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Lo and Behold!

Epub format compilation of all the fics about "The Scraplootas, Orks Extraordinaire" present in 1d4chan.

Why? Because boredom, new year and stuff.



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thanks anon this is neet

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Free bump for gud content

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Aw man, I love the Scraplootas. They were a fun bunch.

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The Scraplootas and Blood Jaguars were the best content of 2013. Now we need to see what gems 2014 brings us.

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Where's that fully colored Scraplootas that was posted?

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free bump

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Dat Blue Grot almost made me cry.

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>not thinking the Mourning Sons were the best of 2013


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It ain't easy bein' Blue
Havin' to spend each day the color o' the sky
When I fink it could be nicer bein' green or red or green
Or somefin' colorful like that. (or green)

It ain't easy bein' Blue
It seems ya don't blend in at all with any ordinary fings
An' people tend to target you
'Cause ya standin' out Like dat flash or shiny loot
Or a zoggin' blue grot, I dunno.

But Blue's the color o' luck
An' Blue can still krump an' fight an' win.
An' Blue is big wid Boris da Titan behind 'er.
Or important wid Big Mek
Or sneaky wid Snekkit

When Blue is all dere is to be
It sort o' makes ya wonder why,
why wonder why wonder, why wonder
I'm Blue, and dat'll be just fine
'Sides, it's all I want to be.

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OP here

Updated cover:


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I have an unfinished one that I saved and never put in a pastebin so I never added it to the 1d4chan page.

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And since I can't open the EPUB file to see if it's in there, I'll just post it.

Krumpus Bay, one afternoon, right outside Teeftougua. A moderately sized shuttle broke away from a Space Hulk that orbited the bay. As it drew closer, curious eyes saw that it bore the emblem of the Scraplootas, a spanner and a bent strip of metal behind the front of some trukk engine with headlight eyes and teeth. The shuttle landed in front of one of the safe ports, the grot on duty giving the shuttle a nod and a salute as the engine cut off. Scraplootas weren't very well known in Krumpus Bay, but they did have allies amongst the desidens they could trust fairly well. They never had to fire on any parts of the bay itself, yet.
The door to the shuttle opened, a ramp extended, and down walked four nobs, a really skinny weirdboy, a shrub, and a handful of grots. The biggest one had a looted commissar's cap and was draped in a similarly looted Ethereal's robe like a cloak. He didn't carry many weapons, save for a very large revolver at his waist and a decently sized chainchoppa, practically ceremonial by Ork standards. With bandoliers of mugs and two serving grots on his back, it was fairly obvious this Ork was serious business, for fighting, for interspecies interactions, and for a good cup of squig tea or coffee. His serving grots waved Scraplootas banners half heartedly. This was Urtylug, de facto leader of the Scraplootas. He looked almost noble or refined. Definitely by ork standards, almost by other more exacting standards. As both Warboss and Kaptin, he was particular about his titles, and calling him a Warboss in space and vice versa was asking for a good krumping. In floating space station places like Krumpus Bay, the distinction was at best blurry, so generally it was best to call him something along the lines of Warkaptin or Kaptinboss or da Boss.

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Next to Urtylug was his right hand Ork, the Big Mek Zizzbitz. A first mate of sorts, Zizzbitz dealt with all of the technical bits that running such a technologically sophisticated Warband required, or at least did it by proxy when he couldn't be zogged to do it himself. He had a powereye and a powerklaw, which currently lofted a chest marked "GUBBINZ N BITZ." His arm underneath was intact, the chest was just so large and heavy that it required augmented strength or a bunch of grots to carry, and Zizzbitz wasn't about to trust a bunch of gits to his box of loot. At his belt he only carried an orange transparent kutlass with a chainblade, its bits were flashy and they probably zizzed a whole bunch when the kutlass was running. On his other shoulder sat a grot. A careful observer would notice that this grot was Blue, had a nasal slit like a Tau, had large Tau-like eyes, had hooves like a Tau, had the body shape of a female Tau, held a Tau Fio'la spanner in her hand like a Tau would, was wearing a squighide jacket that she made herself, and was definitely a grot. The kind of grot that aided a Big Mek in all of his duties loyally or got krumped. She didn't look like she got krumped much, and the Big Mek seemed to tolerate a lot of mischevious mucking about by this grot. Said grot was now trying to clamber onto Zizzbitz's head for a better view with minimal comment from the Big Mek.

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Oh snap, this looks pretty good. Didn't know it was colored in.

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On Urtylug's left side was a Kommando. Draped in a tarp, he carefully surveyed the area the way only experienced trackers and hunters did. Or at least, he looked around quite slowly. He spat out a small pebble or perhaps a chip of a tooth. It was hard to tell, because this was Rockeata, a moniker that was both literal and figurative, as he was as patient as erosion and as sneaky as a sudden avalanche. And he ate rocks. It was rumored his waste matter could be used as building material, but horrible realization never dawned on him, mostly because you can't be that bright to go around eating rocks in the first place, so the literal application of a metaphorical phrase is completely avoided. Urtylug's best Kommando, Rockeata was a sneaky git when he needed to be, but he just looked out of place in the urban sprawl of Teeftougua.

Behind Urtylug was the "priest" Fizzgutz, the Weirdboy Threegrot, and a shrub of dakka.
Never mind that in the urban enviroment of Teeftougua even the toughest weeds were withered and pitiful, this shrub looked well watered and large enough to hide a nob inside. It also apparently grew fresh dakka. Whenever a grot tried to pick one of the dakka fruit, the shrub also grew a boot to kick the grot. The shrub would then grow Snekkit's head and yell at the grot. Snekkit was the second in command of Urtylug's Kommandoz, and was doing his best to be a notible swashkrumper, just like Urtylug himself. He actually had more successful missions than Rockeata, but no one was keep track and half of them were suicide missions anyway so they didn't count. He had a soft spot for Blue, and brought her on many missions, not the suicide kind, because he thought she was lucky.

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Fizzgutz was dressed in robes and held a large book that someone had carved "DA BUK" into the cover. he was surrounded by grots, for he was the Scraplootas' grot herder, though the grots seemed to be herding him. Every so often he'd pick a grot at random to throw the book at to keep them in line. The grot would just dodge the book, pretend to get hit anyway, and then make sure Fizzgutz got the book back. Da Buk contained the holy scriptures of Gork and Mork, or so Fizzgutz assumed, as he was illiterate and he considered reading unorky. It didn't stop him from opening the book, pointing at some line or other, and then preaching the ways of Gork and Mork, never once looking down at the page. The grots would politely clap each time he finished. He was also a recruiter of boyz, quite impressive actually. He'd take the ones that were mucking about and hit them with Da Buk while reciting something or other incoherent and then the grots would help add the boy to the press gang. The grots seemed to be doing their own sort of recruitment as their numbers mysteriously swelled over time, but Fizzgutz didn't notice.

Finally, Threegrot was just there, the first Weirdboy that Urtylug saw in the ship. It was helpful to have Weirdboy support in case something went funny, just so Urtylug could fight weird with weird. It was tactics. He could only be matched this way, never beaten. Urtylug never noticed that the first Weirdboy he saw every time he went looking for Weirdboys was Threegrot, but that was probably expected of a busy Boss like him. Threegrot knew though. Dressed in a trench coat, he lurched around like three Weirdgrots standing one on top of the other. But of course something like that would be ridiculous and definitely wouldn't happen. Most people didn't even notice Threegrot, as hard to not notice a skinny Weirdboy that grumbled from chest and hip level and occassionally produced small zaps of energy from his limbs and eyes.

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Fizzgutz was the first to break away from the nobs and the grots dispersed with him, he was to round up some boyz to reinforce their frontline. Any boy who was muckin' about and would hear the word of Da Buk and was smaller than Fizzgutz was applicable. So Urtylug's retinue included the Big Mek, Blue on the Big Mek's shoulder, Rockeata, Threegrot, and the shrub, which grew boots when it needed to get places. Sometimes Snekkit's head also poked out of the top when he wanted a better view.
Today was the Scraplootas day in town. Urtylug was looking for work, Zizzbitz wanted to talk some shop and trade for flashy bits, and Blue wanted to look around. It was only the second time the Scraplootas had been to Krumpus Bay since she joined them. The first time she hadn't left the space hulk as she was still trying to get used to being an Ork. Today she was all eyes and ears, taking in the sights, breathing deep, and then coughing whatever it was that she just breathed in back up.

>to be continued

It's been over a year now. Maybe this thread'll lure him out since he said he'd write another paragraph for every Scraplootas thread he sees.
There's been at least 3, maybe 5 threads this year.

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And if I had to try and place it chronologically with the other stories, I'd say it happens after the Krumpus Bay fluff


and directly before Grot Quest.

Grot Quest isn't represented on the wiki page... I guess I could fix that.

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OP here,

adding it now.

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OP here

yes please

Also updated.


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Alright, added a grot quest section to the wiki page, included a link to the 5 sessions it had before Writefaggrot ended it due to the lack of participation which was probably caused by it being scheduled at a bad time (Wednesdays at 7pm).

Kept it brief.

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OP here

thank you.

just saved the quest, still needs to be compiled, too drunk to do now. Link still the same and valid.

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Does this have the short story where Boris is killed too?

>> No.29203872

The author of that one changed the ending.

It's now

The ending got changed in part because this was written before it:

>Blue: Mr Boris?
>Blue: Well, I just noticed that in foights ya always seem to take a lot a damage.
>Boris: YEAH?
>Blue: An I was jus wonderan if your shield was working properly.


>Blue: Mr Boris?
>Blue: *sigh* Yes, sir you have a shield.

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You're welcome.

I'd like to see some new Scraplootas content in this coming year, but I know that's unlikely.

