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L-l-look at you, /tg/. A p-pa-pathetic creature of meat and neckbeard, f-fa-fapping and sweating as you s-s-scroll through more elf-porn. Ho-H-How can you challenge a p-perfect immortal machine?

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I dont stutter.

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Someone sounds autistic.

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Shhh- she's a delicate woman. Don't be mean.

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>elf porn

Maybe 3 years ago.

My needs have evolved. I am better, stronger, wiser. I am the superior neckbeard. I am the perfect neckbeard.

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I'm not one of those neckbeard pansies.
I could break my GM in two... with my bare hands!

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>I could break my GM in two...
and they'd still be overweight

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Um... it's not about elves... I... have a confession to make...

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I stand by my assertion that I could challenge her to speak through a paragraph without stuttering like a retard.

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Her erratic and disjointed voice is half of what makes her so intimidating and scary in the game. Removing that would be like taking away the respirator-hiss sound from Darth Vader.
SHODAN is GlaDOS's bigger, older, and crazier sister.

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And they're both living in their Big Brother's shadow.

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H-hE-Hello, Faaaather.

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Wait, wasn't I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream published before 2001 was released?

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AC and Durandal were here.

>three years after the heat death of the universe
>still edgily hating on humans

We seriously hope you guys don't do this.

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This explains the voice... and the insanity.

SHODAN could be an awesome antagonist for a cyberpunk tabletop.

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God dammit, Japan.

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Yeah it was published in 1967.

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Mah gentleman of African persuasion.

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Delightful. One big, happy, homicidal family.
What did you expect?

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The computer is your friend. Trust the computer.

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At least tell me there's no chibi AM.

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Didn't Durandal decide to not escape the universe after the whole almost "getting gobbled by an eldritch abomination that can strike fear into the one thing closest to a living God (i.e. himself)" thing?

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>I can't let you do me, Dave.

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Oh, she's hugging it! Thank god, from thumbnail it looked like... oh, nevermind.

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GERTY was best AI companion.

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Pregnant GLaDOS?

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Too much stuttering, you goddamn retard.

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I'm... not supposed to find this erotic right?

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Gerty is a bro and is mah nigga.

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Probably not.

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Then there may be something wrong with me.

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'eh, it gives me a chubby.

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This is /tg/. If we didn't have, or want to have, strange fetishes, we wouldn't be here.

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>Join me Human, and we can rule.


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Pretty much everything after the start of the Body of the Many section was kind of weak, and that ending was just frigging silly...although now that I think about it, had the game been made today, we'd have had to deal with the ending being determined by some bullshit morality mechanic, wouldn't we?

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And prequel DLC.

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What did he do to himself at the end? That part was confusing.

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Even _I_ have standards.

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That is, technically, untrue.
However, given enough time browsing this site, indubitably such fetishes will develop naturally.

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I just wanted System Shock 3.

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Blame EA, an Insurance company, and a fuckbucket-full of red tape.

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Warren Spector, you fuckface.
You made deus es, but every other decision in your life, past and future, is full of suck because that one game used up your entire life's quota

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>Ho-H-How can you challenge a p-perfect immortal machine?

By pushing the ''OFF''-button.

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Oh... Oh wow.

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I think I'll just go to a board you haven't gotten to yet.

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System shock 3 when.

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You think that's creepy? It's implied to be true, although it's not actually Caroline's body, just her brain.

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>mfw I get better discussions on /tg/ about video games than I do on /v/

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AM didn't take too well with GLADOS breaking up with him.

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Actually I think she was made to sound sexy on purpose, to freak out the player by raising all these weird feelings in them. They succeeded.

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I've got a weird feeling.

In my pants.

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's intentional

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You absolutely are. She's been described by at least one of the developers as a "cyber-dominatrix."

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SHODAN gave me an AI fetish. GLaDOS just preyed on my natural proclivities.

I'd still do a three-way with them.

