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wraith is love, wraith is life edition
I want to start a wraith army, gonna probably buy the new 205 euros bundle
and next i'll buy some wave serpents for my guards
any tips for a wraith only army?
should i consider more scytes or wraithcannons?
and how should i deal with high infantry, considering flamers are still low strenght and low range?

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>not killing light infantry
flamers, the cannons are pretty shitty
all wraith armies are strong, you might as well go ilyanden as well since its literally identical to eldar but with bonuses
wraithblades as well, with axes and shields.

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what does the iyanden codex add as rules?
i don't know for wraithblades still, for now i was thinking 10 d-scythes and 5 wraithcannons (3 units in 3 wave serpents), maybe i'll ad a unit of axes for 1750 points lists

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canons are... theres no point to them, honestly. the axes are just stupidly durable
and it lets you take more spirt seers (you want this) and it lets you take different wargear that can help wraithguard and bigger constructs. you have a different primaris battle power, it lets a wraith unit use battle focus and gives them hatred, or something.

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There are rumors going around that next year GW is doing away with their finecast stuff. Does this mean Eldar will get new plastic aspect warriors? I want to start Eldar but I don't like the current aspect models being all finecast.

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Rumors also said there will be a Biel-Tan supp.
So maybe.

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cool. Bro wants to start back up with tyranids being redone so maybe I'll start a wraith army too while I wait for new aspects.

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Rolled 36

Anyone have scans of the Space Marine codex?
Also I would recomend bringing wraitguard with wraithcannons to deal with armor unless you want to put your anti-tank stuff on your wraithlord/knight

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I heard this fucker is getting some sort of Magna Grapple.

I cant seem to find a blood angels codex. Could someone explain how their Magna Grapple works?

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Essentially a short range melta that if it hits you can pull a model closer.

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Posted this list a few times and met with little response so time to try again

Plan is to have the devastators and the Master of the forge in a bolstered terrain piece as well as one of the combat squad lascannons depending on it's size, Ivanus will be in with the Vanguards, Plasma cannon is in the dev squad so I can force ap2 hits on units partially in cover.

Ivanus Enkomi 155 pts
Minotaurs Chaplain, Jump pack

Master of the Forge 110 pts
Primarch's Wrath

2 Tactical squads 540 total
10 man, Lascannon, Razorback (StormBolter, TL Assault Cannon), Sergeant (Vet, Power Axe, Bolt Pistol, Meltabombs)


Hecaton Aiakos 225 pts
Plasma Cannon, DCCW

Vanguard Veterans 309 pts
Jump packs, 7 total, 2 with Boltpistol & chainsword, 2 with Boltpistol, Power weapon and Melta bombs, 2 with Thunderhammer & storm shield, Sarge with Relic Blade and storm shield

Heavy support

Devastators 161 pts
5 man, Vigilator sergeant Kratos (2 wounds, bs 5, heavy bolter, preferred enemy anything on 2 legs), 3 heavy bolters, Plasma Cannon

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and shit left my name on from a quest

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What happens if you shoot it at a unit? Do you only pull one model?

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Only Vehicles.

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The cannons are viable with the Iyanden primaris power against TEQs.

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Hm, odd. Because the rumor for the Haruspex said units AND vehicles.

Thanks for the help.

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I haven't read it, but it sounds more like a great gob of mucus that covers a unit and then gets sucked towards the model.

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How effective are Eldar without wave serpent spam? I want to play Eldar but I don't want to use the WS cheese list most people seem to.

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Hey my strikeforce order finally came in! (Fucking wracks slowin' shit down n' shit.)

Extra goodies include the WD, Glue, and... an entire box of firewarriors!? Strikeforce, don't do this to me.

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Depends. I have an aspect warrior foot list that has about 80 models in it that does pretty well.

PDF related.

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What's wrong with finecast? Haven't played Warhams in years so this is a new thing I've come back to.

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Brittle, bubbly, light, and warped. I've only ever had bad experiences with it, but your mileage may vary.

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>Brittle, bubbly, light, and warped

Sounds delicious.

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It's been bat around for a while, but I don't think there was really a source for it. I think it's just speculation someone made about what releases we might see after all the codexes are updated.

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So... it's nothing. My might heart... it breaks...

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It's pretty well established at this point though that finecast is being phased out. They aren't going to just disappear all aspect warriors.

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Maybe after you score a hit, you place a small blast marker on the closest model and everything hit with that small blast gets yanked.

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Hmm, that is true they'll have to release new aspect models so it seems likely they'd release a supplement to promote them. Hope rides again!

Here's hoping they fix it so warlocks can hang with aspects. I mean really, spirit seers are okay to join aspects but not the seers that are former aspect warriors?

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Yeah, it's a pretty logical, relatively safe bet. There's just never really been a 'source'.

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I've advocated for warlocks in aspect warrior squads forever. If it happens, it will be glorious. If it comes with an awesome named Biel-Tan hero, it will be even better.

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You wnaker, i havent had one of thoses since like year 9, and now i cant get them

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Aww dude, you have no idea my want for more named Biel-Tan characters. Ulthwe has Eldrad, Saim Hann has Fireheart, Iyanden has Yriel/Iyanna and Alaitoc has... well they have something, but who does Biel-Tan have? That autarch from the Barran war was a total boss, but he's really all I can think of. We need some heroic tales of aspect warriors that aren't Phoenix Lords.

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Hey /tg/.
Sisters of Battle - 1850

Canoness (120pts)
-Bolt pistol
-Power axe (15pts)
-Rosarius (15pts)
-Ophelia mantle (25pts)

Ecclesiarchy Priest (25)

x2 Battle Sister Squad (620pts)
-19x Battle Sister
- x2Flamer (10pts)
-Simulacrum (10pts)
-Veteran Superior (10pts)
-Bolt pistol
-Power Weapon (15pts)
-Single Rhino (40pts)
-Laud hailer (10pts)

x3 Seraphim Squad (540pts)
-10x Seraphim
-2x paired Hand Flamers (20pts)
-Superior (10pts)

x3 Exorcist (375pts)

2x Battle Cannon Vengeance battery (170pts)

Sister blobs march up on objectives and charge anything they can, Rhino follows behind making sure AoF work. Rest is self-explanatory.

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Personally, I want a named warlock that returned to his aspect and finished the path. He would probably be about level two with more offensive powers like pyromancy. At the very least, I'd love to see HQ warlocks that work like autarchs, but with warlock powers.

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That would be awesome. Dawn of War 2 made me love warlocks and the awesome runes of battle powers make me dearly wish they could synch with aspect warriors.

>Dat Veldoran
>Dat voice

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Do people really play at 1,850? I don't ever see it in my area. Always by units of 250.

>> No.28993336


So you play 1500 and 2000? Because while 1750 exists, and makes sense, people almost always play 1850 instead of 1750 in NA. Because murricans and our "gotta have that extra 100 points!"

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>20-girl BSS, with rhinos
>Zero firepower outside the Exorcists and Vengeance turrets


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Well yes, it's a sisters list.

It's basically put at 1850 instead of 2000 so doubled FOCs can't be abused.
A sort of official-looking 1999+1.

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Yes. Mostly 1,500 or 2,000.

IIRC, 1,850 was GW's tournament standard and when that died, 1,850's died with it.

Yes, I'm in America.

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No, its shit AS a sisters list. It has absolutely nothing that sets them apart. Other than exorcists.

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Well, to be fair, no Sisters list I have ever faced hasn't had less than 3 of the d6 missile launcher vehicles I hate so very, very much.

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If you're gonna play SoB you need to take Repressors, Avengers, and Exorcists.

>> No.28993483


And Immolators.

>> No.28993505

Absolute shit, seeing as they lost their fire points
And dont give me none of that "well they have 2 again" bullshit.

>> No.28993526


Their fire ports went back up again, get with the times.

>> No.28993528

Scouting quad-melta dominions... scouting quad-melta dominions everywhere!

>> No.28993555

Lots of Immolators.

So many Immolators.

Unlimited Immolator Works.

Seriously, 60 points for a TLMM dedicated transport is a fucking steal.

>> No.28993624

This guy's got it right.
I squeeze 7 into 1250.

>> No.28993653

>7 TL'd MM's
How the fuck do people stop sisters.

