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So what is the deal, one account of M'Kar's story has Kaldor Draigo of the Grey Knights felling him, the other has Calgar of the Ultramarines killing him.

Which is it?

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Whatever your liege degrees.

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The knights got him and calgar took credit for propaganda. Calgar is a bitch, i wonder what else hes lied about

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Why is he a chaos dreadnought again?

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Source is ultramarines omnibus

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>Whatever your liege degrees.
It won't let you down.

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He made an ancient of Ultramar his personal bitch/meatpuppet

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Draigo only destroyed M'kar's physical form - for the second time - while Calgar permanently slew him or whatever. Evidently Draigo didn't even actually banish M'kar if he returned later the same year to invade Ultramar.

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>McNeil Ultramarine fluff
Not even once.

Daemons don't die when they're slain in the materium, they're banished back into the warp except under very specific circumstances.

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McNeil is a terrible writer who tried to hog in on Ward's work, but Ward didn't care and wrote more M'kar anyway.

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>McNeil is a terrible writer
His Admech stuff is pretty good.

Though anything from him relating to the Ultramarines, pic related

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Ward is a better writer than McNiel? I love ultrafags. Too bad its canon and calgar is a liar

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Yes, I'd take Ward's 2nd Edition Ultramarines, over McNeil's The Codex Astartes Exists To Make My Snowflake Look Cool Ultramarines any day of the week.

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>His Admech stuff is pretty good.

No it's not. Instead of barbarous cargo cultists struggling to maintain what they can barely begin to fathom he writes them as all knowing, all powerful wizards, with discos in their heads 24/7.

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>Ward is a better writer than McNiel?

Yes. Though even if he wasn't, that wouldn't stop McNeil from being shit.

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That's what they basically are aside from DAoT Acheotech.

The Admech understands all of the Imperium's mainline technology.

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No. Ward is the worst writer next to Goto.You even the ultramarines ahaha

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>I love ultrafags
If you had said smurfs I would have believed you.
MRW Ultramarines omnibus. Just like Hitler was better than Stalin, Ward is better than McNeil.

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>That's what they basically are aside from DAoT Acheotech.

It's not though. These are the guys who light up the incense and pray while applying the ritual oils to appease the machine and will have men executed for not putting the correct weapon layout on a chimera, they're not bouncing tachyons off the blue shift to distort the quantum fields to increase the probability of instantaneous target combustion by a bizillion percent.

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Ward isnt even good
Where do these bads come from?

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Fluff says they know what they're doing - even if they attach prayer and ritual to it.

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Ward doesn't need to be good to be better than McNeil.

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who is this?

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Ward is mediocre leaning towards bad. McNeill is needs-to-go-die-in-a-fire terrible.

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Ward's Ultramarine fluff is Ctrl+C'd right out of the 2nd Edition Ultramarines codex until you get to the battles-section.
McNeil's Ultramarine fluff belongs in a Space Wolf book.

I'll take the guy who has no idea what he's talking about and uses Ctrl+V over the guy who has no idea what he's talking about and starts tap-dancing on his keyboard.

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Fluff also says that they are against progress and scarcely understand their technology.

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False gods was good. Wards stuff sounds like a pre-teen writing fan fiction. Im starting to think youre messing with me, being this bad and all

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None of that supports what you say. It says it's an arcane cult, where only the most senior actually know anything, and even their knowledge is shit.
McNeil writes none of this, he just masturbates to magic technology and his super genius cyborg wizards who faultlessly know what to do with it.

These same guys are the ones who've been churning out bolters for thousands of years and can barely deal with the thought of a Predator with lascannons on it.

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>Ward is mediocre leaning towards bad.

Not really.

The Newcrons are pure genius and awesome.

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The only times I read things like "scarcely understands" is when it concerns things like Dreadnoughts and Terminator suits - the highest end of the Imperial Armory.
And there are plenty of cases of fluff where they aren't against progress so much as they are against progress that isn't being monitored and regulated by miles of red tape.
Lest you get pic related.

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>False gods was good

No it wasn't, it was a marked step down fro Horus rising.

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Some random Black Legion fellow; the artwork's from their supplement.

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This actually makes me dislike them less. Same for Sicarious being a megalomaniac. Makes the ultras border on interesting

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Except Sicarius being a glory hounding meglomaniac isn't McNeillan fanfiction.

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Its considered good. Dat opinion of yours

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>Its considered good.

By you maybe. Hot opinion, bro.

