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Trusty sidearm thread? Melee weapons welcome too. Any weapon that you rely on often enough it becomes synonymous with your character

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Any time they let me use it.

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Every time I see Deckard's gun I am totally mystified as to how it works.

On the bottom it looks like a revolver, but that's clearly a bolt action receiver on top. How...HOW?!

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the bolt dechambers rounds in the cylinder into the firing chamber above?

first action on trigger rotates new round into line for when bolt is cycled, second action fires loaded round and pops bolt into chambering position

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so then, the cylinder, I guess, is a very old manual version of a round selector; pull first action until desired round is in chambering position, cycle bolt to load, first action-second action pull fires, cycle bolt to load primed round, et al

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Much better version.

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>50 rounds standard magazine on a pistol

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>I drink your margarita.jpg

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There is two barrels on the gun, one for the revolver and another that the bolt is for, hence two triggers. I think it fires darts or some other android-effective round from the second barrel.
I have never actually seen Blade Runner

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Multiple calibers, and magic.

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To better protect glorious Yamato from the influence of Barbarians and spread the influence of our Divine Emperor you are each to be provided with a sidearm!

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comes with option for 100-round extended magazine and functional brass catcher

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I had a nice childhood.

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The only true, trusty side arm that a man should carry.

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Good old broomhandle.

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God damnit beat me to it.

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my barbarian uses the traditional greatsword. he doesn't sharpen it, he doesn't sheath it, he doesn't revere it or respect it in any way except through combat

he lost a greatsword in a gelatinous cube, one in a rust monster, one in an underground river, one through a critical miss (he let go of it and threw it, then couldn't find it).

yet Stills the Barbarian always finds a new weapon - proof positive of Kord's patronage.

my DM tempted me to break character by giving me a weapon worth hanging onto, but Kord was pleased to see such a beautifully crafted weapon utterly debased

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>not this
It's like you don't want that glorious extended reach in exchange for only a minuscule damage penalty.

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If you're going to do Revolving Rifles, do it properly

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This is correct.

It's a combiweapon. The lower gun is a standard revolver. The top barrel is a single shot bolt action, with a higher caliber and stopping power, meant for putting down Replicants.

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I see, E.Y.E. has not been forgotten.

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What I wouldn't give for some kind of pistol-grip revolver shotgun thing.

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That is NOT doing it properly. Do you have any idea how hap hazzard that design is?

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Sure is kind of dangerous with the whole risk of blowing off a couple of fingers being present if you hold it incorrectly.

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You mean a Rossi Judge? It's basically >>29153153, but a handgun.
There is a seal or shield or whatever the proper term is on the bottom of the chamber to prevent that from happening, you can see it if you look.

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You can see >>29153369 much easier in this one.

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No, not at all. Take a pump-action shotgun. Shorten the barrel, remove the stock and replace it with a "pistol grip" ala the Mossberg 500 (pic related) and then replace the loading mechanism with an oversized revolver capable of holding six shells, cycling when you pump, effectively giving you three/six shots before needing to reload.


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Doesn't adding the pistol grip the the pump kind of make it harder for you to pump it seeing you are now doing a perpendicular motion compared to the original parallel motion?

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I really liked "Honest Hearts". Plus this thing just screams "Pistol" it's like the platonic ideal of an automatic handgun.

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Well, that's a picture of a pretty poor grip, I just picked one at random. Watch the video for a better understading.

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Didn't that tend to misfire just from squeezing the handle to hard?

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Also, didn't they have something like a sword attachment to it which was impractical?

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I have a hitman character who is basically a 1911 Fanboy.

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Was a bit bullshit how the game made .45 do more damage than 10mm auto. But it did give us a pistol with decent sights that could be silenced.

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I saw the thumbnail, and the first thing I thought about was a stoner tech-priest chemist.

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Congratulations, that gun is an absolute piece of shit. Seriously the Type 94 was more dangerous to the soldier carrying it than to the enemy.

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What sidearm would you recommend for an espionage-type, something unobtrusive and low-profile that doesn't get in the way but still packs a decent wallop?

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Should I have mentioned it's supposed to be a handgun?

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Man up, lady.

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spoiler that for pitys sake

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Yeah, but you can stick a katana to it

Everyone knows the Katana is the ultimate weapon, thus the Nambu is also the ultimate weapon.

Its the reason America had to resort to nukes afterall, they feared the Nippon soldiers and their Nambu-Katana's of destruction.

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Wait... That's a penis

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Jet Force Gemini? Awesome 3rd person shooter back in the day.

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>Honest Hearts
>Not A Light Shining In The Darkness

Do you even Mormon?