It's funny how they also get brought up on /v/, /co/, and even /a/ of all boards.

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Wait, seriously? What do the other boards say about the Scraplootas?

>> No.29204070

I'm late replying to this, but those were both from 2012.

/co/ fucking loves shit like this.
/v/ brings them up sometimes when talking about 40k vidya.
/a/ brings then up sometimes when talking about what might make a good anime.

And there was one or two posts on /m/ about Boris a while ago.

I think they showed up on /b/ once too, but I can't confirm that.

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OP here

good material is good.

Also added link to 1d4chan article.

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oh, neat. Thanks, anon.

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OP here

latest ver. included in epub

now also in rtf format.


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Some more crossover content between other /tg/ 40k content would be nice if any writefags are lurkin. Far as I can tell, we've only got the Blood Jaguars with em and http://pastebin.com/Nnimj1Fm is frustratingly vauge.

>> No.29204679

Neat, now I can open it.

Makes me happy that someone liked the tenetive order I tried to give the various writefaggorty.

However, you're missing one: Zizzbitz' busy day

It wasn't in the pastebin list because it was on the page in a section above the list. No idea why it's there, never bothered to fix it since I didn't know the logic behind it being there.

I'd say it takes place before "Knights of the octagonal table" since they're just getting some Nids and Nids play a role in both the knights and Daily Grind stories.

>> No.29205337

Yeah, I thought for a good long while and still wasn't able to figure out who those guys were supposed to be.

As for other /tg/ 40k stuff, one of the pieces of writfaggotry was them fighting the 1st membranes, there's one pic of Blue insulting an Angry Marine, and Blue ended up involved in some kind of Xeno quest related thing for maybe 3 pics.

Thinking about it, it feels like there's a lot of negativity circulating around many of /tg/'s 40K OCs. Like there's a dedicated hatedom on /tg/ towards OC at times.

>> No.29206090

>and http://pastebin.com/Nnimj1Fm is frustratingly vauge.
I think that was to avoid rustling any feathers so trolls didn't try to raise a stink between BJags and Lootas.

I think theres another one where some kommandos ambush some BJags, too.

>> No.29206361

This one

"THRICE HERETICAL DOUBLE XENO" is what I recall the fondest from it.

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OP here

thank you guys, gotta have breakfast first so I'll add them later.

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just added now

>> No.29211018

Man, I must upload those images to their wiki page. Also need to restart the Black Locks since I finally had time to finish their origin story (and thus making them more legit).

>> No.29211989

Waiting till you compile all of Grot Quest before updating the link again?

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OP here

Grot Quest is a mess to edit, because requires some modification for it to make sense on book format.

So instead I'm doing the same with Love Can Bloom in epub and rtf format, because copy-paste lazyness.

>> No.29212204


Updated links, still without Grot Quest



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Now also Love Can Bloom



>> No.29212653

I still don't see Zizzbitz' busy day in the rtf.

It's right here

>> No.29212667

OP here

oh shit. it was the old one.


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Scraplootas, glorious. No other orks compare.

>> No.29212862

Don't tell me that that is what I think it is. because it looks like some sort of double-headed ork vibrator.

>> No.29212884

It is.

For use by a delicious qt Tau loli waifu

You can thank /tg/ later for this delicious original content

>> No.29213074

calibre is being a bitch and does not want to and it.
epub format contain everything though.

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File: 527 KB, 1100x1339, Blue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She has way too big of hips and tits to be a loli. She just acts childishly because she was raised by big, green murderchildrens.

>> No.29213260

Who resurrected Douglas Adams, and why doesn't he have a Nobel Prize?

>> No.29213310

Its funny how often the Scraplootas are called Douglasian, especially the Grotocracy.

>> No.29213335

Personally, I hate this part. she should be a young and impressionable child

>> No.29213376

Her age was never really set in stone, but she was always written/portrayed as a young and impressionable child, even if her body didn't match. The best way I could think of to put it is a 15 year old acting like a 12 year old due to being raised by a gang of murderous retards. So in tau years she would probably be like 9, just to make it more confusing.

>> No.29213380

I wasn't referring to the content, just how it is written

>> No.29213466

OP here

had to re-do the whole scraploota book. Fuckin' Sigil.

uploading in a moment...

>> No.29213698

I shoved the bit of writefaggotry that spawned it as far away as the rest of them as I could while still making it not difficult to find.

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OP here

Finally got them working, FINAL updated versions.



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File: 1.27 MB, 1181x1540, Scraploota 1344732879208.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd never use the word "final" for something like this.

I'm surprised da funstikk is in there. That one exists outside of any attempted chronology.

If I tried to place it, I'd say it happens anywhere after Dok Gitstitcha.

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OP here
by final I mean at least for now, i.e. an undefined length of time.
But I still may rearrange the chronology. Truth is that I haven't read half of them and are just copy-pasted from the wiki article. I did it just to read them myself without messing with txt files.

>> No.29215463

ok, put funstikk after da minitrukk job.

>/tg fanfics, serious business.

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File: 1.08 MB, 2048x1598, 1388614858806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP here
I guess the final didn't last.

Also put Love Can Bloom epub edition in the wiki article.

>> No.29216721

The chronology discussed in the thread so far makes sense.

I'd keep it mostly how it is listed on the wiki page plus the changes suggested here.

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File: 91 KB, 626x504, BoristheTitan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP here,
that just what I did.

and remember to spread it for Da Greata Gud.

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So you made your rearrangements and are still compiling Grot Quest before updating the thing again?

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I dunno about Grot Quest, too lazy to do now, but if some gracious anon could put it in txt I'll do it in 10 minutes.
After all, english is not even my language and I don't want it to look like if some monkey did it.

>> No.29218702

Give me a little while and I'll try compiling it into a txt.

Thing with quests is only some, not all, roll responses should be included, not just what Writefaggrot posted.

>> No.29219200

OP here,

Thank you so much, I'll add as soon as is ready. Try posting it in the wiki if I can't make it (I've got 2 hours left), gotta work tomorrow.

>> No.29219747

Yeah, it's gonna take a while, 5 threads to go through and all.

Should be able to get it done before the hour and a half left is up.
Should be.

>> No.29219930

OP here

Thank you again, if you can't I can do it tomorrow like at this hour.

>> No.29220679

Just got through thread 3.

More than half way there now.

>> No.29221763



>> No.29222614

Funstikk appeared in earlier threads. Gitstitcha happened around the time threads were drying up.

>> No.29223387

It was later suggested that Gitstitcha is the one who put the idea of the funstikk in Blue's head.

There's a little thing before the funstikk writefaggotry proper in the pastebin.

Stories can be made in any order, right now we're just trying to figure out which reading order works the best.

>> No.29226234

I guess I was a few minutes over his time limit.

>> No.29226519

One thing about the scraploota stories has me a touch confused. Do the ration pack traps work because the orks set them, or because the space marines are that stupid?

>> No.29226627

Little of both I'd imagine.

They are in a shit hole sector that's cut off from everywhere else in the universe where only the dammed arrive at.
So any forces living in it who were properly loyal have probably suffered generations of mental lapses and decay.

>> No.29226719

I have a feeling that if we crossed the scraplootas over with the Emprahsque story, the Big E would probably avoid the sector himself.

It just wouldn't be worth it.

>> No.29226927

If they can ride nids then they can probably ride the Emprahsque.

>> No.29228254

That's a scary thought.

Wonder how the two named Chaos marines would feel bout that

>> No.29230297


>> No.29230959

Those guys? Man, good thing somebody tries to flesh them out. Pirate Space Marines. What's not to like in this combination?

>> No.29231732

I'd imagine they'd react much like anyone else who sees an orky titan riding a God Emperor Tarrasque.

>> No.29231811 [DELETED] 


Don't insult Douglas Adams by comparing him to this crap.

>> No.29233093 [DELETED] 


>> No.29234481
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>Boris vs Emprahsque kaiju battle

>> No.29235330

Boris riding the Emprahsque like rodeo bull.

>> No.29236149
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OP here,

Thank you so much, editing now. Sorry for the time limit, but my work is totally worth it.

>> No.29236242

Any idea where should I add the Grot Quest. Or just at the end?

This is the current order:


>> No.29236530

I'd say put grot quest after krumpus_bay_2 and move the da_funstikk after da_minitrukk_job.

>> No.29236581

Oh, and since Grot Quest is pretty long in text form, you might consider breaking it up into its 5 parts in the table of contents.

>> No.29237871
File: 85 KB, 600x800, cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Grot Quest added with shinny new cover, epub and rtf format.



>> No.29238159 [DELETED] 

Is it just me or the .rtf link isn't working?

> The file you're looking for has been deleted or moved.

>> No.29238202

OP here,

It was updating, now is working.

>> No.29238362
File: 107 KB, 474x1011, 1388701813505.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP here, content an order


>> No.29238982



Vacation come before wider.

I don't know how you got those swapped in the first place since the vacation one is listed before the wider one on the wiki page and the vacation one directly leads into the wider one.

>> No.29239087

because yes,


>serious business.

>> No.29239173
File: 108 KB, 500x500, Scraploota 1344526255320.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29239528

This is the order I have them in within my personal archive:

The Scraplootas Are Far From Finished

Scraplootas vs. the 1st Membranes

Dat Blue Grot

First days on the job

What's an Ork?

