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Your Advent Calendar Is Now Filled With Chocolate Elves Edition

>playing naughty
>playing nice
>not actually playing

IRC: Connect to Rizon.net and join #1001Lewd_Nights
F-List: Click on F-Chat and join /tg/ Chat under Private Rooms

Stay off the naughty list and keep those lewd images to a minimum!

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>living armor thread a few days back
>now want to run an entire lewd campaign involving PCs given superpowered symbiote armor that may or may not lovingly molest them at random times
Well that escalated quickly. Any suggestions as to what I should put into this game?

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nth for adorable sergal kids

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>finally back into the mood and groove to do this
>have to go to bed so can't post anything until tomorrow night

god dammit oh well

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Adbertising new character


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Have you all checked your slut levels recently?

((No of Views/Days) x 1.5)+(Bookmarks x 0.5) = How much of a whore you are.

Less than 0: Anti Slut
1-10: Somewhat a Slut
11-30: Becoming a Slut
31-50: Slut
51-70: Huge Slut
71-100: Super Slut
100+: Town Bike

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Didn't bookmarks used to be x2.5

>> No.28980582


I was, though it made everyone into ~SUPER SLUTS~ just by having 30 bookmarks.

Either way is valid

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Hmmmm... perhaps different power sources?


>> No.28980599

huh, only 13.5
it's wrong, though, she's a whore through and through. Only reason she doesn't get bookmarked often is because people friend request instead.

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Hmm. Be sexy if it was involuntary. Some poor woman infested and filled with a living parasite suit that can empower her but also drives her mad with lust or outright violates her if it gets 'turned on'.

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(1923/62 * 1.25) + (24*0.5)


I wonder if the difference is just if a person is on IRC or F-Chat that changes it.
I'm on F-Chat

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17.8... largely due to inactivity, I guess.
That changes soon!

Hello again, /erp/, Marzi here with a reminder that I am going to run myself ragged later today, in just about 12 hours, with the reopening of Marzipan's Market! See you all in F-Chat; come visit to participate, or just to watch!

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How much do you think that pair of pelts is worth?

>> No.28980706

Oh, wow, I did the math wrong. Silly me, how am I supposed to run a business like this?!

A healthy 67.7 makes a lot more sense.

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You fucking huge slut

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It is entirely involuntary. So far I've planned that the PCs are going to be victims of a space station accident, and are given the symbiote suits to keep them alive.

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I wanted things to be fairly flashy and cinematic, so I'm going to start with BESM just to try it out. If that turns out to be too much of a hassle, I'll keep looking.

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What happened with Alex Marcellus? He deleted his account

>> No.28980893


He did, awh, I was going to get around to lewding him... Sigh

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Aww yeah, this is a good morning.
Wish I had a advent calendar.

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Ok, that's hot. I've had a thing of late for dangerous and involuntary sexual infections and infestations like that. Especially if it's done semi-voluntary in a life-or-death manner, even if warned that death would be preferable.

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Alex left, now he's back. Check for yourself.


He's been on other characters though.

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Only 10.8
Not that it's anywhere near accurate, given I do all of my slutting on the IRC

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Add amount of friends to amount of bookmarks, see how many you got!

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>erp on and off for years never quite getting into it, feels like something is always missing
>erp with my boyfriend as a genderswapped version of myself
>cum buckets and almost pass out

... okay then. What does this even mean.

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Lewds, even typefucking, is better with people you have an emotional attachment to.

>> No.28981043

Looks like I now have a reason to get around to reading up on it.
Even if I know I wont play because I'm too shy to ERP.

>> No.28981045

It means you came buckets and almost passed out from ERPing with your boyfriend as a genderswapped version of yourself.

>> No.28981047

It means you're getting to know yourself better, naturally. I've learned that there's really no use in reading into someone's fetishes. More often than not they say little to nothing about their personality.

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>Lewds, even typefucking, is better with people you have an emotional attachment to.
I want this, or something to the effect, on a poster.

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Not quite the same, but I always liked this one:
>“Sex without love is as hollow and ridiculous as love without sex.” — Hunter S. Thompson

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I found a rather spectacular partner recently. Hit all of my breeding interests in a relatively feudal setting -- newlywed bride of a young lordling prince is the scenario.

[SPOILER]We tied the knot in more ways than one.[/SPOILER]

Spectacularly pleased about the whole scenario. I wasn't even set to looking, but she ended up messaging me out of the blue due to my interests.

Dreams come true, huh?

>> No.28981118

I would totally post an invite to the game on /tg/, except some of my players aren't comfortable ERPing with people they don't know really well.

If the game falls through/they can't attend/whatever I'll be sure to advertise on the /tg/ f-chat about it <3

>> No.28981184

Yeah, I think this is probably true as well. It was so emotionally satisfying that afterward I was just in shock. Completely different to random booty calls on F-List.

Can't wait for the next session.

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I rarely do this but I'd like to request the source of this image.

So, sauce please.

>> No.28981298

A query, if you don't mind sating some curiosity: you RPd with your boyfriend. Are you gay, or female, and what sort of character did you RP with?

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Here's my unfinished giantess.


I'm thinking of making her a giant femdom slut with tender love on the side.

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>Not using who to use reverse image search
>12 days from 2014

>> No.28981347

Does anyone feel like they've lost their touch? I feel like my writing used to be better like 10 years ago, when I first started. You'd think experience would improve it, but it just seems so much drier now.

>> No.28981357

>Does anyone feel like they've lost their touch?
no, in fact i feel my touch right now, and it's making it hard (ha) to type

>> No.28981359

>Adding to google's pornsearch history of you instead of asking your fellow anon.
>Any year after ~2007

I hope you don't do this.

>> No.28981361

Oh god, sweetie, you are so hot!

>> No.28981369

>>Not using who to use reverse image search

>> No.28981379

I'm male, technically bisexual but it's like 99% heterosexual 1% gay for a single person, and I RP'd as a genderswapped version of myself.

Yeah I have a pretty confusing sexual life.

>> No.28981381

What is it? It's 5 in the morning.

>> No.28981398

From searching terms "bread" and "breasts" in any booru.

>> No.28981400

>Like to write
>like to be lewd
>Terrified of being lewd with anons for some reason

You all seem really nice though.

>> No.28981412

Since my last approach was a bit too indirect, given that it was mistaken for shitposting and deleted, I'll be relatively forward.


I have made a profile for a pair of wedgeheads. Any helpful critique is welcome, aside from "don't make a sergal"; I've been given that advice already. Many, many times.

>> No.28981504

You're not alone there.

But hey, so long as you enjoy yourself, that's what matters, yeah?

Also, I have had the strangest experience lately. I had one partner that kept basically having me as her personal booty call, but now I'm basically mentally tapped out of booty calls like that with her.

Yet now I get a vague story, or even an idea for a basic premise, with other partners... and I'm on that shit selling like hot cakes.

Any idea what the deal is?

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>> No.28981528


Close enough. Sergals. They're a fictional race with a roughly triangular skull-structure that has been compared to a wedge of cheese.

