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If elves are all beautiful and young forever, why is this guy fat?

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Because there are various degrees of beauty, and someone probably thinks he's hot.

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Too much Lembas bread.

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for a good part of human history having some extra fat was considered good looking since it implied you could afford plenty of food and not starve

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Subjective definitions of beauty. Tolkien's elves are generally lithe but not universally, there is some variation among them, such as the Mirkwood elves.

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He might not be a full-blood elf.

Elrond isn't.

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Lembas bread is fucking delicious

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He's actually a human. He's just pretending to be an elf for a movie.

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Because fuck you.

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Elrond the half-elvan is canonically human/elf halfbreed of all elves in the novel serieses.

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He is a dwarf in disguise . What other way would he kill 200 elves in a single fight besides leading them to die?

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because he is an american actor (and a jew)

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>all elves must be lithe in order to be beautiful

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holy shit where am i? is this some elaborate reddit trick?

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if the Balrog has wings, why didn't it stop itself from falling?

>Eagles not giving Frodo a ride

>Ork gunpowder but no guns

>wearing the one ring on your dick

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But...that's a dorf, anon...

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Is that the same actor as Sam Tarly?

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not gonna argue about whether fat is considered pretty now but the bit about people liking it since it showed you could eat is true (though i doubt it got to the morbid obesity that currently runs rampant in the US and mexico)

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Something is wrong with that sentence.

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I actually like the idea of a proto-cosplayer.

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Except for his twin, Elros.

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do elves even need to eat?

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because Tolkein broke the "our elves are better" stereotype before it was a thing. beautiful, perfect, immortal...and dying in droves, with a lot of ugly people and douchebags in this so-called superior race

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god I hate all the Morgoth X Sauron crap, so retarded. Go back to deviant art

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I haven't heard the last one yet.

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Warning: NSFW and terribly juvenile.


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Elros died.

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I think he's handsone as fuck

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Thanks OP - I wondered what happened to that guy after the American Pie movies stopped being made

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That's not really fat.

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>lot of ugly people

citation needed

>so-called superior race

they are pretty fucking superior in literally every way. unless its a whos best at sucking contest

numenoreans may have been able to give them a run for their money though

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Tolkien never actually said whether the Balrogs had wings or not.

Sauron would have seen the eagles coming.

Saruman made gunpowder, not Orcs.

I'm not sure how to respond to the last one.

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>asking for it this hard

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how did they get a hinge on the ring?

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I like this art because it really illustrates how Numenor could have fallen to his charms.

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They explained this somewhere. Something about eating too much

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>Not liking cute feminine Sauron
You talking shit about best girl, faggot?

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lembas bread is unnatural to the elven diet. blame the bitch queen galadriel

in b4 lembas is elven. its not

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Melian is where it's at, yo.

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Aren't elves in lotr supposed to have black hair?

What gives?

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i would go for yavanna but i get the feeling shes the super hippie type and doesnt take care of her "situation" very well

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Depends on their Elven nationality.

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hackson strikes again. in case people dont know, elves werent even at fucking helms deep

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>Peter Jackson didn't follow the books
Oh wow what a revelation

Also not all of them, there's different ethnic groups.

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>heard you played a role in the lotr film.
>yeah, i played (name)
>eh, i didn't recall a character of that name
>there is, he's the elf commander in helms deep
>nope, still don't ring a bell
>the fat elf, ok. i played the fat elf
>ahh now i remember

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>he didn't read the Silmarillion

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the only elves with blonde hair in middle earth are galadriel and i think glorfindel although its never explained where the latter got blonde hair from

every other blonde elf lives in aman

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In this scene, Frodo and Sam are at Osgillioth while it's under siege from orcs. Frodo pulls out his sword, but it doesn't glow. Why is this?

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They're based on svartálfar, suck my dick.

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Just so, ya need to have stoic waifus.

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frodo is kill. its all dream

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The Elves or Mirkwood are blonde because they're refugees from Beleriand and Beleriand was populated by the Teleri who were mostly blonde.

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Great counter point, I'm so sure you know what you're talking about.

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>every other blonde elf lives in a man
Tolkien's elves are actually not supposed to be gay.

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as in why the fuck would the Numenorean kings be persuaded to sail their navy by the stupid trope of Sauron that these comics show. Sauron is the Lord of the Rings and right hand to Morgoth. He is cunning and evil, not weak and effeminate.

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oh sorry i guess i just expected you to use the internet. or you know...read the fucking books before posting about it.


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>Tolkien's elves are actually not supposed to be gay.
lots of people will say that people today aren't supposed to be gay, but that doesn't stop them does it

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exactly, just look at OP

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I don't need to use a wiki retard, I've read the books. Now are you trying to tell me that Thingol and his kin were not Teleri? Why don't you try looking that up on your wiki?

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im telling you thingol and his kin didnt have blonde hair you fucking idiot. only the vanyar have it. galadriel is related to a vanyar which is why she has blonde hair, which is why her having blonde hair is such a huge deal.

in before "i was only pretending to be retarded"

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oh that reminds me, i think thrandiul also has blonde hair, also thats not explained either. so the elves on middle earth have it

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>three important elves

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The night it was released I remember some guy in the theatre yelling out something to the effect of "porker" when this guy came on screen.

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>only the vanyar have it

The Teleri were light haired also dipshit. Your own fucking wiki links say so, didn't you bother reading those?

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well thranduil is only in the hobbit. i think its why its blonde, he wrote it before he has the bloodlines straight.

glorfindel is all kinds of weird and i think tolkien got mixed up when he was bringing him back to life or something.

anyway neither of them are important in lotr and people who just watched the movie would have no idea who they are. three elves out of tens of thousands isnt very much

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Could Smaug have defeated Sauron during the battle Isildur was in if he'd been there at the time?

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Tolkien never said that LotR Glorfindel was Gondolin Glorfindel.

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maybe, Smaug and the other dragons are pretty badass.

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cant you read? do you understand the difference between blonde and silver? its different colors anon. try really hard to figure it out. i didnt say all the elves should have black hair, i said they didnt have blonde.

the vanyar are noted to be unique because of their blonde hair, its something that sets them apart from the other elves

are you sure you read the books?

