. The vast majority of ALL quest romance, not just harems, is really not challenging at all, which is fine, since the challenge can come from other stuff. I mean, I'd prefer some challenge, some harems that dissolved because there was no chance of it ever working but /tg/ tried anyway, but I'm not gonna pretend it's vital to a quest or anything.

>> No.29263012

Professor are you there?

>> No.29263030

what was the ritual for summoning prof?

>> No.29263032


One of the best segments of Carnival.

>> No.29263036

What do you call it when nothing super-bad happens, but you feel a constant sense of unease anyway because the structure of the relationship is basically a ticking time bomb? (e.g. MHQ)

>> No.29263045

I have no fucking clue

>> No.29263060

Did anything come out of the discussion of a proper Kotor-3 quest some time ago?

>> No.29263154

see >>29263095
The Legend of Whitefang The Terrible continues

>> No.29263165

I would play this
and a lot of this.
I really like the idea of rena's entire life revolving around kart races.

>> No.29263176

Salem Quest will be returning in about 30 minutes!

>> No.29263206

On consideration, I'm not ready to continue. I must gather notes and research things.

>Such as: Japan's air traffic management, some folklore, and more culture.

>Also need to gather images for Demons.

>> No.29263231

That's fine, Humility. If it means more quality to your quest, keep going.

>> No.29263257

sigh... another promising adventure dies young

>> No.29263288

If it must be, it must be.

>> No.29263321

Wraeclast Quest with strong progression elements, ditching the passive tree for feat tree.

Would anyone play if it went in a different direction than the game?

>> No.29263335

>Japan's air traffic management
This is pretty much the same around the whole world.

>> No.29263364

>Not using the fuckhuge tree from the game
come on dude
step it up
/tg/ would love that shit.

>> No.29263369

>with strong progression elements, ditching the passive tree for feat tree.
If the story and story telling is decent, this type of quests will always be popular.

>> No.29263383

The idea is that you're unique because the MC doesn't need skill gems.

>> No.29263398

now i'm mad bummed out dude

>> No.29263399

But the tree.
Imagine the autism.

>> No.29263445

You dont have to imagine it really. Go look for build guides for the game. See the autism. Feel it in your bones.

>> No.29263479

/tg/ would rock that shit though.
Give them 3 points at a time and let them discuss for 400 posts what is the best build possible.

>> No.29263498

just give us some more SoL

we still have that double date

>> No.29263539

Double date, threeway (if it pans out), and other fun times, yes.

>> No.29263547

Thread is up >>29263491

>> No.29263567

yeah, that shit writes itself, and doesn't need no preparation

>> No.29263588

I hope we meet Ashiarai Yashiki, the giant demonic foot that bursts into peoples houses and demands to be washed!

>> No.29263633

The problem is that most of them are just +stat and not all that interesting.

>> No.29263674

Is Japan's air traffic management all that different fron anywhere else?

For folklore, you've got a lot of options to look at for Demons/Yokai. A couple possibilities to look at would be Jorogumo, Oni, Tengu, and Kamaitachi You might want to look into Mikos, shrine maidens, and Onmyoji, magicians and seers. If you need a serious even of badness think about a Hyakki Yagyo, the Night Parade of 100 Demons

Also, a Kitsune inspired Magical Girl would have fluffy tails, which is always good.

As for Japanese culture, it's remarkably repressed which almost certainly ends in "hilarity" for all their Magical Girls. And might be why they produce so many Heartspawn and go Rebel.

>> No.29263711

>As for Japanese culture, it's remarkably repressed which almost certainly ends in "hilarity" for all their Magical Girls. And might be why they produce so many Heartspawn and go Rebel.


There is a reason there is no Font in Japan.

>> No.29263720

>Pathfinder game cancelled this week
>Pokemon Quest #2 didn't happen and might never
>No sign of Prof. Ygg

m-maybe I should binge MGQN or do something else

>> No.29263753

>That taste

Just read Joker, I'm sure you'll like it.

>> No.29263767

There are a few quite decent quests running right now.

>> No.29263801

Read Breaker, read Hero Quest Rena, read Soul and Incubator, read Joker, read EDF (and cry that it's no longer running), etc

>> No.29263868

Didn't Ygg's quest finish or something? That's the impression I got from a few of the last /qtg/'s

>> No.29263911

What, no. It's not over, we're just in a bad spot due to a combination of a tough enemy, bad luck, and a couple suboptimal decisions.

>> No.29263921

I was gonna run Oversized Weapon Quest tonight, but it has gotten too late.

I'll be doing it tomorrow, though! I've gotten a good idea of what I wanna do with it and where I wanna go with it.

>> No.29263924

Don't worry about AoPH. Prof did say that if he ran one today, it'd be a late one.

Those were just some angry anons being pessimistic.

>> No.29263933

No it hasn't.

>> No.29263935

Scorpgirl is still on for tomorrow. That's almost AoPH minus the pokeymans.

>> No.29263941

Will there be rape?

>> No.29263951

It's got a different dynamic and theme going on.
It's almost like a dynasty warriors

>> No.29263957


Oh, gosh!

I hope not.

>> No.29263973

Sorry, A Black Comedy has ruined my ethics for the night.

