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pinkiepie is best pony xxxx

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No, its applejack. Also, reported.

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>not Applejack
Are you literally a faggot?

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Posting this the last crime of the year, you degenerate furry pedophile shitbag?

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That's dress horse, you idiot. Also go back to /mlp/.

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Twilight is better. Reported. :^)

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wrong board
>>>/mpl/ is that way

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Excuse me anon but you are one the wrong board. /mlp/ is this way, please enjoy your day and wash your hands before touching another person's Magic: The Gathering cards.

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Applejack sucks pinkiepie's horse dong

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I would definitely rank Twilight highest.

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>best pony

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That's not how you spell Fluttershy, now gbt/mlp/

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That's not even a picture of Pinkie Pie

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Pinkie is the worst

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> not Big Macintosh
I never wanted to be gay for cartoon horses

but here I am

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tremendous lack of style and grace detected

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joining the love for applejack team

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You guys are all wrong.

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/tg/ is truly an interesting place.

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Gustav is best Griffon.

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>/tg/ is truly an interesting place.


Haven't seen a MLP thread on here in forever though.

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how come Arbites get laughed off in 40K so much?

I mean granted there punie oomies but there tougher then the average hive scum aren't they?

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I tried to make a thread about the card game which is actually on topic (and also a pretty cool game) but no.

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Obscure totally-not-a-recolor is best pony, everyone knows that

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Well..they're riot police. Faced with genuine military they're going to last exactly a second.

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there is a MLP trading card game?

What are the rules structured like?

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because they're judge dredd rip offs

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I'm surprised they aren't simply an extension of the PDF.

>> No.29195616

They're better armed and better trained than the IG.

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Like the police is an extension of the army, right? Even in 40k, being police is not the same as military- lot more soft skills are involved. Like trying to not shoot at the crowd when chasing someone.

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Basically you have a single card that's your "mane character" and a 45 card deck to draw from. Beside that you have a 10 card "problem" deck. Seems as if you solve problems to win, though it might be you solve your opponent's problems.

It looks to be strongly fandom oriented, with lots of background characters and names that grew out of that.

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No they're not. They have APCs shotguns and occasional bolter. They have more advanced PERSONAL equipment, but IG has actual hardware- tanks, guns, logistics corps...

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>still not 2014
>still watching mlp

captcha: old wase

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I just want to say that I like MLP, but still think you're all dumb fucks.

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actually solving the problems is suboptimal unless its gonna make your opponent discard a bunch.

full rules: http://enter-play.com/products/MLP_CCG_Rulebook_web.pdf

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Yeah... /tg/, we can chat about the dynamics of a species evolving to intelligence bereft of oppose-able thumbs for hundreds of posts, but god help you if you don't know who captain kirk is.

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Aren't bolter rounds explosive?
Why are they using a weapon with such potential for collateral damage? It's not even Grimdark, it's Paranoia Vulture Squadron levels of pointless destruction

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This image, I was looking for this image.

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>recoloured Fluttershy

Nice try, faggot

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No, AJ is the only one who hasn't been a cunt at any moment so far, that makes her better than the rest by default.

Fashion horse is always somewhere between decent and best because simply she's the funniest.

And the Pink Menace top'd in the second season. Since then it's all been downhill for her and she's probably the worst character now.

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This is a travesty.

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Once again: /tg/ responds to a bald-faced troll thread by having civilized discourse.

Clearly, we are doing something right.

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Which could be the emperorĀ“s favorite pony? I think it could be Fluttershy.

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Except it is 2014, you backwards fuck.

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>watching anything past the second series

god help you anon you got further than I did.

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Then why are you perpetuating it?
Purple horse is the best psyker, though, and still the most resistant to chaos.

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oddly it is not that bad.

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>"mane character"

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>This thread hasn't 404'd yet

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What r u on m8

>> No.29195892

It's only making me miserable.

S3 only had one or two, three at most, decent episodes. S4 so far only has an okay episode and the latest one that is good but full of fridge logic.

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I remember my friend told me that our GM/acquaintance tried to shoehorn Ponies into a WoD game after I left the group.

That was funny.

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No, Fluttershy has the most willpower out of them. She facedown a dragon and was almost inmune to the living representation of chaos.

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>Grimdark future
>Loves the least pony of all
I'm not sure if you're dense or wonderful. I'm going to assume wonderful.

I suspect they'd find some way of weaponizing her, though. Imagine Fluttershy staring down a 'nid.