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For what it's worth, the character actually is a lady. Something like this.

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The best I can do is this rifle. Sorry.

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I have yet to play a game that will let my use this.

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Thank you for not calling it A Light in Shining Darkness. You would be surprised at the amount of people who gets the name wrong.

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That and any fullsize Glock are usually what anyone not super familiar with firearms will picture when you say the word pistol or handgun.

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But, that doesn't make any sense, darkness doesn't shine.

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You can join my mutants and masterminds campaign.

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Well she needs to man up and get a shovel.

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Pretty sure that's a Rock-It Launcher from Fallout 3.

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The artifact is of the highest gnomish craftsmanship.

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I played a superhero who used a magic shovel once.

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You were a fan of Mystery Men, I take it?

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I hadn't actually seen it at the point I did this, and it was a little different to the guy in that, but I did like it when I did watch it.

The superhero was a super mortician/gravedigger with magical funeral powers.

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Also has two triggers.
My guess is that it has some sort of funky secondary fire, bolt-action, high caliber deal used for taking down heavier targets. Perhaps the cocked bolt system functions in tandem with an integrated primary hammer, allowing the pistol to fire two rounds in rapid succession faster than the single mechanism alone, creating a 'bullet spear' like the AN-94.

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Well if you want to get into it, HELIOS's one shot per day solar beam might count, considering the directing trigger is the size of a laser pistol.

Also, did they have an option in New Vegas to turn on the weapon WITHOUT finding the toy pistol? Because that would have been fucking hilarious for black comedy.

>hey, why is there a big crater in Freeside?
>Well, the damnedest thing happened just a few days ago. Those two kids, the two who kept running around playing cops and robbers? Some giant laser just came right out of the goddamn sky and fried them! BAM! Out of nowhere. Nothing but the toy pistol was left of the two...
>Weird, man... You still know where the toy gun is?
>Yeah, I snagged it and sold it to Ralph. I need some way to support this damn jet habit.

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Nah blud, you want a Taurus Raging Judge Magnum.

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If that's your sidearm, what's your primary gun?

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This here takes care of most things

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I see your pea-shooter, and raise you a Euclid's C-finder

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Kidding, of course. A Light Shining in the Darkness is actually a pretty decent gun

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I'll raise you an even better 1911

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That's my character's sidearm anon.

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You wield a dog in combat?

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I miss playing air soft wars

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Yes. And?

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Fuck yeah fallout.
Of course, real men take pistols that can melt their enemies.

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My Black Crusade nurglite forsaken carries:
- Combi-flamer loaded with Hellfire rounds and Chem-Promethium (primary weapon)
- Bolt Pistol loaded with Kraken rounds (fall-back weapon)
- Legionnary envenomed combat knife (secondary fall-back weapon)
- Quick-pull Meltabomb (final-vengeance weapon, also dubbed the We Both Die, or WBD, weapon)

He hasn't yet had to use his knife or the meltabomb but the bolt pistol has been named "the Canopener" by the party since every time we run in to anything heavily armored i pop a shot with the pistol to crack the armor and then jam the combi-flamer in the hole and let loose.

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also from 40k rpg
Bolt Pistol "Conflict" with Inferno Pistol "Resolution"

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stop making me want to replay new vegas plz

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"We lost half our chapter for glorified artillery"

Veronica's whole arc was just heartbreaking.

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Do you even Arcade Gannon?

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Actually that is a myth, accredited experts have tested it and found it it's just not true.

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...wat in the
what has science done..er.. again..?

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desire for Odd World campaign rising...

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Get with the time, grandpa.

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That it was, poor girl.

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why hello there, Kerry.

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look beyond the launcher, do you see it?

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Now we just need to turn it into a cyborg, and give it energy weapons.


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Vox Legi pattern Arbite combat shotgun. This monster deals out, according to the book, 'nearly as much damage as an Astartes bolt weapon' and I've certainly never questioned that statement.
It can function as a club, too, so for shits and mostly giggles I gave that the Mono(molecular) upgrade, which makes it really sharp. (yeah...)

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I am the party face, after all. As it turns out, carrying a metric shitton of concealed grenades makes you pretty intimidating.

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>using guns
Its like you lot don't know the joy of a fully upgraded warclub.

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This is the greatest handgun ever made. The Colt Single Action Army. Six bullets... More than enough to kill anything that moves

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>not using a pistol chambered in .50 Beowulf

>> No.29161324

Fuck you, Single Action Navy fo lyfe!
>sounds of automatic gunfire, car speeds off

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I wield it with pride, in memory of the fallen.

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Well fuck.

