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New File Name therad, keep it /tg/

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I am still laughing.

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>armor class
>battle chart
>saving throws
Seems legit
>gore graph

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Think of it as a renamed Dark Heresy crit chart!

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Ok so this episode aired in 1997. 3rd edition wasn't released til 2000, so they're using AD&D.
How powerful would a warrior/mage/warriormage be at level 27?

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maybe its 2e

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2e is AD&D.

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>halfling bard
>guy wearing Jasmine's slave outfit

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He's a kn...kn...kn

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>>guy wearing Jasmine's slave outfit
cannot unsee.

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I'm out of gif material from that episode, I had it uploaded to jewtube but it was taken down on a copyright strike.

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>Seth McFarlane was a writer for Dexter's Lab

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Given that he's only got the one level, he's multi-classed rather than dual-classed. He'd have pretty much maximum spells per day, have all saving throws at 3 or 4 (low is good), be able to wear any armour and use any magic item, and have a THAC0 of 4.

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is that from when yoshiko lost his soul?

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Relevant to campaign design.

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He's a wizard of some kind, surely.
>being this OP
>Why can't a hero love boobs?
>No...it is because I am a hero that I love boobs!
I love this man.

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Check out the old Middle Earth Roleplaying, it has pages and pages of critical damage results divided up by weapon type (a 100 with a slashing weapon decapitates, but a 100 with a mace makes your head explode like a melon!).

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Yes he was a wizard, but still, the resemblance.

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Nah, it's from the one where he falls in love with a peasant girl with a big rack, but it's really a middle aged man that's been polymorphed into a peasant girl with big tits.

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Japanese big or European big?

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If memory serves, the former. She was something like a C cup if I recall, maybe a small D? Not sure.

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Eh, it'll do.

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Oh shit, is that this show?

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>Dancer Butz


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I think its from the same show, Demon Castle or something like
I really need to watch it at some point, it looks funny as balls

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Dick placement is no laughing matter.

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Yep, that's the one. Well there's 2 series, The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King's Castle and The Hero Yoshihiko and the Key of Evil Spirits. I didn't find the Key of Evil Spirits all that good to be honest, and the Japanese humour gets a little impenetrable at some points, especially when they drop references to various Japanese figures and events. It does have some truly hilarious moments though, especially in the Demon King's Castle (Double Crap Man springs to mind).

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I think that should be renamed to "Nextplaytesters.png"

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also something completely retarded my bubs made me make a few nights ago

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Yeah...trying to please too many people. Some people want it to be Permanent Crippling the RPG, and some want it to be Western Fantasy Exalted!

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And worst of all Wizards seems to want both of those people to sit down at the same table.

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He also knows the actual answer to be "Aqualung", but he decided to play around with the guy's head as well.

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Fucking Paranatural.

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People tend to think wasp stingers are little pointy bits that protrude just a tad from the wasp's body. Don't watch this if you want to retain that comfortable illusion.


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>dick decorum

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Wrong thread, friend.

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Nein. Was a conversation from the thread this one continued from. Thanks for being informative and not sperglording, though.

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I don't understand what is happening in this video, or what comfortable illusion it is to disrupt?

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Space Station 13 is totes /tg/ right?

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Pay careful attention to the actual length and movement of the stinger. It's less "a pointy tip on its butt" and more "a semi-prehensile poisoned bladewhip sheathed in what would be its spine if it were a vertebrate"

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Oh, okay.

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Dang, that thing's a needle.
Still think wasps are the sexiest insects, though.

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>It's less "a pointy tip on its butt" and more "a semi-prehensile poisoned bladewhip sheathed in what would be its spine if it were a vertebrate"
because of that, a bee's sting is basically a sacrificial move
wasps are able to remove their stings and try to hit again, bees leave the stinger and their innards with it

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>every single bee

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>sexiest insects
anon please don't say things like that. Keep it up and the thread is going to be filled with images of sexy bug girls. insects are my phobia and I don't want to be scared away from this thread, the stuff with wasps and bees is almost too much for me.

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its that sexy hour-glass figure.

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aw re-hee-heeally?

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Face it: Bees are nature's Zerg. Each bee is only an extension of the whole. The death of dozens of bees to protect the hive is akin to you bruiser your knuckles punching someone assaulting you.