>> No.29263982

But then it wouldn't feel right. The MC simply -must- have rape as his backstory.

>> No.29263991

I feel like that in Homeless Mutant Quest all the time, also sometimes Hollow Quest Redux.

Just this kind of fragile feeling like whatever happiness we have is on the verge of falling apart.

>> No.29263995

I'm not name dropping the smaller quests I follow. Dare not risk increasing the odds of playerbase becoming toxic.

too late for AoPH but crtl+f helps and Pokemon Quest seems to be a flake

>> No.29264038

Rena quest is a particuarly good call since its not currently THAT long and theres another installment scheduled this weekend, according to the QMs Twooter

>> No.29264046

Pokemon Quest is up!


>> No.29264061

cheer up anon, that shoe already fell in HMQ and in HQR... we've gotten our shit slapped before

>> No.29264093

You pulled through! I always believed in you! Okay, i was half convinced you were ded but only half

>> No.29264122

oh thank goodness you're not a flake.

sorry to doubt but I've been burned before...

>> No.29264159

In HMQ, there's always farther to fall.

If anything, we rose.

>> No.29264192

I saw a Shin Megami Tensai quest awhile back, but looking on the archive only gives the two threads I was in, did it die?

>> No.29264258

It and the one before it both. Kinda too bad, SMT has a lot of things that could make for a good roleplaying game in the non-videogame sphere.

>> No.29264273

I'm surprised Crusty let us try to avoid "HAPPENING" for so long.

>dat patience
>dat smooth compromise with player choices

fave quest ATM

>> No.29264285

>Aoph should be happening in about. Two and a half hours.
It'll be a Devon episode, and the climax is the mission.
> and the climax is the mission.
Does this mean we'll get brutally raped? Devon will burn everything down in an orgasmic fit?

>> No.29264295

That makes me sad, every quest I seem to get involved in instead of just reading archives dies.
Blondie, Overlad, SMT. Bah.

>> No.29264317


>> No.29264324

Finally finished the update of A Black Comedy, for those of you who wish to read/vote.


>> No.29264330

Gimme dat archive link.

>> No.29264434


>> No.29264443

I thought it meant that we were going to play the leadup to the mission, stuff that's already happened, and then we'll start out the mission as Devon and Prof will end on a cliffhanger as things finally reach the climax when it catches up time-wise.
See you guy next week!

>> No.29264455

Pick a long runner, the QMs are slightly more invested at this point.

If I ever get done with KoDP I might do something SMT related, if only for vanity's sake.

>> No.29264480

Salem is back in session!


>> No.29264487

No, the Hypno only likes his waifu for her mind. he thinks humans in general are uggo

Ceru getting mindraped

>> No.29264496

>Can't find that porn of him and that hot horned chick


>> No.29264512

>Hypno is going to lay eggs in us

>> No.29264522

Then we just have to burn everything down.

>> No.29264557

It's not even sexy mindrape! It's just badfeels all around!

>> No.29264583

Ygg are you here?

>> No.29264651

I would offer to help, but I lost my archives of it all when my computer last died.

>> No.29264703

As someone who read it when it was still in an archive it was an amazing

>> No.29264707


>> No.29264758

Stop teasing us, damnit!

>> No.29264852

Isn't there an archive of it on tgchan?

>> No.29264886

He's referring to a noncanon thing that happened on another board made for and by drawfags, not tgchan or /tg/.

>> No.29264916

Not anymore.

>> No.29264959

I think the female character was like, Hestia, or something.

>> No.29265328

>late night devon episode
Unsure how much I want.
That's one of my favorite ways to settle this, but I had a bunch of other favorites too.

>> No.29265438

I can't wait for anons to start going "BUT HE'S ONLY 14! HE WOULDN'T JUST BURN HYPNO!!!!!!!" and then start circlejerking about how great they are for shouting down the murderboners.

>> No.29265465

can you please try not to pre-emptively piss yourself off before anything has even happened yet?

>> No.29265474

1/10 you made me reply

>> No.29265493

I was being completely honest. I've long since accepted that other people will do hilarious things and I should look forward to them instead of getting upset.

It will be genuinely interesting.

>> No.29265502

Great example of the worst we have to offer in the thread.

>> No.29265800

I wonder why you raise so much fuss over this one issue, instead of say, the splitting up thing.

>> No.29265822

We were fucked from the moment we split up. If we killed the woman, Hypno would have stopped going easy on us.

>> No.29265918

At this point, it would be damn near impossible to vote to split the party up more. It's already been split.

They could, however, still vote to try talking Hypno down. And that would be very interesting to see.

>> No.29265952

>Oh man, Soul quest has a small fanbase, there's no way it'll get engulfed in a shi-

Goddamnit. He's not even suggesting, he's throwing a fucking fit.

>> No.29265956

I'm saying that you're stupid to be so bitter about people not wanting to kill the woman, when that was the worst action we could take.

>> No.29265992

Pokemon Quest #2 started.

People should stop declaring a quest kill before they are sure.

>> No.29266010

I'm not bitter about that at all and I don't understand why you think I am. It would have been a horrible option.

