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>your character receives this offer, how fucked are they

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my character would be suspicious, invisibility magic is foreign and untrusted

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The beast will struggle with the ring while my character is glad to have something to subdue the beast.

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its not invisibility magic. not for everyone.

It basically unlocks a super power for each character.

For Bilbo and Frodo, it was invisibility because they wanted to not be seen/eaten/skewered.

in the hands of gandalf or that one elf chick, its basically a super weapon of mass destruction potentially

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>put it on my dick, see what happens

I dunno, how fucked am I getting?

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>Current character is a dumbass barbarian

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Not quite. The power boost thing is true, but the invisibility happens to everyone. It's because it shifts you into the spirit realm. It's just that magical beings like Gandalf or Galadriel already have a presence in that realm, so their dual-natured existence lets them exist there and in the regular world at the same time.

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>Epic level bard
>Forget the ring, that elf is pretty as fuck.
>I'm going to be messing about with a different kind of ring tonight!

>Spend the rest of the game fleeing from trap Sauron the enraged, after I forgot to call him the next day, all his plans for conquest and destruction forgotten in the chaos and anarchy left by the whirlwind romance and buggery.

One again the world is saved by bard cock.

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When did Sauron become a grill?

Anyway unless this thing isn't automatically corruption city, then all my characters but my Night caste exalted fall to it one way or the other. My rogue probably falls first, then my monk, and then finally the paladin - Paladin might stave it enough to do some epic quest to destroy it.

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Why are the singers always overpowered in Tolkienverse?

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She'd probably get the power of extreme charm or beauty or some shit, since in-game she's pretty much an autist.

Interestingly enough, though, one of my other players basically had an offer like this, only it was a sword instead of a ring. Also, the sword basically speaks to him in the form of The Dude.

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My mage would most likely take and slowly but surely fall to its corruption.

But how would you even stat the ring ?

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Because Tolkien loved Finnic mythology, where everything magical is sung.

In-setting, Arda is created through song, which trickles down – singing is closest to the substance of creation, so it makes sense it is the highest kind of magic.

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Detect Evil, Smite Evil.

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Me: There is darkness in me. I want to be loved, worshiped, to have people fall on their knees in reverence when I walk past. The whole of the world would love me and despair.

My Character: Fire. Fire everywhere.

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>CE Swamp witch/mother of monsters

Fucking hell. This could not be any worse.

Also Sauron is going to have to deal with being sexed up in a Bayou. But once that's done we can start conquering the world.

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Why is Sauron so fucking cute god damn

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>implying you can compare to Melkor

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She has nice tits hidden under that armor.

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My Barbarian/Frenzied Berserker with a 16 in Intelligence and a 15 in Wisdom immediately becomes suspicious and promptly shoos him away.

If Sauron persists, shit is probably going to escalate quickly.

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Pretty well. He is a high level Initiate of the sevenfold Veils.

Mindblank is a given as is a very good willsave.

Just a quick teleport and that ring drops into Mt Doom.

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Ha. Haha. Hahahaha,

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Not as cute as Bilbo!

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Hell, look at that hourglass figure. I'd fug her.

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You'd have to be crazy not to.

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>implying Melkor can compare to me.
I managed to convert a pit fiend. With my dick.
At level 17. It now hunts the party day and night, teamed up with a mid-level celestial trying to get me to pay child support.

Don't even start with me.
>And before anyone implies Mary Sue, I played him all the way from level 1 commoner to this point, the campaign has been going on 5-6 years now.

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Oh you, you die first.

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>having a pencil dick

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He's not a woman.

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Doesn't the ring change size to fit the wearer?

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Please stop, I can't handle this.

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Why is Sauron hurting the pretty lady?

Those lips goddamn.

>mfw someone lying.

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wow this is a hell of a story, mind sharing it?
\i love good stories.

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I put it in my pocket and hang onto it for 60 years.
I might leave it to my nephew.

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I don't... follow.

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Indeed. He's a lady.

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There is no way you can top Melkor. Melkor created the entire world via music, and converted Mairon (who's way above Pit Fiend) with his dick.

You're inadequate anon.

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Why'd you do it, son?

Why'd you stick your dick in crazy?

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>Melkor created the entire world via music

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Inaccurate, but not entirely wrong.

The Ainur created the world via song. Melkor just introduced evil and strife.

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Melkor was the most powerful of the Vala, and the only one to introduce a new note into the song of creation.

I didn't say he did it all by himself.

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>I didn't say he did it all by himself.

>Melkor created the entire world via music,

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Because that world is literally built out of music.

Also, so was evil.

Melkor was basically a rebeIIious teenager blasting metal to try to drown out his dad's dadrock, and his dad Eru was like "Your music is so shitty it makes my music sound even better in comparison so I'm gonna let you keep playing it."

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>There is no way you can top Melkor.
Hey, if Melkor looks like in the posted pictures, I'd be willing to bottom.

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I wish I was playing a self-insert...

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Elves sticks arrows in crazy
Paladins stick swords in crazy
Bards stick dicks in crazy

That's how the world works son.

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What about an Elven bard/paladin?

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He did. Those two statements aren't mutually exclusive, you seem to think they are.

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arrows being metaphor for thinner-than-pencil penises

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I can't tell if this is a male or female and am hesitant to put my dick in it.

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His cock is a launchable sword.

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Sauron was a shape-changer, so take your pick.

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I care not

>Incase will never draw Marioun

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Don't remind me.

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I remember this...

Not sure if its still on /d/ or not

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He wouldn't take the ring but he'd take Sauron instead.

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>dem lips

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He didn't add a new note to anything, the creator (who's name I can't remember) had already foresaw and accounted for melkor long before they even started singing. Melkor's "new" note was just a dickish pre-established tool to accomplish the creator's goals.

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God. I seriously couldn't, the shit that character's been through. Solo game of course.

