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Hey tg, I have always liked the chin/collar -guard thingy that turns up in every other two-bit space opera.

What's its called, and do you have any you guys liked?

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...Neck guard? Collar?

This isn't a sci-fi thing. People don't like being shot in the neck.

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It seems to be a futuristic or sci-fi version of a medieval Gorget (Effectively neck armour)

I may be wrong but it's the closest thing to it I can think of (Though to be honest it doesn't look like it offers all that much neck protection)

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I too like the neck thingy, or a neckgaurd I guess if you wanna sound more serious.

I think it's a neat design element. I guess it's just there to protect your vulnerable neck. Really I just like armored collar elements.

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It is generally an uncomfortable experience i'm sure.

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Sure, but I kinda just liked how it looks.


Thanks, /tg/! I knew I could count on you.


Is it, isn't it? It's not so dehumanising as a helmet, but it just have that something that looks great.

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It's a gorget

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Isn't that your gorget?

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We have these on our plate-carriers as well.
The neck-guards we have on the carriers won't do shit against a bullet since it's only kevlar in them, but they are there to protect your deliciously fragile, fleshy neck and throat from shrapnel and fragments of flying debris.

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Mandarin Collar, officer's collar.

Difficult to find in storebought clothes, these days. I have all my decent shirts tailerd to have one.

Can't combine it with ties, of course.

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I always thought it acted more as a dock for the helmet, since the helmets in sci-fi usually surround more of your head than other stuff.

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Flack jackets have those too. Can't stop sharpnel from puncturing your throat if the flack jacket doesn't protect there.

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This anon got it right. A gorget surrounds the neck, while a bevor usually covers only the front of the neck (and most of the time, the chin).

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There's nothing wrong with boobplate.

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gr8 b8 m8

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Oh chill the fuck out, it's Space Age Sci-Fi Kevlar Boobplate, spazmatron.

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>dock for the helmet
I'm with this anon.

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>Oh man, i can't wait to die!

Fucking impractical armor apologists.

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>dock for the helmet
I thought that was just this guy

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his doubles as a HUD

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It's an interesting idea, but it'd have to either be a bubble helmet or use a flexible portion to attach to the neck-guard, else you wouldn't be able to turn your head.

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I never got why having a rig suit has your health on your spine. I mean, that way you can't see your own health.

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>a setting based on 70s era space operas
>not having sexy armor
Yer a faget.

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That way your backup co-worker can see how badly you were hurt in an accident.

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Why not put it on an arm or something? Or is that too easily blown off? I can't help but think that being able to see how badly you're hurt would be useful.

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Nah, a gorget generally goes directly on/around your neck, and may be connected to the helmet.

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Presumably the same information can be seen in your HUD, but we're not shown it during gameplay.

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It's probably reasonable to assume that the users will have a mirrored display in their own HUD. The spine-mounting is just so it's exceedingly visible from a majority of angles even in pure darkness, and can be 'read' at a glance from a distance.

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This guy knows what's up. Mass Effect was cheesy, hammy space opera through and through and, for the most part, knew it. I mean, bisexual telepathic blueskinned alien woman, for chrissakes.

It's unfortunately also why the pseudophilosophic, wannabe transhumanitic endings ended up so unsatisfying, because it was just a huge breach in tone.

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> bisexual telepathic blueskinned alien woman, for chrissakes.
oh my god
you're right
they just left out the go-go boots and miniskirts
it's fucking TOS-tier stuff in disguise

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>they just left out the go-go boots and miniskirts

They had that AND a bob-hair robot chick with bionic heels.

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And don't forget how it became a buddy cop movie when you recruited Garrus and Rex. Damn, this is making me want to play ME1 again.

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As much as I dislike Mass Effect, I loved the art direction for the most part. Any setting even remotely based off of Syd Mead and Ron Cobb gets points with me.

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Just a little addition on the difference between gorget and bevor: The gorget is dedicated neck armor and was often rather tight, wrapping all the way around the neck. The bevor is more of a general neck/chin/face guard, sometimes incorporated directly into the harness and usually designed to somewhat compliment an open faced helmet.

For illustration, pic related is a gorget while your typical Sigmar Priest from Warhams is wearing a comically oversized bevor.

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>pseudophilosophic, wannabe transhumanitic

Sounds like 70s sci-fi alright.

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the endings were more like more 80's-90's Star Trek style scifi in tone.

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fucking shit
it keeps piling up
> humanity is the upstart galactic underdog
> there's a race whose entire thing is honorable war
> there's a race whose entire thing is ruthless financing
> there's a race whose entire thing is being psychic
> spaceships move like they're in an ocean
> entire planets look the same all over
> there's a debate on whether or not to uplift pre-mass effect races
> humanity bands together under a single organizational banner with a one-word name suggesting unity
> Many wear bright and clashing colours
this makes me hard

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And by that I should clarify, TNG style, not the original series.

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Yeah, it's clichéd as hell, but that doesn't automatically mean it's bad. For the most part, the series managed to pull off what they set out to do, and with the dearth of classic space opera nowadays it's been really enjoyable.

Though then again I also kind of enjoyed that John Carter movie, so make of that what you will.

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Add in the token "durkastan" brown aliens hell-bent on destroying and/or usurping the decadent western/human world.

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Actually the spaceship moves like they're in an ocean because Jeff Moreau is just that damn good of a pilot

>"It takes skill to make a ship bank in a vacuum. Don't think it doesn't."

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I think the clichéd stuff is great too. Sometimes it's nice to just enjoy something that goes according to the tune we all know and love, rather than try to jump off the rails or paint the rails bright and wacky colours.

I'll still hate you for enjoying the new John Carter though.

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I imagine because you have a rough idea of how hurt you are, going from 'ouch papercut' to 'it feels like I'm shitting nails, razor blades and coarse sand paper".

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>I'll still hate you for enjoying the new John Carter though.

Well for what it's worth, I never knew about the source material except for some porn featuring Dejah Thoris. So for me it was mostly just a bunch of pretty sceneries and reasonably fun action sequences.

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>John Carter

Fuck, the martians in that pile looked like such shit.

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And the ending tried to be 2001 way, way too hard.

That neck thing reminds me of XCOM Heavy troopers wearing the bomb protection gear.