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dragons > Maiar so probably

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>Tolkien never said that LotR Glorfindel was Gondolin Glorfindel.

yeah i know, its why i said his shit is all messed up. by bringing him back to life i also mean recycling the name/character

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Good Lord she is really something.

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The Teleri were not silver haired they were light haired.

Where did you get the idea that light = silver, exactly?

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shes a coal burner with a really annoying voice

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And his daddy, Earendil Half Elven, as well as the daughter of Turin Turumbar and that race mixing elf twat.

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If elves are the wisest and fairest of all beings how come a couple of em were drunk and asleep and allowed the dwarves to escape?

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There still isn't a good political map of Westeros is there?

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>The Teleri were not silver haired they were light haired.

im going to assume youre just a shitty troll from now on. but if you are really wondering where in the would i could have possible came about this information its from the book

they also had dark haired elves in the teleri since they were the biggest and had the most diversity you could say.

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>dragons > Maiar
Says who?

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>political map


>> No.28916772

The borders keep changing.

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>Upon having discovered explosive powders, mankind invented guns in a matter of days

Yeah, nah. Nigger.

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>because it only glows when goblins are near

>> No.28916885

>but if you are really wondering where in the would i could have possible came about this information its from the book

which is why you're relying on a wiki apparently

Anyway I'm still waiting for you to cite the page in which Tolkien says that all Teleri were silver or dark haired and that only the Vanyar were blonde. Can't you even find that in your wiki articles?

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Right you are, and a cunning and evil thing will portray a weak an effeminate thing if it needs to, to serve it's ends.

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b-but when Sam killed the low orc Sting was g-glowing.

>> No.28916909


All the people defending fatness of a sign of wealth were normal people knowing a thing or two about history.

-This- guy, however, this one reeks of fat acceptance

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probably a goblin nearby then.

>> No.28916927

Goblin is the Hobbit term for Orc.

There is no fucking racial division between Goblins and Orcs, they're two names for the same race.

The armies of Valinor were in a rough spot when Morgoth unleashed his dragons.

>> No.28916929

he's the Elven equivalent of a 300lbs neckbeard

>> No.28916954

>Anyway I'm still waiting for you to cite the page

yeah ill get right on that kiddo. just keep waiting and i promise ill be back. like i give a shit what some poser with the reading comprehension of a turtle thinks.

but hey, i hear the audio tape for the silmarillion is pretty good. maybe you could give that a try

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>Superior race
>Getting their asses handed to them everywhere except Rivendel and Lothlorien
>Their lands encroached upon constantly
>Their people dying
>Stagnating technologically

Sort of like white people, amirite?

>> No.28916979

>Goblin is the Hobbit term for Orc.
(citation needed)

>There is no fucking racial division between Goblins and Orcs, they're two names for the same race.
(citation needed)

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nope. Sting faded as the orc died in the movie.

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Or he was just a brutal and twisted dictator who knew how to twist the wills of men with magic.

" Sauron was become now a sorcerer of dreadful power, master of shadows and of phantoms, foul in wisdom, cruel in strength, misshaping what he touched, twisting what he ruled, lord of werewolves; his dominion was torment. "
—J.R.R. Tolkien

Him becoming Ar Pharazon's advisor echos Grima Wormtongue.

>> No.28917014

I take it you've accepted that you're wrong and you're trying to hide your shame with reaction images and childish insults.

Really, how much trouble can it be for you to look through the wiki articles you rely so much on? Copy and paste the article with the appropriate citation on how the Vanyar and only the Vanyar were blonde.

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Pls more.

>> No.28917047

>Sort of like white people, amirite?

your baits a little too obvious. try talking about cg orcs and two legged "dragons"

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>> No.28917078

Was it clear that it was an orc?
Maybe it was a goblin, maybe the film had a mistake in it.

>> No.28917086


>implying the Noldor did not have blonde hair
>implying the Noldor did not return to Middle Earth
>implying their golden hair would not linger

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i dont have anymore, i just saved the least faggot ones i saw on here. you could head to tumbler...

>> No.28917134

that was too vague for me, can someone explain?

>> No.28917145

What's that person's tumblr then?

>> No.28917154

Damn you, now I can't watch LOTR without popping a boner every time I see that giant floating eyeball.

>> No.28917210


None of what's described bars him from being beautiful or effeminate though.

>> No.28917224


i dont know. just reverse search the image or something

>> No.28917229

He couldn't lose his beauty if he never had it.

>> No.28917237

What are you, a faggot?

>> No.28917263

>None of what's described bars him from being beautiful or effeminate though.

yeah but they only thing thats saying it is your gay fantasy

tolkein never said the balrogs didnt wear slippers. therefore the balrogs wore pink fuzzy slippers

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>that feel when all your werewolves are dead
>also your sugar daddy
I can't blame Sauron for being such a grump by the third age.

>> No.28917273

Why does Saruman tear down the forest and do nothing about how the ents he knows are in there are obviously going to murder his army when they inevitably find out?

>> No.28917315


Sauron has taken beautiful forms before. This isn't something new.

>> No.28917318

Phobs, I think.

We all would be.

>> No.28917326


because it wasnt very obvious. it was basically a fluke that they acted to do something about it. its also why saruman stopped caring about them in the first place, he saw that they were basically useless

>> No.28917333

Yeah, so?

>> No.28917355

but how does beautiful = effeminate twink no body hair oiled up toy boy cum dumpster?

>> No.28917368

>Feudal Societies
>Clear cut political maps.
Borders = The main families & theirl ands plus their retainers & their lands

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The goblin fell into his own sword then.

>> No.28917408


Is that what you think? Methinks you're projecting ideas onto the illustration. Remember we're dealing with beings that are practically gods. There is no male or female unless they desire to be. Androgynous is the most accurate term to describe them.

>> No.28917425


How doesn't it?

>> No.28917433

Craig Parker is an old friend of Jackson's and a stalwart of the NZ acting scene. Like a number of Kiwi soap actors he got a role in LOTR for old time's sake. And like a lot of Kiwi soap actors he was also in Xena, Hercules, Spartacus and Legend of the Seeker.

>> No.28917451


Because he wants to feel justified in wanting to wipe out the Ents.