The game started with him as a hopeful young man leaving home in the frozen north, planning to become a famous skald and has since had others come and go, Kingdoms rise and fall, its a sandbox the GM has ran the entire way through.
The Pit Fiend thing happened when we were fighting a cult that was trying to bring down a Kingdom.
I pretty much had to stall for time while the others stole the relic, I managed to fuck up, get captured and by this point the character was so jaded that he just decided 'fuck it' and started sweet talking the cult leader in infernal.
The Pit Fiend Duke didn't approve of at all when he emerged through the ritual circle, possessed the cultist and awoke to find me laying naked and half-sober on the sacrificial altar right next to his new body.
So when he claimed my soul as the sacrifice, I just kept bullshitting and managed to work in a 'I wish you could understand how she feels' to the conversation. Now what they didn't know is that I'd hid a wish ring when captured.
One diplomacy check, a failed will save and some fantastic bullshitting later the Pit fiend decides to 'take' my character to prove that love is weak and so on and so forth.
And ends up leaving the body without a word when the other PCs kick the doors in to save me.

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I guess Iluvatar is an evil, sadistic dick then. Thanks for clearing that up.

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Forever DM so I can't speak for myself but knowing my party:

>Retard half orc thief
Durr I throw my knife at it, then I steal the ring

>Idiot Bard than fancies himself Frodo
It's the ring! "Speach of him and why it's his destiny"

>Totally cool fighter but likes to go with the stupidity of the group
Fuck it let's grab the ring

I think they are fucked

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Wish he would draw more full hermaphrodites.

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Take it, take it to the magical arms dealer/pawnshop for examination fee, then possibly sell it or trade it for that shiny new poleaxe.

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Sauron asking this question implies you are someone worth controlling.

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Next time we saw 'him', it was in *her* true body. In the hell. When she sent demon assassins to come and drag me back to be her toy.
Anyway, long and short of that part of the tale is that you can escape from Hell by the underwater temple of a Dagonite dominatrix by cutting a deal with someone lower down the chain who apparently knew that if I ran, she'd follow.
The fact that its now being implied that the Deep-One style creatures that are hunting my character at the command of the new Lord of that particular area of hell are actually our children shows just how real shit is. I mean, seriously.
How the fuck am I going to pay per head child support on an apparently bottomless spawning pit?
The Celestial is helping her after she agreed to a sanctify the wicked (apparently) and in the end, defeating one of hells own dukes with True Wuv is what celestials get their lady boners over.
Still, he's mostly a decent guy, CG is a hell of a drug.

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>not fucking Sauron
This perplexes me.
This is how I feel about most futa tbh

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Oh yeah I forgot he would totally try to fuck him

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Give into temptation, anon.

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Damn... that was disappointing.

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Given my barbarian's propensity for getting into trouble and lust for gold, he'd probably be willing to kill the guy for the ring.

He's fucked.

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>an outline of a cock clearly and obvious file names on the /tg/ images
>femSauron thread
>Acting surprized when it's gay/futa
Got /tg/ is retarded

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What are you, gay?

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Yeah, just couple pages, could have lasted longer.

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Oh no. I saw the dick, but I was hoping for lady on demon hermaphrodite action. I am not familiar with Incase so.

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Well, my character has a Wisdom score of 12, so I can assume he has just enough common sense to realize it's probably a trap. He attacks with his cold iron short swords.

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>Well, my character has a Wisdom score of 12, so I can assume he has just enough common sense to realize it's probably a trap.
>the god-kings of men, elves, dwarves, etc. corrupted by Sauron did not have Wis 12 or more

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i don't mind futa/futa, but I can't handle male/futa giving or recieving

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File: 1.35 MB, 1058x1414, Miss Sauron.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>Futa/female is fine, but futa/male is totally gay
>Trying to act straight
Look I like it too but I'm not going to pretend I'm not a little gay for it.
I would have like to seem some male top/futa sub from incase though

I'll post no more on this subject

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Yep, this x100. Hell if there was ever an actual hermaphrodite that would just be golden.

I should really start drawing again.

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Whoa slow down man. I never once implied I was straight, I just don't like men. Penis is fine as long as it isn't attached to a dude. I'm not saying that this is at all straight.

>> No.29078707


Clearly not. It's an obvious trap. I consider myself to have an even lower wisdom score irl, and that looks like a trap to me.

>> No.29078729

Same thought here.

Why are the best artists the ones that have weird fetishes or are simply gay?

>> No.29078731

I hate everyone playing RPGs primarily as a form of self-validation and projected power fantasy.

It sounds like this is you.

>> No.29078737

It's not a matter of wisdom, it's a matter of will save.

>> No.29078771

Fucked until level nine.

Might be lucky enough to survive until then. At that point, it gets all better.

>> No.29078774


I'm pretty sure when Sauron was manipulating the god-kings of men, elves, and dwarves, he didn't use a line like "Take this ring, it's not gonna hurt you, PROMISE!"

>> No.29078789

That's totally what he did.

>> No.29078831

I really like incases artwork. And they actually show up on 4chan to do stuff occasionally.

>> No.29078865


It was suprisingly effective.

>> No.29078883

The High King of Men is just thinking
>I'm pretty sure this is a trap
>In fact, I'm certain of it
>This is designed to destroy me and all my works
>But how can I say no? He's so eager.

>> No.29078954

My character just died, so I don't think he'd rightly care either way.

>> No.29078968

That's melkor

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My character is a Zenith caste solar exalt driven to destroy the Realm and see the Wyld Hunt ended by any means available. The ring will help her. When the costs grow too great to continue using it, she and her circle will overcome it.

>> No.29079001

Actually according to the Simmaril, and some of Tolkiens other writings, it has been established, that Sauron was insanely clever and knew how to disguise himself. He came in as Annatar the lord of gifts and hinted that he was aligned with The Valar and Aule who elves had an elf boner for. It was because he was incredibly crafty and an amazing craftsman that he was able to make the rings as such. The only ones who were suspicious at the time were Gil Galad and Galadrial. He gave the rings to the people and they didn't flinch because hey, Annatar lord of gifts seems pretty bro. After all the gift giving was done, he forged the ring, and only the elves knew what was going on because they could sense his power in the rings so they took it off. And that's only the beginning of how tricky he was.

>> No.29079002


I would also like to point out that the one ring MAKES you want it (if it so chooses). So, they kings of men, elves, and dwarves might not have been operating at 100% when the offer was presented.

>> No.29079005

>she and her circle will overcome it.

>> No.29079016

Anon, that post was facetious. I didn't literally mean that's what happened, I just thought it was entertaining to imagine.

I'm sorry you have autism.