I wonder if 50s/60s style sci-fi will ever come back into retro, Fallout aside. Especially since it turns out that space suits CAN be sleek jumpsuits with bubble helmets.

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Hey, I thought it was two hours of smooth, forgettable Disney adventure. I liked the organic vines design of the magic portal McGuffin stuff.

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I always liked Isaac's suits

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That's just feeble justification for the spitfires-in-space thing they've got going on. Maybe Joker was showing off (in a way that he had to point out, thus defeating the point), but that doesn't explain why every ship does the same thing.

And it is more Battle of Britain than Age of Sail. George Lucas admitted that he ignored the advice of his physicist consultants and just watched a lot of archive footage of Spitfires and Hurricanes shooting down Messerschmitts because that made for more visually entertaining, easy to understand dogfights.

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Well, it makes a certain amount of sense. Creating a docking port of some kind for the helmet means that you could provide certain powered features (HUDs and the like) using a central power source located in the armor rather than requiring that the helmet have its own battery

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Aw yeah

Apparently she was designed based on the girl from Metropolis?

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Actually, a combination of advanced fly-by-wire and the multi-directional thrust of real world spacecraft means that a ship can simply fly in the traditional sense if the pilot wants to navigate that way. Remember the final battle cinematic of Mass Effect 1? The Normandy goes from flying around like a jet to flipping upside-down at a moments notice like real world space flight. It's just up to how Joker wants to do things.

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The problem with that is that the Batarians are only racist in that hilarious racist grandpa way



And that's why I play James T. Shepard.

>Take every option involving fucking an alien
>Paragon it up, unless the Renegade option is 'PUNCH A MOTHERFUCKER'
>Mentally play the Star Trek battle theme during boss fights

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There was only one proper ending and it didn't have anything to do with transhumanism, the others were bad ends fabricated by your poor indoctrinated brain.

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And in the terrorist way, there's plenty of piracy, terrorism and hostage stories about them in the background news.

Hell they even claim slavery as an inalienable right of cultural heritage.

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Wave your flag, anon! Be proud!

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>Hell they even claim slavery as an inalienable right of cultural heritage.

Are you saying that is cartoony and doesn't actually have real cultural precedence? Because that's happened before via Rome.

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Not cartoony, but stereotypical trekkie "dark side of humanity" shtick.
They are pretty much "what if humanity had never gotten a leg up".

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>A leg up
Weren't they pretty affluent and influential on the council before humanity got assblasted and forced them out?

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I think its cool, and practically it deflects shrapnel from cutting your neck!

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Naw, they were always humanity but one hairsbreadth behind.
Every break and opportunity humanity got was from under the noses of the Batarian.

All turned to shit when they went to war over new turf, lost much of their naval power reduced them to skirmishing and piracy.

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Say what you want about Mass Effect but the Krogan are still the best shitbag warrior aliens ever. I would take them over every other example of that cleche.

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> entire planets look the same all over
Most planets in the solar system look the same all over.

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In fairness, it helps that Wrex is straight up the best squad member in Mass Effect. Garrus wasn't actually that cool in that game - like Tali and Liara, he was basically your personal Codex to the Turian people. It wasn't until 2 that he got to show off.

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That's true. However I liked Grunt as well.

>> No.28919885

His also has a sort of display on the inside, which I always thought was neato.

>> No.28919907

Oh yeah, I fucking love Grunt, he's adorably badass
>google searching dinosaurs
>searches for tyrannosaurus wrex

>> No.28919910

also Venus

>> No.28919927


True, talk about a glass cannon.

And not even that good a cannon.

Wrex and Ashley 5eva

>> No.28919946

I usually ran Wrex/Tali - Tali is fucking broken if you max her shields, she's literally the second-most durable character after Wrex.

My Adept on the other hand ran Liara/Kaidan because LOL STASIS, PROBLEM SAREN/JUGGERNAUT/THRESHER MAW?

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eh, but tali has only dat crappy shotgun/pistol combo. garrus can knock a fucker out before you even see him.

>> No.28919969


Proper pistol set-ups with its Marksman equivalent can do more damage than an assault rifle and literally never overheat. Don't even worry about her shotgun skills.

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>"durkastan" brown aliens hell-bent on destroying and/or usurping the decadent western

Is it wrong I read that as if they were space muslims? /pol/ has corrupted me

>> No.28919984

Pistols in ME1 were broken

>> No.28920007

They are brown men 50-100 years behind in all but weapons tech and they seek to destroy the people that have usurped their chance to take the ple plane in the universe promised by their prophet, by any mean possible.

Draw your own conclusions from there.

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In Spain we call it "Barbote" but I'm sure you got your answer.

>> No.28920023

I've seen that spelled barbut, too. And someone else called it a bevor.

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They don't actually have the same climate all over. Also, they can't support life as we know it.

>> No.28920039

So yes. Awesome, I really need to replay ME since I missed some interesting references

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>i played the game wrong

back to me1 it is.

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I don't like Space Opera.

I love the New Space Opera, though.

>> No.28920071

It's funny because "barbote" also means "big beard"

This one is badass

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You don't visit every location on a planet in ME also the vast majority of planets in ME don't support life as we know it.

Sorry that you don't like the idea but a planet that receives the same sunlight as Europa isn't going to have a jungle biome.

>> No.28920120

I'm with anon. On soft, kevlar-like scifi armour, what exactly is the problem?

>> No.28920122

Of course not. But Europa also doesn't have an atmosphere.

>> No.28920124

I respectfully disagree with that statement.

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That's the one, alright.

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Well I am finally there, after two seasons I am at the infamous Spock's Brain. Lets see if this is as retarded as I heard.

>> No.28920235

How about Titan then?

Either way, let's look at the planets in ME, not counting the random exploration where you only visit a 2km x 2km area.

Noveria, unbreathable atmosphere, constant methane snow and temperatures that kill instantly if not wearing a space suit. Presumably the whole planet is like Titan. Very unlikely to have rain forests.

Therum, you visit a mine in a mountain range. Presumably the planet has other biomes because you can see them from orbit, but you don't actually get to visit them since there's nothing plot related to them.

Feros, hive world. Yeah it's impossible that civilization will ever be able to completely cover a planet with infrastructure and buildings.

Virmire, has frozen poles, a moderate sized continent with what might be a yellow sand desert you see for a few seconds but all of the action happens on a small island on the other end of the planet.