>> No.28917460

except they take form to deal with humans and elves for a reason, they arent floating around as a giant bucket of chicken even though they could

im fine with androgynous really though. im fine with any faggot ass fan fic you want, im no stranger to the internet.

im just pointed out that thinking sauron was actually meant to be represented as a neckbeards trap fantasy is incorrect

>> No.28917479


>Been murdering the forest for months/years
>Ents don't get uppity until they see the destruction for themselves

If the Hobbits hadn't led them there, they would not have seen said destruction until Saruman's plans had come to fruitition.

Also, the only reason the Ents won at Isengard is because the Uruk Hai were out getting their asses handed to them at Helm's Deep.

>> No.28917484


To be perfectly honest, he probably decided to look like Billy Zane if he's aiming for the whole 'seduce Al-Pharazon to darkness and rebellion' shtick.

Because hell, how much more tempting do you get than that? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54LAJmIleDU

>> No.28917486


And I argue the form does not matter as much as you think and being a terrible evil warlord doesn't mean you can't look pretty.

>> No.28917493

Silvan, they're the shame of the elven kind

>> No.28917502

>Also, the only reason the Ents won at Isengard is because the Uruk Hai were out

yeah sure buddy. the ents would have so thoroughly destroyed the uruks their great grand kids would be born with sticks up their ass

>> No.28917516


Holy shit, that's fat elf? Where does time go...

>> No.28917537

>Silvan, they're the shame of the elven kind
lol this. they are the africans of the elvish race

pick related is for you

>> No.28917553


Oh yes. Lovely.

>> No.28917562

>Billy Zane

i approve this

>> No.28917640

She's hotter than unholy hell itself, but she's not that strong if that's anything to go off of. That's not exactly incredible amounts of weight even for a woman.

>> No.28917906


The Chinese invented gunpowder long before actual guns showed up.

The first gunpowder weapons were explosives.

>> No.28917955


I actually found him hot.

Kinda disappointed in the lack of fanart for him.

>> No.28917958

What, you've never heard of a namesake, Anon?

Denethor and his father Ecthelion were named after a similarly paired Elf Faather-son duo from the First Age.

Not ENTIRELY unheard for someone to not have an "original" name.

(Don't feel too bad though, since Glorfindel confused the crap out of me, too. Until I dug deeper into the lore.)

>> No.28917961


The fucking books you retard!

It's in the appendices of The Return of the King, clear as crystal!

>> No.28918029

Yes, in a sense, because they are CHOOSING to fade.

And gb2/pol/, ya mangy rehcist

>> No.28918062

>What, you've never heard of a namesake, Anon?

unless you have some new information then its not a namesake. tolkien never fully explain who he was and kept flip flopping. its also strange that he seems to have such power and also has blonde hair. his whole back story is murky and if you claim to be so sure of it i would like to see a source

>> No.28918935


I just want to reiterate that Sauron loved to take comely forms.

He was able to seduce Elvenkind too as his persona as "Annatar, giver of gifts". And he must have really busted his balls in the looks department if he could have fulled Galadriel and Celeborn, both the wisest people in middle-earth.

It was only when his body was 100% utterly anhilated during the downfall of Numenor, he was obligated to always take an ugly form.

>> No.28919021

He excplicitly stated that.

>> No.28919031

Tuor didn't have a daughter. You're thinking of Tuor, dude.

>> No.28919084

The Eagles never do shit, son. Yes, if they really wanted to, they could have just kicked Sauron's ass every single time he left his house ever.

They didn't; the Valar don't like people that much anymore. They're sick of all the stupid shit the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth get themselves into.

And remember kids, Thorondor (the Greatest Eagle ever to live) had a wingspan of 30 fathoms. That's roughly 54.86 meters! Amazing!

>> No.28919096 [SPOILER] 


>> No.28919111


If you look closely, the pupil is actually an outline of Sauron.

>> No.28919146

Ah, crap.
>*Turin didn't have a daughter. You're thinking of Tuor, dude.

>> No.28919148

But even the strongest dragons can't destroy a Maiar's soul.

>> No.28919166

>implying Varda isn't Best Girl

>> No.28919167

How powerful exactly, are names in middle-earth?

What would happen to the average man if he went around shouting out "Morgoth" or "Sauron?"

>> No.28919176

They're across the big ass river, son. Orcs hadn't made it over to the West Bank yet.

>> No.28919183

Elves didn't reuse names, only elfaboo men did, that was the same Glorfindel

>> No.28919188

>He is cunning and evil, not weak and effeminate.

>weak people can't be cunning or evil
>effeminate people can't be cunning or evil


>> No.28919199

Depends on the Maiar. Some of them are pretty fucking badass. Melian, Arien (the motherfucking Sun), and some others would wreck most dragon faggots.

>> No.28919202


Her hair texture is weird.

>> No.28919206

>he doesn't remember how often Gandalf smoked and generally dicked around chatting and shit

Even the wisest need small comforts every now and then, Anon.

>> No.28919229

>Anon just answered his own question

>> No.28919241

If you look closely, you can actually see Peter Jackson laughing his way to the bank to count his dwarf-gold

>> No.28919248

Plus she can hear you masturbate. That's just weird, yo.

>> No.28919250


But that's not true. The studio had no money to give to Tolkien's estate. The movies lost money.

>> No.28919266

Yeah, not only did Gandalf often get drunk and high, but Saruman also had huge stashes of pipeweed and wine in Isengard despite his public distaste and ridicule of such earthly things. He was basically the Rob Ford of Middle-Earth. I wouldn't be surprised if he regularly crashed his horse while riding wasted and peed into bushes near playgrounds full of Orc children.

>> No.28919282


>> No.28919293


>> No.28919294


Morgoth is a bully that steps on others(literally, for Fingolfin).

>> No.28919298

But he is beautiful :)

>> No.28919301

Galadriel or some such would slap yer gob for talking shit, most likely.

>> No.28919308

>tfw no qt3.14 Maia Sun-carrying waifu

>> No.28919314

>lost his own argument so hard

>> No.28919316


A few words of Dark Speech palpably made Elrond look upset(in the movies, at least).

But I had always thought words were magical in middle-earth, like the singing of creation. And how the mouth of Sauron had an awful and cracked mouth from using magical words of power.