>> No.28981589


44.8 on Charlotte and 37.25 on 682.

...Seems people prefer fluffy over scalely.

>> No.28981607

Nice to know it has that effect on people already.

As long as your happy, anon.

>> No.28981619

Captcha ate my image.

>> No.28981630

You've just become more self-aware of your writing. You are trying to write in an age where things like tvtropes can prove that literally everything has been done before. It makes you second guess yourself and question your quality.

Keep writing though, because if Twilight can become a world wide sensation then it only proves that there is still hope for everybody else.

>> No.28981658

Don't be afraid. Even though we can act like cunts on 4chan, everybody is super supportive and friendly on f-list. I haven't been to the irc but I'm sure the good vibes are there too. Its all about having fun and sharing experiences with people who are into the same things as you.

>> No.28981660


Well... I'm the one that wrote the sergal profile up there, if that helps give some indication of my writing.

But, honestly... Yeah. At some point it feels like maybe you've taken "Write what can be seen" and "Don't do purple prose" a bit too literally and you get so afraid to actually put flavor into stuff.

>> No.28981675

Sounds like you're just burned out. That has happened to me more than once when RP partners became too dependent on me.

>> No.28981689

Come at me mates, it is that easy if you just put a little bit work in your profile and use commons sense.
And my character is not even slutty, usually dominant, actually.

>> No.28981699

It's a measure of how slutty You are, not your character.

>> No.28981724

Getting high with that formula means that you constantly advertise your character all over the place - thus slutting yourself out.

>> No.28981749

Of course, but a certain kind of slut becomes dozen of "ay bby u want som fuk" approaches and bookmarks.
Tested it.
This character is different.
Never use ads and used 'Looking' maybe two times, sitting in a lot of channels, though.

>> No.28981761

Hey /erpg/! Just shamelessly advertising my characters.

http://www.f-list.net/c/eirik%20audunsson/ - Fierce elven tribal warrior
http://www.f-list.net/c/elyrene%20auvreylgis/ - Amazonian drow fighter
http://www.f-list.net/c/haldurith%20helivirr/ - Cunning drow pirate

And yes, I kinda like elves.

>> No.28981767

>sitting in a lot of channels, though.
That amasses views pretty fast.
Seriously, I occasionally go and drop in a whole bunch of channels, /say nothing/ and still get a solid views boost.

>> No.28981788

I always wondered about that myself. Are there just some people who go down the list of characters in a channel, checking each and every one?

>> No.28981789

That's the most off-putting face.

>> No.28981798

More likely they have it set up to show who enters the channel and check out the new faces.

>> No.28981815

Hey, Foron, did you ever hook up with that giantess from the last thread?

>> No.28981842

Pretty new to this, so I'd like to inquire something.

Is it futile to flesh out a character this much:

Versus a character like this:

It seems people don't even want to bother with the first, since there is just so much text (although I wrote a TL;DR).

>> No.28981850

We're just talking at the moment, being on the other side of the world would be a little problem.

>> No.28981854


You will attract a much higher quality of roleplayers with the first profile.

>> No.28981866

Elise is way better.

>> No.28981867


Both are fine. Some people like more in depth descriptions and histories and some people like it concise and to the point. However much you decide to include just try to keep it organized like the former. Having at least one picture, an icon (usually cropped from one of your pictures), and a few Custom Kinks to highlight things that you like and don't like go a long way in making your profile look polished.

>> No.28981880

Both are bad, if you are looking for sex driven role play.
Not enough custom kinks.
And >Large Breasts/Balls in 'No'
'No' should be your limit, something that you would never want to do, so that seems to be ridiculous

>> No.28981894


>> No.28981910

Thanks for the tips, I'll work on those points. :)

>> No.28981971

A brewed bump.

>> No.28981982


I am a Giant Fucking Bear

>> No.28982006

I now want to sneak into his cave and put a condom on him. Then I leave.

>> No.28982007

Oh Christ my sides.

>> No.28982021

Why the hell is her skin red and hair orange

>> No.28982033

Are you colourblind?

>> No.28982034

Her skin is sexy tanned.

I get that too, though no red hair, due to being Italian. Foron has the best porn.

>> No.28982053


>> No.28982059

And I only hope that someone makes a blue hair, blue skin version one of it.
Or just make a mary sue rainbow of it.

>> No.28982073

I'm not alone, huh? What's your situation then?

>> No.28982098

/tg/, I'm sad. I have to say goodbye to my oldest and best erp partner now. I've started seeing someone, and even if she has no problem with it, I feel weird about splitting my attention between her and other people online.

Still, my partner and I are pretty much perfectly matched for kinks, and actually have a nice chatting relationship. I'm sad that I can't finish the epic story of betrayal, humiliation, and depraved, demonic bdsm that we were telling.

Cheer me up, /tg/? Tell me stories of your best partners and the great stories you told together.

>> No.28982116

I have a pretty big mind control fetish and want to play an enchantress in a lewd DnD campaign. What do I need to do to make this happen?

>> No.28982132

Secretly planning on making characters based on each guild-tan.
Already have Rakdos-tan.

>> No.28982133

Find a GM who likes both mind control and D&D.

>> No.28982136

I'd go to the /tg/ room and start asking around. See if anyone is either recruiting for a lewd dnd game or would be willing to start running one.

>> No.28982138

I'm dying

>> No.28982151

I guess I could just ask on hypnohub or something but I don't know how many people play RPGs there.

Maybe tonight, it's like 7 AM for me right now so it'd probably make a poor timezone match.

Those random encounter tables mang

>> No.28982156

If she is not into whipping, heavy SM and bloodplay you did it wrong. Seriously, if you make these make at least the kinks fitting.

>> No.28982163

Mind control seems to be a semi-common fetish on /tg/ chat, although people who have it as a primary kink are a lot less common. Contact a /tg/ chat mod and they'll put up an ad.

>> No.28982166

Of course.
Working on U/W tan right now. Chastity fetish ftw

>> No.28982172

I almost did not include those kinks. Gonna use that picture.

>> No.28982173

Cool, will give it a go later, thanks for the info. I think a lot of people like mind control as an extension of a general dominance fetish in a magical/futuristic setting. I just like entrancement for reasons I can't explain.

>> No.28982183

So, I'm slutting myself out a little bit and advertising my characters some more.

Ronery, /k/ommando werewolf with a side of nudist and delicious German Valkyrie looking for love and/or sex.

Semi-crazy goblin gal wanting test subjects and research partners for potion testing and Magic Science!!

And milky-skinned, raven-haired mad scientist and/or sorceress looking for fun, lovers, playthings, and relaxation.

>> No.28982223

I'm a giant fucking bear. Maybe we could rp?

>> No.28982228

Your profile amuses me, but I'm not into vore or death, so...

>> No.28982233

Nah son, she obviously wants to RP with a DJ Skeleton.

>> No.28982243

So come strapped. Haven't killed someone in rp yet.

