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The original Dawn of War turns 10 years old in 2014.

Can we get a WH40K General to 'celebrate'?

I really do miss DoW. I knew about 40K before I got it, but it was vague to me since I was barely a teenager. DoW really, really got me into the lore and TT.

Thank you, THQ and relic, for an awesome game and plenty of FIGHTAN'!

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> 2004
> 20 years ago

Oh dear, is it 2024 already? That was fast.

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Dawn of War is what got me into 40k entirely, the setting seemed really cool, and that led me to just spend entrie afternoons on the Warhammer wiki reading random articles. Bought my 6th ed. rulebook spring semester last year and I'm an avid collector and player now.

pic related: The bastards I fell in love with

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Does anybody else not skip that intro when they play DoW? The flag raising bit still give me goosebumps of joy.

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I get ya, man. I never started collecting, it was too expensive and all my money went into hobbies I already had. But I bought a 3rd Edition rulebook just for the fucking lore and pictures in like 2005. Good fucking times. My friends got into it too, they bought DoW and we all played it. Man, I love 40K.

Still one of the best. Just like the C&C RA2 intro. Fuck yeah.

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Me too, it's just such a well directed moment I can't help but get them too

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dawn of war really had some of the best shit.

heres a song that used lines from the units. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gGG4fpGB_w

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>that hand quiver at the end

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I love that trailer

Dawn of War II trailer was also good.
>"Strike from the skies brothers!'
>Dat Warp Spider getting shot in the face
>Dat sarge
>Dat fucking sarge


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Dreads are my fucking favorite, but I hated Space Marine proportions in that trailer. Always took me out of it.

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I just wish they explained why the Dread disappeared at the end

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The player forgot he had him on the field.

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RTS games have some really good intro movies don't they?

I also enjoy the RA3 intro.

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Yeah that always bugged me too

Always wondered about that as well.

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Haven't you used Thule in-game? The dread was probably trying to catch up.

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>Eldar ranger confuses pauldron with head
Gets me every time.

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Haha I never really noticed that before. I was always too busy creaming myself over how awesome the Dread was. That is fucking hilarious though.

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Me too. I got into it with winter assault demo, I fell in love with the idea of humans (IG) vs Orcs in a sci-fi setting.

Funnily enough I only learned about what the marines were latter, and I was greatly confused why something called Imperial Guard were the grunts, and the ones called Space Marines the elite forces.

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Mark of Chaos still ranks in my top 5 for best intro's ever.

I did more than enjoy the intro for RA3, I enjoyed the whole game

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Why are these openings so great?

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The full version of the DoW2 trailer ends with a Hive Tyrant dropping down and fighting the marine for a couple seconds. I can't seem to find it on Steam but I'm sure it's on Youtube.

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>That one guy shoving his dirk into the marauder before he dies

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I played that game so much I was able to beat two normal difficulty Ork AIs alone as Guard. When I learned that's basically what Steel Legion does every other day in their fluff it didn't help my obsession haha

Why is liking that game taboo? I loved the aesthetic and gameplay Tim Curry was just like icing on the damn cake for me.

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So where'd the elf go?

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>Why is liking that game taboo?
Funnilly enough I made a thread about this game yesterday and the consensus was that it was fine but not great.

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That was a Lictor or whatever it's called

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>Serjeant shouting I have failed you

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>Why is liking that game taboo?
Dunno. Lot of people dont like new things happening to old series and such, though, and taking the already kinda silly Red Alert 2 and adding even more silly with 3 cheesed off a lot of people. Not sure why, though - Red Alert was never a serious series at all.

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I do believe he got stepped on by the gigantic Bloodthirster. He pushed the warrior priest out of the way, and then took hoof to the dome.

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There you go.

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>mfw I read 'drik' as 'dick'

I've been here too long.

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Shit it's already been added earlier. Whoops.

Have one of the few pieces of Tau art I like as penance

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Oh god, me too. I didn't realize until you pointed it out just now.

This is pedometer all over again.

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That's not a Tyrant

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Huh, I'd never seen the full one before. That was great.

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T-thanks for mentioning it was actually dirk anon

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>"To me Sons of Sigmar, for the Empire!"

I love that guy, absolutely has no fucking fear.

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The guy takes down 4 or 5 Chaos warrior by himself, he's a total beast.

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And he still gets up to take on a Bloodthirster and charges it.

Who in their right mind does that?

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>Slaves of Sigmar
>in their right mind
Choose uno.

>> No.29192846

>Surrounded by enemy warriors
>About to be charged by bloodthirster
Fo Sigmar' charge is the only logical conclusion.

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His Right Mind? More like his Righteous mind. FOR THE EMPIRE!

