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Is anyone else afraid this is going to "Spore" on us? I'm hopeful of being able to play a 40K video game with a single-character focus and chosing a faction but worry about it being a single server mmo.
Also what faction are you choosing? I want to get an idea of the /tg/ interest in the game

SM: Ultrasmurfs, Dark Angles, Blood Angles, and Spacewolves sadly no BT, despite then taking to the game like a duck to water, though rumors of Imp Fists are rolling
Chaos: Black Legion, Night Lords, World Bearers, and Iron Warriors. Kinda hoped there would be the aligned factions but I like IW
Orks: Bad Moons, Deffskulls, EvilSunz, and Goffs. Join the Ghatzskull Waaag
Eldar: Iyanden, Ulthwe, Saim-Hann, and Biel-Tan

I figure the order of most to least popular will go: SM, Orks, CSM, Eldar

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I'll probably be an eldar. I think there is also talk of a /tg/ ork clan.

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Might go goff storm but I don't know. Orks are free and then the whole faction become Brazil

Still I wish it was multi server, than someone rich could by one for /tg/ (Lot of engineers play these games and they use 50$ bills for tissues)

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Chaos, mainly because they don't have BT and I like the idea of being a giant tusked Terminator.

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Going Orkz because Orkz.

Whats all this then git?

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>Tyranids not playable


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>not thinking all MMO will suck

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If i get cool bat wings I'd go with the night lords
if not i'm stuck between the iron warriors and the space wolves (there my two favorite chapters)

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They are NPC's

If you were playing it would word filter you to only saying "Kek"

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> implement synapse
>tyranids playable
>synapse creature logs off or disconects in middle of fight

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They are best done with friends, but I can feel you.

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I play many hardcore grinding style MMO's solo.

I like to pretend this is what it's like being a monk hermit.

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I play many hardcore grinding style MMO's solo and never talk to anyone.

I like to pretend this is what it's like being a hermit monk.

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Iron Warriors until we get Emperor's Children.

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Definitely go ork because I like fun. I'll just buy the game/higher classes or whatever so I'm not lumped just in with Russians and Brazilians.

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>you will never begin life in a ship
>you will never be weaved into a mere ripper at level 1 to start the game with the sole objective of eating everything you see
>you will never level up and be granted life as larger and more powerful creatures
>you will never be given the choice to evolve into one of 3 heredatary lines
>you will never fight as a Tyrant Guard, defending your Swarmlord and watching him tear enemies to pieces without even the slightest effort

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I wasn't following Spore, can you explain?

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It promised a lot and we all were hyped

In the end it was very lacking and didn't have the fun featureds we expected

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Endless bright promises that resulted in a shitty end product.

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>Single Sever
Wh...Why in the Big E's name would you do that?

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Glad the Tau aren't in this one
Sad the IG aren't, people really like them because we can empathize with them more than SM

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I don't really have any hopes for it, but why only use space marines for chaos and the imperium? That just seems like it's sort of a waste to me

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Tau and Necrons (Necrons first) are next if the game does well.

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>Tau are released
>They look like real 40k tau
>/tg/ immediately stops playing because their waifus are ugly

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I can't wait to see how they handle the EXTREMELY hard to kill necrons, in case you don't know its going to be a planetside like MMO

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Orkz until Thousand Sons or Tau become available

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Glad I'm not the only one who wanted the God-Legions

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Say that in melee range, not from pussy-snipe town and see what happens blue manlet

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Necrons will probably be another NPC race

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I just want Genestealer cults...

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I will jump on that Thousand Son wagon quicker than a fat kid on cake.

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They'd be WAY too powerful and the lower ones are mindless drones

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Dude, it's an mmo. We need mobs.

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anyone know when the beta is and how to get into it?

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Just imagine a fluffy Necron faction.

This is your home base, it's nearly unassailable and you can attack any point on the server from any direction

These are your NPC helpers they are as good as the Space marine ones except there are 10 times as many

This is your character he can lift and throw a Eldar like a ragdoll and his weapon will punch a hole in whatever you attack

This is your bases power core if someone throws grenades at it you and every other Necron player is logged off and return to base.

Game is in early alpha stages and set for somewhere around 2015, you can sign up for the beta on the website (bottom toolbar)

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Same reason why nids are an NPC race, the majority are mindless beasts and the ones that do have some character or a certain level of sentience are total rapemachines, I just dont see Necrons as a playable race, demons will probably be made into a gimmick for chaos marines

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They are already fucked up by making a popular faction into a bot gimmick.

Spore'd from the starting line.

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Nids were fun but they don't really have much "play appeal" because they aren't self-aware most of the time

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I'll definitely be going Bad Moons Ork.

If Salamanders were a thing, I'd go Space Marine. I would have liked to have gone Nurgle for Chaos, but I suppose the Iron Warriors are cool too.

Eldar a shit.

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What if we play as pariahs like Macabee?

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Someone had to be the NPC enemy faction, and 'Nid fluff and tactics simply don't work as an MMO player faction. MMO players are about as removed from a united Hive Mind of ultimate destruction as its possible to get.

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>tfw we might finally get a modern game with aspect warriors

My dick will be adamantium if they pull it off well.

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An entire dynasty made of pariahs? I dont think so Matt Ward

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>MFW they drop Grey Knights and they are OP

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The creature creator was fun as hell though, and GA was pretty cool if underdeveloped.