>> No.28982245

Well I wouldn't mind playing with Olivia Orviel. Maybe we could work something out. Do you use f-chat at all?

>> No.28982255

F-chat is my primary RP method, but I'm about to head to work, so note me if you're interested.

>> No.28982267

Well I'm seeing two of them on the list
One looks like it has the fit, while the other is kinda empty

>> No.28982269

A butt of a joke.

>> No.28982276

God damn it Captcha!
You're making me look bad.

>> No.28982303

All of them seem to fit except Simic.

>> No.28982308

>not having a 4chan pass
>not supporting 4chan
>posting (with a name) butts in an ERP thread on 4chan
You are degeneracy.

>> No.28982317

I support 4chan by turning off my ad blocker and not mauling Moot.

>> No.28982327

Not that confusing. Hell, I find women more attractive than dudes, but I have to admit, I'm almost definitely a little bit bi, judging by some of my kinks and fantasies. I just haven't met any men I'd rather have sex with over a woman.

>> No.28982330

Offering various forms of impregnation and oviposition, as well as some types of transformation. Just pick the profile that matches your preferred method, and send me a note or bookmark me so we can bash something out.

Also have normal human males, including a new Starbound-focused character. Florans a plus!


>> No.28982366

I've n-never ERP'd before. How do I get into this? What's it like?

>> No.28982372

/vg/ has an ERP server for that kind of thing, I think.

>> No.28982376

Whip your dick out, bro
Or your vagina on the off chance your a chick

>> No.28982381

I'm not even into what you're advertising (mostly, the tubes look fun), but I love your profiles.

>> No.28982383

go to f-list dot com. Make a character, and join the /tg/ chatroom.

>> No.28982386


I m-made an account. What now?

>> No.28982388

It's like normal roleplaying. Except lewd.
Come to our chats. Talk around, we're friendly.
Watch for lewds and see if you'll want to jump in. Our bottle-spin room on f-list is consistently IC and can provide lewds (you'll need to write up at least a barebones character for that, but it's easy and fast)

>> No.28982404

You find "new character" button and make a character. Just something basic is enough - set gender and describe (or illustrate with any piece of art you like) the looks. Select the kinks you're most interested in (no need to click through ALL kinks out there, just set the basics).

So, what do you like? What scenarios could get you going?

>> No.28982405

1. Advertise
2. Get Elaid
3. ???
4. Do it again

>> No.28982412

make a character. just a basic thing you'd liek to erp. hit the chat function, hit the channel button, ctrl+f /tg/ on the private sections.

>> No.28982418

I h-hope this link works


>> No.28982419


Thanks. Might as well have fun with this kind of thing. So many profiles take this so seriously.

>> No.28982430


>No zoophilia
>You're breaking mah balls, guy

>> No.28982437

I got a real laugh out of them myself. I can't decide if bee or tube is better. I'm leaning tube. He's a stand-up guy.

Though I was slightly disappointed, if only because I'm a dude and bee-people are one of my big kinks. Oh well! We can't have everything in this life.

>> No.28982440

>Have tons of ERPs planned with people
>They never seem to get done for some reason

Dammit. How do you stop this?

>> No.28982441

Yeah, that works. http://www.f-list.net/chat/ hop on, get to the /tg/ chat in the private channels and you can chat around and try find somebody to (if I'm reading your kinks correctly) rail your cute butt.

>> No.28982447

Although we don't have any public lewds going on at the moment. Still, ooc talk is great for easying yourself into thecommunity.

>> No.28982454


Tube is totally on the ball. Definitely will not pound the hell out of chicks. No, sir.

>> No.28982462

I was wondering when this thread would pop up again. Finally went ahead and made a character up on f-list, it'd be nice to get some critique.


Eventually perhaps, I'll try getting on one of those chat rooms.

>> No.28982472

How does the tube feel about a bear?


>> No.28982474

Looks good for a starter, but you don't need to fill out every kink, and you want a handful of custom kinks.

>> No.28982495

>No males
2/10, see me after class.

>> No.28982503

BearXTube = Giant Fucking Tube?

>> No.28982519

That No-List is way too long.
>no males
It doesn't work that way

>> No.28982520

>Nightclubs/Bars: Yes
>giant fucking bear bursts into a nightclub
>everyone runs
>one slut, drunk off her fucking ass, just sort of lays there with her legs wide
>she thinks the bear is a nigger and wants that dick
>bear fucks her
>bear cums inside her
>bear eats her

>> No.28982528


I'll use my science on you.

>> No.28982530

... I'm not a pansexual... I'm a giant fucking bear.

>> No.28982532

So... are there like... actual /tg/-related tabletop campaigns that are l-lewd, or is it just, like, you open a chat with someone and f-fuck? How does this work?

>> No.28982542


Why does the hardest part always come first? All I want is a cute dominant girl to screw me, ideally while I screw a cute submissive boy. Damn my slow morning wit.

>> No.28982547

>No males
>Wants the futa D above all else
You are precisely the kind of cancer that makes F-list a pit.

>> No.28982556

Hue, meant to link to
Sorry, mister giant fuckingbear

Not really, I kinda understand her, because there really are a lot of bad male characters out there.
I love all genders, but some of the males just make me cringe.

>> No.28982565

Or google baby name sites. Hope it helps.

>> No.28982573

>Generalisation all over the post
>Implying there's no horrible futa characters as well

>> No.28982591

>under character description
>>No males
>under the fetishes of the player

I'm not seeing a problem here. The character would fuck anything, but the player's interested in particular thing, ie futa dick.

It's like having the realistic vore kink on a character list but having "doesn't want to be brutally ripped apart by gnashing teeth" in the character description.

>> No.28982592

Confirmed for giant fucking cute bear.

>> No.28982604

How do I say "Futas, girls, tentacles, beasts, and other monstrous or animate things" then?

And yeah, I need to trim the list. I started off filling out EVERYTHING.

>> No.28982622

Bisexual or gay, I guess?

>> No.28982636

God I want some chocolate.

>> No.28982643

>Build up confidence
>Decide to lewd with my favorite storytelling group
>Can't come up with a suitable name or face to put on my collection of kinks

It's like when I have trouble rolling D&D characters, but worse because my dick is involved.

Where do you guys round up pictures, anyway?

>> No.28982649


Personally it depends on the character. For my human I used the tgbooru. For furries, e621.

>> No.28982652

>TFW too nervous to post or talk in chat or anything

>> No.28982666

That feel is one I know

I'm going to try anyway!

>> No.28982667

>try to name new character
>that name is taken!
I don't care, I know a couple guys named John! Anything I can do about this other than throwing down some sick X's and numbers around the name?

>> No.28982681

Yeah, I'm running into that myself

I wish I could manage to come up with something clever like Mr. Legit Science Tube, but for (relatively) normal characters, it's tough.

>> No.28982698


I usually just include a surname or a title. If all else fails, middle initial?

>> No.28982704

>TFW always seem to turn bossy and bitchy in general chat
I...I just have strong opinions, that's all

>> No.28982708

Try John Jakob Jinglheimersmith. How many people with that name could there be?

