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So /tg/ I see your character has a little sister
would be a shame if anything happened to her

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Sure, go for it.

Just know that it automatically disqualifies you from complaining when the next game has everyone rolling up characters with no families, faults, fears, concerns, or goals beyond mindlessly moving forward to the next yellow exclamation point.

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Like I'd let you touch my darling child.

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Give me characters who are automatons and I'll treat them as such

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You wanna get your shit kicked in son?

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imoutos are off boundaries

that is a sacred rule

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I'm just sayin'. If you zap a mouse for pushing a button, they'll stop pushing that button pretty fast.

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Every. Damn. Time.

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Why, I don't know what you mean.
doesn't she look great with that dog?

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It Call of Cthulhu man. Its supposed to happen

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Try and fuck with a grizzled imperial guard gland warrior now working for the inquisition. A man who due to the time dilating effects of warp travel and rejuvanent stimms has more combat experience that some Astartaes.

Just try heretic... by the Emperor's holy arse-crack I dare you, I DOUBLE DARE YOU MOTHER-FUCKER!

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One of my players put a younger sister into his back story but he never named her or gave her any kind of a personality.
As a DM I thought it was my duty to give her one, so she's now a mash-up of both of my sisters' worst qualities, which is to say, she's a double slut and a selfish cunt.

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The reactions make it better.

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See what happens.

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tell me more, i would like to hear the game stories

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Can we please move on from this? Her story isn't even that moving. C'mon guys.

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The one part about Soul eater that bugged me the most was her giving zero fucks about Crona.

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I hate you OP.

You are the reason I stopped playing CoC. Stop treating death and catatonia as the only ways to make a PC hurt. And at that, rendering people into utter catatonia because their mind broke is the dumbest shit out there.

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>The one part about Soul eater that bugged me the most was her giving zero fucks about Crona.
Not the bullshit carebares ending where they defeated the BBEG with hugs and friendship?

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You can eat a dick, yo brought it on yourself

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Let no one say I back down from dares then
Honestly the only time I would approach this is if the local big bad was a wizard and the party was being incredibly unsubtle about their tactics
you put yourself out there and declared that Anon Evilguyslayer will slay all the evil guys, don't get mad if the evil guys start killing people you love

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That disappointed me, but it didn't bug me.

I can deal with "the treasure is friendship" bullshit.

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This thread made me think, I've never actually ever described any of my character's families, except once. I had intended for the GM to have my brother as a "personal bad guy" who resents his younger brother for getting their entire extended family killed, and then later, selected for the 'secret' organization.

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you send my backstory to the hospital i send your campaign to the grave. thats the tabletop way.

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It's "He puts one of yours in the hospital, you put one of his in the morgue."
Not grave.

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This is why all my characters are orphans whose only goal in life is to get huge.

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knew it didnt sound right. oh well, the point stands.If my imaginary dude cant have his imaginary family your imaginary world is getting logical application of magic and other society wrecking nonsense diectly up its asshole. its only fair.

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Thanks for reminding me to tell my DM my character will go apeshit if her weekend vidya buddy is put at risk.

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Pic related

But to keep this thread going: if you kill my family, that character is now killing him or herself. No vows for vengeance, nothing. Off with their own head. I can't have a family, you can't have a character you built plot-important shit around. And if I'm allowed a new cahracter, this one is an emotionless jerk who's only in it for the money with no background and if give him one he's not going by it nor is he caring if you pull anything from it into it.

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A lot of people give the impression they consider a DM killing off a character's family to be a dick move.

What if the bad guy goes after your family and you have a fair sporting chance to stop him? Like, say he kidnaps Tordrek's imouto, and that's your next plot hook, that Tordrek's imouto has been kidnapped and is being held in the tower of gratuitous evil, would you get mad about that?

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Generally you can sort "DM goes after the family" into two categories:

"DM goes after the family to reinforce their value and deepen the relationship between the PC and the family." The plotline you suggested, for example.

"DM goes after the family for cheap shock value and in hopes of provoking drama without having to do any effort or capable writing." The scenario implied by OP.

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I'd help Tordrek rescue his imouto because I know that he would help my character rescue family and loved ones too. That's what friends are for, Anon.