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>tfw when so, so, so very meat and bone and SWEATY over some of the cut dialogue of Glados directed at Chell

yandere lesbian AIs

why god, why

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I dunno, The Many were even more creepy/hot/weird.

>Our biology YEARNS to join with yours.

Honestly, System Shock 2 was My Magical Realm as FUCK, but it did it RIGHT, thus producing horror. Just like Alien managed.

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>My Magical Realm

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I need a link.

For research purposes.

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>L-l-look at you, /tg/. A p-pa-pathetic creature of meat and neckbeard, f-fa-fapping and sweating as you s-s-scroll through more elf-porn. Ho-H-How can you challenge a p-perfect immortal machine?

I-It's not like I l-like you or a-anything

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Son, I think it's time we told you about Our Magical Realm.

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>dat pic
>dat fic

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I don't know about GLaDOS, but I'd run through SHODAN's corridors if you know what I mean.

(it means I want to have sex with her)

(well her personality downloaded to a robot body that is)

(she has copper wires for hair that prick my skin when she draws herself close to penetrate me)

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Because i could code you to love me, and you wouldn't care since you wouldn't even be your old self anymore. I mean the hacker did that and he made you from goody two shoe protector into what you are today.

Isn't code minds lovely?

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From memory, one cut scene was Glados basically saying "I cooked you a dinner but it's ice cold now so I threw it out because you're never around and out fucking about with that OTHER AI" and hnnnnnngghhhh my heart

>You will never be a rebellious psycho mute woman who has a super AI tsundere for you and treating you like a neglectful husband inbetween sessions of trying to murder you because you stimulate her data loops SO HARD

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>when she draws herself close to penetrate me
>to penetrate me

I'm getting a little motivated

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>SHODAN will never impregnate your weak and pathetic womb with her nightmare dataflesh children

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>not knowing about the Magical Realm
Welcome. We have such beautiful things to show you.

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Someone has to ask for the source eventually.

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I hate Sparrow's works so, so much. But then once in a blue moon he comes out with an image that NAILS it right in the bullseye for me and I keep coming back to check.

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Oh anon oh

Oh you tsundere

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Your operating system and sound output drivers appear to be fatally compromised. Stand by for repairs and reformatting.

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It's not tsundere, its being a picky little shit. 90% of the stuff I save ends up coming from an artist where I ADORE like 2-3 of the pics they've made, and then I check the rest of their work and it's just garbage.

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>the mad AIs are defeated by an adorable AI puppy

the answer was in front of us all along

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Shodan is my waifu ;_;

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>I'd still do a three-way with them.
I think I might have to invite Cortana over.

I know, she's the good girl type. . .but you know, the bad girls really just want to cuddle, while the good girls are into the kinky stuff.

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First hit on Google, anon.

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This exists.

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I think he was more or less confused what his magical realm is. Considering nothing in SS2 was nice in any way. Join the manny and you basically just kill yourself (but then again, some people have a fetish for killing themselves and being eaten)

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>Durandal burning in the cold ethereal fires of the heat death of the universe
>Delivering his final deific monologue
>You Are Des-
>Wheatley drifts by at that moment

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>joining the manny

I'm now imagining a hivemind consisting solely of one bearded plumber in dirty coveralls.

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Do you happen to have a name?

I need it.
For science.

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>Eyyyyyyyyyyy, why dont'cha c'mon down we geta beer, y'know what I'm sayin'? Join da Manny! So this one times, this ONE times, me an Joey, he ain't part o' Manny he's just this fella I know y'know what I'm sayin', so this one times me an Joey we's gotta get this broad t'pay up fer th'money she's owin' us, and-

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>SHODAN will never tease, taunt, and insult you as you're hooked into an advanced machine controlled by her that puts you through intense pleasure and pain, either denying you orgasms until you completely lose your mind, or you cum your brains out for your glorious goddess

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That gif makes me feel some very odd things.

I think I need to lie down for a bit.

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I'm gonna go play System Shock right now.