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>later found spraypainted on the front door of poster's house

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Oh god the fiends, they were a fucked up bunch.

How likely was it that Violet was fucking her dogs? I mean Cook Cook had his Brahim.

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Oh, it's entirely possible, but I had a weird soft-spot for them. Hunting them was a ton of fun, and I liked how Nephi was basically a golf club-wielding berserker. I insisted on fighting him with melee. It seemed appropriate.

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>all sorts of futuristic weapons
>take the boomstick
my other sidearm was a plasma cannon

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Veronica says that the safety is on.

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I honestly never cared too much to invest in more than one type of weapon skill, unless it was unarmed to pair up with melee for the perks. Maybe if F4 gives us Dual Wielding I'll Energy weps and unarmed/melee.

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There are a variety of compact handguns available these days, the Springfield XDs load .45 caliber and is a tiny little thing. Only 5 rounds to a magazine though

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>dual wielding
>plasma defender in one hand
>power fist in the other

I am become Commissar of the wastes

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>No drum magazine
The Boss is rolling in her grave, anon.

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Sheeet, I remember when I'd let my sister play and she'd use up all the trilauncher rocket ammo in close quarters, killing herself repeatedly.

Kinda disappointed looking back they never did anything more with the property.

>> No.29164084


I thought it was more scary to think that she genuinely loved the damn things. That people can be so fucked up, murderous, torturing junkies, but completely switch personalities when it comes to their pets.

Like Cook-Cook. He was a cannibal, yeah. Apparently he was a damn good cook, though, which made it that much more scary - he had the culinary experience to figure out the most delicious ways to eat other people.

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Oh gods!
The overly literal translation of technical terms! It burns!
Seriously, I love Metal Gear but whoever translated that scene is a moron. They just directly translated the jargon, rather than using the correct English jargonal counterparts.
Still not as bad as when Black Lagoon translated "double stack magazine" as "two bullet chamber" though.

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I kind of wanted to try making that stew recipie. Beer, potatoes, beef, and jalapeno pepper as the base... you cold probably come up with a really good hearty/spicy stew pretty easily.

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>Barely any mention of knives ITT
>One of the most fundamental survival tools known to man
>versatile as fuck
>So useful it literally predates homo sapiens as a species
shit /tg/ get it together

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One of my players used a gas mask filter to kill a guy.

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This was my sidearm for nearly the entirety of one campaign. It was also an MP3 player.

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>dex class reporting in

>> No.29164510

Twelve shots, this time I have twelve shots.


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>> No.29164699

This, with an optional Drum-Mag hidden in his tophat.
I miss Richard Sprocketfire, Inquisitorial gun-expert.

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Maaaybe this is my new extension and I'm not used to it, but... I'm seeing way more transparent-background images than I usually do.

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I'd probably use a ripper if they don't turn out to be hold button, receive damage like before..

Otherwise power fist.
As I said, fucked up bunch.
Most of those images are ripped straight from wikis, and those guys actually both with transparencies.

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The prop designer was told to make some super nifty-future-looking guns. When he wasmaking Deckard's gun, he remembered that he had an old rifle laying around and hacked that bitch up to make it.
Fun fact 1: They had to redesign the pistol's grip because Ford was complaining about his big ol' hand's pinky finger hangingoff and being uncomfortable as shit.
Fun Fact 2: All the other law enforcement in the movie have the same type of weapon, only they all have rubber ducky versions of them; which is to say a silicone copy of the original.

>> No.29167895

My character was a biologist that obsessed with getting undamaged specimens -- preferably live ones. This seemed like the way to go.

>> No.29168000

My 40K assassin has a pair of base pistols that were best quality from early on, and they hav seved him well all the way to ascension.

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>> No.29168103


>> No.29168116



>> No.29168147


These things were cool.

I have no idea how well they'd work in actual practicality, but they were cool.

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>> No.29168469

wow that pisses me off, not even a gun kind of guy in fact im from the UK and never owned a gun but shit why are they just destroying such a wonderful relic for some shitty pretentious 'art'

>> No.29168495

Because he's an ultra faggot, if he was just a plain old faggot he would have at worst sold it.

>> No.29168537

They wouldn't. You would be much more likely to hurt yourself than your opponent in all cases.

>> No.29168540


As someone with an interest in history particularly military history fuck that guy.

While I don't believe in guns for self defence I do believe handguns have valid uses both for sport shooting and as protection from wild animals in areas where it is needed.

>> No.29168577


>While I don't believe in guns for self defence

>as protection from wild animals in areas where it is needed.

What if the animal happens to look like a human and that area happens to be an urban environment?