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>The Command Squad of the Ultramarines 2nd Company has been known to reform alongside Chaplain Trajan. During the Hagus Wars, Chaplain Trajan’s squad spearheaded several counter attacks against a potent Tau expansionary force to recover the Sword of Zalthus. The legendary weapon, once wielded by Company Champion Zalthus a century before, had been captured during a devastating sequence of planetary raids. After Captain Sicarius had sustained great injuries from a XV104 Riptide, the Lions of Macragge rallied around Trajan and delivered a blistering strike against the Tau Ethereal leading the force. The Sword of Zalthus stands to this day, engulfed by clouds of incense, safe in the Ultramarines’ Reclusiam.

It's fun when it gets him into trouble and injury.

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>Sicarious being a megalomaniac
To be fair to his megalomania. According to Phil Kelly, Ward's Damnos Incident is Sicarius' only defeat in his two centuries as a captain.

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Fanfiction? Not ward fanfiction? Stop trolling pls

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You actually like wards writing. Enough said

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Is this Chaos or Loyalist?

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>Da cohdecks astartays says I should attack all enemy on sneak mizun
>This is the wisdom of Guilliman that's kept the Ultramarines alive for 10,000 years and greatest of Chapters.

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Ward just does was the studio tell him too, that's why the Ultramarines have been pumped up from Day 1. Look at what Phil Kelly has added to Ultramarine fluff - defeating a crownworld in 3 hours with half a chapter. They do what GW tells them to.

BL authors are given minimal oversight when they're writing outside the Horus Heresy series.

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Loyalist, he's wearing Salamanders heraldry.

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That's a salamander.


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I don't care for his work one way or another.

People's biggest problem with him seems to be that he makes super broken pseudo-mythological characters.

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You actually like McNeil's writing. Enough said

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There exactly does it say that? It says senior ranks are permitted to experiment. The word 'research' and 'explore' are thrown around.

Then you also got stuff like this, where they do make new, non-STC designs.

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Speaking of Sicarius, does someone got the new Warlord Advent about him?

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>pure genius


Really reaching.

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Yeah he aint bad at all imo. Only read priests of mars and false gods though. Ward is nothing in comparison imo

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While I like the newcrons, I must admit the first thing that came to mind when I read that post was "This is bait."

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Nothing new in it, except a story of him dealing with the childish tantrum of an Inquisitor, and his origin.

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Yeah, a handful of new shit over ten thousand years, while they've stagnated or even gone back wards with everything else. McNeil's bullshit belongs more to Star Trek than 40k.

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And not just any kind of bait.

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Exactly, Ward is nowhere near as shit.

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The genius is that it gave the Necrons what they needed while it allowed the previous flavor of Necrons to exist in the new lore.

Everyone got what they wanted.

The awesome is all the new fluff.

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Handful that we know of. Do you have a list of stuff they've lost and can never make again?

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>they've stagnated
McNeil spells this out right at the beginning of Lords of Mars. Every advancement they make is counter acted by the loss of knowledge somewhere or by the inventor's own secrecy. Creating an end-result of stagnation.

His Ultramarine fluff should be the subject of book burnings, but I find no quarrel with his admech fluff.

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Cant even spell McNeill lol

Draigo is good writing as well mirite?

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That wasn't "genius." That was at best "clever" and at worst "a happy accident" (pro tip: where Ward is concerned, the worst case scenario is always the correct one).

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I don't know what the fuck your problem is with Draigo. Seriously,

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Am I cool if I hate Ward too?

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It makes you uncool these days. Youre now a bro if you hate abnett, mcneill, kelly etc

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Probably doesn't know that wandering around in the warp just take a high willpower stat and that Draigo isn't the first, nor has he done it the longest.

Either that or he's an imperial fanboy who's secretly upset that every draigo does post-samurai jacking is doomed to failure save for the rare fluke when he gets to breathe a breath of fresh air in the materium.

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Speaking for myself.

I think Draigo is great. A paladin of righteous fury and an unassailable soul of purity stuck in the heart of darkness and corruption itself. Caught in a stalemate with the dark powers there. As they are powerless to defeat and corrupt him, he is powerless to do them any real harm.

His story is inspiring and depressing at the same time. I like it! and you would too if you guys weren't anti-ward bandwagoners.

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What's wrong with Kelly and Abnett?... Aside from the former's Space Yiffs and the latter's anything Horus Heresy.

