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Peter Parker Quest, Issue #38

>Rules: http://pastebin.com/w5G3aG3Y
>Character sheet: http://pastebin.com/q1AqTT5h
>My twitter: https://twitter.com/QuestOpCosgrove
>Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Peter%20Parker%20Quest
>Story Arc database: http://pastebin.com/fR0Z1SNK

>Peter Parker Status: Tired

You’ve been keeping an ear out for any big trouble lately, but after catching the Hobgoblin and with Carnage in a jail holding cell without bail awaiting trail as his court date keeps being pushed back, there hasn’t been too much. Some odd robberies and the Hobgoblin’s equipment gone missing, but nobody’s used it.


Still, while things are quiet, it’s best to get to work on pressing issues. Such as the hard drive your father left behind. The videos are mostly his discussions on the different blueprints he left behind as he talks to you over the video. You’ve spent many a late night, such as last night, working on it until you collapsed from exhaustion. Still, there are secrets in this thing that are left hidden.

Until this morning.

Blearily opening your eyes on Thanksgiving morning, you quickly blink back the crud from your eyes as you stare at the words on the screen.


Your heart skips a beat as you stare at the words before hitting enter, the screen changing to videos and images- there’s a more than a few images your father had of him, you and your mother. Moreoever, a decent amount of the thumbnails for your father’s videos show him looking rather disheveled. Glancing at the clock, you see that it is nine in the morning.

However, today is Thanksgiving- normally things are pretty quiet- you, Aunt May, Uncle Ben, and Miss Anna Watson. But you’ve noticed Aunt May buying up lots of food to prepare- much more than usual. She’s either making sure there’s lots of leftovers of you’re having more guests than normal.


>> No.28935369

You might have an hour or two to do things before you’re roped into helping prepare for dinner and guests. You glance in the mirror nearby- your hair’s disheveled and your eyes are somewhat bloodshot.

>[ ]Spend the time with the Hard drive
>[ ]Spend time with Stella.
>[ ]Help out early, try to find out who’s coming over
>[ ]Nap to freshen up so you don’t look so exhausted.
>[ ]Write in

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>[X]Spend the time with the Hard drive
>[X]Spend time with Stella
>[X] Get some eye drops and comb your hair


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>[ ]Help out early, try to find out who’s coming over
>>[ ]Spend time with Stella.
its thanks giving after all

>[ ]Nap to freshen up so you don’t look so exhausted.

>> No.28935416

>[ ]Spend the time with the Hard drive
The mystery is killing me here.

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Got my tea, got snacks, got caffiene.



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This. Thanks for late PPQ Cos! You're amazing and spectacular!

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Spend time with Stella while helping out and trying to find out who's coming over
also invite Felicia i we haven't yet
please tell me we invited Felicia over during timeskip

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>not inviting our girlfriend to thanksgiving dinner

>> No.28935440

>>[ ]Spend the time with the Hard drive

>> No.28935469

We already invited her.

Seriously, Peter isn't THAT DUMB.

Right cosgrove?


>> No.28935471

I know my dream list of participants of A Vary Awkward Parker Thanksgiving are Uncle Ben, Aunt May, Peter, Stella, Felicia, Gwen and her father, Anne Watson and MJ, and Harry and Norman. Maximum Awkwardness!

>> No.28935472


[x] grab a shower and some coffee to freshen up
[x] did we make plans to watch the parade on TV with someone?
[x] Spend time with Stella
[x] Help out early, try to find out whose coming over.

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we had better invite Felicia Thanksgiving dinner guys.

>> No.28935491

I do hope we've done stuff like watch a movie together, even if just on Netflix, cook her dinner at least once, etc.

She wasn't even on the list of people to hang out with over the timeskip which is kind of worrying.

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This. We can worry about the hard drive after dinner.
Don't won't to see something horrible that will leave us distraught all throughout dinner

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No way Uncle Ben is getting out of that alive.

>> No.28935517

Not Eddie Brock?

Haven't seen him in a while.

>> No.28935518

>[ ]Nap to freshen up so you don’t look so exhausted.
>[ ]Write in
Pack up the Hard Drive. Now that it's finished decrypting it can wait until we have a better oportunity to look it over without the potential for someone to walk in and see what's on it.

Incidently Cos, I both love and hate your quests. On one hand they're awesome, and on the other it keeps making me want to try my hand myself, so I keep thinking up storyline or mechanics elements.

>> No.28935530

Cos said it was assumed we were doing bf/gf stuff automatically.

Oh yeah! Forgot about him!

>> No.28935537

That's a good point, probably not a good time for someone to stumble upon it.

>> No.28935542

this, plus picking Felicia up because we already invited her to Thanksgiving dinner like three weeks ago because we aren't completely autistic

>> No.28935552

>>[ ]Nap to freshen up so you don’t look so exhausted.
>>[ ]Write in
And hide the Hard Drive.

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When asked about if she's want to come over for Thanksgiving, All Felicia did was smile impishly at Peter and say, "Sorry, Peter, I already made plans."

>> No.28935555

Change vote to this. Keep it hidden, keep it safe!

>> No.28935570

Aunt May and Uncle Ben totally invited her over themselves.

>> No.28935571

is "Mr. Hardy" aka Felicia with a fake mustache, coming to Thanksgiving?

>> No.28935576

Glad to see she still has some secrets.

>> No.28935582

She could be coming as Felix reigniting my reverse trap fetish

>> No.28935584

...So much for her cutting back on her criminal activity.

>> No.28935594


...dubious glance intensifies...

>> No.28935601

>> No.28935611

>Go through the harddrive for an hour or two, then clean yourself up and ask if there's anything you can do to help.

Was worried it wouldn't run tonight. Thanks for the quest Cosgrove.
Hope your day went well.

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What's it like for Peter at school?

Has anyone noticed that he's easily a genius and that he's better than whatever engineering teacher his school has?

>> No.28935625

>[ ]Nap to freshen up so you don’t look so exhausted.
>[ ]Write in

Hide hard drive.

Also Looked at the pastebin, didn't we find out Hobgoblin's identity.

Also Stella's weapons are in felicia's house right?

>> No.28935639

>Also Stella's weapons are in felicia's house right?
We have no idea. Felicia mentioned they were locked up, but we never looked into where they were locked up.

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Hey, Herman Schultz is actually a pretty smart guy in his own right.

Did you know that he designed and built his gauntlets when he was already in prison?

That's worth some props.

>> No.28935658

>Has anyone noticed that he's easily a genius and that he's better than whatever engineering teacher his school has?

Peter's always been the smartest kid in school.

>> No.28935668

we need to talk to Tony Stark

>> No.28935671


>> No.28935678

>When asked about if she's want to come over for Thanksgiving, All Felicia did was smile impishly at Peter and say, "Sorry, Peter, I already made plans."
She's going to have a money fight with MHQ Felicia.

>> No.28935686

Isn't Gwen about as smart as we are?

>> No.28935692

What are Richard's, Pym's and Stark's intelligence?

>> No.28935703


>> No.28935706

No Gwen needs to talk to tony stark. Because that would be hilarious.

>> No.28935720


Ability with science does not a good teacher make, teaching requires passion and the ability and passion to instill and inspire.

Herman lacks those things even if he is a competent engineer.

He bored Peter in Science Class.







>> No.28935726

Isn't Pym the Scientist Supreme of Earth.

>> No.28935739

Schultz is probably thinking about safecracking. It is his passion, after all.

>> No.28935745

He's worse than Snape then?

>> No.28935749


So when next we see her...she'll be sporting some diamonds.

>> No.28935754


>> No.28935768

Up to the events of PPQ she was a close second to Peter- their relationship was an informal but friendly rivalry whenever they'd meet and Peter could work up the courage to talk to her.

>> No.28935769


At least Snape acted like he gave a damn, and did in fact give a damn.

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>> No.28935783

Dinner with Defoe.
This spring on the CW

>> No.28935789


...the pic is a lie...I'm cracking over here.

>> No.28935807

He's more than just a scientist when he's in his lab.