>> No.28993678

>3 of them are scounting with 4 cover-ignoring meltaguns inside


>> No.28993700

>3 are scouting with 4 cover ignoring Meltaguns
So why do SoB players complain again? I play Orks, and would drag my dick through a mile of broken glass for that.

>> No.28993720

Orks you say?
If only I could field a 5 woman jumptrooper squad with 4 shred flame templates...

>> No.28993740

they're on rhinoes and no one plays them

>> No.28993770

>No one plays them
True. I've met 1 SoB player.
At least I have a physical book.

>> No.28993803

I.. Uh...
At least I could use my army as a physical weapon with no damage to the actual models.

>> No.28993822

>me gob when I've got metal Gaz'gul, nobs, and a metal SoB tank I use as a Trukk

>> No.28993829

well technically so could the ork player

>> No.28993888


Pretty sure MM Razorbacks exist from some FW book.

>> No.28993893


>> No.28993922

>me gob when I'm gay
>me gob when my boyfriend plays Eldar
>me gob when he's called me a "Hulking greenskin brute" in the bedroom

>> No.28993928

You have Flashgitz.

>> No.28993949

>me gob when I wrecked a GK army with a mob of 10 Flash Gitz in a Trukk with Badtrukk and Grots as all of my Troops
30 grots stopping a dreadknight all game, and AP1 on my Snazzguns is tasty.

>> No.28994023


Gross Eldar players

>> No.28994039

He ain't a powergamer, he just likes the Harlequins.

>> No.28994049

>That Picture.

"Gojira! Gojira!!"

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40k is dead. Escalation and Stronghold Assault are literally tearing apart my local community. The is pathfinder & 4e all over again and GW are fucking idiots for not seeing this shit coming a mile away. One of the two local LGS has banned both books from their tables because they don't carry any super heavies or fortifications as 40k is a minor part of their overall stock and people using them mean they are spending their hobby money else ware. There are some players who refuse to play with them and some who are refusing not to. Split into camps has halved the available number of players for each camp and I can already see it stagnating.

>> No.28994264

>Banning super heavies and forts because it means people are spending money elsewhere
I didn't know they had FLGS's in Israel.

>> No.28994397

>Me gob when I'm straight
>Me gob when my fiance will never play 40k
>me gob when my fiance will never call me a hulking greenskin brute in the bedroom

Cue the Incredible Hulk sad walking away music

>> No.28994421


It's not the first time that happened. A fairly large chain of hobby stores in the American Midwest banned all of GWs digital only supplements.

>> No.28994426

You think that's great? He's a huge masochist.
>tfw when I've actually played Inquisitor and the Slaaneshi Agent.

>> No.28994491

>my face when my bf suggests a friendly game of "Lets rape Xenos"
> My face when he breaks out the Black Templar Costume

>> No.28994514

Now you're just rubbing it in.

>> No.28994516

>mfw when he has actually suggested this and is trying to get a Dark Reaper cosplay together.
Now, the real question, is if I dress as an Ork or not.

>> No.28994551

Hey, it's not my fault ballgags are much more fun than I expected.
>He's said "You're the multi-melta, and I'm the Wave Serpent, pen my rear armor"

>> No.28994586

I mean, I'm glad she's quite the girly-girl and eschews all things nerdly except for vidya but every now and then I wish I could say "Hey, let's play a 1500pt game." without having to drive an hour and a half.

>> No.28994605

I knew that feel before I met him, it takes time. Does she enjoy the Painting/Modeling aspect of it at all?

>> No.28994617

>mfw when i come home
>He is dripping hot red candle wax on himself
>"Red ones Come Faster"
okay thats made up

>> No.28994621

Oh, you had me going there for a minute, anon.
Noone like ballgags, no-one.

>> No.28994628

Actually anon, it isn't.

>> No.28994653

>No one likes ballgags
My boyfriend, and I would beg to differ.

>> No.28994722

Oh the sides cannot be contained.
Maybe? I know she doesn't like the way orks look but when I'm browsing the GW site she points at the more aesthetically pleasing Tau and Eldar models and asks why I don't play them. She might like the model building itself but her time is a precious commodity.

The answer, by the way, is always because they're not orky enough. I could field scorpions but knowing nothing of eldar I have no idea if you can have an army of nothing but scorpions

>> No.28994851

> Muh Gay drunk Adventure
then came in his pooper
tru fax

>> No.28994862

>Hmm, that is true they'll have to release new aspect models so it seems likely they'd release a supplement to promote them. Hope rides again!

Take a look back at every supplement and dataslate released so far. Notice anything they all have in common? Not a single new model accompanied any of these releases.

GW's goal with the supplements and dataslates is to raise profits by selling rules that are extremely cheap to produce, for existing models. Adding in models suddenly catapults the cost from "next to nothing" to "considerable". Forget it. They want to move existing product with these DLCs, not push new stuff. New stuff comes with codex releases.

Considering the breakneck speed that GW is pushing updates out in 6th edition, when exactly would they even have time to sculpt and produce models for armies that have already had a 6th edition update? That's even assuming they want to produce more models for an already updated codex, and everything so far has indicated that they don't.

>> No.28994869

>Twink Tau
>Not knowing the wonders of lanky, well muscled fat assed Eldar
It's like you don't even gay.

>> No.28994894

But what if the well muscled Eldar overpowered me witch his Butch Heterosexuality?

>> No.28994898

>tfw no Ork Dataslate.

>> No.28994909

Muh Sides

>> No.28994912

>Butch Heterosexuality
Anon, that's a funny ass joke.

>> No.28994948

>Considering the breakneck speed that GW is pushing updates out in 6th edition, when exactly would they even have time to sculpt and produce models for armies that have already had a 6th edition update?

They don't need to. The current Broadside models are old as fuck, and were basically fan conversions that the sculptor used for his interview to work at GW.

>> No.28994965

But im top 99.99 percent of the time.
I have a special place in my heart when my twink play bongos on my Squat Carved Glutes (mediocre but im proud of them). He gets so mesmerized by them

>> No.28995007


Dem aspect boyz are elitez so you's only getting 3 squads of em boss.

>> No.28995024

I know that feel about top, but Twinks are icky.

>> No.28995045

oh your right, but i cant resist sticking my dick in crazy

>> No.28995068


It's like you never watched Labyrinth. Bowie taught a generation of teenage girls all about male anatomy. That package was downright indecent.

>> No.28995097

No man's dick can resist the call of crazy

>> No.28995138

This is 40k general not lbgt general.

>> No.28995140

those crazy twink sloots

>> No.28995152

3 squads of 'em? There's no way 3 squads of 'em are ded killy enough to take out 3 squads of 30 boyz.

Pic related

>> No.28995164

>Implying Space Marines aren't Gay as fuck

>> No.28995201


>Implying implications

Those boyz will drown in dice before they get to reply with anything.

>> No.28995243

Bitch I made it LGBT general.

>> No.28995262

That's why there's more on the way!
Look, it's not a super-competitive army choice but even if 90 boyz get cut down on the way there I'm still having fun.

>> No.28995287

>tfw when large muscled glutes anon will not be a slanesshi Marine and take me in a carnal fashion

>> No.28995307

h...how l....lewd a...anon

>> No.28995351


>No women allowed
>Spend all your time body building with your battle brothers
>Only devotion to their Emperor is allowed
>Nothing to do but polish your bolters and swoon over your liege

They really are. I mean Eldar are colourful, but they at least have hot women and birth rates that need to be replenished. They're not chem gelded monks only allowed to express their sexual frustration as zealous love for their muscled man-God.

>> No.28995358


>> No.28995398


>> No.28995405


>zealous love for their muscled man-God

You've got to stop man, I'm laughing so hard I've woken up my child.

>> No.28995409

I thought I was still on /fit/ until saw a picture of an ork.

>> No.28995411

>There's no way 3 squads of 'em are ded killy enough to take out 3 squads of 30 boyz.

You would be surprised. They've got 2 base attacks each at WS4 S4 AP6 (which actually matters a bit against non-'Ard Boyz) I5, with a third S3 AP- I10 auto-hit each from Mandiblasters, and the Exarch can be rocking 4 WS5 S6 AP2 attacks if he takes a Scorpion's Claw. And they've got 3+ armor so they can take a bit of punishment from standard Boyz.