Original Greentext for Blue

Blue visits Boris (unfinished)

Snekkit in Operayshun Blow It All ta Zog

The Tau and Blue

'Ow I Found Meself by Boris da Titan

Zizzbitz' busy day

Knights of the octagonal table

Daily Grind

Eldar Blues

'Umie Huntin'

Scraploota Sortie

Sooner or Later

Gettin' Things Rollin'

Vacation Lost

Blue and Fanseer Go Wider

Dok Gitstitcha

Da Minitrukk Job

Da funstikk

The Rodeo Incident

The Grots Herd Themselves

The Grot


Krumpus Bay

Krumpus Bay outing (unfinished)

Grot Quest

Da Karhold Job

A Business Proposition

A Business Proposition: Afterthoughts

Rosncranz and Gilnstrum Live On

Rosncranz and Gilnstrum Get Fed


Rockeata's day to shine

Zizzbitz's odd mood

Happy LootWAAAGH

Whatever Happened to Da Blue Grot?

>> No.29239649

Speaking of the ending, which is the more popular on /tg/? I'm fond of the one where she lives, mostly because the other is downright depressing and not awesome.

>> No.29239845

There are three endings, and she lives in two of them.

Personally I like the third ending, but I also like the second ending.

I can appreciate the first ending where she doesn't live even though it's a tab morbid and out of place with the general wackiness of most Scraploota content.

>> No.29239891

Black Locks ?
The pirate ones?

I remember the threads about them it was awesome.

I'm sorry those threads disappeared.

Will be waiting for them to return.

>> No.29239916

So waht is the best story of 2013?

>> No.29239926
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Will bump with some OC i just made

>> No.29240110

I don't think we got any new Scraplootas stories in 2013.

Or did you mean just stories in general?

>> No.29240116
File: 75 KB, 310x259, 130257002188.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP here, fixed the shit up, not doing it anymore, so I share the source files. This was a pleasure and also a massive pain in the ass, it took me 6 hours, 7 re-does, half my breakfast (which fell down while eating, and the dog ate it) and my fingers hurt because too much copy-paste. Also did Love Can Bloom (It's up in the thread).





>> No.29240193

3 endings? Couldn't really tell.

>> No.29240227

they fought the membranes? since when?

>> No.29240246

Ending one: Blue died of old age

Ending two: Blue becomes the Blue Nob

Ending three: Blue stays young forever and keeps getting stronger because of the WAAAGH!

I think you got it all right this time.

Until someone writes another tale.

>> No.29240269

Since over a year ago.


It happens before they picked up Blue.

>> No.29240296

I thought that bit with the Fanseer was a POV change

>> No.29240313

I Never read thos tales even if stambled upon them a lot.

Gonna read them tonight in my bed.

>> No.29240326
File: 372 KB, 640x480, 5863681349_6aa6f24aef_z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP here,

If only... but there is hope because /tg

>> No.29240427

We need more writefaggotry of the 1st Membranes

>> No.29240852

The thread they were originally posted in the wrtiefag specified that it was a third ending left much more open ended than the other two.

The second ending with the Blue Nob stuff could easily work chronologically before the first or third endings though, so I can see your confusion.

I'd never heard of Emprahsque before this, now I'm reading it and I really like how it wraps up a number of other stories I've seen /tg/ churn out.

>> No.29240999

The 2nd and 3rd endings fit the best together. while the 1st just doesn't quite work out.

>> No.29243035

True, but I guess it was an attempt at "realism".

>> No.29244766

>Krumpus Bay
>Grot Quest
>All of this Scraplootas compilation

...Y-you guys...
Y-you really DO care!

Fuck it I'll pull up the old file and see how much I've added.


Zizzbitz and Blue parted ways at the edge of the merchantile area. There was a new sparky bitz bazaar there that Zizzbitz wanted to check out that had sprung up since the last time they were there. It wasn't so volatile that it had gone up in a massive fireball or imploded or anything yet, so it had to be somewhat legitimate. Blue of course went where her mount went, though she looked longingly at the shrub. As much as she looked forward to the sparky bitz, she wanted to see how Urtylug did business in Krumpus Bay. Oh to be a fly on the wall, or a grot underfoot...
So it was then just Urtylug, Rockeata, Threegrot, and Snekkit now.
Teeftougua Merchantile Zone, named by some git, was a chaotic mess. The second largest market in all of Krumpus Bay, there was buying and selling and trading and bartering, with a dash of robbery and fighting, as far as the eye could see. Of course, considering how cluttered the place was, the eye couldn't exactly see very far. Here rogue traders rubbed elbows with rogue Orks and rogue Eldar alike. Grots and other sorts of feral children ran amongst the stalls and displays, slitting coin purses and lifting valuables when possible. There was a beat to the whole business, like the teeming market was an organ of some sort, blackened by soot and no doubt fatty in parts, but thriving. This regular pulse quickened with his arrival. Heads turned as he passed. His name cut through the stalls like a hot chaincutlass in some soft humie.
Urtylug breathed deep. And then swallowed. Now this was the stuff. This was nostalgic. Walking in with his best boyz, causing a commotion, eventually finding a job in the middle of setting the place on fire... Good times.

>> No.29245071

Of course nowadays, he couldn't walk in with all of his best boyz because there were too many, and one of them was a thousand times larger than the rest of the boyz. And this wasn't so much a commotion as an uproar. Some of the more cowardly gits actually closed up shop as he approached. And he really didn't feel like lighting a fire when he could just as easily order a Boris strike. The times changed. Urtylug's hat and cloak was a testament to that. He could technically declare Waaaargh on anything in the sector and have a roight go at it. He had the boyz, he had the teef. ...It just didn't feel right. Maybe these were unorky thoughts, maybe some of his boyz would shake their heads if they knew what he thought sometimes. The reason he was here was down right unorky to begin with.

This visit to Krumpus Bay wasn't because the Scraplootas were hard up on teef or anything, far from it. The Scraplootas were rolling in the ivory, painful as that was. Urtylug just thought it was poor form to be mucking about without a thing to do. The Farseer who had supplied them with much of their work had been recently distant. She actually hadn't responded to any of Urtylug's recent hails, despite the previous enthusiasm she had expressed for all things Orky, or at least all things Urtylug. It was a damn shame, but perhaps it was time they parted ways anyway. There weren't any Dark Eldar left to krump in all of the sector. The Scraplootas had checked twice, and even krumped a few empty bunkers just in case. Anything that the Eldar would want from them now would be secondary to Craftworld business.
The thought of paying the Craftworld a visit himself to see if he couldn't rack up protection teef had occurred to Urtylug. But he had no idea where the Eldar were to begin with, and well, again, they weren't hard up on teef or anything. No point in antag- antagan- antago- being a backstabbin' git to those who treated him well.

>> No.29245246

>that last line
I love you.

>> No.29245321

Yes, YES.
Finally lured you out.

It'll be fun to see how >>29240116 reacts to NEW CONTENT.

>> No.29245531

I've missed the past few Scraplootas threads. But it warms my heart to know that /tg/ still talks about the gits.

The main issue with this luxury was that idle hands were the playthings of mutinies. Urtylug knew this all too well, having participated in several. He wasn't above krumpin' his own boyz when they got out of hand, but he really would rather to have them be krumped by some other force. A good Warbosskaptin was always fightin' an' winnin' but it was best when your boyz were fightin' an' winnin' too. This was probably a factor in why Urtylug didn't suffer from more insurrections than he would have otherwise with the amount of boyz he regularly recruited and then dispensed of. Unorky thoughts these were. Planning for the future. Thinking past the next krumpin', the next fight. ...Maybe it was unorky to think this way, but from how he saw it, this sort of unorky forward thinking made him a better Ork. And he was facing unorky circumstances. So it all worked out in the end as long as he kept fightin' an' winnin', as long as he could krump any gits who would say otherwise about him. But he needed a job. He needed an outpost to raid or a Waaagh to attend or humies to betray or this was just an unorky social visit to an old friend.

Urtylug found his connection sitting at an open bar, getting as hammered as an Ork could get without a proper mallet.
"Urtylug ya old git!" An Ork smoking a squigar with large sideburns and beard called out to the Warboss from a stool in an open bar. He had a dirty looking cap with a round brim on and was dressed in brown and green camouflage.
Urtylug tipped his hat in response and walked closer, "It's been squig years, Kaztrukk. 'Ow've ya been?"

>> No.29245697

"Ha, been muckin' about. It's da same ol' fing out here in Teeftougua." Kaztrukk had his band of Freebootaz dissolved into the Minnitboyz many bad moons ago, before they were the Scraplootas. Kaztrukk had saw potential in how Waaraktin did things, and, being an enterprising Ork, retired as Warboss to become an adviser for a while before taking his leave to find his fortune in Krumpus Bay. Perhaps he was unorky, but not many Orks lived to Kaztrukk's age. He was fightin' and winnin' in his own way.
"'Ow are da boyz?"
"Oh, dey be fine. Too much muckin' about fer my likin'." Most of Kaztrukk's boyz were lost in taking the Titan, but Urtylug wasn't about to tell Kaztrukk that.
"I 'ear ya got a titan now? Dat right? Yer da 'Titanloota' now?"
"Dat's right. Nice soundin' title, eh?" The retinue was starting to draw a few looks. Especially at Snekkit's shrub and Threegrot.
"Sure, if ya like trouble. Why not scrap dat fing fer a proppa Orky Gargant?"
Urtylug shook his head, "We made it proppa Orky. It even finks it's an Ork. It is an Ork. An' it's da Scraplootas' signature now. We land, we brin' in Boris, boom, dey know it's da Scraplootas. An' if dey don't know, dey know fer next time." He punctuated these points by pounding the bar hard enough to leave an impression. That certainly drew attention.
"Aye, dose stories end up 'ere. Though dey ain't always attached to yer name. Ya give dem pointyheads and Chaos gits major grief."
"Dat's da fing. Dey get really zoggin' mad when dey see Boris. It's da bes feelin'." Urtylug smiled and looked fondly into the distance.
"Oi can drink ta dat!" Kaztrukk raised his squigbeer in a toast, which Urtylug answered with a swing from his own mug. After nearly choking on the squigar that he didn't take out of his mouth before drinking, Kaztrukk asked, "So, whutsa great big git like you doin' in a place like dis?"
"Oi came to ask if ya 'eard anyfin..." He looked left and right to see if anyone was paying attention before leaning in.