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She has a total of 12 sisters.
Your move.

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I wonder if a paladin of Wee Jas can get married to twelve different people...

I'll ask her!

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pretty much this. my group has a rule, when the DM kills off backround characters and we dont like it, we destroy the game and break something in the DMs house.

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As a DM, I would make it quite clear to my players OOCly that this will all end with no hard feelings if they don't do anything incredibly stupid.

Eg: If they blow up the BBEG's tower, when said imouto was in that tower... well that's all that little girl wrote.

I say this because I have had players do incredibly stupid things, and ruin plots that could have otherwise been excellent for character development.

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I really don't get this.

You're running around, making no effort to conceal your identity. You are GORZAK CUNTPUNCHER, HERO, SLAYER OF WENCHES AND FUCKER OF BEASTS. At least, that's the case with most adventuring parties. In that case, you really only have yourself to blame if your relatives bite it. There's a reason super heroes wear their masks, it isn't just to look cool.

Even if you take pains to conceal your true identity, if you're fighting a well organized enemy, chances are they'll be able to dig up intel on you some how. You'd have to do a VERY good job of covering your tracks.

I'm not saying that the DM should just execute family members for dramatic tension, but to say that it's completely out of hand to have family members die is just as silly. It's simply at the opposite side of the spectrum. If you're fighting some vast conspiracy, some megalomaniacal BBEG, somebody with enough intelligence and resources to shake the world, it's only natural that they'd be able to use their resources to figure out who they're fighting, and then they'd use that information to try and get that person by the balls. The easiest way is family.

My characters will generally make an effort to cover their tracks, but depending on their outlooks, they either accepted death in the family as a possibility, an inevitability, or they simply can never come to terms with it, but it won't stop them from doing what is right.

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>being held in the tower of gratuitous evil
It's never The Tower of Fluffy Bunnies or The Tower of Friendly Neighbours

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>You want to know the problem with threats like that? They should never be done to killers.
>Normal people yes, such a threat would cower them into submission but to killers it does quite the opposite.
>Because killers understand that all life is set along a static path. Everyone is dead as soon as they exit the womb. The only random factor being when.
>She dies, she dies. Everyone does eventually. Maybe I can stop it today but not tomorrow or in an year or in a lifetime. Nobody can
>So now its not a question of whenever or not I will quit in the face of this threat, its the question of whenever or not you want to change this game we play from cops and robber to that of retaliation
>Have you ever heard of the Zetas?
He then promptly vomits into a nearby trash bin and hopes they bought it. Or that the Elf won't ask for pegging in exchange for favors again.

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Storytime, bro.

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>I see your character has a little sister
>Would be a shame if anything happened to her

I swear to fucking God mate. Every single game, be it PnP, on some forum, or something in between, every single one of you motherfuckers that are "evil" or what not try to pull some shit like rape or kill my goddamn NPC sister and/or family if I make one.

If not for the fucking fact you sons of bitches couldn't do it properly 99% of the time, I wouldn't be so mad. The only credible threat I ever gotten from anybody trying to use family as a leverage was from some fucked up Doctor in game in the Star Wars universe,that had me either go infect an entire chapter of the Jedi Order with the space-age bubonic plague, with me as the host, or have my sister and father hunted by him, captured, father killed and turned into a zombie, while the girl would serve as his guinea pig for diseases and whatnot for several years, until she reached the age of 13-15 and was old enough to get pregnant from getting raped by his zombies/rancors/other assorted monstrosities so he can further advance the scientific comunity.

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>So /tg/ I see your paladin has a little sister
would be a shame if she turned into an angsty grizzled veteran working for another country after vanishing on her first mission as a squire what do you mean she's your backup character in case your paladin dies why are you smiling like that

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>threat of mengle

Tell me, how did this come about, and how was it resolved?

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So, what, you're just going to kill her offscreen for cheap feels? Amateur.

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Reminds me of my first RPG group.
The first game started with all our houses burning down.
In the second game, half the characters didn't have houses.

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I never got that far.
I felt cheated when the first episode implied awesome combat and I instead got lots of random stuff.

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Whats pegging?

