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All word and pixel /tg/-related lewdness is welcome here, so long as the rules are followed. Writefags, consider pastebin/1d4chan rather than dumping for long stories. Drawfags with uncensored pictures need to host their images offsite and link to them. For those of you visiting from other boards, err on the side of censorbars and what not if you're hesitant. I hear Lewd's just giving them out.

In any case, enjoy! Remember to play nice and that all contributions and requests are welcome!

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Master smut list:
(/a/'s monstergirl fic collection is in here too.)

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lookin for requests

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I still intend on finishing the banshee fic, it's just that I'm not wholly interested right now because I've not been keen on the writefaggotry lately and even more my sex drive has plummeted through the floor and down into the deepest pits of hell lately. Promise I'll make it, just not till next weekend or something. Maybe tomorrow. Okay, tell you what, tomorrow, but only if I see tits sometime between then and midnight tomorrow.

You heard the anon- give him a reason to finish what he started (and this time no weaseling out of it with the impotency excuse).

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Perhaps this will inspire him...

Nothing I can think up right now- maybe one of those fly people you did earlier, I guess.

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We need a counter picture to this with Lelith. Cat ears optional. I am willing to write harlequin smut in return. Cultist-chan and/or Twilight Spears optional.

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both options?

>> No.29016342

If Lewd sees that post, it's almost certain he'll get to work with it. (Try to make smut with harlequins, Cultist-chan, AND the Spear of Twilight for best results.)

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>I am willing to write harlequin smut in return
you just guaranteed Lewdanon will draw that if you deliver

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Could you write a fapfic about a female changeling barbarian and a male orcish cleric of Bahamut?

Preferrably something that feels femiliar, like, a long-time friendship turning sexual.

Actual shapeshifting for sexy purposes are encouraged but not required.

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Where can I find more pictures from the artist in the OP? Sorry for being a newfag.

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I don't think he made it clear- he's a drawfag who specializes in lizard-people (although I did see him do a fly-man once as well).

The master list (i.e. the second post in this thread). Look under "Complete Lewdanon gallery".

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Thank you. You are a gentleman and a sir.

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how lewd will you go?

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Alright, finished

It was very sweet, no sexytimes at all btw. but implied they will come at later chapters.

However its marked as private paste, so you can only see it with a direct link (if you click the author's name it says he has made no pastes at all)
This means we can't just watch the author page on pastebin for new chapters.

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Ill give you a hint

I'll do anything that
> doesn't have fur
> doesn't have a humanoid head
objectheads are on the table for example.

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>This means we can't just watch the author page on pastebin for new chapters.
why would he do this?

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Either he didn't know (could be unfamiliar with pastebin system) or he didn't notice (accidentally set it to unlisted)

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so if I request a shark-girl in a bikini you'd be down for that?

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I am impressed with the flyman.

How about a minotaur girl.

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any specific sharkgirl you have in mind?

>> No.29016945

>delicious futa tigershark beta who loves her alpha dearly

you have good taste in sharkgirls

>> No.29016958

none specifically, just please no sawtooth sharks.

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sweet... I hope this thread is here tomorrow for me to see it, its 4:40am and I am really really tired so I am going to sleep now. goodnight.

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This seems familiar somehow.

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Corruption of Champions

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Sometimes there's an extended Smut Thread on the Monday or Tuesday but usually Sunday is the last day.

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I think you mean 'Waifu Collection Simulator'.

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her name is izma from corruption of champions

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waifu collection, random rape encounters, impregnation harem, gender ben... pretzling, and one more thing i forgot mid senteance because its 5am

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dont forget gay orc frottage

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I considered him a waifu

>> No.29017397

>and one more thing i forgot mid senteance because its 5am
now i remember... TRANSFORMATIONS.
Its what the author claims its all about (not rape and harems).

Oh, and furries.

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To be fair, just about everything you cram in your mouth in that game does something to your body.

I wish it was easier to get whisker fruits

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Bro Brew is the best item
I think thats what it was called
it made you hilarious

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but just about anything you can come across can be raped.

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Does anyone happen to have the link to the old BDSM paladin story? Can't seem to find it on the master list.

>> No.29017749

Or it was marked as unlisted to avoid random people stumbling over it and getting kicked off pastebin.

>> No.29017799

Yeah Bro Brew is sweet as hell

I can't take it though, because muh all 100 stats

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I'm currently doing a "Kitsune" run. Int and speed maxed out, only taking fox gems. They're a bitch to get a hold of

>> No.29017888

Bee morph best morph

I once did a full chastity run, took the religious bit so I could meditate instead of masturbate, and decided to quit as soon as I got raped.

Got to level 8 and got raped by the salamander girl.

>> No.29018061

I got told about it and for my first one decided to do a chastity run... It turned into a noble paladin collecting waifus for loving dickings.
Only got raped once, I think, by a drider. Was very careful not to go up against anything I couldn't handle.

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Whoever posted >>29015005 , I'm not sure I grasped your question so let me know if there was more you wanted to know beyond >>29015220

I did one ages back, currently in the archives as "cultural exchange", IMO it's just okay. http://pastebin.com/rY5Nad5E is a recent exploration of same concept, think I did more interesting things with it but it's just an RP transcript.

There's also >>29001615 in the last thread, and a couple other fics in the archive that are tagged as "reverse rape". (Preemptive disclaimer: Yes, it's a dumb term, even if it just means a reversal of the 'traditional' gender roles. But it's just the only label that sees any common use.)

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Not the guy who you were originally talking to, but this is something I'm rather interested in.
This RP, was it on f-list or something?
I wish I had people to RP with to do things like that.