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Seriously, why would you shoehorn them into some shit when there's like a dozen pony rpgs out there now.

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The emperor loves all ponies equally... but he probably likes Celestia the most, what with how she lead the first crusade against the changelings and all.

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It's not fandom-speak, the show uses horse related puns extensively.

Like the city Trottingham.

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I love when /tg/ and /mlp/ mesh...
/mlp/ has an large number of fa/tg/uys on there anyway... The number of pony/40k threads is kinda neat.

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You misspelled Fluttershy.

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In the beginning, there weren't any pony RPGs, and ponyfags, being ponyfags, had to shoehorn if they wanted any satisfaction at all.

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Because no one wanted to play a pony game.

He's the only brony we know. Everyone quit the game after that.

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They've made several... Don't rest your hooves, that one game /tg/ and /mlp/ came up with together... fuck, I can't remember the name... I think someone also made a pony version of Only War,

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Artax is best pony fuck your shite.

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I don't plan on watching it, stopped when browsing /mlp/ became unbearable.

I thought it'd get better when the hiatus was over, but somehow an already shite board got worse.

kinda sad, the show did have a lot of good things going for it.

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I do not approve of you horsepeople and your need for horse bums.

But that is clearly the yellow autistic horse and not the stupid salmon coloured horse.

>> No.29196011

Superior ponies.

>> No.29196017

The world of Equestria is the answer to the calls of anyone that wanted a show with a genuine magical fantasy setting.

Sadly, it's wasted in a show for little kids that gets more toyetic every season.

>> No.29196020


How's that swarmp of despair working out for you?

>> No.29196041

Me and a few friends play a game in Equestria...
Kobolds are Dwarf-stand ins. Diamond Dogs take the place of traditional Orcs...

>> No.29196043

I wonder the same thing. When I wanted ponies in a campaign, know what I did? I ran an MLP campaign. Everyone that played enjoyed it. When it was all over, we went back to normal campaigns, with everyone playing normal characters... except one guy.

That one guy who thought every campaign had to be a comedy. That one guy who wanted a Rainbow Dash expy in a superhero campaign. That one guy who wouldn't knock it off with the pony puns and out of character chatter. That guy who makes all MLP fans look worse by comparison.

That guy is no longer allowed in my campaigns. Not even my next MLP campaign.

Moderation, my friends. Moderation is key. One other player had a slight problem with bringing up ponies frequently, by with far less frequency and generally only when it was at least tangentially related. That Guy just spouted memes and stupid shit constantly.

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It's like all of you have forgotten where the report button is.

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>/mlp/ became unbearable
Hell you have no idea.

There's hoards of people praising McCarthy and even claiming she's made the show better than what Faust ever did, forgetting who put McCarthy in there and made the show possible in the first place.

Some go to the extent of insulting Faust while defending McCarthy.

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I thought Diamond Dogs were sorta troll-ish.

>> No.29196123

They rather clearly aren't a direct link to either.
Diamond Dogs are Diamond Dogs

>> No.29196139

We went with them as Orc Tribe stand ins. There ARE trolls, as shown in one of the comics. It's not much, just a few change arounds to give the whole place some flavor.

>> No.29196140

ponies no

stahp pls, ponies

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That picture is so shit. Ponybaddon still has front hooves!

>> No.29196223

And the Emperess is still alive. what's your point?

>> No.29196255

someone purge this thread
we need to go back to the days when ponyfags were banned everywhere on 4chan and their tears ran like rivers of buttfrustration
it was hilarious

>> No.29196312

That's not very tolerant of you.

>> No.29196323

We used to say the same about furries and we did have the mods go out of their way to ban them from all boards.

Guess who the fuck is back in town?

>> No.29196326

just report it instead of bumping it like an idiot

>> No.29196342


Tolerance is for faggy elves. But seriously, this thread has nothing to do with this board.

>> No.29196352

The problem with McCarthy is her clumsy worldbuilding. The way she introduces elements into the world is always forced and sometimes don't even fit in the setting in the first place (like a store that sells enchanted comic books that suck the reader into the story).

Also, Faust kept the worldbuilding in the background of the story, McCarthy tend to have episodes around it and she still gets it wrong.

And the worst part is that now /mlp/ eats everything up, they don't care about the quality anymore they just want more.

Global rule 15 still exists, and those "tears that run like rivers of buttfrustration" have always been from the complainers that can stand scat and gore but not candy-colored horses.

>> No.29196363


other than the parts talking about the cool roleplay setting and the cardgame.

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