That has absolutely no bearing on how entertaining it will be to watch anons try to play Devon the diplomat.

>> No.29266012

>Someone asks him to make a suggestion
>He unironically suggests we change loadouts midcombat

>> No.29266045

The thing is, you're assuming the wrong reasons for why anons were being diplomatic/forgiving towards the woman. It's for that reason why people think you're bitter.

>> No.29266111

I've been waiting for someone to lose their shit at majority rule in one of these for fucking ever.

And now it's happening.

>> No.29266126

We were diplomatic to the woman because we thought she was a victim, and we learned that to be the case.

The Hypno is a cuntbag, even if he's not as big a cuntbag as he could be.

>> No.29266217

I'm so happy, /qtg/. The two mysterious jerks who habitually vote down every archived Quest I do didn't vote down this latest one!

>> No.29266237

I'm wrong in assuming that the anons of AoPH have shown themselves to be extremely averse to killing? I'm wrong in thinking that the young age and inexperience arguments couldn't be applied to Devon just as they were to Ceru?

Maybe I'll be wrong and the murderboner will erupt skyward. That would be just as interesting. I'm curious to see how it would play out if people go for full hellfire on everything. My gut instinct is that Devon is still going to be outclassed heavily, especially when the murderer mutant half drowzee kid shows up for 4v1: Three Espers and Superbug edition. Maybe he'll be forced to run away no matter what.

Guess I'll just have to wait for the quest and see. It'll be nice to watch either way.

>> No.29266238

also, cerulean herself attacked the hypno first thing, and she's far more diplomatic than devon.

Only way diplomat devon MIGHT happen is if hypno holds cerulean over like, a pit of sharks, and tries to diplomance at devon.

>> No.29266272


>> No.29266302

Diplomat Devon would threaten Hypno's kid or waifu with hellfire.

>> No.29266312

Which one is it? I need to know.
For reasons....

>> No.29266317

We were fine with killing the Hypno and with disabling the woman. Killing the woman, however, was off-limits for reasons that have been repeatedly stated in the past.

>> No.29266324

oh, that's good news!
Those same two dicks frequent a lot of quests.

>> No.29266326

They are only averse to killing humans.
Monster get no mercy.

>> No.29266359

That is a potent threat "I might not be able to kill you, but I can make you hurt. Forever."

>> No.29266364

Killing her was a bad idea, but can you really even call her human at this point?

>> No.29266378

You know you are just asking for it by telling this on QTG, don't you?

>> No.29266388


>> No.29266393

and then Heracross's Guts ability activates..... forever

>> No.29266400

Er, yes? Yes. She's still human. She hasn't shown any inhuman tendencies at all.

>> No.29266411

Devon has Flash Fire too so if we set the village on fire we might active it.

>> No.29266416

Let me have my happiness, even if it's only for a fleeting moment ;_;

>> No.29266434

New quest! Hunt down the berserk Heracross! S Class mission!

>> No.29266445

Obnoxious Ghost Quest will be running tomorrow, at 10:00 server time.

So that's in less than twelve hours.

Here's hoping OGQ ain't forgotten

>> No.29266449

Guts activates as it's Fight-or-Flight and allows to ignore pain

>> No.29266452

I think the village is already on fire

>> No.29266485

I question how much of her loving Hypno is mind control and how much is genuine.

Once we kill her family, she will either have to be totally reprogrammed, likely by Sabrina herself, or killed to prevent her from attacking the dome. Rogue espers are the biggest threat. She can't just be allowed to continue.

>> No.29266518

>Hypno psychics its mind so flight is perma off

paralysis is the superior status condition

>> No.29266533

If she is not death, she'll need to be hard-resetted.

>> No.29266544

It's not our job to judge her she is technically a civilian Esper

>> No.29266553

she will be killed by human personel if it comes to that after we capture her.
This isn't even a moral concern, so much as a by-the-books concern.

>> No.29266565

I wager Stockholm syndrome played a part too. Goodness know there's been enough time.

poor bitch probably won't ever leave the asylum

>> No.29266594

Yeah, but us rangers, the espers specifically, are the only ones capable of treating her.

'Course, if Giovanni wants her dead to keep this entire thing under the rug...

>> No.29266615

roll indoctrination check

>> No.29266633

Humans tend to react unfavorably to being mind-controlled she won't be different

>> No.29266648

well, unless you controlled their mind to react favorably to it.

>> No.29266681

Thanks to everyone that participated in Rum & Booty Quest 5, making it the most successful so far!

I really appreciate the input and the time taken to read my work. Nothing makes a QM feel better than seeing 3 or 4 replies to the options given.

>> No.29266721

It's a response that is hardwired in our brain in other words it's an instinct not a thought.

>> No.29266726

I've been enjoying it. Also there is a serious lack of pirate quests so it makes it all the more fun.

>> No.29266729

This is why I hate espers. They basically force me into maximum shadowruns at all times.

>> No.29266747

all the more reason for Froslass

gonna be a bitch getting it though..

>> No.29266808

Aura training would job too..

>> No.29266816

let's just get a tinfoil hat

>> No.29266824

b-but ghost powers and being a medium!

>> No.29266829

Aura is fighting type. Which is ineffective against espers.