You could always argue that the Earth in Mass Effect is one giant spaceport and military base because that's all you ever see of it. Much in the same way that England is just a big airport since that's all I saw when I did my stop over there.

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Mah nigga

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I really enjoyed how in three you got to see that the Krogans were actually quite culturally advanced, at least until the Salarians got the awesome idea of "Hey, let's give this relatively undeveloped race of warrior tribes access to weapons of mass destruction".

I also enjoy how they're essentially a species marked for a long, slow death, and they decide to deal with that by just fucking up the rest of the universe as hard as they can.

>> No.28922012


Krogans nuked themselves, when the Salarians found them they were in a nuclear winter of their own making.

>> No.28922053

Huh, really? I though they were still in their pseudo-antiquity when the Salarians found and uplifted them as foot soldiers in the Rachni War?

>> No.28922074

Did anyone say sexy sci fi?

>> No.28922085


Nope, they fucked themselves up when they got nukes.
The Salarians really should have handled the whole uplifting better, though.

>> No.28922087

I don't think we did, but don't let that stop you from posting more.

>> No.28922097

Huh, well, learn something new everyday. Salarians can still eat a bag of dicks, though.

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Yep, gorgets aren't fun to wear. But a shattered trachea is much less fun

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>> No.28922120

Real mars princesses don't have mouths on their face.

>> No.28922178

Where the hell is that chain going to?

>> No.28922194

For some reason Noveria always felt surprisingly cozy to me.

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>Actually, a combination of advanced fly-by-wire and the multi-directional thrust of real world spacecraft means that a ship can simply fly in the traditional sense if the pilot wants to navigate that way.

It's also less efficient, introduces stresses on the spacecraft, and wastes mass for redundant large engines and fuel lines.

But let's not kid ourselves here. The Mass Effect codex says one thing about how the spacecraft operate, and the games themselves do the complete opposite when they depict them. This is because the artists and designers involved have no creative integrity.

You do not need to make space combat look like WWII prop plane dogfights to make it interesting. The reality of space combat is more like rocket powered submarines skating on black ice.

>> No.28922265

>The reality of space combat is more like rocket powered submarines skating on black ice.

In the ME universe, they could have gone even further too. Given that they can generate "mass effect" fields that effectively "space magics" the physics how they like, they could have made space combat much more interesting and in-depth than swooping evasive maneuvers.

But the game really wasn't about space combat, so they sorta hand-waved that stuff and left it for cut-scenes.

>> No.28922274

>The reality of space combat is more like rocket powered submarines skating on black ice.
Firing weapons that have no drag at distances that make a transatlantic flight seem tiny. While being bombarded by insane levels of stellar radiation, random high-speed debris, and system-fucking magnetic fields.

I seriously never understood why people think space combat would be boring. It would be fast and brutal as fuck, like butt-naked samurai fighting in an enclosed 3-foot room.

>> No.28922281

yfw no qt mars princess gf

>> No.28922295



The ME universe apparently has a market for software that does nothing but make sci-fi wooshy noises so that people have audio cues during space fights

>> No.28922304

I think that picture may have started an uprising....

In my pants.

>> No.28922317

She should have some kind of nipple jewellery, this is not canon.

>> No.28922334


She's obviously a captive, someone must have stolen the jewelry to feed their poor family.

>> No.28922341


It's both; they were culturally advanced AND nuked themselves. The two aren't mutually exclusive you know.

>> No.28922573


I never said they weren't.

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>> No.28924806

I kinda like the way the written description of ME space combat works.
Frigates and larger punch each other over extreme range with guns that fire at fractions of the speed of light. Trying to bluff their position, and get in enough hits quickly to overwhelm their opponents shields, or get out before that happens to them.

What made it interesting was that fighters could get up close and use really advanced torpedos to fuck with your shields, so you also had to stop them flax/point defense.

So for weapons you had, basically solid chunks of metal flying at fractions of light speed, OR complex warheads that have to be dropped off inside your defense screen.

It probably should have look closer to the fight in the new BSG. Big ships just throwing shells at each other, while the fighters dodge in and out trying to find get best each other to hit the underbelly.

>> No.28924903

>butt-naked samurai fighting in an enclosed 3-foot room.
You get a point for 'best mental image of the day'

Well done

>> No.28925032


Actually we just keep landing probes in fairly boring and similar areas on mars - basically there's a fairly large area on mars that got blown up real good and made featureless enough that the sandstorms can build up to such massive levels that they have then proceeded to sandblast most of the area into a mojave desert the size of the pacific ocean. This is, coincidentally, a fairly easy place to land proves on.

But there's immensely rocky areas and mountain chains as well as Olympus Mons, there's great valleys and ancient riverbed networks, old dried up ocean and lake bottoms, there's sand as well as rocky deserts on mars, and in the polar areas it SNOWS CO2 for most of the year.

>> No.28925139

the ME1 system for planets wasn't that bad for modeling barren rocky worlds. The MACO was shit, but yes, barren rocky worlds would be kinda like that. I mean, you land on the moon, at it feels like the moon.

The problem was they also used it to model Garden worlds, and if you can't model plant life, don't include those. Because driving over green rocks when there are suppose to be trees, grass, etc, looks fucking terrible.

>> No.28925204

Huh. Well, while we're at it, I'm annoyed at how incompetent Cerberus was.

>> No.28925214

Women should wear loincloths some more. It's good for my circulation.

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>> No.28925277

>The MACO was shit

Fuck you

>> No.28925279

There is literally nothing wrong with breast molded plates. All claims otherwise comes from fools and manchildren who have never done anything with actual armour ever.

>> No.28925325

the Concept and visual design of the MACO= pretty cool

the implementation of the MACO through gameplay mechanics=complete shit.

>> No.28925335


>what is ornamental armour

>> No.28925360


ME isn't supposed to be a philosophical statement on the human condition or present a hard sci fi look at anything.

Its supposed to jam its thumb into the nostalgia center of your brain and work it firmly in a semicircle.

>> No.28925376

I rather enjoyed running over big geth thingies while shooting them, thank you very much.

>> No.28925388

Most armor in fantasy artwork is ornamental at best, be it male or female.