>> No.29018737

Yep. Check the ERP thread, I wouldn't want to steal this one's thunder. Mind you, I was the one playing Quenrae. Been hard to find partners interested in acting that role, though they do exist.

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woah whats going on in that pic? Yandere elf?

>> No.29019014

I'd wager more straight-up raping a hot stranger at knifepoint.

But look at his outfit, he was practically asking for it.

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B-but it's a worksafe board...

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>> No.29019080

>tfw you will never be taken by a drow and made into her slut

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>> No.29019111

>tfw you realize fa/tg/uys would make terrible IG and be executed for heresy after like a week
>"i-is it ok if we just rape the farseer before we execute her?"

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>> No.29019148


Xenos witch on xenos witch action is nice too...

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>> No.29019196

I feel...inspired.

>> No.29019229

The world is in great need of three things:

1. More green skinned girls
2. More shortstacks
3. Holiday themed smut

Let's remedy this problem. I request a gift wrapped goblin!

>> No.29019240

>The mon'keighs are gaining strength in the sector. We have to combine our powers to prevent them from saturating these worlds.
>How do we do that?
>It's a... unusual ceremony.
>Yes. First, we must both discard our armour.
>Now hold my ears.
>Your e..ears? That seems a bit... lewd?
>This is an ancient ceremony. Don't question me!
>Mmm, now stroke them while I will meditate on our joining powers... Faster.

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They go overtime more often than not, really.

>> No.29019500

A week? More like less than an hour.

>> No.29019848

Oh... here's the thread, I've been looking for this

>> No.29019869

Welcome back, Emprah! People were asking about where you were earlier.

>> No.29019885

When and about what? I couldn't find this thread all week

>> No.29019894

Just a quick update guys, work has been kicking my ass so I may be late with my Firefly/Elf World fapfic. Check my pastebin at /JustAnotherWritefag if I dont upload it on this thread in time.

As for next week/the new year, still running my competition/holding out my offer. A 4000-word fapfic for the first/best piece of Seeding Midnight fan-art, and or 4000-words for the most interesting and detailed request from a lewdanon. Currently in this second category I'm leaning towards doing that Chaos High thing someone suggested last thread, or possibly something quick, dirty and seasonal, like Santa Claus dropping into a horny loli-elf's chimney(hurrhurr) or something along those lines, maybe Emperor's Day with the God-Emperor teaching the "true meaning" of the season to some uptight SoBs or something.

Let me know your preferences, anons!

>> No.29019904

There was s thread earlier. I suggest triggering a filter so these threads show up on top of the catalog in spite of their actual page location.

They were quite keen on seeing that Banshee fic, if I'm not mistaken.

>> No.29019921

The latter sounds like a better idea- Chaos High sounds a little too similar to WHH, and I'd hate for us to go down the same road they did.

>> No.29019922


For the love of all that is holy, do not enable Chaos High any further. If you dare, it will take off worse than WHH did and you'll never live it down.

>> No.29019976

Well I'll get on that in an hour or so then

>> No.29020097

was this banshee fic the one that had the medic messing with an eldar while they couldn't feel anything?

If so, awesome, I'd love to see the conclusion to that, ending it at that point made me feel like that eldar, blueballed and numb

>> No.29020137

No that was another one, I can continue that one, but it'd be rather bland from that point on.

I just realized I have 5 stories on deck that I am currently righting too...

>> No.29020293

I figure that one is pretty much done. Best to focus on the stuff you're doing right now.

>> No.29020817

So I'm working on the Faux Chaos SisterxInquisitorxF!Inquisitor fic

Any fetishes you guys want?

>> No.29020876

Did any writefagging ever get done based on this?

>> No.29020955


>> No.29020995

Didn't you have two threads devoted solely to thst picture?

>> No.29021082


What am I looking at here, an armoured chocobo with tits?

>> No.29021127


>> No.29021246

look closer. That's a human being in armor that makes her a chocobo.

>> No.29021376

>look closer. That's a human being in armor that makes her a chocobo.

I appreciate this alot.
so does my penis.

>> No.29021547

Lewd should draw more Lofn.
Doesn't even need to be lewd Lofn. Just more Lofn.

>> No.29021782

A little jizzle drizzle if you will.

>> No.29021884

I-If they could h-hold hands, please, that'd be cool.

>> No.29021941


There is a line, anon.

>> No.29022440

Yes, there were. Both of them were awful, so you didn't miss much.

What's everyone been up to?

>> No.29022445

sick bastard

>> No.29022563

>Any fetishes you guys want?
Good ends

>> No.29022584

>Half of /tg/ is executed for consorting with xenos and the other half for having extensive knowledge of the universe.

>> No.29022605

/d/ plz.

>> No.29022682


>> No.29023370

Only half? I thought we had more xeno-lovers than that.

>> No.29023688

Earplay and light biting.

>> No.29023933

Co-auther of The Knight and The Alchemist here. The same two of us are working on a new project. This one is scifi and involves cybernetics. Does that count as /tg/ related?

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>> No.29023968


>> No.29023991

If there is smut, we want it.

>> No.29024235

Whose the artist?

>> No.29024290

Lewdanon, we call them.
No account anywhere.

>> No.29024548

There is an imgur of his stuff in the master list, but it's not actually his imgur- someone with more time and patience than I do managed to track down all of his stuff. Until then, it was said that uncensored Lewdanon art was as rare and valuable as a Black Lotus card.

>> No.29024609

Some have theorised that he's a sort of manifestation of /tg/'s collective desire for lewd content. He can't have accounts because he doesn't exist outside of /tg/.

>> No.29024631

Do we have any actual confirmation of sex?

>> No.29024665

Futa obviously.

>> No.29024685

Yes, please.

Oh you mean Lewd's. Nobody knows the answer to that question.