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anyone else like ksp?

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What is this?

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>insects are my phobia and I don't want to be scared away from this thread
I know how you feel, anon. I had to bow out of a campaign when worms were mentioned. Just reading the word makes me cringe and lift my feet off the ground... Ugh, my skin is crawling.

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Don't read this post. Really.

I have a thing for real life monsters. Of course, there are no real monsters. Merely animals with a range of terrifying aspects to their construction, like bearded vultures. I have to admit I often wish that animals had that one thing that would transform them to actual monsters. Anyways. This video here shows one of my favorite little monsters, the female red velvet ant.


Yes, it screams at you as it attacks. Which it will do over anything.

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Average /tg/ thread

>Bees are like animals, they sting only for a reason, for sacrifice. They have no conception of individual sensation...of pleasure.
>But the wasp is promiscuous. They are not as sympathetic to the masses because they don't die when they sting. they live to sting another day... and they take pleasure from it.
>Yes... a great deal of pleasure... The wasp is a sensual being, not a laborer, hedonistic instead of industrial. Some thing them quick to anger... in truth, they are easily swayed to ecstacy. They penetrate your flesh... and the muscular contractions in their thorax as they pump venom could be likened to the muscular contractions of ejaculation.
>Each painful welt...an act of love

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Also a writer for Johnny Bravo. The one I remember him doing is the Rejected Toys episode.

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I don't know what is better, the batter's reaction or the pitcher's face.

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>a spider that has gained not 1, but 2 class levels
Jesus Christ!

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Oh man.
That's not a Bible he's holding, is it?

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Yep I feel the same way about them. But worst of all are mantis, which makes it very hard to deal with any campaign with thri-kreen in them. Don't get me started on /tg/s thri-kreen waifu.

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>fulgrim as an ant.jpg

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yes it is

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What are you talking abou- DAMMIT!

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Damn, I was hoping for it to be a "book of chaos" or whatever.

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Good. Don't suck face like that in public. Jesus christ you look like orangutans gnawing on a piece of fruit.

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>Chaotic Evil
No, that's just Chaotic Asshole

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nothing a little photoshop can't fix. here, use this: "Хаос Библия"

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You mean Chaotic Hilarious.

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Maybe there, some of his other videos are downright evil.

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>insects are my phobia
>posts a spider

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Right, I don't have a phobia of spiders. Phobias are illogical. I fear spiders because they are monsters from space.

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Links, plox?

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You're a fucking monster.

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Dammit. Back in my head again.

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wow, some people still remember Event Horizon

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Spiders aren't insects. Some of the fuzzy ones are even kind of cute. But still horrifying.

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You are now aware that the lioness believes the baby human is a baby zebra and is trying to devour it.

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Bend testing? Whatever.

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its only funny until the glass cracks.

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>Bethesda Game

>> No.29031609

You don't say?

>> No.29031620

Then it's hilarious!

>> No.29031632

Correction, how to make a red player smile.
Because I just did.

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I think I heard somewhere that the only reason a Bee's stinger comes out afterwards is because human skin is too durable/flexible/someotheradjective and holds on tighter than they expected.
The point is moot though since the sacrificial sting point still stands.

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>The point is moot though since the sacrificial sting point still stands.
>The point is moot

Really? I mean, REALLY?

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yim ahshshbshab flahsba garthsisnlbue lals bulefbu

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It's because the poison sac comes out with the stinger. Attempting to remove the stinger just pumps more poison into the target. That's why you're supposed to remove them by scraping a credit card against the skin. Touching the trailing gore = bonus poison injection. The more you panic and try to remove the stingers (or even just swat where you've already felt a sting) only worsens your situation.

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"Moot" is a word.
It's fleshy bits in general, happens for bears too

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fuck you, i was going to say that, dick.

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saved for any future bee based/gurren lagaan character

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I probably should have added
>the point
in there, but I thought that'd be too obvious.

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Here's a spider-thing I drew for /k/ based on a storytime.
>that quote
>gurren lagann

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I think I just failed a SAN check...

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Ooooooooh you clever girl.

Regardless, we can agree that almost all insects are demons from space hellbent on causing as much death and destruction as they can achieve with their meager forms.

