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So...this guy.

I can has infiltrate again? \o/

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Scan when

Who will buy the overpriced POS so the rest of us may benefit?

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I was going to. Then saw how expensive it was

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Same. I was expecting £4.99, not £9.99. I mean, £5 would be gouging but £10... who are they trying to sell this to? Unless it contains the secret to making wine from water, it's not worth £1.

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Maybe 5 people care, but I don't know anyone who gives a shit as they'll never continue the plot and there's no way his rules will be as good as... well, most biker chapter masters honestly. Fucking christ.

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OK, what the shit, $17 for a PDF?
this book better say what exactly cypher is doing, or give me a blowjob when I download it.
any kind anon want to post the PDF?

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>Implying he can be used by Loyalists

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True. So, shitty character with cock tease fluff and in a bad army. For £10. Amazing. Good work GW, instead of a bunch of sales, you're going to get about 2.

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not unless they turn him into a WS7 T5 W5 I7 rape train like the Portuguese did.

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>Cypher can be selected as part of a primary detachment from the following codexes: Codex:
Adepta Sororitas, Codex: Blood Angels, Codex: Chaos Space Marines, Codex: Grey Knights,
Codex: Imperial Guard, Codex: Inquisition, Codex: Space Marines or Codex: Space Wolves.
Cypher does not take up any slots from the detachment’s Force Organisation chart. He may
not be included in an army that includes any models from Codex: Dark Angels.


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Also he's BS10, haha

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WS7 may as well be WS5 because the CC chart is broken. I thought the spanish one only had W3? Still, POS.


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Where are you finding this?

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I just bought the thing. Not worth the money at all but it is amusing as he's also WS8!

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W? T? Pls anon

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Sorry, same poster WS7 I8

What the fuck?

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[Ambiguity Intensifies]

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Well are you going to upload it, or are you just going to cocktease?

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post his rules glorious anon with disposable income

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> WS8 BS10
It's hard to believe, you know...

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Worthless past WS5 due to broken ass chart.

For his 2 pistols. Awesome. Hmm.

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Cyher is 190 pts

WS7 BS10 S4 T4 W3 I8 A3 LD10 3+

dark angels go batshit, can shoot his pistols twice each or shoot once and run. When overwatching shoots at full BS

In assault half his CC attacks are S4 AP5 and half are S7 AP2

Lots of fluff rules but it boils down to him getting EW and the dark angels need to get him badly

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> Worthless past WS5 due to broken ass chart.
It is more of a symbolic/fluffy thing.

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poster delivers

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Fuck ya <3

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>Faster and more skilled than a Phoenix Lord

Pffffthahaha. Stomping around in his giant power armour like a flash of angsty lightning.

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Merry Xmas!

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Based anon, thank you. There's certainly more to it than I thought but...damn those rules are shitty.

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son of a fuck! bloody good job m8

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Hero of the Imperium and/or Chaos. Loyalist brofist/dirty traitor finger wag.

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Furthermore, he is skilled on the level with the Avatar and the Bloodthirster.
i.e. actuall gods of war.
That's a fucking bullshit.

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> using his pistols in close combat
7th ed pls!

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>T4 W3 3+
>No ranged guns
>No bike


Well, I guess he's fluffy but fuck me, he's missile bait if I ever saw one.

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He has eternal warrior and shrouded. He can survive some missiles.

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I saw fan characters that were made better than this.

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Oh yeah, so it does, that's in the fluff bit in the first summary. Still, for 190 points I was expecting a lot more.

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I won't lie. I would run him just for shits and giggles... wait. I can use him to infiltrate paladins? Hahahahahahaha. Oh god. Is it worth it? I don't know, but the thought of infiltrating paladins makes me just a little hot and bothered.

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Fuck, you can use him to infiltrate Thunderwolves. Then, once they come on the board you can split the TWC off to go do what cav do best.

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He comes with shrouded! Oh god, putting him with my paladins and infiltrating into ruins would be hilarious...

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>Chaotic Nuetral 2mysterious4u marine with nonsense stats that make the primarch's look reserved
>story of him doing anything he wants for the lulz
>Dual wields pistols and has what is rumoured to be a Primarch's sword
>Him being removed as a casualty is fluffed as him escaping

Reading this thing is fucking hilarious. It's like a parody of Space Marine fluff. Not even Draigo is anywhere near this level of speshul snowflake.

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He's not an independent character is he?

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Can some kind anon upload the PDF somewhere? /tg/ won't work for me.

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Oh yes he is. Which makes him that much better

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he is

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I predict Cypher's new rules being used as a template for all kinds of 40kids's self-insert Mary Sue gunslinger characters.

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Khaine was nothing more than a piss poor Warp entity, why should his Avatars be any better?

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Have the rules disappeared, in a way so similar to the man himself?

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You don't get it, do you?
Only two models had BS10 until today.

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Here you go.

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And Cypher's obviously comes from his powerful benefactor, would also explain how he was able to not get completely blown out by the Deceiver, going by the recent C'tan feats that have cropped up.

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based anon. thank you bro

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>Divine protection

Who's the deity that's protecting this man?

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butthurt intensify

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>dat model on the cover
it gave me aids with how bad it looks

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I thought all the whiners in this thread were just poorfags. But what the fuck? Why is this not the same price as Bel'akor's data slate?

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>624.M36 A Blade out of Time

>Although impossible to fix in time, this seems to be the first recorded instance where Cypher is seen carrying the C’tan phase knife – a weapon similar to the C’tan phase sword used by the Callidus Assassins. The blade of the knife can phase in and out of real-space by dimensional realignment, so it is capable of bypassing armour and protective fields. The knife was at some point lost in battle with the C’tan known as the Deceiver in the opening stages of the 13th Black Crusade, however, the battle occurred in the Warp and seems to have been subject to a strange loop in either the time continuum or reality itself. Cypher is most often seen without the blade, but true to its name, the knife occasionally phases back into being beneath his cloak.

Guess who is back.

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>recent C'tan feats
Being stomped?

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emperor guide your path anon

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Because Belakor was just lore + rules, where as Cypher is lore + Cypher rules + Fallen Angel formations rules + 3 Altar of War missions + 3 Echos of War missions.

The PDF that Anon shared earlier came out 111 pages, pretty sure Belakor was nowhere near that, even if you added 40k + Fantasy together.

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>The knife was at some point lost in battle with the C’tan known as the Deceiver in the opening stages of the 13th Black Crusade, however, the battle occurred in the Warp and seems to have been subject to a strange loop in either the time continuum or reality itself.

>however, the battle occurred in the Warp

Aside from the location retcon

>in the Warp

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Cypher's is basically a combo Dataslate and "fluff book" like they've been releasing for a bunch of other important fluff characters.

$17 is still ludicrous, but that's your answer.

FUCK CHRIST FUCK is anyone else getting these fucktarded nonsense-letters-on-black-circles captchas today? These fucking things are a nightmare.

>inb4 marketing ploy to sell 4chan passes

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I guess he is supported by the God of Mary Sues.

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He can't be back.
At best case it is a big shard.

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>Grey Knights, Inquisition, Space Marines...

What, Im suppose to believe that Cypher just shows up in tattered dark angel regalia, a ctan sword and no one questions it?

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>Then, from out of the madness of the maze, a towering figure appeared, its perfect form wreathed in golden light. Without a word, the figure beckoned for Abaddon to follow. Though the Despoiler tried to talk to the being and see its face, it remained hidden within a gauze of shimmering light, unresponsive and silent. The figure led Abaddon to the centre of the labyrinth where a shard of shifting darkness hung suspended in the air. Reaching out into the void, Abaddon felt the cold hilt of a blade meet his palm and he pulled it into reality; the Daemon sword Drach'nyen took terrible shape before his eyes. Raising the fearsome blade before him, Abaddon turned to demand the name of his golden guide, only to discover that the figure was gone.

He is back at least in spirit. Things he has done or suspected to have done in previous lore are appearing again.

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It won't help enough to matter, but providing a source of ATSKNF to CSM is interesting. Particularly with Infiltrate on top of it.

