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Hello, /tg/. I've got a game for you.

Pick a setting from a piece of fiction. Be it movie, book, anime, table-top game etc.

Then, I'd like you to determine where you think it would fall on >pic related.

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SLA Industries. Grim-Dark to the point where it makes everything else look Noble Bright.

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Halo. Nobledark is pretty much the summary of it.

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Go play KULT. Then we'll talk.

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Adventure Time. NB all the way.

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It's true neutral, anon. It's post-apocalyptic and the Ice King is an innocent man driven insane by an evil magical artifact. He's obsessed with kidnapping princesses because he associates them with his love, who left him because of actions he took when he was under the influence of the crown. He always called her "princess."

And there's lots of shit like this.

Not calling it neutraldark is a judgement call.

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That's not Grim Dark. That's kill your fucking self and hate existence.

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Noblebright/Nobleneutral/Nobledark is the only thing that's worth playing.

All else a shit.

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It's Nobledark as hell dont even joke me

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I agree. If you're a standard human you are totally fucked but the Spartans come in and save everyone else all the time.

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The Thief Series;
Thief 1: Grimneutral
Thief 2: Grimneutral to Grimdark
I haven't played the other thief games.

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Har de har.

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I'm not sure what you find funny.

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Is A Song of Ice and Fire Grim Neutral or Grim Dark?

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called it a "terrifying hell" is probably a bit much, most of the world is no worse to live in than you'd expect for medieval-era setting.

so grimneutral

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The problem is it's constantly a medieval-era setting. There's no progression there. The world's been the same for thousands of years. So I'd call that grimdark.

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so? the real world was in the stone age for hundreds of thousands of years, people managed.

life isn't a living hell just because people don't have modern technology.

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grimbright could be really entertaining.

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If you can live a quiet farm life without losing your head on a pike, things are pretty decent. The nobles probably live shorter lives than the average worker!

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oh hey, i havent seen this concept in a while

i dont like how the OP describes it, the noble-grim axis is supposed to be about how decent the people are, while the bright-dark axis is supposed to be about how bright or bleak the world is

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and here is an improved version without the retarded center

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40k plays itself off as Grim Dark, but really it's more of a Noble Dark. Or at the very worst, a Neutral Grey.

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GN, as presented in the books and show, but seeing the lives of different people than the main characters would likely let it be any other alignment

thats the problem with this entire thing, if you want a believable world you need to include most of the alignments

in real life, for example, you could easily find all of them depending on where you go

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with how everyone competes to commit atrocities, even the best factions, its pretty solidly grim dark

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Apart from the Orks. The orks are just so hilariously evil it's bright. I mean, they treat war like a pub crawl.

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from an orc's perspective it would be very bright, yes

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40k literally defined grim dark.

Arguably the nicest faction, the tau, would make most other "bad guy" factions look like happy little space princesses.

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What would Paranoia be? It's to silly to be grimdark, but too evil and lethal to be noble. Neutral Dark?

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its even more grim than 40k

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the Young Kingdoms of the Elric saga. I'd say Grim Bright, the Dreaming Empire still rules the seas and the nations of Men are dynamic but constantly under threat.

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Zork, Id say Nobledark, but I could see an argument for Grimdark or Neutraldark.
I see /tg/ taking about ASoIaF pretty often lately, but I never see a GoT LCG thread. Does /tg/ have something against it, or do they just not know about it?

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the grim/noble axis is about how much impact one person or group can have on the world.
the dark/bright axis is about how much badness (suffering, death, anger, poor people) is present in the world.
Nothing to do with how "silly" or "camp" a setting is.

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Skyrim, definitely Noblebright.

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Ultra Grim Dark Comedy.

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Noble I can see, but TES seems plagued by world-ending crises and endemic infestations of necromancers and vampire everywhere you look. I'd say NobleDark is a better fit for TES, tho Skyrim is edging into NobleNeutral.

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The Paranoia world is basically
> kill yourself. No, seriously. You're just plain screwed.

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How is 40k Noble Dark?

>Space Marines
Many chapters do gladiatorial matches to weed out poor recruit candidates. Getting geneseed inserted into your body can kill you or cause you to go crazy: if this happens, you'll likely be euthanized, and have your brain be used as the computer for a robot or be used as target/close quarters practice for other aspirants. If you make it to being a full space marine, if you get badly wounded, you'll be hardwired into a mecha for millennia.