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To keep it short, I had a one off deal with the Doctor. He was working under the Sith, I under the Jedi. Fate led me to need his assistance, so I broke a deal. I will offer him a highly force sensitive Jedi to use for his experiments, in return, he would construct me a bioscanner that would be able to detect any individuals with midichloridians in a several mile long radius. The Jedi I was offering was supposed to be a set up to get a reading on where his main laboratory was, raid the ever loving shit out of it, burn it to the ground, and either capture or kill the Doctor.

Somehow, he found out. Next thing I know, I find myself on Dantooine as it is hit by the space bubonic plague, everything afflicted by it dying in a matter of days. I got infected, quarantine was up and there was no way to get the fuck out of dodge. Talks of liquidating the planet were up in the air. Then suddenly the mad fuck calls me out and asks for a 1 on 1 meeting.

Find him in a deserted hovel, sitting on a rocking chair admits a pile of corpses as he taking a nap. Failed to sneak kill by getting discovered, convince to not shoot him in the face afterwards and listen to him. Guy offered me a bottle of whiskey, took it because, fuck it, I'm already dead. Shit apparently held the antidote and I downed that motherfucker while he was explaining his terms.

He had another virus, another blackwing strain that he improved to kill in under an hour. I would either act as the host of the virus, immune to it's effects myself, and go on Naboo, infect the entire city, the royal family, and approximately 80% of the Jedi Order, or the Doc would unleash the virus on Coruscant, but not before capturing my family.

It really ain't nothing that amazing in my opinion, just The Good Doctor being one step ahead of me at all times and getting rused like a motherfucker OOC, but at the time, when he kept making all his reveals and shit, I was fucking terrified.

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No, I was going to take your best friend and her kill your sister and your dad infront of you

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that won't affect anyone because they know you did it just to make the player feel bad because you are a shitty gm and dont know how to get people involved in the story

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reminds me

>play an orphan
>mention in his backstory he sends money back to the orphanage as repayment for raising him
> DM gets lazy
> guess what orphanage became a tinderbox and had the Sisters raped and murdered
>DM gets pissed when I play my character having a mental break down and becoming a murdering, evil bastard who flays the skin from his enemies, takes severed heads as trophies and sent the flayed skin of the fallen to their families with the words 'you're next' carved into it over and over

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Did the guy expect you to become a monk or some shit and renounce all forms of aggression? Fuck that, even romanticized Gandhi would of thrown a fit over that.

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So, now you're doing it onscreen? Did you remember to allow some scenes where the player can form an attatchement to these NPCs? I bet you didn't. Hack.

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So did you beat him in the end?

Because I have to admit, that is brilliant. I have this picture of Doctor Strangelove in my head right now.

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No, I'm stuck being his bitch. Thankfully, the Sith are on the verge of another civil war. On one side, you got the Sith Council, placed into power by an allied faction of the Sith and does nothing all day but weaken the faction on the galactic stage and make them the laughing stock of the world.

On the other, you got Muad Dib, a crazy as fuck pyromaniac that I am proud to have shared several songs and burned down taverns with, and one of the main reasons the Sith aren't a complete pushover, unlike the Jedi. Until, that is, he launched a raid on Naboo, destroyed 3/4 of Theed through blowing up the plasma refineries, destroyed the entire royal palace and more than likely killed the royal family, alongside destorying the Jedi HQ in the city and almost having me killed several times in a single day, one instance involving one of his men fucking suicide dive bombing the Jedi Spires in an attempt to kill me and several other Masters.

The Doctor, as I mentioned, works for the Sith but has no real loyalty towards them. Whoever funds his projects earns his services basically. So now here I am, stuck as the Doctor's bitch, while he is working for the guy I fucking loathe from an IC perspective, as they try to diplomatically take control over the Sith and then have me usurp control over the Jedi Factions and unite in some God forsaken alliance to take out the Rebellion and the other darkside faction that put the Sith Council into power.

Also, to try and incite a Mandalorian Civil War so that we can sing Confederate Songs while watching the Mando's kill themselves only for us to control indirectly.

I have a weird relationship with Muad now that I think about it. Could almost call it Tsundere, really.