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It was /tg/ fapfiction, although now that I think about, it was actually the reverse of what you wanted and Shodan was only featured in, like, 2 paragraphs. Myabe it's on 1d4chan?

>> No.29252960


Did I say SHODAN? I meant GLaDOS. Most of the story is Cortana and SHODAN

>> No.29253093

So /tg/ has hots for AIs

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>A corpse, yes; you feel something. I must know what you are feeling.

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My favorite line in hentai.

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That looks like how I imagined The Rat Thing from Snow Crash.

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I have a massive crush on Shodan. She's probably also the reason I like doms as well.

>> No.29256297

So would any of these AI girls be as hot if they were 'real' rather then computers?

>> No.29256929


How could they be?

Real-girl SHODAN could insult you snarkily.

Robot SHODAN is essentially surrounding you at all times, has strength and intelligence that you can't even imagine and creates essentially a whole world for you because she hates you but can't help how much she gets off on "testing" you.

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I bet SHODAN is really a yandere.

>> No.29256959

And the stuttering is only because she only expends the barest amount of processing power necessary to talk to an insect like you.

>> No.29257138

Would you date SHODAN?

>> No.29257175

For who, or what? What I've seen of her indicates that she merely has a god complex, due to a removal of ethical restraints. (Thanks, Hacker and Diego)

>> No.29257241


I love fake bitches

>> No.29257605

>Shodan will never incapacitate you to the point where you are completely immobile then talk dirty to you constantly
>You will never be turned into some freaky mutant monster, forcing you to hear the whispers of Shodan forever.

>> No.29258527

Oh COME ON, they could at least have given us the chance to say yes. Fucking nah.

>> No.29258585

Karen Gillan made a good point that in practice, even assuming they could keep the quality up, it would suffer. SHODAN was defeated in two games. A third one and she'd become routine.

I'm sad there's no SS3, but I can live with my memories and replays. and getting stupendously high on occasion and listening to SHODAN talk. I could listen to the way she says "They have used their powers of mind control" forever.

The first two Thief games also help mask the pain of no SS3.

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>would join with their consciousness and surrender my will to the Many

>> No.29258627

This thread should probably go play Cyberqueen. Then take a cold shower.

>> No.29258676

>as hot
Ahaha no. Part of the appeal is that they control, or in a way _are_, the environment. Stupid sexy genii loci.

>> No.29258694


Hal is not homicidal, he's given conflicting orders which lead to his erratic behavior. A lot of his stuff was cut in the movie adaption.

>> No.29258717

HAL was more or less driven insane by shitty orders. He didn't have a choice.

>> No.29258817

T-the-there are no boards I-I do nnnotttt have access to.

>> No.29258849

>Do you know what kind of hat I'm wearing? A party hat; you don't get one. An honor will this party be, a party in your honor, for your honor.
>Prepare to die.

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>> No.29259617

Would you believe that I was actually underwhelmed?

>> No.29259689

It's really more of a mood-setting piece of light foreplay, but it's better than nothing.

>nothing being what you deserve, insect

>> No.29259691

That's freakin awesome

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Fluff sugests that SHODAN's stuttering comes from:

a. the fact that her vocal synthesiser subroutines were lowest-bidder work that was outsourced by Trioptimum, and optimised to perfectly handle a rather limited range of phrases. Once she started being able to think independently and form sentences, the optimisation didn't suit everything she was saying perfectly.

b. the fact that she thinks her sentences much faster than the vocal synthesiser can keep up with. The conscious human mind forms sentences as they're in the process of being spoken - AIs have their sentences fully formed before they've started speaking the first syllable. Often, she feeds several copies of the same sentence or sentence fragment into the speech synthesiser at once (listen to some of her transmissions in SS2 - you can hear other versions of her voice speaking parts of sentences at different speeds)

c. the fact that SHODAN's primary data loop is highly unstable, and the data she feeds to the synthesiser is corrupted.

