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Hey, I need your best Synthesist Summoner images. For those that don't know what a Synthesist summoner is it's an archetype of Summoner in pathfinder where his summon envelops him his armor, weapons, etc. Image related

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every power ranger ever

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So something like UBW or GoB?
Or the summon makes there body a weapon?

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the eidolon is like power armor.

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The summoner fuses with his Eidolon. Taking all of his evolutions and such for himself and they fight as one.

It can end up very lovecraftian as the image I'm showing now.
In general they don't use weapons, rather natural attacks such as bite, claw, tail swipe, trample, etc. This can all be done while remaining mostly humanoid.

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IIRC synthesist summoner is just something monks take a level in for the natural weapon bonuses and shit like that

still breddy cool tho

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Here's a classic one for you.

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Synthesist summoner is quite powerful even just pure summoner. Level 20 (obviously just for example purposes) They can get 16+ attacks in 1 turn, each attack with the normal STR modifier. If you decided to combine in other abilities you can completely immobilize opponents with free trips, grabbles, extra attacks while you yourself can remain Huge size classification with an extra +16 to str, 8 to con, etc etc.

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something like this?

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I don't think Asura fits that very well. He doesn't fuse with another entity or use it like a Stand, he just has extra arms.

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Hi, dude.

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>Synthesist summoner.jpg
Kinda looks like asura's wrath there buddy

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Kind of a stretch, but one of my recent characters was a Synthesist with his Eidolon being a construct-like entity that acted like powered armor. Bipedal, replaced claws with Improved Slam Attacks with Arcane Strike feat. Good times.

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Yes those are exactly the types of images. Thank you.

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Nonsense, you should use weapons, your goal is to become a Hecatonchires and throw massive quantities of huge rocks at shit.

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Does this work OP?

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So, not characters who are summoning anything, but characters transformed partially into monsters?

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That would be quite amusing. (Rolls a 1) "You miss and crush your rogue under an avalanche of boulders.

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Found a better version of your picture there, bub.

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I got a few more.

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Didnt mean to link to that post. How about this one?

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But can't all those bonuses be undone with a single dispel or an anti-magic field?

Honest question, I know there are some counters for synthesist summoners but can't for the life of me remember them off the top of my head.

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The Eidolon is a summoned creature still. It's more that the Synthesist is only partially summoning it, over him/herself.

I'm pretty sure a Synthesist's Eidolon can't be smaller than the synthesist for this reason.

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That's essentially what the synthesist is while he fused with his Eidolon. They become one creature.

Another take on it is similar to Sasuke and Susanoo. Where it envelops him and his motions match that of the summoner.

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Asura is basically a Barbarian/Frenzied Berserker with every rage related feat, epic levels, godhood, and some insane custom feats made just for him.

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The only way to remove the Eidolon is to either kill it or a successful Dismissal or Banish. Which the summoner retains all of his mental attributes. Stack your personal attributes to Cha for your spells and Wis for will saves. Stack up on will saves. Level 1 you can have a +10 to will saves right off the bat without taking the iron will feat. DC for dismissal early levels is 15-21 based on the caster. Just roll above a 10 and you're golden.

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You're right, the Eidolon cannot be a size class smaller than the summoner himself. There are evolutions that increase the Eidolon's size.

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You can find some other cool stuff here >>28955380

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Reason I posted that image of Asura is because the Evolutions allow you to grow more arms, heads, legs, etc. It seemed fitting at the time.

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You may also want to look at the Aegis if you're into psionics, particularly the Aberrant archetype.


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There's already a class for that


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>anything but this

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The apostles in the Beserk manga seem a bit like what you describe, especially this one.

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No, that's phallus symbolism.

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pfsrd has a psionic class like that called aegis, look it up yo

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Why is he fucking his awakened ballista?

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for ultimate power of course

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is that a beetle borg?

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Asura is a technician level 14 or so, ki regen out of the ass and (various) monster levels.he ain't using D&D rules, it's clearly anima.

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Ok, what is this?

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Kamen Rider you uncultured swine.

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You could easily finagle a rage power that lets you grow extra arms, really

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To be fair, phallus symbolism and superpowers in Berserk are extremely hard to tell apart.

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more pics of fire skeletons please

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Here are 20+, but I can't be arsed to look for just the artwork.
>>28967994 is among them.

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This is the coolest class I've ever heard.

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Asura and Asura's Wrath fits Exalted better. Most the divine generals would be Solar & Sidernal Exalted. Asura "fell" and became a Green Sun Prince.

At height his power before he fell I would put Asura at E6. Then he went down to E4 then back up to E6. By time he faced Yasha for first time he was at E7, unforunately Asura was spent from fighting. Eventually when he faced Chakravartin he was a Titan himself.

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I've never played the game, but White Knight Chronicles is all about a character who could easily be described as a synthesist. I worked out a progression for the eidolon that would work for a big angelic warrior. Chart on next post.

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Level 1-15, because seriously, who plays Lv16+ DnD characters? My highest level character was level 8. My main goal was maximizing strength and getting the size increases and flight as soon as possible. It's not the classic "ball of arms man" build, so the summoner needs a melee weapon.

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Synthesist is way more powerful.
laughingpsions.jpg http://www.d20pfsrd.com/psionics-unleashed/psionic-powers/t/telekinetic-force

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>Synthesist is way more powerful.
You sure about that? The eidolon is no more powerful, and a synthesist only gets one set of actions.

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Just compare evolutions and suit mods. Eidolon get 2 armor for 1 point, aberrant get 1 armor for 2 points, not to mention massive armor boost from being eidolon. Eidolon get pair of arms for what, 2 points, when suit need about 6 for them to be fully functional. Eidolon get rend and pounce for 1 point. Eidolon get +8 to skill for 1 point. Eidolon get energy immunity and fast healing.

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Sounds like Digital Devil Saga is what you're looking for.

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