>> No.29079026

What's with trapsauron?
>Implying the nature of solars isn't to break and falter

>> No.29079042

>Trollkin's LotR is about an elf making gifts to take over the world in rebellion against Santa

>> No.29079047

Just typical tumblr fanart.

>> No.29079063

And this is why Exhalted is overpowered.

>> No.29079081

I don't know. Mairon is pretty close to what an Exalted Lunar is and the Valar could accordingly be Solars. I wouldn't count the ring out vs. Exalts, like >>29079026 says.

>> No.29079103

Mfw Morgoth alive when the One Ring was forged. I hate stupid fan art

>> No.29079104

>Implying that there is something that the concerted efforts of a group of solars cannot overcome

It wouldn't be easy undoing the ring's evil, of course. If it were easy there'd be little point to introducing it to the campaign. It'd also suck for the rest of my party if Willpower 10/Conviction 5 plus Integrity Protecting Prana and 2nd Integrity Excellency weren't enough to keep a lid on it since I'm pretty sure my character would be a TPK for the rest of the circle if she turned. But if we're really being honest, nobody in their right mind bets against a circle of solars in ANYTHING.

>> No.29079114

I'm the DM, so the power of the ring does nothing for me. Or I'm the one making the offer...

>> No.29079139

No it is my apology that is needed, I was reading the page anyways and right now I am a little sick so the humor was lost on me. Granted the thought of a Sauron that acts more like a bugs bunny or some saturday morning cartoon character is quite hilarious. Granted if Sauron was as fabulous as that drawing I am sure that if he put all that power into a ring, imagine what he would do with other pieces of jewelry. Or weapons. Or hell silverware even. "I am sorry I gave you a bad ring, here is a complimentary silverware set along with a tiara!"

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>> No.29079167

So, hypothetically speaking, what would the One Ring do to a gestalt mind housed in one body?

Because my Malkavian PC is based on stealing the memories and sensations of others and incorporating them into his own mind, and hears what he thinks are the soul-fragments of the people he feeds from singing to him in his blood. He wears his original personality as a role to keep himself grounded enough to relate to and interact with people who don't share his insane mental structure (read: everybody), and has successfully fought off Dominate attempts by flicking his mental switch and operating as a gestalt. This, of course, has the side effect of making him a hedonistic, completely alien sensation-seeking intelligence that only seeks to expand itself and gives zero shits about anything outside its unity.

The One Ring's gonna have to deal with some weapons-grade madness to get down to where most people have their mind and soul (if he's even got a soul, being dead and all.)

>> No.29079169

I'm really sorry I called you autistic anon even if you actually are.. You seem like a pretty cool guy.

>> No.29079176

Solars don't have shit on Sidereals. I never bet on Solars. They look like they are winning for a while and then they reveal their nature as bitchy drama queens and tear everything down because they are SAD.

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>not enjoying feminine men
>with their feminine penises

It's only gay if you pretend they're men.

>> No.29079189

Stop trying to pretend that you aren't bi.

>> No.29079195

No just slightly retarded at the moment actually. Well that and I got a tear duct infection. It looks like I tried to pick a fist fight with a dwarf. Maybe I should go eat something.

>> No.29079228

If Sidreals were so great they'd just punch the Great Curse out of the Solars.

>> No.29079239

Stop trying to pretend that you aren't.

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File: 178 KB, 271x351, dowhatyoumust.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like you the most.

>> No.29079275

That pic, priceless.
also >>29079189 is right.
You seem to be under the interpretation that I don't like it because I think liking will make me gay. That's not it. I know I'm not straight I just don't like guys in my futa porn. Or in any kind of porn for that matter.

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File: 141 KB, 626x617, Melkors fortress Utumno.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Melkor being the embodiment of metal now

>> No.29079326

I would imagine that the ring would just start by quiet manifestations of emotions until the malkavian started milking it for more of the good vibes. and the more you take from the ring the more it's influence grows. it takes legitimate IRON will to throw off the ring's influence. although I don't doubt that it would take it a while for the ring to adapt and change tactics. I guess it ultimately depends on how quickly the Malkavian realizes the ring is working some bad mojo.

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File: 380 KB, 822x870, Guaranteed Replies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I gather a racially and culturally diverse team to engage in a politically correct adventure to destroy the ring.

>> No.29079343

Delicious Ian Miller art
Made my christmas thanks

>> No.29079351

>not straight
>don't like guys in any porn

How does that work out? Unless you're a lady who likes ladies. With their lady-like penises.

>> No.29079363
File: 286 KB, 708x513, 1383548126747.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>read this thread
>bard dickings
>heavy metal
>begin to imagine an all-woman LotR that is sapphic and sexually tense to hell and back

this was not the christmas present I asked for

>> No.29079370

I suffer from not being bi, actually.
Most porn is way too gay for me.

>> No.29079380

But it was the one you deserved.

>> No.29079385

Gainax wasn't there to ruin christmas.
So /tg/ had to do it.

>> No.29079388

>begin to imagine an all-woman LotR that is sapphic and sexually tense to hell and back
Jesus, anon, don't. I have enough trouble controlling my lesdom fetish as-is.

>> No.29079391

Is that what tumbler is like? I feel bad for that person. They honestly believe they are bad people for enjoying things.

If you wanted me to get mad you failed. I'm just a little sad now.

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File: 104 KB, 155x431, getitout.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But it's the one you deserved.

>> No.29079403

Is that a 20 something lin? from the legend of korra?

>> No.29079418

I want to be a lady so I can have sex with ladies and their lady-like penises (penis not required)

>> No.29079437

Cause Tolkien.

Srsly, One elf girl was able to k.o. their version of Satan with a pretty lullaby

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File: 163 KB, 500x476, tumblr_mvb9fffpUx1qmf4zbo1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dat some Legend of Zelda shit right there

>> No.29079470

Other way around.

>> No.29079490

I really fucking hate how not all 3D Zeldas use music as an important element.
That alone transformed TP into an abomination in my eyes.
Zelda without music is nothing.

>> No.29079494

The two settings would overlap beautifully and create something wondrous for all to behold.

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Or folklore from which Tolkien drew his inspiration.

>> No.29079526


make it happen

>> No.29079542

Don't worry, I'm sure one day you will make some lady's penis very happy.

>> No.29079557

Dude, that would never happen. SarumanXGanondorf would be a legit thing though.