>Imperial Guard
Grunt soldiers who are sent on suicide missions, massive casualties even if you have a competent commander. If you try and desert you'll be shot where you stand.

>hive worlds
Ruled by corrupt tyrants. Majority of the people live in lawless slums. If you're a psyker, both Astra Telepathica and the devotees of the Dark Gods will want to recruit you, and either way you'll likely end up dead.

super spies who are above the law and can condemn entire worlds to destruction

>Grey Knights
Kill civilians and allies to acquire pure blood if their weapons and armor need extra consecration. Kill civilians and allies who know too much.

god of mankind, but he's in a psychic coma and is dying. if he dies, mankind will face indiscriminate eternal damnation

Dying race. Have to create boring artificial afterlives with no privacy to prevent souls from being stolen by Slaanesh. Most of their souls still go to Slaanesh anyway, because soul gems can be lost or broken. Only practical way of summoning their last battle-ready god(who was a bloodthirsty psycho even before the fall) is for one of his warriors to allow this god to possess him in a rite of self-immolation. Many of them are too proud to be friends with humans, and so they backstab even their closest allies on a regular basis.

Oppressive empire that uses brainwashing and mind control to enslave every sentient race it encounters.

These are the good guys.
>implying noble

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the elder scrolls vary from True Neutral to neautralbright, I think. Nothing is easy in TES, but there are powerful heroes all the same.

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No point killing yourself, Friend Computer can always print off a spare.

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40k is literally the benchmark for GrimDark, its where the meme came from.

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sort of like this?

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I don't know, I wouldn't consider a civil war and dragons being dark, at least from the eyes looking in on the game. Being in that world, sure, might seem a little dark, but as the player, dragons and civil war is just cool stuff for you to play with.
That, and you get so strong so fast in Skyrim nothing really bothers you.

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No, no, the good guys are the Orks and Tyrannids.
The 'nids are just hungry and need a snack. The Orks are just having the time of their lives, and see it all as good fun.

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that doesnt mean that it necessarily fits the grimdark mold in here , though it really does fit

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It really depends on who is writing it.

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>The Orks are just having the time of their lives, and see it all as good fun.
Only as seen from the perspective of an Ork.
From the perspective of anyone else, they're an unending wave of horrifying, brutal monsters.

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Maximum Grimdark. Everything is trying to kill you, animate or inanimate, no exceptions, nobody can be trusted, everyone is in it to save their own hides or line their pockets, and suicide won't even get you out because Friend Computer will just clone you.

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according to this exalted would be grimdark, but the whole point of exalted is great heroes that fight to make the world better against impossible odds

how would that be described in the chart?

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Skyrim is Noble Dark to the core. The world's equivalent of Rome has collapsed, and it's a dark age where heros and magic are becoming rare sights. Elves and Dragons are both succeeding so far at destroying mankind, and you're the legendary hero, the only one who can stop them.

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im thinking that all this really depends on the point of view

this alignment chart always needs a point of view - typically this is either the average inhabitant of the world or the focus of the setting

taking this into consideration Exalted would be neutral dark in the first case but grim bright in the second (from a solar's perspective)

this whole alignment system needs to define the starting point or it will always devolve into confusion

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heroes and gods are slowly vanishing from the TES world, have you forgotten about the death of the tribunal?

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actually by succeeding at stopping the dragon you help the elves destroy mankind, and in the end you fail no matter what

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Puella Magi...nobledark or grimdark.

>> No.28931625

no... the elves succeed of because of the war, not because of the dragons. Get it right.

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That too. The only elves who aren't genocidal or cannibals lost their gods and their homeland, and it all happened because of what their prophesied hero had to do to kill the BBEG.

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pretty sure you destroyed snow-throat tower

>> No.28931664

The Mane is dead. The Thalmor killed him forever. No more reincarnation for him. Poor Khajiit.
Only the Ur-Tower is important for anchoring creation, and the elves cannot destroy it.

>> No.28931668


How? The mountain is still there even after you kill Alduin, it's where you end up when the god Tsun shouts you back into the realm of mortals.

>> No.28931693

>god Tsun
isn't Tsun just a powerful warrior spirit?
we have no proof that we deactivated Snow-Throat, unless it's canon that we killed Parthurnax AND he was the stone.