I'm sure some people will try inserting giant scoring squads of CSMs, Berserkers or Plagues into backfields with it, now that they won't have to fear getting fucked off the board immediately.

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If i chose to join Cypher to squad of badassfuckers do all of them may use infiltration rule ?

>> No.29067168

As if he was ever really gone. You don't outsmart the fucking Deciever.

>> No.29067175


I don't give a shit now I get an awesome gunslinger HQ.

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-Devour souls. Check
-Command Warp horrors. Check
-Create Warp anomalies and Warp storms. Check
-Can exist in the Warp. Check

So much for the Warp being the Anathema of the Star Gods. This new fluff is getting stranger with each passing release.

>> No.29067210

>leads a formation of Chaos Space Marine Chosen

Nigger, you know who else led a bunch of Chosen towards Terra? Abaddon.

Cypher is evil. End of story.

>> No.29067251

All that other stuff is from FFG. The Newcron codex doesn't mention the C'tan doing anything with the Warp.

>> No.29067255


And yet he was a bad enough dude that Khorne and the other Chaos Gods let him and the Eldar pantheons rule of the galaxy go unchallenged until Slaanesh came along.

>> No.29067287

It mentions them devouring life force/life essence. Life force/life essence is another name for souls. Souls are warp related.

(Picture related, 6th ED Rulebook)

>> No.29067316

>998.M41 Black Templars Incident
>A Black Templars Strike Cruiser, Ophidium Gulf, assists a Dark Angels force in pursuit of the individual known as "The Voice of the Emperor'. After hard fighting, the Black Templars succeed in capturing him - although are later embroiled in a dispute with the Dark Angels, during which both Chapters briefly engage in battle. Although untimately taken into custody by the Dark Angels, the robed captive mysteriously escapes and the Ophidium Gulf is lost. At the behest of the Black Templars, the Inquisition is called upon to investigate - results are pending after the disappearence of Inquisitor Archibald.

Dark angels confirmed incompetent closet-heretics

>> No.29067327


>Recent Ctan feats

Lol, have they ever won a fight? No seriously. Have they every been brought up without jobbing to the BL marine of the week?

>> No.29067346


Well maybe if Templars won the fight they might not have lost him.

>> No.29067357

>. At the behest of the Black Templars, the Inquisition is called upon to investigate

I always knew BT were faggots.

>> No.29067358

They tainted Khaine, gave all the races their fear of death and introduced the pariah gene to humanity. Pretty big deal.

>> No.29067362

Hey, Alpha Legion appear...and promptly get fucked over repeatedly.

>> No.29067367

Cold Steel short novel.

A Transcendent C'tan inside a vault rips a part an SM strike force and leaves.

>> No.29067376

Did any METAL BAWKES get hurt in the process?

>> No.29067411


That bit about Warp-spawned horrors at the end seems to imply that their appearance was an indirect consequence of the C'tans actions, which meshes with the lore that before the War in Heaven the Warp was a calm place.


Or maybe it was the other way around? Maybe Khorne, Nurgle, and Tzeentch figured it wasn't worth the trouble of trying to corrupt Eldar and by extension deal with their gods? It's only way Slaanesh appears and starts gaining power by gorging on the Eldar pantheon that Khorne and Nurgle get off their asses. The lore even states that way something big is about to go down the gods grudgingly put aside their feuds to unite, why not do so if the Eldar pantheon was a such a threat?

Likewise, the Eldar knew Chaos was some bad shit, why didn't they ask their gods to act?

>> No.29067420

>This, and similar episodes, have not softened Asmodai’s approach in the slightest. He has made enemies of countless Imperial servants of all ranks, attracted the unwelcome attention of the Inquisition and even brought the Dark Angels to the brink of war with several other Space Marine Chapters.


The matter might have ended there had not the Inquisitor returned to the Silver Eagles’ homeworld with the devastated companies, informing the Chapter Master of what had happened and requesting the Silver Eagles assist him in chastising the Dark Angels for their behaviour. Understandably reluctant to declare war on the First Legion, Chapter Master Periphas first sent emissaries to the Rock to ask for an explanation and recompense. Azrael himself was forced to attend to Periphas’ demands, taking him away from the Tower of Angels for a considerable time. Meanwhile, during Azrael’s absence, Asmodai was restricted to his chambers and the chapel. On his return, the Supreme Grand Master asked if Asmodai had any regrets over what had happened, to which the Chaplain replied that he regretted not killing the Inquisitor when he had the opportunity.

The Inquistion is tired of the Dark Angels bullshit and Draigo threatened to bring war to the Dark Angels.


Grey Knights/Inquisition vs Dark Angels when, fellow neckbeards?

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You forgot to mention that Slaanesh is the weakest of the Chaos Gods and yet he ripped the Eldar Gods a new one.

>> No.29067449

>wasting precious time on petty detective work instead of more crusading

>> No.29067497

>Wasting time crusading instead of being the best

>> No.29067535

Under Oldcron fluff the only real fights they were confirmed to have lost were against Khaine, Asuryan, and the Emperor. Though actually the first two (both the Nightbringer, ha) can't be called confirmed, being in-universe legends - maybe they're true, maybe not, maybe a bit of both.

Now we have:

- All the C'tan defeated by the Necrons and shattered, plus the Flayer destroyed outright
- Transcendent Shard of the Shaper vortex grenaded by Sicarius
- Transcendent Shard of the Burning One ripped apart by Dreadnoughts

Maybe more, I'm not sure. Also worth noting is that in the new Apocalypse rulebook, Asuryan nearly destroying the Nightbringer became Asuryan totally destroying... some random guys.

>> No.29067538

>They tainted Khaine

By getting destroyed by him.

>Their greatest achievement is getting beaten up by Khaine

Man, that's kinda sad. And I thought Avatars got it bad.

>> No.29067540

>That bit about Warp-spawned horrors at the end seems to imply that their appearance was an indirect consequence of the C'tans actions, which meshes with the lore that before the War in Heaven the Warp was a calm place.


>> No.29067566


>seconded this

hail to the next master of the best fighting force in the galaxy !

>> No.29067584


Fuck you BL is shit and if GW removes Agemman before even giving him rules or a model I'm going to firebomb their HQ.

>> No.29067588

They can't be the best, if they aren't lead by the best.

>> No.29067594

>That bit about Warp-spawned horrors at the end seems to imply that their appearance was an indirect consequence of the C'tans actions, which meshes with the lore that before the War in Heaven the Warp was a calm place.

Also compare it to the codex's version, which says it was the Old Ones who mistakenly unleashed all the Warpy nastiness.

>> No.29067597

Regardless of who won or lost, both would survive, so it doesn't matter.

Also, the Nightbringer or any other is equivalent to, maybe, a greater daemon, on a good day, so its a pretty good feat.

>> No.29067599


There is no weakest God. It changes with the warp flux as some eclipse others at certain points. The other Gods fear Slaanesh may permanently surpass them as they all contain an aspect of excessive devotion to something and thus feed him with their own work.

As for Slaanesh being the only one with the ability to challenge Eldar Gods, that's thematically because he is bane to the very nature of Eldar. Otherwise Khorne would've done something about Khaine rather than waiting for Slaanesh to get shit done.

>> No.29067610

>Transcendent Shard of the Burning One ripped apart by Dreadnoughts

A flaming C'tan which could have been either the Burning One or the Arisen.

>Asuryan nearly destroying the Nightbringer became Asuryan totally destroying... some random guys.

It's okay the Eldar codex has a legend about Asuryan falling to the blades of the Necrons in the War in Heaven.

>> No.29067612


Nah, Greater Daemons have won fights before.

>> No.29067643

>There is no weakest God

There is and his name is Slaanesh. Usually he is the weakest. Slaanesh might one day surpass the other four but now he is the weakest.

Also remember that Nurgle plucked Isha from Slaanesh's grasp without much incident.

>> No.29067679

''They'' obvious points the C'tan.

They faced the C'tan and the Warp horrors ''they'' (C'tan) unleashed.