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The DM's reasoning was my character didn't seem 'invested' in stopping the BBEG as my character was a mercenary who joined the group as he thought it would bring him riches. I played hi as a penny pinching, greedy guy but with the best intentions (ie sending money back to his orphanage, leaving some to charities and beggars etc) basically Tamahome from fushigi yuugi and The Mysterious play.

But no, DM thought my character needed motivation so raped, killed and burned everyone he loved and cared about.

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Also, forgot to mention, being the virus carrier for the Doc is on the backburner due to the whole civil war shit. I thank my lucky stars.

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Damn. Honestly, that's a really impressive game you have going on. Cool shit man.

You should ask that guy OOC for advice on being brilliant and evil, because it sounds like he's got it down.

>> No.29230564

Wait, what exactly stopped you from killing him right then so he wouldn't capture your family?

>> No.29230613


My own morbid curiosity to find out why in the name of fuck he condemned an entire planet to death, just to call me out. I got an antidote out of it and my family is alive, so hey, from an OOC perspective and a bit of IC, worth it.

That, and I was puking my guts out due to the disease and the fact I crushed the head of a deceased child as I stepped on it by mistake.


You apparently need to be jewish and fail getting into politics to be this fucking malefic. I forgot to mention, but one of the guys first sketches of this plan was to kill me, transfer my conscious and brain into some server and have me on his workbench 24/7 as a projection that was fully aware of what was going on.

Then be forced to watch zombie dad rape my fourteen year old sister as she was also getting fucked in the ass by a Rancor baby. Once she was of no use to him, he would of had her conscious and mind be transfered in with me, and Id have to share a projector with my naked, mind-broken, little sister that probably had brain damage by that point.

>> No.29230679

My god. This guy.

I shouldn't be grinning right now. But I must know WHY. That seems so pointlessly evil, cruel, and twisted, how could this possibly advance science? Yet if this guy is doing his character well, he'd be able to produce a perfectly logical, though thoroughly mad, answer.

>> No.29230745


Because, apparently, nobody in the Empire during canon Star Wars timeline ever thought about trying to force Blackwing Virus holders to mate with a non-infected human female. Or have a baby rancor try and fuck a girl that barely hit puberty but was still breeding ready.

In all seriousness, I never learned why. Most of his research is stuff that can be used in the military, such as surgically enchanting the durability of a fully grown, adult, rancor by combining his flesh with some of the highest grade Mandalorian Armor, leaving dozen of gaps in the armor through which to insert numerous Bacta Tanks, not tubes, FUCKING TANKS into that can release the stuff at the press of a button, and use his research into midichloridians to augment the damn things mind to either send it into a raging frenzy or pacify it completely.

For me tho', I honestly doubt it had any strategic merit. It was just a message. "If anybody even thinks of laying their finger on my lab, I will be forced to castrate the threat before it even has a chance to formulate the basis of a plan." Shit like that.

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>Implying I have siblings
>Implying I have parents
>Implying I'm not a clone
>Knowing what any of these things are
Allow me to introduce you to my good friend summary execution, you commie mutant filth.

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Makes sense.

I really love the evil genius archetype. It's over done, but when it's done RIGHT, especially when it isn't scripted, that's when it's the best. Cold, calculating, stunningly brilliant. The epitome of human intellect with none of the morality. I don't know man. There's just something about it.

Here, I have capped your tale. May it be remembered fondly.

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You see, anon, when a woman and a man love each other very much...
the woman gets a strap-on dong and sticks it up the man's pooper.

>> No.29230912


>Threatening the Sister of a Parody Sue that is apparently related to loads of canon 2hu's.

...Try it. No seriously try it.
If you aren't beaten up by my character the rest of the family will beat you up instead.

>> No.29230923

Well, I fucked up the resolution. My browser is at 125% and I usually resize it by 80%, but it looks like I did 90 instead. Sorry. If you're around for the next /tg/ screen caps thread, I'll have a proper version for you then.

>> No.29230932


The guy was brilliant at the time. He set up the atmosphere perfectly and his mannerism and speech were perfect to send a chill down my spine. The fact that his character was, more or less, pic related, did little to alleviate my terror.

I learned my lesson never to chuckle or laugh when someone else finds themselves at the mercy of someone doing the Evil Genius archetype, and not the comedic Saturday morning cartoon version.