>> No.29266844

When Aura was brought up, Prof said it was a 'lost art'.

>> No.29266851


Thank you kindly. I like to think I am providing the necessary infusion of piratical things for people to read. That and writing it is just so much fun!

>> No.29266859

Only pure aura moves
Dark Pulse is an aura move

>> No.29266891

That only helps with offense. We need DEFENSE.

It doesn't matter if we can nuke psychics in a straight fight if they can just stand in the shadows and mindfry us without ever engaging.

>> No.29266904

the espers shut down our evil state.

I want the safety on 24/7

>> No.29266960

So what small playerbase quest have you been liking?

>> No.29266967

Aura gives allows for esperlike abilities
Mind shielding wouldn't be to much of a stretch

>> No.29267012

Evil Precure
Homeless Mutant

>> No.29267018

>19 out of 22 posts is pokesperg


I've been enjoying Soul Quest, personally.

>> No.29267021

Rolled 24

Salem Institute Quest is still pretty good. Really can't fathom why the main character being black would be a dealbreaker for some people.

I've also been enjoying Ghostbusters Japan.

>> No.29267025

Fantasy Prison Quest
>Faateh Stronk!

>> No.29267045

Obnoxious Ghost Quest is either the quintessential small playerbase quest or on the verge of death.

It's good to see that SpiritGuided hasn't dropped it.

>> No.29267057

Let me ask you a question, /tg/.

In the future, when my current quest is finished, I'm considering running a quest based on Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

My basic idea is that you're a new recruit in Section 9. You'll get to met all the characters and take part in trippy action sci-fi adventures.


Would anyone be interested?

>> No.29267076

For House & Dominion.

Salvage Simulator.

>> No.29267098

The trap was that bad huh?

I think as a QM, you're the best example of the kind of style that makes players all kinds of paranoid and terrified about making all but the most optimal decisions.

>> No.29267100

I'd love to participate in that, but I can never seem to find a thread.

>> No.29267105

>I've got to ask, are there really that many players on Teen titan quest?


One, it brought a huge /co/ audience with it.

Two, it's kind of the best thing on /tg/ right now.

>> No.29267136

>Fantasy Prison Quest
>Savior Quest
>Wugong Landlord Quest

All for different reasons. Last one hasn't run recently, but it's the holidays.

>> No.29267142

There are no bad quest ideas, only QMs incapable of pulling them off.

I'd check it out. No idea what you run, so I can't really say whether or not I think you'll do it well.

>> No.29267144


how pissed will the Major be when the MC hits on her every chance he/she gets?

>> No.29267147

It and ranger quest have been nicely filling the hole that totemist left in my heart.

>> No.29267154

Nice bait you got there.

>> No.29267186


>Not Tachikoma Quest

>> No.29267192

Ranger Quest
Soul Quest
Rum & Booty

There should be a few more but none comes to mind at the moment.

>> No.29267205

But it's becoming For House & Dominion: Corporate Business simulator.

It's going to be great when we get our R&D asteroid online.

>> No.29267223

>ast one hasn't run recently, but it's the holidays.
Stratocumulus probably dropped another one. Maybe he'll keep going though, there is still hope.

>> No.29267236

Does the writing get better?

I've tried to catch up to both of them, but it's hard to put up with the badly phrased prose.

>> No.29267243

If I drop it, I'll be sure to note dump, sparse as they may be.

It'll be tomorrow, 10 AM. Find that sucka in the catalog yo. I will be using a new OP image, so look for pic related

>> No.29267267

>The trap was that bad huh?
Maybe. You'll see wednesday!

>it brought a huge /co/ audience with it.
I wish we still had the huge audience we used to have.
Then again, it's been really active again lately.

>how pissed will the Major be when the MC hits on her every chance he/she gets?
She runs a tight unit. I don't think that'll be allowed; at least, not bluntly.

>> No.29267289

Soul quest? I am not sure if I would say that, but it does become less noticeable.

>> No.29267293

Ranger Quest's writing is great, long updates doesn't automatically equal to bad writing. If you call Huntsman's writing bad i dont know what to say to you.

>> No.29267315

Privateer Quest.
Rum & Booty

I do love my pirates.

>> No.29267326

Goddamnit I would play in a heartbeat.

>> No.29267392

True and just wait until we figure out how to move that asteroid on it's own without outside help.

Though soon it's going to be back to For House & Dominion: Horror's of War simulator. Because god dam is that new Neeran weapon scary.

>> No.29267401

I don't know, something about the way the sentences are strung together seems really clunky.

Probably overthinking things.

>> No.29267505

So... who's up for orbital bombardments in Joker?


It's like an entirely new set of weapons, except shot from space.

>> No.29267524



>> No.29267529

The first thread was more awkward but I think it got a bit better with the later ones. Granted it is still less than ten threads in.

>> No.29267550


Speaking of writing, as a QM I just love finding stupid errors in my posts that I looked over because I managed to type a word that was really close so Word didn't give me my red line of justice. I apologise to my readers for those, they make me look dumb. But when you try and limit yourself to 10 minutes of writing once the decision on progress is made so I don't take too long, and try and fit it close to the 2000 character limit.