>> No.29024708 [SPOILER] 

I would have expected nothing less.

pic related

>> No.29024711

Probably a dude.

>> No.29024762

As a psychic construct, it doesn't have a sex.

Sorry, accidentally lapsed into male pronouns.

>> No.29024920

Psychic...? Hmm...
There. Now that I'm pretty much the worst enemy right now... Chant His Name Three Times To Summon Them!
(Before was faked, I love his work but the Necronomicon clearly says that only their worst enemy can summon them by shouting their name three times. Duh.

>> No.29024972

Oh /tg/...

>> No.29025036

I cannot believe THAT worked.

>> No.29025122

Since the "worst enemy" thing is only supposed to work on Hastur, it would be best not to dwell on the implications of this for long.

>> No.29025133

It... Worked...?
What. The. Fuck.

>> No.29025182

Good to see you, Lewd.
Thanks again for the amazing .gifs

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday psychic manifestations of lewdness celebrate.

By the way, my offer still stands. I'll write anything you want as thanks.
(Right after I finish this halfling x half-elf thing).

>> No.29025212

While we are talking about lewdanon. This gets me every fucking time.

>> No.29025379 [DELETED] 

half dragon waifu

>> No.29025400 [DELETED] 

What a retarded picture, you can't interrupt Dark Hand no matter how hard you hit Darkwraiths, they enter invincibility frames when it hits, along with the victim.

>> No.29025501

Lewd, do you mind telling us what you use to draw on? Any tips for inspired Drawfags?

>> No.29025512

Here's a sneak peak at what we have so far.
This is raw and unedited. A work in progress.
As always any feedback is welcome.

>> No.29025564 [DELETED] 

I know right, silly Priscilla.

>> No.29025643 [DELETED] 

you expect priscilla to know anything? pic related

>> No.29025696 [DELETED] 

You're thinking too hard. That's your problem.

>> No.29025730 [DELETED] 

But they are...

>> No.29025776

Uh, yeah...

That's alright but I already feel enough in debt as it is for the Harlequin fic your wrote.

Just keep writefagging your heart's desire.

Discarded paper I nick from work on a wobbly table with an uneven surface.

As for tips... just keep practicing and have fun while you're at it I guess.
I never took any art classes so I really don't think I'm in a position to advice anyone...

>> No.29025792 [DELETED] 


>> No.29025804 [DELETED] 


Unless you can provide actual smut instead of derailment, I suggest you take it to /vg/.

>> No.29025809 [DELETED] 

after falling

>> No.29025813

>I never took any art classes so I really don't think I'm in a position to advice anyone...
Funny thing, all of the drawfags I know IRL are like that. Some of them are really good as well.

>> No.29025943 [DELETED] 

what if derailment is my fetish

>> No.29026009 [DELETED] 

Here, have a cookie.

>> No.29026015 [DELETED] 

Then someone might right a story about people fucking so hard it causes the train they're on to rock of a bridge?

>> No.29026042 [DELETED] 

that's a real thing?

actually really want

>> No.29026159

I am gonna give Priscilla my tail.

>> No.29026184

So... I hear you like tails

>> No.29026240

*unzips dick*

>> No.29026429

>It's been weeks since any update on the Dragon x Princess story and the original pastebin died.

>> No.29026477

>Spontanous gangrape, not a single dissenter
oh my

>> No.29026485

These things happen. Sometimes a would-be writefag simply gives up partway through for one reason or another. Rotten luck on your part, but what can you do?

>> No.29026494 [SPOILER] 

New picture for the fan art folder. Can't be posted here without so many censorbars that it would be cost-prohibitive.

>> No.29026527

No, it was poking fun at the fact that it was meant to be *unzips pants* (I hope). But with that typo it takes a far more disgusting meaning that I do not wish to visualize.

>> No.29026559

Trude, you are the best dude!
Also, its actually 20 new pictures since the last smut thread. now up to 184 pics total. yummy!

>> No.29026585

>No, it was poking fun at the fact that it was meant to be *unzips pants*
I got it, but it ALSO was a spontanous gang rape.
The unzip dick was rapist number 5 out of the 6 first posters and number 6 just agreed with number 5

>> No.29026631

when you post an image that contains a link, you should also post the link as text.
Because you can't copy paste out of an image and have to manually type the url otherwise.

>> No.29026633

Who's awesome? You're awesome.

Seriously, you inspired me to put some of my art here in a couple of previous threads, keep at it!

>> No.29026818

Neat. Keep it up. This isn't /ic/.

As mentioned in the last thread, I added a bunch of non-smut stuff, like template designs. Knowing the characters better makes it more erotic when you're watching them fuck.

>> No.29026842

>Knowing the characters better makes it more erotic when you're watching them fuck.
And that just about sums up why it's taking me so damn long to finish this fic.
Also, I think you're art is getting better. Thank you very much for sharing.

>> No.29026846

Yeah, but they took up the project from thread suggestions, I half hoped someone else would take it up.
It was some of my favorite subject matter

>> No.29026908


>> No.29026937

>Knowing the characters better makes it more erotic when you're watching them fuck.
this is true

>> No.29026967

Hot damn, anon.

>> No.29026992



>> No.29026994

Forgot to link to:

>> No.29027008

Which is exactly why I prefer our stuff over regular porn. Its much better when you know for a fact that the people fucking aren't just actors going through the proverbial motions or something like that.

>> No.29027014


I can dredge up some more Sister smut if you'd like.

>> No.29027027

Try to look for Eldar smut too.

>> No.29027031

I'd like.
I'd like very much.

>> No.29027123

Sadly the amount of quality Eldar smut is severely lacking, but I did what I could.


Getting right on it.