>> No.28919319

New Headcanon Accepted

>> No.28919321

Talk shit, get hit, Eldar.

>> No.28919328


Tell that to your incurable sword, eagle and Silmaril injuries.

>> No.28919362

Goblin is just an uncivilised "tribal" orc;
Orc is orc, that is to say a slightly more civilised and martial goblin;
Uruk Hai is highly civilised martial orc.

I like how ugly the orcs looked in the film, like their flesh was nearly all misshapen scar tissue.

>> No.28919370


For which one? Lord of the Rings? Peter Jackson said for the Isengard Uruks, they started looking uglier since their creation process was being rushed.

>> No.28919375

>implying orc isn't just a term derived from Sindarin elvish, while goblin is derived from the Common Speech

Get Good

>> No.28919402

Orc race was divided into many different subtypes as millenia passed. An orc from Moria is as different compared to an orc from Mordor as an african negro to a chinese guy.

>> No.28919408

>If elves are all beautiful and young forever, why is this guy fat?
>Implying you cant be young and fat

>> No.28919484

>implying you can't be fat and beautiful

>> No.28919486

man, this is exactly like the old illustrated arthurian and Greek Mythology books I read as a boy.

>> No.28919532

The three tribes of Orcs mentioned in TTT chapter 3 were all called "Orcs". The group that had captured Merry and Pippin had 80 Uruk-Hai led by Uglúk, and 40 Orcs from Mordor led by Grishnákh. Over a hundred smaller and weaker Moria Orcs without a leader had joined the group, but most of those guys fled when they heard the Rohirrim were coming. Or tried to, since they got easily tired in sunlight.

Tolkien used "Goblin" in the Hobbit since it was a simple fairytale for his children and Orc is a word he made up. Probably didn't want to confuse his kids with Elvish linguistics.

>> No.28919539

Goblin and Orc mean the same thing, Orc is just the human derivative of the Elvish "Uruk" while Goblin is the speech of Men.

Uruk hai aren't a race, it is a freak of orcdom that produces the strongest, largest, and most fearless of orcs.

Saruman bought his way into Sauron's good graces by managing to produce a breed that doesnt weaken at the sun. "Naturally" occurring Uruk hai tend to become leaders of bands of orcs. Azog is one particular Uruk, who was chief of the Moria orcs until he was slain by Dain.

>> No.28919547

The huorns raped the shit out of the Uruks at Helm's Deep, too.

>> No.28919574

>Ork gunpowder but no guns

learn2history you filthy peasant.

>> No.28919593

>Ork gunpowder but no guns
Yes? This makes sense historically.

Gunpowder is often discovered or introduced long before gunpowder weapons are.

>> No.28919610

>Holy shit, that's fat elf? Where does time go...
Into the buffet table, apparently.

>> No.28919721

Inferior Sauron detected

>> No.28919809

From the language used in the Lord of the Rings, it's stated lesser rings were used.

>“In Eregion long ago many Elven-rings were made, magic rings as you call them, and they were, course, of various kinds: some more potent and some less. The lesser rings were only essays in the craft before it was full-grown, and to the Elven-smiths they were but trifles—yet still to my mind dangerous for mortals. But the Great Rings, the Rings of Power, they were perilous.”

What sort of powers could these be, and why does no one make note of them?

>> No.28919811

I wonder what kind of lands are Harad and Rhun.

>> No.28919817

Ever wonder where all the rings of +1 AC come from? Planar export business...

>> No.28919818


Shitholes. Which is why they're always fighting Gondor for better land.

>> No.28919828


Maybe that's why Gothmog doesn't wear a helmet.

>> No.28919832

Imagine either North-Africa-meets-Southwest-Asia or Eastern-Europe-meets-Central-Asia.

That's the impression I get from the text, anyway.

>> No.28919845


Hey now, I live in Eastern Europe. I feel like I should be insulted by that.

>> No.28919855

Eh? I never said they were bad places. They're just different from the Rhovanion and the area around Gondor, is all. I'm a firm believer in the liberation of the Eastern peoples; they lived under the yoke of Sauron and Morgoth for far too long.

>> No.28919877

Near Harad or Far Harad? Northern Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, respectively. The various peoples of Rhûn and Khand seemed like Central and South Asians. The chariot was invented in Central Asia, so that would fit the timeline of the mythos nicely.

>> No.28919892

In fact, the whole tidbit about Bór and his sons and their people sticking it out and helping the Noldor even after Ulfang's betrayal was pretty rough, dude. It's a shame none of Bór's folk survived that battle; it would be nice to think they could be rewarded for their good faith.

But alas, there are only dead heroes amongst Easterlings.

>> No.28919906

Rhûn's like that big swath of land between the Black Sea, Tibet, and the Arctic.

>> No.28919917

are you fucking kidding me? the men of the east are the most badass people in middle earth.
remember pelenor fields when the evil army got routed? wanna know who the fuck stayed and fought to the last man? who never surrended? THATS FUCKING RIGHT ANON THE EASTERLINGS

>> No.28919922

Hey, I just remembered there's this novel written by some Slav, about the perspective on the war from the opposing side. Last Ringbearer or something.

That any good?

>> No.28919936

its kinda wacky but an allright read

>> No.28919947

A good Edain like yourself should only read official Elf-approved stories from the Red Book of Shire, anything else is imperialist Morgothian propaganda

>> No.28919957

The men of the east arent even from Middle-Earth, they're from Harad and Rhün. Goddamn it.

>> No.28919961

can anyone please continue to dump LOTR pics

>> No.28919972

oh shit, my mistake anon. sorry

>> No.28919993


I just like that armor a lot.

>> No.28920017

>he thinks that's big

i'll show you big, feather bitch.

>> No.28920018

Isn't Middle-Earth, ya know, the full world of the Free Peoples? Basically everything but the Undying Lands?

>> No.28920035

What's that, Ancalagon? I can't hear you from all the way up here in the land of the living.

>> No.28920056

ah, zip it. it took a bunch of valar an entire day to kill me. you even failed to knock out some nazghuls.