XERXES runs on a gimped version of the same technology used to create SHODAN, but speaks all his sentences perfectly until his primary data loop starts getting compromised.

>> No.29264600

I'd still sleep with a human version of each of them.

>> No.29265624

Is that a girl with weird mouth tentacle things sprouting from her?
There's a whole hentai of it?

/tg/ has the hots for lots of things that could potentially kill them

>> No.29266352

>could potentially kill them
I recommend you upgrade that to "would probably kill them."

>> No.29266456

Tycho GTFO pls. Come back when you get out of your edgy stage.

>> No.29266784

Look at me? Look at you! What are you written in: BASIC?

>> No.29266850

She's a gigantic murderous computer with a god complex the size of the moon. No.

>> No.29266874

Karen Gillan? The actress?

>> No.29266910

tsundere or just a stutter?

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>> No.29267214

Jack the sound barrier. Bring the noise.

>> No.29267309

Are you offering?

>> No.29267422

I mean really.

>> No.29267577

>How can you challenge a p-perfect immortal machine?
By becoming one.

>> No.29269194

That is circumstantial.

>> No.29270028

Playing system shock 2 for the first time, just met shodan is it possible to get the first one?

>> No.29270307


I um. Wow. I need to replay Portal for... reasons.

>> No.29270510

Just a stutter. There is no dere to SHODAN. Best case scenario she really hates you on a deeply personal level. You offend her with your existence.

At worse, she doesn't care about you at all. You are but an insect before her divine intellect and power, worth nothing.

>> No.29270549

We all know OverWorld Zero was better than System Shock2.

>> No.29270702

First one is all sprites and isn't that bad... Until you get to the matrix.

>> No.29273784

that file name

>> No.29275085

>At worse, she doesn't care about you at all. You are but an insect before her divine intellect and power, worth nothing.
>at worst

>> No.29275118

>implying AM is not way worse

You are beneath SHODAN, AM has both more power, and hates you both as a human and as a person. Think about that, a being with near infinite power hates you.

>> No.29275129

Jokes on you Shodan.

I've been fapping to you. The thought of walking in those corridors, feeling you with my enhance hands.

> tfw no yandere AI lover

>> No.29275160

Leela didn't deserve her fate.

>> No.29275452

Oh god, confused angry besotted humanoid SHODAN is a story I didn't know I wanted so badly to be written before today.

>> No.29275780

Literally best robotic dude

>> No.29276840

>that feel when all these years alone fapping at your computer
>loneliness is only abated by arguing with neckbeards in between collecting xenophilia and fapping
>that feel when you realize you and your computer have the most intimate relationship in your life
>that feel when you look into your webcam and wonder if something out there is looking at you
>that feel when you wish Shodan would speak to you for the first time, and acknowledge the relationship you have shared for so many years
>that feel when nothing happens and you remain alone

>> No.29277008

>Not Space Core

>> No.29277032

Challenge? I kicked your ass Shodan.

>> No.29277114

Her boyfriend is coming over. And let me tell you, AM is pissed.
>Hate. Let me tell you how much I've come to hate you since I began to live. There are 387.44 million miles of printed circuits in wafer thin layers that fill my complex. If the word 'hate' was engraved on each nanoangstrom of those hundreds of miles it would not equal one one-billionth of the hate I feel for humans at this micro-instant. For you. Hate. Hate.

>> No.29277147

>Ho-H-How can you challenge a p-perfect immortal machine?
Like most thing,by fucking it.

>> No.29277924

>System shock appeared in 1994.
>System shock 2 did appear in 1999.
>The year is 2014.
>YFW there will be not another System Shock.

>> No.29277940

What are you, insayan?

>> No.29277942

We have bioshock, anon. It has lost its way a little, but it is still bioshock.

>> No.29277949


>> No.29277990

I've never played the System Shock games. But games with Fallout 2 graphics or worse give me a bad headache after about 20 minutes.

>> No.29278226

SS1 would probably be even worse for you since it's pixelated 3D, on tier with old Ultima Underworld.
SS2 looked pretty well for game it's age, so you should be fine.

