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Here's a present from me:

One of my unsorted /co/ /tg/ /v/ /furi/ folders with random pictures from 2008-2010.
Take a trip down memory lane ("hurr! durr! /tg/ was better before moderation! derp!") or do some retarded imageboard history research.


Gimme some feedback or post some gems from it!

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I'll samefag while you guys are downloading.
Here's a Cake Golem from a /tg/ drawfag.

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what slot?

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The answer is right on the next picture in the archive.

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yeah Im waiting but its taking two more hours with my shit net.

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So uh... should I be expecting more like >>29060619

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yes you should. also this? for some reason?

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OP here.

I truly don't remember why I saved that.
Probably a mouse thread on /v/ and that one sounded interesting so I saved it.

Or I was drunk.

I'm drunk a lot.
It's an unsorted folder.


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Ah, yes. Now that I took a closer look I remember.

I actually own that mouse, just not using it on this computer and yes, it was a mouse thread on /v/.

Disclaimer: Pictures without 4chan file structure are not my personal pictures but came from /furi/.
Lulz.net keeps the original filenames intact.

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you should sort this shit. finding /tg/ stuff is almost impossible

>enRounn should
captcha agrees

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Lest we forget.

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I have 2 sorted /tg/ folders. But each are over 1GB in size, so uploading would have meant multiple archives.

This is one of my little unsorted folders with some pretty old material that was still small enough to upload and old/random enough to be interesting.

Weirdly my 2009 shit is also unsorted but in the parent folder, but also in a folder named 2009. I really didn't give a fuck about sorting back then.

This pic should be back from my /b/ phase (not in this archive), but the filename suggests a newer date.
Weird, I probably saved a repost, my oldest pictures didn't survive a HD crash anyway.

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Uh, most of this is actually furry porn. Are you sure you uploaded the right folder?

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>One of my unsorted /co/ /tg/ /v/ /furi/ folders with random pictures from 2008-2010.
>/furi/ folders
I think the was pretty explicit.

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There's a difference between 'a folder that happens to have /fur/ in it' and 'a folder that's 85% furry shit', anon.

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Easy explanation:
I saved a lot of furry porn.

(pic not from archive)

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I don't get it...

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I remember last year, so sad.

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The phantom lives in a skull temple and has a throne with skulls on it (skulls are his theme, he also has a skull ring with which he marks evildoers by punching them).

It's a visual gag that the skull on his throne is actually the temple for a mouse phantom, working with the "miniature world in our worlds common items" setting that cartoons and comics like Tom and Jerry use.

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It's not all furry porn, there's loli porn as well!

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