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>Red Alert was never a serious series at all.
You never played Red Alert 1 did you? It was gritty as fuck. Watch the allied ending, where the Greek general Stavros, whose country was basically bombed (or nuked, can't remember) into a barren wasteland, smashes the head of a barely living Stalin in rage.
Heck, the slogan in the promotional material was already dark as hell. "Nice guys don't finish last, they don't finish at all", with the image of a smoking boot on a scorch mark.

And RA3 is a horrible game both in gameplay as in balance. The story is a hilariously cheesy fuckcluster that doesn't fit anywhere into previously established canon and is only redeemed by the high profile actors hamming things up with glorious cheese.


And slightly more on topic, I didn't know 40k at all before I bought DoW1 a short time after it came out. The only thing I had heard about it before was that it was a cool RTS with fully customisable army colouring.
I really liked the lore in it, which is how I ended up on /tg/ after reading half of Lexicanum.

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>he only read half

>> No.29197168

>20 years ago

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Why were the other intro movies so shit?

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> The story is a hilariously cheesy fuckcluster that doesn't fit anywhere into previously established canon

Well, they did go back in time. And come on, RA2 had giant squids and a man taking over the world with mind-control.

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What does the based Priest shout before getting shunted in the back?

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> RA
*stomp stomp stomp stomp*

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>tfw DoW 2 got me into 40K

Wonderful game.

>40,000 CE
>not using Tarkus or Thule in every mission
shiggy diggy, heretic.


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fuck why does it always do that with the spoilers

>> No.29198235

Did you add a close spoiler tag?

Anyway, Thule/Tarkus/Avitus master race.

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Yeah, they go back in time, but you have no clue at what point in the RA2 timeline they do it. It doesn't really make sense anyway because it would completely invalidate anything done in RA2. And yeah, RA2 was cheesy as fuck, but it had a coherent story and awesome gameplay.

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Because they look like they used in-game resources instead of being what they used for the original intro?

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The flag makes me cry manly tears. I console myself by saying they're all just in trauma-induced stasis and not actually dead.

The goosebump moment for me is when the Dreadnought arrives and the music changes.

I love how people have so many retarded criticisms about this amazing trailer.

>Why do they charge uphill? Are they retarded?

If you play this game, you know you need to capture objectives. Sometimes you HAVE to charge disadvantageously if you want to win.

>Why didn't they wait for reinforcements? They died before the drop pods came in.

The dreadnought WAS the reinforcements. The drop pods only started landing because they captured the point so the player can send more troops in.


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Also charging uphill when they didn't know there were a whole bunch of orks right behind it.

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Within minutes of playing the demo for Dawn of War I fell in love with it. Got the game at the first opportunity and loved it to bits, and with the Winter Assault and Dark Crusade expansions it is probably my favorite vidya. The faction diversity, the map control-based resource system, the squad-based combat, all gold.

And on top of that, this awesome universe of constant war made real by the deliciously cheesy voice-acting.

Who could forget the voices of the psyker? The priest? The marine squad? The bonesingers? The Dreadnought?

The fucking CHAPLAIN? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJ5s81NRdQE

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>mfw DoW 2

it's not even an RTS, it's like a shit overhead RPG

I guess Last Stand was alright

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I am probably the one person who prefers DOW2 over 1, I just wish it allowed for a higher population cap and had the Tau, Necrons, Dark Eldar, Chaos Daemons, and SoB.

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That last part with the flag is fucking retarded.


Just a futile gesture that means nothing, and the Orks will tear it down in no time anyway. It'll end up as some Flash Git's flash ass-cloth.

And before that the Marines charge into hand-to-hand combat for no reason. It's like the sergeant got a slugga round in the head that managed to perfectly lobotomize him and turn him into an Ork.

I like the bit with the Dread crushing Orks and getting blown up, and the fact that the Orks seem to win is kinda good too.

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>Who could forget the voices of the psyker? The priest? The marine squad? The bonesingers? The Dreadnought?

The Canoness was badass too.

And I laughed at the Eldar VA they got for Soulstorm who voiced Eldar with a distinct Lancashire accent.

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The timing of this terrible post makes it doubly hilarious.

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>> No.29201154


You can't cap objectives without planting a flag.

They charge because they need to plant the flag.

There are no orks left alive to retake the objective.

The orks didn't win because they're all dead and more marines are coming.

>> No.29201246


So that stupid unrealistic video is justified by stupid unrealistic game mechanics.

Hahahaha, OK. Reach harder, fantards.

And this guy...

>There are no orks left alive to retake the objective.
>The orks didn't win because they're all dead and more marines are coming.

So the Marines are shooting holes in their own flag?

You're a fucking idiot.

>> No.29201281

>tries to put realism into a video game
>doesn't know how far bullets travel IRL

>> No.29201328

Tau all the way. I personally love thinking of Shas'O Kais as being the same Kais from Fire Warrior... and winning DC.