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they wanted any of the chaos players to feel free to take any chaos boon. So you could have mark of khorne to shore up your chaos havoc in meelee. They specifically avoided the "im slanesh so im stuck as a noise marine"

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I like galactic adventures but it was still a big let down over all

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You know what'd be fun? If the Inquisition made an appearance as an NPC and an EXXXXTREME as fuck inquisitor goes "NOPE YOURE ALL HERETICS, SEND IN THE GREY KNIGHTS KILL EVERYTHING!" and then the last mission of the campaign is to prevent the Exterminatus fleet to destroy it all

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Just curious, are those Eldar craftworlds confirmed? I play Alaitoc, and this makes me sad.

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Im going to be an ork and am very interested in a /tg/ clan.

>> No.29225835

It's pretty early but I think the last sub-faction was one the half-and-half chance of being replaced with something else

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Most of that makes no sense though.
Flat out, tyranid characters oughta be getting replaced by newer evolutions.

Not entirely undoable, either. Tyranids could simply be locked out of levelling up until they die, then all the accumulated stuff comes in.

This leads to some annoyances, but also to some very interesting challenge potential - people trying to see how far they can take their little hormagaunt.

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Come again?

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It started out very simulationist in the early demos and media and gained a following based on that nut then at some point during development there was a major change in direction and it ended up highly arcadey/cartoony.

not necessarily anything wrong with a cartoony game but the change up did kind of suck and the fans who were expecting something else were buttdevestated and remain so to this day.

early demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8dvMDFOFnA

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There will be a poll to decide the 5th craftworld.

>Alaitoc are so incompetent they lose
>Mfw Awesome underexposed craftworld like Altansar win

Game over Chaos.

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Err here
>(?)Probably Alaitoc or Biel-Tan

We don't know for sure

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Ah. I see

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>No SM support
Dammit /tg/ they are the closest things we have to "good guys"
Sure we don't have Raging Space Catholics but Nordic Tards are cool

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Because they want to do something like EvE online?

>> No.29226000


Source? I'll be damned if Beast-Tan get replaced by Failitoc. Are you sure you're not thinking of the poll to decide on a 5th craftworld? I doubt they'd dangle one craftworld in front of fans and then pull a switcheroo.

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This is not an ecomomic game

And I don't want to share servers with French and BRs

>> No.29226045

>>Mfw Awesome underexposed craftworld like Altansar win

You do know that for Altansar the option of removing the helmet will not be present? Also you will only get to whisper to people rather than chat with them like normal folks.

>Wanting to play mutant Eldar

>> No.29226052

>Furry mutants are a decent replacement for the Eternal Crusaders

Do you even crusade brother?

>> No.29226060

>D.eldar update
>play trueborn warrior
>spammy poison weapons everywhere
>laugh as enemy players desperately attempt to attack you, but just end up getting poisoned and spazzing out in debilitating pain.
>chat is spammed up with people calling your poison weapons and superior speed kite tactics cheap as fuck

god i want this so much.

>> No.29226073

>Implying spazzing out will hurt the orks aim any more

>> No.29226076

Screw you.

I want to play as my Husbandu Starbane!

It would the only thing that would make me play this game.

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Everything we've seen so far makes it look like an MMO version of Space Marine. Which would be amazing. If they stick to that, then I'm sold.

Black Legion 4 lyfe, nigga.

Now it's just praying that sorcerer will be a class.

>> No.29226087


>Fought Chaos on their own base for ten thousand years
>Couldn't destroy them

Even if they're skellington-men that would only make me want to play them more.

>> No.29226098

>Everything we've seen so far makes it look like an MMO version of Space Marine. Which would be amazing. If they stick to that, then I'm sold.

So....we can expect a half assed game with terrible lag?

>Black Legion Armless 4 lyfe, nigga.


>> No.29226120

Go be mad at things most people like somewhere else. /v/ sound right for you

>> No.29226122

>fucking goddamn autocannon over shoulder
>cone of fire ~90% the size of my screen.
>screaming WAAAGGGHHHH into the area voice chat at the top of my lungs
>"supporting" endless waves of BR ftp shittiers
>stand on ammo wagon and hold the trigger till it goes click

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Abaddon's so tough, he can kick your ass with both arms tied behind his back.

>> No.29226206

>both arms tied behind his back

Or completely absent.

>> No.29226209

What arms?

>> No.29226215

I love this gag, but what are it's origins

>> No.29226248

>not getting the joke

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>> No.29226313


>terrible "joke" usurped, initiate buttharmed mode

>> No.29226391

I gave my Abaddon model four arms. Two lightning claws and two relic blades.

>> No.29226457

Space Wolves since no BTs

>> No.29226548

Are there necrons?

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>0 kills
>1 hit, it was the back of the skull of some unlucky grot

>> No.29227090


They haven't opened up the vote for the fifth sub faction for each faction yet.

Black templars might be voted in. Who knows.

>> No.29227093

I'm most definitely going to play as an orc deffskull. Probably a weirdboy.

>> No.29227161

No guard or imperials? Just marines?

Eh...I might play Eldar.

>> No.29227196

>why Choppa > Dakka

Only unproppa gits don't get that

>> No.29227230

> adamantium
> not wraithbone
You've just went full mon-keigh.