>> No.28920069

Yeah, Aman in the west, then Middle-Earth in the center, and Númenórean sailors found an uninhabited eastern continent near the Walls of the Sun that would no doubt become the Americas

Dark Lands / Southland in this pic, drawn by JRRT, separated from the rest of Middle-Earth during the downfall of Númenor.

>> No.28920070

Weren't the Harad all mercs bought with coin? Couldn't the Dwarves part with their jewgolds for one single second in order to win the war?

>> No.28920093

nah I dont think they were merc, they were pretty sworn to Sauron, remember that Khamul was one of their ancient kings

>> No.28920097

As soon as that faggot freeloading tree hugger in Mirkwood who steals the Dwarves' hard earned gold stops shagging deer and hires some mercs, then sure.

>> No.28920105

Wait, never mind. They both hated the hell out of Gondor.

>> No.28920139

haradrim here: gondor sucks elven ass.

a hue hue huehue

>> No.28920141

when someone from a supposedly beautiful race is fat or ugly it's a very defining trait , usually associated with debauchery and straying from their lifestyle norms

>> No.28920159


Hey look, Xerxes came on over from 300.

>> No.28920164

Middle-Earth is a continent. The planet's name is Arda. There are other continents.

They were but they hate the fuck out of Gondor anyway so yeah. Plus Mordor was dominant at the time, the kingdoms east of it were conquered, the west was in jeopardy even without taking Mordor into consideration, opposing Sauron would have been suicidal and foolish.

>> No.28920176

gib ithilien plox i report u

the br of middle-earth

>> No.28920194


Not even Harad wants Ithilien. Its worthless land. They want that delicious South Gondor.

>> No.28920204

Get fucked

>> No.28920207

Lived like a bitch, died like a bitch.

Makes sense.

>> No.28920216



>> No.28920229

Ye olde Sauron and the Black Numenoreans have had Harad on lock for centuries.

Niggas grow up and no doubt immediately get indoctrinated into a literal Religion of Evil, where Morgoth is the Lord of All Things, and Sauron is his Prophet, his Disciple, and the Instrument of his Wrath upon this world.

Fun stuff.

>> No.28920230

Ancalagon the Black was a tiny bit bigger then that.

His crash into the ground did rewrite the geography of the WHOLE FUCKING PLANET

>> No.28920232


Haldir didn't even die in the books. There were no elves in Helms deep. It's a fabrication.

>> No.28920238

He probably wasn't a bitch in the book, either, so he didn't need to die like a bitch. It's simple math, son.

>> No.28920240


oh my god would you whining faggots shut the fuck up

>> No.28920242

Inferior airship-planet detected

>> No.28920262


>> No.28920270


I'm still bummed out over Smaug. He's a sad little wyvern.

>> No.28920284

Its an adaptation. Its shit. Almost all adaptations are shit. What were you expecting.

>> No.28920291


Something more faithful to the books.

>> No.28920310

Well then TOUGH LUCK. Adaptations a shit.

>> No.28920312

The Easterlings also were responsible for putting the Men of Rohan where they are now.

They once lived in the Rovanion as Blondie Horseniggers until the Easterlings with their far more superior horseniggery drove them westward.

>> No.28920313


>> No.28920317


>Implying Tom Bombadil didnt use the one ring as a dick piercing when Frodo was staying with him

>> No.28920323

It's true; sort of like how the Dunlendings got the short end of the stick when it came to Rohan, Rohirrim, and horsie people.

>> No.28920335

Cockring. It changes shape to fit the wearer afterall.

Man his elven princess waifu must have been all over that.

>> No.28920343

Manwe confirmed for racist.
Morgoth is our superior lord.

>> No.28920344


That's because Helm is an asshole.

>> No.28920347


>implying you don't need to visit /fit/

>> No.28920350

Why Elfhelm didn't have an elven helm?

>> No.28920367

Don't they do homo stuff there?

Related question: Does teeg think Aragorn legalized gay marriage during his glorious reign?

>> No.28920368

Yeah and Ghan-buri-Ghan's people hid in a forest when the Dunlendings came.

Shit, I never realized how similar this was to the Migration Period, with barbarians entering totally-not-Rome's territory.

>> No.28920374

What the fuck have I just read? Slightly more civilised, "tribal"... What the fuck?


>> No.28920377

Hey, at least he had a fort. Not everybody can say the same.

Also, Finrod Felagund is best Elf King husbando. Prove me wrong, niggas.

>> No.28920381

Because Peter Jackson is a moron who doesn't know how to read even if it was fucking spelled for him.

>> No.28920391

Gondor would be the Rome there, right? Giving the Rohirrim this totally-Gondorian frontier province that they couldn't manage anymore, right?

>> No.28920396


After having already been considerably battered, culled, driven apart, demoralized and were flat out fleeing.

Not mounting a proper, effective defense on a wall as strong as Helm's Deep itself.

>> No.28920398

Odd way to spell Thingol.

>> No.28920407


GW released a fucking great Harad sourcebook for their sbg ages ago, still got it actually.

The place is a desert with far harad being plains where the Mumakil and the Muhad come from (the Muhad were given the lands as payment)

Meanwhile Umbar is pretty much carthage

>> No.28920434

>an asshole for no reason
>being a dick to Beren
>only ceases to be a dick because Beren got his shit mutiliated as fuck
>getting involved in horrible Silmaril oath wars

Thingol had potential, but he's a fuck-up, son. He had a sweet gig going, but he went and ruined it by getting involved in the Doom of Mandos. Conversely, Finrod was chaste, pure, and loyal, plus he built Nargothrond, the second or third most bitching place in all the realm. He was all tolerant and accepting of the Edain, too. Totally based.

Fuck, Finrod wrestled the damn wolf-demon-werewolf beast and died, nigga. Thingol wouldn't do shit for nobody, the uppity bastard.

Finrod Felagund is the more ideal husbando.

>> No.28920439

>Goblin and Orc mean the same thing, Orc is just the human derivative of the Elvish "Uruk" while Goblin is the speech of Men.
Damn, reading that makes me hard
Like reading a history book, but for a fantasy universe, I love how detailed the languages in LotR are

>> No.28920441

And by the end of the Third Age, the kingdom was vastly reduced in size, especially after Western Rom- uh, Arnor had been ruined by wars and disarray centuries ago.