It's my headcanon, don't judge me.

I do the same for the Eldar in Retribution.

>> No.29201364

one of these things are not like the others

>> No.29201370


Are you implying Orks are retarded enough to waste time shooting at a lone flag in the middle of nowhere?

>> No.29201392


40k is not like the others.

>> No.29201425

Not the guy you're replying to, but I can see that happening.

>> No.29201521


Even if that's the case, that still means hordes of Orks must be shooting for so many stray shots to go through the flag in that short space of time. Which means that they'll rock up and wreck that shit in no time at all.

And if the Marines had reinforcements coming, they should have held back in cover, SHOT at the Orks, and wait 60 seconds for their buddies to arrive, THEN take the hill.

So with or without realism, it's retarded as all shit.


Well someone is shooting at it.

Okay, let's guess which it is:

>Marines shoot their own flag
>Orks shoot a Marine banna

Please, be my guest.

>> No.29201592


Looks like you still haven't read the post that explains why you're a retard, which makes you doubly retarded.

The dreadnought was the reinforcements. The drop pods don't come in until he increases his requisition points by capping that point with a flag.

>> No.29201613

>Well someone is shooting at it.
>Okay, let's guess which it is:
>>Marines shoot their own flag
>>Orks shoot a Marine banna
>Please, be my guest.

Options 3 and 4: stray fire from an unknown group that could be either of them or another race entirely, also you're stupid and a faggot.

Maybe that was 5 points.

Stop posting if you haven't even played the game or even READ THE THREAD. How hard is that? Very hard for you, I'm sure, you dyslexic retard.

>> No.29201699

where should I buy finecast stuff from? My local store said that it's direct order only and I should just go through GW, but I want to know if there's a better option out there.

>> No.29202147

Coming from /v/, you sir are the cancer. Vidya should not always be realistic and its annoying that every dev in the world seems to think that realism is needed in every fucking title.

>> No.29202942


Anon ples

>> No.29203084

>responding to a troll

>> No.29203201


So we're back to retarded game mechanics, which makes you the retard for thinking that makes a good video.

Fuck off, you giant infected pus-squirting moose cunt.

>an unknown group

So in the middle of this battle, a random group of guys show up and shoot bullets through a Marine flag. And this third group won't even try to otherwise contest the area where the last Marine just died to raise that flag, so that his actions were totally not futile.

Yeah, nah. That's even more retarded than the other fantards' reaching.

Fuck off, you gibbering Down Syndrome turdchimp.

>> No.29203228

>So we're back to retarded game mechanics, which makes you the retard for thinking that makes a good video.

Why the fuck would you judge a video for a video game and then criticitize it for being true to the game?

>> No.29203250

>And this third group won't even try to otherwise contest the area where the last Marine just died to raise that flag, so that his actions were totally not futile.

So why don't the Orks do that?

Hurr durr durr

You're criticizing a variation of your own retarded argument.

Step up your trolling son this isn't even entertaining.

>> No.29203311

greatest line ever recorded

>> No.29203341


>> No.29203374

Because it's shit. Tards here were saying "hurr do manly, so moving" but it's about as moving as watching a random infantryman die in original C&C.


Obvious bait, and a poor attempt at intentionally tortuous reasoning. 2/10, more effort than average, but easily destroyed.

The video ends with shots ripping through the flag. We don't see the rest of the story. If there are Orks there (or, if you prefer, this 'third unknown group'), as we know they are because they're shooting the flag, they are are about to contest it.

But you're really just being silly. I know that. It's just that your arguments are so easily to demolish, well, then why not put you into intellectual checkmate like I just have? You'll tell yourself "I only did it for fun XDDD" but deep down I know you'll feel bad that you couldn't come up with something better that would really have me stumped, rather than just getting me to reply.

Stay defeated, newfriend. I'm going to bed so I won't even read whatever shit you try to throw out as damage control. It won't be sufficient anyway, so I'm not missing anything.

>> No.29203474

And this is why /v/ and video games suck.

>> No.29203657

video games are the bees pajamas Its the people playing them that suck.

>> No.29203729


Sort of like how honey is delicious but bears are fucking assholes that will attack you?

>> No.29203775

Yeah but bears at least look cool and apparently taste pretty good if you kill one.

>> No.29204157

>intellectual checkmate
>I'm going to bed so I won't even read whatever shit you try to throw out as damage control

>> No.29204752

DoW had some kick ass mods too.




>> No.29204906

This. If anyone wants to actually have fun with DoW, especially with Soulstorm, get mods!