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>"Beast! Come out and fight, beast!" shouted Captain Sicarius, blood coating one side of his face, dried in abstract patterns like a map of this shattered world. In the darkness of the subterranean tunnels, Sicarius swung his blade left and right in short but vicious slashes. "I have your death here at the point of my sword!"

Cato pls, you're embarrassing yourself.

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>Draigo isn't the first, nor has he done it the longest.

Who else is in there?

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I just hope there is a statute of limitations on griping about this shit because it's going on six years and the butthurt needs to stop.

This is the shit I'm talking about, all you people can do is sperg while offering no specific or constructive critiques, examples or otherwise, just "Draigo ez Marry Soo heuehueheuheueheuhe!"

It's Warhammer 40k, Fantastical shit is par for the course, not every legion can just be some generic template for a different paint scheme full of undifferentiated individuals.

Fuck year, if you actually read some of the fluff Draigo isn't as broken as everyone cries about, he's just exceptional and struggles through almost everything he does, his accomplishments just sound flawless after the fact.

Legion of the Damned

Silver Skulls


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Never jumped, hes always been shit. Its the pro-ward bandwagoners thats the problem

>> No.28944660

>Latter's anything Horus Heresy
To be fair, that series after the first 3-5 books seems to turn every writer into a brain dead idiot.

>> No.28944673

Legion of the Damned AKA the Fire Hawks. In one instance of fluff, a tactical squad raided Nurgle's Garden and extracted a captured captain.

>> No.28944687

Did one of them tatoo mortarions heart solo? Get rekt by imperium bitch ass chaos

>> No.28944696

>Good Plasma tech outside of Ryza
>Good Lance weapon tech (starships)

I am in a hurry, so someone pick up from here please
I am sure someone has made a compilation of all the shit the AdMech has lost
And after 10k of constant war, having worse weapon tech than before is very, very sad

>> No.28944699

Well if the thing turned into a protracted fight of course they'd be fucked.

That's why they do lightning warfare.

>> No.28944714

No, but none of them are a Supreme Grand Poobah of Daemonslaying.

Also Draigo wasn't alone, his predecessor Supreme Grand Poobah of Daemonslaying was also there until Mortarion killed him.

>> No.28944735

>and the latter's anything Horus Heresy.

The Horus Heresy. A man who builds community housing and rapes infants is still an infant rapist.

>> No.28944743

He's a daemon. He's guaranteed to respawn every time.

>> No.28944755

No....but they gained fantastic abilities.

Did you know that they are immune to the Avatar? Is this also true in the TT?

>> No.28944757

No one is pro Ward.

There's only anti-Ward sperg legionares and people who don't see what the fucking big deal is.

You still can't even bring up a single valid point against him as the Bane of all that is Warhammer 40k as you'd have us believe.

Grey Knights are Anti-Daemon, it's there thing, only two took out Angron during the first War of Armageddon and Draigo being the exceptional Grey Knight he is (second only to Janus) could deal with a weaker Primarch like Mortarion.

You realize being a Daemon Primarch really isn't that big a deal half the time right? There are tons of Chaos Marine Princes just as strong as them if not more notorious.

The point is that the accounts are overlapping.

>> No.28944835


>SICARIUS : Not again! I am a Lion of Macragge. I am Master of the Watch, a slayer of kings!


Shattering the pride and ego of such fools is always fun.

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Defending draigos shit. Wow /tg/.. just wow

>> No.28944875

Draigo is like Samurai Jack which was good, therefore he is good.

>M-muh Mortarion

>> No.28944876

> responding with only ad hominem.

Stay the course ass plastered rage artist.

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I loved that story, showed how much Necrons can fuck shit up with time-phased shit and tactical genius alone.

dat lone Deathmark killing Marneus Calgar

>> No.28944912

It was just a dream though. The Ultras stomped Damnos in reality.

>> No.28944942

Ironically, I think Geronitan is actually the most noteworthy single character-kill any Daemon Primarch has got, next to the champion Fulgrim of course. Even Aurellian was just a Brother-Captain and took down Angron with him.

>> No.28944962

More like an inexplicable vision that saved Ultramar from destruction.

Does anyone question why Cato is getting all these visions? Is he a Psyker or something?

Tiger was given a lot of crap for his farseeing powers and yet Cato gets a pass.

>> No.28944963

mfw Guass Pylons

>> No.28944983


Dream, minshackle scarabs or timetravel shenanigans.