>> No.29079573

Using music was The Hero of Time's thing. There is usually something that sets every Link apart from the other, like the fallen hero link's beam blade attack. TP Link had the shadow powers.

>> No.29079574

The fact that the three souls that symbolize the triforce constantly reincarnate, should be far more interesting.
Also, Ganondorf being a bro.

>> No.29079588

I don't remember TP all that well. Did that Link have shadow powers other than "being a werewolf?"

>> No.29079595

The triforce would be related to the silmarils. Fingolfin/Feanor/Finarfin would be the first heroes.

>> No.29079598

>TP Link had the shadow powers.
You mean the atrocious wolf form?
It felt like the devs never playtested fights in that shape. The fact that you could stab enemies after knocking them down in human form, but couldn't do so as a wolf, was really fucking retarded. Especially as the necessary animation existed for when you killed those ghosts.

Also, Wind Waker Link also had music. TP was the first 3D game to not have it. I also disliked it because it was the total opposite of the strong continuity that WW had with OoT.

>> No.29079607

Triforce of Power - Feanor
Triforce of Courage - Fingolfin
Triforce of Wisdom - Finarfin

>> No.29079631
File: 69 KB, 422x772, 1381438098770.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Pictured: Concept art for the Legend of Zelda.

>> No.29079647

Has it ever been mentioned what happens to the lucky sod who gets all three pieces?

I've not played a LoZ game in years

>> No.29079649

I like how there are two elves in the background of that one just going, "Wow he's really doing it..."

>> No.29079665

my character is incorruptible paladin, would donate the ring to orphanage

>> No.29079676

>the strong continuity that WW had with OoT.
Yeah in the worst way possible. Everything was flooded because link was sent to a different time and wasn't there to save the world.
TP took place after MM. Hell you even meet the Hero of Time. I understand you loved the music thing, I did too, but it seems silly to me to hate the game just because it didn't include it. It was a really good game on the gamecube

>> No.29079677

Poor orphans.

>> No.29079678

That is an awful thing to do

>> No.29079681

I think in Ocarina of Time it's stated that you get to make your wish come true, or something. Big bad evil douchebag getting it is bad news for everyone else.

>> No.29079687
File: 167 KB, 1024x721, tumblr_llzimaKALP1qzj5gg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They get a wish, and then the Triforce separates again.

In a way, Zelda, Link, and Ganondorf are all living artifacts and avatars of the Goddesses. They're doomed to eternally reincarnate and perpetuate strife together, and doubly doomed to embody their concept.

>> No.29079699

Can't be a paladin without evil to smite.

>> No.29079815

>but it seems silly to me to hate the game just because it didn't include it
I hated more than that.
Like the aforementioned continuity. TP was a total cocktease with having some semi-cameos but actually completely disregarding the rest of the series. Like the hint about a "hero in green" when Link gets his tunic and the temple of time, which looks NOTHING like the OoT one and the Sages, which can only be excused because TP is from the timeline where the original Sages weren't murdered by Ganondorf due to Link warning them.
And then there was the whole "emotionless puppet asshole Link" deal. Even OoT managed to give Link some emotions, while the TP version looked like Nintendo made a version of the game where Link was supposed to be talking for the first time and then simply removed absolutely all the reactions that he should have shown. The worst contender for that was when his girlfriend-like childhood friend was saved by him and thanked him... And he simply stared into the air.
Also, the entire "let's be a superhero with secret identity!" thing really pissed me off. The worst part was when he met the dude who spent his entire life looking through these ruins... And then Link finds the item that would answer all his question. Unfortunately, this version of Link is not only mute, but also an asshole. And thus you never help the dude.
And then there was the gameplay, which felt more like a minigame collection than a Zelda.
And the mirrored world basically felt like an insult to me, considering that the world was roughly based on OoT, which would have created *some* continuity.
So yes, that made it better on Gamecube.

>> No.29079836

I want a sidestory about offtime reincarnations.
Link doesn't seem to be aware of his past, while Zelda only seems to remember after a while (That's my headcanon due to her being the aspect of wisdom).
Ganondorf, meanwhile, never really dies in the first place.
There should be some incarnations where Link never meets Ganondorf and/or Zelda and simply does farming or something. Being the incarnation of bravery would still make him an exceptional individual, even without all the magic tools.

>> No.29079857

yeah TP was pretty shoddy work

kid Link is master race

Link Between Worlds was pretty awesome even if it did weird stuff with the mythology, but hey it was fresh and fun

>> No.29079875

I think the idea is that when he does reincarnate, shit is about to go down. I think all three of them only exist when the proverbial stars are right -- they're all part of the same trinity, so when one starts shit, the other two come running out of sheer gravity.

>> No.29079878
File: 50 KB, 309x323, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29079896

But what if Ganondorf reincarnates, tells himself that he deserved some free time and spends his time as a nice overlord?
He isn't actually evil. He's just a bit of a dick and very ambitious, as can be seen in WW.
In that timeline, Link and Zelda might become his buddies.

>> No.29079907

>Link Between Worlds
What's that?

>> No.29079915

Power corrupts anon.

>> No.29079930
File: 165 KB, 700x805, annatar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I think the question we are all asking is; how would Sauron fare in the Zeldaverse?

Assume no Mordor, Nazgul, and shit, but he does have his shapeshifting and Annatar disguise.

>> No.29079939

But thousands of years of always battling can really attack your soul.

By the way, is it worth playing SS for the lore?
I have become careful after the initial batch of Wii 1st party titles.

>> No.29079941

He threatens the world and is ultimately defeated.

>> No.29079946

He's Power. His very inborn nature demands he achieve it. He's driven to command and conquer without Wisdom or Courage to temper it. Plus he remembers the past.

Maybe if he properly reincarnated and grew up with them, sure, but he's always reborn as he always has been.

New 3DS Zelda. Takes place after or as sort of spiritual sequel to Link to the Past. Introduces neat characters and a crazy ending.

>> No.29079958

Dude is lower than Ganondorf even

Ganondorf is a fucking Goddess and embodiment of Power AND part of a trinity what grants fucking wishes

Sauron is an Ahganim at best

>> No.29079972

Sauron is basically a minor god. Ganondorf is kind of dumb, so even if Ganondorf would win in a stand up fight it's more likely Ganondorf would be harnessed to Sauron's plans than the other way around.