If 10 Scorps get the charge (likely since they have Fleet and Move Through Cover) I'd bet on them to beat 30 Boyz pretty reliably.

>> No.28995433

>implying they only keep the serfs around for when they need release.

>> No.28995436



>> No.28995466

Higher initiative, higher str, same number of attacks. I see where this could be bad for the boyz. Looks like I need more boyz

>> No.28995486

I bet his guts are huge too

>> No.28995501


Actually it's same strength and more attacks. Dem mandiblasters can turn an assault phase into a dice bukkake. They're one of the few assault units that actually are somewhat decent in 6th.

>> No.28995528


That means he has huge purity.

>> No.28995582

boyz are str 3 t4, anon

>> No.28995624


Oh my bad, I thought they were S4. Man, boyz getting outmuscled by dem lanky gits? Scorpions really are more orky than orks.

>> No.28995643

tfw a Shemale Banshee will never stick her tsundere dick in your pooper

>> No.28995665

Statline for Ork Boy

WS 4 BS 2 S 3 T 4 W 1 I 2 A 2 LD 7 SV 6+

make him a slugga boy and he gets 3 base attacks.

>> No.28995667


One of these days anon...

>> No.28995678

a shit son you got me six kinds of excited

>> No.28995703

Well, if we want to talk elites then let's talk nobs

s4 t4 w2 I3 A 3
Give him a slugga and it goes to 4 attacks

If I gave him a slugga (which adds 1 base attack as per the pistol rule) and a PoweKlaw would that mean that RAW a PK nob gets to roll 5 attacks with the PK?

>> No.28995723


Fuck me, shows how often I see Orks played. Completely forgot their stats.

>> No.28995734


Power Kalws are "specialist weapons" they do not stack with Pistols for an extra attack.

>> No.28995778

Thanks for that bit of education good anon.

Well, glad I could remind you?

>> No.28995787

In a campaign playing at various point levels starting at 1k, scaling my list down from 1750 to 1000 doesn't seem to be going well

Here's my first shot at a re-design
Chaplain w/ jump pack - 105
10-man Tactical with plasma gun, combi-plasma in a Drop Pod - 200
10-man Tactical with plasma gun, combi-plasma in a Drop Pod - 200
Stormtalon w/ Skyhammer ML - 125
Stormtalon w/ Skyhammer ML - 125
Assault Squad w/ jump packs, power fist - 110
Vindicator w/ siege shield - 135

Should I just go straight gun-line and not bother with things like kamikaze DP strikes?

Klaws are Specialist Weapon so you only get the 3 base.

>> No.28995866

>PDF related.
That is abysmally formatted.

>10 reapers in single block
>No serpents
>Eldarda in Swordwind host
>unit of 10 firedragons on foot
>warp spider blob
0/10 would not cleanse the stars with.

>> No.28995872

Were did all the lewd go?

>> No.28995913

Somehow we got back on topic...

>> No.28995931


I would drop the assault marines, Chaplin & one of the storm talons at 1000pts. If you are going Pods at all go three Pods. That way you get two coming down on the first turn which can really strike a decisive blow.

>> No.28995946

The Slaaneshi cultists all passed out.

>> No.28995975


damnit. If i wanted to be on topic, i wouldnt be on /tg/

>> No.28996041

At 1k points, you do not have the chops to go fisticuffs with any unit designed to go fisticuffs, you will lose badly.
I would also think about giving one of the tac units melta, so you can, if need be, drop down and slag a tank from the front or side to create your own cover.
The vindi, I'd drop it, honestly. It will eat ALL your heavy fire and get scrapped in short order. Gor for a tri las pred, cheaper and offers longer ranged anti armor/MC fire.

>> No.28996059

Librarian w/ Lv2 Psyker - 90 pts
10-man Tactical w/ flamer, combi-flamer in Drop Pod - 190 pts
10-man Tactical w/ plasma gun, combi-grav w/ Rhino - 200 pts
Stormtalon w/ Skyhammer ML - 125 pts
5-man Sternguard w/ 5 combi-weapons in Drop Pod - 205 pts
Vindicator w/ siege shield - 135

Got 65 spare points, any ideas?
I'm running Mantis Warriors tactics so the Librarian can get Divination, putting him in the Sternguard DP to make the alpha strike a little more reliable w/ Prescience

>> No.28996071

United orks would beat the full force of the Tyranids. Fact.

>> No.28996080

>putting him in the Sternguard DP to make the alpha strike a little more reliable w/ Prescience

Can't cast blessings on the same turn your Libby arrives from reserves bucko, that doesn't work.

>> No.28996085

Revising list again...could drop Stormtalon and take two Preds, gives me 45 pts to muck around with

>> No.28996112

Hey, friend, I'm with you, this lucidity and focus is inferior to Eldar pickup lines and sexy sketches. But we have to humor (and convert) our less blessed brethren and their inferior tastes.

Here's a sort of on topic question: is the Iron Hands supplement worth using for an IH army? I've read it, but I know nothing about it being in play.

>> No.28996120

>tfw most loyalists have access to Divination despite not really any fluff supporting it
>tfw Chaos doesn't have access to it despite seeing the future being a core part of their fluff
Thanks GW.

>> No.28996134

You have a lack of long-range anti-tank, save perhaps the Stormtalons. Even your Plasma Guns won't do much against av14, which diminishes the power of your pods.

If you want to go for a STHEEL RAYNE army, then give your tacticals at least one meltagun to pop tanks.

I'd also drop the Vindicator. You don't have anything to cover it, and no other targets for your opponent. Chances are it won't survive long enough to get into firing range.

I'd buff up your Assault Squad, even to the point of cutting back on your tactical squads. Again, without any other targets, this squad is probably going to get shot to pieces fairly quickly. Not only that, but your Assault Squad seems like it's going to be the workhorse in your army, especially with the Chaplain in there. It's definitely the unit you want at max-strength.

If you're going to go for a drop pod list, then go balls deep for a drop pod list. Make Boreale proud.

>> No.28996162

See >>28996080, can't cast spells on the same turn you arrive from reserves.

Not only that, but you're giving your opponent 2 very easy kill points by serving up your warlord to get massacred.

>> No.28996297

someone at the FLGS said they FAQ'd that to not screw over reserves
well, i guess he's just going into the gunline then

Librarian w/ Lv2 Psyker - 90
10 Tacticals w/ flamer, combi-flamer in Drop Pod - 190
10 Tacticals w/ plasma gun, combi-plasma in Drop Pod - 200
5 Sternguard w/ combi-meltas in Drop Pod - 205
Tri-Las Predator - 140
Tri-Las Predator - 140

gives me 45 points to do things with
Maybe put a heavy weapon on a Tac Squad and deploy that DP onto backfield objective?

>> No.28996428


My FLGS is handling things slightly differently. They've simply said that Escalation and Stronghold, along with Forgeworld now, are all allowable - until people start abusing them. There's nothing wrong with taking many, if not most, of the super-heavies out there; it's the broken exceptions like the Revenant that fuck things up.

If people start busting out the broken combos and units, the FLGS is just going to ban the supplements. Harsh possibly, but it'll work.

>> No.28996493

This seems really vulnerable to being divided and conquered. If your tacticals are going to be moving to objectives anyway, then might be better to give them rhinos instead of drop pods.

Also, where is your Librarian going?

>> No.28996532

This thread is dead. It will never live up to the glory that it once was. "The red ones come faster." This statement applies to the tattered remains of this thread . We blew our wad too soon as if we were coated in the same red wax of gaynon's eldar lover and now we desperately try to pick up the pieces, to salvage fun from this lifeless and sticky husk. Mourn, friends. Mourn for our lost innocence.

>> No.28996594

So for those against the Escalation rules, would you have a problem with me using Dreadclaws?

>> No.28996808

Was thinking of planting him near the Predators
But making room in one of the Tac Drop Pods is probably better
Then the plan would be DP the Sternguard and a Tactical and start killing things

Librarian w/ Lv2 Psyker - 90 pts
9 Tacticals w/ flamer, combi-flamer in Drop Pod - 176 pts
10 Tacticals w/ plasma gun, combi-plasma in Drop Pod - 200 pts
5 Sternguard w/ combi-meltas in Drop Pod - 205 pts
Tri-Las Predator - 140
Tri-Las Predator - 140

Still 49 points. Any ideas?
The "1 special/1 heavy" and "no heavy flamers" restrictions are really killing me right here
I bet part of the reason Grey Hunters are so good is none of this arbitrary horse shit

>> No.28996888

Well, I'm not sure about your charge guess, since the boyz have fleet too- when it matters, at least.