Well, now I regret rushing in writing it, all typos and grammar mistakes taken into consideration.

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And wouldn't you know it, I forgot my picture. And I meant looked like pic related. Fuck me, i need to go to bed

>> No.29230947

The only PC's I have with friends/family/etc are the ones where they all have class levels. You want to burn my characters old city down? Good luck dealing with the 20th level immortal that lives there.

I'm not randomly tacking on this stuff, this is canon lore.

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>> No.29230960

Eh, it's an anonymous image board, and I'm too tired to have noticed them.

However, we could always have a redo the next time the image thread comes around. I just hope you'll be there.

>> No.29230989


Meh, I appreciate that you screen capped it nonetheless, and I'm glad you enjoyed the little story. As pants shitting as it was, it was a fun experience for me.

Freeform RP's aren't populated by just faggots it seems, just 99% of the average members of such a game are.

>> No.29231025

I'm glad you told it man. It was a good tale.

I think it's time we both hit the hay though. Next image thread that rolls around, look for it. I'll be posting it up. Have a good one man.

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So I heard you like sisters...

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But what if my sisters' disposable?

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With time, you can laugh about anything. Even if it sends you directly to Hell.

>> No.29231150

Yeah, that's why you zap them harder for not pushing the button.

Backstory, family and all that good stuff helps the GM out by giving him stuff to build stuff off. Having a vauge, boring background should be taken by the GM as a Carte Blanche to insert stuff.

>> No.29231238

> Having a vauge, boring background should be taken by the GM as a Carte Blanche to insert stuff.

Good luck making the player abide by it if they don't want it...

>> No.29231264

>Damned if you do, damned worse if you don't
Do you enjoy full scale player rebellion? Because the fastest way to get spiteful and surly players is to give them a choice between stick and spiky stick.

>> No.29231319

I gave my character a little sister once.

The DM turned her into a vampire.

She became a major NPC.

The rest of the party loved her.

>> No.29231550

Sounds fun. Make it /tg/ related, and post stories of pegging in your campaigns, Anon.

>> No.29231583

I've debated giving my warforged character a little sister in his backstory, but I'm not sure exactly how that works.

>> No.29231614


If the player gets screwed if they invest in the character and screwed harder if they don't, then honestly, what incentive do they have to play or ever acknowledge anything in the story? Or rather, why bother let them come up with connections and backstory anyway? You're better off just giving them dead siblings before they begin.

>> No.29231691

Could be the daughter of your former owners that wants to stay with you, or something. Get creative!

>> No.29231739


The guy you are responding to would probably simply use the Spirits of your dead siblings as a plot hook instead. He's that kind of a dick.

>> No.29231758

your warforged was first made as a friend/butler/toy for some (slightly paranoid) nobleman's daughter, thinking his daughter would need a male figure to grow up in a good way, but that any male made out of flesh and bones would try to get in her pants, so there you are

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>qt noble girl with big mechanical guardian

>> No.29231799

Stuff to build off by killing everyone? Piss off.

>> No.29231824

The nobleman had a strong idea of his ideal family, a son to be a reliable big brother to a younger daughter. When he got a daughter first, he built a mechanical big brother.

>> No.29231865


But how do you simultaneously have a class that's big and strong AND has class skills worth a damn?

>> No.29231877

Have you tried not playing D&D?

>> No.29231909

By not taking INT as your dumpstat. Alternatively, how about your GM boosts skillpoints for martial classes, not like they will overshadow anyone else because of it.
Unless they are played by Steve. You're a Fighter, you're not supposed to not suck!

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>discussion about Warforged
>Anons getting upset about mentions of D&D and classes

Seriously, guys?

>> No.29231942

I know, I'm a bit sorry.

>> No.29231961

i guess you can start with one level as an aristocrat, even if that's a NPC class

>> No.29231968

I'm not. "Have you tried not playing D&D" is always a valid retort to "martials suck" bitching.

>> No.29232002

Warforged should properly dump Charisma anyway, not INT.

>> No.29232043

Either CHA or WIS, although dumping WIS is always dangerous.
But yes, INT should never be a dumpstat, especially not for Warforged or Fighters and especially especially not for Warforged Fighters.