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I'm here to save Nobledark

>> No.28931706


The Mane is dead? What?


On second thought, what if TESVI is set in Elsweyr and you become the new Mane by fulfilling some prophecy and then go on to found moon colonies? I'd buy that game without a second thought.

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fucking kats
fucking drugs
fucking elves

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>isn't Tsun just a powerful warrior spirit?
Maybe. Don't know. I thought there was speculation that he's Zendikar, or maybe the human side of Trinimac.

>> No.28931760

>human side of Trinimac
pls try harder

>> No.28931783

this seems pretty good, even though im not sure about some because i am unfamiliar with them

wod might just be grimdark though, and exalted might be neutral dark

>> No.28932012

Arguably, so long as you focus on the main characters it's arguably neutraldark

>> No.28932074

No way man, SnK is like the definition of grimdark. Remember these guys?

>> No.28932120

But the entire point is that humanity is finally getting a chance to take back their land thanks to Eren's powers. Especially with the latest manga chapters.

>> No.28932155

Are cheap tricks grimbright?

>> No.28932181

Grim Bright is the best prove me wrong oh wait, you cant

>> No.28932204

Clones aren't you, though.

>> No.28932429


It got better.

>> No.28932492

not as far as I'm aware, there has been no new mane for a while, when he usually reincarnates shortly after dying.

>> No.28932519

Well I don't know about the mane, but the moons came back after a year or two, and the Thalmor took credit for that so they've got Elswyr in their pocket.

>> No.28932555

I'm not talking about Masser and Secunda, the Mane Moon, the third moon that represents the Mane, is gone.

>> No.28932560

>Traveller as Neutral Bright.
I know it's supposed to be this. I -KNOW- it is.

But when I run it, it turns into pic related.

>> No.28932719

Let's face it, even the Spartans don't really save the day in the end... what saves humanity is simply the fact that the San 'Shyuum betray the Sangheili, and the Sangheili fight back and win.

Covenant Civil War's the only reason humanity still exists, and it would have happened with or without the Spartans.

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Grimdark all the way, baby.

The Universe is dying, and the only way to keep it around is to harness the Power of Despair, and the best way to get that power is to sell tweenage girls Monkey-Paw wishes while turning them into liches. While waiting for the wish to bite the lichgirls in the butt, they are then sent into battle against Reality-Warping monsters. If they survive the Reality-Warpers, they have to deal with the effects of the wish, which, even though it gave you what you asked for, it made sure not to give you what you WANTED. And when the victim finally realizes that the reason she didn't get what she wanted was because she made the wish, then there's a good chance that she'll turn into one of those Reality-Warpers that she was fighting earlier. Really, the wish gets you coming, going, and coming BACK.

Post-Madokami isn't much better; the Universe is STILL dying, the Wish STILL gets you coming and going and there's STILL monsters out there for the lichgirls to fight, but Madokami will spare you the final indignity and take you to Lichgirl Heaven before you finally crack. The lichgirls have no chance of getting out of their bleak situation because the beings that gave them those wishes bacically see them as chatty cattle (and the one person who could go back and try to fix things has decided that this is gonna be as close as she can get to saving Madoka (and she's probably right) so she's not gonna try anymore).

So... yeah, Grimdark.

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i think it fits in Grimbright
i mean, look at that architecture porn all over the series. just look at it
>classes are held inside plexiglass rooms in an orderly manner
>every student has a nice desk, and there's no littering
>Madoka's parents are so wealthy the hubby built his own architecture porn house and picks his own projects to work on them at home
>people still get depressed as fuck and are consumed by witches

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Just watched Triangle. Fucking Grimdark man.
>mfw she found the seagulls
>mfw she was condemned to an eternity of Sisyphean torture and insanity for cheating Charon of a cab fare

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Exalted is grimdark as fuck, the world was created by uncaring titans, is surrounded by malovelent fairies, underneath it sits an ever expanding blackhole, and heaven is defunct because Zeus is on divine crack. As a mortal, the majority of the population, your only hope is to rely on beings who quite frankly luck into power with no care for morality. And even those of them who are, in fact, looking out for you eventually be swallowed up in the tides of the unknowable curse placed upon them when they slayed creation's architects.