>> No.28925433

This. It's a wonderful planet with giant mountains, deep sinkholes, rocky highland, ancient ocean basins littered with craters, huge polar ice caps and even some areas with seasonal liquid water.
The entire HiRISE Mars image catalog for your viewing pleasure:

>> No.28925450

did you enjoy weird floaty movement control, awkward as fuck aiming, and having to just pound at things forever at higher difficulty levels, and having a gun that was worse than your hand held weapons at high levels?

The MACO can be kinda fun. If you remember to drop the difficulty to easy every time you get inside. At Hardcore, it's just a pain.

>> No.28925468

Did you also enjoy getting caught on them and then having them destroy you because running them over just knocked them down and didn't kill them, so they could still shoot you while your stupid freaking car had a geth limb grinding between three wheels?

>> No.28925489

You mean the shoulder thing that goes up?

>> No.28925617


I attribute my fetish for practical, functional, utilitarian armour and weapons to this.

>"Fear the humble man with modest blade, for through hard and quiet work so are killers made."

>> No.28925640

Nah he means the thing he put a red circle around directly in front of the neck.

>> No.28925643

You like to play a dangerous game, don't you?

Yeah, pretty much. Very nearly everything in fantasy is kind of over the top, that's why it's fantasy. Be it mages that go to war in hugely impractical dresses/robes, rogues walking through town in utterly obvious black "look at me I'm a criminal" leathers or indeed the good old boobplate. As long as it at least tries to look like it's meant to protect your vital bits (unlike the asian style that only exposes as much skin as possible), I can't really get mad about it.

>> No.28925663

Goodness, I feel kinda old now.

>> No.28925702

people complain about that, but I'm pretty sure that's where the helmet is suppose to attach.
It's slightly too far forward, but it's suppose to be part of space suit. Look at the helmet attachment are on current space suits.

I'm pretty sure the design for that piece on the armor came from space suits, not medieval armor

>> No.28925757

They were there back in the day as well.
Getting stabbed in the neck is never fun.

>> No.28925867

I think you missed my point.
Traditional armor had the gorat tight to the throat. Space suits have helmet attachment further in front of the throat. I think the ME armor design is taking the design from space suits.

So it's not a terrible design mistake, it's just using the fact that the armor is also a space suit, not just a means of personal defense.

>> No.28925914


To be fair, perhaps a nice chunk of armour is a nice thing to have in front of the front facing portion of the main seal of your space helmet during a laser fire fight.

>> No.28925979


I dunno, I liked the loose bouncy, springy handling of the MACO. You really thought you could roll over anything, it was a plucky little thing.

>> No.28926056

The problem is that Shepard, being a canonically awful driver, didn't know how to work the mass effect fields on the thing, so it was locked on 'styrofoam'

>> No.28926771

>Very nearly everything in fantasy is kind of over the top, that's why it's fantasy.
so you should probably stop bitching about ornamental armor then

>> No.28927009

>Behind in technology

>> No.28927311


I'm a fan of the Hammerhead from the ME2 DLC. While the MACO had heavier guns, the Hammerhead had speed and control on its side, skimming, hopping, and boosting effortlessly around. I guess I'm more a fan of being able to outmaneuver anything as opposed to just running it down, even if it was damn good fun.

>> No.28927312

>What is medicine?

>> No.28927340

There's no system that shows your health in real life anon. In the game it is probably mostly used for making your co-workers see where you are.

>> No.28927381

1. Muslims had telescopes before Christians because they traded with the Chinese.
2. Muslims had better medicine than Christians because they traded with the Chinese.

Every single technological, scientific or philosophical advantage the Muslims had was from their connection to China via the Mongol empire.

>> No.28927406

It doesn't work against bullets.

It's meant to protect its wearer from secondary, and distant primary fragmentation.

>> No.28927518


but the chinese were one of the last civilisations to develop glass. It held them back massively. So how the fuck did they build telescopes?


>> No.28927594

Because the snippet is technically wrong, the best kind of wrong. They bought their glass from India and the middle east and did amazing things with it. It was in short supply. but they did create Telescopes and heat resistant glass.

>> No.28927595


>Not liking the MAKO

Did anybody else like the weapon mod system in ME1?
If I recall correctly, you could essentially turn a sniper rifle into some kinda railgun/rocket launcher if you loaded it up with damage mods and the explosive ammunition. Sure it would overheat after one shot, but it was pretty amusing to have a mess around with.

>> No.28927615

Wouldn't it actually make things worse with bullets?
Either it gets through very deformed, making nastier holes in guy's neck, or even if the bullet could be deflected it would hit his chin

>> No.28927637

Honestly, I'm disappointed that the Chinese stagnated. I can only wonder what they could have achieved if their scientific progress was continuous.

>> No.28927642


So you're saying the muslims borrowed glass from the chinese who borrowed it from the indians?

I'll stick with Stephen Fry

>> No.28927716

It's like a game of 7 Wonders

>> No.28927723

No, the bullet would still go straight through.

Ofc, it depends on the type of ammunition. It could maybe ricochet an .22 .

>> No.28927725

I enjoyed it because it actually allowed for a lot of modification in game and actually affected how you played, compared to the inventory systems in ME2 and 3.

>> No.28927726

I remember doing that. Hella fun. My pistol was just a fucking machinegun with incendiary rounds.

>> No.28927738


It could, but I think it's more likely it would make things better most of the time. A bullet that hits bone can ricochet around in the body (Yep, look it up) and fuck you up in all kinds of ways. A first barrier would decrease velocity by a lot and warp the projectile so it would lose speed faster. It would get warped or start spinning anyway, so.. you know.

>> No.28927833


Yeah, it annoyed me that they made ammunition class specific abilities.

I kinda missed being able to change evryones ammunition to suit the situation, like AP rounds if I was coming up against Geth.

>> No.28927919

which is really cool

>> No.28928887

I fucking loved it. My assault rifle could fire forever and my shotgun was basically a tiny hand-held mass driver. Such a shame they phased it out in ME2.

>> No.28928915

I just loaded up everyone on explosive rounds. It was hilarious to have some geth or krogan pop around the corner and pretty much die instantly.

>> No.28928927

If it's anything like a thyroid collar for radiation protection, you get used to it.

>> No.28928954

They actually have radiation blocking collars specifically to protect your thyroid from gamma rays?

>> No.28928955

Modding weapons into things they clearly weren't intended for was half the fun of ME1. It was glorious

>> No.28929003

>gamma rays

Thyroid collars are for x-rays commonly. You'd need something more specialized for gamma (I'd assume).