But anyway.

30 Choppa Boyz: 180 points.
10 Scorpions, Exarch (.8 extra hits): 180 points.

Scorpions shoot shuriken shots:
6.83 hits, 3.42 wounds. 26.58 boyz remain
Scorpions charge, orks overwatch:
8.86 hits, 5.91 wounds, 1.97 Scorpies die. 8.03 remain (This is one of the reasons that shootas are now better at everything)
Combat begins. Mandiblasters blast mandis:
8.03 hits, 2.68 wound, 2.23 pen. 24.35 orks.
I5. Scorping time:
12.85 hits, 6.42 wounds, armour penetrated, so minus same number of orks. 17.93 orks remain.
I2 rolls around, and the Orks are angry. So angry.
53.78 attacks, 26.89 hits, 13.44 wounds, 4.48 scorpions bite the dust. 3.55 remain.
Orks lose combat for the round. There's 18 of them (although one guy is statistically only -mostly- alive), so they don't give a shit.
Round 2 begins. It is now ork turn.
I'm not going to bother mathing it out anymore, but here's the highlights.

3.55 scorpions vs 17.93 orks, and the scorpions don't get the charge this time. We all know how this ends, right?

If you were to bet, you'd lose your money more often than not.

>> No.28996908

You may want to add melta bombs.
Yes, they are fairly shit, but in your situation, that added punch may be enough to take out sturdy sumbitch in a pinch.
And you will have pinches aplenty.

>> No.28996914

Damn Mr. Strikeforce, you are one based motherfucker

>> No.28996974

How do I daemons in 40k?

I wanted to play Eldar because of the variety of specialized troops, and the variety of colour schemes, but I hate finecast shit. Daemons are the only other army that seem to offer this.

I'm assuming that Bloodletters aren't GOAT like in fantasy, due to assault being worse in 40k. What units should I look out for?

>> No.28996990

30 choppa boyz vs 5 sisters in an immolator
1 twin linked hf 1 hf, and 1 flamer. 6 bolter shots.

And there goes the boyz.

>> No.28997014

Also the sisters are only 135 points.

>> No.28997068

>Was thinking of planting him near the Predators
If you have an HQ that can join a unit, then definitely have him join a unit. Otherwise he's probably going to get sniped for quick an easy kill points. Especially if he's a psyker.

Having said that, probably not a good idea to throw him into combat, either, since he can't really hold his own, and if he isn't shot to death, he's probably going to get charged and challenged (where he'll be quickly massacred). The exception to this, that I've seen, is a Blood Angels Librarian in Terminator Armor with a Storm Shield. Combine that with some of the spells Blood Angels get and a Librarian becomes pretty ridiculous in combat.

Starting out with nothing but Predator on the board means your opponent isn't going have a hard time picking targets. Granted he'll probably be aiming for your Predators anyway (I know I would be), but still.

You have no real anti-air. Yes, you can pray for 6s with your Predators, but that seems like a waste of three Lascannons. Maybe not so bad if you already wiped out your opponents tanks, but still.

I don't know... I'm still apprehensive about a list like this, but that might be because of personal taste.

>> No.28997087

I figure the template for getting maybe seven boys, back of the envelope.

Ends up at a little under 14 wounds, with 2 more from bolters, leaving 14 orks. Given, they're significantly weakened and will be dead next turn after probably destroying the immolator.

But anyway, yes- orks die like bitches to blasts and flamers. Not new. But when the question of "who wins in mathematical khorne meatgrinderland where squads get into CC untouched", boyz are up there, and, one on one, can beat out striking scorpions regardless of who got the charge.

>> No.28997106

How about against 30 hormas? Should be pretty close actually, and they both cost the same. horms are faster but slower with no guns so im leanin' towards the orks, but who knows

>> No.28997123


Mono-Nurgle is a pretty solid way to run Daemons imo. You can run Plaguebearers in massive tar-pit Hordes, you have Plaguedrones for your flanking/support option, Beasts of Nurgle are great "fuck you missiles", and Great Unclean Ones, while not as tough to kill as they used to be, are still tough as shit especially if you get some good rolls on the Biomancy table (because why wouldn't you make him a psyker?)

Make sure you give your Plaguedrones an Icon for the no scatter Deep-Strike goodness.

>> No.28997275

It's 1000 points and the only guy I've seen use a flier at that range is a Heldrake, so at least he has the excuse that the rest of his codex sucks a million dicks

How's this for another variant?

Captain w/ Teeth of Terra, artificer armor, combi-melta - 155
10 Tacticals w/ flamer, combi-flamer, Drop Pod - 190
10 Tacticals w/ plasma, combi-plasma, Drop Pod - 200
5 Sternguard w/ 5 combi-meltas, Drop Pod - 205 pts
Stormtalon w/ Skyhammer ML - 125 pts
Stormtalon w/ Skyhammer ML - 125 pts

Cap goes w/ Sternguard and joins in on the tank-popping party
Can swap the combi-weapon variant on Cap and Sternies for maximum effect (i.e. combi-flamers if I want to DS near a blob, combi-gravs to fuck up MCs)

>> No.28997382

Running this out of excel now, so less detailed play by play.
30 Hormies
30 Choppa Boyz.

Hormies get the charge.

23.3 nids make it through overwatch into CC (I wish I had shoota boy models now).
They kill 11.28 Orks, leaving 18.72.
The orks kill 15.6 hormies, leaving 7.73.
Hormies lose combat by ~4.

Round 2.
Hormies kill 2.5 orks.
Orks kill 13.53 hormies. Or would, if they didn't run out of things to krump.

Orks 16.23
Nids 0

Orks have T4 and 3 attacks. This turns out to be a pretty big deal.

>> No.28997498


I'm glad plaguebearers are good, since Nurgle is my favourite god. But like I said, I want to play Daemons for the variety. I can't stand the idea of painting my whole army the same colour, but with Daemons the followers of each god are a different colour (Aspect Warriors have the same appeal to me). So I wouldn't run a mono-god list.

>> No.28997607

Daemonettes are one of the greatest assault units in the game. Seekers are also great choices.

Flamers of Tzeench are pretty amazing for their wall of death.

Soul Grinders are great and get Mark of Khorne for free, so you can make them up to be your Khorne unit. Alternatively for Khorne you can take Hounds instead of Seekers, which are also great units.

Multi-God Daemons are a really potent force because it seems like each god makes up for the shortcomings of the other gods.

You're sending your Warlord to the slaughterhouse. That's 2 easy kill points for your opponent. Even easier kill points if you mishap the scatter roll.

You also can't keep your entire army in reserve anymore, so at least one of your Stormtalons is going to have to start on the board, which makes it a sitting duck. To be honest, I liked the double Predators better because that gave you some long-range threat as well as something that has a chance when getting shot at.

>> No.28997617

To the guy who's mathhammering, remember that 30 boyz are a shit-ton of models and therefore take up a shit-ton of space. In some situations you may not get to overwatch with all models (especially with sluggas), in some situations your front ranks will die so hard the orks' initiative step pile-in won't even let them attack and even if some get to attack, there's bound to be a few that are too far away regardless.

Then there are factors like overwatch casualties = harder to get the charge in, charging through terrain = I1 etc.

>> No.28997639

>Can swap the combi-weapon variant on Cap and Sternies for maximum effect
There was a thread earlier today about people who amend their lists when they find out who their opponent is. There was a post in there about how every Ork player rolls their eyes when their opponent sees the army and starts digging out their flamer models.

Be ready for that if you decide to start tailoring your list.

>> No.28997861

Drop Pods only mishap when they scatter off the table, bro

And running Predators is easy enough
Captain w/ power sword, artificer armor - 125
Tri-Las Predator - 140
Tri-Las Predator - 140

Change Captain accordingly and swap Stormtalons for Predators
Should I just give all the Sternguard combi-gravs if I go for the Tri-Las Preds?

>> No.28997877

How does this sound for a Space Marine starter:

Captian with power sword, artificer armour, jump pack, and the Shield Eternal.