>> No.29067716

>Cypher was a deliberately unbearable mary sue, played with a totally straight face
>We all lapped that shit up as kids
>ocfw (our collective faces when) we were once the cancer

>> No.29067744

Here we go.

The elitist finally got their ''Drizzt'' to snark about.

>> No.29067754

>A flaming C'tan which could have been either the Burning One or the Arisen.

The Arisen just has Pyreshards as one of its suggested abilities. The Burning One has Pyreshards AND Lord of Fire ("This C'tan Shard is a creature of living flame"), is described as wanting to burn stuff in the webway, and is called... the Burning One.

>It's okay the Eldar codex has a legend about Asuryan falling to the blades of the Necrons in the War in Heaven.

It doesn't say who he fell to, or who he was even fighting, and the codex still treats the War in Heaven as the feud between the Eldar gods, just like every Eldar codex before it.

>> No.29067772


>best at anything besides accommodating cocks in their mouth while circlejerking about how great their Codex Idiot is

step it up smurf-sama

>> No.29067774


>be ventris
>run away from a ctan and hoping some rocks fall on it instead of shoving a vortex grenade up its ass like cato
>fail to protect captain ideaus unlike cato did when he served in his command squad

whinny bureaucrats dont need models

>> No.29067812

>There is no weakest God.

Both Chaos Daemon Codexes have made it very clear that there is.

They explicitly say not only that Slaanesh is the weakest, but also that Khorne is the strongest.

It's the four-way fight of the Great Game that keeps them all in check, since if any of them get too powerful, the other three team up to shit on them for a while and bring them back down to par. It's also why you'll never see two of them team up to fully destroy another two; the "lesser" of the two would know that as soon as the other two were dead, the "greater" one would destroy him as well, with nobody to back him up.

So there absolutely is a pecking order to it.

>> No.29067836

There are two versions of the War in Heaven. The one which Vaul warred with Khaine (Asuryan was not involved in this spat) and the one where the Old Ones and their minions warred against the C'tan and the Necrons.

It's logical to assume that the one where Asuryan was felled was the War in Heaven which included the Necrons.

>the War in Heaven as the feud between the Eldar gods

Lies it did mention that the War in Heaven was the greatest war in Eldar history or something like that. I doubt Khaine's and Vaul's fight was this war.

>> No.29067840

Perils "they had *themselves* mistakenly unleashed". It was the Old Ones.

>> No.29067842


I don't have the image saved, but fluff specifically says each God overtakes one another at different points as the warp's tide constantly ebbs and shifts. Sometimes Nurgle is strongest, sometimes Tzeentch, sometimes Khorne and one day Slaanesh may prove the winner of the great game (there is a fluff bit about the other Gods fearing this possibility and being attracted to him and afraid of him in equal measure). But of course, Chaos is Chaos and hardly can be structured into hurr weakest and strongest.

Also, the fact Nurgle cannot concoct a plague Isha can't cure points more to the fact only Slaanesh had the power to destroy Eldar Gods.

>> No.29067846

>Shows up out of nowhere
>Minding his own business
>Everything goes crazy
>Leaves a trail of destruction behind him.

Is anyone else reminded of a certain gunslinger in red?
I mean what's the reward for Cypher? A million double dollars?

>> No.29067873


>There's a pecking order
>The great game of chaos involves them teaming up on who has gotten the strongest at that time

You completely contradicted your point. There would be no game of chaos if Khorne was always the strongest. Khorne would be the winner. But the codex says that sometimes Nurgle's power "eclipses even that of his brothers". Of course Nurgle is not always the strongest because then they wouldn't be CHAOS.

>> No.29067910

A random anon on the web vs developers who had the ear and mouth of the GW authors.

Hmm...whom should I believe?

>> No.29067915

>(Asuryan was not involved in this spat)

He totally was though. All the Gods fell on one side Khaine or Vaul. It was Asuryan that gave Khaine the go ahead when he found out Isha and Kurnous disobeyed him.

>> No.29067918


>> No.29067932

>There would be no game of chaos if Khorne was always the strongest. Khorne would be the winner.

If there are four monstrous creatures in a room, one having S 6, one having S 7, one having S 8, and one having S 9, the S 9 is the strongest, but will not win the first pairoff every time, let alone manage to beat the rest of 2 or 3 team up against it.

>> No.29067992


Conveniently not addressing the part where it specifically says that sometimes Nurgle is de facto the strongest.

Funnily enough, the warp is not static, but constantly in flux. A bunch of wars flamed across the universe? Khorne's God of the week. A horrible pestilence gripping the galaxy? Nurgle's the man of the hour. Just eaten a pantheon of Gods after the most decadent galaxy in the universe collapsed in on itself? Slaanesh's lucky day. Does nobody know WHAT the fuck is going on? It's Tzeentch in pole position.

>> No.29067994

>the S 9 is the strongest


>> No.29068015


It was a a conflict between Vaul and Khaine only over the imprisoned Isha and her husband and the cheated sword. Asuryan did not have anything to do with the conflict other than being the judge.

>> No.29068082

Am I the only one who noticed that every Cypher mission is the name of a Metallica song?
>• Master of Puppets
>• Blackened
>• The End of the Line

>> No.29068106

Those infallible developers show how good their reading comprehension is on the very same page when they say Szarekh was the Silent King before the war even started. Which of course you've used as proof before of how the Necrontyr lived for centuries.

>> No.29068147

The codex said that the lifespans of the Silent Kings were uncertain.

Who knows? Szarekh could have lived for centuries. Being on the top of the Necron Empire I am sure he would have been granted many benefits. Including ones that would extend his life.

>> No.29068160


Sorry Carnac, it specifically says the war was between the entire Eldar pantheon with Vaul and Khaine merely representing two factions of the conflict that the many Gods sided with.

>> No.29068215

Nope, it wasn't. Sorry, but Asuryan fought in one War in Heaven and it was the war where he faced the great and mighty Ahmontekh!

>> No.29068259

It says "the uncertain life spans of the Necrontyr ensured that the title of Silent King nonetheless passed from one royal dynasty to another many times", and that "like his ancestors before him, [Szarekh] despaired of the divisions that were tearing his people apart."

>> No.29068296


>Nope it wasn't

Clearly states the War in Heaven as a Civil War between the all the Eldar Gods. No exceptions are made and Asuryan is involved throughout. A shame you can't stomach the fluff you have to make things up. Ahmontekh is never mentioned having anything to do with Asuryan. He falls to nameless foes before resurrection. Poor carnac. His faction has so little he must grasp at any straw...

>> No.29068326


this dudes edges cut diamonds

>> No.29068369

>Clearly states the War in Heaven as a Civil War between the all the Eldar Gods

Yes, just between Khaine and Vaul. No mention of Asuryuan or any other god getting involved in the conflict. Asuryan who was the god who judged Isha and her husband to be imprisoned by Khaine starting the whole ordeal had no interest in the conflict.

You're the one making things stuff up.

>Ahmontekh is never mentioned having anything to do with Asuryan. He falls to nameless foes before resurrection

He defeated Eldar Gods and felled one of them. Pretty obvious.

>> No.29068412


If you're going to be an edgemaster, you might as well be a transcendent level 99 edgemaster...with dual pistols.

>> No.29068433

>The Smith God worked long and hard at this task, and managed to forge all of the blades by the deadline except for the last one, which lay unfinished on his anvil. In order to trick Khaine, Vaul substituted the last blade with a mortal one which he delivered to the War God, who released his two captives. The three Gods quickly departed. But Khaine was quick to discover the subterfuge and cried out in rage. He called the Smith God a cheat and vowed revenge. He immediately set off to track Vaul down and make him pay. The conflict that followed, known as the War in Heaven, polarised the Gods, as Khaine's faction and Vaul's faction engaged in bloody warfare for an eternity. Gods changed sides, great deeds of heroism and of terrible evil were performed by both factions, and the war was mirrored in an internecine struggle between the Eldar in the mortal realm. Asuryan himself never took a side, watching the carnage impassively, slowly coming to regret his impetuosity in sentencing Isha and Kurnous to Khaine's tender mercies.