>> No.28929011

Also, Earth.

>> No.28929061

Oh x-rays, I thought you meant a separate item and not just part of the normal lead apron those guys wear.

>> No.28929091

>Illustrator chain effect

>> No.28929098

>Where the hell is that chain going to?
The other manacle.

>> No.28929101

Not all lead aprons have thyroid collars (although the majority do). Even those that have them they are technically two separate items (unless the apron is custom made) attached through velcro.

>> No.28929408

> that armour
> that lady
more ladies in practical armour please

>> No.28929469

64% of people didnt pick up wrex

>> No.28929664


>> No.28929857

Her name is Samantha Swords, she makes props for WETA workshop (lord of the rings, district 9, ect) for a living and fights in martial arts tournaments in her time off.

>> No.28930043

The Muslims develop led many things beyond the quality they found it in.
The Greeks had algebra. But the Muslims developed in far far further. Same for optic. Astronomy. Medicine.
Yes they traded for things. But they improved and further them.
For a period of time the House of Wisdom in bagded was the greatest center of learning in the world.

Super rich leader decided his city would be the best at everything including knowledge.

>> No.28930092

That's a nice library there. Be a shame if anything... "happened" to it...

>> No.28930237


Funny, I never made that connection before. The place that could arguably claim to have the greatest source of knowledge and wisdom decided it would be a good idea to kill Tamerlane's emissaries.

>> No.28930269

Well, hey, you can have the best library in the world, doesn't mean a given leader somewhere down the line is going to be bright enough to use it.

>> No.28930395

In a way, the Muslims had their enlightenment very early. The time period in which they were the masters of math and astronomy saw an Islam faith ripe with knowledge and technology.

Unfortunately, as we saw after the Christian enlightenment, a new fundamentalist revival occurred. And it inevitably squashed Muslim knowledge in the name of faith. The Middle East hasn't recovered since.

>> No.28930400

Different time period
Iirc also different time period.

I'm not claiming all Muslims at all time were pro learning. Just that there are was a place and time where they were

>> No.28930448

She is literally a blacksmith from middle earth who also participates in tournaments.

>> No.28930476

Yes, because the Muslim golden age ENDED when the Mongols curbstomped them.
Supposedly, the Tigris river ran black for a full week because the mongols dumped all the books into it.

>> No.28930527

Why would the mongols do that?

>> No.28930620

Because the Mongols had a specific formula for conquest that worked very fucking well for them. And part of that was to attack centers of culture and make an example of them, so that surrounding areas are more likely to submit to Mongol will.

There's a reason they had the largest land empire of the ancient world.

>> No.28930704

That's part of why I like haqqislam in infinity.
Guy basically goes "fuck this anti science fundamentalist shit. We're looking at when Muslims were top of the world for rolemodels "

>> No.28930721

Eh, I'm kinda fed up with giant shoulderpads and spiky armors that fantasy art keeps chugging out like they are going out of style. Now I'm more impressed by armor that actually looks functional and practical.

I still enjoy the occational swag looking armor, though.

>> No.28930931

They didn't care about books, they barely even had a written language. They were barbarians of the highest order- if you couldn't carry it with you on a horse, you didn't need it. That included books so into the river they went.
It also meant not taking shit from anyone. During a comparatively minor dispute, the sultan of Baghdad killed the emissaries sent by the mongols. Messengers were sacrosanct to them, killing diplomats was a massive insult and sent the message that no negotiation was possible.

So the mongols made an example of the place, razed the city to the ground, cut unborn babies from their mothers wombs in the street, and piled up the skulls of the dead in a pyramid a hundred feet high.
Not for profit, not for fun, but so that no one would ever even THINK about dissing the mongols.

>> No.28930991

Djingis Khan also thought it was more prudent for Mongols to kill other civilizations instead of other Mongols.

>> No.28931154


It was a modern take on the old Urquan "drop a buggy on a planet and collect resources" system, though without the USE of the resources because the Normandy was never used that much and thus there wasn't any need to upgrade and develop it, and also minus the bullshit frustrating "if the planet is too hot or windy LIGHTNING and/or FIRE RAPE".

It was also infinitely better than the fucking planet scanning shit from 2 & 3. Still baffled as to why they didn't bring it and/or the hammerhead back for 3. Other than "EA didn't give us enough time to fix all the BUGS, let alone revamp and implement MACO side missions."

>> No.28931226

To bad nobody wears the fucking things because they're hot and uncomfortable as fuck same as those shoulder pads and crotch plates.

>> No.28931242

That's one of my personal favorite things about the mongols. Temujin wasn't some prince who thought he was entitled to the world, he was born in a felt-covered hut. He needed something for the guys to do and then accidentally the whole continent.

I know, terrible attrocitiers and all, but I can sort of imagine him getting some drinks with his buddies, then jump cut to him waking up with a hangover on top of a mound of slave girls in the middle of a massive, ornate, half destroyed palace thinking "aw shit, what did I DO last night?"

>> No.28931276

I kinda hated the Hammerhead because it was a glass canon.

>> No.28935149

64% of people are dumb.

>> No.28935167

I've seen those stats too. Keep in mind that includes EVERYONE who started with ME2 or ME3 and never got the chance to save Wrex, since those stats are based entirely on data taken from ME3 gameplay

>> No.28935226

Didn't Genghis get so pissed once that he just diverted a bunch of rivers to literally fuck up the topography of a country that crossed him and killed his messengers? Just a straight up 'hah hah, your shit DOESN'T FUCKING EXIST NOW'

>> No.28935248

Haqq is the fucking coolest faction, and that's saying something because every faction in Infinity is pretty cool. Golden Age Islam + biotech madness + Dune?



>> No.28935408

It's a Gorget. Its on many armor from all time periods.

>> No.28935869

TES elven armor has this.

>> No.28936824

...You mean it's impossible to save Wrex if you start with ME2?
Shit, there goes my intention of playing Paragon-Shep from ME2 onwards.

>> No.28936857

Yeah, ME assumes a,mostly, Renegade Shep

No Rachni Queen
No Wrex
No helping Tali or Garrus
Ashley is still alive
Council is dead

>> No.28936921


>> No.28937038

ME2 start is this weird lazy renegade playthrough.