Not meaning Calgar's dead, only that I believe the dream/alt. reality/hallucination would have become real if Sicarius hadn't used this knowledge to stop it.

>> No.28944988

>Does anyone question why Cato is getting all these visions?

Will of the Emperor.

>> No.28944999

That looks like art for a book?

>> No.28945017

Upcoming audio. An even huger version is on the Black Library site:


>> No.28945020

An upcoming Draigo story.

>> No.28945033

>Does anyone question why Cato is getting all these visions? Is he a Psyker or something?
Possibly, Humanity is supposedly going to become the psychic master race (assuming they survive the transformation into said master race) soon and the number of people waking up one day with awakened psychic powers is steadily increasing.

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>> No.28945038

Oh fuck yes!

>> No.28945040

First Pandorax, then his advent short, now an audio. Draigo is conquering Black Library.

>> No.28945067

Supreme Sassmaster Draigo was the best part of that book.

>> No.28945076

did anyone else enjoy the advent short?

Love how he was accosted for taking out Mortarion.

>> No.28945105

I love that there's this uneasy arrangement between the Dark Angels and the Grey Knights as to whom owes who.

>> No.28945111

I liked how he is going to save warhammer fantasy from Chaos.

>> No.28945132

YFW Draigo gets fantasy rules in a similar role as the Legion of the Damned in 40k

>> No.28945143

>Only returning to Damnos twenty-five years after the original incident allowed Sicarius to erase the memories and premonitions that had haunted him; visions of a metal god whose heartbeat was as powerful as an earthquake.

I would expect Calgar to at least raise an eyebrow when his captain speaks to him of visions of death and of a terrible metal god.

>> No.28945145

Draigo and Azrael confirmed for Bromance

>> No.28945167

Sigmar was not a Primarch. He was a Draigo.

>> No.28945183

Calgar wold know that that shit needed a good Ultra-fisting. Unfortunately Cato's grenade got there first.

>> No.28945201

The fuck are you supposed to do when one Chapter Master jumps on another and starts pummeling him?

>> No.28945230

They were also ordered back by the High Lords of Terra. Apparently word that the Ultramarines lost did not bode well for morale across the whole of the Imperium.

It's not easy being the best.

>> No.28945237

Go and get Calgar and get him to sort it out.

>> No.28945260

Have a mexican standoff until they sort it out I would imagine.
Unless one dies, then you got a serious problem
Unless the killer is the Space Wolves, then they get let off the hook for being those wacky wolves.

>> No.28945270

>Drop my power pants
>Start fapping

>> No.28945295

Abaddon and Huron confirmed for Hatemance

>> No.28945311

Why is Az so bald?

>> No.28945335

When did Draigo grow a beard?

>> No.28945433

Draigo always had a beard, he just trims it smaller in the warp.

>> No.28945440

The spiritual liege clearly understood his captain's need to redeem himself - hopefully then Sicarius would stop being so goddamn miserable all the time. Seriously, he was totally ruining the Time of Ending for everyone.

>> No.28945474

The cruel jokes of Tycho and Lysander did not help. Why can other chapters not be as understanding as the Ultramarines?

>> No.28945539

>‘We’ll join you, of course,’ the Blood Angel replied. ‘I would never forgive myself if I denied Cato the honour of fighting at our side for a second time.’

>Sicarius’ expression darkened. Lysander wasn’t sure if the Ultramarine had taken offence at the insult, or the over-familiarity of the address. Whatever the reason, Sicarius had the sense to hold his peace in the face of the provocation.

I know, right?

Cato seems to have a huge ultra stick up his bum.

>> No.28945614

>Ded, after going insane about his pretty face

>Alive, slayer of a god


>> No.28945643

>caring about post-4th edition fluff

>> No.28945645

Could Calgar knock sense into Draigo and Azrael?

>> No.28945685

But that's when things start getting juicy.

>Could Calgar do something kewl

The answer is yes.

>> No.28945720

So I take it Chapter Masters tend to be exceptionally bad ass by Space Marine standards?

>> No.28945731

well yeah that's how they get to be chapter masters

>> No.28945776


>> No.28945853

> Lord Inquisitor!
> An astartes chapter whiped out an entire hive world along with three companies of other astartes from three allied chapters!
Oh really? Space Woooooooooooolves!!!
*Logan Grimnar shrugs sheepishly*
Oh You space Wolves *shakes head*

>> No.28945908

Would love to see a Hogan's Heroes done with Space Wolves as the POWs and the Inquisition as the Nazis.

