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I'm of course in charge of GMing my group's next campaign, and they chose "Only War." Although I am hugely excited, I need some help on how to properly GM their Regiment as a whole, because I want to emphasize the idea of brotherhood and camaraderie there is in war.

Also, Only War general. Share stories, tips, tricks, etc.

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I have found that one really big way to encourage those themes within this game is to create engagements in which the whole squad has to be involved, or die. For example, if you have a Sergeant, a HW Trooper, a Weapons Specialist, and a Medic, you need to be sure they come up against things that will challenge every one of them uniquely. The HW guy could have to work as hard as he could to hold a horde of opponents at bay while the Sergeant rallies friendly infantry to assist them, all while the Weapons Specialist is trying to cover the HW Guys ass in some way or another, while the Medic is trying to patch up some important figure.

All in all I have found from GM'ing OW on a weekly basis for a year now there are three very important things you must remember about this game.

1. Make the PC's stand tall above their peers, but not so tall as to be invincible.

2. Everything must be balanced on a knife's edge. They should come out of every encounter feeling like it was so close they singed the hair on their asscheeks, even if it wasn't that close.

3. DO NOT be afraid to kill players. You don't even have to ensure that it is meaningful. War sucks, plain and simple, and not everyone dies like a hero. My group has had just as many characters die bleeding in the mud as they have had die jumping on a Plague Marine with 30kg of HE in their hands. The shitty ways in which some of the PC's die only makes the heroic deaths more heroic, and it drives them to try that much harder to protect eachother.

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