>> No.29207944

Awesome intro, always bugged the hell outta me that Bloodthirsters weren't even in the game though the were in the intro,

>> No.29208188

Thank for your reminding me of getting apocalypse mod

>> No.29208449

>ambushed by 2 meter tall men in huge plate armour, its not like its going to clang or anything
>how come that elf didn't find those warriors and warned the priest? Elves may be pricks, but are loyal allies with Empire.
>Hey lets loosen our drilled formation to fight better troops
>and why the hell are goblins with chaos warriors together?
>What the hell was the elf trying to achieve at the end? drag his from the forest with dozens of warriors after their ass?
>no comment on how much chance has lone, mortally wounded priest against 5 metre tall demon, not to mention those warriors still out there
but seriously, I really that game

>> No.29208466

*really loved that game

>> No.29208655

This is a much better teaser trailer for the soon-to-be-released 'Nids than the one specifically created for it.

>> No.29208685

>not shooting just for the sake of it as an ork
Muckin' about

>> No.29208722

Don't forget the Techpriest, or even the Narrator himself. I'd say it's an honest tie between him and Morgan freeman for who I'd want to narrate my life.


>> No.29209087

Their currency is their own teeth, dude.

>> No.29209345

>Not shooting at everything at all times
Pick one.

>> No.29209581

If anyone has Soulstorm, I really suggest getting Ultimate Apocalypse.

And play without any restrictions. Titans, Titans, Titans, terminators covering the entire hillside, so much armour you can barely move your infantry alongside.

>> No.29209661

Any good mods that let you play as nids in DOW1?

>> No.29209668


>And this little fedora was done...

>> No.29209677


I don't know, it did seem kind of silly that they left their position to charge the orks when it seemed like the orks were going to charge them anyway; but then, it was kind of stupid that one bomb from the ork just totally vaporized the dreadnought too. The video had to end one way or the other, though. People gotta get around to playing the game eventually, after all.

>> No.29209694


Um.. the tyranid mod

>> No.29209806

Yeah, it's only the most popular mod for any DoW game ever

>> No.29209817

>being this new

>> No.29210275

The amount if /v/ attitude shit in here is disgusting. You're better than this, /tg/.


>the cinematic was stupid and didn't make sense blah blah

That's because it's the in-game starter cinematic. It's not supposed to make sense, it's supposed to get you pumped for the game.

>but who won?
Nobody. The Orks overwhelmed the marines, but there's more marine reinforcements coming, so the battle isn't over yet.

>why did the muhreens leave their defendable position and charge?

They received reinforcements in the shape of a fucking massive mech with enough firepower to level a platoon of Orks by itself. They underestimated the number of Orks remaining and didn't think they could hurt the dreadnought.

>who was shooting the flag?
The surviving Orks were the ones shooting. Probably randomly. While yelling something. Because that's what Orks do.

Can we have a nice thread now?

>> No.29210833

>playing Last Stand mode

>> No.29211047

I heard that Relic has plans for DoW 3, yet dunno when they will release any info on that...or will there ever be any info on it...

>> No.29212120

So, /tg/, the general consensus is i'm too expensive, right?

Well, now i'm a psyker level 3. If rumors are true, boneswords lost ID abilities, but gained an ability that heals the user depending on how many swords they are wielding (5+ for 2 swords, so presumably 6+ for 1 sword and 3+ for four). Not only that, but now I have access to an 18" range S10 AP1 lance psychic power, and Tyrants are supposedly becoming a BS4 so presumably so am I, which means I have a nasty shooting attack too.

Am I still too expensive?

>> No.29212160


>> No.29212218


>> No.29212250



>> No.29212293

Depends on whether boneswords are still virtually ap2.
Having to kit out a very specific CC build for a tyrant just to make them survivable and giving them an anti-armor shooting attack isn't really a great prospect.

>> No.29212306

He's a monstrous creature. His attacks are AP2 regardless.

>> No.29212353


>> No.29212379

Other points still stand.
What I would rather see (coming from a SM player of some years) is a modular psychic attack, short range lance, or a longer range pieplate.
I can understand the lance, popping assault transports, but in this day and age, you need some troop cracking ability.

>> No.29212400

>Troop cracking ability
It's called assault.

>> No.29212415

I mean against hordes, and softening up cc opponents.

>> No.29212435


That's gonna be tough for them, since they no longer hold the license.

Stop talking out of your ass and spreading misinformation.

>> No.29212486

Sorry, but it may be actually true information. No matter what, I'll wait.

>> No.29212503

From where I'm standing, the swarmlord's biggest drawback wasn't that it lacked guns - that definitely contributed - or the fact that he is expensive but rather that he doesn't have any reliable way of getting into combat quickly enough and he lacks the ability to tank the shots he will be taking as he footslogs his way up the board. Giving him psyker 3 and a couple of neat witchfires only alleviates the problem, but it still doesn't enable him to do his main job - turn things to fine paste with his bone sabres.

Btw, where does it say bonesabres lost their ID abilities?

