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What are the best pictures of Navigators that you guys have? Bonus points if attractive and not hideous mutants. Posting what I have

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>not hideous mutants
What precisely do you think Navigaors are?

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Not the Dune kind, hopefully. We need adorable loli navigators.

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Is a catgirl one okay?

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OP, constant exposure to the warp invariably turns them into hideous, disgusting mutants with all forms of growths and mutations.

It is nasty. You would not want to fuck a navigator. Ever.

I'd like to mention that these mutations are already stacked upon god knows how many generations of incest. The navigator houses are small, and they try to keep it that way to ensure that small minority holds the power.

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Catgirls are always okay.

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Forgot to add. I'm not trying to be a killjoy OP, just felt like you should know.

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The Navigator of a ship in my game.

He is very old, and very very out of the good books with the houses

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Don't forget there are the houses that live on terra who try to minimize that sort of stuff. Plus they do have limited careers as their powers grow, not like we are saying long term good looks.

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As if the Navigator's overbearing great-uncle would ever let you sully her pure Navigator womb with your useless two-eyed sperm.

As I recall it takes a few decades before they start looking super gross. When they are young they are probably kind of frail and a bit off but still potentially hot.

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There was a pic a while ago of one little navigator girl with a three eyed teddy. I cant find it in my folder, does anyone have it?

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Happy Nav Gal

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Wait. So there may be actively serving navigators that aren't (horribly) inbred and may only have minor warp mutations, depending on where they are in their career? Normally their mutations could only net them some slaaneshi cultists and some /d/eviants. I'm not really sure there's a difference.

This means there could actually exist navigators that would be fuckable to normal, civilized human beings. I am impressed. Where did you hear of theses houses, anon?

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>dat tongue

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meant for

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RT Core book, it is a matersterial house IIRC

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I like him

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Thanks man. The more you know.

I do kinda wonder why they keep the navigators around.

The IoM can't have regressed so far that gene tampering is beyond them. If they could just clone navigators, they would break the back of the houses.

And sorry fellas, this is the only other navigator picture I've got.

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based on what I read in Rogue Trader. At least for the non-loser houses, Navigators tend to only have a few odd qualities in their youth, and it's only with age and power that they go off the deep end. Best case scenario would be someone who looks like a super hot void born. Might still be blue or something, but blue is fine.

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Guys Navigators don't get that much in the way of warp mutations(well for how much they are exposed to the warp), as the navigator gene provides some form of protection. Its just that as the navigator gene is recessive any warp spawned mutations are retained within the population.

There are likely a number of pretty navigators out there with little more than pale almost translucent skin, webbed fingers, and an unusually spindly frame. Such navigators though wouldn't really be wasted on random ships, and would likely be the face of a house in their various political dealings.

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Oh forgot a lot of them are likely bald too.

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Into the Storm specifically has scions for navigators, who are social and do negotiate for a good while before the natural mutations set in

Said mutations aren't from the warp, but come from the in breeding (the only way to keep navigators, normal folks + navigators = normal folks)

If you stack the scion career with the magisterial house (minimal mutations, higher chance to not get more, social bonuses) you can make a lower fellowship but effective navigator

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The political power of the Navis Nobilitae will be pretty adamant about not allowing anything such.

Large chunks of the Inquisition will be sceptical about that kind of experiments. And not without reason, that kind of thing could definitely blow up in the researchers face.

The Imperium also has a very strong policy against fucking with something which works. And the more important something is, the stronger that policy is. Because for all the improvements that you might be able to slap on, if you end up breaking it instead then everyone's fucked good and proper.

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I was figurin' that the Navis Nobilitae wouldn't be terribly happy with it. I'd presume they wouldn't know about it. The inquisition don't like them very much. They certainly have the resources for it.

The question is does the inquisition hate the Navis Nobilitae enough to try and bring the navigator mutant scum firmly under their control. I'm sure there's an inquisitor out there radical enough to do it, but not sure if the rest of the inquisition would get behind it.

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Navigators don't turn into horrible blobs of mutation until a bit later in life. By most accounts they look fairly normal, 3rd eye aside, until they start getting into their later years unless they're from a house that really has no morals when it comes to its breeding(which there are a few).

That...is actually a fairly accurate image for what happens when most look into the 3rd eye. Warp storms and deamons, both filtered somewhat by reality, are hard enough on humans, but the raw power of the warp drives most completely insane.