>> No.28937098

It assumes a lazy shep, which just so happens to make him seem renegade, but he just didn't have enough paragon points to do anything worthwhile

>> No.28937136

Yeah, as does ME3
It's kinda shit
And why I bothered to replay ME1 twice in a row so I could start ME2 with a level 60 Shepard

Paragon Points didn't decide conversation options, not REALLY, until ME2
In ME1 it was Charm and Intimidate stats. They were affected by your Points, but they weren't controlled by them
It's just Shepard is assumed to be a lazy fuck-tard who took the fast way out(note, he doesn't even do Renegade the right way, just the fast way)

>> No.28937139

I picked up ME2 on PS3 and there was this comic looking prologue where you got to make some key decisions like not killing Wrex.

>> No.28937176

>No Wrex
>No helping Tali or Garrus
The fuck is this
What about Genesis? Is that with or without it?

>> No.28937225

Remind me

>> No.28937258

The comic-book prologue DLC that lets you make decisions from ME1 and import them into a fresh ME2 character. I can't remember off the top of my head if it lets you save Wrex.

>> No.28937287

>Daily reminder that armor will probably never be like that or 'plate' armor ever again, because modern penetrating ammunition is just too good
>Daily reminder that 3 1/2 inches of steel plate still wouldn't stop your organs liquifying from explosive force (including HESH munitions)
>Daily reminder 'real' space combat doesn't exist and likely will never exist and you should stop referencing it like it does
>Daily reminder that small Normandy-like ships fighting on a scale where they are even visible to each other by the naked eye, or designed anything other than the ship from Avatar probably wouldn't happen

Its a sad kind of feel

>> No.28937316

Bioware thinks you should have bought ME1.

>> No.28937318

I lack it, so I can't tell you.

>> No.28937349

I like hard sci-fi the best anyway.

>> No.28937396

Just two things relating to that last one
>Close combat is stupidly rare in ME and only usually occurs next to Mass Relays, all other combat is from entire planets away at-least usually
>Implying anything but Aesthetics matter when dealing with a Vaccum and no need for aerodynamics

>> No.28937457


If all else fails, there are savegame editors out there.

Creat a Shep, save him, export, edit the export file for actions taken in ME1, save export, import.

It's a hassle, but it's better than no alien bros and hoes.

The only thing I haven't figured out yet is how to edit Virmire decisions to save Kirrahe.

>> No.28937497

It looks great, until a hot shell casing flicks into it.

>> No.28937501

The majority of players wont think of that, though, because they are not technical and it takes some kind of effort.

>> No.28937510


In a winter winter winter wonderland...

>> No.28937523

Eh, I get hard while imagining small-scale crews using passive sensors firing missiles made of heavy elements moving at >3000m/s while sitting inside 800m of automated factories and cold-gas launchers. Command crews will also be engineering, thinking and manufacturing new munitions and submunitions as the conflict demands.

Entire alien continents of rare earth metals will be strip-mined, refined, mass-driven into orbit, collected, fed into nanoassembly hoppers and eventually fired at other ships in the form of a 10,000-strong cloud of smart decoy missiles and their processors, just to ensure that the opposition's laser point-defences don't slag the specialized warhead designed to kill the crew but leave the delicious infrastructure intact.
Rival mining operations will have chunks of spare mass (iron, uranium) dropped on them. Ships hit with kinetic penetrators are evacuated before the gamma-emitter payload irridates the air/poisons the crew directly.

>> No.28937571

The dissonance between what's said and what's actually happening during space battles in ME is annoying
They hammer it time after time, "ships actually have range of thousand of kilometers, it's not like naval battles at all"
>cutscene starts
>ships just fly towards each other in disorderly mass
>they start broadsiding and shooting straight
>earth should be destroyed by the "saving" fleet

>> No.28937572

its not sad at all imo, the current sci fi imagines a fantasy world sure but that doesn't mean the real one will be uninteresting.

space combat will likely be stealthy submarine warfare tense and terrifying

>> No.28937588

Not enough renegade points too, you can renegade wrex into submission.

ME1 had this beautiful system where Renegade/Paragon was only the 'how' of things. A Full Renegade Shep could convince Saren that he was a dipshit and he'd still realise he was.

None of that 'You need to be a paragon to convince people to your cause'.

>> No.28937640

They kinda made a point of that in ME2. Stray shots in space will ruin someones day.

>> No.28937676

I thought renegade Shepard was fun in ME2 because it was like you were trolling a railroady GM.

>> No.28937694

In ME1 and 2 there are excuses
The battles happen right after someone jumped out of a Relay, a Knife Fight was the ONLY option
ME3? No real excuse, but that game had a lot of issues concerning previously established Canon

>> No.28937704


>Rogues walking into town in Obvious black

Man, those guys crack me up. In my larp, I'm the only thief that -hasn't- been discovered, because I wear fullplate in combat, and everything -but- black when sneaking around. (Which, coincidentally, I learned from Terry Pratchett)

>> No.28937707

I love how renegade Shep essentially tells Saren "DO IT FAGGOT" to get him to shoot himself

>> No.28937737

"Submission is preferable to extinction"
"Maybe if you're some kind of faggot robo-Turian!"

>> No.28937785

I had 1 issue with Saren as a Villain, just 1
His look.
They should have made 2 separate models for him
1 to be the one we see most of the game, a normal but tough Turian
The second is the one they actually used, all cyberneticly enhanced and shit
To make a point of the fact he was filled with tech AFTER Virmire

>> No.28937790

>first thought: Dang, those are some good graphics
>second thought: The pauldrons look like it's from a cosplay though
>third thought: wait a minute
>fourth thought: >mfw

>> No.28937948

You could tell right off the bat that the writing and presentation was lazier.

>> No.28937973


Imagine ME3's multiplayer with a system like that.

No, really. Imagine the hilarity. Also the overheat/no reload mechanism.

>> No.28938005


And also the people who did not put enough points in their social skills to get Wrex and Ashley to cool down.

Fucking munchkins brought it on themselves

>> No.28938014

>nuanced discussion of ME
>even 3's ending was mentioned
>on the internet


Less of never recovering, more of never having a chance to recover. After the Mongols came and went, the Middle East was almost immediately taken over by the Seljuk Turks, and eventually became part of the Ottoman Empire. And before any of those states could even thing about self determination, the European powers were in there, taking their shit and propping up shitty institutions. It really hasn't been good to be an Arab state for a long while.