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I've lost more poor kerbins that way...though I suppose not as many as I've accidentally left in orbit.

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i love it how godzilla does those little hops and the ground doesn't even shake at the impact

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>Sayian COYA

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>> No.29032017

People actually hate Force of Will? I cringe at the thought of a Legacy without Force of Will.

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>> No.29032044

>somnius running Saiyan CYOA
>Cosgrove when he ran Bleach Quest

>> No.29032070

I feel this is relevant to /tg/'s interests.

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I was expecting a dog to chestburst from her or something,

>> No.29032139

>Golden when running Persona Quest Golden

I swear, he's setting us up for something bad....

>> No.29032147

Nigga I only see one.

>> No.29032184

I'm sure Hastur is laughing somewhere else.

Actually you are right, but I got that image before I watched the anime. I will correct it for later threads.

>> No.29032217

Oh god, this episode.

This is the reason why I wanted to start playing Dungeons and Dragons.

>> No.29032223

>>29032184 what is the series actually called?

>> No.29032253

If only it were that easy.

>> No.29032258

I'm currently one the body swap episode. I can only watch so much of the show at ta time before I can't watch anymore out of frustration with Nyarko.

have a link

>> No.29032268

Nyaruko. It's on Crunchyroll, both season 1 and 2.

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>People give out sources
Huh. Well that happened.

>> No.29032457

Is that fuckin' Severa best character

>> No.29032492

X Gon Give It To Ya really is the perfect Cyclops song.


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A rule of /tg/ is "Be excellent to eachother", and unlike every other board, we know that "Google it" and "lurk more" posts are shitposts.

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Imagine a western remake with Robert Downey Jr. as the guy.

>> No.29032529

>Not Owain

Sure needs Swordhands in here.

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>> No.29032587


Me too. Wanted to play something like it for years and made a load of shitty games for me and my buddies.

Then one day someone told me about this "Dungeons and Dragons" thing....

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>> No.29032596

registration was a great idea, but marvel fucked up the portrayal
cyclops was right, you double mugga

>> No.29032612

>gurren lagann

You did that on purpose.

>> No.29032632

Yeah, but even still I'm surprised shit posters didn't get to it first.

Even if she's not the absolute best character, she's still my favorite for her supports. Especially the one with male Morgan where she spills her spaghetti so hard.

God, I can't even imagine coming back to a time where you are older than your mother.

>> No.29032641

I pretty much spazzed out and tried to create shitty home brew games.

It failed miserably, mostly because I was 11 at the time.

>> No.29032655

officially on the phoenix 5 shit list mugga

>> No.29032671

OH yeah. It'd be either hilarious or awkward. Or just hilariously awkward.

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>> No.29032724

I thought they portrayed it pretty well. The conflicting writers sort of played out their feelings in the actual story, and it really captured the conflict, I thought.
I also like Cyclops now that he's acting more like Magneto

>> No.29032744

>> No.29032753

except for the part where they throw superheroes into guantanamo

>> No.29032774

I want to go to a con as Cyclops, blast this song, and harass the shit out of any Magneto I meet.

>> No.29032777 [SPOILER] 

My main problem is how it went from 'good guys having to fight eachother with both sides making good points' to 'Tony Stark is literally Hitler'. That said, it at least led to a pretty cool moment for Thor in his comic after the dust had settled.

>> No.29032781

That image perfectly sums up an average minute in SS13, minus the demons.

>> No.29032784

>> No.29032848

>not Sly_Marbo.gif

shame anon.

>> No.29032890

My main beef with the whole arc is the main bad guy, Tony, had such a simple motive the entire time it was hilariously bad: Money.

>> No.29032903

at least post the full gif

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>> No.29032963

... How do you kill a snowstorm, exactly?

>> No.29032974

>> No.29032991

JMS Thor is one of my all-time favorite books. Fraction was meh-to-bleh, but Aaron is making up for it.

>> No.29032997


>> No.29033026

God damn it I was so close, I failed sense trap but managed to pass the dex check you clever motherfucker.

>> No.29033053

>> No.29033067

No, see, I understand that.
Like, what spells do you cast? For that matter, how do you look a snowstorm?