>> No.29212525

You want one special character model to stand up to hordes by himself when his entire character is geared towards assault.

Try and find me any special character that matches those prerequisites.

>> No.29212801

How do I install that if i'm using steam?

>> No.29212965


Alright fine, so we're both sort of right. From Relic's director, Quinn Duffy:

"There were certain properties that were attached to the sale of Relic initially, which was Company of Heroes, but not all of Relic's initial IP was part of that initial sale package. Dawn of War, because it's a license and it's owned by Games Workshop, they have the opportunity to work that license with whoever they want. I would hope it would be us again. We had a great working relationship with Games Workshop. Sega is establishing one now with the fantasy license for Creative Assembly.

There's a strong possibility we'll all be working together again on Dawn of War."

Although it honestly sounds like he's just being optimistic.

>> No.29213477

Rolled 12

Steam Workshop, maybe?
>shitting up thread by bitching about realism in a Trailer for a Video game
>claims they're right
See pic.

>> No.29213558

It's not misinformation.

They had plans for DoW3, and planned to make it even bigger scale than DoW1, with the possibility of adding in void combat (Not as a main feature though).

This happened BEFORE THQ went under though. No word on DoW3 has been heard since they've moved to Sega.

>> No.29215093

So GeeDubs is just going to sit on that license until they get bored and give it to some random jackass. Goody.

>> No.29217322

Those random jackasses might be really good though.

>> No.29217707


Fuck now i want to reinstall. thanks op.

Honestly, i;d go so far as to say this is the best realtime strategy game of all time.

>puts actual focus on tactics and combat instead of mindlessly spaming X amount of Unit Y for so long then
>Armies feel diverse
>battles feel amazing

and then the X packs buggered everything up...

>> No.29218696

You're welcome.

Winter Assault is considered by most to be the pinnacle of DoW. Dark Crusade is my favorite, but I have to admit that the map design got real lazy, and with that many different races, balance went out the window, etc. WA or the original DoW was definitely the best in these terms.

While certain units were definitely far more valuable than others, you're right, DoW really did it well to avoid the common RTS mistakes.

Eldar will always be overpowered assholes, though. A player using Eldar who is just decent at micromanaging will rock almost every other player, except maybe a great Tau player, or a Necron player who knows how to win before Tier 2 even starts.

>> No.29218756

Or an IG player who has been given too much time to build up in a big game.

>> No.29218823

>puts actual focus on tactics and combat instead of mindlessly spaming X amount of Unit Y for so long then
>Armies feel diverse
If any of this was true..

DoW is a pretty mediocre RTS, the fact that you guys fap over it says a lot about what you look for in a game. But then again, you are playing 40k in the first place..

>Best rts of all time.
My fucking sides.

>> No.29219004

Back in my WA days, I made a friend online. He was really good... at almost any race. His favored was the IG, though. I remember what he told me once. "If the game has gone on long enough where I can roll the enemy with my tanks, the game has gone on too long."

Obviously this was competitive 1v1 and 2v2 I'm talking about. Almost no games should hit T4, most will end in T2, MAYBE T3 if it's a skilled 2v2 match.

Your point still stands, though. But a good Eldar player will never let an IG get to T4, haha.

>> No.29221538


Tyranids Mod has it's own installer. Just point it to Steam/Steamapps/Common/Dawn of War Soulstorm and you'll be able to install it.

Then select Game Manager at the main menu and select Tyranids mod.

>> No.29221652

The orks clearly didn't have enuff dakka

>> No.29221748

How the heck do you install firestorm over kronus 3.6. I have version 1.2 of Dark crusade but I cant get shit to work.

>> No.29221855


>> No.29221857

Do you need to open the RAR file for 3.6?
The link to the password is here.

Then take all the contents and put them in your Dark Crusade folder. Then check the Game Manager for it.

>> No.29221906

I extracted the file.
Do you physically copy and paste the whole folder into the dark crusade folder? Because I did that and it isn't showing up in the game manager.

>> No.29221989

The DoW40K_FOK folder inside the RAR goes in the DC folder, yeah, and the Module goes in the DC folder, not inside the folder with the other stuff.

>> No.29222175

Fuck yes. Thanks anon.

>> No.29222785

I just wish relic wasn't bound to THQ when they made DoW2

The game may have actually gotten finished...

>> No.29222927

Whats up with all the Trolls in this thread, they are more prevalent and idiotic than normal.

>> No.29223085

The dub on YouTube is good in places.

> First Marine gets a headshot
> Banshees start sprinting towards the Marines

They should've been recoloured Angry Marines.

>> No.29223197

Tau RAPE Eldar.

>> No.29223292

I don't know man. Eldar turn on fleet of foot and rush into close combat, What then?

>> No.29223349


That is better to explain why Eldar are the most OP race.