I'm tryin' real hard Billy, but sometimes I still goof up because I'm tryin' to go so fast.

>> No.29267598

Agreed. I can churn out a lot of words fast, but when I look over it all I find are mistakes, missing bits from sentences and very awkwardly worded sentences. I really think I should just slow down...

>> No.29267614



pick 2

>> No.29267631

Yeah, if is always bunny when then happens.

>> No.29267667

The primary firing mode is balefire. The secondary firing mode is chronostorms.

>> No.29267678

>one quest going on late tonight
>one quest starting early tomorrow
Why must you attack my sleep schedule like this, quests?

>> No.29267692


I mean, I'm a History and English double-major, so I can write a lot of bullshit real fast, but when I'm writing the story, I want it to be good, but I don't want to take so long that people would become disinterested, especially since my fanbase is so small, I can't really afford to lose anyone.

>> No.29267717

Yeah I genuinely hope we don't die on the frontlines.

Retiring to a life of corporate warfare could be fun.

>> No.29267753


How is devon going to subdue the mind controlled cerulean?

>> No.29267794

pencils have erasers for a reason.

as long as your prose is mistaken for the works of Peter chimaera, anons should be a forgiving

>> No.29267799

People have been discussing it for like half the thread.

Scroll the fuck up.

>> No.29267806

She's already pretty tired, so it won't be hard to outlast her.

Also I'm pretty sure Devon is stronger than her in pretty much every way that counts.

>> No.29267858

Ceru was running on fumes anyway.

just gotta dodge the water attacks. and beat Hypno before Rest kicks in

>> No.29267912

If we are lucky we can continue to do hit and fade missions. Also, finding our long lost wizard is still on the table so hopefully that will come up at some point.

>> No.29267932

Should probably mention that I've got a new quest running right now with a pokemon theme. You play as a pokemon escaping a secret lab and, if successful, then trying to survive and infiltrate human culture. Hopefully fun, though it's my first quest.


>> No.29267981

Shoot her in the head and drop a revive on the wound.

>> No.29267991

Christ I'd forgotten all about him.
Here's to hoping our R&D dept can start with a boost from those designs he gave us.

>> No.29268087

I'm sure our R&D boys will have a field day when they see the designs.

"If" he is still alive i'm sure it will be a interesting reunion....though last time we "saw" him he was hooked up to a computer and clinging to life so who knows!

>> No.29268247

I just realized: The satellite has a scaled up Calamari Cannon. All we need to do is get Kraken monologuing and he's fucked.

>> No.29268257

dear QTG:
How do I make a scooby-doo style villain seem deadly?

>> No.29268308

Have him kill people. While maintaining his old logic.

>> No.29268327

By not making it obvious that they're a Scooby villain until the mask comes off.

Having them disappear people but not actually kill them helps if you want to just make him seem deadly without actually killing.

>> No.29268513

>2 hours and 30 mins till new AoPH
>its been 3 hours

is it time to panic?

>> No.29268524

Just got home, setting up.


>> No.29268552


>> No.29268553

Yeeesh. You worrywart. Is this your first time waiting for a thread?

>> No.29268634


>> No.29268679

Prof I've been working on fixing the problems with your quest while I was waiting.

>> No.29268720

>Good fanart will never get drawn of your quest or the quests you follow

Only happened for me ONCE.

Red Sky, if you're wondering.

>> No.29268795

Your not larro

>> No.29268800

Hey there EGO

>> No.29268841


I doubt any drawfriends will do anything with my Quest, but that's okay. It's just too bad that I know what my characters look like and it's up for interpenetration for everyone else, save a few descriptors I've thrown in there.

>> No.29268880


What quests besides mgnq get tons of fanart?

>> No.29268906

The Strike Witches quests?

>> No.29268970


>> No.29269034

Predator Quest got some fucking awesome professional fanart before it was cut short

>> No.29269173

Give her the chin

>> No.29269181

Teen Titans Quest has a ton.
Here's OC from today.


>> No.29269428

It is bizarre, how popular that Quest is.

Apparently it was even bigger back on /co/.

>> No.29269474

>Hypno unlocks Cerus Hidden Murderpowers
>devon gets inconvienient boner

>> No.29269497

Are you implying Shadowrun is bad?

>> No.29269660

For the SoL-loving players, yes.

>> No.29269692

No, but when the Shadowruns are flaring at 110% at all times, it just causes me to suffer from excessive mental fatigue.

>> No.29269706

I wish moot would add a /quest/ text board to clear up /tg/.
There are simply too many quests flooding the board at once.

>> No.29269708

When they cause us to be a dick to everyone yes.

>> No.29269715

I think it's really good. Its quality surprises me time and time again with certain scenes. I mostly think people keep coming for the waifus though.

>> No.29269744

I wish he'd let quests go back to their relevant boards again.

>> No.29269745

>There are simply too many quests flooding the board at once.
Can you claim more than twenty percent and back it up?

>> No.29269751

We have been over this literally a million times.

>> No.29269826

165 threads, 30 threads with quest in the op, about 5 of those arent quests.

>> No.29269842

This discussion will go places, just like every other time we've had it!