>> No.29027260


And since imgur was being a bitch, the last one. http://i.imgur.com/cqWg6L6.jpg?1

>> No.29027386

>That feel when the thread goes silent after good smut is posted
>That feel when you know why it's gone silent.

>> No.29027449


>> No.29027475

Where did the Emprah went ?

>> No.29027476

People are critiquing the work and doing proofreading, in the case of written smut.
The same, but minus the proofreading, for pictures.

>> No.29027480

Everyone is Really enjoying that smut

>> No.29027481

Because people are now motivated to write their own stuff, being shamed into action.

>> No.29027488

A distant flutter of faps.
Beyond that silence.
Upon that they base their success.

>> No.29027499

You know, sometimes I wonder how eldar-lovers ever managed to get by before I made that one seemingly insane request way back in July (or was it August- I can't remember) that got these threads started.

>> No.29027537

Either he got sidetracked with other stuff or he's busy trying to prevent a daemonic incursion. Either way, I can wait.

>> No.29027541

let me wash my hands and then i will tell you

>> No.29027554

>jizzing on his hands

>> No.29027657

Rolled 55

Indeed. This is why it's a good idea to have a cat. You can wipe yourself off on their fur AND they're self cleaning.

>> No.29027786 [SPOILER] 

You are a bad person.

>> No.29028003

Gertrude is just so cute... I want to catch a wild gertrude.

>> No.29028159 [SPOILER] 

All it takes is an easy-to-follow 3-step plan.

>> No.29028252

I am having trouble with step 1

>> No.29028307 [SPOILER] 

Well, walk back and forth in the tall grass until you get a random encounter.

>> No.29028308 [DELETED] 


>> No.29028348

It's easier to do that for a little bit, then fly to Cinnabar Island then surf on the eastern shore.
The Gertrude you'll find will be a higher level than usual, making it well worth the trip.

>> No.29028389

>Gertrude: More
That there is a well tamed Gertrude.

>> No.29028413

what is the stat difference between the two kinds of Gertrude?

>> No.29028486

She's a wizard, and therefore levels exponentially. Even the difference of a level or two means another tier of spells.

>> No.29028547

Would it be bad to ask for more Gertrude pettanko/loli-form?

>> No.29028634

I looked online but I can't find any travel agency that sells tickets to Cinnabar island.
Nor can I find it on google maps... (I _WILL_ swim across the ocean to catch me a gertrude)

>> No.29028827

Well, loli is sort of her default look.

>> No.29028877

I was not aware of this. This pleases me greatly. Cute frisky loli-mage with boldy-altering powers? Potential seems pretty endless there for lewdness.

>> No.29028906

I don't know about "frisky." More like chronically depressed and needlessly abrasive.

>> No.29028942

It would be awesome if the story behind all these characters was told somewhere, the more i learn the more intriguedaroused I become.

>> No.29029002


>> No.29029277 [SPOILER] 

Some day. I promise. Maybe I'll start giving descriptions to the characters in next week's thread.

>> No.29029622

Can you do more drow? I like your drow.

>> No.29029698

So is she like a whore or something?

>> No.29029784 [SPOILER] 

Question: Is there a problem if there's nothing to censor?

Unfortunately, I'm stuck drawing non-smut for a while

No, just being a dutiful wife.

>> No.29030295

I recognize this character from a thread ages ago. You posted a picture like the second one, but that said yes instead of more. What's the deal with this character?

>> No.29030329

Why does she look so tired? As if she's been going for hours already.

This is my fetish.

>> No.29030724 [SPOILER] 

She's my PC. /pol/ reporting
Hard drugs.

>> No.29030828

>hard drugs
No longer my fetish.

Farewell, boner. You went before your time, and you will be missed.

>> No.29030865

>not having a fetish for redeeming drug addicted sluts through the power of your /d/

>> No.29031828

Who is the redhead in >>29029277 and >>29029784?

>> No.29032119

If his other pics are an indication, she's some kind of hooker. But that's all I know.

Is everyone's writing going well? It's been rather quiet from the writefag end again.

>> No.29032244

I'll add this to the pile of stuff that probably interests /tg/ .


>> No.29032360

What is this and why the FUCK did it manage to win so many awards? It's not even good porn.

>> No.29032423

It would interest /d/ more than anything else. How am I supposed to fap to an overgrown amoeba?

>> No.29032489

Nobody on /tg/ likes Homestuck.

Do they? Beyond the worldbuilding.

>> No.29032525

Working. Not ready due to family obligations.

Next week.

>> No.29032538

Why ask it here? This seems like a weird thread to ask that question in.

>> No.29032544

Understandable. I've been caught up in shit of my own as well.

>> No.29032574

I think it was a mispost, but on the off-chance it isn't, he is correct in assuming Homestuck is terrible. It's like a quest that doesn't even pretend that it's not railroading.

>> No.29032600


Because it seems like the only thing I'm capable of writing is Homestuck fanfiction, pornographic or otherwise, and I may as well put myself to use for the talented people of /tg/.

>> No.29032627

Eh. Try the Homestuck thread on /co/ instead. Or look for a board dedicated to it.

>> No.29032635

In that case, I strongly suggest learning how to write something else before you end up to your armpits in shitposters.

>> No.29032673


>Homestuck general

Please don't make me go back

I swore that place off long, long ago and really enjoy having faith in humanity, if not faith in myself

>> No.29032700

did you know that there is a freemium online web based dating sim with homestuck characters?

>> No.29032703


File off the names and people probably won't care that much, so long as it's decently written.

work on building to different things from there.

>> No.29032749


I am completely aware of Namco High, sir.

But I'm pretty sure that the Homestucks are the "mium" part of "freemium."

