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Alright you lot! It's time to grab ya fungus beer 'n' sit by da tire fire.

Tonight is da night I tells you all about the story of da Deff Skwadron.

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wow pls dont post any more this sux

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Thanks boss!

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Oi! You gits even lissenin'?

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We'z dint wanna innerupt, Boss!

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Right 'den, on we go.

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Neat stuff

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Good ol' Killboy

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>Orks as characters are one of every 40k fan's favourite parts of the setting, acting as the comic relief amid the grimdarkness especially with the speech mannerisms we've all come to love
>Every Black Library author plays them entirely straight as little more than monsters with shitty machines and absolutely no dialogue
Anyone else ever annoyed with this

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To be fair, you really have to have Da Orkz as protagonists or at least have the story told from their point of view for this to work.

Heroic brooding spacemarines brooding over how heroic they are doesn't really work with a pack of green comic relief psychopaths.

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Plus all the humor around Orks is only funny from the Orks point of view. From the view of humans, it's pretty terrifying.

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I disagree. Orks love to interact, taunt, and muck about with the enemy, even in combat. They're soccer hooligans in space, they're cheering, chanting, hollering, swearing, belching and yelling all the way through.

But right now the problem is that they're only there to be the boogey men to make the protagonists bad ass.

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My favourite page. Good ol' Killboy!

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Sandy Mitchell treats them pretty well.

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Yeah. Its a great contrast to have the noble, heroic humies, who are fighting desperately for their lives, against vile orks to whom worldwide genocide or slavery is just a hilarious prank.

Seriously, instead of just being all rage, its kind of disturbing imagining an alien race who jests at you about all the people they just got done murdering. If you can make the jokes actually funny, it enhances the effect.

Its actually part of why, in Realms of Chaos, Khornates hate Slaaneshi for example -- to Khornates, violence is deadly serious, but the Slaaneshi just find it an amusing diversion.

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>But right now the problem is that they're only there to be the boogey men to make the protagonists bad ass.

More like they're the intermediary enemy to give the author a chance to flesh out the Spess Mahreen characters safely, before the real threat (Chaos, Tyranids, etc.) pops up.

I've yet to see a story where the Orks are a valid threat throughout the narrative (Armageddon the sole exception).

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Rynn's World
Siege of Castellax
Fifteen Hours
Duty Calls

leap to mind for BL books with Orks as the primary antagonist

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Killboy needs to be a Bommer character upgrade.

Because fucking LOOK AT 'IM GOOOOO.

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We'z need a bloody 'ilarious series with Ork protagonists written by Sandy Mitchell

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I think they only show the human perspective which isn't humorous for them at all. Not since Rouge Trader.

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Is Engine of Mork worth reading? It's one of the only Ork centered stories in the Black Library.

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My eyes would melt if I had to read the writing, funny as hell though.

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I honestly can't stand this artwork. It actually hurts my eyes. I can't tell what the fuck is going on.

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Thanks for the dump OP.

Yous iz a right swell git you iz.

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Orks aren't humorous in-universe.

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After each time Killboy attacks, roll a d6, on a 3+ killboy crashes. Killboy and target models each take S9 AP2 hits.

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It works with batman and the Joker

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The Orks even win in the Siege of Castellax. The scene where the Warboss defeats the Warsmith was kind of painful for a IV Legion fan to read...

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Was he the author who wrote that short story where one of the characters is the Ork Kommando?

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It's a right good thread, it is. Gwan n' read it.

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