>> No.29033075


Are thou perhaps a little jealous, yon Wizard?

>> No.29033080

what is that even from?

>> No.29033081

>> No.29033085

Yes, although I suspect the poster was referencing "The Warp" from 40K
>implying Event Horizon wasn't mankind's first warp jump

>> No.29033090

>Typical DM chest.

>> No.29033099

>Mfw using my druid transformed into a Hammerhead shark as a weapon

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>> No.29033137


No clue!

>> No.29033149

Erm? What would that be?

>> No.29033166

>> No.29033180

>locate city nuke
>use fire instead of frost at that step.
>stop at fire damage modifier.

>> No.29033185

Oh... I see.

Hey Ashley, What are You Playing?

>> No.29033187


>> No.29033224


>> No.29033230

IF I had to guess, though... Control Weather, Wish, and the like. Maybe even a "Slay Storm" Epic spell.

>> No.29033243

>fastest barn in the west

>> No.29033246

>> No.29033260

>Hey guys, I made this new adventure, inspired by that SyFy Alice in Wonderland special!

Tinman was great though. Nigga best get to steppin if they gonna beat on tinman in front of me.

>> No.29033263


>> No.29033270

>Slay Storm
Unless Canas researched himself, why would someone have created such a spell? Maybe its a spell created specifically for this one encounter thousands of years ago?

Wouldn't Santa have some levels in mage or sorc for timestop and/or haste?

>> No.29033278

>> No.29033282

>Few months of /v/

>> No.29033287


>> No.29033295

>not /b/

>> No.29033302


The way elements work in Fire Emblem, Light defeats Dark, Elemental defeats Light, and Dark defeats Elemental. The higher level spells on the Elemental level are weather based, like Fimbulvetr. As a master of Dark magic, his spells are super effective on the forces of nature.

>> No.29033320

Rename that file, you anarchist.

>> No.29033327

>Not using your cards as coasters
get a load of this guy

>> No.29033331

He's a Dark Mage/Druid. I'm pretty sure he'll just find it in some book.

And >>29033302's point.

>> No.29033370

Failed your Fetish check, I see

So did I

A lot

>> No.29033393

>implying making people aware that they can get their own sauce in like 5 seconds with minimal effort isn't a community service

Teach a man to fish and all that

>> No.29033405

>not 4chan

>> No.29033423

Gespenst tome

>> No.29033429

This guy is going to be the Joseph Joestar of the series

>> No.29033449

>Implying Donny wouldn't walk up and down a wizard's face all day

>> No.29033484

This Anon speaks wisdom.

>> No.29033492

>Implying he can with those caps

>> No.29033511

Bulletproof glass IIRC. Even when cracked, it'll still hold.

>> No.29033527


>> No.29033549

>> No.29033568

beat me to it

>> No.29033595

>implying fighting a wizard wouldn't trigger underdog.

>> No.29033608

some other anon had it as LA Noir on hard mode in the last thread. chuckled at the gif, lost my fucking shit to the filename

>> No.29033622 [SPOILER] 

>Implying that he's not adMIREing the wizard's skill

>> No.29033626

>> No.29033627

This is how you get shit done from the shadows, my runner.

>> No.29033664

>> No.29033675

words cannot express how pleased i am that this is animooted

>> No.29033702

>> No.29033733


>> No.29033772 [SPOILER] 

Don't bite, man.

He's only doin' it CAWS you react.

>> No.29033773 [SPOILER] 

I like you.

>> No.29033816

AD&D is 1e and was a much more detailed release of the original ruleset that fixed a number of glaring issues.
in pre-advanced, elf was a class

>> No.29033834


>> No.29033862


I can think of no more accurate name.

>> No.29033888 [SPOILER] 

Your reaction to my puns is better than the last thread's.

They were ranting and raven.

>> No.29033921

Naw, part of the things the elves do is make Santa up to date magic items.

>> No.29033932

>Marrying a lady who can straight up murder a meteorological phenomenon

Livin' the dream.

>> No.29033950

I still hate Henry.

>> No.29033968 [SPOILER] 

Eh. He crows on you.

>> No.29033993

>> No.29034033


>> No.29034038

>> No.29034040

>> No.29034053

>> No.29034079


It's only because I'm playing FFV right now that I understood this.