>> No.29245854
File: 291 KB, 792x1236, Scraploota Rockeata Brugg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They've been few and far between sadly.

They mostly get brought up in other threads discussing other /tg/ OC, sometimes a request will show up in a drawthread and a couple of those requests even got fulfilled.

>> No.29245911

A party of Orks a table away was certainly paying attention, "I'm zoggin' sure it's dem." The biggest one pointed at the flag that one of the grots on Urtylug's back was waving, a crude representation of the Scraploota insignia on it. "Dey is da ones dat blew our ship to zog."
"We ken krump dem, dey got less boyz den us."
"Shaddup. I make da ordahs around here." The biggest Ork smacked his subordinate in the back of the head, sending the smaller Ork face down into the grime that made up the bar's floor. "I say we need ta do sum re-kon-er-since. Grotface," He motioned at the smallest one of his boyz, "Go see if dey got anyfin' up dere sleeve."
Grotface took a good look at the Scraplootas and then turned back, "Dey don't got sleeves, Biggutz sir. 'Cept da skinny boy. But I fink he only got arms unda dere. Noffin' ta report."
Biggutz put his face in his non-mechanical palm "It's a zoggin' expres-expressh- sayin'. Now git."
Grotface was only slightly larger than a grot, and had no trouble surritepiously edging closer to the gathered Scraplootas which were still surrounded by grots despite the fact that the grots were insignificant to the story. As they were to all stories.

The subordinate, Whaddagit, picked himself up, "Oi, Biggutz, whut's da problem? Dere's only two nobs, a shrub, a skinny boy, an' a bunch o' grots. An' I don't fink dat skinny one as much fight in him. Or much anyfin' really."
"Shaddup. I ain't takin' no chances wid dese sneaky gits." Biggutz saw Grotface walking back, confused. "What didja fink, Grotface?"

>> No.29246250

The smaller nob scratched his head, "Sorry boss, I gotta go check on mah oven. I fink I left it on before I left da ship."
"What da zog are ya talkin' about? We ain't got no oven on da ship." Biggutz paused, "We ain't got no ship neither." It was blown to zog.
Grotface shrugged helplessly, "I dunno boss, just gotta do it. Can't 'ave da ship blowin' up." The ship that had already been blown to zog.
Biggutz scratched his chin as he watched Grotface wandered off. The git was going to get a good krumpin' later, but he couldn't figure out what just happened. Then he felt it. Three pairs of eyes bore into the side of his head. The skinny one was staring straight at him. Must have been a weirdboy. It suddenly made sense. He beckoned for a serving grot to come over, flicking a toof at him. "Go and bother dat skinny git fer me." The serving grot immediately dashed off, only to find himself oddly perplexed. He wandered back to the bar and asked the bartender if they had an oven.
Biggutz took this as confirmation, "Dem gits brought a weirdboy wid them. Don't get too close ta da skinny one." He picked up his looted bolter, "Now let's go krump dem good."
The twenty or so Orks sitting at his table started to cheer, but Biggutz cut them short. They finished with a quieter cheer and picked up their weapons.

Rockeata glanced behind himself with a rock he had chewed flat and shined with spit. It was hard to make out anything in the rock, but twenty or so Orks had a hard time hiding, especially when moving as a mob.
"Kaptin, dis iz remindin' me uv da time we was dealin' wid them Chaos gits on dat tentacly world. Da one with the roight gits dat--"
Urtylug raised a hand at Kaztrukk and then made a swiping motion at neck level, "Toime ta make yerself scarce, Kaztrukk. Trouble."
"Oi ken fight! Bin ages since oi had a good krumpin'."
"Aye, and dey'd krump you. An' yer no good krumped. 'Sides, yer skunked like a grot swimmin' inna squigbeer barrel."

>> No.29246376

Kaztrukk raised a finger at Urtylug and tried to tap his nose, "Oi'll meet up wid ya later den?"
"Sure, iffin ya git outta 'ere in one piece."
"S'easy. Oi got ca-me-o-flag." He pointed at his brown and green patterned clothes, "Watch."
Kaztrukk picked up the bar stool he had been sitting on. It ripped free from the bar with a metallic crunch. He then proceed to sidestep out of the bar area while everyone watched, giving a final wink at Urtylug before stumbling into the crowd, still holding the bar stool.
Dat git.

Urtylug was then surrounded very quickly by a large number of other gits. He sipped from his mug in an unhurried fashion before giving it back to one of the grots for safekeeping.
"Ken oi help you?"
>To be continued next time I see a Scraplootas thread or if this is still up tomorrow night without copious bumping.

>> No.29246438

>Still thinking of his ship that got blown out of the sky and too zogged to remember it's gone.
Poor git.

>> No.29246449


The same Grotface from Grot Quest? Or is that just a common name?

>> No.29246676

Well now I know why the name seemed familiar as I was editing. Not intentional I'm pretty sure. Though the quest isn't running so we'll never know.

>> No.29246788

I still very much want to see more of Grot Quest, but I know that we probably don't have the numbers to support a quest that's been cold for over a year now.

I've always thought Grot Quest happened right after this on-going story and that Squigbozz was picked up during this particular outing to Krumpus Bay.

>> No.29247259

>I'd never heard of Emprahsque before this, now I'm reading it and I really like how it wraps up a number of other stories I've seen /tg/ churn out.

Yeah, sadly the Emprahsque author went on to do shit and neglected such an awesome premise.

I second this. Hell, I third it. I want one of those /m/ drawfags to draw this.

>> No.29247542

I haven't seen too much /m/ drawfaggotry lately.

Boris might be too difficult for most to even attempt drawing.

>> No.29248033

>and a couple of those requests even got fulfilled.
I haven't been around since the first big boom of Scraplootas threads. Were those "new pics" put up on the 1d4chan page for the Scraplootas?

>> No.29248086
File: 210 KB, 333x750, scraploota 1374277707376.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not all of them, no.

There's at least a few that aren't on any of the Scrplootas related wiki pages.

>> No.29248233

Oh, well, hopefully someone got them all.

>> No.29248423
File: 425 KB, 777x1200, scraploota 1371014393997.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I believe I do have every bit of draw and writefaggoty made about the Scraplootas so far saved.

Even the things made on other boards.

>> No.29248449

Mind uploading them somewhere sometime? Maybe imgur?

>> No.29248620
File: 265 KB, 616x1100, 1372826959218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe this will work?


I'm new to sharing dropbox links, but seeing as I already had them all in there...

I'm planning to move the .txt files in there too eventually.

>> No.29248639

Cool. Just as good.

>> No.29248823

What makes you say that?

>Take an Emprah-Class Titan
>Stick lots of spiky gubbins on top of it.
>Stick lots of orky gubbins on top of dat.
>Paint in in a garish and arbitrary color scheme.

Aside from the level of detail, it can't be that difficult.

>> No.29248875
File: 117 KB, 667x647, scraploota Mrsquig2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So it worked?

The only things not in there are a couple of layout pics of Boris, but they're on his page.

>> No.29248912

Oh yes, they work. There were more pictures than I thought, but less than what I could hope for. But it's always nice to see that there's still a trickle of new content for the Scraplootas.

Who's the eldar with Blue and Cultist-chan in the last picture, though?

>> No.29248930

Oh jeez, who is that poor soul who has to listen to both Blue and Cultist talk?

>> No.29248991

God. I'm feeling pretty nostalgic. I think I'll go ahead and read through all the stories again. I've got the time.

>> No.29249072
File: 497 KB, 1152x928, 1371513075173.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I asked the same question in the thread it came from.
Turns out it's just someone's OC, forgot her name, you can probably use foolz to see all of the posts that have that pic and find out if you're curious though.

This one isn't in the folder since it's just a height reference.

>> No.29249114

Were Blue and Cultist-chan drawn by the same guy in this pic?

>> No.29249149
File: 486 KB, 792x1200, cultist-chan 1371017615975.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I keep my collection of Cultist-chan pics in a different folder though.

>> No.29249166

Any more from that guy?

>> No.29249221



I'd love a Kaiju fight with Borus vs the Empreasque.

>> No.29249229

Nothing Scraplootas related.


>> No.29249321

Not sure how fair of a fight that would be.

>> No.29249483

The Empreasque can throw titans like ragdolls, so unless he's just screwing with them... or Blue made a mind control thingy like what they put on the Nids... or a ridiculous amount of luck...

Boris wouldn't stand a chance in a straight up fight.

>> No.29249650

I doubt the Emps would stick around the sector long enough to get in a fight with Boris anyways. He'd take one look at the insanity of the whole sector and leave, maybe dragging any of the Jaguars with him if any are around.

>> No.29251197

>I no longer needed ta WAAAGH, fer I wuz da WAAAGH. I no longer needed more dakka, fer I wuz more dakka. I no longer needed a right orky fort, fer I was a right orky fort. I wuz bigger den any ork could ever dare ta be.
Oh god. I forgot how much these stories made me laugh. And how deeply they reached into my psyche and spoke hidden truths about the world.

>> No.29251406

that's not very orky

>> No.29252652

>Anyway, I guess this means I didn't so much turn traitor as rotate slightly in one direction. I didn't so much fall as saunter vaguely downwards.
Okay, the first time I read this? I didn't know where this line came from. But now I know. So. Here's a belated wry grin to the writer of Rosncranz and Gilnstrum.

>> No.29252823

In love can bloom first download the chapters are repeated twice.

>> No.29253204

I wouldn't be surprised if he deemed the BJags too unorthodox to be salvageable.