>> No.29032750

I understand how you feel.

Namco High? Yeah. Weeeeeird.

>> No.29032789


>file off the names

Then what's even the point of having them there in the first place? Characters are supposed to have something to contribute through their identities and making them faceless defeats the purpose.

>> No.29032796

I'm going to guess /tg/ like readheads (who doesn't though?)

>> No.29032810


Gross bug eyes.

>> No.29032823

Give them new ones, then. Or better yet, learn to write something that isn't about Homestuck.

>> No.29032852

Braid her hair. And freckles. Also make her Irish. And she has to work at the bakery of her father.

>> No.29032872


50 Shades of Gray was just Twilight fanfic with name changes.

Are you suggesting I go down that road?

>> No.29032875

That's a noblelady, and *this* is a whore. Recycled character design.

>> No.29032881

Cute and thickly bodied clay golem girl who is n accomplished baker

>> No.29032942

I meant, start off by writing like he would with his fanfiction, but replacing HS material with other things.

In general, build off what you know, and use that to learn new things.

Sure, why not. 50 shades got pretty popular (within it's demographic), and it's not like most people can tell at a glance that it started out fanfiction.

>> No.29032986

cant seem to find that imgur

>> No.29033059


There's just so much potential within Homestuck though no matter how shitty some of it Vriska is

This is my thinly veiled internet pitymongering if that hasn't become clear yet

>> No.29033119

If there's no relation, could there be? Noblemen need women to birth nobleladies. They can't do it themselves.

>> No.29033142

If it's a golem, how is it a girl?

>> No.29033158


The animator eas a pervert who gave it a vagina.

Mystery solved.

>> No.29033247

Obviously superficially human female shape of course!

>> No.29033249 [SPOILER] 

Sure, why not.

>> No.29033284

It's fine, well, not fine - you aren't going to get any pity, but you might get some advice and if you keep it up after that you'll probably get some anger.

But seriously, poke around and experiment with what you are able to write, AND SHARE IT. you might be better at writing non-fanfic than you give yourself credit.

>> No.29033310

I must contest that what you are describing is akin to an animated blow-up doll and is not actually "female"

>> No.29033339

And that explains >>29029784.

>> No.29033424

I'm curious /tg/ which would you prefer, the one with read hair or the one with red skin?

>> No.29033448

One of those girls appears to be a cow.

>> No.29033456

Why not? Creator identifies it as "female," thing is a creature designed to fulfill the Female role in certain important roles, and once animated it speaks in a feminine tone while drinking tea pinky extended and wearing frilly dresses.

How much more female do you want? I mean, most women are only female because they're born with lady-parts, do lady things, and occasionally bang their counterparts loudly while swinging on their dicks like a monkey. The difference is the specific parts, and in some mythologies that's not even more than a few steps away.

>> No.29033472

Red skin she devils are a gift from the heavens

>> No.29033473

I want the red skin, just so I could stroke those ears of hers.

>> No.29033502

Matter of preference, I guess. Red one looks like she might scorch my dick, redhead might want you to stay for breakfast and milk. Personally, I'd take the one on the right - Unless the terms of the red one's contract is pretty favorable.

>> No.29033670


I had an idea for NaNoWriMo this year about a knight errant running a tavern with a dragon but it didn't go anywhere.

I threw it out and chose to wallow in my oen bizarre slurry of self-hatred and self-pity.

Don't ever get depressed, /tg/. It's an awful, awful way to exist.

>> No.29033719


>> No.29033736

Its a sapient fantasy robot. Or are you saying robogrils don't count either

>> No.29033794

choosing is for monogamists

>> No.29033817

I can't share the image of that though...

>> No.29033818


As a mechanic greasing robogrils is one of the most exhausting jobs I do

>> No.29034163 [SPOILER] 

>This is my thinly veiled internet pitymongering if that hasn't become clear yet

You'll have to look somewhere else and be thankful that nobody has called you a gigantic faggot.

Until now.

>> No.29034214

Nobody likes a whiner, so if you're going emo you can either suck it up and get someone to fix your head or go kill yourself like /b/ would probably advise. Either way, stop bothering us and let the real writefags get to work.

>> No.29034814

Whipped this up in a few minutes, undercover DE

>> No.29034890

Looks solid anon, I'd add more scars or tattoos though.

>> No.29034907

oh god that is delicious, but why does it look like her left tit has deflated

>> No.29034937

kk, give me a sec

>> No.29035030



>> No.29035173

As you can see, I am not destined to be a tattoo artist

>> No.29035449

Solid work bro.

>> No.29035972

I don't think I'll be going to sleep anytime soon so I think I'll just keep making these throughout the night, practice poses and whatnot.

>> No.29036193

>that smile

>> No.29036269

peekaf? Just asking, so that I can properly organize these pictures in a folder.

I admit. I have a problem.

>> No.29036456

Yeah, sorry, I'll namefag for now. How'd you know it was me anyway, you clever bastard

>> No.29036486

Oh, you know the people here. We cherish our drawfags.

>> No.29036752

Especially when they're good like you. We'll defend you and lewd's honor so long as you keep being awesome.

>> No.29036772

Same with Trude. All of you are excellent artists. I'd drawfag myself if it weren't for the fact that I can barely do stick figures properly. Guess I'll stick to archiving like I always do.

On that note, I should get to sleep. See you all next week (or maybe tomorrow, I don't know.)

>> No.29036881

Haha, you guys are adorable, like one big lewd family eh?

>> No.29036894


>> No.29036996

You can say that. (And we're alwayss on the lookout for new talent. Join the smut side- we have free t-shirts I wish

>> No.29037019

I may have to start drawing again because of /tg/...

I might make my first /tg/ drawing a robot cowboy in a poncho though...