>> No.29227275


If you haven't induced a server crashing divide by zero error in your accuracy stats you just arent playing orks proppa.

>> No.29227289

>Iron warriors
why you do dis?
Captcha: whyout society. Indeed captcha, why indeed...

>> No.29227303

Probably go Night Lords. Would like to go Orkz, but f2p players are terrible.

Unless I can be a Flash Git. Then its all about the blinged-out dakka.

>> No.29227332

I think f2p will ONLY be for the lowest rank of Ork

>> No.29227367

>but f2p players are terrible.

thats the best part though.Everyone else will be used to mulching orks by the waaagh load. Then you and your elite gamer pals roll up and they think "easy kill!" but really, you fuck them in the face.

>> No.29227507


>Not d-cannon

>> No.29227605

God damnit, I laughed hard enough to wake the whole house.

>> No.29227919

If the game doesn't amount to much more than the following, I will still be fucking blissful:

- A shooter that lets you play as an eldar (a first, I believe)
- Space Marine gameplay only not as laggy and on a mass scale
- Riding around in blinged out (insert racial transport here) with your buddies just cruising and raising hell
- A last stand/exterminatus like mode in Space Marine with tyranids set in a dungeon with loot

>> No.29229312

Marines are more powerful, yet we can play two flavours of them.

>> No.29229416

You're completely missing the important part. The only self-sentient nids are Synapse nids, and how many of those are there that wouldn't be completely retarded power level wise compared to everything else?

If anything the developers desire to keep the game as close to fluff as possible while still working properly makes my boner even harder, and the moment they relent and let the "MUH NIDS" fags, or anyone else trying to say fuck the lore so they can play their speshul snowflake faction, get their way is the moment I stop being hyped.

>> No.29229460

I realise that you're a namefag and pretending to be a girl, and so a double retard, but please realise that Necrons are being talked about, not Nids.

>> No.29229537

>your elite gamer pals
They only think they are elite. My gamer friends suck.

>> No.29229563

Coordination and cooperation goes a long way in some vidya.

>> No.29229593

All nids are self-sentient, ya donkass.

Rippers and gants are not flesh puppets. A synapse creature is a vehicle for the hivemind that connects nids.

>> No.29229634

Sentient, yes. Sapient, no. When not connected to the hive mind, Nids (excluding Vanguard organisms) revert to an animal level of intelligence, and when connected to the hive mind they ARE basically meat puppets.

>> No.29229707

>furry fuckers
>smurf fuckers
>vampire fuckers
>No Imperial Fists
>No Iron Hands
>No Crimson Fists

Why do they always pick the shittiest chapters.

>> No.29229713

>wall fuckers
>bionic fuckers
>mexican destroy-your-own-house fuckers

>> No.29229721

>not wanting bionic fuckers
Do you even superior human?

>> No.29229726


I need my dick to bone women. And also my hands to jerk off because I probably won't be able to get any women to begin with.

>> No.29229731

Imperial fists aren't really notably different from smurfs. They probably figured that the smurfs work as a standin for all the generic, cookie cutter space marine flavors which ALL boil down to "THEY'RE DIFFERENT FROM OTHER IMPERIALS BECAUSE THEY'RE MORE HARDCORE MORE BELLIGERENT AND MORE RANDUMB."

>> No.29229737

Eldar until Tau.

>> No.29229745

>not wanting a pneumatic robo-cock
But you can get 300 strokes per minute without even moving your hips!

>> No.29229746

>Implying you can reach your dick with the black carapace in the way

>> No.29229758

That's what the servo-arms are for.

>> No.29229762

>not having female serfs and servitors service you

Small time.

>> No.29229776

So? They're extragalactic superpredators. If they were sapient... just, no.

>animal levelof intelligence
That's actually fairly fucking smart. They don't turn into mice, they're hunters. They hunt until they have enough biomass to set up a hive and reconnect.

And working in perfect coordination =/= meat puppets.

>> No.29229782


What are the stats for a servo-arm with a fleshlight attached to the end?

>> No.29229785

The point, which you're completely missing in favor of splitting hairs over semantics, is that Nids would not work as a player race because Nids behave nothing like players would.

>> No.29229909

many mid level nids like tyranid warriors, lictors, or genestealers have a servicable level of independance and a good level of customization, and follow a power level range comparable to a spectrum space marines would be balanced around.

>> No.29229921

>implying people don't mindlessly charge with no sense of tactics, survival, or what they're accomplishing
It's like you've never played Planetside.

>> No.29229965

Nids would actually want to eat people though, rather than playing everyone wins musical chairs with undefended points.

>> No.29230021

>many mid level nids like tyranid warriors, lictors, or genestealers have a servicable level of independance and a good level of customization,

They'd all require new models, rather than just one with reskins.

>> No.29230099

it would be a similar situation to other factions changing weapons and armour. Many games have had pretty comprehensively modular models. Spore, for instance.

>> No.29230152

>no IG

>> No.29230162

Eldar till Tau/IG.

Yes I want to play a character whose lifespan averages 7 minutes. IG hardcore players only pls

>> No.29230184

>7 minutes
fucking campers staying in their trenches.

>> No.29230194

The way IG and possibly even tau outside of battle-suits will play is that you will be summoning and controlling mobs of AI Guardsmen/Firewarriors to do battle.

>> No.29230215

Play as a sergeant in charge of a squad?