>Vaul reforged the final sword, the one that he had failed to finish for Khaine, the greatest of all, and called it Anaris. Armed with this weapon, Vaul strode forth to do battle with Khaine. It was a long, hard-fought struggle, but even with Anaris, Vaul was no match for the War God. Khaine cast down Vaul, maiming the smith, and bound Vaul to his own anvil.


I was wrong but right in the same time. The Eldar War in Heaven did divide the Gods.

However, Asuryan did not take part in it. Meaning my original point was right.

>> No.29068435

>initiative 8

I remember /tg/ flipped out because I tried to argue for I7 on a space marine HQ

>> No.29068489

>only lost three fights
>not fucking ferrus manus who shoved one in a volcano with his bare fucking hands before he even met the emperor
nice going, dipshit

>> No.29068541

Was the creature a C'tan? I brought this up before and was told it was an indigenous lifeform on the planet.

>> No.29068555 [DELETED] 

Nobody plays DA so would it be viable to use Cypher as your warlord so the enemy can't get Slay the Warlord VPs?

>> No.29068582

>It is difficult to get anything other than a brief glimpse at Cypher's pistols - for they are drawn, fired, and reholstered with a blinding speed

Sounds a lot gayer when you do it with guns instead of a katana. Even quickdraw cowboys don't reholster quickly.

>> No.29068617

it was a c'tan, hes got necrodermis on his arms. the people simply believed it to have been a c'tan. it's very old fluff and not really set in stone considering there have been 0 books and lore dedicated to ferrus, and this was only gleaned in one of the books about fulgrim (who was best buds with ferrus until he killed him (or rather until fulgrim's demon blade killed him)). regardless, thats necrodermis on his arms, and necrodermis only comes from the c'tan. seems likely they'll retcon it to be a shard but still

>> No.29068634

Prove it was a C'tan, dipshit. Especially seeing as it was written at a time when canonically the four surviving C'tan had gone to bed before Ferrus Manus was even an embryo in a tube.

>> No.29068654

He gives a unit shrouded, infiltrate, hit an run, and they shall know no fear....I would be willing to buy his price for this.

>> No.29068662

Anyone notice we got infiltrating chosen back with atsknf?

>> No.29068691

Necron dataslate where?

>> No.29068698

Why did the deceiver attack Cypher? Why is the deceiver in the warp?

>> No.29068705

yep see my post

>> No.29068718


Watch out, some people are faggots and try to argue that you can't share Infiltrate with your squad if you attach an Infiltrating IC with them, which makes absolutely zero sense to argue that.

>> No.29068751

Because retcons.

>> No.29068760

Pray for next Monday.

But what would it be about?

>> No.29068772

from the wikia (which i don't put too much trust in but)
>If what can be gleaned from the Medusan folk tales holds true, it was not into the clan-ranges he first fell in blaze of light that sundered the grey, shrouding skies of the planet, but in the northern polar regions, shattering Karaashi, the Pinnacle of Black Ice. This locale was one of many places the Medusans considered the accursed abodes of the malign shades of the dead and slumbering iron-skinned monsters of legend. This set the scene for the Primarch's entrance into mythic history, and the Medusan legends teach of him wandering the northern realms, casting down hulking storm giants, performing superhuman feats of cunning and strength, and slaying monsters and murderous machine-creatures left relic beneath the black ice of Medusa from bygone ages of war and slaughter. The most renowned of such fables featured the deathless horror of the great silver wyrm Asirnoth, who Imperial savants hypothesize to have been a Necron machine construct impervious to harm. The Primarch had to draw the creature into molten magma in order to kill it. The creature's quicksilver-skin (Necrodermis) marked the Primarch in its death-throes and now perpetually coated the Primarch's own hands and forearms, lending him his common name.
digging more this comes from IA 3 i believe it was, and that his arms were covered in necrodermis has not been changed, nor has the story of him killing "metal monsters beneath the snow."

unless you can point me to another type of creature in the galaxy that was nigh invincible and covered in necrodermis, c'tan shard of an awakening tomb world is by far the best bet

>> No.29068840

Uriel actually faced the real Nightbringer and stared him down. A total badass.

Cato just got likely with just a shard.

>> No.29068880


>> No.29068883

It actually might be stupider than iaiken.


>> No.29068925

>who Imperial savants hypothesize to have been a Necron machine construct impervious to harm

I love how fans count as Imperial savants. Even more impressive is their page for the Outsider, where fan speculation = Inquisitorial speculation.

>> No.29068946

I'm imagining Cypher doing iai-gun kata while listening to The Hot Wind Blowing, and it seems kind of cool. Maybe it's just the music inflating my opinion of the thing, though.

>> No.29068979


Okay, if you want to be a nitpicky bitch, then you can just say "Khorne is, on average, the strongest" and "Slaanesh is, on average, the weakest."

Obviously it has its ups and downs, but the default order is as such. Would be pretty fucking pointless to mention it otherwise.

>> No.29069035


The cool version of iaiken is to keep your hands in your pockets except when you're flipping coins at people so hard they shoot through walls.

>> No.29069063

So, the Emperor. Or is that who protects the Emperor?

>> No.29069067


At least they SAY it's stupid.

>> No.29069264

No, I mean there is a fallen data sheet in the PDF as well as rules for Cypher. They are chosen with no transport options but can infiltrate. Up to three units of them plus Cypher himself. They use his leadership and atsknf if within 12" of Cypher.

>> No.29069502 [SPOILER] 

I think he means this guy.

>> No.29069548

blame the poorly written rules for making that the case

>> No.29069580

So who is worse in the eyes of the Neckbeards?

Cypher, Draigo, or Sister Stern

>> No.29069599

I don't suppose there isa download link to all the released dataslates yet?

>> No.29069631



i don't know about you guys but this made my night after having to deal with people all day on christmas eve, it is seriously crazy out there and too many people are on edge.

>> No.29069672

get b8ed

>> No.29069675

As a DA player I just want to say how bullshit this is. The Dark Angels codex badly needs some love and GW releases Cypher with good stats and point cost which we can't take just to taunt us.

And capturing him only gives us the equivalent of one objective worth of VPs.

>> No.29069772



>> No.29069782

err anon i hate to be that guy; but that's the point. half the stuff cypher does is troll dark angels or cause them to flip their shit.

>> No.29069784

I'm trying to figure out who exactly can take Cypher. Normally it says "such and such codex can include ..." but I can't find anything like that other than in those special missions where you either take him as part of a Inquisition or CSM army.

So can anyone take the dude? Even DA?
I've only skimmed over the rules and used the search function for the word "codex" but found nothing.

Also, anyone have the Munitorum Volume 1 mobi or pdf?

>> No.29069796

dats wut u get 4 playin gheys lel

>> No.29069805

You mean something like this?

>> No.29069810


Nigga what, don't you get like 3 VPs? Plus you get Slay the Warlord. That's 4 objectives.

>> No.29069817

Actually, it's hinted that he testing them and culling the bad and weak elements in their ranks to make them better.

>> No.29069829

I love it when idiots stay up after bedtime to ask dumb questions

>> No.29069832


Either everyone can take him, or only people that can ally CSM can take him. It can only be one or the other, since it doesn't say who can take him.

Maybe this guy found the requirements they say? >>29065920

>> No.29069912


the way i see it cypher can be a choice from a primary detachment for imperial/chaos armies besides dark angels.

maybe it's like the inquistor thing? cypher+chaos space marines+deamons of chaos should be possible

>> No.29070015


Shit people, this isn't rocket science.

When the full rules text is posted in the thread and you still can't figure out something that is clearly stated in the very first line of rules, that's a sign its clearly past your bedtime.

>> No.29070028

What's .mobi?

>> No.29070100


I'm sure he will be able to answer you...

So no one has Munitorum: Volume I?
I'd like to listen to the sounds effects they include, anyone know of anyone who've done a review of it?

>> No.29070137

An ebook format.

>> No.29070202


if charged, he gets to shoot 5 times.

... that last three shitty when it comes to hitting.