>> No.28935810


>> No.28935814

Rolled 1

DOOM would like to remind you Pym is also the Domestic Abuser Supreme.

>> No.28935820

Gwen isn't a richard reeds/Pym/stark/doom/Peter in canon smarts. No where NEAR.

This Gwen, MIGHT.

>> No.28935822

And now our relationship is just various levels of awkward uncomfortableness where neither of us has really done anything wrong per say, and yet a truly staggering amount of mistakes have been made.

>> No.28935823

fuck you

>> No.28935833

We should not judge people by their Ultimate counterparts. I mean Ult Doom has goat feet, far unbecoming your greatness.

>> No.28935839

pym is a pimp hero

>> No.28935851

...You know who else isn't Richards/Doom/Pym/Stark tier smarts?

Peter Parker.

>> No.28935860

We really need a lab.

>> No.28935873

>> No.28935875

What is he saying in that?

>> No.28935880

That's Ultimate Pym. 616 Pym only hit Jan once, and it was due to a combination of severe mental instability and her pressuring him into a marriage. It was literally her fault.
The sad thing is, Reed's treated Sue much worse, but Pym's always the one who gets shit on for hitting Jan.

>> No.28935882

Rolled 44

DOOM isn't pleased by the first comment, my foot shall dive tonight.
As for the seccond reply, DOOM will acquiesce.

>> No.28935883

>This Gwen, MIGHT

>> No.28935899

If Peter wasn't doing spiderman shit or worrying about being poor, he be making alpha energy reactors at the age of 25 and end global energy problems.

Your talking to the dude who make tracks that uses his spider sense at the age of fucking 17.

DONT underestimate Peter science potential.

>> No.28935909

Rolled 42

"You shouldn't have made me look small, Janet"
"You shouldn't have made me look small"
If DOOM recalls correctly.

>> No.28935939


>> No.28935950

Pretty sure we didn't even have engineering perks/skills at the time, so it was just all with our fervent love of science and our int

>> No.28935953

Yellowjacket you smooth criminal

>> No.28935978

Is MJ joining us at thanksgiving?

>> No.28935980


Spend the time with the Hard Drive and Stella

>> No.28935986

Probably, her aunt is helping May prepare the meal.

>> No.28936017

And Harry
And Norman
And Brock

>> No.28936042

And Gwen
And Captain Stacy

>> No.28936078

Out of curiosity, Gwen's suit look like this, or the planned finished product?

Also, what were the paper's responses to her? I mean we did fight HG in front of the cops.

>> No.28936094

I think that' the finished product

>> No.28936095

That will actually be coming up here in a moment!

>> No.28936101

basically, becoming spiderman so young stunted Peter Parker's academic potential.

Granted, he's still a smart mofo, but his 'academic' work is more geared toward his heroing than anything else really. (compared to other 'sciency' heros at least a la' tony stark and Reed Richards... who have their own issues)

>> No.28936109


>> No.28936116

Does Felicia knows about Gwen?

>> No.28936120


>> No.28936135

That was covered a while back I believe. I can't recall which thread off the top of my head though (certainly before we went to the future).

>> No.28936141

OOC: She knows.

>> No.28936148

She knows that Gwen was there when we got bit so she might be able to guess.

>> No.28936152

Yes, she overheard the conversation between Pete and Gwen when she had cat ears.

>> No.28936162


Yes, when she was all Cat'd out she heard our conversation with Felicia about possibly being infectious, how the spider bit us first, then her, then how both of us wouldn't be able to have normal lives if we were.

Felicia knows Gwen's secret.

Gwen does not know, but probably only needs less than 5 minutes of serious extrapolation to figure out Felicia's secret.

>> No.28936308

Oh good; we haven't gotten too far into the quest. Time to park my ass and keep my index finger glued to the F5 key.

I was half-expecting my quest to still be up, but I guess I was probably right when I said that interest in it waned during my impromptu hiatus. Still gonna make sure it's finished, though. For now, PPQ beckons...

>> No.28936328

>keep my index finger glued to the F5 key.
You could just use the auto-refresh feature...

>> No.28936358

... that works too.

>> No.28936362

It can go a long ass time without updating though. So I tend to do low focus stuff and reset the timer manually so it refreshes every 10-15 seconds rather than 50-120

>> No.28936485

oh my god am right on time for this for once

>> No.28936570

So while we're waiting, anyone care to play the "what's Mary Jane's deal" game?

>> No.28936582

She doesn't have a deal. She's a smart, cute girl with lots of friends and activities and everybody likes her.

>> No.28936591

She's 'Crazy.'

It's safe bet.

>> No.28936597

She's Stella's human half

And Carnage.

And Venom.

Along with absolutely everyone else.

>> No.28936601

DOOM shall state the obvious: This Mary Jane is a maiden that suffered a lifetime of abuse, domestic violence and abandonment, and this led to her being socially isolated.
DOOM excuses himnself, for DOOM will now go cry in a corner.

>> No.28936606

Wouldn't be surprised if she was smart. And could be cute if she took care of herself. Or was cute on Halloween. Probably has a lot of "activities" as well, "spree killer" possibly one of them.

>> No.28936614

>Parents Murdered
>Abusive Father
>Raped by Boyfriend
>Secretly Carnage
>Actually a Man
>Bella Swan

I think that covers all of the theories people try to seriously suggest (and one lie).

Goddamnit Captcha

>> No.28936623

molested by her father

>> No.28936627


Confirmed for Richards pretending to be DOOM to ruin his good name. 9/11 wasn't good enough for you, was it you bastard?

>> No.28936629

You know, I never did think about who Stella's biological mother was.

>> No.28936632

I'm pretty sure she was the girl in white at the costume party. Also, I have a personal theory that she's a mutant mindreader or something similar, but that's just me.

>> No.28936641

Nope, definitely not a murderer. You shouldn't look at her for that.

>> No.28936651

To be honest, I'm pretty sure for Lokis, gender is a matter of personal preference.

Like if Stella was raised different, she'd instead pretty much be Kid Loki.

>> No.28936661

DOOM thinks Richards might be poisoning DOOM with feminine hormones.
Last night DOOM felt an incredible urge to watch Sex and the City and eat ice cream...

>> No.28936684

>[ ]Spend the time with the Hard drive
>[ ]Nap to freshen up so you don’t look so exhausted.

Let's check the hard drive out for an hour and then nap until dinner time.

>> No.28936701

Wonder if a villian kills a family member or a close friend if we get a permanent buff...

>> No.28936728

let's hope we don't find out

>> No.28936743

That's when we start using the Mark of Kaine.

>> No.28936747

>the mob kills our girlfriend and our 'daughteru'
>pic related

>> No.28936761


>> No.28936770

If they're LUCKY it's "Back in Black." If they're not lucky... Spyder.

>> No.28936784


Hoping it isn't this.

Hoping this isn't her deal.

>> No.28936786

Head lice?

>> No.28936804

Yeah, all things considered, we're probably going to go the Spyder route.

>> No.28936810


>> No.28936812

>"If they're not lucky... Spyder."
They'd need to roll a lot of ones to be that unlucky.

>> No.28936825

Don't forget the end result of that.

>> No.28936836

What is this book?

>> No.28936839

>You will become something ugly and terrible
>But in a bitchin' coat

>> No.28936859

>Wolverine kicking him out of the Avengers while wearing his yellow spandex murder suit.

>> No.28936862


Thought we were trying to avoid going EDGEY

>> No.28936867

>Not killing people
This still makes me laugh to this very day.

>> No.28936879

Lesson number one:
Bad guys get better outfits...with exceptions.

>> No.28936881

Grim Hunt. The end of Peter Parker's No Good, Very Bad Day.

The Kravens spend months sending him through a gauntlet of physical and emotional distress including murdering a number of his fellow spiders. He teaches them why he holds back so much.

>> No.28936883

>and a dead ock that will not body swipe you.

Honestly, if shit gets really bad, we taking the gloves off.

We aren't going to let carnage or some mass super power cerial killer be our joker.