>> No.29037102

It's traditional to do that, and if it makes that douchrbag who keeps requesting it shut up that's good too.

>> No.29037690


I have some pleasing news for you gents. I got over myself for the moment and wrote centaur /ss/.

Only I'm stuck on a tablet for the time being so I'll spare you the incessant typos and pastebin it when my situation improves.

>> No.29037769

By all means post it.

>> No.29037807


It's a quarter to 4AM. I'm not up for keeping an eagle eye on my own typing as I transcribe three (front and back) handwritten loose leaf pages.

I want to present the best product possible.

>> No.29039239

WELL, this was a good weekend, right? Looking forward to next week. Kind of disappointed at the lack of holiday related smut. Oh well. Merry Christmas, guys.

>> No.29039258

Most of us were busy with Christmas stuff. We can make up for that next week.

>> No.29040094

Good instincts.

>> No.29040666

> All I want for Christmas is to know what do with my elf slave.

>> No.29040695

Well shit, if I'd seen this earlier...I'll go for something more festive next time.

>> No.29040999

uh, hi from /k/, may I request something lewd with an AK-47 next? Mikhail just shuffled off his mortal coil and it'd be nice to post that in the sticky we've got for him in /k/ right now.
no? that alright too

>> No.29041046

>something lewd with an AK-47
Actual gun or raifu?

>> No.29041075

Both? I mean the raifu will rustle jimmies in that thread but hell it would be funny.

>> No.29041101

I don't know why but I just imagined a Dar Eldar finding an ancient AK amongst some loot from a recent raid and mistaking it for a weird mon'keigh vibrator

>> No.29041114

any updates?

>> No.29041196

Da, I vill be getting to the drawings of the aks and the 47s.

Meet you there comrade.

>> No.29041233

Very good of you /k/omrade. Very generous.

>> No.29041481

I think the astronomican was flickering again and he had to go fix it. I'm sure he'll be back eventually.

>> No.29041624

Just posted it, coulda told me the great Kalashnikov died. Not as lewd as I would have made it otherwise.

>> No.29041653

But tovarisch I did! thank you kindly.

>> No.29041772

Okay, I've been chewing over and considering the psychology and subtitles of hate sex (in particular mutual hate sex) whilst standing around, glassy eyed and vacant at work for the last few days.

I'm curious to hear any ideas on the subject from my fellow erotonauts.

>> No.29041796

This could be very promising, do you have idea of what characters you'd have the hate sex with?

>> No.29041887


It's erm, ahem.

Skyrim fanfiction.

Specifically, an OC and Irileth.

For some reason, I've got the analogy of quenching in my head.

Cold iron means little to water, and water will even erode iron given time, without the proper care.

When iron is red hot, however, it can make water boil.

>> No.29042581


The best hatesex relationships are always mutual rivalries. The sex is just another eay of trying to outdo each other. If at all possible, have them deride their partner for cumming first.

>> No.29042625

Recommend me some good m/m fantasy erotica.

>> No.29042690

Hard to do that since there's so little of it.

>> No.29042734


That can't be possible, tons of people get off on demons and vampires buttfucking. Why wouldn't there be a large market for gay fantasy porn?

>> No.29042747

The only ones I know of are "The Knight and the Alchemist" and "The Wood that Bends" in the master list.
I may be getting the names wrong.

>> No.29043390

Excuse me, someone said that the smut thread was where I would find a bunch of Macha/shota and farseer/vindicare smut.... is this the right place?

>> No.29043424

Nice try mods

>> No.29043662

>not just helping him out and pointing out the relevant fics in the masterlist.
Do you even bro?

>> No.29043715

Yes, that is correct. Nothing new being made right now, but as long as you're here you should check out the master list. It has what you're looking for.

>> No.29044666

No, those are the right names. I guess most of us just don't like writing about gay men buttfucking each other.

>> No.29044679


>> No.29044732

You think you'll try some of your modern dark eldar doing some activities that warrant their addition to the smut list?

>> No.29044778

Glorious, good sir. Much approval.

>> No.29044783

Yeah, prolly tonight. Got the week off so I got plenty of time. So long as this thread don't die.

>> No.29044803

I can feel the holiday cheer already.

>> No.29044845

Looks like Macha just got her package.
>any chance for some raunchy fucking/sucking sequel?

>> No.29044903

>implying Macha gets laid
>implying Santa won't fuck everyone but her
>even Flatdeer

>> No.29044925

>To Santa
>All I want for Emperormas this year.....is a wet dream.
>Love Macha

>> No.29044943

>implying this isn't alternate version Macha in Brighthammer.
I wanna see /tg/s favorite redhead waifu get stuffed full of dick mang, We'll just call it a dream later so it don't break too many headcanons.
>implying Taldeer isn't round and curvy as hell now after having Lofn and absorbing plenty of nutrients for a diet of mon-keigh cum.

>> No.29044993


>> No.29045045

She just wants to live like a slut for one day in the year, guys!

I'm sure if we gather all our holiday spirit together, we can make her dream come true for one day?

>> No.29045069

I am so going to writefag this up...once I finish all my other projects and stuff first. Then again, it might not get done till after christmas...

>> No.29045153

It's all right- most of us have gone with Extra Large Heresy in regards to headcanon now and have come to terms with the fact that she has indeed gotten laid. Repeatedly. In positions we don't even have names for yet.

>> No.29045202

>> No.29045226

I'm thinking of writing a story about a Guardsman getting injured saving a SOB in battle, and after the fighting dies down she visits him while he's recovering and helps... erm... 'heal' him.

Thoughts, /tg/?

>> No.29045242

I think I sprayed fluid all over the screen. Good one.