>> No.29230219

I've seen this said a lot around 4chan. Could you link a source?

>> No.29230236


>> No.29230244


That'd be a fuckton of models on a screen at any one time. I can see that kinda thing causing problems with a high number of players. I think it's unlikely we'll get horde units.

>> No.29230247

Basically, and at higher levels you could control whole platoons and even companies.
Just speculation on our part, we have no idea if, how or when they might implement IG.

>> No.29230257

Alternatively IG could be the other f2p race in addition to Orks.

>> No.29230259

Could you command tank squadrons ? pls.

>> No.29230264


Yeah, I think that'd be more likely.

>> No.29230271

because they are fundamental to the lore and GW wants them in the games first

>> No.29230272

Maybe? I hope so, as I said this is just speculation.

>> No.29230278

Depends on the graphics quality and the actual 'pet' AI. I mean we could for all intents and purposes just give the squad you control RTS AI while controlling the actual guy in charge, Sergeant, Commissar whatever.

>> No.29230299

>People that pay get to become Nobs, SM and CSM
>F2P scum are their cannon fodder, being IG, Cultists and ordinary Orks/Gretchin
I'd pay just to send F2P scrubs to their deaths while I take all the glory.

>> No.29230312

>Other players running around shooting shit
>IG player chilling back at base with the Basilisks.

>> No.29230322

No minions of any kind are confirmed in the game. Devs have said little to nothing on this topic. So far everything confirmed is player controlled. Stop spreading lies.

>> No.29230327


guardian/wayofthebaker cound be ftp Eldar

cultist/bakerattempingtomakethebestbreadslaaneshcultist could be ftp chaos

we can make this work.

>> No.29230329

fucking campers

>> No.29230340

Good luck , I bet 30% or more of every race will be flyers.

>> No.29230352


Guardians are a unit already. They're the vehicle drivers. Also, guardians aren't expendable as orks. They're as skilled as space marines and faster, but squishy as fuck.

>> No.29230380

>They're as skilled as space marines and faster, but squishy as fuck.

Only in table top, and only in Kelly's shitdex where he made them aspect warriors.

>> No.29230408


i may be wrong but arn't guardians militia?

>> No.29230431


But they are superhumanly skilled in fluff as well. Eldar are naturally graceful and I recall one story where an inexperienced guardian effortlessly killing a human duelist by reading his muscle definition. Them being as skilled as guardsman was fucking bullshit.

And aspect warriors superior training and skill is reflected in their special rules and equipment. Guardians can't infiltrate and disarm fuckers.


Yeah, but the whole point is that the fact even their militia are naturally skilful shows how intrinsically graceful the race is.

>> No.29230534

>Black Legion
My bruva
>pimping black color, edgiest motherfuckers around
>all the gods' powers combined in one force
>best leader ever(in fact so good he doesn't need arms)
>get to serve under a badass lord like Araghast the Pillager
>if you get terribly wounded and get no support from the gods you're assigned to a special feels squad
>hey loyalists remember the horus heresy
>implying not the best legion

>> No.29230583

>Them being as skilled as guardsman was fucking bullshit.

Them being as skilled as Space Marines or aspect warriors is more bullshit. Guardians aren't even professional soldiers, so them being on par with Guardsmen is far superior than super human warrior monks or their own elite soldiery.

>> No.29230624

The fact is that Eldar live thousands of years. Even the least trained Eldar Guardian has more experience than the hardiest guardsmen.
They just didn't pick the Path of War when it came for them to choose

>> No.29230680


>Them being as skilled as Space Marines or aspect warriors is more bullshit.

How is a race famous for its superhuman grace and experience being as skilled as a marine bullshit? Many guardians are former aspect warriors as eldar adopt and cast aside the warrior persona depending on what path they must walk.

An aspect warrior is still more skilled due to his tonne of special rules and marines aren't supposed to be more skilful than eldar, they're supposed to be tougher and stronger. That's what makes aspects/marines superior.

>> No.29230681

>The fact is that Eldar live thousands of years.

Most aren't that old, 1000 is considered old for Eldar. Experince only counts for so much, when you've only got a few bouts of doing it every few century or so. Guardians have never been portrayed as Marine or /actual/ professional eldar warrior level except for Kelly's shit.

>> No.29230696

''Citizen Militia, Fire Warriors they are not''

-The Unknown Shas'O commenting on the inadequacy of the Eldar Guardians skill and discipline.

>> No.29230704

>most aren't that old, 1000 is considered old for Eldar.
>citation needed

>Experince only counts for so much, when you've only got a few bouts of doing it every few century or so.

In what world are guardians only fighting every few centuries. You're making assumptions because you're marines aren't allowed to the best at everything?

>> No.29230708

>How is a race famous for its superhuman grace and experience being as skilled as a marine bullshit?

Marines are war dedicated, and are also renowned for their supreme skill, Guardians are not, they're citizen militia, as skilled as their own dedicated soldiers.

>> No.29230730


>''Citizen Militia, Fire Warriors they are not''

They certainly aren't. They're not WS2.

>> No.29230758

>In what world are guardians only fighting every few centuries.

Most ones, as they've got other options.

>You're making assumptions because you're marines aren't allowed to the best at everything?

No, you wont here me complaining that Chapter Masters only have WS6 and BS5, rather than 7s of a Dark Eldar archon. This is about Guardians and nothing else.