>> No.29223391

>Ambushed by chaos warriors
They've got sneaky magic n' shit. Or maybe the spooky forest is just too spooky for them to realize they're being ambushed. Think about it, all of them are going to be making noise too... It's plausible.
>how come that elf didn't find those warriors and warned the priest? Elves may be pricks, but are loyal allies with Empire.
I think that Elf JUST saw the humies and didn't want to reveal himself just yet. I dunno, this one seems to be the elf just wanting to be dramatic.
>Hey lets loosen our drilled formation to fight better troops
To be fair, they were surrounded.
To also be fair, this was also foolish.
I reckon the Priest was hoping they would be able to punch through somewhere and save some of his men? Seems odd.
>and why the hell are goblins with chaos warriors together?
>Gee dubying intensifies
>What the hell was the elf trying to achieve at the end? drag his from the forest with dozens of warriors after their ass?
Yeah, it actually did. It was kinda funny just seeing all those Chaos Warriors in the background just casually walking up to him.
>You stepped into the wrong neighbourhood

>no comment on how much chance has lone, mortally wounded priest against 5 metre tall demon, not to mention those warriors still out there
Eh, there's a chance he could smack it in the gabber and kill it. HE CAN DREAM

>> No.29223646

Wtf? I didn't know today was DoW's "birthday".
I am literally playing DoW right now, soulstorm to be exact with the Codex Complete mod.

>> No.29223668

Is this from a game?

>> No.29224087


>13 minutes of voicework for a single unit

>> No.29224321

Dawn of War mods:

Firestorm Over Kaurava - Arguably THE BEST mod for Dawn of War: Dark Crusade. It basically made the game play like the tabletop game. Armour ratings, Force Org, whatever. You're up against a Land Raider? You NEED anti-tank weapons. No longer can you just pound boltgun shots into it and wait for it to die. Sure, Lascannon shots work against Imperial Guardsmen, but they'll fuck you up long before you ever pop off enough shots to put them down. It took a tactical game and made it a thing of pure beauty. Also, correct proportions. Added about a bajillion units to all races.

Mobilise for WAR: More of a 'shits and giggles' mod - just removed all unit limits and upgrade limits. 50 Baneblades? Ok. 70 9-man Terminator squads, ALL with Assault Cannons? Have at it, Timmy. Just trolling your opponent with endless (literally) waves of Gretchin? Hilarious, but allowed. Finally, my dream of a loyalist Thousand Sons army made entirely from Librarians exists.

Lights of the Warp - Basically a less-awesome Firestorm Over Kaurava

Titanium Wars/Ultimate Apocalypse - Two mods that add MOTHERFUCKING TITANS TO THE GAME. Basically, each faction gains 'Relic' resource from (surprise) captured Relics. Once you have enough Relic resource, you can start building Titans and such. I've only played the Space Marine faction with this mod so far (I use Ultimate Apocalypse), and they give you Warhound and Reaver Titans, all the Land Raiders are Relic vehicles, and a fucking nuclear weapons research centre. They're not cheap, but since the Relic resource is separate from Vehicle and Infantry caps, YOU CAN STILL HAVE PREDATOR TANKS BACKING UP YOUR TITANS. ARE YOU UNDERSTANDING HOW COOL THIS IS?!

Dawn of War 2 mods:

Destroyer 40K - Personally, the best mod for DoW 2: Retribution. More units for Marines, Imp Guard lose the Inquisitor and gain a Tau Crisis Suit (yes, you can play as Tau. Kind of). Chaos Plague Marine looks cooler. Unit cap bumped to 400. cont. soon

>> No.29224562

I'm a noob in the universe of warhammer 40k, my favourite army is space wolves, never played tabletop and only DoW. And I fucking love the game.
But if there's one thing I hate about the tabletop are Titans and Tank Wars. When I imagined this game I was think of a tactial squad vs squad type of game, with the occasional Drop Pod with Terminators and a few tanks and transport units if the table/map is quite big, not some I GOT 3 FUCKING TITATNS THE SIZE OF THE MOON, PREPARE YOUR PUNY LITTLE TERMINATORS.
I know the game basically works on a squad point system but come on.

>> No.29224583

and then they fucked it all up in the sequel and killed the series forever, why does that happen so often

>> No.29225107

>But if there's one thing I hate about the tabletop are Titans and Tank Wars.
I got bad news for you then...