>> No.28945929

>*Logan Grimnar shrugs sheepishly*

You might say he's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

>> No.28946003


*pans to Bjorn behind a drum set holding tiny drum sticks with his Dreanought pincers*

>> No.28946234

So will Ben Counter ever do another Grey Knight novel?

>> No.28946259


>> No.28946289

Awwww, why not?

>> No.28946379

Because he's done with them.

>> No.28946430


I need more Alaric.

>> No.28946458

No, screw you.

Have more Draigo

>> No.28946508

I will, but muh Gladiator brawlin' free-thinkin' Grey Knight..

>> No.28946544

Sicarius will become the Lord of the Legion of the Damned. He also apparently attracts vortex grenades.

>> No.28946627

Does the Legion of the Damned even function as a chapter anymore, I thought they had just degenerated into a crew of kickass warp tainted marines.

>> No.28946669

The Legion is a force made of Spess Marine ghosts now. They have leaders and shit.

>> No.28946700

Yep, they recruit dying marines into their ranks.

>> No.28946726

>Yep, they recruit dying marines into their ranks.

Dead Marines too.

>> No.28946750

You cant permanently kill a demon, no matter how mary sue you are. They re-spawn in 1,001 years,

>> No.28946774

You can with an intensified form of "Hollocaust" which extinguishes an entity from both the material plane and Warp entirely. That's how the Emperor erased Horus.

>> No.28946788


>> No.28946951

>Only Eisenhorn's opinion
>True death never mentioned, infact Draigo's entry talks of how his victories are meaningless as the daemons come back.

Yet to read M'kar's, but not looking good so far.

>> No.28946985

>all this people being mad at someone who writes something they don't like

>> No.28947042

Probably both. Daemons can come back after they're physically killed, right?

>> No.28947092

The Imperium isn't really an empire so much as a loose confederation. It's just that, like the AdMech, the Space Wolves are more blatant about it.

Apropos of nothing, I kinda want to see more fluff about Sebastian Thor and the Age of Apostasy in general.

>> No.28947097


>> No.28947130

Does Sicarius employ Chapter serfs or just a train of incredibly obedient fangirls?

>> No.28947183

Visions from the Emperor. The Black Templars may weep now, for the role of Emperor's Champion is no longer exclusive.

>> No.28947204

Is there an archive of these covers?

>> No.28947225

That's Ultramarines, son.
Varro can cast as powerful spells as Mephiston does just because he is a ultramarine.
Best of the best.

>> No.28947287

Regular Marine wasn't too far off the mark after all.

>> No.28947385

He's just good.

>> No.28947478

Fangirls it is. I'm guessing most of the Chapter's discretionary funds come from the Sicarius merch sold in the gift shop at the Fortress of Hera.

>> No.28947704

???.M31 - Horus Heresy
- Maloq Kartho of the World Bearer's traitor Legion sacrifices his forces in a bid to fell the Ultramarines lead by Remus Ventanus only to be felled by the blade of Erebus. Though defeated, his acts would grant him favor in the eyes of Choas rebirthed as the Daemon Prince M'Kar.

799.M41 - (Flesh Tearers, Celestial Lions & Grey Knights)
- M'Kar seeks to establish a stronghold in the Vidar Sector on the planet Acralem. Flesh Tearers, Celestial Lions and Grey Knights descend on the planet quashing his ambitions where Kaldor Draigo delivers the finishing blow to M'Kar earning him M'Kar's curse and eternal wrath.

878.M41 (Ultramarines)
- M'Kar is reborn a second time, this time targeting the Ultramarines attacking Ultimar with a fleet of Chaos Pirates only to suffering a humbling defeat at the hands of Captain Cato Sicarius forcing him into retreat.

935.M41 (Ultramarines)
- M'Kar and a Daemonic horde take control of the Ultramarine star fort Indominable. While details remain sketchy, official records state that Marnius Calgar and the 1st Terminator Company tore M'Kar limb from limb.

965.M41 (Blood Angels)
- M'Kar mysteriously reappears imprisoning the chief Librarian of the Blood Angels Mephiston within the crystal caverns of Solon V seeking to tempt the Psyker towards the path of Chaos only to have his offer rejected by having the life throttled out of him.