>> No.29079981

If it's Annatar, Link's method of hurrsmash isn't gonna work. Honestly, 90% of the entire thing would be Sauron and Zelda doing a political dance. Zelda would probably only be able to hang on due to Wisdom.

>> No.29079984

My Bard has literally zero desire for power. He just likes to hang out and hear/repeat cool stories, bro.

It's like the fisherman with the corruption essence screencap thing.

>> No.29080015
File: 12 KB, 405x286, Hmm....png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Maybe if he properly reincarnated and grew up with them

Now I really want a game in which the reincarnations of Ganondorf, Link, and Zelda are all grow up as friends together, only to eventually have that friendship strained and ultimately sundered.

>> No.29080018


... I am totally okay with this. Tolkien was a cool guy - a pretty racist guy but cool none the less - but his death-grip on fantasy writers' hearts has made it so that you can't really write a fantasy story without it focusing on basically the same stuff Tolkien focused on.

Let's make things a bit more colourful and have more fun. Gandalf being a heavily tanned gentleman seems right to me - he serves the sacred fire and is outdoors a lot - and black elves lets us toy with how we present them a bit; either embracing contemporary or historical black cultures or creating anew from whole cloth.

Seriously, I am all over this. Love the designs.

It'd also be neat if we made the orcs more diverse, too; Tolkien pretty much cast them as the worst stereotypes of non-whites (all of them are Mongoloid in character, with no capacity for creativity or intellect beyond savage cunning and destruction). Hell, they're pretty much the most sympathetic group out there if you don't take Tolkien at his word that they're all born evil; they're a displaced people, living behind a wall in a terrible and dessicated volcanic ashland, with the only respites from such inhospitable lands being swamps.

Really, let's turn Tolkien's work on its head.

>> No.29080029

Spit roasts are disgusting.

>> No.29080037
File: 64 KB, 640x480, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>as can be seen in WW
>mfw I always find Ganny to be cool, even to fight, but you go and STAB HIM IN THE FUCKING FACE

>> No.29080042

>his word that they're all born evil
Actually that's up in the air. Tolkien could never find an explanation that sat well with his faith, so he never canonized it.

>> No.29080043


>Really, let's turn Tolkien's work on its head.

Or we could just make entirely new fantasy stories that reject the conventions Tolkien reinforced instead of trying to force it on preexisting works.

I for one would like to see more settings based on African and Mesoamerican mythologies.

>> No.29080047

After the woods of Hylea burned, a young Kokiri boy was found the the Hylean king and adopted into his court as a squire, where he befriended the young princess Zelda and her betrothed Ganondorf, hostage-prince of the Gerudo tribe, taken as part of an alliance to end a long and brutal war. The three were fast friends, yet too young to realize the importance of the titles they carried. When he came of age, Link was sent out into the world with his Master, an old Hylean sword master who taught him the ways not only of combat, but also of his Kokiri heritage. It was here that Link adopted the ancestral green of his lost homewood.

>> No.29080066


>In their early teens they go on their first big adventure
>A resounding success, many more are to follow
>As years pass, the adventurers establish themselves. Zelda is made princess because of her distant uncle dying, Ganondorf takes up magery and becomes a general. Link can't let go of adventuring and goes to explore foreign countries, where he disappears
>With Link gone, the buffer between General Ganondorf and Princess Zelda is removed, and the two collide in court as they views clash
>Ganondorf wishes to send a rescue army to find Link. Zelda is against it since she fears war.
>Ganondorf's wish to save his friend is perverted to the extent that he starts a coup and then a war (as Zelda feared)
>In the midst of this, Link returns

>> No.29080074

Stop, don't let Ganondorf be
You fucking suck.

>> No.29080082

wind waker was basically the best the story ever will be

it turned it into a weird sort of meta-tragedy

>> No.29080093

The problem with that is Ganon's entire reason for starting the war is to find Link. So when Link does return, Ganon will just try and stop it with Zelda and the whole thing falls apart.

>> No.29080099

>He's Power. His very inborn nature demands he achieve it. He's driven to command and conquer without Wisdom or Courage to temper it. Plus he remembers the past.
But he could lead a country instead of aiming for the Triforce.
Uniting the world might be a noble cause.
Basically, a less deluded Hitler. During WW2, he would have been a Saint, due to not wasting resources on concentration camps and the like.

>New 3DS Zelda.
Welp, I guess I'll never play it.
Can you spoil it?

>> No.29080111

No. Let's not ruin something just to unrustle your jimmies. Also you are the reason /pol/ is here. Why don't you make your own piece of fiction with your own god damn rainbow of hues instead of shitting up something that's already good as it is. And if all you see is black and white in the tolkien universe then maybe you should consider your own psychology over tolkiens.

Unless of course you're trolling then 10/10 would autist the fuck out again.

>> No.29080115

>hurrdurr i'm a retard
If you don't have anything constructive to add, don't add anything.

>> No.29080157


But he made a completely valid point.

>> No.29080159

What I liked about OoT was that the character model would change over time.
It was the same effect as in the Metroid games or Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, where you can actually SEE that your hero was out adventuring and has changed not only internally, but also externally.
And Ganondorf waiting in his castle made sense at the time. He wanted the Triforce and simply waiting for Link was the best way to do it.

>> No.29080162



>> No.29080180


Well, that why I added the bit about how he's wish gets perverted right? The idea is that he'd get to caught up in what he's doing that once Link returns he can't back down anymore (he's a rebel and in the middle of a war) and Link ironically has to stop him.

>> No.29080183
File: 30 KB, 640x480, Not Witchking of Angmar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Guys you should totally accept.

9/9 would wear.

>> No.29080185
File: 760 KB, 840x4596, Zelda.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Not that guy, but (WARNING: ACTUAL SPOILERS BECAUSE THE PLOT GOES PLACES YOU DONT EXPECT FROM A LOZ PLOT:) There's an alternate reality Hyrule that you think is kinda like the Sacred Realm/Dark World from LTTP, only it's an alternate Hyrule that saw the strife the Triforce caused and FUCKING DESTROYED IT instead of sealing it and having it pop out of containment to cause even more shit every once in a while.