>> No.28982710

It's better than no opinions, you go girl.

>> No.28982711

>tfw the person that took the name hasn't updated or used it in months and it's just blank

>> No.28982718

You can always ping the mods to scrap it if they're not using it. If it's not been touched and is empty, fair game.

>> No.28982719

>There will never be a Castlevania dating sim where you fuck your pic related.

>> No.28982725

Make one. I'm a giant fucking bear. Follow your dreams.

>> No.28982730

name them after bands or musicians

>> No.28982732

>Cock Shape: Varies is an actual option
I gotta find myself one of these

>> No.28982737

Went ahead and edited Sorcerous Striker a bit, trimmed down the No and Maybe lists.

What's the point of 'Maybe'? Is it explicitly stating that you'll deal with them on a case-by-case basis or that if your partner is a lucky guy you might be willing to do that with them?

As for the bio section, how much should one include? I was torn between wanting to list a full history and just wanting to get across that she's here to fuck. Any opinions on that?

And should I really expect anything to come from just posting my character or should I go and make a nuisance of myself in a chat room before expecting anything?

>> No.28982747

There are plenty of both, if you know where to look.

>> No.28982748

...A fascinating option, but which band best encapsulates 'I'd like to be involved in femdom, but ideally with a male partner present as well'?

>> No.28982753

I don't. Where do I look?

>> No.28982759

does any one have and screen cap or paste bin examples of game sessions or conversations. i kind of what to see how people get on with it so i dont make a goof of myself when i get involved

>> No.28982760

Well there's plenty of both in the IRC if you ask around, though actual campaigns are somewhat rare.

>> No.28982766

Rakdos-tan is mine.

>> No.28982780

Now I wanna make an Orzhov-tan. But what sorts of fetishes are especially Orzhov-y? This is the question at the root of all this.

I always thought Orzhov and Rakdos had a cute hate-fuck relationship.

>> No.28982799

PPossession withholding sex, discipline, maybe light bondage, I can see Candleplay for some reason. Generally slow, drawn out stuff.
Me too we should do that.

>> No.28982804

>Guy messages me
>Profile says he's a Sith, profiles pics are all of Revan except for a random furry, spelling errors all over his profile.
>Conversation goes like so
>Him: Hi
>Me: Hey there
>Him: How are you?
>Me: Good.
In my experience, your average beta loses out at this stage due to fear of laying their dick on the table, but he wins points from me from that front by asking for a scene
>Me: Sorry, not interested
>Him: I get that a lot and don't know why. No one ever tries to get to know me or cares I'd do anything for mistress. *Spins around and walks away*
Paraphrased, but barely. Why do people this awful exist?

>> No.28982806


sorry it's a bit bare, it was my first time making a character here.

>> No.28982807

Here, have some public lewding that took place in #MyMagicalERP

>> No.28982811

>candleplay for some reason

Because of the whole church association? And because, yeah, Orzhov is all about the slow, taxing, drawn-out kind of thing. Sounds delightful.

I have no idea what I'm doing and the dom side of things is usually not my bag, but it's very arousing.

>> No.28982813

8/10, would tenderly babysit and corrupt

>> No.28982816

A beefcake bump.

>> No.28982820

Had one of those the other day too.
Barely any profile, furry, no pics (not even an icon), what little profile he did have was grimdork. Also beta-y.
There needs to be a name for those kinda guys.

>> No.28982833

Yeah. Also I dunno why but gags and whipping sound fitting. Punishment and holy silence?
Domming is super fun and having Rakdos-tan on the bottom for once would be awesome.

>> No.28982834

Oh Hernsworth, you are an incredibly attractive man, and no woman will ever notice as long as you're stuck in a movie with Hiddleston.

>> No.28982850

It's like a competition of 'who's the sexiest' only these days ladies want boys, not men. Tragic.

>> No.28982851


>> No.28982883

>Castlevania dating sim

As a huge Castlevania fan, I kind of want to run/write this. Or something similar.

>> No.28982885

So why are they fangirling over Hiddleston and not Hemsworth?

>> No.28982896

Hiddleston looks more boyish on-screen.

>> No.28982906

Tom's got that lean, wolfish, subby look, and Loki is a very emotional character.

>> No.28982914

So, I decided to whore myself a little harder by trying another advert.

Sly scoundrel of a Drow Privateer looking for high seas adventure, booty to plunder and sultry wenches.

A serious, tall and downright amazonian drow warrioress looking for someone to add a little tenderness to her harsh and violent life.

A fierce, barbaric, tall and musclebound elven pseudo-viking seeking to crush his enemies, see them driven before him and steal their womenfolk!

Don't be shy, if you're interested send me a note! Or look me up in /tg/chat on f-list, I'm usually logged in as Haldurith there.

>> No.28982919

And he seems more of a man off-screen (confident, knows how to dance, seems like a genuine nice guy with a good sense of humor etc) in interviews and other TV-apperances.

>> No.28982925

Hemsworth never struck me as less confident or less manly off-screen.

>> No.28982948

Yeah. I like it. Working on the profile now.

Honestly, I think part of it is that I'll find it easier to ease myself into it if I can think of it as just another role, if that make sense

>> No.28982957

It means you want to be the little girl. Obviously. Also, your boyfriend is probably bi.

>> No.28982959

And away I go for about ten minutes.

>> No.28982975

Awesome. Send me a friend request when you're done?
I just do whatever my partner is doing. I figure that the best way to do anything ever is to be adaptable.

>> No.28982982

Oh for sure. Half the fun of this is the inevitable interplay between these two personalities

It's even fluffy - Orzhov loves to play with Rakdos and use them for all sorts of dirty work, after all, and then pretend that Rakdos is just a bunch of evildoers who need to be punished.

>> No.28982989

Would it be a terrible idea to use the Dragon's Crown sorceress as a physical reference? I'm kinda new and don't know what's frowned upon.

>> No.28982996

If anyone wants to get mauled, come here

>> No.28983003

>frowned upon
Very volopteous woman with dem tits, dat ass and dem child-bearing hips? You will find yourself very popular.

>> No.28983013

I do like the sound of that. I just didn't know if not having an OC DONUT STEEL for the images was a good idea.

>> No.28983015

Doo eet

>> No.28983021

I use Litchi Faye Ling as a secondary ref, you'll be fine.

>> No.28983031

The armors only work on dudes.They're male armors.

Dare you to enter the ultimate magical realm?

>> No.28983032


27.95, which for this character, is underperforming.


>> No.28983043

>Tfw town bike.
And happy.
Domme life best life.

>> No.28983056


>> No.28983057

God yes. This is my fetish.

>> No.28983064


How about female armors....that only work on guys? And in order to use their powers, there's a reparation period afterwards where their sanity is drained and libido is greatly increased, except since the armor is still on, they end up just forcing themselves on the nearest guy and barebacking them, so the guy wearing the armor is riding the victim like a professional bull rider, and the victim thinks they're having sex with some sort of hot female monster.