Exalted is a story about heroes fighting to make the world better and they all have very specific ideas on what 'better' means and are perfectly capable of enforcing that whether you like it or not.

>> No.28933955

See >>28933940

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Real-life Russia. Grimdark as hell.
To the point that many people who read abou WH40k find it quite realistic.

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Everyone here is epic.

Can somebody pull together a proper DnD explanation of what the scaled are?

Like for Good-Evil in DnD it's about altruism versus looking-out-for-number-1-ism. So what is the Noble-Dark scale and the Bright-Grim scale?

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What you described is neutral dark. You didn't even touch the grim-bright axis.

>> No.28938393

The Culture.
Based on that particular chart, and assuming I'm reading it correctly, I'm going to have to go with neutral-bright. The world is fucking awesome, but any and all chances to genuinely influence it are deliberately created by the Minds. Anything you can do, unless you're literally one in a trillion an AI can do it a thousand times better, and everything you accomplish is, at its core, make-work.

>> No.28938424

Dude the Culture is actually kind of shitty. Its a hedonistic self-obsessed hellhole that spreads its shitty degenerate culture on everyone regards of whether they want it or not.

>> No.28938428

Humanity hasn't been sapient for more than fifty thousand years. And stone age stasis and medieval stasis are very different things. Hold on, I saw a pdf a bit ago that explained it much better, I'll see if I can dig it up.

>> No.28938449

you always have the option to leave, though, and go somewhere your intellect can make a difference

how is it a hellhole, they dont force anyone into anything, apart from sometimes forcing people to stop hurting others

the average citizen lives in the probably brightest example on the entire grim-bright axis

>> No.28938467

The key element of grimdark, I think, is not just the scale of enemies (everything ever is "tons of enemies comin for ya ZOMG OUTNUMBERED A BILLION TO ONE!!!"), but also that the only difference between the 'good' and evil factions is that the good factions come up with excuses like 'you made me this way! its not my fault! its the only way... FOR HUMANITY!!!!'

>> No.28938505

the noble-grim axis is about the society, noble worlds are full of altruism, decency and honor while grim worlds are full of corruption and betrayal

the bright-dark axis is about the quality of the world itself, and how good the entire environment and cosmology is towards an average person, bright worlds dont have much war, disease or poverty while dark ones do

>> No.28938513

Ah, found it.
Can't post it here because of the stupid duplicate file thing.

>> No.28938813

This is probably getting out of hand.

>> No.28938873

it is pretty silly

>> No.28938915

Silly B&W to be precise.

>> No.28938930

I'd say Dragon Age is pretty neutral. Anyone can be a hero if they join the Wardens regardless of background but there's still a bit of slavery and shit. The world isn't at a constant state of war but blights do happen. The world is filled with good people like Wynne, selfish assholes like Morrigan, and those who are neutral on the matters of what is "right" and simply care about their duty like Sten.

2 never happened. It's not real.

>> No.28938942

The whole bit about Noblebright being "relatively easy" has got to go. As is, Noblebright is just a pejorative term for settings you don't like.

>> No.28938981

Discworld seems to be solidly NeutralBright. The world is cool and lightheated and things tend to go well in the end, but the overwhelming sentiment when it comes to the majority of people in the setting is that they're gonna be people. see also that Good Omens quote about good and evil.


Oh you.


According to http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Noblebright , it should be more "fuck yeah adventure". It's just a setting where it's cool to be the good guy.

>> No.28939013

neutral dark imo

>> No.28939132

how do they not run out of dudes?

>> No.28939190

they have sex

>> No.28939226

Dishonored has one of the most thoroughly dark settings I've ever seen. I guess it ends up tipping towards either Nobledark or Grimdark depending on whether you go low or high chaos and whether you save Emily at the end.

>> No.28939234


Suddenly doesn't sound so grim.

>> No.28940857

maybe its hate sex

>> No.28941154


Neither. It's Neutral Dark. The world is clearly shit, so Dark is unquestionable. It's not Noble because the good guys get betrayed and stabbed all the time, but it's also not Grim because the same thing happens to the bad guys and when it does they aren't just replaced by other bad guys. Things actually get better for having a bad guy out of the way.

So while it has tons and tons of character death, the deaths are handed out like a lottery and don't particularly favor one side or the other, thus landing it in Neutral Dark despite its high casualty rate.