2x 10-man Tactical Squad, each with a missile launcher, plasma gun, and combi-plasma.

>> No.28997910

>Should I just give all the Sternguard combi-gravs if I go for the Tri-Las Preds?
No. Sterns should be your threat to everything on the table.
Grav is not a threat to vehicles, full stop. Mix and match.
Bad start up. You have a single model kitted for CC, in a shooty army set up.

>> No.28997964

550 pts, so if you're trying to play at 500 you'll need to do some trimming (just drop Shield Eternal)

If it's a foundation to build upwards from, then drop the missile launchers and add other sources of anti-tank so your Tacs remain flexible without turning your heavy weapon into a 15-point prayer.

Are meltas still the way to go for the catch-all Fuck You alpha strike, then? I figured the Tri-Las Preds would be sufficient anti-armor

>> No.28998052

Well, later I'm planning to stick the Cappy in with Vanguards and a jump chaplain, coming down on the locator beacon of a drop pod that crapped out a venerable melta-dread.

Meanwhile the Tacticals will be coming down in pods of their own, as will some Devs (Ultramarines rules), with snipers camping home base and providing the "something must start on the board" unit.

But you don't hink that the Cappy + 2 Tacs would be okay in ~500 point games?

>> No.28998145

Like I said, mix it up.
Melta/plasma/grav in the same unit allows you pick what you want. All 3 are anti-2+ armor and will wound on a good roll. It comes down to range and your target.
Choose a more support oriented HQ, one that will be able to back up your tacs.

>> No.28998228

Sending Cap in by himself into a scrap is a bad idea - with shooty squads like those Tacs, take a Librarian and either add to the shooty goodness or hand out buffs
Vanguards are overcosted - take Assault Marines if you want cheap chopping or Assault Terminators if you want to go the other way in cost and power. Vanguard Vets are an unhappy medium in both respects, mostly because melee weapon upgrades are too expensive to take en masse
Devastator Doctrine doesn't work on disembarking units, so there's no way to make Drop Pod Devs not suck on the turn they come in

Really? Something like 2 melta/3 grav?

>> No.28998269

Do not ever, ever, EVER mix special weapon types inside the same unit. All you'll get out of doing that is a lackluster unit that can't properly focus fire down most targets.

Take either all melta or all plasma, or one squad of each if you really want both. Leave Grav at home unless you're putting it on Bikes because Salvo is a shitty weapon type on non-Relentless models and you're better off with Plasma.

>> No.28998295

I'd disagree.

The exception is combat squads.

>> No.28998312

So, theoretically, something like 5 melta/5 plasma for a 10-man Sternguard squad?

>> No.28998356

I always feel a twinge of guilt when I give sternguard toys like that and pod them, because I just paid out the ass for these awesome dudes with tons of interesting and unique special ammo choices, and they're -probably- going to die before I get much use out of that ammo.

>> No.28998392

Why does the store have to step in and do this? If a player is using broken shit, then don't the other players just have the option of not playing with them? You figure with the average age of 40k players being close to 30 (at least in my area) that grown ups could not be shitlords over a hobby.

>> No.28998633

>implying maturity has more to do with years lived than years spent not playing with toys.

>> No.28998668

Ork boyz are almost as good as in CC as space marines at one third the cost, why are people acting like them being totally fucking badass is something new and suprising?

>> No.28998721


1850 is the standard at my FLGS.

Dark Angels: Scourging of Piscina IV

Librarian w/ Psy 2 100

Scout Squad x 10, Camo Cloaks, 9 Snipers, Missile Launcher 155
Scout Squad x 10, Camo Cloaks, 9 Snipers, Missile Launcher 155
Scout Squad x 10, 4 Bolters, Heavy Bolter, 4 BP+CCW, Sarge w/ Melta Bomb 133
Scout Squad x 10, 4 Snipers, Heavy Bolter, 4 BP+ CCW,Sarge w/ Melta Bomb 133
Scout Squad x 10, 4 Bolters, Heavy Bolter, 4 BP+CCW, Melta Bomb 133
Scout Squad x 10, 4 Bolters, Heavy Bolter, 4 BP+CCW, Vet Sarge, Melta Bomb, Power Sword 158

Deathwing Terminator x 5, CML, CF 250
Deathwing Terminator x 5, CML, CF 250

Ravenwing Attack Squadron x 3, Melta Gun 95

Whirlwind 65
Devastator x 6, 4 ML, Razorback with TLLC 119


Pic Related

>> No.28998794

Missed this reply earlier; thanks for the tips!

I'm surprised that Assaults are better than Vanguards... I get the cost difference, but the gear and (IIRC) bonus attack look so sweet.

I didn't expect the doctrine to work for the drop pod disembark (because why should things kick ass straight out of Deep Strike like they always do in the fluff, eh?), but I mentioned it for why I was going with Devs instead of Predator Annihilators.

>> No.28998862

Anyone got tips on making true scale Terminators and Space Marines?

I want to make some Space Marines and Terminators for my friends to fight against for Kill Teams and want them to look great.

Any tips for someone who has no idea on sculpting and converting?

Also, anything I should do to make my Space Marines and Terminators look like stuff from Rogue Trader?

>> No.28998903

>I'm surprised that Assaults are better than Vanguards

They aren't, he's full of shit. +5pts for an extra attack, +1 Ld, complimentary VetSarge, and the ability to take a special weapon on someone other than your Sergeant (who is susceptible to being challengefucked) is completely worth it.

Note that taking more than one, maaaybe 2 special weapons in a Vanguard squad isn't advised since they're just too damn expensive if you spam upgrades. Vanguard are basically just Assault Marines who don't hit like limp-wristed pansy shits with 1 fucking base attack.

>> No.28998924

>true scale
>look great
Pick one.

>> No.28998953

Why, /tg/? Why do they have to look like shit?

>> No.28998962

I think they look great.

>> No.28998991

Actually wondering about this, what is a good size for vanguard vets, I figure 7-8 since it seems 5 die too fast and 10 is too big of a point sink.

Also despite the heavy cost of special weapons is it worth it to mix some SS and plasma pistols into the squad?

>> No.28999010

Any good elite shooty armies that I more or less can use a shit ton of hero units?

>> No.28999015

fuck you mate i think they look great

>> No.28999017


The problem is that they still have 3+ saves and everything wrecks MEQ. Combine that with overwatch and it is difficult enough to do much good with marines in hand to hand. Vanguard is the same issue, at a pretty significant point increase.

Basically, you saw the model into quarters, fill with green stuff, and sculpt to match. It's a ton of work for what I consider a pretty marginal payoff, but more power to you.

My advice would be to make a few parts or poses and then cast them in truescale instead of converting every one. It isn't hard to do a resin cast from a mold.

>> No.28999021


Gey Knights

>> No.28999028

I'm only making a squad's worth, but I guess I can make a mold of it.

Would milliput make good molding material?

Any idea on making true scale Termies?

>> No.28999061


That is basically the process: You take a model, carefully saw it into quarters, and then sculpt it back up to match up the lines.

For one squad it might not be worth casting, but expect a 30 hour+ project.

>> No.28999081

>is it worth it to mix some SS and plasma pistols into the squad?

Fuck no. The models aren't important enough to warrant a SS, and the enemy might bypass it anyway by just drowning you in small-arms fire, which is perfectly capable of downing T4/3+ models when liberally applied. PPs are just always bad, 15pts for a single plasma shot is a complete ripoff when a real Plasma Gun also costs 15 and a Combi-Plas only costs 10.

>> No.28999088

No problem with me.

Any idea on any tips to make my minis Rogue Traderish?

I heard back in the day everyone had their minis rocking banners.

>> No.28999141


I played back then...the models were a lot simpler, and kind of...lumpier? Details like roman-esque armour and rivets were pretty common. You could try and source some forgeworld Legion parts. Deathwing Terminators from the Dark Vengeance set can be had for 10 dollars for 5 if you want to experiment.

Anyway, 3 AM. Good luck. I'm out.

>> No.28999374

>true scale Termies
I've seen somebody do this, but I don't remember where.

>Rogue Traderish
Superior, you mean.

>> No.28999439

So seems Cypher is probably going to be out for Christmas, what faction do you think he will be for?

>> No.28999781

They don't just look like shit, they're also $50 for 5 models when you want them to be a big pack of 20. Just get the Fantasy Chaos Warhounds and paint them up to be all khorney.