No fucking jokers. No matter WHAT.

>> No.28936895

But I like Joker.

>> No.28936898

Don't forget Wolverine acting like he has the moral standing to condemn anyone for anything.

>> No.28936903

Pretty sure the justice system in New York isn't NEARLY as retarded at Gotham's.

>> No.28936907

Pete's always been extremely protective over his family.

It makes less sense not to enter the cold-blooded battle rage should someone kill one of our loved ones.

>> No.28936917


>> No.28936922

So do a lot of people. That however doesn't make him a good criminal. He's a great foil, but the complete lack of Joker being held accontable for his crimes...

I'm sorry but there are a lot of comic book villains that would cause the state to instate or reinstate the death penalties, just so they don't have to deal with their bullshit anymore.

>> No.28936926

Gotham Police sure as hell don't.

Or anyone else in the DC universe other than Harly and Batman.

>> No.28936928

This is always the best part. Mt. "I have my own secret kill team to take out threats that can't be left alive." kicking Peter off the Avengers for killing Villains.

>> No.28936932


I meant that I thought we were trying to avoid that edge in this quest. Not that it isn't a valid spidey path (though a horrid one) but I was under the impression we were trying to make the world a less horrible everything is dead pplace.

>> No.28936945

Looking at the expression on his face, it seems Peter knows how much bullshit that is.

>> No.28936947

They shot us over the dude who almost bomb a school and was suspected for killing people brutally because we made the cops look bad.

I don't trust the cops. They keep delaying carnage trail and kept the identity of hobgoblin hidden from the public.

>> No.28936953

Look, no asylum that is anywhere near approval with the American Psychological Association would EVER accept a monster like Joker for treatment. It's unthinkable.
In fact, anyone with a criminal justice degree could tell you that psychopaths are untreatable, and in fact, trying to treat them only makes them MORE EFFECTIVE at manipulating people.

>> No.28936969

I think Cosgrove might have fallen asleep at his computer.

>> No.28936974

probably because Phil was a minor, and Shield wanted to put the kibosh on press.

>> No.28936975

>shooting a masked superhuman fighting another superhuman is bad when you don't know what the fuck is happening
Get out

>> No.28936977

We have his picture. We could always release it virally over the internet. It would make the police look even worse for keeping it hidden.


>> No.28936979

Considering we and Hobbes were pretty much a couple of costumed lunatics in a world that has never seen costumed superpowered people before, their initial reaction is understandable. It will pass.

>> No.28936981

no, LONG update INCOMING

>> No.28936983

Rolled 2


>> No.28936988

Holy shit.

>> No.28936989



>> No.28936994



>> No.28936996



>> No.28936998

Clearly it worked so well, time itself has bent to your whims.

>> No.28937004

DOOM is pleased.

>> No.28937007

While a nap sounds lovely and you’d rather just spend forever with this hard drive, its probably best to pack it away. Spending a few moments, you set the computer back to normal and hide anything that relates to your secret activities.

Yawning, you quickly head upstairs and greet Uncle Ben and Stella- Aunt May is over at the Watsons for the moment. You take a moment to see that Uncle Ben is showing her his Bob Ross VHS again before you head upstairs to freshen up- watching that man is a deathtrap to being awake to you right now. Grabbing a shower and trying to make yourself not look like death warmed over, you succeed in merely looking like you’re somewhat tired.

Heading back downstairs in clean clothes, you glance at the clock- it’s just past nine-thirty. There’s some decorations up here and there, but things haven’t been finished- since you normally use the dining table for thanksgiving, it usually isn’t bothered with, however as there will (probably) be more guests, you might as well try to help out.

Uncle Ben waves at you over as you sit down. “Good thing you’re up, sport. May’d have a cow if you’re still sleeping. Anyway, we need to assemble the larger dining table, so we’ll have to grab it from the garage.”

“Sounds good!”

It takes a little bit of time as you help your uncle dust off and assemble the table in the cleared area of the living room before chairs are placed down- according to your uncle there needs to be twelve chairs in total. When the two of you have finally set up the table, you smile in nostalgia.

This table used to be used every Thanksgiving- you remember your father and Uncle Ben always dragging it out and assembling it as you’d wait around to hang out with Eddie- he was older but he always tolerated you being around considering the holiday. Brushing your hands off, you smile at the table- it’s nice to see it used again, it hadn’t been used again since your parent’s deaths.


>> No.28937017

Ah, alright. Well, just to let you know, if you need to rest, go ahead. You've been pumping these out hardcore, and I don't want to see you get burned out on PPQ.

>> No.28937029

Your Uncle has a melancholic expression as he sits back down and stares at the table- Stella’s looking at the both of you, a somewhat lost expression on her face. “What’s with the table?”

Your uncle ruffles her hair as his normally jolly smile returns. “Well, Stella, this table’s an old Parker Family tradition The men would set up everything, the kids would play together, and the women-folk of the Parkers would kick the men out of the kitchen and threaten us with giant spoons if we entered.”

The two of you reflect in bittersweet memories before Ben claps his hands to destroy the mood. “Well then, everything’s set up, barring silverware, so let’s go ahead and watch some television, alright?”

Turning on television in hopes of seeing some thanksgiving programming, your uncle begins to flip channels, settling on the news for a few moments. This one’s bugle affiliated as you see discussion of whether or not a Spider-man balloon would show up, considering your minor celebrity status, which leads into discussions of the ‘Scarlet Spider’ as the Bugle refers to the few, very blurry images of Gwen in costume-

Interestingly enough, there was an interesting division of terms- unlike when you introduced yourself, Gwen had no such luck for an identity. Jameson, alliterative and catchy as his goal, came up with the ‘Scarlet Spider,’ while their rival insists on ‘Spider-girl.’ Actually, when you asked her on it, Gwen admitted she’s pretty embarrassed by both, but she admitted she’d rather not be referred to as ‘girl’ when she’s almost an adult.

You’ve been sitting and explaining things about thanksgiving during the news, but it seems like your Aunt has returned in the meantime. Looking over at the table, she seems almost about to cry before wiping at her eyes and heading towards the kitchen.


>> No.28937046

I'm pretty sure he already escaped.

I mean they haven't exactly been advertising Flint Marko's breakout.

>> No.28937055

Scarlet Spider Gwen get!

>> No.28937065

“The guests will be here starting at around noon, everyone. Anna and Mary Jane will be helping me, but they’ll be coming in from out back.”

She pauses and stares sternly at you and Uncle Ben. “You two know the rule, so if you enter the kitchen before dinner you’re eating out on the porch.”

Admonished, the two of you quickly look to see what else is on before you stop your Uncle.

“Wait- the previous channel!”

You freeze as ‘Stark Press Conference’ is on the news, there’s a man in the suit speaking as Tony Stark waits next to him.

“-and now, Mr. Stark has prepared a statement. He will not be taking questions, thank you.”

He steps off to the side as Tony Stark walks in front of the microphones on the podium.

“First of all, I’d like to apologize for delaying your thanksgiving, I’m sure the rest of you all have families you’d like to be with. Anyway, Been a while since I was in front of you. I figure I'll stick to the cards this time.”

He clears his throat as he taps some note cards before looking down at them before looking back at the reporters.

“There's been speculation that I was involved in the events that occurred on the freeway and the rooftop…”

A female report stands up as attention focuses on her. “I'm sorry, Mr. Stark, but do you
honestly expect us to believe that that was a bodyguard in a suit that conveniently appeared, - despite the fact that you…”

Stark raises a hand to cut her off.

“- I know that it's confusing. It is one thing to question the official
story, and another thing entirely to make wild accusations, or insinuate that I'm a superhero.”

The report smirks. “I never said that you were a superhero.”

Stark looks surprised for a moment before he tries to regain ground. “Didn't? Well, good, because that would be outlandish and… fantastic.”

Stark’s trying to regain his momentum, but he’s stumbling bad.


>> No.28937068

Pretty sure it's not the NYPD that's keeping him quiet. It's SHIELD.