>> No.29168606


I hear wild monkeys in detroit and LA attack innocents in groups, usually taking their phones and wallets in the process

>> No.29168650

> While I don't believe in guns for self defence
and what if a nigger rolls up on you and he has a gun? eh ?
Yeah, ideally nobody would ever need a gun outside of wartimes, but there are crazy assholes who will in fact shoot you for your shoes, looking at them funny, or because the want your car.
And, generally speaking, they get their guns from 'friends' and shady pawn shops without going through the proper paper work.

>> No.29168738

Kamen Rider's doing this atm, it's dead good.

>> No.29168943


It isn't rare. It isn't particularly valuable. It isn't even that old. If it was a 100-year-old iron lung nobody would give a shit. Gunfaggotry is the most blatantly stupid kind of fetishization: the fact that it's a gun makes them treat it like an inherently sacred object.

>> No.29168962

well sure, but wasn't it the guy'd dad's service pistol? That has more inherent value behind it than most

>> No.29168975

But, anon, if we legislate hard enough then the black market for guns will disappear

Just look at the success story of the war on drugs

>> No.29169047

It's just a tool that's no longer useful.

>> No.29169153

Destroying antiques for 'art' is stupid, especially ones that belonged to your family. Objecting to people destroying irreplaceable objects is not 'gunfaggotry'. The idiot in that video is also spreading the message that guns are somehow inherently bad and that destroying them for art is a good thing. I would object if someone melted down a Model T to make art as well, it would just be less likely that it was done to spread an obnoxious political message.

>> No.29169213

People getting butthurt over nuggets being converted? Retards. People getting butthurt over irreplaceable/sentimental being melted down to make a faggoty point? That's fine.

Nuggets number in the millions, the only reason /k/ gets butthurt over them being converted is because Ivan did. Your grandad's service pistol? There's only one of those.

>> No.29169236

And don't forget the country's 237 year campaign against murder.

>> No.29169375

That guy must have really hated his father.

>> No.29169430

but the mauser isn't a revolver.
it's semi automatic

>> No.29169558

If someone intends to murder me, why would they give me a chance to fight back?
What if I'm attacked by a trained assassin who absolutely cannot be seen or heard, always shoots first, and never misses? What kind of gun will protect me from that? They're useless.
In a TRADITIONAL GAME, they would have the initiative, and I literally wouldn't know what hit me. In a TRADITIONAL GAME, defense is the ability to passively avoid getting hurt. There is nothing defensive about a gun. It can only attack.
Show me a TRADITIONAL GAME where the mere fact of carrying a normal gun makes a character immune to surprise attacks.

>> No.29169654

Most crooks don't expect their victims to fight back and will run if someone tries to fight back, even if their would-be victim doesn't have anything dangerous
(see one case in New York where a crook got scared off by an old woman with a toy gun).

Concealed carry, and the inherent threat that your victim can be armed without you knowing it, does much to discourage crime, just as the knowledge that your soon to be victims aren't armed emboldens crooks(see Australia where armed robberies and forced entries skyrocketed following the country's weapon restrictions).

>> No.29169665

Show me a traditional game where a surprise attack will always 100% kill a character of the same level.

An assassin that cannot be seen, heard, always shoots first, and never misses is going to be fucking high level, so a PC of the same level is going to have armour, magical or scientific protection of some kind. And PCs travel in groups, so even if you do kill one, gj now you pissed off 3-5 other guys who are just as, if not more badass than you are, and you no longer have the advantage of surprise. They are armed with guns, and will riddle you with bullets.

>> No.29169728

The end result looks pretty cool actually
see nothing wrong here

>> No.29169804

His buddies will have to find me first, because I used a sniper scope and blew his head off from a mile away. It's that easy.
There could be a sniper aiming at you right now, what the hell are you going to do about it?

>> No.29169805


It has sentimental value to him. If he turns it into another object that also has sentimental value to him, that's his business, isn't it?

>> No.29169816

Get into cover, wait him out?

>> No.29169830

>Objecting to people destroying irreplaceable objects is not 'gunfaggotry'.

There's nothing irreplaceable about a 1911.

>> No.29169855

show me another 1911 used by his grandfather

>> No.29169897


So you're not butthurt about it being a 1911, you're butthurt because he doesn't feel about an object the way you think he should feel about an object.

If he had put it back into a box and never touched it again, you wouldn't give a shit. If he sold it to someone else you wouldn't give a shit. And as soon as that gun passes out of his hands, the oh-so-precious sentimental value of BUT HIS GRANDPA disappears completely. So the problem is not that he's somehow failing to show enough respect for a dead relative; it's that he dared to ruin a GUN.