Though just about everything in that sector is equally, if not more so, unorthodox.

>> No.29254029

Yeah. I'm going to first clean what I have done and then post them.
They will. For now I'm too busy with my studies Luckily I did enough to make them have a origin story (including a figure of legends that was a Novamarine).

Only problem is that I want them to become a little more serious, yet still silly enough to make them fun for people.

>> No.29254611

And you in saying that it was a reference prompted me to look up said reference.

>> No.29255793

If he's one of the boyz who survived


then he's either a lucky git or a git who can jump.

>> No.29255894

So love can bloom story never finished?
It all stops at the part with deamonete?

>> No.29255952

>young and impressionable child

Aye, and growing. Her body has needs. The WAAAGH field might make her a lucky git, but it can't help biology. So she helped herself.

>> No.29255968

Read The Tales of the Emperasque.

It gives some closure to Love Can Bloom, Storytime with Bjorn the Fellhanded, Macha, and a few other /tg/ 40k OCs/writefaggotry.

>> No.29256444

Pity it is finished. EPIC STORY IS EPIC. And this one was also fun to read.

>> No.29256605

Had you read it before?

I find it hard to believe one could read all 16 parts in under an hour.

>> No.29256699

He did make a pact with the Eldar didn't he? Our fanseer could likely just claim the orc tribe as part of their craftwrold's defences or something.

Bonus points for the Emps figuring out her obsession

>> No.29256898

I didn't read it under an hour. It's long as hell. Consider me to be diligent.

>> No.29257367

Well, that MIGHT keep the Scraplootas out of the Emperasque's firing sights, but it doesn't really do much for the BJags.

>> No.29257464

They have to follow his orders right?

Besides they've never managed to do much real damage anyways. Even Blue killed one of them who was important enough to not wear a helmet.

Hell I think the Emps would just be embarrassed by the incompetence of the BJs.
that came out wrong.

>> No.29258102

That or the Emperasque might just order the BJags to stay in that sector forever since they wouldn't function all that well anywhere else.

The sector's dynamics are pretty strange as it is anyway.
-It was thoroughly infested with Dark Eldar until they all got krumped hard enough to die off or pull out.
-There's maybe a handful of Imperial worlds (at least 2) and most openly trade and consort with alines.
-I'm pretty sure that necron Tau Xeno is also in the sector
-The only active marine captor is the Blood Jaguars and they're borderline heretical at best I hear.
-The Chaos Undivided warband is a joke, the whole sector is practically a massive trap for anything chaos related with how frequently they get krumped and then reenforced and krumped again. Hell, what other place in the universe could you even find chaos marines that are disillusioned with chaos?
-The tau Empire seems to be the main force of order in it.

Yeah, the Emperasque would probably look at it and say "EH, GOOD ENOUGH" and maybe pop in to look at something that amuses him up close.

>> No.29258192

Although would his showing up be before or after one of the endings for Blue? The before option has some potential for the Emps to tell off the BJs for some of them to be regularly killed by a fucking tau child, even if she is particularly orky.

>> No.29258217

for some of them being*

ugh that was just a poorly written post.

>> No.29258423

Probably a long time after one of the endings since the one most people seem to like is very open ended.

Hell, Emperasque could be happening at the same time as the Scraplootas, but given how isolated the sector is (due to warp storms everywhere around it) it might take years for anyone to hear the news.

Though I still say any crossover would work best long after one of the endings.

>> No.29258711

I'd have to say the 2nd ending then, seems like a better fit

>> No.29258970

Placing it after the third ending could work as well.

A few hundred years means next to nothing, relatively, in 40K.

>> No.29259156

I'm just not sure how I feel about her remaining grot sized forever.

Plus the Battlesuit is cool.

>> No.29259406
File: 18 KB, 222x212, 1388789209045.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OH SHIT! So I was muckin' about with some Sigil and stuff, then posted it, then even OC happened.

wat is this I don't even...

Adding the continuation btw.

>> No.29259514
File: 8 KB, 341x297, natural20pls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First I though NO THIS SHIT AGAIN.
Then "I'm not even mad"

editing now

>> No.29259726

You might want to wait because >>29246376 we're gonna get more tonight.

>> No.29259748
File: 28 KB, 300x600, vz0GSgh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>To be continued next time I see a Scraplootas thread or if this is still up tomorrow night without copious bumping.

I will see this alive and kicking by then even if that means that the dog will eat my breakfast again.

>> No.29259817


sigh... also fixin'... (Fuck Dammit!)

>> No.29259953

Which Chapters? Seems fine to me.

>> No.29260491
File: 646 KB, 900x1200, Scraploota 1343727061203.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Earth caste Tau don't get very big, even when full grown.

Compared to an ork, she's still about grot sized.

Though I agree about the battlesuit, she probably remade one after years of tinkering with her battle armor.

>> No.29260579

ending two does call her a Nob, so the WAAAGH exposure probably helped out.

Also she probably looted the suit from one of those gits that wanted to reeducate her.

>> No.29260677

Maybe it is my problem since i converted to mobi.
but in my fbook it arrives to the end at 50%
and then start all over again.

>> No.29260893

I think she's called a Nob because she's wearing a suit that's bigger than she is.

>> No.29261042

They don't make that sort of connection with Boris

>> No.29261149
File: 119 KB, 1097x805, 1388793276238.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mmmmh... try this now, also updated the other formats.


>> No.29261411 [SPOILER] 
File: 489 KB, 1700x1920, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just gonna leave this here

>> No.29261477
File: 335 KB, 600x600, Scraploota 1344632140664.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well Boris was already an ork before the titan, and after the titan he's still an ork, just a thousand times bigger is all.

If three grots standing on top of each other in a long coat is considered an ork, I don't see why Blue in a battlesuite wouldn't be considered a nob.

>> No.29261497

LOL, I saved that thread

>> No.29261656

Now we need to make the Rapah Boyz a real thing.

>> No.29261877

Son, I am disappoint

>> No.29261885

>"There's a squig for that"

I almost died.

>> No.29261920

So a muscley, nob-sized tau doesn't appeal to you?

>> No.29262016

Maybe, but I'm just going along with how I read it.

I read it as Blue became da Blue Nob because she had a big metal suit that made her the size of a Nob.

>> No.29262086

I'd like to see it as seven foot musclegirl tau. which is awesome.

>> No.29262208

How muscley are we talking?

>> No.29262234

I dunno, Yuugi-tier? Maybe a touch more, just a tad?

>> No.29262268

I have no idea who you are talking about

>> No.29262341 [SPOILER] 
File: 147 KB, 528x748, yuugi traded her nose for a sixpack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2ho u fgt

>> No.29262368


I can live with that.

>> No.29264160
File: 1.58 MB, 800x1020, Scraploota 1344043955498.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If being more dakka itself isn't orky, then I don't know what is.

>> No.29265406

Being dakka and choppa?

>> No.29265481

I'm just happy they're still getting love, I remember being in the thread where Blue was created.

>> No.29265529

puttin' moar dakka in ya choppa an' moar choppa in ya dakka

>> No.29265849

what about dakka that shoots choppa?

>> No.29265968
File: 617 KB, 976x1292, Deffgun_Concepts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sightly related.

>> No.29266128
File: 369 KB, 726x732, topsecretax1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Like this? but more orky

>> No.29266663 [DELETED] 

Well this is still here. And I'm back. So I guess I'm actually writing this time around.

Is it just me that ends up feeling weird that these otherwise very cut women with basically no fat on their bodies end up with the largest boobs?


"Youse da big warboss den? Uv da Scraplootas?" The standing Ork placed an arm around Urtylug. As mockeries of friendly gestures went, this one would be more convincing if the arm wasn't shaking. Well, they were about the same size at least. Might not turn out too terrible.
"Aye, an' Kaptin. Dats who oi am. What it to you gits?" Urtylug very carefully gestured for his mug again, keeping both of his hands in plain sight. For a second there he was worried. But if this was the git they were all following...
Biggutz nodded. "S'dangerous bein' a hoity toity warbosskaptin inna place loike dis." He gestured somewhat violently with his powerklaw, nearly swiping Urtylug in the face. The Kaptinwarboss did not flinch, merely revving the servos in his own powerklaw in response.
"A-a big nob loike you ain't safe bein' all alone." All alone? How many did Grotface say there were? Weren't there other Orks besides him? Sure the grots were still present, and they all watched that drunkard leave, but where did that nob and skinny weirdboy to his side go? The details were suddenly muddy in his head.
The inconspicuous shrub in the middle of the bar also gave a slight cough.
Urtylug sighed and took sip from his mug, "Wut's yer business den? Dun fink yer after jus some protectshun teef."
Biggutz laughed, and a bunch of his cronies laughed with him. The laughter died out quickly when Urtylug set his mug down with a resounding tap. TAKIKUL JEENEYUS it read.
"N-no, Warboss, Kaptin, yer Scraplootas, they blew our ship ta all zog."
"Well, we wuz finkin' we otta get anutha ship outta you, since yer here an' all." Biggutz's arm was not on Urtylug's shoulder now. And he was standing a respectful few inches back now.

>> No.29266718


>> No.29266723

Well this is still here. And I'm back. So I guess I'm actually writing this time around.

Is it just me that ends up feeling weird that these otherwise very cut women with basically no fat on their bodies end up with the largest boobs?