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It was a shame that something happened to my little sister.

>> No.29232108

>anywhere but D&D

>> No.29232111

Its not a choice between sticks. It's a choice between having a greater or lesser say on what the game is about.

>> No.29232138

that's why you don't make it a wholly bad thing you inserted. Above all it should be a fun or interesting but complicated thing.

>> No.29232187

I see you're planning to do things to my character's loli sister

It would be a shame if you accidentally entered my magical realm

>> No.29232190

What's with the needless hostility? Where did I ever say that Backstory should be used to kill people? No, it should be used to create challange which the characters and their players feel invested in.

That's a good idea right there.

>> No.29232194

The vampire who sired one of the pcs turned his mother into his ghoul (a mortal addicted to vampire's blood) because she's obsessed with him and she decided it's the best way to keep the family from asking unnecessary questions. I'm starting to think that I maybe went too far with this somewhat Oedipian sideplot. I did tell him that he can un-ghoul her but he's also somewhat freaked out now.

>> No.29232306
File: 268 KB, 1280x960, meh3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you going somewhere with this?

>> No.29233458

Pardon my asking, but for the most part, you are referring to fantasy settings, yes?
Which is generally set in high medieval period, yes?
And for the most part, the PC's family aren't particularly rich or famous, usually. And fairly often live in small out-of-the-way towns, right ?

How does the BBEG know where they are?
Even well-connected ones, this is a major hassle. And I don't know about others, but for me, my hometown or family never comes up, between players or NPCs, in conversation. Most the time they don't even know my last name, not that that is always much benefit anyway, since during that period, the last name was usually the father's, so you could have a guy named John Paul, or the like.
More importantly: what is the gain to spending massive chunks of resources to hunt down sone guy's family? Especially when they just kill them off, insead of holding hostage. There's no point. It isn't going to make the hero stop, after all. Likely it will just piss him more off.

I could understand it in a more modern setting, where everyone is online, has a phone number, and generally is on record, but in a fantasy setting it makes no sense unless they're a noble or something.

>> No.29234100

>Scenario created to act as an example of dickishness
>Good idea
Either you are a troll, or a really shitty GM.

>> No.29234497

But OP, my character IS the little sister.

and then she and her party burned baldur's gate to the ground

>> No.29234554

My character doesn't have any sisters or brothers, she was an only child spent most of her childhood fatherless.

Of course, she does have 5 children, 12 grandchildren, 36 great-grandchildren, and 4 great-great-grandchildren. Also she's... mostly dead.

>> No.29234584


>> No.29234681
File: 66 KB, 500x451, 1268947277303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.29235623

>Character's father is space trucker who punched through a moderately large combat robot, also PC
>Character's mother is ex-assassin, now leader of small banana republic after unfortunate death of previous el presidente (they couldn't scrap him off the walls for a week and even now they sometimes find assorted bits and pieces)
Well, how would you justify nuking the planet one of them is on?

>> No.29237106
File: 33 KB, 640x480, hughes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You have a very nice father there
seems like the doting type, doesn't he.

>> No.29237140

Well I would justify a colony drop of one of the planets they were on, especially if the other was on the colony or space ship being dropped

>> No.29237178

>You have a very nice father there

It'd be a shame if somethin....happened to him.

>> No.29237236
File: 473 KB, 297x212, 1365575805459.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29237533

So GM, I see your campaign has a plot
would be a shame if anything happened to it

>> No.29237552


>> No.29237781

My characters are either the little sister or old people who have outlived the rest of their family.
Come the fuck at me, GM.

>> No.29237858
File: 1.32 MB, 2893x4765, Doggies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic relevant.

>> No.29238067

Too late.

>> No.29238120

How do you scry on someone you don't know about?
Also; does scrying even work that way?

>> No.29238194


I understand the Nina Dog thing, but I don't get the uproar over the numbers 12, 15, and 993 in it. Am I missing something? Are those numbers important to the show?

>> No.29238227

Perhaps say Joe Schmoe's sister?
and if the bad guy is a local lord, they should have a census

>> No.29239169

>immplying you aren't about to enter my magical realm

>> No.29239200


No, it's just that the Nina posts both ended in 993, with 12/15 proceeding.