>> No.28938047

>Multiplayer Makos
Everyone flying the fuck around Cannoning each other
My God, it would be glorious

>> No.28938118


He's basically Conan personified.

>> No.28938156

> mako handling
> mako jumping
> lag
> multiple makos at once
there is a new sun in the sky

>> No.28938187


Fair enough, I've been doing things like that since BG2.

Genesis, though, was that a paid DLC, or a promotional one?
Is it still available?

>> No.28938223

It's a paid DLC, and it's still available. I think it comes free with a new copy of ME2 though.

>> No.28938271


I got that one for xbox. Pretty effective at keeping the major decisions, even if the minor ones don't get through. Still, I've played ME2 from the standard start, and ME2 from a save of ME1, and it's an entirely different game. If you spent the time to do absolutely everything no matter how minor in the game, ME2 gets twice as dense with stuff, even if its just the background. It's like being a time-traveller where you can just redo the events of two-years prior and end up in a present contrasted sharply against an alternate timeline.

>> No.28938280


>4 Makos in open terrain
>Platinum difficulty Reaper troops

Bring it.

>> No.28938297

>All that hopping over missles
Could we turn it into a dance routine?

>> No.28938320


>Dat weapon adaptability
>Fuck cooldown period
>Bring 5 pimped out guns instead
>Explosive Ammo sniper
>AP Assault
>Warp Shotgun
>Shredder SMG
>Incendiary/radioactive pistol

>> No.28938332


Dance routine?

More like synchronized swimming/diving

>> No.28938481

I think everyone liked the weapon mod system.
My "ideal" ME game would be just streamlining some of the clunkier systems in 1 and maybe adding a couple things.
Make the shooting feel more tied to player skill, because it was kinda lame that headshots, leg shots, et cetera, all did jack diddly. I wanna be able to knock a dude down by shooting his leg out from under him, take away his ability to walk, so now he has to crawl behind cover and pray we don't close in. Or force him to use just his sidearm by blowing his arm off.
Make it so that I can omni-gel items that are already in my inventory, if I find something I want more while my inventory is full.
Maybe give us the ability to add cosmetic parts to our gear that don't do much, but just let you give your Shepard a distinctive sense of style without gimping your combat abilities.
Give the player real investigating and shit to do. Let them have to figure out how to get the intel they need, and how to carry out an op. Shepard is supposed to be an experienced combat leader from a special forces unit, so let the player actually use those skills, even if it's as simple as choosing between carefully wheedling out a target's location, and driving a cargo hauler through the wall, shooting all the guards, and then trying again at his next operation like some unholy blend of Jack Bauer and the Koolaid man.

>> No.28938498

>driving a cargo hauler through the wall, shooting all the guards, and then trying again at his next operation like some unholy blend of Jack Bauer and the Koolaid man.
Or requisitioning a tank for the sole purpose of chasing down a man fleeing in a car while the man is unarmed and incapable of walking due to you blowing out his kneecaps?

>> No.28938515

My ideal ME game would just be ME2 Vangaurd with ME1 weapon mods

>> No.28938527

>liking ME2's horribly stripped-down progression

>> No.28938554

>get spectre ass rifle
>heat sink
>heat sink
>assplosive ammo

>> No.28938570

>Give the player real investigating and shit to do. Let them have to figure out how to get the intel they need, and how to carry out an op.

The game industry said "fuck no" to that at some point shortly after the first Deus Ex was released. Don't expect them to change their minds until the big publishers of today are all ancient history.

>> No.28938577

>like some unholy blend of Jack Bauer and the Koolaid man
this is giving me an incredible boner. It is now my headcanon for how my Renegade Shep conducted their Spectre activities. Maximum fuss, maximum spectacle, maximum example.
They won't reoffend when the punishment was being paraded around the streets tied to the main gun barrel of a tank while Shep poked out the top hatch with a megaphone to read off their crimes.

>> No.28938639

There was also Alpha Protocol, but since it bombed, I guess it just proves your point

>> No.28938683

It's actually a reference to "Renegade", a setting mashup style crossover fic of Mass Effect and Command and Conquer.
Garrus is a Spectre in that universe by the time Shep meets him, partly due to GDI not making anywhere near the amount of headway with the Council that the Alliance did.
That thing about loaders through warehouse walls? This Garrus does that.
He also does >>28938498
To give the writer's explanation:
"As you may have noticed, Garrus is a bit... different. This is kind of what happens when you take someone whose solution to uncontrolled crima and restrictive police procedure was to become SNIPER BATMAN and give him free reign to prosecute crime his way - without providing the baseline sense of restraint that a police force would instill. You get, well, the unholy fusion of Turian Jack Bauer and the Kool-Aid Man."
AP just proves yet again that Obsidian makes 75% of some really great games.

>> No.28938764

Could you expand on that statement some more?

>> No.28938805

>Why would the mongols do that?

>> No.28938950

Reminds me of a Charles Stross book, Neptune's Brood. The one and only interstellar warship functioned exactly like that: it was a mobile nuclear weapons factory intended to establish a beachhead and start manufacturing weapons for the waves of soldiers who would beam their brains to the beachhead.
And then the civilization it was aimed at went and invented a lightspeed drive while it was in transit.

>> No.28941365

Actually, I'm pretty sure Noveria has oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere. It is TECHNICALLY a garden planet, it's just that for some reason or other, it's in the deepest ass end of a major ice age. Port Hanshan is probably in the colder regions in order to be closer to the labs, which are very deliberately in glaciers so that in case of emergency, they can just open the windows and let whatever experiments they have freeze their balls off.

>> No.28941428

>It's unfortunately also why the pseudophilosophic, wannabe transhumanitic endings ended up so unsatisfying, because it was just a huge breach in tone.

its better if you think in eras:
ME1 = Campy 70's
ME2 = 90's anti-hero-esque
ME3 = Noughties Grim-Derp and Stupid Plot Twists

>> No.28941441

Great analysis.

Though to be fair, there was NO FUCKING WAY ME3 could live up to Sovereign.

>> No.28941452

Shame all creative people has left the company. One of the writers argue that instant gratification and power fantasy is more important than good writing.

>> No.28941465

Harbringer had more going for him than the Starchild.