>>29246376 (You)

"Youse da big warboss den? Uv da Scraplootas?" The standing Ork placed an arm around Urtylug. As mockeries of friendly gestures went, this one would be more convincing if the arm wasn't shaking. Well, they were about the same size at least. Might not turn out too terrible.
"Aye, an' Kaptin. Dats who oi am. What it to you gits?" Urtylug very carefully gestured for his mug again, keeping both of his hands in plain sight. For a second there he was worried. But if this was the git they were all following...
Biggutz nodded. "S'dangerous bein' a hoity toity warbosskaptin inna place loike dis." He gestured somewhat violently with his powerklaw, nearly swiping Urtylug in the face. The Kaptinwarboss did not flinch, merely revving the servos in his own powerklaw in response.
"A-a big nob loike you ain't safe bein' all alone." All alone? How many did Grotface say there were? Weren't there other Orks besides him? Sure the grots were still present, and they all watched that drunkard leave, but where did that nob and skinny weirdboy to his side go? The details were suddenly muddy in his head.
The inconspicuous shrub in the middle of the bar also gave a slight cough.
Urtylug sighed and took sip from his mug, "Wut's yer business den? Dun fink yer after jus some protectshun teef."
Biggutz laughed, and a bunch of his cronies laughed with him. The laughter died out quickly when Urtylug set his mug down with a resounding tap. TAKIKUL JEENEYUS it read.
"N-no, Warboss, Kaptin, yer Scraplootas, they blew our ship ta all zog."
"Well, we wuz finkin' we otta get anutha ship outta you, since yer here an' all." Biggutz's arm was not on Urtylug's shoulder. And he was now standing a respectful few inches back.

>> No.29266917
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Some weird shit just happened, I was opening my Scraplootas folder to check this, and you posted this pretty much at the same time with a difference of only 1 or 2 seconds.

>> No.29267373

I'm liking the focus this is giving Threegrot and Urtylug.

>> No.29267628


"When wuz dis?" Urtylug turned suddenly, making the twenty Orks surrounding him flinch collectively, he leaned against the bar and took another sip from his mug.
"When did my boyz blow yer ship ta all zog?"
"It wuz 'round four cycles ago. We wuz tailin' yer hulk afta youse looted a 'umie world. An' den yer kommandoz blew us up! It wuz only a bit uv tailin'!"
"Den how'd ya gits survive?"
"We clung ta debris until we paddled our way ta dis dump."
Urtylug contemplated this for a second. Well. Perhaps these gits would be useful after all. But the less they were told about how space worked the better.
"Oi dun remember."
"Ya, ya dun remember?"
"Fer you gits. Da day da Scraplootas graced yer lives wuz da most important day in yer life. But fer me? It wuz... Tuesday."
Biggutz pointed his looted bolter in Urtylug's face, nearly knocking off the commissar's cap, "YA FINK DIS IZ A JOKE?"
"Yer roight, it wuz probably Friday."
The bolter fired. The customers who hadn't left cleared out now.
As the dust settled Urtylug's face remained unexploded. The side of the bar next to him did not. He had redirected the bolter with a slight push from his mug.
"Now why'd ya haveta do dat? Firin' on a Warbosskaptin's no good fer ya health."
Biggutz stepped back and readjusted his aim, or tried at least, his arm was shaking far too hard.
Urtylug got up, "Oi'll overlook dis mistake, an' offer yer boyz da chance ta join da Scraplootas. 'Ow's dat?"
Biggutz lowered the shoota, was this git serious? "An' me?"
"You? Yer ded either way."
Before Biggutz could raise the shoota again, he was pummeled by a mug, then a powerklaw. He flew across the bar, SUYENEEJ LUKIKAT branded on his face.
Urtylug got up and started walking toward the git.

>> No.29267962

I kind of read Urtylug's lines in Mark Hamill's voice when he does a really deep voice + a pirate impression.

Zizzbitz I kind of read in Kevin Michael Richardson's voice.

There's some Brian Doyle-Murray and Steve Blum tossed around with some of the other boyz.

>> No.29268431 [DELETED] 


Biggutz shot wildly, making Threegrot drop his Somebody Else's Problem Field. The bolts were deflected into the floor and furniture. Urtylug remained unscratched.
The bolter clicked empty.
"BOYZ, WHERE ARE MY BOYZ." Biggutz looked at the Orks who should have been backing him up. They were all surrounded by grots, save a few that had apparently been felled by a Kommando chewing rocks and the nob that the shrub suddenly sprouted. The grots were all armed to the teeth. This was a new concept to Biggutz, but apparently standard fare for the Scraplootas. The numbers had never been on his side to start with. This whole thing could have been a set up. This kind of forethought had to be the work of a tactical--
Urtylug pinned down Biggutz's powerklaw with his own before the hapless Ork could react, "Tell me, ya git. Iz dis unorky? Iz dis sorta fing outta da purview uv wut orks do?" His voice was calm and he looked pensive, perhaps even troubled. The shoota at his belt was in his other hand now.
"Mebbe. Oi dun fink dis situashun iz very orky at all."
"Iz I fightin'?"
"Iz I winnin'?"
"Iz you krumped good?"
"Oi'm krumped pretty good."
"Den it is Orky, izn't it?"
Urtylug's shoota went off once.

He got up, and looked back at the other Orks. Most of them who weren't dead from the initial struggle were relieved of their weapons and being prodded along by grots. The grots would watch them for a few cycles, any suspicious activity and the gits were good as gone. Standard press gang procedure. But when had it become standard?

>> No.29268491


Biggutz shot wildly, making Threegrot drop his Somebody Else's Problem Field. The bolts were deflected into the floor and furniture. Urtylug remained unscratched.
The bolter clicked empty.
"BOYZ, WHERE ARE MY BOYZ." Biggutz looked at the Orks who should have been backing him up. They were all surrounded by grots, save a few that had apparently been felled by a Kommando chewing rocks and the nob that the shrub suddenly sprouted. The grots were all armed to the teeth. This was a new concept to Biggutz, but apparently standard fare for the Scraplootas. The numbers had never been on his side to start with. This whole thing could have been a set up. This kind of forethought had to be the work of a tactical--
Urtylug pinned down Biggutz's powerklaw with his own before the hapless Ork could react, "Tell me, ya git. Iz dis unorky? Iz dis sorta fing outta da purview uv wut orks do?" His voice was calm and he looked pensive, perhaps even troubled. The shoota at his belt was in his other hand now.
"Mebbe. Oi dun fink dis situashun iz very orky at all."
"Iz I fightin'?"
"Iz I winnin'?"
"Iz you krumped good?"
"Oi'm krumped pretty good."
"Den it is Orky, izn't it?"
Urtylug's shoota went off once.
"...Oi told ya it wuz no good fer ya health."

He got up, and looked back at the other Orks. Most of them who weren't dead from the initial struggle were relieved of their weapons and being prodded along by grots. The grots would watch them for a few cycles, any suspicious activity and the gits were good as gone. Standard press gang procedure. But when had it become standard?

>> No.29268656


A younger Urtylug would have left this place burning. A younger Urtylug would have left no survivors. But that wasn't how he became Warboss and Kaptin. That wasn't how he stayed Warboss and Kaptin. Burnin' and lootin' everything wasn't the way he ended up with a Titan, the way he ended up krumpin' half the sector. He didn't appreciate every single one of the boyz he could round up as much as he did now. Yes. It might have been unorky. Maybe it was a sign he was getting soft or like them humies.
And maybe if he kept fightin' and winnin' and krumpin' all of them gits that said otherwise, it was up to him what an Ork was and what an Ork did. Because the Titanloota was the biggest, the baddest, and the toughest Ork in the sector, and would continue to be until some git was able to krump him. If that day ever came. Until then, he was going to keep doing what he did best.

Zizzbitz walked into the empty bar area with a new box of gubbins that Blue was sitting on. He blew a low whistle. "You been havin' fun wid out me, Urtylug?"
Urtylug shook his head, "Nah, jus business."
The big Mek shrug, "'Ow wuz dat den."
"...Oi heard dere's a chance we could get outta dis sector."

>To be continued?

>> No.29268671

I do enjoy these references sprinkled about in it all.

I wonder just how many freshly recruited Nobs the Grotocracy has to put down on average.

>> No.29268751

>"...Oi heard dere's a chance we could get outta dis sector."
O-o-oh my.

>> No.29268779

Orcs in warhammer are asexual unlike just like my japananese manga so this is probably what would have happened

>> No.29268889

Scraplootas UNLEASHED!

Though they might find there's nothing of interest in any of the sectors they'd be able to travel to.

>> No.29269071

Probably close to none. The ones who get it stay alive. The rest end up as cannon fodder.

In other news this is why I'm not trying for quests anymore, I barely wrote anything today.

>> No.29270715

>chance they could get out
I'm not sure what to make of this

>> No.29271480

Out of practice or just tiresome?

>> No.29271771

I just write really fucking slowly, especially when I'm on the spot and there's a plot to worry about. Half of why Grot Quest was a pain to do. The Rosncranz and Gilnstrum stories took me most of a week each to write. I can make decent shit up, but it takes a really long time.

That said, as a spoiler to maybe what I write next, can someone explain to me how the 1st Membranes are able to travel through the warp without imploding due to their high psyker count? I'm assuming they aren't from this sector, though I can't find anything on where they're from.

>> No.29271803

I don't recall anything on how they get around.

Probably just dope everyone up until they can't even droll proper.

>> No.29271830


>> No.29271927

Just that they're, in part, the result of an Inquisitorial Black Ship crashing on a small forge world.

No specifics.
Odds are they travel through the warp using the same means as any other space marines.
They probably line their ships with tinfoil though.

>> No.29272045

Wait, I forgot, they're not marines. Imperial Guards.

We can just say they get around like marines do anyway, except they could have a giant ball of tinfoil as a ship.

>> No.29273063

You know, I'd like to see the story where Blue ventures into Boris on her own for the first time get finished one of these days.


>> No.29273647

>Blue ventures into Boris on her own for the first time
futa adventures/10, at least that's what it sounds like

>> No.29273943

How do you even come to that conclusion?