>> No.28937071


Embarrased by both? heh, welcome to the world of the Super Hero, if you don't name yourself, the papers will.

>> No.28937094



>> No.28937095


You can do it Tony!

>> No.28937100

And it's clearly too late to name herself.

So Scarlet Spider it is.

>> No.28937101

"The fact is... Pepper Pots IS Iron Man."

>> No.28937103


>> No.28937117

"The fact is, Happy IS Iron Man."

>> No.28937118

How old is Stark right now?

>> No.28937121

>Nick Fury runs up to the podium and sucker punches Tony before he can say he's Iron Man.

>> No.28937125

Tony Stark has the most delicious spaghetti.

>> No.28937128

Probably in his mid to late 30s.

>> No.28937133

You're both wrong. Mary Jane is Iron Man.

>> No.28937134

The fact is... Mary Jane IS Iron Man"

>> No.28937145

"On the topic of James Rhodes, he's been working with me closely lately and any changes in appearance over the next few weeks are a harmless side effect."

>> No.28937146

And I would love him forever for it.

>> No.28937147

Old enough, this isn't Armored Adventures.

...Which wasn't THAT bad a show really.

>> No.28937148


>> No.28937149

>she seems almost about to cry
I certainly hope these are tears of joy.

"The fact is... that was all Spider-man in the suit."

>> No.28937156

I like it!

>> No.28937162

What's wrong with her eyeeeees.

Also breasts? That looks like more than perspective.

>> No.28937165

“I'm just not the hero type. Clearly. With this laundry list of character defects, all the mistakes I've made-largely public…”

The man nest to him leans in and whispers to Stark for a moment before moving back as Stark takes a deep breath.

“Yeah, okay. Yeah.”

He looks down at his cards, prepared to read them, but you notice his hesitation. There’s something that’s keeping him from reading them.

“The truth is…”

He grimaces as you lean forward. Stark looks at the card before tossing them over his shoulder.

“I am Iron Man.”

You stare at the TV as the press conference is quickly ended as reporters cut back to studio and discuss- images of two robots- one large, imposing and silver against another humanoid one that’s red and gold as there’s scattered footage of them fighting before one image of Stark Industry’s arc reactor blowing sky high.

Even the commentators are still reeling as news updates itself as there’s an image of Tony Stark from the conference just now alongside the red and gold robot. Or armor.

Iron Man.

Tony Stark has a robot suit.

To your side, you notice that Uncle Ben let’s out an impressed whistle.

>[ ]Nerd out- more research
>[ ]…This is not good.
>[ ] Say something to Uncle Ben or Stella (write in)
>[ ]Write in

>> No.28937172

"The fact is... it was two kids in the suit.

They were trying to sneak into R-rated movies."

>> No.28937178

>>[ ]Nerd out- more research
>>[ ]…This is not good.

Yes yes yes!!!!!

>> No.28937192

>>[ ]Nerd out- more research
>>[ ] Say something to Uncle Ben or Stella
"Well! I know who I want to work for."

>> No.28937195

>[ ]Nerd out- more research
>[ ]…This is not good.
DOOM advises the Man Of Spiders to seek employement with the Man of Iron.

>> No.28937196

Nerd out/remember to talk to Felicia about needing to talk to Tony Stark about hero/science things

>> No.28937197

>[X] Nerd out- mre research

>> No.28937198

>[ ]Nerd out- more research
Because clearly robot suits are too awsome.

Also why is there a "This is not good" option. What Tony Stark does doesn't really impact what we do, so I'm missing something here.

>> No.28937208

>>[ ]Nerd out- more research
It's just like one of Harry's Japanese animes!

>> No.28937212

"I can't believe I missed out on watching a giant robot fight."

>> No.28937213

Mary Jane's just lopsided, I guess.

>>[X]Nerd out- more research

>> No.28937214

I like this. Seconded

>> No.28937216

>[ ]Nerd out- more research

>> No.28937217

>[ ]Nerd out- more research

>> No.28937221

>[ ] Say something to Uncle Ben or Stella (write in)
"I'm not surprised in the least bit. A man with that kind of money /would/ try to do something like this. I mean... He's basically playing out Batman... With Robots.

"But why come out like this? Why now?"


>[ ]Nerd out- more research

>> No.28937222

It'd give us a chance to pick Uncle Ben's brain to see what he thinks of super heroes.

Because knowing that might be important someday.

>> No.28937224


>> No.28937227

>public hero unmasking
Does not bode well for Peter, soon there will be talks of registration and then it will be all downhill from there.

>> No.28937229

Someday that will be a reaction we have. Or better to see harry's reaction.

I still say if we can make him heroic he needs to go anime reference hero.

>> No.28937236

>>[ ] Say something to Uncle Ben or Stella (write in)
*Unintelligible fanboy squee*
>>[ ]Nerd out- more research
This seems to be the rational choice In Character.

>> No.28937237

>He stole my colors /inner monolog/
>Nerd out
>Wait... what? This can't be good

>> No.28937245

>nerd out- more resea-wait, how is he powering that...did he miniatureize the arc reactor?
>...this is not good...will this end the masquerade?
> Say something to Ben and Stella "huh...so...he's like a west coast Spider-Man now?"

>> No.28937248

voting this

>> No.28937252

This one.

>[X] Say something to Uncle Ben or Stella (write in)
Also, ask Uncle Ben what he thinks about Superheroes like Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, and Iron Man.

>> No.28937257

Good point.

>> No.28937264


I can back these

>> No.28937267

>Also, ask Uncle Ben what he thinks about Superheroes like Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, and Iron Man.
That could be interesting to hear...

>> No.28937269

>Nerd out -mre research
>mre research

Wonder if we could research some edible webbing?

We'd make a fortune and possibly save lives in the case of natural disasters.

Miles and miles of bad tasting gooey food inside a small container the size of your thumb.

>> No.28937272

agreed, what does our uncle think of these costumed guys with blatant super stuff.

>> No.28937274

God, that sounds so bad.

>> No.28937276

We just need to sway Tony away from being an idiot with public policy.

>> No.28937277

So what, do we feel the cold looming hand of One More Day? I meant, why would Peter as of this time be worried about Iron Man "coming out" as it were?

>> No.28937288

HAH, i love that second line. We definitely need to say iw

>> No.28937291

"HARRY! HARRY! Turn on the news! That ritch guy from Iraq a few months ago is a Gun-Damn!"
"Peter... just... what? And no; you can't be a g-"

>> No.28937298

He recognizes it as the beginning of the end of the masquerade.

>> No.28937311

Also awesome

>> No.28937312

At this point we don't really have any enemies though.

Well, I guess we have Phil Urich, but he ALREADY knows where we live so...

>> No.28937314


I don't get it. Is this a reference to White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquarade? If so, don't fucking SAY it out loud to Uncle Ben, are you that stupid?

>> No.28937329


not meant to be outloud, just meant it as an internal monologue.

>> No.28937331

...Okay let's do this.

>> No.28937335


>> No.28937338

It's referencing the fact that until Spider-Man came out for the most part the world we see here was nearly indistinguishable from our own.

>> No.28937339

>>[ ]Nerd out- more research
>>[ ]…This is not good

>> No.28937340

The world is changing very fast. People are getting super powers, aliens are coming, superscience is becoming something every Tom Dick and Harry has access to to push their own agendas, and Peter Parker is right in the middle of it. Every powermad corporate giant, military futurist, and forward thinking criminal is going to start coming out of the woodwork and making life far more dangerous.

>> No.28937347

I said the second line, not the first about the masquerade

>> No.28937354

Well there's Oscorp out for our head (for the spider deal and for the equipment). And if Osborn finds out we know of what he did to Pete's parents...

>> No.28937356

Stop fucking saying it's a giant robot you fucking retards. Peter isn't as stupid as you, he'd know that a superscience suit the size of a person is not the same as a Gundam or any other giant robot.
You expected anything more?
>choosing how Peter Parker thinks

>> No.28937377

Iron Monger counts as Giant Robot size, definitely not a Gundam, but still on the mecha scale somewhere around Patlabor.