>> No.29225402

the tanks are called in to stop other tanks or help little squads win. and titans exist. to breach hive walls or stop other titans. or just kill that many things

>> No.29225567

Cont. from >>29224321

The best SINGLEPLAYER mod for Dawn of War 2 is, hands down, The Squad Mod, by Jaylo. It basically adds extra squad members for you AND your opponents in the campaign. Orks now come in mobs 20 or 30-strong, Eldar Rangers now have two or three snipers and four or five support members. But your squads. Oh my god, your squads. You Commander gets a Command Squad, consisting of a Chaplain, Librarian, Deathwatch Killteam member and Veteran Sergeant. Tarkus gets an extra three squad members and a Techmarine. Thaddeus can wield Thunder Hammers, and gains squadmates. Avitus gains squadmates, and each has a different heavy weapon - Multimelta, Lascannon, Plasma Cannon, Heavy Bolter

>> No.29225599

I know their utilities and I fully understand that each piece of unit has pros and cons but I like the game at a smaller scale, it doesn't sound that tactical when you bring for example a machine gun that fires 10.000 rounds per minute at a western style revolver duel.
It's mostly a subjective matter but I also dislike how titans look, well, how most giant robots look, I'm more of a fan of compact robots and mechs and stuff like that.

>> No.29225644

That's exactly what Apocalypse games are, dude. They're FOR people who fucking love massive battles. I mean, now that Escalation is out, sucks to be you, but still. Most games are squad v squad. Unless, you know, ImpGuard Mech army. In which case, enjoy.

>> No.29225662

Also, in this case, just play small-point games. 500 or 750 point games on a small table are just your thing. Check out the tabletop expansion 'Cities of Death'.

>> No.29225721

Apocalypse, now I know what to avoid.

Will check out "Cities of Death". Thanks.

>> No.29225750

Rolled 4958


>> No.29225766

This is GW we're talking about- they'll try their hardest to find the lowest bidder and it'll show. Ideally, it'll go back to Relic or a relatively competent developer, but I'm not counting on it,

>> No.29225952

Yeah, Apocalypse was basically GW's rules for fuckhueg battles. Thousands of points over a game that may very well take a day or even a weekend. However, they've released a new supplement called 'Escalation' that basically says "It's ok to use Superheavy vehicles in non-Apoc games. Here are the rules." Which means we'll most likely start seeing things like Thunderhawk gunships and such in standard point games. Titans are very expensive, though, which means if you stick to small-point games, it's likely you'll never see them.

Cities of Death, on the other hand, I really enjoy. THIS is a supplement for rules when fighting (hurr durr) in cities - buildings and ruins all around you, infantry sprinting from cover to cover, snipers chilling in abandoned buildings, units with Jump Packs soaring into said buildings, crashing through the roof, and kick them in the dick. It's very cinematic.

>> No.29225994


Also recommended for DOW1

Daemons Mod - Because now you have daemons available. And a much more robust army available than what the stock CSM have.

Black Templars Kaurava Crusade - Just Because 6E removed them as a full army doesn't mean they can't be fun. This mod keeps them in their badass 5E form.

Tyranids Mod - It's reputation precedes it. Tyranids for DOW.

Dark Prophecy (If it's still up somewhere, point me to it, as 4Shared doesn't have it anymore) - kinda shit for other races, but Imperium and Chaos get SHITTONS OF CHOICES AVAILABLE. Chaos can turn between any of the Traitor Legions, the Fallen, the Corsairs and Traitor Guardsmen, the SM can choose between several legions, predicting 6E's format in a way, and each choice gives new troops. The Guard get more tanks than anyone wants.

Inquisition Daemonhunt - An oldie but goodie. Brings out the Daemonhunters without the Ward's dickery. And they got some neat stuff.

Steel Legion Mod - Gives a Steel Legion army with new tanks, and lots of them. Also, YARRICK.

Dark Angels Mod - FINALLY, a mod that gives them the choice between the three wings and look right, which is a huge step up from Codex Mod's take on them. Also, you get all of the named heroes.

>> No.29226019

One of the greatest things I've read on 1d4chan.

>> No.29226121

Well you might have problems here, because 40K is a large scale universe. Small, tactical combat and skirmishes between a few squads of infantry are not a big part of the setting. Titan legions, massive battes where millions are killed in a day and multiple kilometre long spaceships are what 40K's all about.

>> No.29226273

Yeah, I took a looksee for Dark Prophecy. The guys who made it took it down from moddb for some reason. They say there's an update in the works, but god knows why they have to remove the old version to upload the new one...

>> No.29226303

holy crap this thread has gone on for 3 days

but yeah, Firestorm over kronus/kaurava has to be my favorite mod of all time for dow1,

>Dat tactical use of imperial guard storm troopers for their anti-tank, anti-infantry and building capabilities
>making them them most valuable units in an army of tank spam

>> No.29226454

I've heard of it, but what does it actually add or change? I've looked all over but I've never seen an actual list of features for it.

>> No.29226790

Rolled 7

I'll bite. Link?

