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Heres the situation.

I am to hold a deathwatch session with a new group of people who don't know much about the 40k world except what a Space Marine is.

I struggle with writing a good introduction to the setting of Deathwatch, what the jericho reach is, the different warfronts, the crusade, the omega vault, the major watchfortress and on and on. I don't want to sound like some kind of nagging teacher and give them friggin homework on the setting, that will just drive them away.

I am in a bind here. I want them to enjoy it.

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Give them a briefing on their first mission as though they were the space marines they are playing. After they get back from the mission, start some minor infodumps on what the important bits are and allow for the players to ask for explanations.

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Do you HAVE to use Jericho Reach, etc? You can make a Babby's First Sector to ease them into things.

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They're marines, not inquisitors. Give them their mission briefing and off they go.

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Jericho Reach is the only space Deathwatch operates in, and it's extremely dubious that space marines of different chapters would be in the same squad under circumstances that don't involve the Deathwatch.

That said, my recommendation to OP is to use the mission in the back of the core rulebook first, then try 1 or 2 sessions of his own making and once they've got 1000 experience under their belts hit them with the first mission from The Emperor Protects. Only the first one, though, because the other 2 have a lot of requisition available and you can't really put that to good use until you're at least Distinguished.

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>Jericho Reach is the only space Deathwatch operates in

Yeah, Fantasy Flight can dip that bit in tabasco and shove it where the Astronomican won't shine. The Deathwatch goes wherever the Ordo Xenos needs it.

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You could hand out paragraph-long dossiers during their mission briefings, detailing generic information about the aliens they'll be killing. The briefing itself can give info on specific things like maps, warzone info, and maybe some limited history, as well as a whole lot of "FOR THE EMPEROR!" and "By the throne!" and "HERESY!" and stuff to impress upon them how people tend to speak and behave in the grimdarkness of the year 40,000.

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>Jericho Reach is the only space Deathwatch operates in

Nooooooo, Jericho Reach is the setting for the FFG game Deathwatch. In 40k the Deathwatch are spread across the galaxy

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Deathwatch is to the ordo xenos as what the grey knights are to inquisitors.

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>Jericho Reach is the only space Deathwatch operates in

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