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ITT: Things you might say in pic related situations

>I roll to seduce

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...for the woman, right?

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I roll to pin.

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So let me get this straight. You WILLINGLY submitted yourself to this woman's will just to cop a feel?

>....I have to keep my hands busy somehow...

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>You retard, couldn't you have summoned the dragon OUTSIDE the city walls?!

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"Okay guys CHARGE!"

"...Eh, it flew away? But we have nothing but spearmen!"

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>I rolled a 20 to my craft: ballista skill.

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And I quote:

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Huh, looks like I do have an idea for a new character after all.

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does that count as a red-neckbeard?

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You're half right

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nothing, because I don't care in the least if the wings don't allow flight, nor is it my current mental BBEG (hunting deer, deer is now BBEG. Playing catch, ball is now BBEG and must be caught.) so I don't really spare it a glance.

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That's a mental image I could've done without

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that post made no sense at all.

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If it can't fly after me when I'm not looking, I don't care in the least. So long as that fucker remains grounded, I'm a happy camper. And by mental BBEG, I meant my current #1 shitlister.

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Ah ok, that thing doesn't have wings though.

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>This is how I GM

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>It's fine guys, I'll just summon a larger, more aggressive monster to chase it away

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I'm seeing a large, anime-like sweat drop on Gojira.

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>not posting the superior version

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this looks like WC3 TFT Arthur's lunacy in his eyes

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pic related.

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>Playing catch, ball is now BBEG and must be caught.

Are you a cat?

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is that other monster supposed to be anything specific?

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and would you happen to have a reference for this specific monster?
can I have it?

There I played out the rest of the conversation for you, so either say what the damn thing is or fuck off.

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mad bro

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Yes yes, well done. Your masterful trolling has left a destroyed and bitter man.

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I don't think he actually knows what it it.

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>not posting Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Man
get out

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Someone have the pick of the monster from Gantz Osaka mission? You know the one

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That design is dumb, it has no maneuverability.
''Jim! Why can't we shoot?!''
''Because i can't hit him yet...''

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Ugh... I'm just in vol.1 of Book of the New Sun. Hope that picture won't spoil anything...

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Google says "Iris, the Fallen Necromancer."

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Not that one you goof
this one

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>honey, i'm home!

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Clearly it's pointed at the other team's city, across the ocean.

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why dont you realize that this is not a weapon? its clearly a vehicle.

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Little do you know, the whole island pivots.

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the woman and the creature are one and the same.

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This is basically every Pathfinder Demon ever.

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Could always use it as a launcher for gliders which can then be steered towards the intended target.

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