This went...poorly. Very, very poorly. Their world started to fall apart at the seams with no cosmic glue to keep everything together, and the bad guy(s), alternate Princess Zelda and alternate Ganon, want the Triforce from "real" Hyrule to repair their world. Alternate Link is your shopkeeper who hides his face with a rabbit mask and is slowly hinted to be way more than he seems - the first hint being that when the game starts, your house has pots in it, but when he moves in? They're all broken.

Also, instead of having Ganon be secretly behind everything, Ganon is a complete chump who's gamed for his piece of the Triforce in exchange for freeing him, and possessed by the real final boss once he's been boondoggled.

>> No.29080210
File: 791 B, 195x195, 1349274662357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29080212

Also, instead of having Ganon be secretly behind everything, Ganon is a complete chump who's gamed for his piece of the Triforce in exchange for freeing him, and possessed by the real final boss once he's been boondoggled.

So they DID run with that idea?
Was there a teamup? Please tell me they team up.

>> No.29080216

Nice touch anon.

>> No.29080217
File: 317 KB, 477x727, 1388011385344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He did lead a country. It was the Gerudo. It ended poorly because it was a hellscape. Thus, Wind Waker.

As for Link Between Worlds some weirdo named Yuga who acts like Ganondorf if he was a ponce focused on Beauty instead of Power comes along and steals people from Hyrule, turning them into paintings.

Some cowardly dude named Ravio in a bunny costume finds Link and sells him shit to help his adventure. You get the master sword again.

You go to the Dark World, now called Lorule, and meet up with this Zelda look alike named Hilda. She helps you chase Yuga around after he brings Ganon back and FUSES with him.

You get all the portraits back, and then in the end...

You find out it was Hilda setting you up with Yuga all along. She wants the Triforce -- Lorule used to have its own Dark Triforce, but it was destroyed in a war. Hilda wanted the one from Hyrule to make her kingdom safe and strong again.

Yuga betrays her though, right as she's about to take Power and Wisdom and turn into a hellbeast herself. Link defeats the combined Yuga-Ganon, since defeat means a united Triforce and he gets a wish of his won fucked up world.

Hilda is in despair at the end. Then Ravio comes along... turns out he's the Dark World Link! He tells Hilda that he was a coward but he cares for the kingdom and snuck off to set Link up to win. He doesn't want to see her become a tyrant and a murderer.

So Hilda and Ravio send Link and Zelda back home. The Triforce is united again now, so Link and Zelda grasp it together with a wish in their heart... and revive the Triforce of Lorule for Hilda.

Yuga is Dark Ganondorf, and is more BEauty than Power. Ravio is Dark Link, and more Cowardice than Courage. Hilda is Dark Zelda, and is more... not sure. Cleverness? Artifice? Some sort of inverse to Wisdom. It was pretty cool.

>> No.29080219

What's your drama, mamma? It's not a bad idea.

>> No.29080248

>that midna
Thanks for reminding me how sad the ending to TP made me.

>> No.29080250


Probably guile

>> No.29080264


>> No.29080274

For me, the saddest part was that the cannonfodder team had exactly one moment where they shined.
By killing enemies that were no fucking threat for you, and then disappearing from the plot.

>> No.29080283

Neither of those is the opposite of wisdom.

>> No.29080291

I didn't really care too much for them, I got too caught up in Midna's snark.

>> No.29080293


Beauty ain't exactly the opposite of Power either

>> No.29080295
File: 298 KB, 756x570, 1287779234967.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that husky and low-voiced "Hey" every time she greets you

she can manipulate me into destruction and ruin any day

>> No.29080305

Change, then? If wisdom is time-tested knowledge, them when events occur that wisdom is put into the light once more.

>> No.29080315

The opposite to wisdom is impulsiveness.

I disliked Midna.
Maybe she's less annoying in the English version.
I also didn't hate Navi and I don't hate Jar-Jar Binks.
I'm German.

>> No.29080317

She ain't exactly Ignorance either

Hard to say they're opposite, even Ravio showed courage himself by doing what he did, he was just sneaky as hell about it like Hilda was about her own delaings

>> No.29080319
File: 25 KB, 600x263, Mage - the Awakening.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



No, really, Hilda gets chewed out for failing to consider that she was doing the same damn thing to Hyrule that Lorule did to itself, with the certainty that she could do it better this time, and that the suffering Hyrule would go through meant nothing in comparison to fixing Lorule.

>> No.29080331

I'd say short-sightedness, she clearly hates tyrants and was well on her way of being one.

Guile would be Yuga. With none of ganon's raw power or massive armies, he has to borrow Hilda's and backstab her when he can. Even his signature spell is a viable tactic only because it has an incredibly oscure counter rather than Ganon's heavy handed displays of raw magical power.

>> No.29080333

Oh, true. In a way she was like plain old Ganondorf. Power hungry and desperate to make her kingdom not suffer.

>> No.29080350

Maybe it was some foreshadowing about how they'd eventually get their own triforce back.

>> No.29080361

I don't know how to respond to that.

>> No.29080369

I learn't alot of anatomy from some of his anatomy work.

>> No.29080375

That they needed to shoulder their banes and embrace who they are?

>> No.29080398 [DELETED] 

The internet is a weird place for me.

>> No.29080400

Only it seems their inverse Triforce embodies different ideals -- Hilda even says "Like we found out your Triforce embodies shit like Power, Wisdom, Courage, and that got me PRETTY HOT ON TAKING IT" which implies their own trinity is something like Cowardice, Beauty, and Shopping At Walmart or whatever.

Ravio does comment that he feels like Link's courage rubbed off on him, which is probably what gave him the guts to throw himself between a suicidal Hilda and all-powerful Zelda and Link to try to parley and convince her a stand down was the morally right thing.

>> No.29080417

The internet is a weird place for me.

I also liked John Carter and Lone Ranger.
Sometimes I go into movies that are supposedly bad, because then I can be sure that I'll love them.

>> No.29080432

>I also liked John Carter and Lone Ranger.
Those are fun movies.

>> No.29080460

Hell, my entire family loved them.
But according to the internet, this makes me a soulless abomination.

>> No.29080490

Unless that is a cockring, I have no space for it.

>> No.29080597


You are, but don't let that stop you.

>> No.29080598

So if Link acts like Gryffindor, Ganondorf like Slytherin and Zelda like Ravenclaw, Shadow/Dark!Link acts like a Slytherin, S/D!Zelda like a twisted Hufflepuff and S/D!Ganondorf like a twisted Gryffindor.