>> No.29045260

Does she dress up as a sexy hospitaller? If so, I'd totally be into that.

>> No.29045263

Let's do a mock interview! Give me a good reason why I should read this story over every other one.

What does this story bring to the table?

>> No.29045358




While there is the obvious aspect of it having material for you to, ah, 'enjoy', there's other aspects. I can never just make a 'and then they had sex' story, so by the time sexy times happen you'll at least have an inkling that the two(Or more) people boinking are more than simple names doing something. It leaves you wanting to learn more about them and their lives, and not just of their sex lives.

I like memorable and interesting characters, even in my smut. Don't judge me.

>> No.29045359

Glorious. If you're up for suggestions I'd say do one of those tattooed characters either forcing a submissive to give them oral sex or posing with a weapon while exposing themselves.

The undercover in
would be fun to see with less clothing.

>> No.29045391

How do you feel about doing a cute muscle half-orc girl looking at a penis with her mouth open and licking her fangs?

>> No.29045422

Its the Holiday week. I am going to either be in or out. No idea on any plans till they show up

>> No.29045513

I like a man who appreciates context. Or perhaps you're a woman.

Both excellent ideas. So these along with those pics of Macha not getting laid...it seems I've got my hands full (har har).

>> No.29045789


>> No.29045796


Indeed, I am a man that enjoys context, And vanilla. Especially that of the hand holding variety.

>> No.29045881

Context is great. Its why trude's OC is fun to fap at.

Part of it is voyeurism. If you know a character has an identity beyond fucking; you can appreciate their qualities and consistency. For example, people are probably more interested in smut for the characters you've already drawn instead of new ones; we want to see a before and after in terms of sexuality. If that makes sense.

A friend pointed out how familiarity in fictional characters can increase attraction, and I totally agree. If your brain associates a character who has a personality, exploring their sexuality becomes even more interesting.

>> No.29045972

The amber crest of the sun had finally vanished behind the jagged horizon of ruins and pillars that belonged to a once great city. The guardsmen's rotation came and went as the night shift swapped with the day shift. Among them was an inconspicuous man of average height and build. He navigated through the loose brick and rock that stood as the wall of a building. He made his way down from his post tightening the strap of the lasgun on his shoulder. Many others accompanied him as a slow stream of soldiers emerged from the forward line. He let out a hearty yawn, throwing his arms back. As he recovered he glanced a curious figure. The Cadian wasted no time approaching her.
"Hey you're that girl from Theta Company, or at least was. Liena wasn't it?" He spoke matching her stride.
"Frak off." She groaned dismissively
"I've actually been looking for you."
"Frak off!" She barked still attempting to ignore the man.
"What? I heard some pretty interesting things about you."
"And they are all false. Now please leave me in peace." She growled. Annoyed at the prospect of telling yet another person off.
"Look, I'm not here to judge I just want to ta-"

Before he could finish his sentence the irate soldier grabbed him by the collar of his flank armor. With a quick jerk the man was caught off balance and sent into a small broken room. Liena thrust forward pinning the mans back to the splintered and gray concrete wall. No one could see them in the little nook. With both her hands clenched tightly on the fabric of his uniform she pressed more weight onto him. Her teeth were clearly visible from the harsh scowl on her face.
"Nothing happened!" Her words were slow and forceful. " Nothing happened between me and that Guardian! No one know why he dragged me back! No one knows why I got left behind. Nothing happened! That's on the report; that's the truth!" She spoke through her tight teeth
"What if I were to tell you, you aren't the only one with a story like this."

>> No.29046012

Sounds like its loosely based off of those pictures Luth drew. If so I totally approve.

>> No.29046134


Whether she's cute is up to you, but hey aside from the girl, I've been practicing CUM PHYSICS. Which I am most proud of.

>> No.29046211

She's cute for sure. Though her bust should be larger to show between those sexy strong arms of her's.

>> No.29046302

very cute

>> No.29046337

Her arms loosened their fierce grip on the man. The pressure of her fists on his throat allowed him to breath easy. He even noticed her eyes slowly widen. Her face slowly backed from her angry scowl as her body began to follow suit. Her arms still remained well fastened to the mans collar. They remained silent. Liena simply blinked a few times.
"What do you mean?" Curiosity could be felt beneath her harsh overtone.
"Exactly what I said. You aren't alone. I told you I've been looking for you."
"Why are you telling me this?" She let go of him. " I told you, nothing happened." She adjusted her gear and tightened her shemagh.
"And that's the official report for me as well." He placed his hands in the air and pantomimed a scrolling marquis. " Trooper first class Albert Alquist was found 35 kilometers outside of Kasr Gloin with an Banshee class aspect warrior. The two became separated and held a defensive position against enemy onslaught. The End."

He smiled at her. Liena stood puzzled for a moment, trying to figure out why he would be telling her this story. It must have been the same feelings she had. She wanted to talk to someone about the ordeal, but who could she trust? The members of First Platoon already took significant punitive measures for trying to cover it up when they found her. Since the incident she only want to just talk. Plain and simple. To tell someone what had happened. Alquist must have been feeling the same but for so long. Her lips stuttered before she spoke.
"Well... Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine I guess." She didn't know what else to say.
"Well, where to begin. Many years back during big 13. For what ever reason the eldar wanted to hold a section of line we did, and we wouldn't let them hold it alone..."

The two of them sat down as Albert began remembering his story. The initial details were blurry and he started piecing them together as he went along. He unclasped the chin strap on his helmet and began scratching his hair.

>> No.29046349

Oh, when you said "cute", I automatically thought "loli". Why do you hate lolis anon. What did they do to thee?

>> No.29046404

As a loli-lover, I still appreciate the pic.