>> No.28999981


just use the chaos warhounds.

>> No.29000940

Flesh hounds of khorne

>> No.29001136

I think Chaos or DA.
>tfw when no Dark Eldar or Orks
>tfw when unpopular Xeno faction player

>> No.29001595

Which weapon should i give my Deffkoptas? Rokkits, Buzz-saws, or bombs?

>> No.29001639

>This thread

>> No.29001689

How's muh dakka list

Big Mek with KFF, Burna, Bosspole, 'Eavy Armour
12 Lootas
12 Lootas
30 Shoota boyz (Big Mek attached)
30 Shoota boyz with PK+BP Nob
15 Gretchin for sitting on objectives and jerking each other off
2 Killa Kanz with Big Shootas

Thinking of switching the big shootas on the kanz with Rokkits but not sure where to take the points from.

>> No.29001833

That makes me happy. Time for a rousing WAAAGH to wake my neighbors!

>> No.29002191

your kans are going to be targets that unfortunately won't get to do much.

Take more boyz and drop the nob with PK, he's going to be mostly useless except as a target to be challenged. i'm of the mindset that if you're going to have gretchin you may as well take boyz instead.

>> No.29002332

Also, that list comes in at 1010 points. If you're trying for 1k points then you need to lose 10 points from somewhere

>> No.29002484

I am personally not a fan of the KFF- you could have replaced that 5+ with 16.6 more boyz..

For a shooty list, a SAG Mek is a fun, although not necessarily competitive, choice. It's the final orky word in "fuck heavy infantry"

A solid alternative includes a Biker boss- they come as low as 135 points (bike, claw, cybork), and are worth every penny. Think of it as an investment in "fuck walkers, fuck monstrous creatures, fuck vehicles, and fuck units that can't easily wound T6"- note that I just listed like 90% of things that you'll be trying to kill.

You'd be better off with 3x8 lootas. Gets your fire output closer to the average value, and more importantly lets you dakka three targets instead of two. You have the elite slots to make this happen.

Always spring for the Nob if you can (see squad one), and give him 'eavy armour now that he can be picked off in challenges and shit. There's talk of a shift in the standard towards giving him a BC instead of a PK, but I'm not on board yet.

Consider big shootas- they're generally worth their points.

This costs points. Where do you get points?

See those Kans? That's bad. They're beautiful, beautiful, Orky models. They're also AV 11 and the single target for anti-tank shooting in your army. Say you play a mirror match. Turn one, what do your lootas shoot? The Kanz. They shoot the kanz, dealing an average (for what it's worth) of 4 glancing or better hits per kan.

Big Gunz (kannons) are a solid replacement, if you have points for it. Which you don't.

Grots serve a different purpose. They're supposed to sit on objectives for piss cheap and be surprisingly hard to move. Try to do the same thing with orks, and you're paying more and getting less.

>> No.29002489

Not according to my spreadsheet. I guess I did something wrong when I was tinkering.

Big Mek is 115pts
Lootas are 180pts each

Shoota boy without nob is 180pts
Shoota boy with nob is 220pts
Gretchin are 45pts

Killa kans are 80 together

>> No.29002503


Twin-linked rokkitz man. They come standard on the 'koptas from the old starter set (which are plastic), and I've wrecked so many vehicles with them

>> No.29002549

Buzz saws are iffy since the 6E changes- you can't pull off those fancy T1 charges and eat armour.

I'm thinking of running mine in squads of 1 as suicide bomb squads. The obvious downside is that they are all going to die, and this will cost me 1 VP for first blood. Oh well. Between Jink and ork toughness, they might buy the boyz a few minutes.

>> No.29002559

Regarding the Big Mek, I'm not too partial. Would a Weirdboy be good? They sound really fun, and seem at least sort of competitive.

>You'd be better off with 3x8 lootas. Gets your fire output closer to the average value, and more importantly lets you dakka three targets instead of two. You have the elite slots to make this happen.
Isn't it a bad idea to have <10 in a squad? Although, i guess the marginal increase in likelyhood of routing is countered by the fact that if a squad routs only 33% of my lootas rout instead of 50%

>See those Kans? That's bad. They're beautiful, beautiful, Orky models. They're also AV 11 and the single target for anti-tank shooting in your army. Say you play a mirror match. Turn one, what do your lootas shoot? The Kanz. They shoot the kanz, dealing an average (for what it's worth) of 4 glancing or better hits per kan.
>They're beautiful, beautiful, Orky models.
My Kans are by far the best painted and constructed models I've made so far. I'd really love to use them. Your argument for not using them is a good one: NEVER give the enemy a single obvious choice, always provide equal options. What would be the best way to make them effective? Fuzz the shooting options by adding a battlewagon and/or trukks?

>> No.29002587

Say i really want to use Snikrot in a 1500pt list. What's the best way to outfit/size his squad, what's the best way to utilize him, and most importantly, what's the best way to build my list so that he's most effective?

>> No.29002596

Is there a list of weapon rules/stats anywhere? If it matters, i don't play the tabletop nor do i know the basics. I just want to know the exact difference between a bolter and a twin-linked(or storm, if they use the same stats) bolter.

>> No.29002712

Weirdboys make things weird. They can do all sorts of crazy shit, just never what you want them to. They're not generally considered good, but they're probably not unplayable bad. The KFF is workable too, just potentially not optimal. The Ork HQ section is one that you should really try to have fun with and enjoy the shit out of what you're running.

You don't really benefit from big squads on lootas. For you to have to take the test and get bonuses on it, you need to go down to 8 models in one round of shooting. This is the only way it can benefit you, and it's only giving +1 LD. You're actually better off LD-wise with multiples, since there's more boyz left if one squad decides to go back for another go.

Running the Kanz might be difficult. You could potentially do it if you completely change your army to an assault trukkboy list, but that's iffy. Kan wall still might be a (not quite as good) thing. I might see about counts-as big guns. There -might- be a neat modeling/gameplay opportunity with having them count as allied dreadnoughts and putting them in rok drop pods, but that bumps your point level like a motherfucker.

Don't. They changed the game in 6th. He's welcome to show up on any board edge, but he cannot assault anything. He now plays out as such:
Snikrot shows up, laughs menacingly, fires a few meaningless shots
Snikrot is shot to shit
Snikrot survives somehow
Snikrot charges into CC, gets overwatched, his squad strikes last in initiative- and, at this point, don't even get to go, more or less.
If you -really- want to, I would seriously consider just infiltrating him as normal and using the Kommandos to basically move up your deployment line- but this works best without snikrot. If you absolutely must do it the outflank way, see if sneaking Ghazzy boss in is still legal. Put him in the front, and hope that everything bounces off of his invincible metal armour.

>> No.29002757

Well, the Kommandos don't HAVE to assault. They could pop up behind an entrenched shooting line and light them the fuck up with burnas

>> No.29003020

whats the story behind this pic again?

>> No.29003091

Space mongols player keeps his entire force in reserve, and they'll come in on his table edge. Tau player infiltrates all of his kroot on that player's table edge. Space mongol player cannot have any of his troops arrive, and therefor loses.

>> No.29003239

Also, what are the exact differences between a Tactical Chaos Space Marine and a Champion? Thanks in advance.

>> No.29003467

15 gretchen have to have a runtherd, a runtherd is 10 pts. 10-19 gretchen must contain at least 1 runtherd, 20-29 two, 30. one runtherd for every 10 models.

>> No.29003541

Yeah, I've already made note of this error, though I haven't fixed it

>> No.29003563

does anybody have a good 1000pt zone mortalis tyranid list i could use?

>> No.29003595

Are Tau Riptides as good game mechanics wise as they look?

>> No.29003611

cool man, just letting you know your 1k list was 10pts over. If you keep it, good luck, let me know how it plays. I've been thinking of tinkering with my usual 1k list.

>> No.29003637

I think what I might do is (very reluctantly) ditch the kans and replace them with Deffkoptas, and replace the KFF mek with a Weirdboy. It won't be 100% gamist tourneyfag competitive, but it will be fun. Only thing i have left to buy is the Grots.

>> No.29003651

wanna be a faggot? Play triptides!

>> No.29003726

How so?

>> No.29003744


Despite looking like someone magnetized a chicken and sent it through an electronics department 3 riptides is one of the most difficult to deal with things you can place on a table.