>> No.29070235


What are you talking about? He gets one overwatch shot at BS10. If he charges, he gets normal shooting and his 5 close combat attacks will be WS7.

>> No.29070344

Rolled 37


4 attacks. 3 base, +1 for having two pistols.

>> No.29070397

That only says life force. In the old fluff (and new) they used life-energy and essence, and then it was specifically said they eat electromagnetism.

Where does it say that? Even Relic said GW didn't really have any input unless they themselves asked for it. Where does it say FFG sat down with GW to really go over the fluff in detail and get the best and most accurate information out?

>> No.29070457

>If he charges

>> No.29070465

i'm suddenly curious, what happens if the necrons get their bodies back without their souls? how do souls taste anyway?

>> No.29070484

Rolled 89


Yeah I should probably just go to bed already.

>> No.29070494

>if the necrons get their bodies back without their souls?


>> No.29070533

>That only says life force. In the old fluff (and new) they used life-energy and essence, and then it was specifically said they eat electromagnetism.

The Codex says the C'tan feasted on the Life Force of the Necrontyr.

Life Force as you see above is another name for souls.

>Note: An even more recent addition is Fantasy Flight Games, who produce the 40K roleplaying game, but even now, I’m not sure just where they stand. Like I said, this is a complicated hellhole of treachery, madness and deceit. As it stands, the official line is that there are three factions empowered to “create IP” (an exact quote), and that’s GW, BL and FW. Given that the 40K RPG is mostly made by folks working in or around the main three companies, I think it’s fair to say that its lore counts as canon, too.

From the Loose Canon article.

>> No.29070649

Cypher specifically cannot be the Warlord.

>> No.29070844

Even more.

The Cronos devices of the Dark Eldar suck out life essence/force from their victims and give them to the Eldar in the form of spirit waves that energizes them.

>> No.29070851

>The Codex says the C'tan feasted on the Life Force of the Necrontyr.

Where does it say that, since I can only find "energy" and "essence".

>From the Loose Canon article.

From Heresy & Black Legion chatter in the mail this morning…:
>The IP folks have explained to me oh-so many times that 40K writing is about every author having their own sandbox, their own sectioned-off corner of the setting, to do with as they please and show their perceptions.

Or as George Mann put it:
>he [Mann] explained that only the Studio material (rulebooks, codexes, army books and suchlike) was canonical in that it HAD to be adhered-to in the plots and background of the novels.

Also, I always hear people saying FFG books are made by people who also work at GW, but who are these people?

>> No.29070902

>Where does it say that, since I can only find "energy" and "essence".

Confused life force with essence but like you see here (>>29070844) Life Essence is another name for souls.

>> No.29072578

> You don't outsmart the fucking Deciever
Says who.

>> No.29072689

Goddamn, even as he is a troll it's said that Asurian has departed from the war RIGHT IN THE GODDAMN ELDAR CODEX.
How could youd don't know this.

>> No.29072787

Or the Cronos utilizes the same tech as the (old) biotransference machine, where it sucks the bio-energy from the victim and rejuvenates the receiver. Cronos entry never flat out says "souls", which is bit of a problem in that when GW means souls, they say souls (see the entry with the Emperor).

I'm all for C'tan eating souls if they just flat out said it so, instead of dancing around the issue with hazy innuendo or 3rd party interpretations. Even more if they would care to explain how that works, because for a race of no understanding of the warp, the implications would be that they're still capable of utilizing warp based tech via the whole sucking out souls and feeding them to the C'tan. Not to forget their life-energy beams (aka. soul cannons). Also why don't the C'tan have massive psychic signatures? You'd think feeding on untold billions of souls, especially from psykers like the allies of the Old Ones would also give you one massive beacon inside the warp, which would make them subject to daemonic attacks. Necron codex says the only good defense against a psyker is another, more powerful psyker. Are the C'tan psychic? Is that how they manipulate reality? Why don't they have Psyker special rule or roll psychic tests?

C'tan eating souls just raises a lot of questions.

>> No.29073226

>where it sucks the bio-energy from the victim and rejuvenates the receiver.

It flat out says it feeds the Dark Eldar the ''spiritual detritus'' of it victims.

Unless I am mistaken, Spirit equals souls. Spirit get repeated more than once in the entry

>because for a race of no understanding of the warp, the implications would be that they're still capable of utilizing warp based tech via the whole sucking out souls and feeding them to the C'tan

The biotransference doesn't have to suck out anything. The demise of the Necrontyr as their minds are transferred is enough to expel the souls out for the C'tan to consume them.

>Not to forget their life-energy beams (aka. soul cannons)

They don't exist in the newer fluff and if they would appear in the future they would be altered to fit in.

>Also why don't the C'tan have massive psychic signatures? You'd think feeding on untold billions of souls, especially from psykers like the allies of the Old Ones would also give you one massive beacon inside the warp

The Codex says that the C'tan received a massive power boost from devouring the ''life essence'' of the Necrontyr. The only thing that explains that empowerment is the soul factor unless you gonna try to reason that the life energy of a sickly race is more empowering than the stars.

Another thing, the Warp being an anathema to the C'tan just got blasted to pieces by the fact that the Deceiver was inside of it (>>29066921)

>C'tan eating souls just raises a lot of questions.

An entertaining challenge to fit the pieces and fill the holes.

>> No.29073284

>Implying Cegorach and Mephet'ran were not gay for each other

Best OTP

>> No.29073312

>Now neither of us will be virgins.

>> No.29073402


>> No.29073427

Cypher is a millenia old chaos marine (or whatever) who's always been a bit of a mary sue that canonically draw and shoot his pistols faster than Abaddon can blink. That's why he's I8.

You trying to make a generic marine character with I7 (was it that cheesy "master of treachery" faggot?) is guaranteed to incite /tg/'s scorn.

>> No.29073520

I don't understand why they keep painting him green.

>> No.29073557

You can't use ICs to infiltrate units that don't have it (though they do give outflank)- read the deployment rules.

>> No.29073574


Characters can join units before being deployed. How else do you think drop pods with characters in them work?

>> No.29073579

the Emprah

>> No.29073600

When do we get the fucking Alpha Legion supplement

>> No.29073602

As a DA player, I think this is fucking awesome. Now I can play Dark Angels vs. Fallen Angels with anybof my bros, especially now Cypher and his fallen can join any non-DA imperial armies, rather than being CSM/IG only.

His "whisked away by mysterious powers" rule of bullshit VP-denial also got toned down a lot and anyone with an AP3 weapon can bring him down in melee.

>> No.29073670

>The demise of the Necrontyr as their minds are transferred is enough to expel the souls out for the C'tan to consume them.

In the codex it says the Necrons harvested life force and fed it to their masters. Ergo they gotta have some sort of technology to gather up souls, store them, and them feed them to the C'tan instead of letting them trickle into the warp. Or are we suggesting the C'tan exist in the warp now as well, capable of feeding on the souls even within it? How many cans of worms does that open up?

Also, they did weaponize the "energies of the living universe" and blast the C'tan into pieces with it.

>The Codex says that the C'tan received a massive power boost from devouring the ''life essence'' of the Necrontyr. The only thing that explains that empowerment is the soul factor unless you gonna try to reason that the life energy of a sickly race is more empowering than the stars.

Good that you brought that up.

How exactly does star energy and souls feed the same creature? Why don't the DE use all those stars they got stacked away to fuel themselves instead of having to bother with the whole soul sucking? Why don't they give the Emperor a Sun enema once in a while instead of bothering with all the shit tier psykers that aren't even good enough for the astronomican?

Can you explain how the electromagnetism of living things tasted better than star energy to the old C'tan. Or why fear and terror made it taste even better? Or better yet, explain how the souls of a non-psychic race was enough to give them powers beyond understanding, but all the untold souls of psykers during the War in Heaven didn't cause them to tear reality asunder with their awesomeness?

>> No.29073675

>Black Templar running to the =][= like a kid who got bullied

>> No.29073676

>tfw playing a Fallen in the DH game and no one in the party knows

>> No.29073683

Oh, GW, it's like you never changed.

