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>Playing custom homwbrew tabletop with bros where we make our own models
>That guy shows up, leather trnechcoat, fedora, white iris contact lenses and so on
>Everyone else has some warmahordes or GW or dnd customised model
>He gets out a terribely painted figure thats a monstrously pregnant angel nun with tentacles coming out from under her robes clealy from her vagina
>says he got it off a link on /tg/
>strokes it like its the fucking one ring the whole game.

Who do i blame for this?

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Yourself for not purging this disgusting demon from this realm.

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>He gets out a terribely painted figure thats a monstrously pregnant angel nun with tentacles coming out from under her robes clealy from her vagina
>strokes it like its the fucking one ring the whole game.

Heresy is amongst us.

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>"monstrously pregnant angel nun with tentacles coming out from under her robes clealy from her vagina"

Mfw i know EXACTLY what you are talking about. At least it wasnt the beast of a thousand teats and its prehensile tentacular semen delivery feelers from the same guy.

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Wait a second... are these... Reapers miniatures?

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How damaged do you have to be to even conceive of acting this way around others? To think that it is a sensible idea?

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Alright, it's time to show us images of this thing, we know it exists as a manufactured product.

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Can't remember who makes them but its basically one dude who casts them himself and they are basically hellraiser but less S&M and more /d/
lots of "brood mother" type stuff.

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What is "Google" and "Kingdom Death"?

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I thought he was referring to some Kingdom Death thing

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Kingdom Death right?

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This thing? It's from Kingdom Death. Hardly the most fucked up thing from them.

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Kingdom death is the ultimate "that guy" model selection.

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Say what you want but give this thing on the right some wings and it will be a pretty cool daemon prince.

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>Acting like "that guy" isnt the majority here.
Its /tg/ for a reason bro.

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speak for yourself

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>dat ovipositor
Not sure if want.

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depends on what 'that guy' means to you

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*tips mi sombrero*

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Those are cool.

women = magical givers of life,
pregnant women = super magical women.

Just add a metal "gutplate" to protect the precious baby, and you've got a powerful magic-user ready for action.

My fetish might make me be unaverse or ungrossed out by the forbidden realm of magic pregnancy, but in the context of a regular (non-E) RP game I would be quite happy to play this setting, and wouldn't use it to sexually titillate myself in a room full of other people.

On that note, who the fuck can jerk off under a table when there is other people there? Maybe after the game when everyone is gone, but during? When you know it's inappropriate and unwanted?

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>mfw i bought these just because i have a rapid/demonic pregnancy fetish.

the idea of a demonic babby controlling her body, giving her gross cravings and whispering for her to consume and grow fat as she cries while gorging and watching her body rapidly bloat out is the best.

ill-ill go to /d/ now...

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Please tell me you write fiction on bbwchan or something.

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Ok, so what are the odds of three of us in the same place?

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/tg/ you are a gentlemen both wonderful and strange.

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>giving her gross cravings

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boner what the fuck

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Well ive got the base for my next custome warmachines model ordered :)

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Oh hey, Kingdom Death. This guy has good taste.

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Yes, I know how I got this boner.

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>dark red hair
>dark lips
>pal skin
>heavy udders
>big hips and fat thighs
>a big round, taut preggo belly
>tentacle thing

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I will never feel bad about injecting my fetishes into anything ever again.

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B-but tentacle things are the best part!

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>high heels

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Scares me thatguy might be lurkin

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you cant fug a girl whos vag is plugged with its girth though

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But anon.

That is the vag.

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Is it wrong to find that wet nurse arousing?

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Best kind of heels.
Sounds like a challenge.

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h-how much would these cost me?
and does he do bbws?

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>tits for eyes
now you're just getting ridiculous

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>Be me
>Be reading thread.
>Be at work
>Decide to Google Kingdom Death
>oh Tiamat why.
>Wild Boss appears
>Asks what in the name of everything holy am I looking at.
>Warhammer stuff?
>Get more work done before you start doing stuff like that anon
>Sweat of death finishes
>Thanks Tg.

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>Be me
No, I'm me. You're you.

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Would you happen to know of anything like Kingdom death?