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>but not sure if the rest of the inquisition would get behind it.

Experiments which could create a horde of chaos spawns/daemonhosts and gravely imperil all interstellar travel in the Imperium? Just to reduce the political power of the navigators, who have been around since well before the Imperium without starting any shit? That the Emperor himself never appears to have had any issues with?

This sounds like the kind of inquisitor that the other inquisitors kindly but firmly re-assign to a locked, padded room.

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I was under the impression that they were more troublesome through out history, and I remember hearing that ties between them and the inquisition were strained. But it's almost five in the morning and I've been drinking with friends, so that probably has something to do with it.

It's probably time to go to bed. I apologize for my lack of knowledge. Have a merry Christmas anon, you lovable bastard you.

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Considering some of the major navigator houses are wealthy enough to own huge compounds on Holy Terra, putting them almost on par with the High Lords themselves, I don't think even the Inquisition would be able to manage that one.

I think said inquisitor would be 'retired' with a visit from a certain temple.

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Basically that. Octavia in ADB's Night Lords trilogy isn't bad looking - But she mentions that her House has unspeakable abominations chained up in the basement, because of all the inbreeding.

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Odd. The Space Wolves stories involving navigators said most of the blobs of mutations they had were those that had been serving long enough to 'retire,' so to speak.

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No reason it can't be both. Inbreeding plus generations of warp exposure means a certain chunk of Navigator descendents are mutated to all fuck, extended warp exposure does no favours to those who are born normal. As far as Navigators are ever normal. Or functional.

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It's also mentioned that it's the eventual fate of any Navigator who lives long enough - for example, towards the end of Blood Reaver where Octavia meets one belonging to the Red Corsairs:

>Her name was Ezmarellda.

>The fluid she bathed in was an ammoniac clash of nutrient-rich ooze long turned foetid, and half a decade’s worth of her own urine. She was naked but for the scaling that hardened her flesh, and she was blind but for the fact she could stare into the Sea of Souls.

>Her hovel was a dark chamber with the floor given over to a bowl depression, which she swam, drifted and walked through, as the mood took her. The edges of her rank pool were too high for her to reach, leaving her trapped in a pit of her own filth. She heard them enter, and her malformed face twitched this way and that. What should’ve been a mouth gummed ineffectively together, making wordless sounds whose meaning was lost to anyone but herself.

>When Octavia saw her, she saw her own future laid bare. All Navigators suffered devolution as the centuries passed. She knew that. But this…

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Why do I get the feeling that this is someone's fetish...but seriously, why would you keep something like that alive? Can't be for any practical reason, else they'd bother to take care of it.

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Beacause Chaos ain't got much in the way of navigators. Probably.

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they keep her alive because she needs to steer the ship

navigators dont grow on trees

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Considering some of them don't even bother with geller fields, I'm surprised they need navigators...but that would explain the conditions, even if I'm amazed she can still operate anything in that state.

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It says she can swim/walk. Got to have some kind of ability to use controls, even if the controls might have had to be modified for her. Though I imagine modifying controls for the navigator isn't exactly uncommon.

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Corsairs are renegades who operate out of the Maelstrom, not traitor legions operating out of the Eye. They're crazy villainous fucks but they're not as far down the rabbit hole as the main legion.

No official dedication makes braving the warp without a field barely better for them than it would be for imperials.

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Source? Google just gives me generic " anime cat girl"

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The Word Bearers are the only ones I know of that don't use fields, something about being closer to Chaos.

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>insert condom joke here

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Guys the water bowl is called a warp sextant. Its a attachment on a ship if you look at the Rogue trader books it mentions them. Its like a focus area, helps them with their job of course nobody said about the sanitary conditions.

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In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, nobody wants to sign up for janitorial duties.

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Probably depends on a few things, like how crazy the Navigator is and how much the crew cares. I imagine a ship that's well maintained and staffed would keep the Navigator's habitat decently clean and have some attendants to keep them such, but a bunch of renegade Space Marines probably give far less of a shit.

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Sounds about right. Some ships don't bother to maintain their geller fields until they start to flicker in transit, and we know how badly that can end.