>> No.29073697

His extra pistol attacks are only in his shooting phase, not when firing overwatch. I don't have the rulebook on me, but I think "gunslinger" would let him fire overwatch once with each pistol though.

>> No.29073699

Cypher is Alpharius.

>> No.29073720


Gunslinger: "All models with two pistols can fire both in the shooting phase. This follows all the normal rules for shooting."

Only works in shooting phase, not all shooting attacks.

>> No.29073732

I guess to make his connection to the Dark Angels more blindingly obvious even if it doesn't make sense in-universe. Or maybe it does and is deliberate mockery on Cypher's part, since he's also been depicted making broadcasts about what naughty boys the Dark Angels were during the Heresy.

>> No.29073750

And the humanoid typhoon.

>> No.29073762

And Changeling.

>> No.29073778

>> No.29073790


Presumably he only shows up if their chestnuts are in the fire and leaves immediately after bailing them out.

No ones gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.

>> No.29073858

Alpharius has never existed, anon.

>> No.29073885

I think GW just fucked up and by the time someone pointed out that all fallen should have black armour they'd already written "Cypher wears dark green power armour under his robes!" so many times that they refuse to change it now.

I think there's the odd line or two hinting that he isn't actually one of the fallen per se, he just has a connection to them (and may actually be trying to get them all killed by the DA).

>> No.29073902


I believe the painting mistake is correct. The current Cypher is supposed to be a pre-Heresy marine in black Fallen armor.

>> No.29073906

Omegon obviously did though. Why, he even has an asteroid belt named after him!

>An intense megalomaniac, Sliscus has been the commander of the Sky Serpents for many thousands of years, and is convinced that it is his right to rule the stars. Though he has a hundred different names and titles, the Duke’s reputation has spread from Alpha Prime to the Omegon belt.

Omega as fuck.

>> No.29073918


Truly, these are the days in which we are in most dire need of the Voice of the Emperor, when we are beset on all sides by the screaming daemon horde, towering xenos colossi, and foul xenos witches.

>Cypher has 3+ and no invulnerable save

Goddamnit what the fuck.

>> No.29073921

Huh. I guess he only gets one BS10 over watch shot then. Pretty underwhelming.

>> No.29073982

>tfw no allies or fortifications in your army, and never wanted them
>tfw Stronghold Assault
>tfw Inquisition
>tfw formations
>tfw Cypher dataslate



>> No.29073988

He's got stealth or shrouded or something, EW and his "if killed outside of melee he just bails: no VP lol" rule to prevent him getting lascannoned on turn 1 . It's just in melee that he gets his shit totally wrecked by AP3.

>> No.29074011


5+ cover would've made me grudgingly retract my statement with mumbles of "I guess that's okay" but 6+ cover 3+ armor is just monkey diarrhea. Tyberos is already 190 with army wide buffs, extreme anti-infantry and AT, and 2+ 5++ and he already has shit wargear due to no iron halo.

A 190 point guy should at least have an iron halo or artificer armor.

I'll still play him but I won't like it. I'll bitch endlessly about his shitty saves until my opponent gets so fed up he just refuses to shoot at him.

>> No.29074019

Anyone got yesterday's Warlords of the Blah Blah Blah: Dark Angels?

>> No.29074028

>thinks his army is pure
>doesn't know it's been allying with other armies and taking fortifications behind his back

>> No.29074040


That whore, it said it was just area terrain!

>> No.29074090

I guess infiltrating him and some chosen into decent cover mitigates it a bit, but not getting an invul seems pretty odd, considering how many "ancient artefact of invulnerable save" items the DA have, and even I7 imperial assassins get a 4++ for their dodge ability.

>> No.29074100

>mfw had an Apocalypse silver tower conversion that makes a nice bastion
>mfw had IG platoon I used as cultists in Apocalypse for my CSM (using SM rules)
>mfw made a Spartan out of a Doomhammer (mounted the quad lascannons on the front, etc.)

>> No.29074113


I think Cypher's I8 is from his pistol quickdraw, not from being super fast.

>> No.29074199

>6+ cover
Are you familiar with how shrouded works?

>> No.29074251

Shrouded is 5+ minimum cover save, bro.

>> No.29074254


I'm familiar with how my fist works when I punch you in the face.

>> No.29074306

> wanting a 4++ dodge save for a guy in power armour

Not even Cypher's THAT mary sue, anon.

>> No.29074330

He never said that, and you cannot deny that it makes absolutely no sense for a Lord/Captain equivalent character, who was originally from the MUH ANCIENT RELICS Legion, to be walking around without the stock Invul save that every single other character of his class in the entire game gets.

>> No.29074337


It's skintight power armor.

>> No.29074340

Ragnar has exactly that. Checkmate, troll.

>> No.29074350


He's a wolf though. And a SPACE WOLF. That's like double.

>> No.29074426

I don't think there's much evidence to suggest what his rank/skill-level was during the heresy (I don't think he was a praetor - he seems more like a black ops agent than a general) and iron halos weren't as standard issue as they are in 40k (assuming Horus Heresy: Betrayal is canon).

I think he's pretty decent for his points cost compared to other special characters rather than twinked-out generic HQs like smashfucker.

>> No.29074444


But if DA can access Power Field Generator and other pre-Heresy humans have been shown to be able to obtain small trinkets that grant 4++ like rosaries, so why wouldn't Cypher have an extra layer of protection among all his stuff?

>> No.29074447

Seriously? Fucking yiffs.

>> No.29074483



>> No.29074591


While Dark Angels are now "The 4++ Power Field" Chapter, they're also the "super spooky shrouded/stealth" Chapter (rather than just being the plasma chapter) - Cypher gets the spooky Shrouded sword because he's 2mysterious4you. Getting an invulnerable save on top of that would feel a bit redundant.

Unless you play against nothing but Tau and heldrake spammers, 3+/shrouded is decent enough as cover-ignoring AP3 isn't that prevalent.

>> No.29074647

>Cypher gets the spooky Shrouded sword because he's 2mysterious4you
>tfw Cypher's entire backstory is literally "a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma"

>> No.29074690

He kinda broke the Nightbringer in half. And into quarters. And into eighths. And so on

>> No.29074791

Is shrouded one of those abilities that is conferred to the whole squad? Fielding Cypher with a squad of infiltrating, shrouded chosen seems pretty cool.

Kind of a ballache that they can't take marks of chaos, but still suffer from that "champions of chaos" forced challenge bullshit.

>> No.29074801

Anybody got the other Dark Angels slates that were released yesterday to go along with this.

>> No.29074804

I think I read that he was the strongest at the time of his birth, and then it was his duel with Khaine that is the reason that he is the weakest.

Khaine is powerful, he solo'd the Nightbringer and his army.

>> No.29074805


I'd wolf that.

wolfy style

>> No.29074808

thank you anon, merry christmas.

>> No.29074854


Yeah Shrouded confers to squad.

>> No.29074861

>I think I read that he was the strongest at the time of his birth, and then it was his duel with Khaine that is the reason that he is the weakest.

Clearly not if Nurgle ripped Isha out of his hand.

>Khaine is powerful, he solo'd the Nightbringer and his army.

Khaine ride to war against the Nightbringer and the Necrons with the Eldar who included Eldar champions wielding the 99 Blades of Vaul.

>> No.29074934

Didn't the formation fail, and they all died except for Khaine, who ran at the Nightbringer and Falcon punched him?

>> No.29074982

More or less.

>> No.29074993

I find it hard to believe the Black Templars of all chapters would lose to the fucking Dark Angels.

>> No.29075011

The Dataslate brings up the age of Cypher as a subject of mystery. It asks how did Cypher lived for so long.

Aren't marines immortal?

>> No.29075019

>Implying Thinbloods can win against Truebloods


>> No.29075020

Never, because of fluff stagnation.
That being said, a good chunk of the inquisition suspects or outright accuse the DA of being closet heretics, the highlords of Terra suspect the DA of legion-building, Black Templar, Space Wolves and several other chapters are just waiting for an excuse to stomp all over the DA, and at least one IG regiment is also looking for payback.
Legion-building or not, DA made a lot of enemies within the Imperium.