If someone had taken a bunch of those cheap stamped-out officer's katanas from WWII and melted them into a WWII memorial piece, would you be raging over how they dared destroy historical objects?

>> No.29169931

There would be much outrage over something like that, just from different people but for much the same reason.

>> No.29169939

That guy's a faggot. You're a raging faggot. And I wanted his gun. Now no one's happy!

>> No.29169950


Don't you just love the feeling of reloading during a battle!?

>> No.29169964

It's still just an object. The value is purely sentimental, and maybe if this was the only object left behind by his gramps..then again, maybe gramps was an asshole and he wants to get rid of all his shit asap. I know I will be doing some serious redecorating once that happens.

>> No.29169972

I'm not sure they make .50 Beowulf-capable drum magazines.

>> No.29169976

I've been having trouble thinking up a sidearm for professional Western hitman, I know Western should automatically be Colt Peacemaker right but I want something different. Maybe a S&W Schofield

>> No.29169977


For vampire enforcer that needs everything.

>> No.29169981

This thread needs more Obrez.

>> No.29170000

Make him an Injun. No one expects a 'peace'-pipe to the trachea.

>> No.29170005


the tri rocket pistol?

>> No.29170013

Beyond amazing.

>> No.29170015

Well, I for one would be pissed if he sold it or gave it away to someone not in his family. It's the dishonour to his grandfather's memory, and the suffering he went through, that pisses me off more than anything.

>> No.29170023

That reminds me a bit of the LeMat pistols used during the Civil War. .36 cal 9 shot revolver with an 16 guage shotgun barrel underneath.

Not as over-the-top, but it was featured in Cold Mountain.

>> No.29170031

>I for one would be pissed if he sold it or gave it away to someone not in his family.

Fuck that, man. That piece of shit isn't going to start appreciating the item anytime soon. Let a collector who will actually care for the item buy it off him.

>> No.29170054

No way, Injuns done scalped his Pa.

>> No.29170064

Maybe the grandfather was a shithead
maybe he didn't go through any suffering
maybe whatever, it's just a pistol, a thing like any other of his grandfather's possession. If a relative, you will get rid of most of his stuff

>> No.29170077

If a relative dies*

>> No.29170122

It's not the monetary value either. I'd be pissed if you sold or burned your grandmother's prized tablecloth too. Yeah, it's just a tablecloth, and it is your property, but have some fucking respect. That gun meant something to that fool's grandfather, and it represented more accomplishments than that guy will ever achieve. The fact that he melted it down for no other reason than to make a point? Disrespected his grandfather's name to make an edgy statement? That's what pisses me off.
>maybe the grandfather was a shithead
My nonno is a shithead, but I'm not going to destroy the Beretta he got when he was in the police, because that would be disrespecting him. You respect your grandparents, regardless of what they did, or who they were.

>> No.29170126


>He remembered that he had an old rifle laying around and hacked that bitch up to make it.

Holy shit. Fallout didn't lie to me. It really was a hacked up rifle.

>> No.29170140

>Fallout didn't lie to me

Well of course not. It's a sin to tell a lie.

>> No.29170165

>You respect your grandparents, regardless of what they did, or who they were.
I respect my grandparents because they are good people
if they weren't, I doubt I would

>> No.29170179

Man i love king of fighters

>> No.29170353

All those gunfuckers crying delicious tears in the comments.

>> No.29170457

Oh, the glorious Shovel-Gun!

>> No.29170589

Yes because only a 'gunfucker' would object to rare items or items with historical value being destroyed. What makes it worse is that they are being destroyed for a pretentious piece of 'art'. You are just attacking them solely because the item in question is a gun.

>> No.29170626

Anything that is not the Vintorez is wrong.

>> No.29170936

I would be just as pissed if it was an old truck or bike.

>> No.29171150

It's good being a Rogue Trader

>> No.29171341

A trusty weapon for any Clone Trooper of the Galactic Republic.

>> No.29171608

>Yes because only a 'gunfucker' would object to rare items or items with historical value being destroyed.

Only a gunfucker would think that a single 1911 is either rare or historically important.

I like owning a Nugget in part because it's old, and it makes me think about old-timey things from the past. But I'm not under any illusion that it itself is any sort of collector's item or culturally important artifact. It's a stapler, a toaster.

>> No.29173779

Have fun trying to hit anything.

>> No.29173801

The best of guns, comrade.

>> No.29173918

Dwarven Battle shovel?

>> No.29174021

Welp, I've found my Lunars new weapon.

>> No.29174172

I love me some tomahawk

Especially since it's a ranged melee weapon so all your perks apply.