>> No.28983069

Hey, I've done that before. Seems to go down pretty damn well!

>> No.28983071


Shoot me a Note to set something up, and I'll respond later today (though not right now, since I'm about to leave for real life business)

>> No.28983077

yes. YES.
>armor undoes.
>dude standing putting his asshole on other dude dick.
>yeah dude you juuuust became gay.

>> No.28983078

How about female armor that femdoms the man wearing it.
Or the armor takes the body of the beast defeated as its 'reward' and pretty much female monsters the owner.

>> No.28983085


I actually made a character based on the Elf from the same game, except I turned her into a crazy yandere that has a habit of isolating and trapping the male adventurers she travels and develops an obsession with so she can full on molest them. Also, breast/hip/ass complex regarding other female adventurers, which means she sometimes does the exact same thing to them, just a lot more malevolently.


>> No.28983089

>being this vainilla
magical realm status
[] Entered.
[X] Not entered.
[X] Ran away on the other direction

>> No.28983097

I have no donuts on my profile and there has never been any problems so far.

>> No.28983103


So like, the armor starts out as a humanoid female (with a dude trapped in it), then the dude defeats a dragon, so the armor takes the attributes of the dragon, and now the dude looks like a hot, armor version of a dragon lady? Sign me up!

The only way it could get better is if over time, the more the dude loses his sanity and fucks other guys, the more his body inside the armor changes to match the suit, so after a long period of time, there's no longer a guy in there trying to get out, just one really horny and slutty monster girl looking for her next fix of battle and sex...or shemale, if you're into that stuff (I know I am).

>> No.28983105

Mine's going to be an enchantress that goes around emasculating younger guys with mind magic stuff. Should be fun hopefully I can figure out how2ERP fast enough to not ruin this character.

>> No.28983110

define that.
castration, pegging and all that thing?

>> No.28983117

Uh, sissifying. That was the word I was looking for, sorry. Getting them to dress up real pretty and just generally dominating them.

>> No.28983134

Somehow it doesn't surprise me that the board full of DND nerds is almost as kinky as the board full of futanari faggots.

>> No.28983140


You should turn them into girly sorceresses-in-training. Strip masculinity from them in exchange for arcane power, so that in order to advance they have to give up more and more boyish behavior until they're full on prancing around in dresses, hitting on other guys, and casting spells to enhance their beauty.

>> No.28983145

And done! Friend request sent! I have no idea what I am doing! Welcome to the church of I can't come up with a good sexual pun for the phrase 'church of deals' even though it seems like that would be really easy!


>> No.28983149

We /are/ the board of Futanari Faggots

>> No.28983150


>> No.28983151


>> No.28983157

I like that.
Pegging or shitty muh /ss/ faggotry

>> No.28983162

There's something like a 70% crossover rate.

>> No.28983164

I don't really care much for assplay in general.

>> No.28983165

don't lump me in! I do like guys not futa.

>> No.28983175

Almost yet so far.

>> No.28983177

I was gonna recommend 'Church of Feels', but that's /r9k/

>> No.28983187

If only I played a male humanoid. Sad giant fucking bear is sad.

>> No.28983191

Ceria has nothing against bears in tutus. Do you want to be a magical bear?

>> No.28983192

Breakfast is fine too.

>> No.28983196

>I was gonna recommend 'Church of Feels', but that's /r9k/
That it is anon.

That it is.
>tfw pretending to be your own cute MtG GF

>> No.28983206

Futa is a shit fetish.
Then again, this thought process leads to issues where I like dicks, yet dislike the fact that they come with a guy. Tentacles, beasts and other things like that are my only salvation. Oh traps too, they're the one time a guy is more than fine.

>> No.28983209

I think we calculated yesterday that my slut level was like 89.90... New formula sets me at 66.20.


>> No.28983215

>tfw sexing up other MTG waifus as your MTH waifu

>> No.28983217

friend me then femdom me.

>> No.28983223

How do people feel about 3D pornstars?

>> No.28983229 [SPOILER] 

h-HEY A-anon.
C-can I b-be y-your g-gf?

>> No.28983233

>that vein

>> No.28983247

I'm fine with them in general, but not with Hitomi Tanaka. Her tits are pretty saggy and of different volume from each other

>> No.28983252

Because he looks kind of dangerous, in a sexy way. He's got the whole dark, tall and handsome thing going on, but then outside of the films he's apparently genuinely nice and rather dashing.

Did you know he took a reporter out onto a lake and rowed her about in the summer sun for the duration of an interview? See, gent. Everyone gets wobbly over a gent.

That being said, I'd love to get myself a piece of Hemsworth.

>> No.28983255


I've been posting this one whenever people ask, I should get some more, really! Any requests for fetishes or activities you guys want to see? I have millions of logs, I'm sure I have something people want, haha


>> No.28983259

They're better than 1D.

>> No.28983262

The veins just means they're ripe. :9

>> No.28983282

I'm curious how many of you that play a girl actually are one.

not that I care, so long as you're good at playing the part.

>> No.28983291

I have a request actually! Do you happen to have anything which you feel would make a good introduction to ERP for somebody? Nothing extreme content-wise, just good old fashioned screwing, and with good roleplay and back-and-forth between the partners?

>> No.28983318


Why porn star when you can KPop

>> No.28983321

I know, it was more of a joke question to the anon I replied to. Don't get me wrong though, Hemsworth is a real hunk and I probably wouldn't mind getting it in the pooper from him if I was gay. But I get more of a boyish vibe from him compared to Hiddlestons man-vibes. I'm likely gay for Hiddleston so I'm biased.

>> No.28983348

I'm a girl who mainly plays boys on f-chat...

>> No.28983377


Good old-fashioned screwing, huh? Yeah, I think I have something like that... Let me go tidy it up for uploading.

>> No.28983383

Silly /tg/! ERP Generals are for the weekend~

Still, I can't blame you for being so ready, I'll just have to take care of all your needs. Come over here~

>> No.28983399

They're fine too.
Dem thighs.

>> No.28983424


>> No.28983446

>>not having a 4chan pass
>>not supporting 4chan
4chan isn't a bloody charity, no matter how much it might try to guilt-trip you into thinking it is.

>> No.28983451



Okay, here you go! The basic premise is that there's a cocky guy who has a really overinflated opinion of himself who's just recently joined a military base. After some discussion, we decided the unit is almost entirely men and there's only two girls, the commander of the squad, Erika, and her little sister, Ami. They look like pic related.

Erika is a total ice queen bitch who is determined to not let any guys in her unit fuck her, so my character worked on seducing Ami and got her in the sack. In the end, to "protect" Ami, Erika contacted him and was forced into doing some lewd stuff. It had a lot of play back and forth between the characters, hope it's what you were after!

>> No.28983457

I completely durr'd and forgot to post my f-list: http://www.f-list.net/c/mnemosyned

>> No.28983492

How about you work that out yourself and don't list yourself as pansexual if you aren't pansexual?