>> No.29230800


>Most ones, as they've got other options.

Are you basing that on anything other than you wanting it to be the case? The whole reason Guardians exist is because Eldar are eternally at war and "the sheer rarity" of aspect warriors means militias are a necessity. Gav Thorpe in a WD article specifically describes Guardians as the core of the aspects as the elite specialists.

>> No.29230981

I'll go with Dark Angels..

>> No.29230995

Pffh, Tau opinions.

Like they know any better, they are the newfags of the 40k setting.

>> No.29231120

Actually, this is not an opinion. The Pre-Damocles Tau stalemated the forces of the greatest Eldar Craftworld with just primitive suits and Fire Warrior formations. The Eldar even deployed potent weapons (Wraith Knights) and it still did not avail them.

I would put stock in the words of the Shas'O, If I were you. If this conflict happened in the 990+41K with the Tau having all their latest technology, they would have utterly crushed the Eldar forces.

>> No.29231193

i think the idea of a MMOFPS is kinda silly people get excited and think it will be like a MMORPG but there have been like heaps of failed mmo shooters for years and years and years honestly and i think the best MMOFPS was probably battlefield and only recently have things like DayZ taken the MMOFPS in a new direction.

i think people like to think of MMOFPS as a MMORPG with guns but guns just don't work in dungeons bro if you use guns properly it just becomes a singleplayer game vs Ai and if you use them wrongly they just become magic missles.

any one have any ideas like.. i think im up to date on this game.. from what i gathered it would sort of have coop player levels probably like gears kind of plus multiplayer map to "cap flags on"

sounds like it needs some other ideas

any one have one

>> No.29231272

Post Kraken Iyanden?

>> No.29231388

If so, then the Tau spin on things is probably full of the kind ignorance about the larger galaxy, that allowed the Tau to believe they had killed Slaanesh.

>> No.29231414


>> No.29231437

>that allowed the Tau to believe they had killed Slaanesh.

That allowed the Tau to kill some guy they thought was called Slaanesh.

>> No.29231493

That's the point. They still believe he's dead forever. Warp spawned daemons make little sense to Tau science.

Also, it was a greater daemon that was banished, not just some guy.

>> No.29231545

>That's the point. They still believe he's dead forever.

That's not the point, they think they killed a guy, they're under no pretension that they killed anything more than some, what they think the guy they killed was called doesn't matter.

>> No.29231561

>worry about it being a single server mmo.
What's the problem with that ?

>Also what faction are you choosing? I want to get an idea of the /tg/ interest in the game
Probably orks because I'm poor.

>> No.29231573

Pre Kraken Iyanden.

Dude...It was not known if it was a Greater Daemon or not. The miniatures accompanying the fluff shows Slaaneshi Marines and corrupred Kroot.

A Tau commander killed a guy who he thought was named Slaanesh. That's it.

Not ignorance, if it was proven on the field of battle.

>> No.29231640

Why are you feeding an eldar to a fish?

>> No.29231679


Lies carnac. Lies. They heard tale of a powerful daemon named Slaanesh and believed that the greater Daemon was him. They never believed it was a "guy".

>> No.29231722

It was a champion, not a daemon. They thought the Cultist leader was Slaanesh, because all the cultists kept praising Slaanesh.

>> No.29231736

The WD that story comes from states that the Tau believe that the being they destroyed was some sort of galactic super warlord, worshiped as a false god by deluded people he corrupted by unknown means (warp shenanigans.) Not just some guy. They were touting this victory over the forces of the Mont'au as a great achievement.

Actually, the commander describes "Slaanesh" as bigger than his suit and four armed, with great horns and a pervasive aura of some sort.

Sound at all familiar?

>> No.29231767

The thing I find amusing about the Spore debacle was that I only heard about Spore after it had come out and had never heard about the hype.

I enjoyed it because it was cartoony.

>> No.29231768

>not planetside

>> No.29231844

The devs are planning on every race being added and all of them, excluding tyranids, are to be playable with Tau being added last.

>> No.29231888

>excluding tyranids

Do they hate fun, or something?

>> No.29231891

>A horde of fierce-looking warriors in armour emblazoned with shimmering colours and surrounded by a cacophony of discordant noise, bearing icons and sigils of wanton indulgence was approaching. On the flanks came snapping creatures of disturbing appearance, hideously genderless and garbed in fine silks and ermine trimmed armour. Where one would expect to see hands, these creatures were equipped with sensuous claws and darting, barbed tongues whipped from their jaws. Shambling horrors of thrashing pseudopod, claw and fang were driven before the army by grotesque, beast-headed monsters armed with crackling energy prods. At the centre of the horde stood a giant in electric blue armour, edged in gold and pink. I took this to be none other than Slaanesh him or herself and vowed to personally defeat this vile creature.


>The WD that story comes from states that the Tau believe that the being they destroyed was some sort of galactic super warlord, worshiped as a false god by deluded people he corrupted by unknown means (warp shenanigans.) Not just some guy. They were touting this victory over the forces of the Mont'au as a great achievement.

>I shudder to think of what might have happened had Slaanesh been allowed to claim Ke'lshan as his own and I offer thanks to the Ethereals that their prescience led my warriors and to that world. To allow such a debased echo of our former selves to exist would have dishonoured all those who have fought and died for the Greater Good."

More Lies.