>> No.29269908

I know, I'm sorry. I just got frustrated with the board being a little slow tonight and seeing so many quests on the front page.
I don't have anything against quests or people that post in them, I just wish there was a better place for it.

>> No.29269920

25 / 165

15 percent at best.

You can have the same saturation with any other topic.

>> No.29269921

I count 20 including this thread.

>> No.29269939

On a technical level, the writing does seem to be really good, it's just the premise is so... self-inserty.

It just feels wrong for the Teen Titans to like us so much and how we've kind of become the center of their world.

Like it really doesn't seem as if we've earned that, not after all the stuff the team has been through.

>> No.29269945

Now do the search again, but this time look for Warhammer shit.

>> No.29269959

There is, at last count, four other sites.

However, why are you using the front page? There is no rationale.

>> No.29269978

Some people just like the frontpage.
I still use it when I'm not looking for anything specific.

>> No.29269995

Me to m8

>> No.29270024

But dice.

>> No.29270074

That'd still cut the number of quests on the board in half, and that's assuming all the quests that roll now would stay and not drop rolling and return to their board of origin.

>> No.29270081

If there were that many 40k threads up at once people would blow a gasket, see >>29269945
There are 3 threads with "warhammer" in the op, 1 which isn't warhammer.
A couple other warhammer-related threads.
6 with 40k in the op.

Doesn't even touch quest threads.

>> No.29270149

Catalogues have contributed a lot to generals and the bumping of hour-old threads.
I feel it takes a lot away from the boards, but at the same, with the number of posters nowadays, I suppose it helps cut down on spam because no one can be bothered to go past page 1.

>> No.29270150

The point is that 85% of /tg/ is not quests. There are 140 threads on the board for you to look at and enjoy. There is a way to make your own threads. You can hide quests. You can filter them.

If you never want to see another quest, you don't have to.

>> No.29270222

That's not much different from the people who said you don't need to see mlp threads, just hide them.

>> No.29270290

Aside from Voiceover and Drawthreads, when have questers invaded other threads?

>> No.29270295

I'm really just bitching though, /tg/ hasn't been the same since we had that nazi mod whenever it was now.

I'm sorry for dragging this up again.

>> No.29270321

Except ponies aren't obviously connected to traditional gaming in any way, but Quests are just a form of CYOA, which definitely belongs here. (And I mean shit like Lone Wolf, not the CYOA threads on here.)

>> No.29270334

Apparently the OP is going to work on that and a couple other problems the quest has in the next act. I'll be happy either way though. I've been following it since /co/ and it's been worth it all the way.

>> No.29270390

>Apparently the OP is going to work on that
By having the characters magically slingshot their opinions?

I mean, Breaker had an excuse for a similar complaint, and he's working on that, but... I dunno, once people start to complain about that, it's sorta already too late.

>> No.29270454

In Breaker Quest, I'm pretty sure the "just go with it" field has already worn off, and apparently Carrie already liked us.

>> No.29270476

It's comic books, there's always a chance of author fiat completely changing their personalities.

>> No.29270494

This is what folks here like to call 'bad writing'.

>> No.29270501

On /co/? I do think that would have indeed been the proper course of action. It would have faded in due time.

But given their own board, they... festered.

To say you want quests to have their own board is saying you want to damn quests to that same face, an endless morass of shitposting.

Seems a bit of an overreaction towards people not liking what you like.

>> No.29270551

not too different from the 40k threads back on /b/.
Then they made the containment board for all the autists who liked roleplaying.
Then they needed a place to put quests, and what better than the roleplaying containment board?

>> No.29270600

I don't know. I doubt humble will fuck it up though. then again, I'll admit that I kind of like the self-inserty escapist nature of titans quest.

>> No.29271229


TTQ is a well-written quest by a good writer which itself still manages to be terrible.
PPQ is a meh written quest by a great QM which is good.
Writing and quest quality are not 100% identical. Nor is writing prowess and QMing ability.

>> No.29271257

>Hey guys, if you burn this valuable resource you can try to get a crit to override your nat 1
>you can try again at diminishing returns
>and again and again
>until you die

Why do crits make people think they can do anything? and forget how statistics work?

>> No.29271304

Angelic pls.
>Why do crits make people think they can do anything? and forget how statistics work?
The other thing starting with "M" that /tg/ is terrible with is "Math".

>> No.29271305

Yeah that matches my feelings.

>> No.29271403

>TTQ is a well-written quest by a good writer which itself still manages to be terrible.
Terrible? It has its ups and downs but I think it's at least good or very good. What is your scale for terrible?

>> No.29271457

How arcane the choices are, and how fast the voting period ends which prevents us from reasoning things out.

And the bizzare, convoluted, and inconsistent results of our choices.

>> No.29271517

Also the whole "spawn of Death Herself, vague powerset yet are clearly strongest member of team" and the sense that the Titans can't even keep themselves alive without us.

>> No.29271580

I've always thought a Quest rides on:

>Overall Writing/Art Quality
The content of the updates. This is about mostly how well the characters, scenarios, and situations are written.

>Overall Agency
The prompts and the QM's reactions to them. A good score indicates a QM with flexibility that doesn't snap under pressure. A bad score is railroading on the level of "You don't do that, you retards, you do this." I've seen it happen.