>> No.29080622

Soul is forever and who plans to even live that long anyway?

>> No.29080645


No stop god dammit

You have crossed so many streams that it's all coming down

Just stop

>> No.29080678

...you know, LZ&G would fit in in The Elder Scrolls.

>> No.29080699

Likely would deposit it unknowingly into his pack, and then forget about it.

>> No.29080704

It'd be more accurate to describe it as "hobbits/humans go invisible."

>> No.29080743

Yeah, Zelda/LotR has actual merit due to similarities in scope.
But Harry Potter is simply on an entirely different scale. It's also really shitty world-building.
I wish Rowling would have kept is as tongue-in-cheek story about a wizard boy in the weird society of wizards, who gets almost killed at the end of every book and then his explanatory talk with Dumbledore, instead of doing all that good/evil crap with gay Dumbledore and that goat fucking dude and whatever.

>> No.29080747

Sauron, prior to his sinking of not-Atlantis, was described as a crazy beautiful elf who was found with well groomed, well manicured hunting hounds (werewolves).

The HUEG ARMOR DUDE OF ANGER AND RAEG Sauron was how he reinvented himself after his supreme hero, Melkor, died a horrific death (he saw everything he had built destroyed before his eyes, he tried to kneel in surrender but had his feet cut out from underneath him, and then he was slain). His prior purpose for existing being eliminated is what made him reinvent himself as a juggernaught of destruction.

>> No.29080768

Nothing can surpass Bilmoe.

>> No.29080799

Yeah, "sadist" is the perfect way to describe Eru. That was my reaction after reading the Silm, and it is the same today.

>> No.29080879
File: 94 KB, 475x633, ironthrone-greenranger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That all depends on which of my characters is being offered the ring.

If it's Fyhtanan, my fullblade wielding human barclerian, he is severely fucked. For all of his strength, field presence, and regenerative abilities, he has the worst achilles' heel a barbarian could possibly have in the form of a save-denying susceptibility to illusions and hypnosis. He will become the ring's pet within a day.

If it's Tanma, my halfling art thief, he's fucked as well. While the ring couldn't convince him to do anything and would simultaneously make him invisible in both realms, he would keep it indefinitely and hostile parties seeking the ring would inevitably find him.

If it's Kerna, it's bad news for every goblin, every friend of goblins, and anyone hostile to him as his desire would be to see EVERYTHING burn. As for how fucked he is, it's hard to say; he would be particularly strong against the ring's mind-altering affects, but he wants things very similar to what the ring wants even without it whispering its desires in his ear. He would figure the ring out and understand that it should be destroyed, but whether he's fucked or not would hinge on whether he decides to bring it to its destruction or use it to chase his own goals.

I'm assuming I understand the rules of the ring from what you guys are saying.

>> No.29080907
File: 8 KB, 546x566, Facepalm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot to mention that Kerna is my first character, a halfling ranger infamous completely fucking WRECKING encounters by covering the field in kerosene and burning enemies to death before they get to move.

>> No.29080929

I don't have fingers.

>> No.29080944
File: 322 KB, 476x621, NOT TODAY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wear it on your toe, faggot.

>> No.29080959

I remember that thread.

>> No.29080975
File: 21 KB, 225x225, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who, Are You?
>"A crab named James Bond.
>I Pinch."

>> No.29080982

awwwww almost as sad as Nox's backstory

>> No.29080988
File: 594 KB, 526x652, bladeblaster.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw that pic

>> No.29080997

Mairon is very likely the closest example to a lunar exalt in fiction, at least in the case of going from the first age "fair second in command" incarnation to the second age "ferocious because he's got nothing left to live for but revenge and power" incarnation, illusions, shapechanging, etc.

Seriously, the only "full spectrum" example of a lunar I can think of is Nyaruko.

>> No.29081068


What if Frodo and Sam had challenged Sauron to a Rock-off?


>> No.29081079

Mage the Awakening.
Death, Spirit and Matter Master
Prime, Life and Space disciple

I'd probably examine the ring first, find out it has a super high powered spirit attached to it with a Corruption Numina, and then extended cast to change Sauron into a friendlier spirit, thus making the ring a tool of good.


>> No.29081107

Totally fucked.
Like, he was already teetering on the brink of chaos.
But now he's skipping down the slippery slope, singing heretical ballads and wanking as he goes.
Disregard bitches, acquire forbidden lores.

>> No.29081148

Its very likely Sauron would be a rank 6+ spirit, due to him being the second in command of what would be a rank 9 or 10 spirit, and thus not something that could be trifled with even by archmages.

>> No.29081171

>disregard bitches
Poor Sauron, he got you the ring and everything and that you do in return?

For shame.

>> No.29081280


In that case probably go full wisdom sin like every other powerful mage.

>> No.29081349

To be fair, he'd probably shout, "DAEMON, GRAB MY DATASLATE!"
And then fly off in a rainbow of heretical adventure.

>> No.29081371

This pleases Slaanesh.

>> No.29081471


That guy looks like he's not from around here. Probably a godless sorcerer or something.

Accordingly my Wind Lord of Orlanth throws a thunderbolt in his face followed by a sword to the gut.

>> No.29081522

I'm okay with Black Gandalf, provided the sole condition that he is played by Morgan Freeman.

>> No.29081535

>I'm okay with Black Gandalf, provided the sole condition that he is played by Morgan Freeman.
>Black Gandalf
>Not Samuel L. Jackson

You know you want it.

>> No.29081558

I think that's a requirement. Like when you need old wise black guys you go for Freeman, if you need a scary black dude you go for Samuel L. Jackson.

>> No.29081628
File: 38 KB, 393x391, 13546190061735.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dunno, Gandalf is pretty damned wise. I would like to see Freeman's take on Gandalf.

>> No.29081634
File: 48 KB, 450x450, cfee45d4e88483c60759c6079d592b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29081636


>> No.29081639


That wuld be an amazing movie, but unfortunately it would be pretty short.

After all, there's only so much filler you can put in before the inevitable climax where Black Gandalf kicks in the doors of Barad-dûr, shoves his staff in Sauron's face and demands to know whether Sauron thinks Manwë looks like a bitch or not.

>> No.29081677

What if you need an old, wise scary black man?