>> No.29003802

>one of the most difficult to deal with things you can place on a table.

Well this just triggers my curiosity. What is THE most difficult to deal with thing you can place on a table?

>> No.29003815

Revenant Titan with void shields

>> No.29003865

Fun list is best list! Koptas w/ bigbomms are fun and full of shenanigans, especially if you go first or seize initiative.

My normal 1k list goes like this

Warboss: Mega Armor, Bosspole (105pts)
10x Loota (somtimes 2 groups of 5)
7 nobz (3 w/ PK, rest with slugga/choppa)
-Trukk (red paint, big shoota)
20x Slugga boy
20x Shoota boy
20x Shoota boy
Heavy support
Battlewagon w/ red paint deff rolla, 2x big shootas & grot riggers

It's not very fun which is why I want to change it

>> No.29003881



If your ork list doesn't involve as much RNG as possible you fucked up

>> No.29003896

OP here
1000 points wraith love

5 wraithguards with the D on wave serpent with twin-linked scatter lasers
5 wraithguards with the D on wave serpent with twin-linked scatter lasers
wraithknight with 2 heavy wraithcannons and 2 shuriken cannons

>> No.29003951

My 2k list always has two weirdboyz w/ warphead. I like to scream WAAAAAAGH. I like to do it every turn. I like that it annoys my opponent. I also like 54 str 6 ap4 TL shots at BS 3 every turn.

>> No.29003990

>TFW my weirdboy attached to a group of Meganobz gets 'Ere we Go!

>> No.29003995

14 models on the table is so hard for me to wrap my head around.

>> No.29004039

14 models?
more like 3
it's a wraith only list. fuck the numbers, each one of my "troops" has a soul sucker flamer

>> No.29004051

Tau Tigershark AX-10. Superheavy Flyer with a non-blast twin-linked D weapon (so that it can hit other flyers in addition to your tanks/big monsters). And it has Strafing Run (+1 to hit vs. Ground Targets, i.e. like a 2+ re-roll to hit tanks). Combo that with a Riptide on the ground in a 2k game and you flip the table.

>> No.29004061

ally with tau, get riptides, never worry about infantry again

>> No.29004070

fuck tau

>> No.29004214

Don't bother with shurikans. You're only ever going to really be firing the wraith cannons. Don't bother with them. You only want then for hordes, and with 10 ap 2 flamers, hordes aren't a problem. Now, I don't know where you could spend the thirty points from that on, so that's an issue.

>> No.29004326

i could drop the scatter lasers from the wave serpents and give the wraithknight suncannon and scattershield

>> No.29004487

40k should have a new unit type, light walker.

>Light Walkers can move 12'' in the movement phase

Some light walkers: War Walker, (Scout) Sentinel, Killa Kan and Penitent Engine.

>> No.29004793

Why does the WK have 2 shuriken cannons?
He can only shoot two weapons per turn.

Also you need to specify d-scythes or dguns.

>> No.29004895

because i had spare points bra

>> No.29004916

It has them by default iirc.

>> No.29005401

>because i had spare points bra
add the cannons to the serpents instead

>> No.29005518

b-but i already gave scatter lasers to the serpents

>> No.29006320

>underslung cannons

>> No.29006345

Or you could just have Fast vehicle rules include rules for fast walkers.

>> No.29006580

So, what's the secret of painting with white? Mine always comes out lookin' shitty.

>> No.29006640

White undercoat, Blue ink wash.

>> No.29009694

dear lord...

>> No.29010900

anyone have scans or a pdf or something of the Inyanden supplement

>> No.29010978

>not running your horms with poison or adrenal

>> No.29011031


>> No.29015131

I play at 1,000 with a flier but it's only because when I moved out of my old place, nearly 1,500 points of IG got "misplaced" (i.e. roommates are cunts), leaving me with only ~500 of an IG blob and a Storm Talon a friend gifted me when they came out.

So I said "Fuck it" and bought a 10 man Tac squad and a Dark Angels Librarian for 30 bucks and viola! I have a makeshift 1,000 pt. army. Most people would probably be upset at the IG blob/SM/low point air but because it's all I have they're usually fine with it.

>> No.29015357

About to start painting 2 squads of these puppies.

Since they jump through the warp n shit, what are your guys' thoughts/opinions on a base that is pink/purple/black under a coat of that new Agrellan Earth crackle stuff painted black?

Can you even paint that stuff?

>> No.29015447

I'm having a hard time thinking how will this work

Court of the Young King of old? Free Exarchs? Warlocks in aspect squads

>> No.29015456

You could do that effect, but I would use green stuff to sculpt cracked earth. the paint from GW has teeny tiny little fissures, not enough to let an effect like the one you want show through.

>> No.29015512

They're stupid because you end up realizing only Guard are out of scale being taller rather than marines being shorter.

Like Necrons Lords are a head taller than marines in canon and it shows. Eldar are a little shorter than marines ect

you should be true scaling guard

>> No.29015537

What's up with Horus?

He's supposed to be the most capable and well-liked primarch. He's on good terms with just about everyone and he's the Emperor's most trusted son. Everyone likes him and he knows how to get shit done.

I feel like he's not fulfilling that role in the books. He's coming across as more of a Bizarro-Guilliman.

Before the Black Library series I used to picture him as the Lucifer of 40k. The guy that split the galaxy in two and nearly destroyed the imperium.

He seems like more of a Saturday morning villain in the books.

>> No.29015580


Have fun.

>> No.29015672

>Before the Black Library series I used to picture him as the Lucifer of 40k

Funny thing: After the Black Library series I started to picture the Emperor as the Lucifer of 40k.

"You shall not worship." and all that stuff.

>> No.29015708

>you should be true scaling guard
or just buying the infinitely superior classic metal or forgeworld resin guard

>> No.29016270

is there a throwdown 500 point iron warriors list I could borrow?

>> No.29018778

HQ (140pts)

Warpsmith (140pts)
Aura of dark glory (15pts)

Troops (367pts)

Chaos Space Marines (207pts)
8x Chaos Space Marine, Meltagun
Aspiring Champion, Combi-flamer/-melta/-plasma, Power Fist
Chaos Rhino

Chaos Space Marines (160pts)
9x Chaos Space Marine, Lascannon
Aspiring Champion

Iron Within, Iron Without

>> No.29018892

Warpsmith with Aura is only 125 points. I assume you also gave give MoN or MoT?

>> No.29018962

> not wanting Asurmen to pop up and do some badass stuff for Biel-Tan
> the guy who have invented your Path of the Warrior
> he even put your world rune on his banner

>> No.29019213

40k should get rid of walkers entirely and replace them with monstrous creatures.

>> No.29019253

Or one of the third parties'

>> No.29019305

Startin' a Ork Dread Mob.

How does one achieve maximum killy, boss?

>> No.29019583

>taking marks in an Iron Warriors army
Get out.

Sticking a lascannon in a regular squad is kind of a waste. If you're using it to pick off tanks, then all your bolter shots are going to waste. If you're using it against infantry, then your lascannon isn't worth the investment.

Also, your melta squad and rhino probably aren't going to make it across the board. With your warlord in there and no other targets for your opponentm that's probably going to get shot to pieces before they can make it into melta range.

I'd drop the lascannon and take an autocannon instead. Drop the rhino and meltas, take a plasma gun.

Then use the extra points to get yourself a forgefiend and stick your warpsmith with it. That will give you an infantry murderer, long-range anti-tank, and a very fluffy daemon enging.

>> No.29019657

>wanting walkers that move 12"

Oh you mean like the Maulerfiend that everyone seems to hate? I think it's pretty good for eating tanks, I'll have to get one so I can run a lot of chaos walkers.

>> No.29019764

1) Nobody uses sluggas so they all have range. Even if they did, do you really have situations where part of the squad is more than 12" away than the rest?
2) It's very rare that a squad of 30 survives untouched into combat. More likely you'll have <25 and unless they're crowding a single model, every one should reach for throw-ins.

>> No.29020266

Maulerfiend is pretty good for what it does. Just make sure you can run and charge in one turn, otherwise it's going to get shot up, and if it gets immobilized then it might as well be removed as a casualty (and at av12, there's a decent chance of it getting taking out).