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Oh, you're totally still allowed to feel bad about fetish injection. I'd encourage it, in fact.

But THIS is a special brand of fucked up.
Business as usual, I know.
>orePuble stiffness

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I'm you too

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>he promised a "maidens of gluttony" model
>an evil as fuck diablo looking demon with 3 women chained down, dildo in one end, food funnel in the other, each girl less horrified and more aroused/obese than the last.

muh fetish fuel...

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Who are we?

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>muh fetish
>tg is /d/-lite
>imagine being the pregnant little girl
>tentacles are best
>vam-pire bay-beh


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well browsing 4chan while at work was your first of many mistakes

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To be fair, the fetish stuff is a separate line. Its not actually part of the game, or compatible with it.

Most of the stuff isn't even the same scale. Game is bloody as hell, but not really... fetishy.

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nobody cared who is was till i put on the mask.

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Does it make you feel like a big guy?

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Dat's not even a little bit /d/.

Someone just straight up went full /d/ there, and NO ONE should EVER go full /d/.

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This site kind of scares me, but I'm going to be honest.

This mini looks pretty fucking cool in a horror sort of way and I plan on buying a couple.

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Dear go it feels like my dick is receding out of do not want.

>> No.29258374

And now I find out they're sold out.

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>in a horror sort of way
Thats the point. Its a horror game.

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I'd have enjoyed making a 40k or Fantasy army out of them, too.

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Son, that's not an ovipositor.

You should check out the models from the Kickstarter. Most of them aren't on the store.

>inb4 astroturfing
The KS is closed, you can't market something that isn't available.

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Well, I might have to buy this game just for the minis. Like, half of them are just terrible fetish-fuel, but some of them are excellent looking.

>> No.29258553

This will be for the best.

>> No.29258559

It's borderline criminal that so many of them are limited run or not available to most people. Between the horror there's some wonderful pieces in there.

>> No.29258582

I find it very annoying when sculptors do that, yes. Especially when he's clearly aware he has a market for these guys, because his shit sells out so fast.

>> No.29258695

Only resin stuff is limited number, and thats because... well... resin.

Once they start pumping out game stuff, its will be regular supply.

I'm looking forward to this guy

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That's not an ovipositor.
The model is a Grand Mother, a woman chosen to bear the children of the gods from her metal womb that prevents the magnificence of such divine beings from incinerating her from the inside out. The prehensile pseudo-penis terminates in a toothed mouth used to castrate men who wander into her path, whose sperm is extracted directly from their testicles to fertilise her eggs and start the process of bringing new gods into the world.

And by gods, I mean horrible rape demons that would make H R Geiger blush.

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What fetishy stuff is in the game?
The pinups are just models and have nothing to do with the game.

It's apparently part of the modeler's contract, for every x real models he gets to make a pinup. It's his only joy in life, or something.

Have Guts.

The manufacturer he is using for the KS has made extensive renovations and upgrades for this project.
In plastic, at least, it looks like he has a stable source of product.

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Damn...I wanna try fighting that.

Ah yes, the Butcher. Causing TPKs the moment it was released.

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Where do you find out about the lore and back ground shit for the creatures in this game?

>> No.29258925

Have Alya.

Is that in plastic?

Every other model astounds me. Didn't he have to nix some hair styles because they were too unsupported?

>> No.29258960

Not yet, but its gotten enough positive feedback that it will almost definitely become an expansion for the game.

>> No.29258996

here you go.

Collection of what we know about the game and loor.

>> No.29259032

Cheers mate

>> No.29259109

That doesn't look like resin.
The way it hangs looks like plastic.
I hope it transfers well.

Buy the game.
No, really.

He's keeping all the lore under wraps intentionally. Here's what we've pieced together so far:
And the info on the models in the store.

>> No.29259346

The lore is more or fleshed out right?
I'm liking what i've read so far

>> No.29259371

It sounds like he has got the story done. He just keeps it under wraps, because SPOILERS.

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why is it that the grossest thing about that to me is that she's tethered to the titty-eyed schlong beast by his veins?

>> No.29259994

I believe that monster-thing is supposed to feed babies, and needs "nutrients" from breast milk.