>> No.28937384

But what about College?

>> No.28937399

After college?

>> No.28937402

You think Stark Industries is going to vanish in 5 years? No way. We're planning long-term.
If not that, we'll try for an internship with their New York division.

>> No.28937403

1) Stark Industries will still be there in five years.
2) Internships or work study are always possible.

>> No.28937404

We will still go to college. Its just some where to work after we get our degree in... engineering i guess

>> No.28937413

Iron Man is on the scale of things like Guyver and the Tekkamen though (although the Tekkamen are in a weird place - they're actually fairly big for power armor guys, but fairly small for robots)

>> No.28937432

Could we just rush an engineering degree or something? I assume Skilled Engineer is at least the equivalent of that, what with it being the second last engineering skill.

>> No.28937447

Agreed whole heartedly, Iron Man is on the same scale as Guyver & Bubblegum Crisis.

However the Iron Monger suit that Obidiah was trucking around in last night was still 2.5 stories tall. Powered Armor vs Mecha was last night, and the news clips are glorious.

Peter is probably staring at the footage intently trying to figure out the how.

>> No.28937468 [DELETED] 


>> No.28937486

It's easy to find out. Scan the Arc Reactor blueprint we have, send him an email
"Dear Mr. Stark,
Look what I have. We should talk about job opportunities.
Peter Parker.

PS. Ever think of adding webs?"

>> No.28937502

That's retarded on a number of levels.

I'd say all of them.

>> No.28937505

We'll need a better approach than that.

>> No.28937513

You're an idiot.

>> No.28937517

What would that prove besides that we may have preformed coorperate espionage?

>> No.28937521

Fling ourselves onto the Stark Tower and knock on his window.

>> No.28937538


We don't know Tony personally, and thus can't trust him with our secret identity yet.

>> No.28937547

>Fling ourselves onto the Stark Tower and wash his window, then demand payment

>> No.28937552

Nothing. It'd get his attention. That's the hard part.

>> No.28937566

Try to our own arc reactor and send it to him?
"Unemployed genius teenage superhero, help please?"

>> No.28937568

That is very hard to predict what will happen, he might consider us small time since he (at this time) thinks as a one man show.

Not to mention the possiblity of Shield having his back

>> No.28937575

How is getting his attention difficult? You are objectively wrong.

>> No.28937585

That reminds me, do we even know if Doom has a robot suit, or as far as we're concerned, does he just have an iron mask for some reason?

>> No.28937587

We can't make it from a box of scraps.

We need actual things.

Tony's Engineering skill is Epic Level, just like Felicia's Bluff and Disguise skill.

>> No.28937595

So how would you do it as Peter Parker without telling him you're Spider-Man?

>> No.28937597

Not saying to actually do it, just saying if we wanted his attention.

Honestly, it might be better to help save his butt at the Stark Expo.

Mask and gauntlets. We felt it was too rude to ask.

>> No.28937616

Invent Jetpack, buzz his office

>> No.28937620

Easy we don't, secret identity is secret

We work seperately

>> No.28937623

Do we even know he miniaturized the arc reactor?

Seems like a large leap to make unless we do some serious research.

>> No.28937664

Okay guys, I'm updating the archive and then going to bed. Let's make this gloriously, epicly, hilariously, awkward.

Also, remember to update archive as often as possible.

>> No.28937665

We don't know that, in fact. We don't even know his suit is powered by an arc reactor.

People are using a lot of meta.

>> No.28937673

DOOM has no comments on DOOM's suit. But DOOM is pleased to inform will bring salad to the thanksgiving dinner.
OOC: Peter's an amazing genius, and we have been upgrading his engineering a lot.
I mean, this is marvel for god's sake! If a teenager can't use his the money ( that his grilfriend made from betting using an almanac he brought from the future) to build himself an ARC reactor, then this isn't a marvelistic Marvel Universe.

>> No.28937675

That doesn't seem easier than sending an email...

>> No.28937692

OOC: We have an ARC reactor blueprint in our basement.
Stark owns the ARC reactor in cali. Stark also has a suit that couldn't possibly use normal batteries.
Just connect the dots.

>> No.28937698

>unsecured method to send highly dangerous blueprints
Pick both

>> No.28937700

However, we have more practical and more important endeavors to do, like better webshooeters

>> No.28937708

Richards is sabotaging DOOM's images, DOOM intended this image to be in that post.

>> No.28937735

We have more pertinent things to do than build a goddamn arc reactor.
Like being a better superhero.

>> No.28937739

The Reactor is known to be a piece of shit by basically everyone. We have no reason to think the suit must be powered by a miniaturized version of it when we don't even know that it is possible to make it smaller.

Stop being a metagaming fuck

>> No.28937758

Could also be super-advanced batteries or micro-nuclear reactor.

>> No.28937774

Wait I thought the Arc Reactor was pretty good for what it was, just too expensive to mass produce?

>> No.28937800

>for what it was
Something for testing a possibility while it could barely power itself?

>> No.28937807

Except for that glowing and round thing in Iron Monger's chest that's so large we'd be able to see from London, no. No evidence at all.


>micro termo-nuclear reactor.
Yeaah, no that seems a bit more far fetched.
First one is okay to believe, I mean, just go back to Iron Man's old power source.

>> No.28937814

The big one operates on a loss. Doesn't generate enough power to make it worthwhile.

>> No.28937822

HOW could we extrapolate just by LOOKING at it that it's specifically a miniaturized Arc reactor?

META. Stop it.

>> No.28937838

>Have arc's blueprints
>know that batteries don't glow like that
>know that's definitely not a mini termonuclear power plant, those don't even work like that
That leaves Magic. Yeah, let's go with magic

>> No.28937842

>glowing and round thing
Stop excusing metagaming you faggot. Seeing bright light shining from the armour's eyes as well as a circle in the chest doesn't let you metagame

>> No.28937851

Or a light.

>> No.28937853

>not potato Salad

i'm disappointed DOOM

>> No.28937866

Honestly a more reasonable extrapolation...
Or it could just be light, since it comes from multiple spots inside the armour

>> No.28937869


>> No.28937870

Pretty much. For all we know it could just be a spotlight or something.

>> No.28937876

Thanksgiving had tossed salad. Mashed potatoes too.
Potato salad is blasphemous.

>> No.28937880

We got sent to the future and our girlfriend got turned into a cat by magic. For all we know Tony Stark is a Techno-Wizard being suppressed by the magocracy.

>> No.28937884


We've already been over this, Richards.

>> No.28937907

DOOM's life is weird.

>> No.28937910

Okay, it's been 45 minutes. Where has Cosgrove gone?

>> No.28937919

Another monster update, perhaps?

>> No.28937923

DOOM assumes Cosgrove is working on a massive update again.

>> No.28937927

>>[ ]Nerd out- more research

>> No.28937928

A) Asleep at the keyboard

B) Really long update.

C) Prepare the ritual

>> No.28937940

Rolled 15

DOOM shall begin the sacrifice.

>> No.28937942


We wait, it comes. It will be good.

>> No.28937943

The ritual. You're up Wrenloft.

>> No.28937968

Rolled 1


>> No.28937977

You dare corrupt the ritual?

>> No.28937981

Rolled 4

We must make more 1s to compensate.

>> No.28937983

Somewhere, Cosgrove got an erection.

>> No.28937989

That's cheating, Anon! I told you this last time!

>> No.28938001

Rolled 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 + 1 = 6

that's not a proper roll though

>> No.28938021

I don't

Does this even count?

>> No.28938033

So May said 12 place settings? With Stella, Peter, May, Ben, MJ, MJ's aunt, and probably Felicia who does that leave?

>> No.28938036

Rolled 12

Only the last one

>> No.28938045

Neither is that.

>been ready for questing 6 hours before quest started
>Cosgrove making us wait


>> No.28938046

Okay, that's kind of silly.

>> No.28938052

Eddie, Harry?

>> No.28938056

Nah, two different kinds of dice means it defaults to a 1.