>> No.29046436

I'm a bad anon considering I namefag. Loli is fine. But muscle girls are better!

I can appreciate it more now that I know its loli. Muscle loli unexplored territory for me.

>> No.29046489

Original requester here, I like it.

Muscle-girls and loli? I didnt even know this was my fetish! I approve heartily. There just arent enough cute loli orc-girls.

>> No.29046565

I feel like there's a story of her trying her hand at the rape and pillage part of her stereotype. Cue taking candy from a weak boy and molesting him.

>> No.29046612

there's a potential story*

>> No.29046783


The land was filled with many upturned soil from craters that darkened the Blanche grass of the Cadian surface. Neither day nor night could be discerned from the horrible black smog that filled the sky from many burning fields and shattered fortifications. The bodies of many heretics were strewn about. Fresh killed from the days course of battle. They laid just out of reach of a heavily fortified trench network. Inside the protective walls many guardsmen celebrated their victory by handing out many packs of Iho's to one another. though the clamor of the soldiers grew quiet around a lone group of Black clad Xenos in their midst. The motions didn't so much as walk, but glided seamlessly through the humans as if they were but clouds of air.

One guardsman pursed his lips together creating a two-toned whistle that denoted attraction not thinking the aliens would have a concept of human interaction. The banshee's stopped cold in their path, with one shooting her gaze into to pack of humans. The tussle of red whipped side to side elegantly. Neither party moved in expecting reprisal if they did. Though just as fast the incident occured, it passed, and the xenos continued along their patrol.

"You're fraking suicidal Marv." One of the Cadians laughed, tossing a crumpled pack of Iho's to his friend.
"Oh come on, tell me that wasn't funny!" The man jeered.
"It wont be funny if they cut us all to pieces!" Another interjected.
"Seriously, you never thought of it that way? I mean look at those butts." The man held his hands out as if he were fondling a woman.
"Thats heresy Marv." Albert added to the group, as he read from a book.
"Oh mister straight and narrow Alquist. You mean to tell me you never though of them like that, even a little? " He slapped the side of Alquist's pauldron causing him to loose his place.
"No! The only thing I thought of is why are they here in the first place?

>> No.29046805

Emprah! I was wondering when you'd get started with the Banshee story.

>> No.29047161

I might not get a chance to draw up the robot tonight, but I'll give it a go... I'll at least leave you guys with an old drawing of the bovine redhead.

>> No.29047288


"Why are we even here, sisters?" A member exclaimed through a closed channel.
"Because This is our patrol route."
"Thats not what I mean Idaline. Why are we here with the humans. We have made it very clear we had no intention of fighting shoulder to shoulder, so why make exceptions here?" She exclaimed disgruntled.
"Because the farseer said we would be needed here. So we are here."
"Darkness take me and farseer be damned. I see no point in working with the mon'kiegh, though"

The lead of the formation stopped and turned to face the outspoken member of the group.
"I know you are torn between your desire's and your level of experience Elsiwe, but you will not call the farseer into question again. Do you understand." Idalnine's tone was condescending.
"Yes sister."

Elsiwe tightened her fist indignantly. She was right be be reprimanded for her outburst about the farseer, but Idaline's comment about her experience dug into her. She was a well seasoned warrior, dedicated to her path. She was a veteran of many battles, but not enough as her comrades were keen to remind her. Many times when she was to be sent into combat it was the work of her sisters that was seen. Often when she had marked a target, an errant blade of another would claim it first. Not only was she to suffer working with the disgusting and primitive humans, but she was to suffer though the subtle insults of her own.

The embedded face of her mask almost mirrored her own as she was to walk around the fortifications of the humans. 'So primitive, so bland'. she thought to her self musing on the humans design of angular architecture rather than muse on the treatment from her comrades. It helped dull the sting to her pride. Something that she could hate openly. It was comforting to her to know no matter how low her sisters mad her feel, she would never be beneath a human.

>> No.29047358

Yes but I know fuck and all about eldar fluff. SO I'm pretty much reading everything I can at the moment to make sure I stopp stepping on toes when I write upsetting the inner neckbeard.

So taking a relativly short break on the story at the moment

You know, with all these drawfags about. I wonder how many of them read the Aeric and Dalia story. I'd love to see if the way I portay my characters gives them a general look to everyone.

>> No.29047609

I was surprised to see this thread up and kicking, isn't it way past the weekend?

Quick sketch (yay) inspired by Luth's drawing

>> No.29047679

What can I say? These threads just won't die. (Once I would have deleted them if they dragged on too long, but Moot stopped people from deleting their own topics a while back. Apparently shitposters were deliberately deleting their own topics and blaming the mods for it.)

>> No.29047780

Good idea. Besides, we're rather deep into autosage so there wouldn't be too much of a point posting the whole thing when hardly anyone will see it. (For what it's worth, what you've got so far is true to the fluff regarding both the Howling Banshees' preferred combat style and their general distaste for humans.)

>> No.29047816

You aren't allowed to pull this thread off life support! Doesn't matter if you can't afford the hospital bill!

>> No.29047931

I guess I'll put these pics in a separate folder on my imgur account, not particularly smut. Least, not the other ones.

>> No.29048005

Yeah I'll continue later.

Achive post do hatscha wana with it, its pretty much The Guards 2 Guard Harder

>> No.29048312

Fuck yeah. All my boners.

>> No.29048471

Well, glad I hanged out on this thread for so long.

>> No.29049264

I have no idea what you just said, but I'll go out on a limb and and assume you were talking about archiving it. I'd rather wait until the whole thing is complete.


> It was comforting to her to know no matter how low her sisters mad her feel, she would never be beneath a human.

I'm going to assume this means that she prefers to be on top. I approve.

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