>> No.29231894

It's like they've never played alien vs predator 2 before!

>> No.29232106

that looks almost exactly like the official release.

>> No.29232277

>you will never be the Imperial demolitions expert overcoming the sheer physical power of your superhuman foes with ingenuity and strategy
>you will never be the dickass sniper popping people from a kilometer away with a rail rifle and stealthsuiting the fuck away at the first hint of danger either

>> No.29232323


Eldar are in, so sniper class might be on the cards.

>> No.29232357

They will be the AI enemy force of the game.

>> No.29232379

They WHAT?! And people are okay with this?

>> No.29232443

Yes, Nids are the most boring of the factions, perfect trash mob material.

>> No.29232458

Giant monster space dinos are boring?!

>> No.29232498

>Show up and and try to eat things
>The end

>> No.29232539

Nice try, anon.

>> No.29232773

The reason they are making Tyranids AI/dev controlled is for two reasons. One, it is very difficult to make tyranids work in a MMOTPS. Two, they are going to be used to stop one faction from steam-rolling the others on a planet (controlled by dev part) and so it's the easiest race to explain why they are suddenly attacking the most powerful faction on a planet.

>> No.29232852

Explain one in depth, please.

Two is disgusting. Just give any faction "reinforcement" bots, if someone else is too strong.

>> No.29232883

But that would be fucking boring.

>> No.29232899

>yfw when this will be true

>> No.29233024

>regular Perverts
I don't see anything wrong here.

>> No.29233105

Will do.
The tyranids are a very melee heavy race and if you played space marine you know that it would be boring as all fuck. They are also a very team based race with all the synapse creatures and such which is not very good in public MMOs where if a key swarmlord just disconnects in the middle of an important fight, then you're bloody screwed. Tyranids rely on that synapse a whole lot more than other factions rely on their big guys. And also, lets face it, 'nids are goddamn OP fluff-wise and they would never be able to justify the classes they choose for the players without them being horrendously OP or UP and ruining the fun of others.
They can't just give reinforcement bots because each race/class will be different when it comes to playstyle and coding all those different reactions to stuff will take forever as well as what if they give one faction too many bots and they begin to steam roll? They'll have to give all the other factions bots to compete and start filling up the server with just bots in order to keep balance where they just could had a tyranid invasion take place and balance everything out without just outright giving more power to one faction.

>> No.29233301



>> No.29233345

404, problem not found

>> No.29233355

How are there not any video games where you play as an ork? They are the PERFECT video game protagonist. They are dead killy, dead 'ard, and are ready for another go pretty much right away.

>> No.29233398

Tyranids have plenty of ranged weapons. Everything after that is a problem shared by every other faction. And if you take that literally I will call you a faggot.

You're overexaggerating the effort it would take. They make one bot code, then copypasta.

>> No.29233403

Huh, now that I think about it, sticking to the unaligned Chaos Legions is actually a solid move. Aligned CSM are retarded anyways.

>tfw no Alpha Legion

>> No.29233411

Within a week of release I predict dozens of spess wulf furry self inserts with hugely exaggerated sexual descriptions.

Oh and of course the trolls

Wolf Wolf Wolf Wolf Wolf!

Wolfy wolf wolf wolfy wolf wolf

>> No.29233421

>Our basic unit is as good as your basic unit
>No they're not! You don't know anything! Stop saying that!

>> No.29233425

>Is anyone else afraid this is going to "Spore" on us?
No. It might get shit but if it does, it'll be in spite of the devs' neckbeardery, not because they decided to pander to casuals and then do a shitty job at that.

>> No.29233434

Why do we even bother talking about something that will inevitably be terrible.

>> No.29233442

>Wolf Wolf Wolf Wolf Wolf!
>Wolfy wolf wolf wolfy wolf wolf

How is that an example of trolling? That's lifted right out of the codex.

>> No.29233449

>mfw the devs stopped tweeting about the game and now just tweet about their Dungeon World campaign or whose army beat whose on the tabletop

>> No.29233475

The dozens of /b/tards thinking it's hilarious to spam wolfy wolfy wolf wolf over and over in general chat will outnumber the amount of ERP seeking furries, although both will be prevalent.

I'm rolling Iron Warriors for that reason. I'd rather be stuck with the DEEEEEEEP teenagers than the trolls and furries, or the BRs.

>> No.29233500

What part of Chaos is "deep" in any way? Generalizations are stupid, but if anything Chaos is rebellious.

>> No.29233530


>> No.29233561



>> No.29233585

The reason i love CSM. Fuck that rotting Imperium of the dead Emperor.

>> No.29233636

So edgy

>> No.29233651

>yfw you feel nothing so you cut yourself to make khorne make you feel something
>life is despair

>> No.29233685

How rebellious are they, really? They didn't rebel against the Emperor and the Imperium so much as go along with their Primarch, to whom they were already loyal.

Only the CSM who went off to do their own thing are actually rebels.

>> No.29233730

>cut yourself to make khorne make you feel something
Khorne would call you a faggot for cutting yourself.
If you want the approval of the Blood God you should cut others instead.

>> No.29233731

Oh man. I want to play Eldar because they are the fastest guys in the galaxy with their awesome jetbikes.

>> No.29233737


Basically the Traitor Primarchs in a nutshell.

>> No.29233752

Khorne cares not from where the blood flows!