>Systems and clarity
Rates how clear the mechanics and setting of the system are. A high score indicates a quest that is easy to get into, but manages to be deep and interesting anyway. A low score is labrynthine without a reward for mastery beyond being able to post.

>QM/Player relations
Notates how well the QM works with his players. A high score indicates a polite QM who works with rather than against his players. A low score is Fronk.

Is this about right?

>> No.29271609

We should rate QMs on scales of 1-10 on these four topics.

>> No.29271624

So high score is probably Angelic and JQOP?

>> No.29271655

Meant to quote
>>QM/Player relations
>Notates how well the QM works with his players. A high score indicates a polite QM who works with rather than against his players.

This specifically.

>> No.29271659

>how fast the voting period ends which prevents us from reasoning things out.
I actually really like that. It makes things frantic and fun.
I understand the rest of what you're saying. Still with good characters / characteriztion, really memorable climaxes, good writing and dialogue, good tension, etc. I think terrible is a really heavy word to use. To me it feels like a good story and a fun experience but the questing elements at its core are slim.
I still really like it though. It's hooked me harder than anything else here.

>> No.29271667


>> No.29271699

The scale is for quests, not QMs.

>> No.29271702

>A low score is Fronk

Fuck you too

>> No.29271724

>clearly strongest member of team
Not whatsoever. I think this gets back to the one stated problem with TTQ, that everything tends to revolve around the choices of the protagonist a little too much. But characters like Jinx are definitely stronger, and the protag has gotten his ass handed to him several times, even embarrassingly.

>> No.29271732

Hey HUMILITY, is your friend helping you now or are you writing the FTB yourself?
She already looked at your pastebin man. No need for shame.

>> No.29271733

Further solidifying the joke...

>> No.29271750

Rolled 19

It might not actually be Fronk. Impostors be afoot

>> No.29271774

I'm pretty sure all of us are Fronk, just like all of us are EGO.

>> No.29271796

>She already looked at your pastebin
So that's what they call it these days?

>> No.29271823

It's coming along.

Thread tomorrow.

http://vocaroo.com/i/s1ZaKkpqB7Wr Teaser trailer.

>> No.29271834

Damn do I hate AoPH playerbase.

can't get organized
can't plan
at least 2 fags never stop arguing and never let shit go

>> No.29271856

Thanks for the vocaroo, I needed the laugh.

>> No.29271868

Something needs to be added to this.
I think teen titans quest excels in all of these areas, but I still think it has problems.
Then, maybe my problems with it are just gripes that I want changed, but that aren't really significant detractors.

Like I know it would be more proper if things didn't heavily revolve around the mc, but hasn't that been making everything more entertaining? Or maybe some other characters should be controllable when they're in the spotlight? I don't want every update to just be prose.

>> No.29271930

TTQ just needs to refocus. It's good, but it's spent too much time doing its own thing away from the established universe. I really hope the OP will follow through and go back to Titans Tower when this part of the story is over.

>> No.29271933

Are you or her writing it?
>dat vocaroo

>> No.29272086

So QTG what's your dream quest?

What's the one universe or story you'd love to see a good writer run a quest for?

>> No.29272107

Holy shit, that vocaroo.
Keep going, Humility.

>> No.29272128

I don't like quests that are almost completely based on luck.

>> No.29272163

You mean whether they succeed or not? Or do you just hate dice?

>> No.29272190

...So I take it you're not a big fan of dice?

>> No.29272202

Thank the fine folks over in the voiceover thread.

>> No.29272289

Dice are fine I just get antsy when I can't affect the result with good planning, tactics, or strategy.

>> No.29272296

magic boy quest.
with heavy boku no pico theme.
any one interested?

>> No.29272317

Are you gonna sing a whole new world anytime soon, Humility?

>> No.29272336

Sorry, I'd misread your first post. Yeah, the quests that are completely run by dice are bullshit.

>> No.29272351

If heavy shota is there, I'm there.
How about some loli as well?

>> No.29272354

So Mahou Shonen Quest.

>> No.29272358


>> No.29272360

No, it's not me. I've a terrible voice.

And no mic.

>> No.29272391

Erick of Soul Quest just keeps having bad things happen to him. He and Rena should partner together.

>> No.29272648

I don't know what you are talking about, rena has GOOD things happen to her

>> No.29272680

>spoilers in the description


why did you do this

>> No.29272722


>> No.29272763

someone archived Wolf Quest 2 and put a major spoiler in the description

>> No.29272826

I rolled 5 20's in wolf quest
my dick is piercing the stratosphere

>> No.29272862

Normally I'd give you shit for namefagging in QTG, but with 5 20s, you can do whatever the fuck you want.

>> No.29272902

What thats a thing now? ill switch to anon i guess

>> No.29272907

So, double cross quest was pretty good. Feels like I'm reading one of my japanese light novels. only problem is OP needs to keep going longer. I need an all nighter from this guy.

The sidekick is pretty cute

>> No.29272910

Not really, I'm just a bit of an asshole.

>> No.29272945

This is QTG, every single one of you is an asshole.