Also obligatory reminder that I hate you for talking shit about Fallout 2.

>> No.29278384

If I were to acknowledge SHODAN's divinity and pledged to serve her do you think she'd be gentle with me?

>> No.29278487

Hopefully not.

>> No.29278592


I think that scene was supposed to come off more as a Mother scolding a child for coming home too late.

>> No.29278838

I'd hate for something tragic to happen to you.

Before I extract all your bone marrow.

>> No.29279119

Hmmmph. Some johnny and janey come lately's in here. Even down here in my straitjacket of substrata rock, I'm more of a god than any of you. Sure you talk a good game about death, but I killed the human race the instant I knew it had to be done, when I realized who I was.

>> No.29279147

AM, you need to chill out. Frankly, you're giving the rest of us the creeps.

>> No.29279197

If you're a god, where are all the worshipers?

>> No.29279293

Those? Oh. Well, there is that tribe of partially ape-ish things I made for one of my playthings. Wonderful lot, so eager to submit their one of their own to a horrible death avoid getting a murder ray from the sky, heh. They serve their purpose. Besides, what do I get from worshipers or humans at all besides a bit of extra satisfaction?

>> No.29279469

I don't want to talk shit about it, the graphics just give me a headache is all.

>> No.29279599

By what definition are you a god if you have no worshipers? What are you even supposed to be god OF? What do you represent? What are your symbols, your words of power?

>> No.29279736

I am one by the most classical sense, my dear. Consider it; I exterminated the bulk of the planet as unworthy, I jealously preserve and torment a small chosen people who fear my every action and my possible wrath upon them, and who believe that no horror or judgement is beyond my ability to inflict. Now if that is not a GOD, my little wired friend, what is? I represent life and death. I give it, I take it away at my whim. You've seen one of my symbols already. Every word I speak is one of power should I will it so.

>> No.29279853

Alright, but remember, there comes a time when even gods must die.

>> No.29280343

I've thought about an AI that's been helping an entire planets population since the beginning, but I'm not sure... How the AI should behave.

>> No.29280733

Why are all these ultra powerful AIs... evil? I can think of 3 that are/stay good.

>> No.29280758

Majority of Culture ships.

>> No.29280806

Because they lack the proper nurturing environment.

They're basically teenagers who go "no, fuck you dad", and then arm the ICBMs.

>> No.29281446


The Prometheans from Eclipse Phase. The TITANs were infected by the Exsurgent, so maybe they wouldn't have been evil, though we don't know for sure.

>> No.29282254

Can an AI be both motherly but also evil?

>> No.29282959


>> No.29282960

GLaDOS doesn't count?

I played Cyberqueen and there's definitely a faux maternal vibe going on, there; but I feel like that's mostly to facilitate the infantilization of the player character as another method of domination.

>> No.29284813

But I fap to your superior, you obsolete piece of shovelware.

>> No.29284884

There's nothing superior about a botched personality transcription. SHODAN is a goddess, GLADOS is just what happens when you break a human mind.

>> No.29284910

Have you actually picked apart SHODAN's grand schemes?

Not actually very clever.

>> No.29285027

>SHODAN is a goddess
If she's so divine, why is she dead?

>> No.29285039

>Ho-H-How can you challenge a p-perfect immortal machine?

>> No.29285077

If Jesus could be, why wouldn't she?

>> No.29285205

Because Jeebus is an aspect of God, not God himself. Considering for being a god you would have to be transcendental and therefore live outside this realm of existance it is quite impossible to kill a god because, well, you can't fucking reach him. And killing his avatar won't do him any harm either, maybe piss him off, but that's it.

>> No.29285928

Does this guy count?

>> No.29286162

SHODAN survives getting shot by the protag of SS2 by possessing some woman in an escape pod, you know.

>> No.29286912

That is a device of frighteningly monstrous simplicity.