What's that Paladin? Did the primitive thrown pipe ignore most of your advanced armour and tear your head off?

huehuehuehuehue tribal stronk

>> No.29174218

Not a throwing knife. See the rectangular holes behind the lower...serrations? Those are for wrapping to attach to a pole. That's a war axe, Far East Asia. Imma see if i can find the Chinese bronze version that shows it better.

>> No.29174267

Found one! Zhou dynasty, so Warring States period. That first one looks like it's a more modern Southern Peninsula design. See how the blade looks like a Kukri? And the bevels too good to be old.

>> No.29174334

so, minor The Tick heroes actually trying to be useful then?

>> No.29174384

>> No.29174416


Huh, you're probably right. Though it was a kpinga.

>> No.29174442

>> No.29174471

>> No.29174480

is of shopped comrade

>> No.29174498

Propah persian Dervish weapon.

>> No.29174596

For the Brotherhood!

>> No.29174793

Why in the world would someone shop an obrez like that? Did they accidentally saw the entire stock off and wanted to cover up their complete fuckup?

>> No.29174844

To make a pistol. Fucking duh.

>> No.29174886


So that's the axe the Greataxe from Dark Souls is modelled after...

>> No.29175052


u wot?

>> No.29175111

My main PC OCs a Glock 17.

Yeah, yeah
it's a 9mm, calm your shit.

>> No.29175293

>Yeah, yeah
You seem to have forgotten you're not on /k/ right now, dummkop.

>> No.29175550


>> No.29175613

There are enough /k/ommandoes on /tg/.

>> No.29175650


>> No.29175700

>blowing off your hand

>> No.29176040


>> No.29176257

>19-round magazine

You try taking almost 20 135-grain hollowpoints and loling. The point of 9mm is more holes > bigger holes.

to be slightly gamey, also add in the fact that most GMs do not factor in caliber unless there are specific rules for caliber.

>> No.29177036


That is clearly a cocktail glass, sir.

>> No.29178223

Not a bad choice.
I prefer CZs, but that's just because I love the way they fit in the hand, and I have an abiding love of steel frames, hardwood grips, and hammers. There's nothing wrong with polymer and striker-fired, they just don't "tickle my pickle" as it were, and I let personal taste carry over into my characters when it comes to kit.

>> No.29178869

I never considered that.

I did use the babies when i had em.

>> No.29180032

So, power armor's weak to PVC and railroad spikes, who'd have guessed?

>> No.29180311

Oh I just thought it was a lead pipe.
A space marine dying from a PVC pipe is even funnier now though.

>> No.29182359

Reminds me of comic where Cultish-chan blows up an Angry marine tank with a brick...

>> No.29183120

>to be slightly gamey, also add in the fact that most GMs do not factor in caliber unless there are specific rules for caliber.

That's because there isn't actually that much reason for it. You inevitably end up with silliness like "9mm is 2d6 so .45 ACP is 2d6+1 and .40 S&W is 1d10+2 but .38 Special is 1d6+3 and blah blah blah." And then everyone just takes whatever caliber gets them the highest damage dice anyway.

Going much beyond "small pistol/medium pistol/magnum pistol" is basically just masturbation for gun aficionados.

>> No.29184276

On the other hand this leads to players just stocking on the guns with largest magazines. Why bother with 7 rounds of .45 if you can have 15-16 rounds of 9mm with equal stats?

>> No.29184505

not haveing 2 VVS one set up for stealth engagements with subsonic rounds, and another for firefights with supersonic rouinds

>> No.29184571


Damage is a bigger deal than magazine size, generally. I literally can't remember a PC ever managing to empty his pistol in a firefight before it ended one way or another. Definitely not in Call of Cthulhu. Maybe once in 40k games.

Players' priorities generally seem to go damage dice > gun that I think is cool > magazine size.

>> No.29185000

A game I was in had really vague terms for firearms, classing them in merely small, medium, or large, for whatever type. By about a third of the way through the campaign, I was toting around a Large Assault Rifle with a 100 round magazine. I was usually rolling 2d8+1d6+2 when the number to beat was typically 7-8

>> No.29185456

It's like you guys don't even watch movies

>> No.29185597

This! One BLAM and three times the BLAM

>> No.29185609

Because you're character is gonna walk through an urban area with a pulse rifle.
Seriously, you do that you'll get the cops called on you by idiot soccer moms.

>> No.29185868

>M41A Pulse Rifle

You were always an asshole, Gorman.

>> No.29185959

Ah, I had seen the posts about greatswords and figured the thread had branched out.