That said, cutting yourself can only yield so much blood.

>> No.29233799

You are not my mother, Karen. You'll never be my real mom!

>> No.29233816

While it might work as a generalization there is more to them than just daddy issues. Most of them have distinctly heretical tendencies long before the fall of Horus.
I'm afraid that ingame people will be spamming what you wrote just now and never touch the lore in any way.

>> No.29233830

Don't you fell HATE?!

>> No.29233835

That is exactly what will happen.
Scrubs don't play games for their lore.

I often spend more time reading the lore than playing the game.

>> No.29233871



>> No.29233906

I'm talking about the marines themselves, not the primarchs. The Primarchs rebelled, the marines were loyal to the primarch.

>> No.29233919


>> No.29233940

Well we can at least hope on those that would read a bit of the lexicanum/40k wiki before diving in.

>> No.29233965

Sure the mighty Blood God wouldn't mind if it was your blood flowing, but cutting yourself without even trying to cut someone else? Faggot.

Also doing it for the sake of getting feelings is, like, slaaneshi faggotry.


>> No.29233968

The only MMO I have played where the average gamer knew something about the lore was SWG.
In nearly every single other MMO the average gamer knew shit about the lore.

>> No.29233975

Дайте зубы или я сообщу вам!
Орки Орки Орки Орки
Дайте зубы, сука!

>> No.29234004

Back in the day, Khorne would have followers that killed the helpless slaughtered by bloodletters. Far better to leave them alive, so they can foster hatred and become strong warriors, worthy of killing.

Now it's BLUD FUR TEH BLUD GOD with mindless killing drowning out Khornes former martial honor.

>> No.29234016

This is going to end up just like the Fantasy one.

It isn't Warcraft, so people will abandon it. It will either have to go free to play with microtransaction like STO.

If this lives at all, it'll be like STO or EVE Online.

>> No.29234031

Too bad SWG got casualised to death. Does the emu work yet? I tried a year or so back, but it just repeatedly threw me out the server qouting poor connection, despite my fiber optic line.

>> No.29234034

Reading this thread has convinced me to not join a /tg/ clan, you whiney bitches.

>> No.29234039


People are there to play games, not read a fucking book. Same as table top, I play marines to have little armoured dudes stomp ass, not learn about how homo-eroticism and daddy issues caused a civil war.

>> No.29234047

It already is F2P anon.
They're hoping to adopt the GW2 model-Buy the box and don't pay a subscription fee.

>> No.29234053

The loyalty of the Marines belonged to the Emperor first. They rebelled.

>> No.29234065

Playing TF2 with /v/ convinced me to avoid playing any game with 4chan ever.

>> No.29234075

It's not an mmorpg. You won't be getting 10 lizard pelts for the glory of the emperor. I really fail to see the overlap market between a third person shooter and wow. It also doesn't have a subscription.

>> No.29234088

>not learn about how homo-eroticism and daddy issues caused a civil war.

>> No.29234092

Of course not, It'll be 10 grox hides for the emperor.

>> No.29234102

noone asks them to read a book , but 5 minutes on the wiki shouldn't be too much

>> No.29234110

I played FOnline with some 4chan dudes and I had a rad time.

>> No.29234117

>It will either have to go free to play with microtransaction
It's gonna be that way at launch. Even the video game industry realizes how stupid "WoW-killers" are now.

>> No.29234132

It'll be 1000 'umie skulls for da warboss.

>> No.29234140

5000 Ork heads for Khorne!

>> No.29234146

If yous leavin humie skulls whole after you dakka, yous is muckin' about.

>> No.29234151

Well actually, the guy building the monetization planning for this is from the software industry, not games. Which is the main reason why I don't expect this to fail.

>> No.29234162

recover 10,000 stolen soul stones for the craftworld!

>> No.29234166


5 minutes on the wiki will net them about as much as "the empire is huge and fucked: Exactly why the dudes with all the weapons and the space marines can lose anything requires reading." Like any kind of game with people that are too big to lose but still are. It only makes any remote sense once you really look at the inner workings.

>> No.29234176

'Oo said dey were 'ole? Zoggin' teef left behind, ya git, skulls' worf of teef. It's like ya ain't even unnastand da kon-tecshual noo-ansez of da collectin' logic 'ere.

>> No.29234192

Obviously there won't be one, but could you imagine the horrors unleashed if this game had an RP server?

>> No.29234201

Who cares bout humie teef when deres ork teef, ya git? Humie teef is puny like humies.

>> No.29234222


>> No.29234227

>implying the only server won't be RP

>> No.29234259


You spelled 'hilarity' wrong.

>> No.29234281

They are horrors you can laugh at.
Sometimes I wander around the WoW RP servers just to laugh at the shit people write for their characters.

>> No.29234341

I can't decide between a painboy or a mekboy.
Both seem fun as hell

>> No.29234349

TEEF IS TEEF. Whole teef, broken teef, lil' teef, big teef, all teef! An' dat'z when we ain't tradin' in potential teef, teef derivatives, like 'is I gonna sock da teef outta yer 'ead today or tommorrow?' an' adjustin' value fer such. Quit tryna keep dat Goldtoof Standad, it's zoggin' outdated an' no way ta run an Orkonomy!

>> No.29234366

>teef is teef

>> No.29234385

true yet most won't even give that much time

>> No.29234401

Noice try Boss Goldbergstein, but we all noes ony reel Orky teef (and maybe grot teef) is worf anyfing.

