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So I posted a few days ago, about ideas for a Dark Angels chapter. I got sine help from some anons, most of whom agreed that
a) it sucks that Dark Vengeance locks you into Dark Angels, and
b) that doing anything else with those guys is kind of a chore because of the DA iconography.

So I ask, what are some ways to do something original with this starter set, without painting my army men green and bone-white? One anon suggested a chapter with an unknown primarch, but admittedly I'm not sure what this means/entails.

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I read that most of the successor chapters of the DA are named "Angels of" whatever, and that they maintain closer ties with their legion than other legions' successors. however, if chapters tithe gene-seed to the Imperium, could they not use that to found a chapter?

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1. Name doesnt have 'Angels' in it.

2. They operate as their own chapter and give no fucks about the Fallen beyond them being Chaos Space Marines.

3. Early on, they had some conflicts over the last part. They hid behind the Inquisition to buy time and finally hid behind the High Lords themselves, who authorized the name change to the current one.

Then let stew for a millenia and now they are a 14th? Founding chapter with Dark Angels geneseed and share the preference for Plasma weapons, robes(breaks up the profile at distances), and a tactic or two. And that is the extent of the "Special Relationship" beyond the usual Astartes cooperation.

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Is this a unlikeable idea or are you just doing other things right now, OP?

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my next question, how set in stone are the character names? Can Librarian Turmiel instead be Librarian Jones? sorry about slow replies, I'm just on a phone so replying is tedious. I actually like that, I wanted a bird motif, to explain the wings on everything, and that would work for that, too, right?

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Thats a general setting thing. Flavor and all. Jones and Smith are boring.

Try... Williamson or Hutchison...just nothing boring and single syllable.

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I am also reading the actual codex, as well, trying to understand the Angels themselves, a bit.

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Ah okay. Somebody else will begin repkying. Just pic dump for attention. Going for a tvtrope traul

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how about Anderson?

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a humorous picture to bump your thread with.

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and another

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Using the earlier anon's suggestion of a sort of breakaway chapter, what would be a good motif for that army?

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A finely crafted and unique snowflake symbol.

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Go for a Doom Eagles morbid aesthetic and make your entire army look like grim reapers and ringwraiths.

Other benefits include being able to use C:SM rules and say your army is the Legion of the Damned, and also having your power weapons count as whatever the fuck you want because a scythe can be a power sword or a power axe (or a lance, but lol power lance).

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aren't Doom Eagles already a thing?

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Dark Angels are the grimderp version of Ultrasmurfs, fyi.

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You asked for a good motif, it'd be kind of hard to do a Doom Eagles motif if the Doom Eagles weren't a thing.

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>I read that most of the successor chapters of the DA

Most and all are not the same.

Not that the sword and wing motif has to mean you have a DA successor chapter. They could be derived from the smurfs, the pups, the fists, templars, unknown, [CLASSIFIED], or whatever.

Do I even want to know what kind of style you're going for with your chapter if Andersson is a suitable name. I mean, really, you got wings, swords, robes, and robed angels with swords everywhere. And this makes you think of Andersson?

Palette-swapped Dark Angels. There's an effectively infinite number of nice palettes for you to swap too, but then again, there's just as many that suck donkey arse. Time for you to show the world how good taste you have in these things, and live with the consequences. (I hope you have at least a basic grasp of color theory.)


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the Andersen thing was a joke, I'd definitely pick more thematically appropriate names. as for colors, I do have a few ideas. I suppose I'll just work on them, and get constitutive criticism once I get started on the army.

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Arthurian knights

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Monty Python Knights
If you don't want your chapter to be grimdark, at least. If you do, then what >>28955323 said.

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