>> No.28938058

Rolled 12

Room for five more.
Seven if MJ and Fel are no shows simultaneously.

>> No.28938064

Harry, Stormin Norman, Gwen, Captain Stacy, and Eddie.

>> No.28938066

I rolled 5d1 and 1d20
For some reason that d20 happened to be a 1 as well.

>> No.28938067

Rolled 59

Felicia's not coming, so I suppose 6 empty spots: Harry and Norman (what) maybe Eddie (?) Mr Lee (please give us thanksgiving with Stan Lee), the ghosts of our dead parents.

>> No.28938077

Stella, Peter, May, Ben, MJ, and MJ's aunt make six... Who could the other six be...

>> No.28938080

Rolled 18 + 1

Not how it works.

>> No.28938093

Rolled 6 + 1

Yeah, with multiple types of dice, the second one defaults to a 1.

>> No.28938100

Rolled 3 + 2

I see

>> No.28938116

>all this hype
>now this hour-long wait

>> No.28938123

Doctor Doom, Susan and Johnny Storm.

Turns out we're not nearly as good at covering our tracks as we thought we were.

>> No.28938129

Rolled 9, 5, 12, 14, 4, 19, 1, 10, 5, 1 = 80

Let's see if the dice gods appreciated that greek boy I sacrificed.

>> No.28938133

Ah, so the second one doesn't default to one, it just ignores everything after the +(x)d(y)

>> No.28938138


something good, or some of us dropping like flies to the siren call of slumber land.

Either way, let's share some quest relevant Shadowruns:

Hercules is one of the Ancient bloodlines that opposed the gods that Cosgrove talked about before maybe?

>> No.28938141

Add Fury and Coulson while you're at it.

>> No.28938144

What's the chances they come through the door?
And how pissed will aunt may be when they dont

>> No.28938148


Meant after +(x) in (x)d(y)

Maybe I should go to sleep considering I got a final tomorrow?

>> No.28938150

I don't really know what the relationship between the Marvel Greek and Norse pantheons is.

>> No.28938153

And everyone plays nice, or else Aunt May breaks out the wooden spoon.

>> No.28938155

Rolled 82

DOOM is angered. You ruined the surprise.

>> No.28938160

Yea, it defaults to the first number.

>> No.28938171

"Aunt May...? Did you invite them?!"
"Why yes, dear. They are your friends, aren't they?"
"You didn't REALLY think that costume was fooling anybody, did you? You had it hanging up in that basement for weeks!"

>> No.28938175

Isn't Sue like, a celebrity in the scientific world? And how would Peter explain to aunt May how he knows them?

>> No.28938181

Maybe not Hercules per say.

>> No.28938196


>> No.28938209

I think you misunderstood.

Got it.

>> No.28938212

>> No.28938221

Aunt May
Uncle Ben
Peter Parker

Her Mom


Officer Stacy

Eddie Brock
Felicia Hardy

12 seats

>> No.28938233

I just wanted to have some PPQ...

Why did it stop? It started out so well.

>> No.28938246

You mean MJ's Aunt.

Her mother is DEAAAAAAAAAD.

Also how do you even invite one of the wealthiest people on the planet to Thanksgiving?

>> No.28938253

Because it started late and Cosgrove apparently had a long day.
He probably should have called it a night, but he soldiered on until he most likely fell asleep at his desk.

>> No.28938268


He ran this Quest like a machine...to his own exhaustion...we should do something nice for him later.

>> No.28938272

Its coming, I promise. It's gonna be great

>> No.28938273

You just don't say no to May Parker. It's an unwritten, universal rule of the Marvel franchise that you never refuse May Parker.

>> No.28938284

Dunno, May invited Stark to Peter's birthday though.

>> No.28938285

>> No.28938296

Like make a movie with a Proper Goblin... wait.

>> No.28938302

...Spider-Man looks like he was rendered on an Xbox 360.

And the less said about the Douche Goblin the better.

>> No.28938317

So who will be the "Final Boss" of Year/Season One?

Cletus Kasaday, Mary Jane, or "other"?

>> No.28938321

What should a proper goblin be like?

>> No.28938325


we need to make that happen

>> No.28938342

I figured the end of the timeskip was the end of the first season.

Hobgoblin was pretty much the recurring threat which we had to overcome, and in the end, did after no less than three attempts to take him down. Hobbes was the final boss of the season, marking the end of our career as an amateur hero into the "big leagues".

>> No.28938349

Personally I think Defoe was good; but ideally I'd like to see Norman portrayed like he was in his Thunderbolts run.

In short though I want Sony to stop being afraid of letting a super hero movie be a super hero movie. Not everything needs to be military surplus hardware or combat suits or tron fetish gear.

>> No.28938354

Maybe Shathra as the bonus boss out of nowhere?

Or if we fuck up hardcore, Reed Richards.

>> No.28938381


Shathra would be a fun encounter...and grueling.

Richards...if he goes full evil Reed...

I'd like to avoid that.

>> No.28938384

I feel like round three was kind of anticlimactic, but then again I suppose most "non-Superman" level threats can be defeated by getting hit in the back of the head with a lead pipe being swung by someone with super strength.

...Is the fact that Phil still has a skull evidence of Goblin Serum?

>> No.28938427

Definitely expecting some villainous chucklefuck to appear near or on Christmas.

It wasn't anticlimactic at all. It was pretty much just us kicking his ass because now we're above him.

>> No.28938471

Which is funny, since it took canon Spider-Man FOREVER to beat Phil Urich.

>> No.28938502

I imagine there's less drive for Cos to make every villain recurring, since it doesn't make sense for prison to be so easy to break out of unless the villain was extremely clever or SHIELD fucked up their holding cell.
Though just because we captured Phil Urich doesn't mean the Hobgoblin has been... I mean, the stuff we stripped off him got stolen.

>> No.28938519

I haven't been keeping up. Have we met Iron man in person?

>> No.28938532

Nope. Our father Richard Parker likely knew him or his father, though.

>> No.28938533

Well Phil at least has a get out of jail free card, if it turns out that his super strength and sonic laugh weren't because of his gear.

But yeah, good to see we're starting the tradition of everyone being Hobgoblin.

>> No.28938628

4am EST, gotta leave for work in 2 & 1/3 hours. Good luck guys if Cos awakens. Have fun. G'night/G'mornin'

>> No.28938636

If SHIELD is involved in that situation, do you really think they wouldn't be prepared? I'm sure they've made notes about the laugh thing and Phil isn't coming out of this as Hobgoblin: Agent of SHIELD.

>> No.28938656

Why would I think SHIELD is involved?

I figured that Phil escaped about as fast as Felicia did and the NYPD just covered it up like they did Flint Marko.

They are not good at what they do.

>> No.28938689

According to DOOM, someone is rounding up superhumans currently, who he gives refuge to in Latveria.
Could be Magneto behind it, but with the massive cover-up about mutants which even Professor Xavier appears to be complacent in, I have little doubt that SHIELD is at least playing a big role.

>> No.28938782

This brings me back to Totemist Quest.

Oh that Diarca, so out of phase with the material plane.

>> No.28938869

Well, Cosgrove is clearly dead.
I'm going to bed

>> No.28938879

same here night

>> No.28938888

I'm gonna stick around in case Cosgrove wakes up.

>> No.28938896

You have the patience of a saint.

Nice quads

>> No.28938934

I go out to get the groceries and still no update? This makes me a lil bit sad but I shall still refresh!

>> No.28939138

Bump bitches

>> No.28939146

We're in autosage.

>> No.28939154

It didn't seem to work. You should try harder. Put your heart into it.

>> No.28939188

we need another sacrifice

>> No.28939195

Well, I think in the unlikely event that Cosgrove does show up again, us eurofag archive readers can take over.

>> No.28939221

Shold we archive anyway? or let Cos repost next thread

>> No.28939252

I'd say archive anyway. Just incase.

>> No.28939356

So, my internet just returned after about three fucking hours of being out. I'm tired and angry right now- I'll see how today goes to see if I can continue later.