>> No.29260017

Just remember to believe in the you who believes in yourself and we won't have any trouble, creep.

>> No.29260088

You should have been fired on the spot.

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>reproduction table
Oh god... thats... not actually a thing is it?
Thats disgusting. Why would anyone play this game with people they know? Or... with anyone... or at all.

>> No.29260250

Hey guess what. Its not at all what you think.

In fact, its something that is pretty much a staple of Civ games.

See that face looking thing in the top right?
Yeah. Thats the reproduction table equivalent in Civ V.

Thats all it is.

Its a table you roll on at the start of the Settlement Phase, to determine if your population increases at all, and if so, if any of the new members of the settlement have any special abilities.

Thats it.

Thats the entirety of the 'reproduction' table.

>> No.29260277

Roll to see how many kids get born each year?

This isn't FATAL, the game takes place over several years and is partly a civ management game.

>> No.29260300

'Reproduction Table' is still a terrible name. Something like 'Settlement Growth Table' would be a lot more neutral.

>> No.29260317

i very much agree with you there.

Its an EXTREMELY BADLY named mechanic.

>> No.29260334

I can't wipe what I've seen here from my brain. Help me, /tg/, please help

>> No.29260387

I think you mean top left.

>> No.29260413

Yes I do.

>> No.29260545



Now that's a cool concept for a "living suit of evil armor" - not fetishy, fairly practical armor that uses the "hands clutching at the armor-wearer" concept to emphasise its themes.

then there's this shit >>29258741

>> No.29260760

Hint: One of those is actually part of the game, and the other is just a side thing to sell minis to make money.

Can you guess which one is which?

>> No.29261320

Why are you such a prudish little bitch? Why not play the game?

>> No.29261473


>muh mature adult gaming for adults

Come back when you're 13 son.


So you're saying those nsfw images aren't /tg/ related then?

czech m8.

>> No.29261591

Seriously dood?


>> No.29261680

>So you're saying those nsfw images aren't /tg/ related then?
As a matter of fact... yeah.

They really aren't, not on their own at least. If someone wanted to proxy them or something, then sure. Thats /tg/ related.

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You roll a dice.

Remain a bitch nigga

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>That Gif.

I've seen a few of these before, did honey child actually say that?

Like, is she actually as poignent and intelligent as these Gifs make her out to be and she's just a victim of televised circumstance and american obesity.. or is she just given "smart things" to say because it's funny?

Because if it's the latter, I don't feel comfortable knowing such a smart little girl is in such a situation where she's being carted around like a count fair hog.

>> No.29262740

That one was not what she said.

But she does say some fairly intelligent stuff from time to time, yeah.

>> No.29266556

That is about the best Daemon Prince of Slaanesh I have ever seen.

>> No.29266597

I haven't been here long but I am quickly realizing /tg/ as a whole is "that guy"

>> No.29270646

This game actual sounds kinda neat.

I saw the kickstarter and skipped it because of tits, but now I'm wishing I hadn't.

Same with relic knights. Solid game that scared me off with tits, but looks pretty damn good after looking into actual mechanics.

>> No.29271607

this gif makes me uncomfortable

>> No.29276078


Dude, Honey Boo was pure unbridled exploitation no matter how you look at it - every fucking angle of it was sad, and one day she's gonna die of an overdose and it's gonna be the fault of the sick fucks who greenlit the show and all the equally sick fucks who didn't avert their eyes at the horror of it.

The true horror in this thread is not the subject of the green text but the subject of the gif - there is the monstrocity of our banal civilisation, rendered mute and helpless by the machinations of the roving zombies of zorporate america in this; Our desolate cyberpunk present.

You will never save that trapped little princess /tg/, and worse still: You won't care that you won't.

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>At least it wasnt the beast of a thousand teats and its prehensile tentacular semen delivery feelers from the same guy.

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Except the preggo angel is not part of the game, it's just older model made by the same company.
It's like saying GW is miniature company focused on 35mm scale just because they made couple Inquisitor models some 15 years ago.

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Poor newfag, you know nothing.

>> No.29276417

>that face

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