>> No.28983504

Since I'm bored, gonna whore out some of my characters. I got a kobold paladin with a hardon for dragons, an anthro rat who can barely speak english and has crazy plant powers for vine bondage, an ex pmc horse with a love of drinking, guns, and bad movies, a human daughter of a ceo with a huge princess theme goin' on, an eagleman air pirate that I need to flesh out but has a vagina, and a bunch of different pokemon characters if you're into that sorta thing.


>> No.28983524

>Intimidating black canine with a breath weapon named Gospel

>> No.28983531


That is totally a coinci-yeah I know. I'm surprised no one called me on it sooner.

>> No.28983538

Straight boys or gay boys?

>> No.28983582

>not weekend

>> No.28983583

IIIII would play the fuck out of that holy hell.

Monster fighters whose armor gradually merges with them until they become monster (girls) themselves. This is so many of my fetishes...

>> No.28983599

>> No.28983609

Have all of you considered how horrifyingly similar to /r9k/ you sound?
>tfw too nervous to talk to someone anonymously on the internet
>tfw no kawaii lewd ERP partner
>tfw always NTRed ;_;

>> No.28983618

It's Friday. :\

>> No.28983636

I play gay, bi, pan and straight boys. My preference goes to guy on guy though.

>> No.28983662

Okay, am I doing this shit right?

>> No.28983667

I'm male and play both sexes, though my most popular characters are female. People like defiant harem girls and worldly bards more than they like muscly fighters, it seems.

What sort of setting and scenarios do you prefer?

I find I run a lot of medieval European fantasy, with a bit of the pre-Islamic middle east. I can't get into sci-fi for ERP, for some reason - I have flashbacks of Asimov, which just kills my boner.

>> No.28983673

And in other news.

>> No.28983685


Paragraph breaks pls

>> No.28983686

Add custom kinks to highlight what really gets you going. Do something about that description too. As it is now it's too much of a wall of text. Simply seperating it into two or three paragraphs would make it an easier read.

>> No.28983710

Looking okay so far. A little cluttered: break stuff up into paragraphs, or collapsable boxes.

Maybe one collapsable for personal history (limited to 3 sentences works best, but YMMV), one for appearance (describe what your character wears! Major turn on for visualizing the smutty bits!) and a comment on a few of your kinks.

Also: list whether you're dominant, submissive, into furries or humans, etc.

Also: custom kinks are a great way to emhsize what you're after. "Mesmerism: I really love it when a handsome man is just enraptured by my pretty charm magics" is nice fluff (and a helps to tease out hat you're after

>> No.28983711

Sorry, I wrote it in notepad and couldn't tell. Should be fixed. I'll see what I can change for the custom things.

>> No.28983721


It's pretty cool looking otherwise, tho, I have a shota I'd like to message you on.

>> No.28983746

Sho is my favorite kind of ta. I'm not really experienced with ERP at all so you'll have to be okay with putting up with me for a little bit while I adjust from normal writing, but go ahead. I'll try to get things fixed up properly on the profile this afternoon but I don't know exactly when I'd actually be able to play. Might not be until Monday, I'll see.

>> No.28983752

Out of curiosity. Are you willing to do non-sissy things?
Still totally dominating a man, but without the feminization. Or is it a sticking point?

>> No.28983763

Oh, me personally? I'll do whatever. For the character though it'd probably be kinda necessary. Hopefully I'll like this enough to make more characters in the future.

>> No.28983775

Oh, don't worry, I've been plenty of people's first ERP partner over the years~ I consider it a speciality of mine.

>> No.28983780

sounds p lewd dewd

Hey, how do I add these "collapsible" things?

>> No.28983786

Oh gods I would love to fuck that succubus.

>> No.28983842

>"ERP Generals are for the weekend"
>not bullshit

>> No.28983846

Why would anyone make zipper for boob windows?

>> No.28983872

It lets you tear off your shirt without actually tearing your shirt.

>> No.28983897

I tend to prefer modern settings with medieval fantasy as second choice.

The scenarios I usually end up in are either cute romances with some friction here and there or really dubious ones with lots of bullying, teasing and pseudo-rape.

>> No.28983915


Oh god.

That scene.

In Thor 2

with the water bowl


>> No.28983917

> Tom Hiddleston
> Handsome
He looks like someome left a wax statue out in the sun for a bit too long.

>> No.28983941

He is handsome and he has confidence, yes. I'm saying this as a straight fa/tg/uy who might have a mancrush on him

>> No.28983949 [SPOILER] 


In coming lewd.

>> No.28983962

Updated, how's it looking now?

>> No.28983975

I love that with /tg/'s tastes, I can't tell if this is that image-swap glitch or not.

>> No.28984026

We may never know.

>> No.28984038

If you think lumpy pale british men are handsome, I suppose.

>> No.28984061

Give me critique!

Was really feeling not quite fit right now, though, so I'm definitely going to work on this profile later.
If you find errors, please tell me.
Also: The kind of character you have all waited for.

>> No.28984066

Just got shitty rp from a crybaby. Expected better from /tg/ especially with a straight forward character design like mine.


>> No.28984107

Well, did you maul him?

>> No.28984112

What was so shitty about it? Logs?

>> No.28984125

After they touched a wild animal, who had previously made it apparent that touching would not be cool.

And mod overreaction. HOOOOOOOOOLLLYY SHIT the mod overreaction.

>> No.28984141

Was kicked, cannot provide logs. Said I bit into said previous character's gut. I was kicked.

>> No.28984149


>Adam Jensen hiding behind his shades awkwardly chewing on condom wrapper
>"I didn't ask for this."

>> No.28984157

People will never learn, you don't fuck a bear, a bear fucks you.

>> No.28984158


>> No.28984162

I love it when mods get mad. Relate the details.

>> No.28984177

You deserved it though.You were being a godmodding bitch face who didn't care what people said OOC to you about it.

>> No.28984183

>How about a biomechanical penis implant?!

>> No.28984191

>Bringing drama to the thread
What an upstanding citizen

>> No.28984195

Is that why you got mauled by two different mods in two different channels? I thought it was because you brought your crying to the main channel?

>> No.28984207

> Hey, you know what this ERP needs?
> A wild bear that comes along to eat everybody.
Yeah, I wonder why they got upset. Mods are shit on this site, I can't believe anyone would be the least bit annoyed by this character. He was just doing what his character would do.

>> No.28984225

Exit, pursued by a bear.

>> No.28984227

I was in the bottle room, spin the bottle. I had been rping being a grizzly bear. Pretty normal, everyone was enjoying it. I had also been attacked twice, once upon entering the basic chat, then again when I entered bottle room. All because I emoted (since I cannot speak except for "bear") that I roar'd at the room. 7 hours I was in the bottle room, rping and playing spin the bottle. Then a mary sue angel walks in, tell me three times to leave because my character is BADWRONGFUN, then after me roaring at them and snarling, they touched my arm. You don't do that to a dog, you definitely don't do that to a bear. Said I swipe them with a pass of my mighty paw. I then put weight on their chest, and begin biting into the stomach flesh of my now prey. Keep in mind they are literally an angel. This would literally be nothing to them. The mod PMs me with this
>Them: there are several reasons I am going to kick you. Wanna take a guess?
>Me: Please identify yourself, and then tell me instead of rude threats.
>Them: Matt fucking gunnarr, a mod of the room in which you decided to randomly EAT SOMEONE

Yeah. So I got kicked, the general room started talking shit like I was god modding, and I was disappointed in fellow fa/tg/uys.