>> No.29075042

Original fluff has the DA just shoot the BT ship to death after acquiring Cypher. No actual battle - just DA being their usual backstabbing, team killing ambushfag selves.

>> No.29075050

>Aren't marines immortal?

No. A few hundred before they start to show age, upwards of a thousand if they're Blood Angels.

>> No.29075061

That explains a lot.

>> No.29075071

>I think I read that he was the strongest at the time of his birth, and then it was his duel with Khaine that is the reason that he is the weakest.
I've never heard of this before. Source?

>> No.29075074

Chaos marines are immortal because of spending a lot of their time in the warp, where time is all fucked up and flows differently. No-one's sure whether standard marines are immortal as they all die in battle before anyone has time to find out (althouh Bjorn the dreadnought has been around since the heresy, IIRC, and Dante is supposed to be old, even for a blood angel).

>> No.29075080 [DELETED] 

Whats all the talk about putting him in a squad? He's not an IC for fucks sake

>> No.29075088

Oh, nice catch. Someone at GW remembers the good old times.

>> No.29075104

Marines are immortal because they will live on forever in the Emperor's name.

>> No.29075148

It was also just "the BT handed the mysterious marine over to the Dark Angels and then nothing was heard from then again" or something equally mysterious/sinister, rather than just THERE WAS A FIIIIIIRE FIIIIIGHT!

BT were still super pissed and demanded the inquisition take official actions, not realising the inquisition has almost no actual authority over any of the first foundings (unless they have the grey knights backing them up, obviously).

BT and DA being battle brothers under the original allies matrix irked a lot of people because of that (that said, DA being any better than allies of convenience with any other force is stretching things).

>> No.29075154

>‘Blood-red skin,’ he said, remembering the way it had looked. ‘Horns in a crown, an axe of burning iron, wings like a shroud of Morkai.’ He drew in a wry breath. ‘It was good that the Fell-Handed came when he did. No other could have stood against it.’


>‘They… spoke?’ asked Guthorm.

>‘They knew each other.’

>That silenced them. Finnvid shook his head. It sounded incredible to him now, but it was the truth. He always spoke the truth.

>‘Right at the kill, it was laughing,’ he said. ‘The Fell-Handed was tearing it apart, and it was just laughing. It said: I know you. I fought you when you were the fastest of your kind. I fought you when your mortal claw could reach around my throat. Do you remember? What remains of that claw now?’

>The warriors stayed silent. They were rapt, hanging on Finnvid’s words. ‘The Fell-Handed did not reply. The creature kept talking. We are eternal. You know that now? Has the lesson finally been hammered home? We come back. We are unchanged. Your triumphs are temporary. A little pain, a flash of time, but we return. Look at you now!’

>Finnvid had no trouble recalling the words. It was like they had been seared onto his mind.

>‘You called out names the last time. Do you remember them? I do. Tell them to me again. Tell me the names of those I killed.’

>Guthorm stared at him through the flames, his wound looking black and angry. ‘Did he?’

>Finnvid nodded. ‘The Fell-Handed spoke. He was still fighting, and he spoke. Russ, but that voice. Like something out of the sagas. I could barely understand the accent. It was like a dream coming alive. He reeled off a name every time he struck a blow. Alvi. Byrnjolf. Eirik. Gunnald Shieldbearer. Hiorvard.’

>‘Who are they?’

>> No.29075179

>‘I don’t know. But then came the strange thing.’ Finnvid hesitated. ‘He couldn’t remember the last one. There was one more, but he couldn’t get it. The daemon laughed at him. I remember, it said. I will always remember. And when you are gone, I will be the only one who remembers. Think on that. If the Fell-Handed had been angry before, he fought like a baresark after that. He just piled on the pain. Hjolda, but I’ve never seen anything like it. The thing was still laughing when it died. Bjorn didn’t stop. He burned the whole carcass to ashes. He was still burning it when the battle fell away and we were given the order to stand down. Who was going to tell him to stop?’

>Finnvid tried to smile at the others, to lift their spirits, but the story had made them uneasy, just as he’d feared it would.

>‘How did it finish?’ asked Guthorm.

>‘I saw him leave,’ said Finnvid. ‘The lander came down with its escorts. They had six priests waiting to usher him back. He stomped right past me, close as you are, covered in blood. Everyone fell back.’

>Finnvid clasped his hands before him, slumping forward on his elbows. The fire didn’t do much to warm him.

>‘He was still trying to get it. I heard him. He couldn’t remember. They took him up into the hold and he ignored them all.’

Seeing the sorry state of loyalists and the decay they are forced to endure, I think Chaos is the only faction that grants immorality to these worthy warriors.

>> No.29075197

>Using a plasma weapon for over 10,000 years.

It can't be the same guy. Probably a "Mask of Zorro" type deal.

>> No.29075207

>"I murdered thousands for the Emperor and he gave me nothing except his damning silence. Now his lapdogs yap for every life I take, while the gods promise me the galaxy." — Svane Vulfbad

It's a matter of time before all marines open their eyes and see this truth.

>> No.29075229

Marines are probably functionally immortal, at one point or another their aging process just stops. Bjorn has been alive since some point of late M30, Dante is in his second millenium and Grimnar is pushing 900, I think.
The issue comes up fairly rarely, though, because most marines don't last that long, due to their lives being nothing but endless wars.

>> No.29075242

Cypher's plasma pistol explicitly doesn't suffer from Gets Hot.

>> No.29075260

Luther describes him as "the one who is many" during his mad rambling and there's other sources theorising that it's a legacy title. Doesn't explain his monstrous stats though.

>> No.29075280


Lord Cypher IS a legacy title. Whether or not the current Cypher is still the same one as the last known Cypher is unknown.

The fluff even says most Cypher legends and spottings may have been copycats and not even the real Cypher.

>> No.29075291

I was about to ask. Given the stats and point cost, is Cypher the best named hero to field in the game at this point?

>> No.29075292

>muh silence
>muh praise

Real men suffer in silence and fulfill their duties for reasons other than a pat on the head.

>> No.29075303


I believe that title goes to Kairos Fateweaver.

>> No.29075311

The Cypher missions say both sides can field Cypher, stating one of them is obviously an imposter.

"Multiple Cyphers" is a cool twist, but kind of goes against a lot of the old fluff.

>> No.29075320

>imposter with magical Eternal Warrior Shrouded sword, antique pistols that don't get hot, skilled enough to be WS7 BS10 I8 double gunslinger

>> No.29075345

Since Cypher has enemies with forces with known shapeshifters (The Deceiver and the Changeling), It's not outside the borders of plausibility.

>> No.29075360

You guys are all idiots. Cypher is obviously a perpetual .

>> No.29075364


nvar 4geve nvar 4get

I love that it specifically states that he gets EW and Shrouded from the sword. like that means anything,

>> No.29075375


It means the sword is not a MacGuffin.

>> No.29075383


Shit, with the number of deceitful enemies, other Fallen, copycats and the general nature of the warp Cypher could well be dead for millennia before anyone even notices.

>> No.29075384


It means when you make your own Cypher conversion you better have a fucking sword on it somewhere.

>> No.29075390

He was also disillusioned with the Imperium as a whole, so he put on his mark of Khorne and ran off. I guess in that sense he was more honest than most of his wolfbrethren.

>> No.29075408


Is that his loyal model? He looks way more badass as a Chaos marine. Honestly an entire warband done up like him with that cool red OSL scheme plus yiff beards would look awesome.

Too bad he's dead and GW is never gonna bring them back.

>> No.29075421


Nevermind I see him. Looked better in the first image.

>> No.29075423

It's to reinforce the idea that the Dark Angels have a monopoly on spooky tech that covers them in spooky shadows.

>> No.29075442


>> No.29075501

Anyone get the Cypher audiodrama that came out today? Is it spooky?

>> No.29075519

> Brother Tiesto, drop the Emperor's spookiest beat on these heretics

>> No.29075582

>Capturing Fallen while Toccata and Fugue in D minor blares in the background

First legion. Best legion.