>> No.28920448


And Rhun?

>> No.28920449


Alright I got my sourcebook

Looking at the map, Near Harad, Harondor and Harad are all deserts dotted with various cities (Abrakhan, Hidar etc). Then you have the ruins of Karna in the centre of a forest as well.

Along the coast south of the Umbar cove is forest/jungle as well until you hit the grasslands of Far Harad, the land of the Mahud.

There are also mountain ranges and the islands of Tolfalas are in this map as well.

Oh and south of Abrakhan towards Hidar is Nafarat, the great desert. Presumably a super special desert.

So yeah..thats Harad

>> No.28920457

Russialand and the rest of Central Asia, I'd wager. Everything from scruffly beard dudes all the way down to horsie-folks and shit.

>> No.28920460

That's mostly fanfiction. But Umbar was indeed pretty much like Carthage.

>> No.28920462


Ah I dont have that sourcebook sadly so I cant help you with Rhun

Its called the Eastlands so..I guess its a very eastern inspired are?

>> No.28920470

All elves on Middle-Earth are filthy kinslaying renegade scum. Except like... Glorfindel. And the irrelevant ones who never left Middle-Earth for Aman in the first place.

>> No.28920473


Well since we have pretty much jack shit on Harad I'm willing to give the GW sourcebook the benefit of the doubt, at least until Tolkien springs back to life to write about Harad

>> No.28920506


What? Gil-Galad is no kin-slayer. And neither was Elrond, Celeborn, Cirdan or Galadriel.

All the kinslayers wound up dead.

>> No.28920508

>My North African Analogue Can't Be This Arid

>> No.28920514

Meant for >>28919539

>> No.28920515

One of my friends told me that it's impossible to rape an elf. The Uruk-Hai would happily stuff human women, but elven women die of shame or something as soon as you get your meaty hands on their squashy bodies. Why? How? Is it true? Sheeeeeeeit.

>> No.28920519

Well, even MERP sourcebooks have better ideas in my opinion. I recall a pretty awesome campaign for a plague-ridden Pelargir set a thousand years before the events of LotR.

>> No.28920525

>this nigga legitimately thinks Finrod was a kinslaying renegade scum

For shame, Blackheart. Though now I suppose I see the merit of your name. Do not mistake Best King Finrod for that disgusting scoundrel Fëanor or his whelps.

>> No.28920533

Didn't Galadriel (or was it someone else) enjoy captivity in some orc pit and was subjected to atrocities? I always took that as she got the D. Which would fit her interracial fetish (dwarves, orcs...)

>> No.28920534

>raping people


>> No.28920537


Haldir of Lorien so fat, he could undo Ancalagon the Black's work by sitting down, nomsayin'?

>> No.28920542


Well to be fair its only far harad that isnt a desert

The strips of forest are pretty meh, focused all along the Calengfalas coast which is a tiny ass beach really.


Never read them but I like the GW sourcebook a lot, I always wanted to make a warband of Mahud but no one would play lotr with me

>> No.28920547

're you talking shit about Haldir? I can't believe my eyes!

>> No.28920555


I think that was Elrond's wife. He healed her, but she left for Aman a year later anyway.

>> No.28920556


Seriously though fuck the whole continent, Middle-Earth literally had nothing but being the birthplace/fortress of all the goddamn evils of the setting.

>> No.28920560

No, you're thinking of her daughter, Elrond's wife, and Arwen's mother, Celebrían.

She was tortured for awhile, and though Elrond healed her physical wounds, she eventually left for the Undying Lands on account of being unable to cope with the psychological and emotional distress.

Once again, pretty sure the orcs canonically only mutilate, murder, torture, and eat people.

Then again, nobody ever has sex in Tolkien. They just sing songs and murder each other.

>> No.28920562

Galadriel's daughter, Celebrían, who was also Elrond's waifu. She could not live with her shame and went to Valinor.

>> No.28920567

Uh dunno. I cant remember EVERYTHING. My favourite parts are all First Age.

>> No.28920576

You know what sunk Númenor? Haldir went there to grab a quick bite!

>> No.28920577

Where do you get this information from?

>> No.28920582


>Implying singing songs isnt a metaphor for hot dicking

>> No.28920583

Is went to Valinor or Undying Lands an euphemism for commit sudoku?

>> No.28920593

I dunno, I think Tolkien mentioned in the appendices Aragorn and Arwen holding hands before their son was born...

>> No.28920595

shit, now I just wanna play a game where I can build cities and shit in a fantasy setting

>> No.28920597

No, it's a euphemism for getting on a boat and sailing to the Undying Lands, bro. It's a literal journey for any living elves that wish to go there.

If they die, they go and chill with Mandos, and that's not a literal boat-ride, but all the living elves who go across the Sea actually go across the Sea, albeit via some weird magical, straight road that allows them to ignore the globe's curvature.

>> No.28920608

Then poor Finrod couldn't handle Sauron's girth. Which is ironic considering his own name.

He chanted a song of wizardry,
Of piercing, opening, of treachery,
Revealing, uncovering, betraying.
Then sudden Felagund there swaying
sang in answer a song of staying,
Resisting, battling against power,
Of secrets kept, strength like a tower,
And trust unbroken, freedom, escape;
Of changing and of shifting shape,
Of snares eluded, broken traps,
The prison opening, the chain that snaps,
Backwards and forwards swayed their song.
Reeling and foundering, as ever more strong
The chanting swelled, Felagund fought,
And all the magic and might he brought,
Of Elvenesse into his words.
Softly in the gloom they heard the birds
Singing afar in Nargothrond,
The sighing of the sea beyond,
Beyond the western world, on sand,
On sand of pearls in Elvenland.
Then the gloom gathered; darkness growing
In Valinor, the red blood flowing
Beside the sea, where the Noldor slew
The Foamriders, and stealing drew
Their white ships with their white sails
From lamplit havens. The wind wails,
The wolf howls. The ravens flee.
The ice mutters in the mouths of the sea.
The captives sad in Angband mourn,
Thunder rumbles, the fires burn-
And Finrod fell before the throne.

>> No.28920624

>Elrond and pals singing to Bilbo and friends in the Hobbit
>The Goblin Song

Oh god...