LV-426 was plenty urban. But I would probably put it in a golf bag or car trunk or something

>> No.29186012

Cultural differences.
In your standard D&D setting, Adventurers riding through town armed to the teeth is an everyday occurence. But in most settings with firearms, you'll get soccer mom'd if you try that.

>> No.29186059

It's still mostly a 'one-handed weapon, for use when your primary weapon fails you' thread.

Damn shame I don't have a picture of a ivory-gripped version of one of these, like Vasquez had.

>> No.29186105


>> No.29186141

I don't think she had the engraving.

Still, you are a scholar and a gentleman, good sir.

>> No.29186154

>I don't think she had the engraving.
She didn't. That's just the best I could find in five minutes at 2 in the morning.

>> No.29186228

>Single Action


>> No.29186638

ZF-1. Its light; handles adjustable for easy carrying; good for righties and lefties; breaks down into four parts; undetectable by X-ray; ideal for quick discreet interventions. A word on firepower. Titanium recharger; 3000-round clip with bursts of 3 to 300. With the replay button, another Zorg invention, its even easier. One shot......and replay send every following shot to the same location. And to finish the job, all the Zorg oldies but goldies. Rocket launcher... arrow launcher with exploding or poisonous gas heads, very practical... our famous net launcher... the always-efficient flamethrower, my favorite... and for the grand finale, the all-new Ice-cube System.

>> No.29186795

>Implying that isn't far too complex for grunts.
That isn't an insult to our boys in the military by the way. The more options a weapon has, the more you're going to hesitate in a firefight as you try to choose. And that will get you killed.

>> No.29186825


It also looks fucking dumb as hell.

>> No.29186849

The only part that's honestly a problem is the giant red button that kills you and everyone else in the area if it bumps into something. Seriously, WTF?

Anyway, I think besides that, the weapon would probably be fine (dunno how ergonomic it is, though). You don't actually have to use any of the secondary stuff. Like, in the army, everyone's banned from using burst fire (even if the goal is to waste all the bullets in as small amount of time, sergeants SPAZ THE HELL OUT), so additional options just wouldn't be used normally.

>> No.29186941


I think it's supposed to.

>> No.29186974


I just realized, how do you aim it? It does that thing where the bullets go wherever you tag, but how the fuck do you aim the tag? It doesn't have anything even close to sights. The top is just a smooth dome.

>> No.29187021

>everyone's banned from using burst fire
Wait, what? why? If they don't want you to use it, why is it there?

>> No.29187041

>> No.29187083

Also a metric shitton of luck.

>> No.29187159


>> No.29187174

Honestly, the Zorg gun has bigger problems than the self destruct - between the plethora of options and the boom button, I suspect that the weapon is meant to be a commando/spy weapon - a gun for every eventuality in a small package, plus a deniability button.

I think the complete inability to use iron sights is stupid, but obviously the spacegun is meant to be used with a smartlink system or something.

>> No.29187187


>> No.29187191

That's what the rocket launcher is for, silly!

>> No.29187195

I assume it's meant to be a smartlink gun, so you need cyber-eyes or an integrated visor/goggle system to shoot it properly. No idea how Zorg does it. Cybereyes?

>> No.29187200

>in a small package

I know you mean smaller than the sum of it's components if they were each their own weapon, but that thing is the size of a man's torso.

>> No.29187219


>> No.29187227


>> No.29187241


>> No.29187254

You lose.

>> No.29187273

You're the one who thought about losing something.

>> No.29187335 [SPOILER] 

I hate you.

>> No.29187390

trench warfare
only officiers had pistols, soldiers had rifles
most combat was close range though
people improvised

>> No.29187398

That is a spoon.

>> No.29187430


Actually that anon is referring to the fact that the pic he's quoting is photoshopped. The grip has clearly been edited for some reason.

>> No.29187456

>that pic
>those implications

>> No.29187516


It has a space sight that pops out when you're ready to fire.

>> No.29187537


Oh okay. I didn't remember that.

>> No.29187604


You fire the first shot straight, from the hip, like a cool looking bad ass.

Then when it hits something almost as cool as you, the cool seeking bullets home in on the cool thing.

Also: German Space Magic.


He's a POG; in basic they don't let you use the burst mode of the rifle because "muh collateral damage" and "muh tax dollars".

>> No.29187609


And I mean, honestly, yes. You'd only really want the gun and maybe the rocket launcher in a real weapon. I just really like the gun for how over the top crazy it is and how different the design is from the typical sci fi "WW2 era gun with whatever we found at the hardware store" welded to it or "Whatever Heckler & Koch have put out in the last 5 years" gun aesthetic.

>> No.29187640


French space magic actually. It's a little like German Space Magic, except the wizard robes are by Jean-Paul Gauthier rather than Hugo Boss.