>> No.28984239

I really don't get why he's in here at all to be honest.
It's an ERP thread.
And he's playing a bear.
Not a rape bear.
Not a druid pretending to be a bear.
An actual bear.

That's like me sitting in the middle of a game of thrones channel, playing Jar-Jar Binks and then every time someone tells me to stop acting like a retard I go LOLOLOLOLOLOL, U MAD.
I mean where's the point? It's not even subtle piss taking, its more pissing your trousers and proclaiming victory.

>> No.28984256

>I had also been attacked twice,
>All because I emoted (since I cannot speak except for "bear") that I roar'd

>people start getting freaked out about a FUCKING BEAR waking into the room and start shooting at it

>a mary sue angel... touched my arm. You don't do that to a dog, you definitely don't do that to a bear.

>you shouldn't touch bears because you wouldn't in real life
>but also attacking the bear is also wrong because reasons

top lel

>> No.28984258

Crying? My mistake. Read the fucking logs, dumbass.

>> No.28984265

Hey, I would love to do a RP like that. My character can be played from an age of 14 (maybe a little younger) to 25. Send me a message if you're interested.

>> No.28984266

There's nothing wrong with joke characters, as long as they don't disrupt ongoing RPs. (In fact, disrupting RPs as any character in general)

>> No.28984289


Except you started bitching about the bottle room. Not the other way around. The person you tried to maul said no in OOC and you kept pushing.

I am in both channels and I pretty much observed what the fuck was going on and I know what was said to you.

I could post actual chatlogs if you want. It will just make you look dumb though.

>> No.28984291

How does one be a better sub?

>> No.28984297

You come across as either trolling or actually retarded. Please fuck off and die, would you kindly?

>> No.28984299

Looks like a pretty good match, I bookmarked you. I'll send you something when I'm closer to being able to play (might not be for a couple days.)

>> No.28984302

Yes, fucking yes.
You get to stay.

>> No.28984304

You first?

>> No.28984314

I get that. Hell I play a joke character, I'm playing the over the top serious fuddy-duddy who keeps everyone on track in a light hearted game, no one takes seriously and who keeps 'accidentally' sleeping with ridiculously over the top mary sue NPCs because the other players are pouring points and prayers into getting him laid to 'lighten him up'.
But there's a difference between 'hah! Oh our loveable lad, he's always good for a laugh, and he fits in the game' and 'I am going to cause problems in this channel by mauling someone and if you complain, its because U mad, not because I'm waiting on tenterhooks to cause shit :3c'

>> No.28984315

>I could post actual chatlogs if you want. It will just make you look dumb though.
I want.

It's a specific kind of "I did nothing wrong" trolling.

>> No.28984316

Sounds good.

>> No.28984320

I love how you can tell who was not only in the chatroom, but takes their fetish RP website way the fuck too seriously and are continuing to be trolled here.

You're doing Beargod's Work, you glorious furry bastard.

>> No.28984329

How passive or active a sub?

>> No.28984330


>> No.28984331

I should hope so. We have been emailing each other.

>> No.28984333

>>28983662 here
I got a message from http://www.f-list.net/c/Zen%20Walker/
>Fave: Plot Twists
Should I?

>> No.28984339

Have something to contribute. Be more sensitive, creative, and smarter than your dom (without upstaging them). Have an "EASY" button, but subtly encourage them not to use it all the time. Make yourself worth the time and effort.

Do you have any specific questions?

>> No.28984345

I made one post, then they said I ate them. DO NOT fucking lie like this.

>> No.28984350


Both, really. I've not gotten the chance to ever power bottom so I dunno how to do that. But with passive sub...I dunno, it seems hard because I don't know what to do other than react, and I kinda wanna at least have a more active presence other than sit there and moan, but half the time, I'm at a loss.

>> No.28984366

I think bear-guy is badwrongfun, and yet still think it's pretty hilarious.

>> No.28984368

I don't know why, but I am laughing so hard at this pic.

>> No.28984369

>Fave: Traps
>Zen has fallen into someone's trap! What is going to happen now?
For some reason I don't think he quite understands the double entendre he's set up here.

>> No.28984371

It's very dependent on what your dom enjoys and what you enjoy. But:

Be emotive, write out how each thing makes you feel, if the touch of your dom makes you tremble in fear or excitement.
Describe your senses, what you can feel, can hear, can - or can't see. Imagine what might be happening outside your vision.
Describe your thought processes. Pain - do you want it? Do you want to avoid it? Getting a treat, a smile from your dom - how does it make you feel?
What kind of toys do they use on you, and how does each thing cross your mind? Degrading? Shameful? Exciting? How do you react to them?

Consider your own personality - not that many doms want a piece of flesh to lie there and just be fucked. You might be uppity and effectively provoke a punishment. You might be horny and be all over your master wanting some dick (or a taste of her). You might be needy and wanting cuddles - or even wanting to cuddle your dom to make them happy.

In general; be more proactive and don't just lie there; and when you're restrained and can't do that, write out how you react; and when you're utterly bound and not even able to move a bit - write out how you feel in your mind and body.

Hope that helps!

>> No.28984373

I was not there and I don't pretend to know what happened there. Calling me a liar is a lie.

>> No.28984382


Hm, well...

Like, one thing I like doing is touching, caressing, dirty talking, etc. When I play dom, it's really fun to be cuddle dom--alpha, but caring, praising your partner, getting reactions out of them, that sort of thing. But I have a hard time doing that when I'm subbing--or rather, I don't know how to get reactions out of a dom when subbing, if that makes any sense.

>> No.28984390

Passive: Get good at describing internal thoughts and feelings and asking for things.
Active: Just figure out what your partner wants and do that. Learn how to say how much you enjoy doing it.

>> No.28984398

>other than sit there and moan
You can't cure simple, I guess. Insults aside, why do you feel constrained to the above? Why can't you do, you know, anything? Beg for something, have crumbling reservations about something, be tempted but afraid of something, initiate some additional physical contact, add some real insight into the physical and mental pleasure of your character is experiencing.

Serious question: why? You underaged? It would probably turn some people on, to be honest.

>> No.28984416

Sorry, I meant the other person you quoted. You get a free "punch the bear in the face" card.

>> No.28984422

*punches you in the face*

>> No.28984430

*Punches you in the snout*

>> No.28984438

You're making some serious leaps there dude.

We're on page 5 I think, I don't know when you guys usually make new threads here.

>> No.28984441

We make new threads when we're on page 10

>> No.28984443

Basically play it the same as a cuddle-dom, just submit sexily when your wills clash. Be overcome. I may not be explaining well because I don't understand what's so hard about it. I'm too lazy to teach my subs to be better, either - they don't even ask me how to get better, like you do.