>> No.29234447

No Alpha Legion/god legions/Black Templar?

Pleb tier.

>> No.29234459

A squig made of teef dat iz acshually more teef inside of which iz even mo' teef?


Morkin' A, why does ya pur-za-koot me so?

>> No.29234470

Ok people, get this

1- Eve is more economics than anything, and doesn't fit 40K

2- Eve is a WHOLE FUCKING GALAXY, EC is a single planet

3- I don't want to share a server with BRs and prefer language based servers

>> No.29234484

>mzw I sellz bagz a umie teef as a sayf vestmutt
>mzw grotz buyz a bag fo 2 goldeez

>> No.29234516

>Eve is a WHOLE FUCKING GALAXY, EC is a single planet
One at a time, not one only ever. When someone wins the planet, we get a new one.
>I don't want to share a server with BRs
Too bad. If you don't like them, only ork boyz are F2P, so you can always play a different faction.

>> No.29234522

I hear you on not wanting to share a server with BRs- my ex-wow-server got shoved in their battlegroup to decrease their queue times. Most of them are even dumber than the english-speaking wow players, and I can only communicate in broken Portugues.

Though they get really mad if you start speaking Español. I mean Exterminatus mad.

>> No.29234531

Have 20000 people join the Greater Good.

>> No.29234540

>Worst Legion/Pigeon holed Legions/Angry, but not so much as Blood Angels, and no Psykers Chapter

>> No.29234548


>> No.29234555

Multi planets have not been confirmed
so far it' only one

>> No.29234557

>they get really mad if you start speaking Español. I mean Exterminatus mad.
Really? Oh boy, I know what I'm going to do when/if I get BR communications issues.

>> No.29234571

You uh
Maybe you should read things some time?
It's been confirmed for months.

>> No.29234580

One at a time, spend so long there and then you're off to a new one.

>> No.29234630

It won't be an MMORPG?

Oh thank god. I could swear I heard that at some point in time this was supposed to be an mmorpg. Fuck, then I might actually be interested in this at some point in time.

>> No.29234652

It IS an mmo. I don't like them either too much, but I have friends playing with me (all differant factions) which makes it much more fun and its great to a have a single-character focus AND chose what faction to belong to.

>> No.29234687

Yeah, too many people hear "MMO" and think the next bit must be "RPG" because of WoW and its clones, but this is solidly FPS.

>> No.29234689

>It IS an mmo.
But not an MMORPG

>> No.29234713

This is a video game

Fuck off

>> No.29234716

It's based on Space Marine for gameplay.

>> No.29234744

>saying fuck off after the thread is already ~280 replies deep

>> No.29234759


Replying to that kind of post.

>> No.29234792

>based off of space marine
>MMO, but not RPG
>Microtransactions a possibility, but no subscription charge

...when will this be out again?

>> No.29234808

So it's going to suck, and the majority of the playerbase will either be F2P Brazillians on Orks, or muhreen babbies.

Sounds fantastic...

>> No.29234850

Some time late this year, IIRC.

>> No.29234873

So mid 2015?

>> No.29235063

>trying to trolling this hard

>> No.29237031

If there are 5th sub-factions to be voted on, I wanna see Black Templars and Alpha Legion. BT cause if I can't play a Sister of Battle I might as well play the other Imperial faction dedicated to crusadin', burning heretics and shootin' xenos. Alpha Legion is the only legion left that isn't a mono-god legion, so unless the Red Corsairs are an option I have NO idea what that poll will look like.
After Tau and Necrons (Emperor above, I hope they don't add Necrons, that's beyond balance), I'd love to see SoB, just so I can macro "Purge the Heretics" to my auto-attack with a heavy flamer.

>> No.29237135

>Alpha Legion is the only legion left that isn't a mono-god legion,
All the aforementioned legions are Chaos Undivided

>> No.29237288

>I hope they don't add Necrons, that's beyond balance


>> No.29237315

They're the ones not left.

>> No.29237383

Have you met a Necron faggot-sama?

>> No.29237407

I'm talking to you now, aren't I?

>> No.29237425


Suck a dick Carnac.

>> No.29237513

No, but they've been destroyed by numerically inferior Space Marine forces, which implies that they're less powerful than Marines, which the game already has two factions of.

>> No.29238372

Main would probably be Iron Warriors.

Blood Angels for SM, Evil Sunz for Orks, Ulthwe for Eldar.

>> No.29239180

What are Ultramarines?

>> No.29240730

pls anon don't say that

>> No.29241861

"For now, there’s only going to be one planet with many continents, and each one is split between all of the different factions at the start of a campaign. However, each of these faction areas is surrounded by Tyranid territory. (Source 1, Source 2)"

Single Server is NOT a good idea

>> No.29241914

What, no IG?

>> No.29241975

Not at launch.

>> No.29241984

As much as we all like them it makes sense.
IG are toothpics in combat and you can't really focus on a single one without being underpowered

>> No.29242037


"Grey Knights may be playable at some point in the future but not at launch"

Oh Rapture!

>> No.29242151

>may be playable at some point in the future but not at launch
That's their line for everything that's not already confirmed to be playable at launch or a Tyranid. Even the fucking Skiitari are a "maybe eventually" and they don't even have a tabletop army.

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