>> No.28941340

Firefly is Noble Dark. The 'Verse is a terrifying Crapsaccharine World that loses the saccharine outside the rich parts of town (cyberpunk in space?) and Earth itself is a smoldering ruin. There's still plenty of opportunity to be, as the show said, big damn heroes

>> No.28941564

>not including a dynamic/static fourth dimension
stay pleb

>> No.28942551

One Piece is Nobledark as hell. A monolithic global empire with strict and byzantine workings controls four fifths of the through client kingdoms and states and a colossal navy, rewrites history and places harsh embargos on trade. The last fifth is a place of magic and mystery, home to wild, fabulous and nightmarish creatures beyond imagining and even more insane peoples where conflict between independent factions, roaming pirates, rebel and criminal organisations of all shades and circles and the marines run eternal. The last half of this fifth has mindbending geographic and biological phenomena and is largely ruled by four pirate emperors as colossal in their power as they are wild in their attitudes. Ever since the fateful day where a man, hailed across the world as the King of Pirates, delivered a rousing speech telling the world on an unimaginable treasure that he left in the most remote location in the world, embargoed by the four emperors and the elite of the marines, all in one piece for the first to take it, brave men and women young and old have raised black flags and set sail for adventure and glory in the name of freedom and dreams, whatever those words mean to them. Just as many spirited young soul draft for recruitment each day into their local G base, undergoing the gruelling training required to stand against the pirate menace as Grand Line Marines. At the heart of the world, legendary rogues and criminals clash swords and fire pistols between the decks of colossal frigates, explorers and missionaries from remote kingdoms dig out the ruins of lost civilizations long covered up by the powers-that-be while battling both fiendish animals and federal persecution, state-enshrined fortress-palaces and judicial facilities are stormed by freedom-fighters, terrorists and revolutionaries, the legendary naval admiralty wage 40K-worthy wars against veteran pirate warlords, (text limit)

>> No.28942583

(continued)politicians, secret policemen and ruthless privateers play games with the power structure of the world and young and ambitious pirates crews led by headline-stealing visionaries and ferocious captains test their mettle against the titanic forces of the new world. Oh, and magic fruit exist that grant incredible powers to their eaters at the cost of having no strength or active ability while immersed in water. And their are fishmen. And giants. That are freaking HUGE.

>> No.28942632

Sure didn't, aside from all that corruption everywhere you could possibly turn to help. Or all that oppression from your supposed saviors.

>> No.28942715

Needs moar sea kings.

>> No.28942857

>The last fifth is a place of magic and mystery, home to wild, fabulous and nightmarish creatures beyond imagining

>> No.28943563

>Sea Kings are everywhere, just more concentrated around the Calm Belt and in the Grand Line. The Sea Kings in the New World are completely unknown

>> No.28943867

noble/grim is also about how easy it is to be a hero

>> No.28944325

a) The Sea Kings in the Grand Line are also far larger and crazier than those in the blue seas

b) The statement in question covers more creatures than just Sea Kings

b)It's called a quick summary

>> No.28944591

And that's what makes Orks awesome and terrifying all at once.

>> No.28944770

It's the epitome of Grimbright. It's superficially idyllic and peaceful but it's actually rotten to the core.

>> No.28944868

Consider the following. The winning condition for the 40k Ork faction would be an endless, brutal, meaningless conflict.

W40k *is* their winning condition, in other words. They've never not had exactly what they want. They are the one true superpower faction.

>> No.28945124

Aria = noblebright with an extra dose of bright

>> No.28945137

I'd say Touhou is Neutral Bright, with heavy leanings to Noble.
Humans and Supernaturals made an explicit contract to not eradicate each other, so you're fine even if you follow your possibly mischievous nature.
You can hit it big if you have talent, or if you're in the position to devote yourself to magic or something. However, chances are you're small fry, so enjoy your peaceful and quiet farmer life.

>> No.28945679

The first of these seems alright.

The last two seem to be basically a line from positive to cynical twisted beyond usefulness into a grid.

There is no differentiation between noble/grim and bright/dark in the last two.

>> No.28945987

>Chaos Cultists
Turn to Chaos in desperation to improve your very shitty life, go insane

Worship coffee machines and vacuum cleaners. Most innovation is heresy and punished severely.