>> No.28920628

Nope. Also elves cant die except for a few who went humanboo. Elves hang out with Mandos, the vala of death after they get murdered and await the Dagor Dagorath, the final battle where all evil returns and the forces of good rally for for one more fight. Afterwards the elves and vala inherit Arda to rule it for all eternity while Erú and humanity leave to create the Second Song.

>> No.28920631

>Dad, where's mom?
>S-she...she went to the Undiying Lands...sniff
>Ok, one day we must go visit her
>Yes...oh poor child

>> No.28920633

>I can't forge to this...

>> No.28920647

It's unclear whether Galadriel took part in the battle at Alqualonde or just crossed the ocean later with the second group of Noldor who went through the ice cap, but at the end of the Third Age she's the only one alive who knows what happened.

>> No.28920670

I though Finarfin and friends weren't there for the shenanigans yet. Wasn't it just Fëanor and Fingolfin's crew?

>> No.28920674

Heh, just reread this part earlier this morning. Huan and Luthien taking Sauron to school was pretty based.

>Poor Little Maia Boy

>> No.28920685

I can't believe Ar-Pharazôn let Sauron keep his ring.

>> No.28920693


He'll tra-la-la-lally down in your valley...

>> No.28920700

...human Sauron is kinda moe

>> No.28920704

Isn't he still alive?

>> No.28920711


Technically he was buried alive. And he'll fight at the last battle of middle-earth.

>> No.28920719


Ah, so -that- is why Men must die. They achieve godhood, while Elves remain mortal.
Now I understand why it is a blessing.

>> No.28920722

Feanor's vanguard started slaying the Teleri since he wanted their ships and they began fighting back, but a second host of Finarfin's people led by Fingon joined the fight since he thought the Valar had ordered the Teleri to kill Feanor. The combined force crushed the forces guarding the harbor.

>> No.28920723

Was the One Ring actually forged by then?


Alas he lost his ability to appear pleasing to the eye after he turned Númenor into a satanist hellhole which caused Erú to kill everyone. He jelly.


>> No.28920732

Him and Turin Turambar get the dubious honor of being specially mentioned as getting to fight, right?
Do we get to see Beren again? I can't remember

>> No.28920733

...No? Elves live forever and ultimately rule the world.

Humans get out of reality to make a new one.

>> No.28920745

I thought it was Fingolfin that reinforced the Kinslayers on accident

>> No.28920754


Yes. However, even with it enhancing his powers, his minions fled at the sight of the Numenorean host. So he had no choice but to play along and surrender.

>> No.28920765

Oh god, I have a disturbing image in my head.

Remember the almost senile Bilbo chatting with Frodo in Rivendell? He talked about nights fille with Elven songs and poems that lasted until the morning...

>> No.28920771

Then we can chalk it up to Ar-Pharazôn wanting to tap dat maiar and live forever that bad that he ignored the One Ring.

>> No.28920772


It's vague, but Tolkien wanted him to have a unique destiny outside of mankind, so he's probably with the Vala

>> No.28920778

Wait a minute...Finrod and Sauron had a singing battle...>>28920608

Was it some sort of lewd struggle?

>> No.28920781


Too bad that involved cutting down the sacred white tree and live human sacrifice of the faithful in depraved death worship.

>> No.28920787

Hehe. Well do what I do. Imagine elven traps and ladies entertaining a fuzzy footed shota.

Eonwé a shit.

>> No.28920793

>wanting to tap dat maiar

>> No.28920798

Pff, see? Erú cant take a joke and hates people having fun.

>> No.28920804

Where is the fugly art of Sauron as a vampire, werewolf or as Gorthaur the cruel?

>> No.28920805

>Eonwé a shit.

Nice try, Morgoth. We should've known it was you. Blackheart? You're not fooling anyone.

>> No.28920811


And Sauron can't swim.

>> No.28920813

I'd like to see the vampire stuff. That sounded pretty spooky and cool, with all the blood-dripping and Moon-blotting out

>> No.28920815

Took you long enough, birdbrain.

>> No.28920822

looks like that bitch from claymore.

>> No.28920824


Vampires were shape shifting giant blood drinking bats that sometimes pretended to be young women.

Werewolves are just double wargs.

>> No.28920826

Nope, Fingon was definitely there. After they had won, Feanor stole the ships and left his nephew standing on the shore. Fingon was best bros with Maedhros, his cousin and Feanor's son.

>> No.28920830


Vampires are even more overlooked than Werewolves in Middle-Earth. There is practically nothing on them.

>> No.28920843

>double wargs.

You...you double Valar!

>> No.28920855

Muh Finrod...

>> No.28920867

And then there is Ungoliath

>> No.28920877

Ungoliant is old hat. Gets beat up, lives in some mountains, never seen again.
Good riddance, I say. More room for wolves.

>> No.28920878


Where he belongs.

>> No.28920889


Didn't stop Morgoth from getting the shit beat out of him by her.

>> No.28920890

>feeds an ever-hungry spider power until she is stronger than himself
>decides to just ditch her and not give her the spoils she deserves
>morgoth logic

>> No.28920896

Hey, she was pretty badass. Ran around with Melkor, ruined the trees, grew into a gigantic world eating horror, made even Melkor shit his pants hard enough that all his peon balrogs swarmed in from half the planet away in less then a second, underground, to save him.

>> No.28920904

you forgot she got so hungry she ate herself. fucking hardcore, but hey, a spider's gotta eat.

>> No.28920910

Yeah, but then she promptly stopped being more than a proxy danger to travelers in one region. I'm not saying she wasn't a Spook Lady of epic proportions, but she just kinda vanishes from the tales after that.

>> No.28920917

I can't understand why Tolkien hates redemption so much.

None for Morgoth
None for Sauron
None for Saruman
None for Wormtongue

Even none for Gollum.

>> No.28920923

Sauron already had uruk-hai. He had sun-resistant trolls, too. Saruman created neither.

>> No.28920928

>Where he belongs.

Got any more pics of Sauron abusing Finrod?

For research reasons, of course.

>> No.28920944

Sorry no, last porn I saw of LotR was Aragon having sex with shota Frodo years ago. I havent looked for more porn since.