Nowhere near where I wanted to end, either. Sorry, everyone.

>> No.28939382

That's much worse than merely falling asleep on your desk.

My condolences, sounds like it was really rough.

>> No.28939423

Yeah, wish you had fallen asleep, at least you would've been rested then.
Hope you can continue it today.

>> No.28939446

Shit, That sucks. Understandable though.

When shall we continue?

>> No.28939558

After I hunt down and consume AC-Guy's heart to either break this curse he's propagated and infected me with or be twisted into a darker, more horrifying monstrous form with unlimited power fueled by humanity's suffering and despair. Either way, the outcome looks pretty good for me.

[spoiler ] If not today, then Thursday That is, If my everything doesn't catch on fire before then. [/spoiler ]

>> No.28939585

Control+S, Cosgrove.

>> No.28939615

Well better on AC-Guy, then on the quest itself.

I rather not have to fight some sort of god-like turkey, with stuffing cannons.

>> No.28939816

I wouldn't wish AC-Guy's curse on anyone, even AC-Guy.

That's akin to wishing someone stepped on a salt-covered Lego in a lemon juice puddle with a raw foot.

>> No.28939844

You forgot the D4. Where do you think you are?

>> No.28939874


I hope you find this amusing.

>> No.28939906

Is this...is this a fapfic but with handholding instead? You disgusting sick fuck.

>> No.28939933

Rolled 18

Son of a bitch. You made me purr. I'm a grown ass man and you made me purr.

>> No.28940059

It's already archived, that's how I found it was still active.

>> No.28940205

I made you a fan art base on anons "suggestion" on how would Peter go about christmas presents.

>> No.28940348

Good morning.

Wondrous endurance and rare quads. A sight to behold.

Yay, you live again! Boo your internet failing. Yay continuing tonight or Thursday!

I shall conduct dread rituals upon a nearby roof to ensure your keep your signal.

>> No.28940352

I lol'd

>> No.28940420

I like how that genuinely looks a lot like Spectacular Parker.

>> No.28940458

i dont get it

>> No.28940483

>read the file name
>ctrl+f word "giftcard" in Issue #37.1
you welcome

>> No.28940489

Allright, so Tony Stark is officially outed as Iron Man and we just decoded the Parker Sr. drive. I think our best longterm plan for now is to enroll in a university and get scholarship from/internship with Stark Industries

>> No.28940520

I thought people already agree upon that in previous threads?
Anyway I can't wait for Peter and Tony to made they own Avengers with hookers and blackjack

>> No.28940537

Well, I just want to sample what people think. There was talk about infiltrating Oscorp working from the ground up.

>> No.28940594

Yeah, but spending time operating under Oscorp might risk our secret ID.

>> No.28940611

Are you talking about (1) generic hacking/sneaking in to oscorp OR (2) get hired in there and them simply pick up all info thats is relavent.
the second option looks it could work nicely in short term but the longer Peter would associate him self with oscorp the higher chances of being found out as SM
The firs option doesn't give much benefits in short term as oscorp will most likely update they security but it allowed Peter to work on whatever needed to be done with out a big brother looking behind his shoulders.

>> No.28940632

1 was the plan when we didn't have cursed Felicia on our hand, Storms to keep in touch with and a whole future to save.

>> No.28940695

she is cured since Issue #33
>Storms to keep in touch
Im pretty sure Sue is making sure to get Peter and Johnny to embassy for health examination
>whole future
Isn't Doom covering this one? Because Im sure Peter knows that he can't fight entire battalion of space aliens on his own.

Also there is nothing stopping Peter from doing (1) as Felicia keeps getting more info about oscorp security.We mighty want to ask Gwen if she could help out but she is already very iffy about the whole costume stuff.

>> No.28941058

No, but Peter knows that its his hometown that gets invaded, and that there are other heroes what need to be rallied.

>> No.28941086

this is why i would like to go with >>28940520 as soon as possibility arise

>> No.28941342

Ah, forming a Super Team. We've got a nice lineup so far of potential members connected to our shenanigans.

Scarlet Spider
Black Cat
Human Torch
Invisible Woman
maybe Doom?

>> No.28941373

So how much of this team would just be loose fucking around instead of proper hero-ing?
Doom has a country to run and shit, Storms gotta do their own stuff, we've gotta take down Oscorp.

>> No.28941388

OOC we know/guess that maybe big hitters like Sandman, Iron man (with entire power of Stark Industries), Hulk, Henry Pym and Thor/Hercules could get interest in joining our Super Friends group or at least help out with aliens invasion.

>> No.28941398

Yeah, we do need more men in the team, actually.
I just realised the pussy-to-dick ratio is way too low.

>> No.28941462


I imagine once we learn Sandman's deal after our first exchange, we'll try to talk him into doing the right thing; for his daughter. He'll wind up working for the Govt as a super agent on a short leash like he did in the...was it late eighties or mid nineties?

The fact that Cement might be in play means Flint might be more easily affected by diplomacy.

Heh, watch Sandman wind up being part of a pilot Thunderbolts program.

>> No.28941482

I like it. The Spectacular Seven.

Anyways, to answer the anon, even in canon most super groups or only formed when there is a need for them or the members can come and go as needed and when other responsibilities call.

>> No.28941533

I don't think we should involve Stella. She's a kid, and doesn't want to think of herself as a weapon. We should be trying really hard to give her a normal life.

>> No.28941591

She's around Uncle Ben. She is going to constantly hear "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility." She has power. You are right that right now she is a 12 year old girl. But 5 years from now? She'll not only want to help, we couldn't argue against her because Peter, Gwen, and Felicia all started their costumed careers at 17, or earlier in Felicia's case.

>> No.28941609


Inevitably she is going to try and involve herself; probably while we're in the middle of a very public session of getting our ass handed to us. No one hurts her big brother, etcetera etcetera

The how will be eventually amusing.

Spidey gets pulled out of the fryer as the villain kicking his teeth in starts swinging at an illusion, Stella starts dragging him to safety.

"What's with the domino mask and the witch hat?"

"It felt appropriate,"

It becomes her choice to use her powers to help people, she's going to school now and probably making friends. She's invested in the world and will be particularly aware she has the ability to do great things. Does she carry the cunning and ambition of her suspected donor? We'll see.

...also, random thought...

Even though Stella might be seen as an abomination or an insult to some Asgardians, fewer once the truth of Loki comes out, I can't help but imagining Frigga go full "ADOPT THIS CHILD AS OUR GRANDDAUGHTER" to Anthony Hopkins Odin...you know, if she is a clone of Loki. We still lack that confirmation.

>> No.28941633

I've been saying Thor offers to take Stella to Asgard to see her culture and the adopted grandparents she has from her biological father. Peter goes to and has a joygasm at super-sciencey magic Asgard.

>> No.28941715

Of course this might be after we beat the thoughts of "abomination" out of him.

>> No.28941742

his feelings for Jane Foster might help in that regard.

>> No.28941780

Also the fact that she was from an alternate future that no longer exists and her creation was beyond her control.

I mentioned to Commuter that it would be hilarious if Loki, after learning about Stella, came to visit and is in-character to Felicia's crafted back-story for the girl the whole time. Peter is quietly having a heart attack in the corner stressing over it, Loki's intention the whole time.

>> No.28941881

When she's older, sure. But remember, she's not actually 12. She's less than 1 with an artificially accelerated learning curve. In 10 years, we can approve some heroics and daring-do, but until then, we should let her be a kid.

>> No.28941904

>you know, if she is a clone of Loki.
I still contend that she may be a clone of the Enchantress or possibly one of Loki's children, which would make her Odin's half-grand-daughter. He's adopted stranger, certainly.

>> No.28941933

I agree completely. She needs a good base to build off of, she needs to understand what she is protecting if she does become a hero.

We'll find out at some point.

>> No.28941950

Wouldn't be the first time Loki asked Spider-Man to keep an eye on and protect one of his illegitimate kids on Earth.

>> No.28941983

Page 10. Anyone know if Cosgrove will run later today?