>Imperial Guard, cont.
Not given sensible equipment, like flakboard shields, carapace kneepads, full helmets, chain gloves, chain bayonets, and broader-beam las weapons.

>> No.28946056

Homu still saves the world and every magical Girl, at least in one timeline.

Grimdark: movie no.3
All-out war

>> No.28946127

>No way man, SnK is like the definition of grimdark. Remember these guys?
They're DEEEEEEAAAAAD. (Except Levi).
It's the similar to 40k. Most people don't stand a chance, except the plot-armored few, and the nobility doesn't know what to do

>> No.28946149

>>Traveller as Neutral Bright.
>I know it's supposed to be this. I -KNOW- it is.
>But when I run it, it turns into pic related.
You. I like you. And yes, you can tune any setting darker or brighter according to personal preference

>> No.28946182


In Paranoia EVERYONE is a clone. And your clones get your memories when they're decanted, so they think of themselves as "you".

>> No.28946210


You should play Megatraveler, the edition set during the civil war. Lucan (one of the candidates for the Throne) practised "black war", which involved annihilating whole star systems with megaweapons.

>> No.28946214

>Anything but Grimbright and Neutraldark
>Not a shit.

Shit taste / 10, apply yourself.

>> No.28946231


Yeah good movie. This is /tg/, tho, not /pedophiles and feet/

>> No.28946255


The Culture setting is Bright, the heroes of the novels tend to be assholes, so I'd call the series as a whole GrimBright,

>> No.28946275

I have a taste for NobleDark
heroes :3

>> No.28946345

Alright, I'm going with Dokapon Kingdom because why not.
Definitely Grimbright. Everyone, almost every time, ends up being an opportunist. Every man for himself, and if you can have a chance to further your own goals, you fucking take it. That game gets downright brutal sometimes.

>> No.28946829

Nier is kind of hard to place. The world is unquestionably shitty, with humanity being technically extinct, and the plan to revive them becoming less likely to pan out every single day. The thing is, while the characters do have the power to change the world, they can only change it in ways that make it worse, even if they don't realize it at the time. This is because letting the antagonists get away with their evil plan to save the world would entail a personal sacrifice (pic related) that the main character is simply unwilling to make. Still, it's totally within the realm of possibility that the antagonists win, so I'd put it in nobledark.

>> No.28948183

>city of ember
yes. it's a shame the movie was shit, though.

>> No.28948381

if something add a layer for how usually you will be fucked

>> No.28948600


NobleDark is the Mary Sue alignment. Sure everything is shit, but that just makes your oh-so virtuous hero all the more shiny!

>> No.28949503

Actually I like being an asshole LE or CN while everybody else is being shades of good marysues

>> No.28950080


>mass effect

Commander Sheperd (the first human member of a group who is selected for their ability to carry out important missions on their own initiative) literally saves the universe singlehandedly, aided by his friends who include the universe's most powerful information broker, a vigilante who manages to piss off the three major merc outfits of the universe by himself, a warlord who united under him his fragmented species, a psychic super-soldier, a super-soldier from a race of super-soldiers a multi-doctorate special forces veteran, a teen genius, and humanity's best pilot who is aided by humanity's only (known) AI, all flying around in the most advanced (non-precursor) spaceship in the galaxy.

If that shit ain't at least Nobledark, I'll eat my hat.

>> No.28950222

Noblebright/grimdark just depends on your perspective in the universe.

Shepard may be able to accomplish a lot, but only because he has unlimited funding from the galaxy and is probably a pinnacle of human achievement physically and mentally.

But think about it from the perspective of a random civilian, or a batarian.

At the end of the game, after a long war against near unstoppable monsters that were enslaving your family members, your entire biology is changed by a wave of green mana and hooks you up to the borg against your will.

If you're a batarian? Your entire culture and civilization is wiped out because one jackass human thought it was the right thing to do.

The average joes in the mass effect universe are basically helpless, and to them it is quite grim. But such is the fate of all NPCs in a PC dominated universe.

>> No.28950229

yea, it would be nobledark.

Except if you take the retarded end, who mean " all you have done until now is for nothing"
Retarded for this kind of game, but make the grimbright sorta ok. Since the heroes don't matter that much.

Wait, s/hestill save the galaxy. alone.

Definitively noble.

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