>> No.29034082

>> No.29034102 [SPOILER] 

No, I'm really surprised at you guys.

By this point, most other people would be out for blood.

You aren't even feeling like murder.

>> No.29034131

I imagine the guy playing Buddha as a Japanese William Shatner.

>> No.29034146

>> No.29034152

Fucking Henry, you're are stretching it now
I don't regret pairing you with Lissa

>> No.29034215

>> No.29034258

As well you shouldn't.

>> No.29034408

>> No.29034417

>Failed to recruit her
>Didn't realize until I'd saved
I'm gonna have to start over now. I was looking forward to her the most out of all of the kids.

>> No.29034460


...considering the contents of the average purse, I have to fear what might be found in a female adventurer's bag of holding.

>> No.29034526

Welcome to /tg/, you must be new here. /a/ is thataway <<<

>> No.29034531


holy shit, i'm dying here.

>> No.29034743


>> No.29034773

>> No.29034802

>> No.29034852

>> No.29034881


>> No.29035121

should have used treble hooks. Once you get those hooked in you you'll need divine intervention to get them out

>> No.29035168

Hey Ash Whatcha Playin

>> No.29035289

"There is only one way to escape these wolves, but you must trust me, brother!"
"I trust you! I trust-*thud*YOU ASSHOLE!"

>> No.29035299

nah, use squiding hooks.

>> No.29035526

Yeah but those don't have the barbs on them. At least that particular one

>> No.29035646

>> No.29035716

>> No.29036003

Holy fuck that comic is so retarded, Link was given magic and shit, and is DESTINED to defeat Ganon. It's not that men other than Link are cowards, it's that Link is THE CHOSEN ONE. It is a retarded concept, yeah, but you can't compare LOZ to real life, because in real life there is no tri force, and there is no magic.

I hope whoever made that comic stops making comics forever, or alternatively wakes up one day and realizes how retarded they've been, leaves tumblr and never goes back there, starts making better comics, and edits all of her(you just fucking KNOW it's some doctor who[only 10 and 11 though, because they're FUCKING DREAMY, I even like 10 myself, he was pretty cool, but for reasons other than I wanted to fuck him] loving feminazi bitch ass cunt, that hates all men) old comics like this one, giving everyone an apology for how stupid she's been.

Fuck, fuck, I need to back into training, I fall for that stagnant bait everyone fucking time I see it.


>> No.29036071

Proper bend test, I see nothing wrong

>> No.29036117


where'd this copypasta originate from? I can really see some potential with it

>> No.29036131

It originates from autism.

>> No.29036263

Stop. Just stop. It's a nice inspirational message wrapped up in a Zelda shell.

The artist's name is Zac Gorman, has a Tumblr called idrawnintendo. Has some pretty neat stuff about old school video games (mostly Zelda and Earthbound, though).

>> No.29036266

... how was that bait? ar- are you some kind of Autist that freaks out over Zelda the same way the Mark:1 Mod:0 Autists freak out over Sonic?
get help and relax with a beer fatty, its just a game, and its just a comic.

>> No.29036364

You trolling needs serious work, anon. That or you really need to relax. That much misdirected anger can't be healthy.

>Not knowing that Link was chosen to carry the Triforce of Courage BECAUSE he's courageous.

>> No.29037357

>Not combo
Oh yes. You smiled.
I now have a boner the size of russia.

>> No.29037548

God damn it.

>> No.29039593

what's this from?

>> No.29039694


A very well written prequel to the abhorrent fate/stay night. Its filled with mythology based powers, good character regardless of their otherwise murderous intent, great action scenes that don't overexplain themselves and an ending that will stick with you.

>> No.29039742

Hahahaha. This reminds me of the first large-scale freeform RP I played in. It was full of super special snowflakes, and they all held pretty tightly to stereotypes. They saw that my character was at that point the fastest in the game and had decent abilities in terms of stealth, so they assumed I was a spy or backstabby-type. They missed that most of my inventory consisted of demolition charges. I became known as "the guy that keeps blowing our buildings up" after a few months.

Few things feel better than playing a mercenary in a game with PvP and being so effective that your fellow players get into bidding wars for your services.

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