>> No.28941991

He said either today or tomorrow if tonight isn't good. Just sucks his internet went out. Oh well, we will have Issue 38 Part 2 soon.

>> No.28942018

Looking forward to seeing how that plays out.

Imagine if while the plot of Thor is happening in New Mexico, Loki is doing his projected illusion to lie to Thor about Odin's death, when he pauses and looks away in the distance.

"Brother you'll have to give me a moment, something strange is happening,"

Investigates what feels like his power at work over in New York. Thor movie plot derailed? or would it continue as normal? So looking forward to what's what.

>> No.28942035


other post was meant in response to >>28941950

what I highlighted you two for was me hoping for Thursday, but I can truck with tonight. Whatever Cosgrove and his ISP are capable of to their best ability.

>> No.28942068

>Thor movie plot derailed?
Hard to say with the timing of that movie. Maybe it doesn't even get to New Mexico. Loki is about to open the hidden passage and let the Frost Giants crash the party, then stops, noticing the power in New York. Asgardian party goes off without a hitch, but Thor and Odin notice that Loki is missing. Ask Heimdal, and he says that Loki is in Midgard but not via the Bifrost, and that there are two of him. Thor storms through New York at Christmas time to figure out what's going on.

>> No.28942085

Wait, sudden thought, how the hell did I miss it.

Is stella supposed to be Tess Black? Is that why Cos used Black Rock shooter for her initial pic and design, as a hint to using Tess?

>> No.28942142

Wouldn't that be ironic. Actually that would be great for Loki because then Midgard would see him as a hero if he tries to stop his rampaging brother.

Man this universe is crazy. Heroic Doom and Loki, Villainous Thor and Reed.

Looking at the Marvel Wiki entry there is a strong possibility that Stella is her counterpart in this universe.

>> No.28942177

what do people think of designing something like this http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Reactive_Metal_Liquid_Crystal_Layer for our spidey suit? It would seem to synergize well with Peter's natural abilities.

>> No.28942202

Please remember that Thor was pissed off with the clone because it was a CLONE OF HIM that TONY USED FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES and that whole thing happened COMPLETELY WITHOUT THOR'S KNOWLEDGE.

I think anybody would be pissed off with Tony for that. Hell, WE would be pissed if Tony pulled that shit.

>> No.28942204

Except every time we get a "picture" of Stella it's always... *checks wiki* Dead Master and not BRS.

>> No.28942207

damn, that post didn't work well at all

>> No.28942272

Got its point across. And yeah, if we can create something that advanced or similar, then I'd be all for incorporating it into our suit.

BTW: I think we should swing by the Daily Bugle some time and give an informal 'interview' regarding 'Scarlet Spider'. Just a couple of lies to throw people off. I was thinking "Yeah, she really hates being called 'spider girl'. I mean, my sister is three years older than me, calling a grown woman a 'girl' is pretty insulting, don't you think? It's not like she's my sidekick or anything. She didn't want to use her powers at all, just wanted to forget them and live a normal life, but she couldn't let me fight Hobgoblin by myself. Now she fills in for me when I'm busy with work or college."

And right there anyone trying to build a profile of us to track us down will immediately dismiss Peter Parker. They'll be looking for someone older with an older sister of three years, someone who has a steady job and is deeply entrenched in college. Leaving the Parker and Stacy families off the target list.

>> No.28942298

That could work. Honestly, we should talk to JJJ because a formal meeting with him is long time in coming.

>> No.28942330

>She didn't want to use her powers at all

I am all for throwing off the press... although I doubt JJJ will take kindly to lies. Especially ones told to his face.

>> No.28942331


Any lies we tell the press should be cleared and discussed heavily with all those involved in being lied about.

This will be important when it somehow comes up that Spider-Man and the Black Cat are dating.

>> No.28942339


The best lies aren't lies.

The best things to say sometimes is No Comment or clearing that we're not divulging info about our identities or interpersonal relationships.

>> No.28942340

Agreed. Remember, no running off half-cocked. Also, I';m sure there are ways to throw off people without outright lying to JJJ.

>> No.28942459

Marvel 616 already has something similar. It's called SKiN tech, I believe. Stark invents it later on and uses it in his... I want to say Mark 19 armor. He later scrapped the tech because it was too easy for Ultron to hack into and control. But if we could get a jump-start on it....

Personally, I want to see us working more on the organic angle. Either freeing or recreating our father's symbiotic suit. If we could merge the SKiN tech with the Symbiote, we could have a virtually impenetrable fully-flexible suit.

>> No.28942477

>Spider Man
>More reflexes
Yeah, this will work really well. Maybe surround it with a duel armor layer of some sort. Also, what do people think about splitting the design of the suit? Gwen is responsible for certain area's, we're responsible for other things, ect.

>> No.28942515

616 dose have a techno-organic symbiote, the thing is it was pretty much an accident than something done on purpose.
If we ever ge to work on venom/symbiote stuff first thing of order is to make than less of a drugs and stop it from merging with the people it wears.

>> No.28942518

the wiki seems to indicate its a flexible metal that can harden to ridiculous levels. The RMLCL is a strength and reflexes enhancer, not an armor.

>> No.28942527

Making an invincible suit and granting us immortality.

Welp. That shit was easier for us than carnage, that for sure.

>> No.28942541

Our plan for the symbiote was to basically willpower it to stop being an ass

>> No.28942588

Yeah, she's almost as smart as us. Considering that we're sharing everything we invent with her it seems logical that she contribute to development.

>> No.28942610

There is another option: In World War Hulk a gadget-maker working for Punisher cobbles together a suit of liquid-tech armor that boosts strength and toughness and self-repairs. His gives it to Frank Castle to use in fighting one of the giant bug-people who wants to ravage New York. Think Parker can do better?

>> No.28942625

Jesus that looks exactly like the venom symbiote

>> No.28942640

Wouldn't need willpower. We have memories of it in the future being helpful. It would see the benefits of being a bro and know they're true since its future-self left it's "Venom-Wuz-Here" tags in our DNA. It'll know that if it can work out a mutually beneficial arrangement with its host, it won't have to be a dick.

>> No.28942668


Though we do have to find a way around withdraw symptoms and perhaps engineer a way for the symbiot, if it goes total bro, to have some autonomy in it's existence independent of Peter.

>> No.28942671

It was designed based on Venom. The guy called it a 'Venomech', I think. Cobbled it together with drywall, copper wiring, leftover food, and whatever else he salvaged from the walls of the building he and the refugees were hiding in. It wasn't self-renewing and successive hits degraded it a lot until it stopped working, but it did work temporarily. And it was a half-assed jury-rig. What would Parker be able to do if he took his time building it?

>> No.28942690


>> No.28942700

we could make a robot body for it to bond to
then again in the future it went completely independant at the end

>> No.28942706

Ah, but there are still massive downsides to the symbiote. Especially the whole addiction thing. And just because it wants to help us in the best case doesn't mean it will always do so, it's a living organism on it's own with it's own priorities. We have no assurances that it's priorities will always match up with ours.

>> No.28942708


>> No.28942721

That probably wasn't something it could do for long. Though, having the venom symbiote have it's own robot to bond to. We could gain another ally on our "team."

>> No.28942724


>> No.28942735

Actually, the Venom symbiote was fairly lovely and chill until Pete scared the shit out of it when he tried to kill it.
Even now, all it wants is to be with Pete. Pete is a prick.

>> No.28942757

And most of the time the first time he defeats venom is by tricking it to come back to him
Pete is a fucking dick head to venom

>> No.28942765

So Venom is a yandere girl-friend and Pete is the abusive boy-friend.

>> No.28942775

Also one downside to not having evil venom is anti venom might never happen
which means no good kaine

>> No.28942777

That is exactly how it fucking works.

>> No.28942835

No I meant in quest. We've seen and experienced the problem with the symbiote first hand. It's not pleasant

>> No.28942888


Which is why we vigorously throw SCIENCE and measured DIPLOMACY at the issue until it stops being a problem.

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