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if you have gellar fields like say is the warpsbane , that would be more problematic considering the warpsbane is literally a statue of an angel of the emperor and is an external part

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True, but if you can afford silver wards etched on the outside of your ship, odds are you can afford basic maintenance on your ship.

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this is why i love idea of having families managing parts of the ship rather than navy servicemen. Im pretty sure the Holcett maintenance family would maintain the fuck out of the gellar field considering that the highest honor in their family.

Aw time like this in christmas makes me wish i have my harem of Eldar and dark eldar females

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or my very own oberon class space cathedral battleship.Man that girl in OP is cute. It would be nice if she was my navigator if gellar field failure never happen. Hate to lose such a cutie

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this. this is creep in action ladies and gentlemen

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Cat Head Imako

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Just leaving this here.

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Indeed, why not just save yourself some work and fuse the Navigator with the ship?
Then your Waifu can also be your primary means of transportation and protection!

Hey WE can navigate our own Eldritch Lawn just FINE Anon...

...Now where did I park...

Goddess damn it, why haven't you guys fallen to Nurgle yet?

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All this talk of clones and navigators completely forgets the one golden rule clones in the 40kverse.

If you clone things shit goes wrong. Its as inescapable as gravity. Every instance in the of cloning in 40k results in shit going very wrong for everyone concerned. Clones and everything they touch are bad luck lightning rods.

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If a navigator and a regular human do the horizontal tango then they produce a regular human. Slightly odd but lacking in all features and abilities of navigator.

This hybrid should be carrying navigator blood but also fresh genes.

Could this hybrid line be bred back into the navigator gene-line and produce new generations of true navigators?

Given that navigators were probably created from psyker stock back in the Second Stellar Exodus would it be better to get some mingling of witch blood into their noble houses?

Or is this just asking for deamons every orifice.

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But Dark Eldar clone...

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And look at where they are.

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Hey now, I like the freaky ones, too.

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And everysingle one of those clones is, at best, a second class citizen in the City of Sin. At worst they are test-subjects, emergency food reserves, sport or deamon fodder.

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>Dark Eldar clone
Wrong. They rip fetuses out of deldar wombs snd grow em in jars. No cloning required, since 40K clones are CURRRRSED

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Well a lot of servitors and cherubs are made from cloned flesh.

Its only when the imperium try to do it it to people it invariably screws someone over.

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Navigators weren't simply bred into existence, they were genetically engineered. Its a very hard subspecies to replicate.

However, that doesn't mean what you propose cannot happen. It might be very dangerous to try, though. Breeding new Navigator stock from humans of partial Navigator ancestry is untested, and you might notice that while "normal" humans mutate less readily there are much more extreme mutations bumping around among humanity in general than even the monstrosities of the Navigators. Abandon the hard-earned technique of breeding navigators and veer off into something completely new and you may create a monster.

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All experimentation would be conducted in a specially built and extremely well sealed environment somewhere off the maps.

Possibly a hollowed out asteroid or under the surface of some airless rock.

Either way they shall be monitored in the habitat for at least four or five generations after the first generation of viable navigators are born. Cant rush this sort of thing.

Also if the Black Ships have taught us anything its to make each section of the facility self-sustaining in the event that shutting of a patch of it and venting the atmosphere/nerve gassing it becomes needed. Caution is always needed when warp-dabbling.

Also all workers, visitors and guests must be sterilized. Can't afford accidents on a lonely outpost.

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In one of the Ciaphas Cain books, he meets a Navigator that he seems to consider quite fuckable (aside from her personality, which he even acknowledges is still rather friendly compared to most Navigators).

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The one with the gold dress and the epic cleavage.

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>Crap pics

Okay guys, the next time Muju starts a drawthread, somebody request:

"Attractive pale female Navigator with thin elongated limbs and fingers. Contemplating. "


"Enraged female Navigator. Long teeth, angry face and Warp eye wide open."
Already too many Muju battle sisters and not enough Muju navigators.

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Ask the 40kute thread up right now.

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Caiaphas finds very little he wouldn't fuck.

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Maybe, but there aren't actually that many women whose bodies and features he describes extensively. Colonel Kasteen just gets a mention of her red hair every now and then, and Sulla doesn't get anything aside from Cain's bitching about her over-eagerness.

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I think he's said he'd bone her if it didn't interfere with their professional relationship, so she's obviously very good-looking. I would certainly a hot Russian redhead colonel.

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