Do we like, fuse Morgan Freeman and Samuel L. Jackson?

>> No.29081763

>Middle of the Villains, between Zant and Dark Link
Is that Vaati?

>> No.29081841

You use James Earl Jones

>> No.29081874

this.. is actually a really interesting situation.
Because my Alchemist Mekial has two major drives, to see how far he can push alchemy when it comes to creating new and interesting clones/lifeforms, and to do so under the yoke of no one but himself so that history will remember both his name and deeds. And he has almost died a couple times in the persuit of both so it's not like he doesn't have willpower to see this shit through.

I can't help but imagine that the ring would boost his alchemical abilities while leaving him in constant struggle to stay independent of Sauron for as long as possible.

So yeah it's a bad end, but it's a bad end that achieves at east one of his life goals...and floods the region with monstrosities the likes of which the world has never seen.

>> No.29081915

I'm Nazgul'd, no way around it.

>> No.29081938
File: 29 KB, 400x400, 1357455979888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>James Earl Jones as Gandalf
Not sure if want.

What the hell is the point of this thread if you don't give you reasoning on the matter?

>> No.29081997

I think Vaati is the one you're referring to as Dark Link

the guy you're talking about might be the villain from A Link to the Past
can't say for sure though

>> No.29082032

Looking at this pic for a while, I don't think it's Sauron offering the ring.

It's the One Ring he's holding, so I think that's Sauron's will, and it's just the ring calling to someone to pick it up.

>> No.29082056

Oh, yeah, now that I actually checked, dark Link is under Ganon's left arm.. Come to think of it, the guy in armor with the flail and the chick with the weird-ass flail on the left might be the villains from the Gameboy Color games.

>> No.29082169

He'd probably take the ring, put it in his inventory next to all the other magical artifacts never to be seen again and try to seduce Sauron into some kind of weird magical sex ritual to gain her power or something like that.

>> No.29083904
File: 34 KB, 314x366, 2323220-6997300091-mmpr-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That pink ranger's probably a dude.

>> No.29083910

I roll to seduce

>> No.29083916

Your point being?

>> No.29083926

I'd still hit it.

>> No.29083940
File: 21 KB, 226x317, 4922481933.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just an observation.

>> No.29084227
File: 193 KB, 1344x812, 9 out of 9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Art must be preserved.

>> No.29084248

You make it sound like that's a bad thing.

>> No.29084259

The reactions aren't art.

>> No.29084287


Reaction are an art, get off off 4chan or lurk more untill you understand that.

>> No.29084328

Right now i'm playing an extremly old evil dragonwrought kobold bard that's being used as the BBEG part for a different group so he would be thrilled

>> No.29084423

>orange glowing eyes
>offering an innocuous looking ring
>offering an unprompted assurance that this wont hurt

Rob Microsoft would already be out the window and running. This is clearly not where he is supposed to be. Everyone in this world has a place for them and this isn't his.

So probably pretty fucked because the rest of the group would stay for the trinket and let him die alone in the woods once he started failing rolls against exhaustion from running and collapsed.

>> No.29084446

Also being a bard he would probably fuck sauron
and kill all the worlds gnomes...dirty gnomes think there so good

>> No.29084460

And what happens when Sauron finds you on the ground, offering you the ring again because your party killed each other of it/sauron.

>> No.29084533

>ahuh epic black man i'm done with these motherfucking orcs in shawshank prison
I hate you people the most.

>> No.29084544


>> No.29084571


"you see, i really couldn't. I already accepted a ring from a terrible mistress of destruction[flashes his wedding ring from his ex-wife]. Really I have no idea what would become of me with two claims on my immortal soul. Interactions between terrible forces mortals weren't meant to know and all that. Couldn't regret it more but I'm just going to have to turn down this offer."
"Maybe if you destroyed her my soul would be up for grabs?[shit eating grin]

>> No.29084630

>melkor invented death metal.

>> No.29084658

Ok, I think I missed something. Why is Sauron hot now?

>> No.29084677

simmilarion. sauron was a sexy trap.

>> No.29084683

This, leave the works of other authors alone.

Of course, we're talking about the film adaptations of his works, which are already terrible.

>> No.29084690

Not now. This is old stuff. First age, mostly. He can change forms and he used to always be super fabulous, but then he lost the ability to take "fair forms".

>> No.29084700

There's no film adaptation of the Silmarillion.

And considering PJ directly contradicts Tolkien, I'd say his opinions are really not more accurate than some internet neckbeard.

>> No.29084719

Ok, that explains it. I've tried to read that book, but it's like reading the fucking bible, without the historical significance.

>> No.29084723

im with the secound guy, it being inspired by tolkien is one thing but changing cast is silly. except the making gandalf tanner, that would be neat.

i however would love a thing about easterlings being radical.

>> No.29084732

What? Both works of fiction have similar levels of historical significance.

>> No.29084749
File: 945 KB, 960x1380, Fidel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you not?

>> No.29085099

I accept it, but pass it off to the rogue once the friendly transvestite leaves. Barbarian don't need no fucking rings of invisibility.

>> No.29085218

>just giving up the ring

>> No.29085286
File: 64 KB, 1482x790, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really like this part of the pi-
What the fuck did you say about this glorious masterpiece? DO YOU EVEN INTO COLORS?!?

>> No.29086575

They do understand that this removes the central conflict of Eowyn's character, right?

She's no longer a rebel fighting against gender stereotypes and being one of the best portrayed fantasy feminist characters in ever.

She's just some warrior chick like all the other warrior chicks, except she fights extra hard cuz she hungry for Aragorn's genitals.

Guaranteed replies.

>> No.29086603

>Guaranteed replies.
It doesn't work if you say it in your own post. Same as /thread.

>> No.29086631

No, no. I'm just saying it annoys me just right. I reply every time with some new complaint. I am affirming the file name, not guaranteeing replies to my post.

>> No.29086652

Ah, I didn't notice the filename. My apologies for assuming the worst, good sir.

>> No.29087402

>Religious Fanatic Humanity supremacist that can see supernatural true nature is offered a magic ring by a non-human
>How fucked are they.
I wack the sauron. I don't care if I die, I die standing.

>> No.29089500

My character:

"This is clearly some fucking spirit bullshit again isn't it. Man, fml". *Rolls initiative*

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