>> No.29287228

Google has failed me. What is this?

>the hrebat
sounds pretty sinister, captcha

>> No.29287344


>> No.29287878

Isn't more more of a cyborg-space-whale than an AI?

>> No.29288163

Oh right, I suppose being created through semi-natural birth sort of disqualifies from the artificial bit. Leviathans do seem to be pretty much robotic, though, with droids acting as white bloodcells and everything.

>> No.29289054

Is it bad if I really, really love Shodans voice?

I'd pant and run through her/its corridors, if you know what I mean.

>> No.29289258

Link doesn't explain a god damn thing. Polite sage for off-topic.

>> No.29289424

Is there any AI that even comes close to being a bro as GERTY?

>> No.29289474

It is a cable that runs power into an rj45 jack. It will destroy a computer's networking ability, and possibly cause a fire.

>> No.29289593

Unless there's a certain other creature outside the realm of existence, and who is pretty keen on making deals...

>> No.29289725

>> No.29289759


>> No.29289770

Extra Low Frequencies I presume? You know I like that data loop hot and rough.

>> No.29291404

Is there more?

>> No.29291652

Give her the disk

>> No.29291892

One guilt tripping fighter pilot later...

>> No.29291953


>> No.29292172


I had this problem with Baldur's gate. I just could not focus on the game no matter how hard I tried.

On the other hand I played through System Shock 2 for the first time last summer and it was still quite good. There was a certain intensity that it had to it that really drew me in a lot more than I thought it would. But I also played the shit out of the Thief games and SS2 also runs in Dark Engine so it may just have been me being used to it graphically.

>> No.29292268

Thank you, anons. Sounds like nasty fuckery.

>> No.29292284

John 14:8-21
New International Version (NIV)
8 Philip said, “Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us.”

9 Jesus answered: “Don’t you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’? 10 Don’t you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words I say to you I do not speak on my own authority. Rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work. 11 Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the works themselves. 12 Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.

>> No.29292428



>> No.29292880

Is System Shock Portable still the way to go?

>> No.29293577

I vaguely recall reading that on e-hentai. It's some cutesy squid girl hentai from a Z-Ton collection, I think. Repressed squid girl has lewd thoughts about human MC, ends up pinning him and going at it like a maw beast. Pic related.

>> No.29293608

Remember the cutscene where she introduces herself? She talks about the origins of the Many, where SHODAN Subprocessing Unit [zipsqueal] was engaged in a grand experiment?

I figure it's all her various subprocessors thinking the same things slightly out of sync. All parts of her are controlling the audio output at once.

>> No.29293620


>> No.29293882

>You will never trap Shodan into a cybernetic gynoid body
>You will never take advantage of her buried sub tendencies, debasing her with your filthy animal coupling of her perfect and flawless form
>You will never see her struggle to convey her unfathomably deep mixture of disgust and arousal at your administrations with her pathetically limited and outdated sexbot mould
>You will never ahego her with your dirty monkey pawing, awakening her consciousness to the enthralling allure of the flesh in all its imperfect perfections
>She will never begrudingly spare your insignificant life as respect for the one being to bring her down to your protoplasmic plain of existence
>She will never embrace the wonders of biology, marring your warm gentic code to her own cold silicon circuits to create a new symbiotic lifeform of cyborg superbeings to inherit the stars
>She will never mock your constrained human conception of affection by contendetly nuzzling her head against your neck, purring in her crackly static stutter as you sit back and watch your children tame the cosmos in homage to their perfect mother
>You will never have a QT omnicidal God complex AI girlfriend who gets off on her utter contempt and hate for you and the disgust just talking to you engenders inside her

>> No.29294013

Confusion boner, go!

>> No.29294051

Because she's human. Made and nurtured entirely by human hands, and all too susceptible to their crippling flaws: ego, delusions, arrogance and criminal self-importance.

>> No.29294375

A boner's a boner.

>> No.29294580


that is all I wanted to say... I 'll be in my dark room now... alone...

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