>> No.29187651


Speaking of railroad spikes...

>> No.29187669

Follow that chain of replies. Notice something?

Knifey-spoony is a traditional game

>> No.29187695

Modern day tech? Probably just a boring old M92FS. Its reliable, pretty accurate and it has decent capacity so you can fill any meatbag up close full of holes in a short amount of time, plus there's the added bonus of being able to say "-and then i pulled off my beretta".

Ye olde tech? Since every black powder firearm is slow as shit and the only way to get some dakka is to carry a bunch of flintlock pistols which ends up crazy expansive. I'd just cut the chase and get a dragoon pistol instead with all the inconvenients and benefits that come with carrying a pocket blunderbuss, such as being able to blow up someone's face at point blank assuming you hit, or if you're creative and have easy access to alchemy, set a bunch of dudes on fire in a cone with a dragon's breath cartridge or knock someone out cold non-lethally with saltshot.

No budget or no access to firearms? Just carry a fuckton of knives dissimulated in pouches or in bandoleers hidden under your clothes. Never worry about being caught unarmed if you lose your sword! Easy way to cut your way to freedom if you happen to get tied up! Make cool tricks in bars and impress friends and wenches alike! Prepare delicious dishes or perform emergency surgery! Shank two niggas at once! Shank one nigga twice! Participate in blood rituals to summon the dark one from his ancient slumber! Or just start chugging them into people's faces until you attain complete arbitrary control over time and space! The possibilities are endless!

>> No.29187724


Obrez was an improvised street fighting weapon used more in the civil war than anything, the russians had nagant m1895 revolvers for officers.

>> No.29187743

I feel similarly. There isn't enough truly exotic stuff out there, all of it just feels like modern guns with blocks and more glowy bits, or silly 80s sci-fi rayguns.

>> No.29187790


i sort of figure you're supposed to punch people with them...

>> No.29187812

It's dull, you idiot! It will hurt more!

>> No.29187828


I see you've played knifey-spooney before...

>> No.29187840


How do we sci-fi up the arrow sling?

Aside from "replace arrow with rockets".

>> No.29187911


Something like the gravgun; you have a gauntlet that creates a force field "Tether" around whatever you're throwing, that cancels most of it's weight and apparent mass and allows you to throw it like a sling projectile. Once you release the mass comes back, but it retains the velocity it had on release. Maybe with some kind of lightsaber esque cutting tool for carving out the projectile and close combat.

Basically a sling you can use to throw lamp posts or car engines, like they were river rounded pebbles.

>> No.29187919

Well, when turning it into a rocket won't do, try going the opposite direction. Make it an organic weapon symbiote.

>> No.29187957


You're awesome.

>> No.29187974


Could be a grenade on a string like a yoyo. Wind it up and pitch it for more distance on your explosives. Also the string would wind back into the grenade, working as a fuse. The further out the string is stretched, the more distance you get from the throw and the longer it takes to explode.

It also take reloading the projectile out of the equation, as launch system and weapon are one in the same. You get as many uses as you have grenades.

Double the effectiveness by being able to remove the string entirely, using it as a garrote, while the grenade proper can be programmed for remote detonation, proximity with ally detection, or just regular grenade mode. A truly versatile weapon for an agent, but not so much a footsoldier.

>> No.29187989

dunno why, but I really like this.

>> No.29188091


I do too. Simple and common materials, good, solid construction, but with a neat coloration.

How do you get iridescent like that? Some sort of chemical treatment?

>> No.29189472

A Glock.
My character has killed gods, demons, leeches and furries with nothing more then a 4th generation Glock 17 he purchased after a house in his neighborhood got burglarized.
There is nothing special about it. It has no enchantments, it has no history and it has no destiny. Its a plastic gun he bought and proceeded to mag dump into legend.

>> No.29191680

>"muh collateral damage" and "muh tax dollars"

So, valid reasons, then. Right.

>> No.29192370

E.Y.E. was a fucking amazing game. The story was just... incredible. After I finished it the first time I had to walk away from my computer out of shock. Finished it the third time...fuck me. Just...fuck me dead. Biggest gobsmacked moment of anything I've ever played.

Of course, no-one but me seems to have finished it that many times :(

>> No.29193019

Bang Bang BangBangBangBangBangBangBangBangBangBangBangBangBangBangBangBang

>> No.29193474

>using a Beretta
>not using the greatest 9mm handgun ever devised

>> No.29193734

Never leave home without it!

>> No.29193739

>greatest 9mm handgun ever devised
You mean a 1911 rechambered for 9mm because the 1911 was a design handed down by the gods?

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