>> No.29226816

>some random jackass

They'd be Behavior Interactive, the ones making the 40k MMO. They appear to be 40kfags of some stripe, and their business model looks solid. Now they just need to make a Planetside clone that doesn't suck, and not rape the lore too awfully hard.

>One day they'll make another not-shitty 40k game

>> No.29227245

based DoW got me into 40k. Installed to give a try knowing nothing except that it was made by the Company of Heroes dudes, the lore caught my attention immediately, it was so mental.

>> No.29227481

Be warned, it's not fantastic


>> No.29227825

>It basically made the game play like the tabletop game

Except it's still RTS...
Man, I just can't get into that genre.

>> No.29228108

It adds:
-a whole new faction to play (black templars)
- A shitload of new units for every race
-a shitload of new abilities and squad options (e.g new heavy weapons and wargear options for commanders)
- COMPLETELY revamps the gameplay to make it mirror the tabletop in terms of unit counters, rebalances all units

There's so much more, just google it and then download and play asap

>> No.29228463

>Even thinking of using the word balance in conjunction to something related to FoK

>> No.29228559

I downloaded it, but can't get it to work. Is there some place specific that I'm supposed to extract it to?

>> No.29228746

You extract it to the Dark Crusade folder. The module and extracted folder go into the DC folder separately. You need version 1.2

>> No.29229129

I am totally down for a DoW 3 (if its a clone of DoW 1)

>> No.29229400

Then we'll have to simply wait. Good thing my patience is eternal.

>> No.29229443

/v/ staph

>> No.29230325

Game mechanics or no, this is how I see it going down.
>Reinforcements arrive
>Enemies waste a whole squad of their men on a futile charge
>Now is the time to strike brothers!
>Oh shit there's more than we bargained for
>Retreating would get us torn to bits and we can probably win with the dread at out backs
>Dread gets popped, squad taken out or scattered in the blast
>Sergeant, stunned, wounded and surrounded by enemies makes a stand.
>Grabs the banner and marches up the hill his last action one of defiance when facing ineviteble defeat.
>Plants the banner as he dies, although he dies, he dies gloriously.

And that's my take on it. It was a tactical situation gone horribly wrong, the sergeant put down the flag, not for any logical strategic reason, you might notice he wasn't carrying it to begin with, it wasn't his plan. He planted the flag because he refused to die with a whimper or let the honour of the chapter get trampled into the dirt. He will die, it may be in vain, but he dies fighting to defend the honour of his chapter. That's why it's awesome.

>> No.29230769

>what eternal crusade will sound like with voip.

>> No.29231871

>enuff dakka
>implying there is such a thing

>> No.29232117

>That first time you saw the Force Commander's Sync kill on a Bloodthirster
DoW 1 had the best voice acting all around.

>> No.29232130

I know that, but I've googled it and it doesn't list anything specific. Is there a list of exactly WHAT it adds? (i.e. which units and abilities)

>> No.29232177

>mfw I started modding DoW
I got Firestorm over Kurava and the tyranid mod
fucking glorious.
What are some other good mods?

>> No.29232319

>Reach harder, fantards.
And you should reach a little less in your troll attempts.

>> No.29232718

>> No.29234919



>> No.29235990 [SPOILER] 



>> No.29236472

The only issue I have with Dark Crusade is that the honor guard infantry for Space Marines and Chaos are all single unit squads.

>> No.29236716


Seriosuly, how the fuck are you supposed to clear Hyperion Peaks on Normal or higher with only single Champions and one measly-ass Berzerker?

>raants first
Captcha has read my mind.

>> No.29236824

I just hated Hyperion Peaks so much I just skip it every playthough.

>> No.29237579

>tfw hated it until had mod that made all the veterans full squads.
>completely devastate poor Orks with veteran terminators with all assault cannons.
>leave land raiders at base.

>> No.29237639

Can you provide a link to this mod?

>> No.29239494

Titanium wars
Witch hunters mod

>> No.29240092 [SPOILER] 

It IS as though a thousand mouths cry out in pain!

>> No.29240174

Fortunately it's on the other side of the map from where you start, and orks hold it and they generally focus on tau and eldar first.

Just played through the campaign on hard as Chaos without mods. Start by focusing on the Imperial Guard and Space Marines and build up your honor guard. They control the center of the map and Pavonis so you can jump around and pick up as much of an honor guard as you can.

Then rush the southern part of the base. That's where the ork relic is, and that's where the vehicles will come from. If you can take that while keeping most of your army alive (which isn't too difficult with a daemon prince), then the rest is just mop up.

I see you point >>29236472, but on the other hand, each Chaos honor guard unit is pretty much a character in their own right (in terms of damage and hit points).

>> No.29241079

In most countries Marines are a more elite, commando force unlike in the U.S where they're pretty bog standard soldier.

All this lore does come from the U.K, where the Royal Marines are elite infantry.

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