>> No.29272987


>> No.29273006

Should I make a new thread?

>> No.29273008

Soul Quest is done for tonight!

Thanks to anyone who's posting or reading along.

>> No.29273018

not yet. wait for this one to die

>> No.29273326

I thought everyone was Snapple?

>> No.29273407

/tg/-dice are crazy (or, well, chance in general).

A couple of 20s, a couple of 1s, several consecutive rolls of numbers (e.g. rolling three 9s in a row). Plus one of the 20s was at the most narratively appropriate moment I could possible think of given the way I had tied part of the plot to the players rolling them.

Luck can generate some pretty cool stuff from time to time.

>> No.29273415

Nobody cares because he doesn't post ever since BFQ ended and he hardly ever posted outside of that quest.

>> No.29273426

The dice gods are truly fickle.

>> No.29273435

/tg/ diceroll seed has long been known to fuck everything up for everyone.
It's practically sentient.

>> No.29273437

called it.

>> No.29273450


>> No.29273471

This was the opposite. The players rolled terribly for some of the easier encounters but then rolled magnificently for the big boss fight at the end of the thread. Then, right as I'm about to end the fight and the thread, they roll a 20 - a 20 which had a plot device attached to it due to the hidden stats I'm tracking.

Definitely sentient. I mean, then there was Wolf Quest which was damned funny to follow, too.

>> No.29273493

The dice murdered my big beastie that was supposed to be nigh on immortal and now my players are likely to try and eat it to gain its power

fucking hell

>> No.29273508

If it was nigh on immortal, dice should not have killed it.

>> No.29273523

You should try looking at Fate/Stay Again some time.
It goes beyond rolling 1s and 20s in thread, AC-Guy is known for rolling ALL OF THE ONES in real life on a hilariously frequent basis.
Random encounter: MOOSE ASSAULT
Make it give them indigestion because difference in LUCK stat.

>> No.29273577

AC-Guy should have a TV show about him. I know of no other man who lives a life as dramatic as his.

>> No.29273582

I still need to collect my winnings from the last "What disaster will stop AC-Guy from running tonight?" betting pool. Always bet on fire.

>> No.29273600

crits trump perks

go read Wolf Quest to understand

>> No.29273604

>11: all of the above
>twice in a row

>> No.29273644

>Snapple was kitten


>> No.29273649

If it was nigh on immortal, dice should not have killed it.

It was, at best, mostly immortal.

Maybe immortal.

Kinda immortal.

a one in twenty or one in a hundred chance of death is not immortal. It is practically normal.

>> No.29273655


>> No.29273661

Rena gained achievement: GREATEST WHEELMAN IN HISTORY

>> No.29273665

Oh fuck, that was beautiful. I'll screen cap it for use next time.

>> No.29273735

>tfw no Avatar The Last Airbender quest

>> No.29273758

Couldn't be any worse than Korra, really.

>> No.29273772

One of the rolls was 2 nat 20s out of 3 rolls. The follow up also had a nat 20 (I believe). That's what killed the unkillable.

>> No.29273805

>implying a /tg/ quest by one of several good writers here wouldn't be leagues better than korra

>> No.29273825

But anon, that's exactly what I said.

>> No.29273833

A 1 in (whatever odds that is) is not nigh unkillable.

Again: If dice can kill it

It is not nigh immortal.

Tough, maybe, rough, sure, hard to kill, I will grant you. But if you're gonna fucking sit there and brag about the system you devised spitting out results that are unlikely but possible to kill your 'unkillable' (read: Very, in fact, killable) creature, then go fuck off and learn what "QM Fiat" means. To me, it's more impressive when the unkillable asshole has some loophole exploited to stop him, or has his unkillability exploited.

>See: Cars

>> No.29273885

>See: Cars

"Did you plan this too, JoJo?!"


>It's not true, but haha, it'll fuck with him so hard

You realize that cars was trying to figure out how the fuck jojo managed to plan all that until he just stopped thinking

>> No.29273889

Odds are about 1 in 500 (three 20s in six rolls). So yeah, I'm inclined to agree. It should have done something special to him but if he's meant to have form of immortality then he shouldn't die to a lucky blow. Especially a lucky blow with mere 1 in 500 odds (1 in 1m or bust).

>> No.29274068

I almost want to run a quest about Cars landing on another planet and reviving.

Bonus points, the planet is devoid of life and you have to make it back to earth to kill JoJo, or his descendants.

>> No.29274099

Soul Quest?

>> No.29274100

There's a companion novel that has him land on Mars and regain sentience. And when the universe resets in part 6, that only affects Earth, so Cars stays up there. And the universe actually resets multiple times, and Cars is launched into space in every timeline. So there ends up being 30-some copies of Cars just chilling on Mars. Among other crazy shit.

Jorge Joestar Quest when?

>> No.29274103

>now my players are likely to try and eat it to gain its power
Turns out it wasn't actually all that powerful.

>> No.29274105

No, Wolf Quest today. Soul Quest has had dice god blessings in the past, but this thread wasn't one of them.

>> No.29274117

That is the funniest shit. Do they, like, compare stories? Yuk it up? Plan to kill JoJo?

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