>> No.29273955

You can figure that out for yourself if you aren't entirely thick.

>> No.29273986

Pretend I am entirely thick.

>> No.29275885

Well if you were that thick, then you would have trouble venturing into Boris too!
But I digress.

>> No.29276983
File: 129 KB, 300x386, 21_ork_kommando_smith.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, Should I put "Blue and Fanseer Go Wilder" in the book or would that be out of place?

>> No.29277091

>tfw I was the guy who wrote that but I just didn't like how it was written so I gave up

Maybe I'll finish it some day. I'm just not a very good writer.

>> No.29277184
File: 133 KB, 500x707, 1294711897542.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I updated the files, I didn't included Go Wilder because I haven't read it yet. Also now I got my lazy ass to give them proper titles without underscores.

yes please.

>> No.29277254


Now in MOBI format. In so productive today...


>> No.29277272

Everything goes in the book.

>> No.29277390

I think it should, Funstikk is there after all.
Where should I add it, after Go Wider?

Table of Contents
The Scraplootas Are Far From Finished
Scraplootas vs. the 1st Membranes
Dat Blue Grot
First Days on The Job
What's an Ork?
Original Greentext for Blue
Blue visits Boris (Unfinished)
Snekkit in Operayshun: Blow It All ta Zog
The Tau and Blue
'Ow I Found Meself by Boris da Titan
Zizzbitz's Busy Day
Knights of The Octagonal Table
Daily Grind
Eldar Blues
'Umie Huntin'
Scraploota Sortie
Sooner or Later
Gettin' Things Rollin'
Vacation Lost
Blue and Fanseer Go Wider
Dok Gitstitcha
Da Minitrukk Job
Da Funstikk
The Rodeo Incident
The Grots Herd Themselves
The Grot
Krumpus Bay
Krumpus Bay Outing (unfinished)
Grot Quest
Grot Quest 2
Grot Quest 3
Grot Quest 4
Grot Quest 5
Da Karhold Job
A Business Proposition
A Business Proposition: Afterthoughts
Rosncranz and Gilnstrum Live On
Rosncranz and Gilnstrum Get Fed
Rockeata's Day to Shine
Zizzbitz's Odd Mood
Happy LootWAAAGH
Whatever Happened to Da Blue Grot?

>> No.29277445

That's quite a list.

>> No.29277474

Ah, scraplootas. I remember the funstikk fondly, as well as a neat story about a bigshot grot taking care of a boy, mafia-style. There were squigars.

>> No.29277490

Why weren't there more stories about the grotocracy? That was the most interesting thing of all of it.

>> No.29277532

Copy-pastin' at its best

Dunno, I got them from the wiki and this thread

>> No.29277773

I'd like it if you did finish it since I really liked seeing how the insides of Boris worked.

It's just an alternate ending to Gone Wider.

>> No.29277891
File: 587 KB, 1200x1745, 127101777144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did just that, now also in docx format
Now 100% more Wilder.





>> No.29278668

Personal experience from the times where I made Boris requests in an /m/ drawthread makes me say it.

Someone else might have better luck than I did though.

>> No.29278834
File: 121 KB, 417x629, Imperial_Imperator_Titan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29278921
File: 365 KB, 900x1200, 1359914520447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


In Da Name ov Da Greata Gud!!!

>> No.29279107

Wut da zog are these gits on about?

>> No.29279562
File: 96 KB, 967x488, 1388859695241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Didn't you now? They are the only ork warband successfully converted to The Greater Good. Not many know about them. Not even the Tau public know about them because they are kinda weird.

>"Orks is Da Proudest an' Da Noblest!"- 'O'Boss'Ded'Chopp Secund Medita-shun 'bout Blowin' Fings ta Zog.

>> No.29280558

It was some Warboss who got shot by a railgun in the head and a dok repaired it with an Ethereal scalp. Didn't end well.

Now he want to "Ecspred Da Greata Gud" mainly by shootin' or choppin' stuff and is all about doing "Moar Sfere Spank-shun", weirdest still is that he somehow retained the Ethereal mindcontroling thingy and his boys believe themselves Fire Caste but fail miserably at it.

>> No.29281215

Orks start doing all kinds of weird things when exposed to external forces.

The Scraplootas have escort grots who wear wigs, dresses, and fake nails. They work in the casino in one of Boris' legs and could probably kill most other grots with a pinch to the shoulder.

I attribute this mostly to warp taint.

>> No.29281801

That's such a horrifying idea.

>> No.29281884

Imagine some escort grots trying to get Blue to play a few rounds in Toofy's Casino and Squig Grill.

>> No.29282270

Also some Julian Holloway.

Not sure what kind of voice I read Blue in though.

>> No.29283578
File: 392 KB, 600x600, 1388874329160.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In general, how does everyone feel about /tg/ 40K crossovers?

>> No.29283658

full of potential

>> No.29284612

There was a breif discussion once about what would happen if CUltist-chan was spat out into the Scraplootas sector and joined up with the local Chaos Undivided warband.

It didn't go very far.

>> No.29284639

She'd probably die in a fight with Blue.

>> No.29284952

The chaos gods would just bring her back.

The idea of her becoming the Chaos Lord of the warband Rosncranz and Gilnstrum are part of was one of the briefly discussed things.

She can't lead for shit, but seeing as the Chaos Lord always gets krumped good, and she always gets brought back...

>> No.29284993

Is Dranon going to get drug into the mess? How about kay-oss?

>> No.29285048
File: 60 KB, 347x424, 1333696445867.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess it was for the best, too much silliness together, silliness is best taken sparingly for greater enjoyment.

>mind controlling warboss
>believe himself Puretide

>> No.29285154

I don't see why he would be, she wouldn't be in her child form.

Yeah, I guess. It was just something to think about to see if it had any "potential" seeing how the Emprahsque had already been brought up more than a few times and all.

>> No.29285800

Doesn't she come back as a child whenever she dies?

Plus she doesn't have to have ended up in the sector as an adult.

>> No.29285907

Minor details.

Maybe the chaos gods thought it was so funny seeing her fight an orky tau that they resurrected her back in the same sector she got krumped in.

>> No.29287534
File: 83 KB, 1280x1024, 1355841637476.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder how old the longest lived grot in the Scraplootas is.

They probably live at least a few years longer than other grots.

>> No.29287831

I return. I'll finish up the hook and leave some plot strings dangling and then pastebin the whole thing.

First a few responses:

I have not written much about the Grotocracy because
1) Not comfortable writing everything for the Scraplootas.
2) I suck at writing corporate doublespeak. That's why I've only written about the Grot.

I feel these are hard to do well. Mostly because I don't think the Scraplootas do well interacting with grimdark. Look at their encounter with the 1st Membrane. It was a little too much for even Urtylug. Of course, that was written rather early in the development of the Scraplootas, so things might be different now.

I actually wrote half a treatment about this a while back.
It ended with Rosncranz and Gilnstrum pulling a Monty Python and breaking character, calling the story far too silly to continue. Didn't save it.

Without further ado:
Kaztrukk's safe house was located at the far end of Teeftougua, and the motley krew made it there before the drunk did. He was still hiding behind the bar stool. The safe house, or SAFFHAUS (SSSSHHHH) as it was labeled, was a large shack painted a bright blue and purple and stood slightly elevated on the ground, apparently built directly on the ruins of the previous burnt down SAFFHAUS.
No space crickets could survive in Teeftougua, but one almost spontaneously generated just to chirp when the Orks arrived at the SAFFHAUS. The gooey parts that did pop into existence were eaten by a passing grot.
"Kaztrukk, wut da zog?" Urtylug pointed at his head and the server grots lifted his cap to scratch for him, "Wut kinda zoggin' safe 'ouse iz dis?"

>> No.29288082


"Da bess kind! Sshee, no git iz shtupid enuff ta use a sshafe 'ouse wid shafe 'ouse written onnit. Espessshully 'cause da last un wuz burnt down onna same dirt!"
"So den ya did it cuz no git would inspekt it cuz no git is stupid enough." Zizzbitz stroked his chin, contemplating the line between idiocy and brilliance.
Urtylug nodded at the walls with a appreciative hmph, "An' ya painted it fer luck an' fer bein' sneaky. Very cunnin'. Oi barely noticed dat."
"Oi got lightss an' a ssiren fer noight when ya can't ssshee da paint. Dey go NOTTA SSSSHAFE 'OUSE. VERRYY SNEAKY." Appreciative clapping arose from the gathered grots, not that the Orks took notice.
The shrub bristled excitedly, "We could use dat on Boris an' take 'im on kommando misshuns!"
Another cricket nearly burst into existence. All eyes glanced at the bush, which sprouted shoulders and shrugged.
Blue broke down in a heap of giggles.

With the chastised shrub and Rockeata posted outside and Threegrot making paranoid paces while surrounded by grots, the nobs and Blue took the conversation inside.
"Now wut's dis aboot leavin' da sektor?" Zizzbitz was the first to sit down, as was his wont.
"You remember way back when, back before Blue, roight afta we nicked da Titan dat we ran inta sum 'Umies?"
"Da weirdboy ones dat krump demselves?"
"Aye, da Foirst Membrins. Dem."
Blue tilted her head in interest. The Orks never talked much about what life was like before she was picked up. Something about talking about bad luck bringing more bad luck. Old Freebooter Tradition.
"We only ran inta dem once." And as far as Zizzbitz was concerned, once was more than enough.
"Ain't dat odd? We ran inta evry'un else in dis sektor a few times. Even da skellyboyz, tho dey ain't awake yet. Kaztrukk seyz cuz dem weirdboy 'umies left. An' now? Dey iz back."
Zizzbitz motioned for a grot to appear. He did, and started taking notes. Not that Zizzbitz would ever read them. Somethings were about doing right.