>> No.28947747


997.M41 (Sky Sentinels & Grey Knights)
M'Kar is thrice reborn turning the Agri-World of Sodheim V into his own personal Pandemonia attracking the attention of a Tyranid Hive fleet and the Sky Sentinels Chapter who seek to use Exterminatus to reclaim the planet. The Grey Knights manage to persuade them a stay of execution that they may reclaim the cursed Book of Pandergaras. However caught between Chaos and Tyranid forces the Grey Knights order the Exterminatus annihilating the Daemons and Devourers leaving only the Grey Knights. M'Kar presumably escapes.

999.M41 - (Grey Knights)
On the 200th Annivarsary of his defeat, M'Kar seeks to reclaim Acralem once more in hopes of luring out his old foe Kaldor Draigo who ventures to Acralem alone. Though Draigo's Nemesis-Force blade is broken in the final battle he ultimately prevails plunging the broken blade up into M'Kar's heart banishing the Daemon and his legions back into the Warp, but not before Draigo himself was cast into the Warp where the long standing curse may take affect. Had Draigo actually foiled the Daemon Prince's plans or was it all an elaborately orchestrated scheme to enact his vengeful curse on Draigo?

>> No.28947896


999.M41 - (Ultramarines)
- It's revealed that M'Kar's persistent presence in the Material realm and numerous rebirths were due to his incomplete defeat at the hands of Clagar, only imprisoned in the Warp Core of the Star Fortress Indominable. Having enacted his vengeance against his old foe Draigo, M'kar seeks to settle the score with the Ultramarines and is thrice reborn through the body of an Utlramarine Dreadnought leading the Star Fortress towards Ultimar to play his own part in the 13th Black Crusade. In the ensuing invasion of the system the embattled Ultramarine forces nearly sucumb ot M'Kars might, but with the Daemon's true name uttered by brother Uriel (rending the Daemon Prince helpless) and the Shard of Erebus (the blade which had originally slain M'Kar during the Horus Heresy) driven into M'Kar's throat by Calgar himself the day is won, the foul Daemon erased from existence.

>> No.28947987

The recent addition.

>> No.28948153

the fluff also states that's a cover to make sure only they have the tech

>> No.28948237

both happen, its a warp thing

M'kar said he'll be back to fight Draigo, so it shows up when he said he will be. the Warp doesn't care about time and space

>> No.28948266

No, it doesn't.

>> No.28948484

He's not a Dreadnought when Draigo fights him is he?

>> No.28948487

some Ultramarine relics are made out of Necron tech, Cato is covered with the stuff, necrons have time seeing tech.

>> No.28948521

Grey Knights also broker deals with Necron Weapons dealers.

>> No.28948590

What do the Grey Knights trade with them in exchange?

>> No.28948671

Where do you think Trazyn gets all his cool shit? The Knights offer Imperial Guard regiments, relics, and all sorts of crap in exchange for their swag.

>> No.28948684

I don't believe it's ever specified.

Grey Knights also sometimes work with Eldar since they share a common enemy with Chaos. It tends to puzzle the Eldar greatly who are unaccustomed to encounters with Space Marines that don't result in mutual bloodshed.

>> No.28948693

Corbulo's page in the Blood Angels codex also has this, though it doesn't give a date:

>Similarly, without Corbulo’s guidance, the Blood Angel’s Chapter Fleet would never have known the hour and location at which M’kar the Reborn’s world-breaking Daemon-cruiser would enter the Baal system, and could thus never have ambushed and obliterated the vessel before Baal itself was laid waste.

>> No.28948771

no just a daemon prince

that dreadnought thing was stupid, made the whole story look even more like "Ultramarines are stupid losser, minus my snowflake space yiff wannabe"

>> No.28948774

M'Kar is kinda incompetent. I wonder when hes gonna get his ass beat next.

>> No.28948826




Ward loves to write these kind of characters.

>> No.28948850


Chaos tends to job in the Codex Fluff and Dominate in the Black Library Fluff.

>> No.28948873

Never, he's dead for good.

>> No.28948893

True death is bullshit.
Even this just denies daemon for a while.

>> No.28948926

M'kar really gets shit done for a daemon prince. Yes, he loses, but he spreads corruption, kills tons of space marines, and scoots back into the Materium lightning fast.

>> No.28948959

True Death is rare, but it is permanent. There's only four known instances of it.

>> No.28949053


>> No.28949172

Illic for him was just some ranger that just happen to help out Khan, not this last hope bullshit

>> No.28949313

Hes done nothing notable except die like a bitch to the same people.

>> No.28949331

>Implying Ward and Kelly didn't help the BL authors to expand his character

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