>> No.28984445

What the actual fuck is this

How do you even survive that?

>> No.28984464


You choose poorly.

>> No.28984476

Usually page 9 or 10. But there's a bikini armor/Warcraft thread on page 9 now >>28958836 >>28984056

So if we make a new thread soon it can be a follow-up to both. ERP General Bikini Blood Ef Edition or whatever.

>> No.28984477

Snuff porn is a thing, anon.
Alternately, regeneration spells.

>> No.28984482

She's fine, they just want to have some toblerone.

>> No.28984484

Other than the quip about being underaged - which you should recognize was a joke - I don't think I made any wild assumptions. You wanted to know what to do besides sit there and moan, and I thought I made a few worthwhile suggestions. Then you go and hint that it is time for a new thread... my feelings are rather hurt.

>> No.28984503

Take a look at >>28984371
as well.

We generally don't make new threads until this one drops off the board entirely.

>> No.28984545

Not that guy, but my shyness is pretty simply explained

I have not into fug. I have weird hang-ups about being able to take responsibility for and support my significant other and right now I just don't have the money or time to handle another human being

>> No.28984556


Uh, that wasn't the guy who asked the question. I'm the guy that asked and that you originally responded to, actually.

Like I said, I try to do more stuff, but usually fail for some reason. I dunno. Maybe my writing just need practice.


I see. Well, I'll give a try, and practice more.

>> No.28984558

>they haven't into fug yet

>> No.28984590

> I just don't have the money or time to handle another human being
So why are you ERPing?

>> No.28984610

Significantly less time/emotional investment. Fewer potential consequences.

>> No.28984639

The differences you mentioned should probably alleviate your shyness, as well.

>> No.28984671

Yep. That's why I'm giving it a try. Still a little bit of dissociation and inexperience holding me back. I'm kind of a perfectionist and want to do my best to entertain my partner - if nothing else, we're both trying to have fun. So at the very least I need to address what they'll find sexually enjoyable.

>> No.28984820

So what is the best way to "finish" up a session?
Something other than "I came, here's a towel, now wipe yourself off".

>> No.28984916

describe the after sex. How do they clean up, what if any problems arose from the sex, etc. Just make the scene last a few more responses, and it will be a lot better!

>> No.28984934


A little bit of cuddling is nice if the characters are into that.


>> No.28985026

Thanks for the advice, I'll try to remember that.

>> No.28985095

I think it's more that people know what to expect with fluffy.

>> No.28985176

About 8 here. I never advertise myself.

>> No.28985256

>> No.28985277

I need to talk to you more

>> No.28985287

>tfw I fapped to that

>> No.28985326

You're doing it right.

>> No.28985345

Did you ask for that boner?

>> No.28985395

I ask for every kind of boner.
The weirder, the better.
This one wasn't really that weird, though.

>> No.28985430

Is it this time?

>> No.28985453 [SPOILER] 


I cringed at that pic.

>> No.28985492


>> No.28985511

>pic name: Cammy
>implying that's not vega-sama finally living the dream.

>> No.28985512

Oh god, the hora, oh the hora.

>> No.28985563

What did Hora mean again?

Also, I should probably play part three now.

>> No.28985571

I like to pretend that hora and ara ara are just the sexual equivalents of screaming ORA ORA ORA ORA ORAAAAAA

>> No.28985576

I think whore or some sort of flower, this is my wild guessing.

>> No.28985580

I have some modern stuff I'm working at. Mostly World of Darkness-ish characters, but I can flex

I know. I've been up to my ass with exams, and then family time at home hasn't made me as free as I should be, either. :(

>> No.28985590


>> No.28985680

HAH! You get this now.

>> No.28985771


>> No.28985916

Any of you guys run furry or scaley characters? Do you ever end up mentioning muzzles/snouts kissing? Because that sounds really gross to me even though I like those characters. Just don't know if it's expected.

>> No.28985970

>They make my pussy turn into a bear.


>> No.28985981


Have you helped the homeless monsters yet this holiday season.

>> No.28986012

No way! Last time I helped out and took in a naga girl, she slept with my sister and laid her eggs in her womb before taking off!

>> No.28986137

>> No.28986164


>> No.28986178


>> No.28986193

I'll give you cats something to laugh about!
>presents poonos

>> No.28986245

That didn't answer my question at all!

>> No.28986368

Sorry, I meant to reply to my post above, sorry.

>> No.28986421


>> No.28986423


>> No.28986432

Jesus, when will the scanons be done with the latest chapter? I want some plot to go with my drider-on-loli-lesbian-bondage rape.

>> No.28986494

Can only hope soon.

>> No.28986536

Ahri, the best kind of fluffy tail.

>> No.28986594

> http://www.f-list.net/chat/
How am I supposed to find anything in here? Marzipan's room ain't around.

>> No.28986788

>Rigor Mortis

>> No.28986796

"Fisting? Sure, if you want..."

>> No.28986840



>> No.28986841

So basically, you came in with a character that was disruptive, god-modded eating someone, then caught by a moderator and kicked out.

And then you come crying like a bitch to /tg/ because you get punished for being a little shit.

>> No.28986845

They say they are like sandbags, right?
Just think of them as still damp sandbags.

>> No.28986870

Wonderful narrow waist to grab~

>> No.28986913

>New! It's the hotly-anticipated Cervixbuster 9000!!

>> No.28986916


They're the best.

>> No.28986929

I heard it was some non-con vore. Like, ooc the person didn't consent. Can you tell me who this angel was? Assuming it's Idri, since she's the only angel that's been frequenting bottle, though she doesn't sound like a sue based on her profile.

>'Idri is a dark-skinned half-angel, with golden hair, blue eyes, and great white wings. She wears heavy manacles around her forearms and calves, with a few links of chain hanging off them that don't go anywhere. She otherwise has on loose white robes, strapped down in various places with sashes. She is only 5'2", but has strength far belied by her size, and she moves with a dancer's grace. She is quiet and observant, preferring to speak only when it's important.'

Also, I've played a bear in there too, speaking only in 'GHROAR's, though nobody ever really had an issue with him. Hell, he got cuddles. If you couldn't do it, you must've been doing something really wrong.

>> No.28986932

Remember to always stay protected /tg/!

>> No.28986934


Any feedback besides from being a generic human? I'm still sorta new to this type of thing and would love to get better.

>> No.28986993

Rigor mortis makes the MUSCLES get stiff. Tits don't have any muscle.

>> No.28987008

Don't forget advertising his character at least three times in this thread instead of once like a decent person.

>> No.28987043

Moldy sandbags?

>> No.28987044

Looks good on a cursory glance. But reall, post this in the next thread. this one will vanish any second now ...

>> No.28987069

Shoulda done chest flies and floor press!

We headed for deletion, someone with an image should make a new thread.

>> No.28987074

was directed at >>28986934

>> No.28987087

Will be on the watch out then! Thanks.

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