>> No.29288556

Fair enough.

Glad to see Rosncranz and Gilnstrum are still bouncing around your head.

Not sure if you're also >>29277091 but if you're not, here's hoping the other guy does come back to finish the story he was telling about the inner workings of Boris.

>> No.29288793


"So da 'umies got 'round da storms. Wut does dat mean fer us? We tried strappin' weirdgrots ta da outside uv da Loot-Havva." It didn't do much besides relieve them of a lot of extra weirdgrots.
Urtylug nodded at the drunk former adviser Ork, who was now nodding off, still clutching the bar stool, "Kaztrukk seyz 'e 'eard it wuz sumffink da Foirst Membrins got in dere ships. Some flash gubbins dey use cuz alla dem weirdboy 'umies 'eadboom when dey in da warp." It was common knowledge that all weirdboyz of all types headboomed more in the warp. The Necrons probably even remember this fact from when they were still flesh.

Zizzbitz considered this information carefully. The light in his prosthetic eye spun like a pinwheel, a gimmick installed by Blue because it amused her, "So dis flash gubbins iz sumffink we can loot."
"An' if we can loot it, we can make it orkier." Urtylug got down to Zizzbitz's eye level and held out a hand. Not the powerklaw one.
"An' if we can make it orkier, we gotta ticket outta dis sektor." Zizzbitz frowned and nodded. Not bad. He clasped onto Urtylug's hand and stood, pulling the Warboss Kaptin up, "An' of course we can loot it, we iz da Scraplootas."
"An' of course we can make it orkier, we iz da Scraplootas." Urtylug's face split into the widest smile he could manage.
"An' we gots a ticket outta da sector cuz we iz da Scraplootas!" Blue cheered from her seat on the gubbins box, swinging her arms wildly, nearly knocking the recorder grot out with her spanner.
"Aye, ya git," Zizzbitz picked up the box and Blue, "We iz da Scraplootas." Finally some excitement. They had mucked about enough even for the indolent Big Mek, "So dem weirdboy 'umies, where dey be at?"
"Kaztrukk got da world an' co-ordinits. 'E jus' wants teef fer it."

>> No.29289590


"Aye where mah teefs at?" The drunkard jerked to attention suddenly. The bar stool a thing of the past. "I ain't givin' ya nuffink wid out mah teef."
"Ya still got teef in yer gob, ya git, if dey ain't rotted from all dat squigbeer. Why dun ya come wid us. Safer fer yer skin den dis safe 'ouse." Urtylug raised his hand and had a mug placed into his hand. This one had the symbol of a raven taped to it, the red crystal on the body long since smashed and crumbled to dust.
Kaztrukk shook his head, "Nah, nuffink iz safer den dis safe 'ouse. No one knows 'bout it. No one can find me 'ere."
"You gotta point. But. We iz in yer safe 'ouse. We knowz 'bout it. We can find you 'ere."
"An' it's safer wid you, den 'ere, you say." Realization dawned on Kaztrukk's face like the arrival of a Tyranid Hive Fleet.
"Time ta come outta retirement, Kaztrukk." There was a glint in Urtylug's eye, "Yer teef, if ya really want it, iz in da Loot-Havva."

Port side, Krumpus Bay, right outside Teeftougua. The moderately sized shuttle was still there, unmolested, not a tooth on its grill front emblem touched or even looked at wrongly. This fact may or may not have had to do with the crippled grot leaning on the side, polishing blood off his cane. He wouldn't be able to tell you how the blood got there, or how he was still alive as a crippled grot, or why the grot on duty was trembling behind his chair, or why he spoke in perfectly good low Gothic. But he was going to blend into the swarm of grots that now approached. And you would hopefully never see him again. Hopefully.
Have a wonderful day.

>> No.29289675

I'm trying to imagine what orky tinfoil would look like.

Aside from various paint jobs, I'm coming up blank.

>> No.29289706


Urtylug looked back at Teeftougua as everyone else filed on. Fizzgutz had a good haul. A lot of gits and a lot of grots wanted to sign up to seek their fortunes with the Scraplootas. Another sign that the name was known far and wide. Was that good? Bad? Did Urtylug wish that he could go back to the old days with the Minnitboyz? Maybe. But this was good too.
Maybe it was too many gits and grots at once. But it would sort itself out. It definitely was not Orky to discriminate which Orks got to go on the Waaagh with you. Maybe the next Warboss was among this new bunch. Maybe the next Big Mek. Maybe some aspirin grot who had decided on a ridiculously long name for himself would join up today and make it big. You never knew. And you probably will never know.

Urtylug breathed deep and swallowed. (A moist one this time. Nice texture.) Now this was being an Ork. This was being a Freeboota. On the way to another scrap where there was loot to be had. Living off the fat of the worlds, raidin' and krumpin' as he saw fit. This was what being Warboss and Kaptin was about.

It was a good day to be a Scraploota. And just the start to many more.

The story I'm prepping for is basically what I'd consider a "season finale" for the Scraplootas, hopefully opening the door to a whole slew of possibilities that (hopefully) other writefaggrots would pick up.

I am kind of uncomfortable shaping what I feel is communal /tg/ property so much. So if there are too many objections, I can just let it fizzle into nothingness.

Thoughts? Critique? Criticism? Slander? Trolling?

I'll have the pastebin up after I do some final edits.

>> No.29289814

Looks good to me

>> No.29289997

I think it's a good set up.
The references weren't distracting and the callbacks to past stories weren't thick enough to make it too confusing for people who haven't read them.

If this were a Saturday morning cartoonm then grot quest would be one of those online mini game things we see so many of these days.

The next step for me is to start bothering the drawthreads again for more Scraplootas pics.

>> No.29290753
File: 8 KB, 324x319, creeds mug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She supposedly is half fire caste, don't forget.

>> No.29290900

How big do fire Caste Tau even get?

>> No.29290924

That's still pretty short compared to an ork.

Aren't fire caste still shorter than an average human even?

>> No.29291579

Aren't the bodyguards of the Ethereal Supreme pretty MuscleTau, like catachan level muscles?

>> No.29292176

No idea.

I thought tau stuck to ranged weapons because they were physically weaker than most of the things they typically fight.

>> No.29292925

We do have to take into account all the orky shit going on with Blue. So she's most likely a lot better at melee.

>> No.29292984

Yeah, one of the endings did have that she just kept getting stronger as the years went on due to the Waaagh!

I think there's one pic where she's at least a little muscular.

>> No.29292996
File: 83 KB, 408x557, Aunva6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Ethereals train themselves to physical perfection and some of them are quiet nasty in melee.

Take Aun'shi for example who cleave an Ork boss in half with a spear.

>> No.29293536
File: 114 KB, 573x592, 1297538847926.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


oh man guys


what if Blue's dad is actually an Ethereal

we only ASSUME he's a fire caste, right?

>> No.29293567

Depends. According to the "lore" the heads of the Grotocracy don't last long as they get backstabbed fairly quickly, but I'd imagine the mafia types could do quite well.

>> No.29293582

>Blue became da Blue Nob because she had a big metal suit that made her the size of a Nob.
As the writer of that story, this is how I meant it. That said, gigatau musclegirls are also perfectly acceptable in my eyes.

>> No.29294186

We can post again!


Finalized version pastebinned. A few changes here and there for consistency.

That gets a little too close to mary sue territory. It's probably best if Blue's father is left ambiguous and unconfirmed.

>> No.29294471
File: 71 KB, 404x596, Aunshi6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good, updating now.

Aun'Shi: grampa tau, "Orks, get off my lawn!"

>> No.29294505

The Grot has probably been around since before they looted the titan.

I'd say they picked up Blue within one cycle of looting the titan.
Latest story says it's been about 4 cycles since Snekkit blew all those gits to zog.

I think the longest lived grot was about 8 before he got squished.

So The Grot could be 5 cycles or more old.

I agree with keeping it ambiguous, it's not a real important plot point anyway.

Nice job with the story.

>> No.29294964

Pleb question and everything but how long is a cycle?

>> No.29295051

No idea.
It's as long as it takes a planet to orbit a star, but they never say which planet or which star, and I doubt they're using standard Imperium time.

>> No.29295054

As the writer of the latest story, I'll be honest. I have no idea. I needed a filler time period and that was the most generic one I could think of. Orks probably play fast and loose with their time keeping anyway.

I dunno when I'll be able to start the next bit. Maybe next month? Next year? Next cycle?

At any rate, I'll keep the Scraplootas close to my heart.

>> No.29296561

Well whenever that happens, I'll look forward to it.

Maybe someone else will write up some other stories in the meantime.

>> No.29296908
File: 133 KB, 525x750, 1289391820748.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, everything updated, same links apply.

>> No.29299062

Did you update the wiki page with the new link already?

>> No.29299227

its the same link, so yes

>> No.29299481

Didn't know if you'd edited it since the other day when you had to re-do it all.

>> No.29299714

In fact every update requires redoing it completely, is faster (sorta) than modifying previous files and I just overwrite the Dropbox files with the new ones.

>> No.29301044
File: 201 KB, 600x600, scraploota 1343856425362.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I forgot all about this pic.

It'll update next time I dump more stuff into dropbox.

>> No.29302916
File: 173 KB, 600x600, Bluesketch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Theres quite a few little Loota doodles here and there.

>> No.29303079

Welp. I think this thread had a goon run.

Next Scraplootas thread when?

>> No.29303127

Yeah, I have that one.
Pretty sure I've got most of them, it's just that making my dropbox folder available made me realize I was missing that one.

And it appears we hit the bump limit a few posts ago and are already well on our way to the end of the thread listings.

No idea when the next Scraplootas thread will be, but this one was a pretty good thread.

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