>> No.29239291

I once bothered to have a proper back story with family and shit. The game revolved mostly around me as no-one else had shit in their back story that the GM could use.

>> No.29239326

Joke is on you, villain. I'm an only child. I don't even know that kid you're threatening to injure.

>> No.29240033

>Then be forced to watch zombie dad rape my fourteen year old sister as she was also getting fucked in the ass by a Rancor baby. Once she was of no use to him, he would of had her conscious and mind be transfered in with me, and Id have to share a projector with my naked, mind-broken, little sister that probably had brain damage by that point.
Thank you for the boner.

>> No.29240226
File: 642 KB, 559x400, gMbSk.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I am also so hard right now and I feel absolutely no shame about it.

>> No.29240276

I've seen that girl stare down a zonebeast three times your size. So yeah, sure would be a shame if you tried to make something happen to her.

>> No.29242638

Man, seeing Aigis just keeps reminding me of my desire to play a robot girl sometime. She was done far better than I expected 'robot girl made to be an anti-Shadow weapon' to be.

>> No.29242868
File: 85 KB, 1022x538, The_Best_Sister.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is exactly one person that gets to mock up the little runt and that's me. Did I make myself clear?

>> No.29243249
File: 5 KB, 259x194, Nimera.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh no, a monster attacks you!

>> No.29244911


A character's backstory should never be a DM's trauma-checklist and get treated like he'll get a fucking chocolate cake and a blowjob if he fills in all the boxes with death and destruction.

>> No.29247349


>> No.29247413

yeahhhhh My character is a slaver if he had one he would sell her

>> No.29247535

I took an example from fantasy settings, but I meant in general.

Any person or organization with the power to be a mover and shaker on the world stage, especially if they have the power to do it from the shadows (which takes more resources than doing it in the open, really), would have a way to figure out somebody's family.

Especially if that person was a famous hero of renown, on a quest to stop the BBEG. The BBEG will be able to get ahold of the census as one anon mentioned earlier, or people will boast that "I knew Dick Rapetrain before he was a hero! He was my neighbor!" Or they can follow the chain of events, deeds done. In one town the party did something notable, and people remember it. Or maybe the BBEG will just scry the fucker, or capture them on camera at some point, make a few prints, and go around different places asking people "have you seen this man/woman/whatever?"

In a modern setting, in a fantasy setting, in any setting where somebody has the resources to threaten the world, gathering information will be the one of the most trivial things they do on a daily basis. Or so I'd imagine.

As for why they'd kill your family? Well, if they're doing it intelligently, they'd only kill one, just to show they could do it again. It gives you the pain of loss, while knowing there is still more to lose.

>> No.29247743
File: 567 KB, 900x1165, notallmen.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or kill them all in a melodramatic fashion if they know a character is hot blooded (goad him into an attack which of course would be before he is ready to take on the BBEG) or to cut them off from help of the commoners, basically saying "This is what will happen if you help this hero. I can be nice, or I can be dropping magical bombs on your huts your choice."
Or a mentor of the PC could do it, framing it as the BBEG doing it in order to kick start the PC on his quest, bonus points if the Mentor has a shit eating grin when confronted with it after the PC finally slays the BBEG in revenge and the evil guy is like "...who? I never even fucking heard of you before you blew up my outer fortress"

>> No.29247838

That's a nice profit margin you have there, it'd be a shame if... anything happened to it
>guards raid slave market and rescue slaves including your little sister

>> No.29247952

FUCKING PALADINS Now i have to find new dead and living..oh wait i know wish nvm

>> No.29249823

I hate this gif. The animation is so fucking distracting.

>> No.29249864
File: 439 KB, 1600x1200, rape.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminds me of the time someone bad-mouthed Mr. Rogers.I almost felt bad for that OP.

>> No.29249995

"I dance in the rain to wash away my privilege."

>> No.29250035

I desperately want to see that thread now.

>> No.29250417

My family worships the Raven Queen.

checkmate, OP

>> No.29250482
File: 656 KB, 1072x1782, doggy2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Surprised no-one posted the other one

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