>> No.28941495

I'm talking about if we take Sovereign's description of the Reaper attack at face value, nothing ME 3 could do, aside from a guaranteed crushing defeat, would live up to it.

>> No.28941501

>ME3 = Worst kind of Space Opera
Yeah pretty much.

>> No.28941505


>> No.28941544

I liked the part with the Geth when I accidentally all of Talis people in front of her when I was tirerd. But on the whole I like Mass Effect a lot better when it's not focusing on the Reaper plot.

>> No.28941691


It keeps fragments from hitting the neck.

Keeping in mind that the OVERWHELMING majority of injuries are from fragments, not from direct hits.

And that the OVERWHELMING majority of deaths come from injuries to the head/neck area , followed by the torso, and then distantly by the limbs.

>> No.28941758

What a dextrist asshole.

>> No.28942310

sounds well cool.

>> No.28944311

Frankly, a bit of instant gratification would have made the ending that much more palatable. Hell, it basically writes itself: Shepard has that (by the way pretty awesome) last heart-to-heart with Anderson and then gets inside the Conduit. Inside there's a hologram of Harbinger who prattles on about how awesome the Reapers are, that activating the Conduit will be Shepard's death as well, and tries to brute-force the indoctrination upon Shepard one last time. She shakes it off just just tells him to go fuck himself with a rusty rake.
Then she finds the controls, activates the thing and has a great view of the Reapers getting blasted apart until the Conduit goes boom as well. Maybe a secret ending/easter egg for where Joker pulls off a last-second extraction, too.

It wouldn't be an original ending, or even a particularly good one, but at least it'd be satisfying and offer some nice closure and denouement.

>> No.28944739

I wanna say gorget.

>> No.28945683

confirmed for shit Shepard, opinion disregarded.
The Anderson heart-to-heart is the only thing that mattered anyway. They should've just rolled the credits as soon as he stopped breathing

>> No.28945777

>confirmed for shit Shepard
Them's fighting words.

The VA for the female Shepard owned and was generally even better than the one for the male option.

>> No.28946651

Logical armor is unnecessary even when it includes a gorget.

>> No.28946727

That's not an armored warrior. That's a rape victim with a sword to delude herself into believing she's safe.

>> No.28946741

Femshep's VA always sounded like she was trying too hard. I'm convinced everyone just liked her because her version had tits

>> No.28946759

That's a warrior with peerless skill luring fuckheads who think she's nothing but a deluded rape victim to an ass whoopin'.

>> No.28946771

And than a caster comes along............

>> No.28946779

>vagina armor

>> No.28946786

Real Girl Tits > Fake Girl Tits > No Tits > Man Tits

BTW, by 'fake', I mean fictional, as in FemShep's. Not Silicone. I have no opinion on the matter of silicone. I've never experienced silicone tits... that I know of, anyway.

>> No.28946807

>That's a warrior with peerless skill luring fuckheads who think she's nothing but a deluded rape victim to an ass whoopin'.
And then she realizes that guns exist.

And that's how the rape began. The end.

>> No.28946812

>Something something axe wound.

Yeah, I got nothing.

>> No.28946827

Separate discussion... but the caster has even less need to cover up...

>> No.28946837

What is it with you nerds and always bringing rape into everything?

>> No.28946855

I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing here

>> No.28946908

So long as the caster needs somatic components.

If not, then they should armor right the fuck up like everyone else.

>> No.28946912

Once the guns show up, she's a lot better off than your full plated knight. She can at least dodge enough to make herself a difficult target.

BTW, I know her "armor" is bullshit. I just don't give a fuck... other than to enjoy it when people do. That's always funny.

>> No.28946937

Not all nerds bring up rape... just the ones who are so disgustingly hopeless that they only way they're ever going to feel the inside of a vagina that didn't birth them is to rape it.

>> No.28946954

What about mind-rape?

>> No.28946964

We are. You brought up FemShep being popular because she had tits. I agreed with you... Tits > No Tits.

>> No.28946975

>Not all nerds bring up rape... just the ones who are so disgustingly hopeless that they only way they're ever going to feel the inside of a vagina that didn't birth them is to rape it.
Don't beat yourself up. Deep down inside there's a good person in you. Covered in thoughts of rape.

>> No.28946994

That involves... huhuhuhuhuh talking huhuhuhu to... hehehehehehhhuhuhu a GIRL... hurr!!!!

>> No.28947022


Projecting nerd is projecting.

>> No.28947074

>Oh god, he read my mind! Maybe I can reverse this!!!

>> No.28947270


Over 70% of Earth looks exactly the same all over.

>> No.28947289


Also here's a view of Earth. If you saw Earth from an alien planet and saw that, wouldn't you think Earth was a Water Planet?

>> No.28947395

All this wasted space. Someone hurry up and build Rapture already.

>> No.28947664

Depending on how you define that term Earth is a water world. I wonder what the climate would be like on a planet at the same orbital distance but with over 50% land and the water being confined to lakes and small seas.

>> No.28947703

Some scientists believe that planets that are primarily water are essential to life. If they don't have a surface largely covered by it, then life won't be able to start.

Land creatures were an interesting accident. Life starts in the water.

>> No.28947748

I was not implying life would start on land. A large sea that is seasonally persistent and contains all the necessary chemicals can still start the process of proteins becoming complex.

>> No.28947767

Any idea why they believe that? Because locomotion is easier for primitive life-forms in a fluid, or is it something to do with its chemical characteristics?

>> No.28947828

Life as we know it needs liquid water, it took a very long time for organisms to figure out how to permanently survive outside of liquid water. Amphibians and lots of arthropods still cannot do it.

>> No.28947877

Because early cells are terrible at retaining fluids. They start in water specifically so they do not need to; access to water is always just outside your cell walls.

Life that is capable of retaining water is actually a pretty amazing thing. It's arguably one of the greatest evolutionary shifts in Earth history, right next to multicellularity and symbiosis.

>> No.28948260


Wasn't the % surface much higher during the various Ice Ages? Perhaps not the most recent one; that only affected the northern hemisphere, I think.

>> No.28950146


And then it gets taken over by basically the muppet pirates in space. Love Charlie but he doesn't like writing action scenes so usually he just does something like "Then the guys with swords won because at short range swords are better" or "Then bob was hit on the head and woke up when everything was finished"

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