Having said that, the ability to move through cover and fleet gives it a pretty ridiculous charge range. Easily worth the 125 points, imo.

>> No.29020363

No bro, what you wanna do, is have a Screen of 3. I had 3 base stop a Slaughter Brute for 5 turns, and it was hilarious. They stopped that thing from eating nearly all of my boyz/

>> No.29020382

Champs get fancy toys
The difference is that, the TL'd bolter gets to reroll all of it's missed shots.

>> No.29020393

Take him, then take Wazdakka. Put him in squad. NOW SHOOT REAR ARMOR WITH S8 AFTER TURBOBOOSTING. I do this at my store a ton, and it never gets old.

>> No.29020408

>Ton of wounds
>can shit out a ton of firepower
>can prance about the board

>> No.29020566


>> No.29020675

How much is a Sisters of Battle box still in box worth? I couldn't catch the specifics, but the guy wants $20 for it or $50 for it and a bunch of brushes, paints that may be dry, and loose figs.

>> No.29021264

Hey people.
I wrote a 1500 point Emperors Children legion list.
What do you think of it?
It's hard because they are made for large games.

Legion Praetor (100)
+Paragon B. (25)
+Iron Halo (25)
+Sonic S (05)
+Digital Lasers (15)

Centurion (50)
+Champion (35)
+Phoenix S(20)
+Sonic S. (05)

2xLegionaire Squad (150)
Swap Bolter with Chainsword
or (36) for additional hh weapon
+3 Legionaries (30)
+ Legion vexilla (10)
+ Melta Bomb (05)

Apothecarion Detachment

2x(45) Apothecary with artificer armor (10)

Legion Terminator Squad (175)
+4x Phoenix Spear (25)
+Grenade Harness (10)


Dedicated Transport
Landraider Phobos (250)

Fast Attack/Heavy Support

2x135 Primaris-Lightning Strike Fighters
or 2x135 for Sicarian battle tanks.

Praetor and Champion join one troop blob with one of the apothetecaries each, thinking of giving them bolters for flexibility.
I would go for the killing strike rite, I guess those Lightnings would be better.
Help would be much appreciated, there is so much variation possible in a HH army I have trouble to decide which is best and still fluffy.

>> No.29021331

Does anyone have some nice and balanced list for Kill Team? Got the pdf yesterday and I want to use it to play some games against a friend who is starting the game (and I have never used KT rules).
Marines, Chaos, Nids would be cool, but realy anything would be ok besides orks.

>> No.29021334

looks alright, i would fight you with this

chaos lord, brand of something, mark of slaanesh, steed, sigil, mutation, power lance175
chaos lord, power lance, mark of slaanesh, steed, sigil, mutation, combi flamer 160
6 chosen, 5 flamers, 1 combi flamer, 143
9 noise marines, 8 sonics, combi flamer 185
10 cultists 50
10 cultists 50
maulerfiend 125
maulerfiend 125
maulerfiend 125

herald of slaanesh, steed, loci of grace, greater reward 90
18 deamonettes 162
20 seekers 240
3 seeker chariots 120

i'd probably lose, but it would be in your face turn 2 easily.

>> No.29021432

I might upgrade it to 2k pointst o add some synergy stuff like Rylanor or a spartan for 10 termies.
Would be a very thematic battle.
EC loyalists against traitors maybe.
Their pre heresy stuff looks just so kick ass.

>> No.29021475

Do you play this list allready?How does it fare against normal dudes?

>> No.29021575

Oh man, good question. I will start theorizing.

>> No.29021590

i've played it without deamons and spawn instead. i might not fare well against say a proper guard/tau/eldar list but a few rhinos with marines is easy. though the lord doesn't get to kill much sadly.

does pretty well. lord/chosen outflank and put flamers in the back, same with sorcerer/noise marines. cultists for doing nothing/holding a back objective. maulers tend to be the stars since they'll smash tanks easily.

add in the deamons gives it more speed and anti infantry. seriously, move through cover steeds at 12"+d6 with reroll+6 will get even those riptides/who ever is hiding out on the other side of the table.

>> No.29021616

You do have much rending, don't you?

>> No.29021677

I want to play 40k but don't know where to start anyone got a good ork army for a newb?

>> No.29021706

What about replacing the Herald with a Keeper of Secrets in 2k games?

>> No.29021772

understatement, a full on the charge steed unit does 80 attacks. and the seeker chariots on charge do 6d6 s4 ap- rending attacks on the charge followed by 15 attacks.

problem is they're s3/t3 or av10 open topped. so if i get enough into combat they'll smash face or die easily at range.

i like the keeper of poses, but it's pretty low in power compared to the other greater deamons. moves fast though at 6+run d6 with reroll and 3.

probably best to build it with lv3 psychic, 2 greater gifts and go at it. just remember it's t6 with 5++.

>> No.29021828

So with a HH army you have the option to bring A LOT of fire power. And often times your opponent will do this.
Watch this batrep,

Notice how the EC dude get's his shit blown off of the table pretty quick. To build a successful army you need a strong back bone of scoring units. With a few heavy hitters. I would recommend at least 2 20 man blobs. And then add your elites and heavies ontop of that solid base my 1500 Sons of Horus core looks something like this. I start out with a base of this and then add upgrades and more units onto that.

Praetor 165
>Paragon Blade
>Iron Halo
>digital Lasers

>Moritat 135
>2x Plasma Pistols
>Jump Pack
>Artificer Armor
>Refactor Field

Tactical Squad 260
>10x additional

Tactical Squad 270
>10x Additional
>all swap bolter for CCW
>Sgt Power axe

So individually your guys may be tougher but I just plain and simple have more wounds to chew through

>> No.29021894

>the TL'd bolter gets to reroll all of it's missed shots.
Fair enough.
>Champs get fancy toys
So they're able to have any weapon from the Close Combat Weapons list( i can only name Chainsword, Power Sword, Power Fist and the Lightning Claw(double with a special rule?) ), equip Marks and gain access to more rules? Where do i look for both the CCW list and a Rules list?

>> No.29022168

Hm, I guess my two 15 with ic's aren't enough.
I have to win the first fight to sweep people up.
Many units on the EC list ad points to combat resolution, fulgrim (3!), rylanor (1) and the phoenix guard makes a draw a win for me.
I thought I could do with less, word bearers being the blobiest maybe.

>> No.29022212

I know, this looks awesome.
But I want to play flashy EC dudes and not Iron warriors.I guess I just wait for their appearance and add quad mortars while shooting them up...

>> No.29022220

Don't bank too much on CC you're gonna have to eat 2 rounds of shooting generally before you can get close enough. Speaking from the point of some one who loves his Executioners marines are delicious.

>> No.29022275

I thought about giving my 15 (with ic's) blobs also bolters to be more adaptable.
Using crusader to quickly reposition and then have my lightnings appear in round two or so to blow up some important tanks or enemy fliers with their las guns.
Executioners..you do play Night Lords?
I do like the terror assault rite, 3 10 man terror squads with volkite chargers sound so tasty.

>> No.29022489

I guess I'll arm my lightnings with these blinding missiles.
Very nice idea, so they can't shoot me before I asault them.

>> No.29023292

Got you covered

500 pts

Weirdboy w/ Warphead

10x Slugga boy
Nob w/ PK
Trukk w/ big shoota & red paint

11x Slugga Boy
Nob w/ PK
Trukk w/ Big shoota & red paint

Fast Attack
Dakka Jet w/ Additional TL Supa Shoota & red paint

comes in at 498 pts.

>> No.29023543

Sons of Horus, executioners as in predators with executioner cannons.

>> No.29023593

Oh wow.
I do like the sons of horus, always teleporting termies?
Yes please.
I hope there will be a new book soon, there are these new deathguard grave wardens so it should be near.

>> No.29024057

Depends on how I want the list to play. If I'm playing a big game with Horus then I always take a bodyguard unit of Justaerin for him to roll with. If I'm using The Black Reaving (and I often do because my Praetor is supposed to be Kalus Ekaddon) then I take Justaerin. I wish they weren't so damn expensive for no reason though. For the current cost they should be at least 2 wounds or something. Book three will wrapping up Istvaan so expect Raven Guard and Alpha Legion and maybe Imperial fists

>> No.29024345

cool thanks a lot. gonna use my christmas money to get into this stupid, stupid hobby.

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