>> No.29075600

You made a point.
I believe Sisters should work with them.
Grenade organs and such.

>> No.29075633

Is he worth the points? Seems a bit expensive

>> No.29075655


No he's not worth the points as he is quite pricey though not overpriced. Units such as these either need "one of the best in the game" level stats for such a high price, or they need to get a point discount to be good, which Cypher certainly doesn't have. A 100-125 point Cypher may be cheap enough to be considered good,

Should be good for fun games at 190,

>> No.29075709

>Necron machine construct
You have your answer there. Fucking monoliths are living metal m8. Crons make all their shit out of necrodermis when they can. Look up the tomb stalker.

>> No.29075719

I do like the idea of giving your dark angels opponents innir circle units zaelot and then maybe even 3 aditional VP's.
He might be a nice distraction with his hit and run thingy.

>> No.29075723

The mission where you get to hide Cypher in a regular infantry unit like a skaven/dark elf assassin or the white dwarf is pretty cool. Might use something similar for any DA vs CSM games to represent fallen angels hiding in regular chaos warbands.

>> No.29075775

The whole "Cypher is trying to test the dark angels and make them better" idea introduced in this slate is utterly retarded.

The whole point of the hunt for the fallen is that it does nothing but damage to the imperium because the first legion have their own set of goals that they pursue at the expense of their duty as astartes and causes them to teamkill other chapters and agents of the inquisition. The pursuit of the fallen is NOT a good thing and makes the DA a renegade chapter in everything but name.

>> No.29075861

The "Cypher has a hidden agenda" one looks really good, especially if you get one of the more interesting objectives like "get your own warlord killed" or something.

>> No.29075967

There's one where he plays a game of pretend, masquerading as an ordo hereticus inquisitor leading a death squad against IG. He rolls for warlord trait off the hereticus list and can be outed by any dark angels or divination/telepathy psyker that gets within 12" (friend or foe).

I wish the dark angels did more covert ops stuff like that in their hunt for the fallen - one of the Alpha Legion 30k books implied that the Dark Angels used to engage in a lot of subterfuge missions and seen as a major security risk.

>> No.29076031

Except that he seems to be making some of them rethink that at least a bit
Still - scars had traitors yet it's not seen as bad but DAs get flustered?
Also they still haven't said what the da story of how the lion died etc is

>> No.29076087

The Warp works in non-linear wibbly wobbly timey wimey ways.

>> No.29076181

> Cypher works almost exclusively with humans

Glad to see at least Cypher pays lip service to the Dark Angels reputation as being super-racist and xenos-hating, even by astartes' standards.

>> No.29076186


seriously, where did you get that idea? I haven't kept up with recent fluff but afaik cypher's attempting to get to terra or some shit and the rest of the DA are trying to stop him because reasons.

>> No.29076198

Cypher is older than the fluff about pre-Heresy Dark Angels having black armor.

>> No.29076212

Read the data slate. New fluff heavily implies he's got some kind of "strength through adversity" plan to strengthen the dark angels.

>> No.29076231

I want Dan to leave.

>> No.29076267

I'm pretty sure dark angels originally had black armour during the rogue trader days, then the fallen stuff was written to explain the colour change (dark angels green originally having been salamander green).

>> No.29076286

dark angels started out black but were changed to green when epic was released

>> No.29076319

That had nothing to do with Horus Heresy, black was their normal color. Then they were changed to green and Cypher was first included in Codex Chaos, then GW started writing the Index Astartes articles which mentioned their pre-Heresy color for the first time.

>> No.29076331

The fluff about the fallen and the caliban betrayal dates back to the deathwing expansion to space hulk and codex: angels of death. Cypher has only been a thing since about 3rd edition codex: chaos.

Him wearing green is a fuckup by GW that is too late for them to correct.

>> No.29076459

>Across the galaxy, the legend of Cypher – the mysterious loner who fights for freedom

>Cypher appeared, spinning in a circle while his twin guns blazed away.

they shouldve named the guns after donte's guns

>> No.29076487

>Cypher has only been a thing since about 3rd edition codex: chaos.

2nd edition, though I think he only got a mini shortly after the first 3rd edition CSM codex.

>> No.29076530

>The fluff about the fallen and the caliban betrayal dates back to the deathwing expansion to space hulk and codex: angels of death

The color of their armour wasn't mentioned before Index Astartes.

>> No.29076809

The data slate indicates that those on Caliban still loyal to the Lion repainted their armour - Cypher (or at least the first Cypher, if it's a legacy title) was evidently one of those loyalists, hence the green armour.

This matches up with some of Horus Heresy stuff indicating Cypher was supposed to have been sent to Caliban to keep an eye on Luther.

>> No.29076873

you can take him as a guard hq?

so, put him in a mob of guardsmen behind an ageis so they all have a 2+ cover without ducking?

I smell chedder

>> No.29076937

Oh man, almost 200 points to give maximum 250 points before weapons and 50 points on an ADL a 2+ directional cover save. If you think that's actually good, you need to git gud

>> No.29076965

Shrouded doesn't confer.
Funnier is the fact that he doesn't take a slot. You can now absolutly load up HQs if you really want to.
Main detatchment: 2 HQs
Allied detatchment: 1 HQ
Inquisitorial detatchment: 2HQs
Cypher: 1 (pseudo-)HQ
optional formation detatchment: 1 HQ (space marines only)
That's a total of 7 HQs under 2k pts.

>> No.29076984

Yes, but at the premium of 190 points.
The squad gains Infiltrate, ATSKNF, Shrouded, Hit and Run at Init 8, and a character with LD 10.

This isn't VERY great at his points cost- He has very little offensive capability on his own to make up for that deep points sink. He costs a little under 40 guardsmen himself! But... if you're running a 50+ man blobguard vs some heavy assault list? He's an ok option. Make sure he's on that lascannon/quadgun.

But... that's hardly cheese. Especially since he drops your Warlord's leadership by 1. In Guard. He can't be your warlord. And he's a 190 point model that can't do much on his own. If you want real cheese, go to a local 'try your hardest' tournament. Eldar/Tau and Flying Daemon lists as far as the eyes can see.

>> No.29076989

Shrouded does confer

>> No.29076996

I missed that Optional Formation Detachment (Space Marines). Where did that one pop out from?

>> No.29077031

Shrouded confers. Check the summary in the back of the datasheet (or the rulebook).

Not sure what the rules are for Cypher joining units though or whether you can take his CSM chosen buddies alongside loyalist marines.

>> No.29077051

Reclusiam command squad. Don't bother: it's shit.

>> No.29077081

Probably why I haven't heard of it. Thanks anon!

>> No.29077116

Huh, so it does. Color me baffled, then.
Sadly you can no longer ally in Azrael for a 4++ for the whole team.

>> No.29077885

> Cypher destroyed the last of the DA's stormbirds

Geez, what an asshole.

>> No.29077916

All the mystery regarding Cypher's sword is going to vanish the instant Lion and Luther get 30k models and we see their respective swords. Just sayin'...

>> No.29077993

I'm pretty sure Luther's sword was picked up by an interrogator chaplains during one of the BL short stories.

>> No.29078772


If I don't find a copy of:

Warlords: Dark Angels
Munitorium v1
Cypher: guardian of order

by 10-11est, ill be buying them and posting them as my christmas present to /tg/

>> No.29079019

You are a true son of the lion.

>> No.29079160


Well, as my present for /tg/ I share Cypher Audio, that I just bought, so you don't have to buy it again Anon.

>> No.29079207

> by Gav Thorpe


>> No.29079955

ty anon

ill cross that one off my to buy list and plan on just getting da lords and munitorium

>> No.29080004

FUCK CHRIST FUCK is anyone else getting these fucktarded nonsense-letters-on-black-circles captchas today? These fucking things are a nightmare.
>inb4 marketing ploy to sell 4chan passes

I was getting them all yesterday. I reset my router to get around a ban that stemmed from the fact that it took me about twenty goes to get a captcha correct, and they were gone. Now I'm getting numerical captchas.

>> No.29080035

. . . ???

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