>> No.28920947

>morgoth got enough redemption he blew into the wind that at the end nobody would grant him anymore
>same goes for sauron
>gandalf offered saruman redemption but he spit into his face
>same goes for wormtongue
>who cares about gollum?

>> No.28920967

Melkor had his chance. He used it to steal Silmarils and destroy the Trees.

>> No.28920968

Sauron almost got redeemed while pretending to be good, likewise Gollum.

Saruman and Wormtongues are a shit though, good riddance.

>> No.28920973


But Tolkien is writing these characters. As a Christian, he could have at least once emphasized God's infinite capacity for forgiveness, instead of just killing or imprisoning the troublemakers.

>> No.28921022

anyone know where I can find pdfs and such of the rule books for the gw game?

>> No.28921037


Check /rs/ and rapidshare.

>> No.28921100

this design is so retarded, couldn't you just walk around and climb up the backside?

>> No.28921132

Probably. Have fun leading an army up on a giant goddamn mountain. Right under the gaze of the Eye. In a blasted hellhole full of poisoned water and ash.

>> No.28921145


Probably a cliff or something.

>> No.28921157

sounds like elf talk to me boy.

>> No.28921193

It's super porous to infiltrators, but like hell you're getting an army up there.

Though really, you've infiltrated Barad-dur with a dozen men. What the hell's your plan?

>> No.28921203

why would you do that?

>> No.28921217

They actually did that unlike humans. Step it up second children.

>> No.28921251


dunno, poke sauron in the eye or something.

>> No.28921253

One does not simply climb atop Barad-dûr

>> No.28921262

Remember, it's not gay if it's a divine being.

>> No.28921304

It's not gay if it could conceivably take the form of a lady. But doesn't. And you take it up the ass.

>> No.28921317

Sauron is specifically described as fair until the doom of Numenor, which saw his shit get wrecked so hard that he could never take a fair form again.

>> No.28921353

How DOESN'T it?

>> No.28921377

thread's deader than elendil after getting pounded by sauron.

>> No.28921390

to be fair, it's 10AM, and everybody who's awake is either australian or working.

>> No.28921400


I know elves are weaker because those who are left are mostly filthy silvan who never saw the light of the Valar, but, what about humans? why are they weaker than ancient humans? what's the reason?

Also, who created the Hobbits?

>> No.28921416

>Filthy silvan who never saw the light of the Valar
Y-you take that b-back

>> No.28921420

I think you have to separate the numenor with just regular humans.
the numenor became weaker because they bred with regular humans

>> No.28921431

Hobbits are descended from Humans


>> No.28921437

But the second born were all humans, why ones were stronger than others?

>> No.28921447

Oh, don't worry, you're weak and filthy, but I love filthy sluts.

>> No.28921465

Why is Tauriel such a slut?

>> No.28921503

>Dat Sauron
10/10, would venerate

>> No.28921520

>elendil after getting pounded by sauron
>Elendil getting pounded by Sauron

>> No.28921561

>what about humans? why are they weaker than ancient humans? what's the reason?

Most humans in the Lord of the Rings are various types of Middle Men and lesser Men.

With Men, you've got some tiers that Tolkien kinda sorta lays out for us

>MAX POWER: Pre-Numenorean Edain like Beren, Turin, Hurin, etc.; Numenoreans proper

>MEDIUM POWER: Rohirrim, and some other Northmen. Presumably some of those folk that blended with Numenoreans in Gondor and Arnor (see Dol Amroth.)

>LOW POWER: Easterlings, Haradrim, Dunlendings, and other peoples. Merely human

So for instance, Aragorn, in his capacity as a semi-divine descendant of Numenoreans and shit, approaches MAX POWER tier on a good day, whereas your Eomers and Boromirs are largely limited to MIDDLE tier (though Boromir is high-end MIDDLE tier) on account of being part of that intermediate category of Men.

>> No.28921566

It's a very lazy allegory for the Warsaw Pact. It has virtually nothing to do with LotR. The author was just using name recognition to deliver a political screed to a wider audience. Sorta like the Starship Troopers movie.

>> No.28921667


Starship Troopers was a political screed before the movie. The movie made is a parody of propaganda.

>> No.28921679

>Sauron siding with the weakest
Srly, why is he the bad guy again?

>> No.28921697

They were the only ones he could bully into helping him. He isn't helping them, he's forcing them to do his bidding.

>> No.28921731

>this is what orcs actually believe

>> No.28921745

They're only the weakest because of their wickedness. Acting in a virtuous manner and living a moral life totally elevates Men from Bottom tier to Rohirrim tier, no joke. Functionally there isn't much difference between them besides ethical differences.

>> No.28922117

Because he believes in industrialization
that's really the cause of his entire career on the dark side

>> No.28922185

>there is literally a Valar of making things
>making stuff is totally evil, bro
I'm skeptical, Anon. Pretty sure it has to do with the part where he was evil, not the part where he made stuff.

>> No.28922239

there is a valar of artisinal handicraft and the forge, but not one for mass produced shit

>> No.28922294

Yeah, but the problem was trampling on the natural world and the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth, not the mere act of producing a bunch of things. In short, the problem was reckless destruction, not the act of creating many objects. Were Sauron to operate exclusively sustainable industries with substantial regulation to prevent environmental degradation, folks would've been less angry about all of it.

Green Industrial Tycoon Sauron when?
>forcing orcs to bathe regularly
>carefully disposing of industrial waste, recycling and reusing it where possible
>judicious use of volcanic ash and proper care and irrigation to revitalize the soil around the plain of Gorgoroth and other desolate places in Mordor.

>> No.28922928

> yfw Sauron is a great power bottom but won't stop nagging you about sorting the trash. Plus he really wants to put a ring on your finger

>> No.28922980

>implying any of those things are problems

qt3.14 Maia husbando when, Anon?

>> No.28923272

What happens to Saruman when a wind disperses his form in the book? Is that going to Hell?

>> No.28923441

Hell isnt a thing. He just loses his physical body. Saruman is a maiar like Gandalf, or Sauron, so manifesting a physical body is not required to exist (it actually limits their power somewhat). Considering the wind blew him to the West, I figure he is going back to Aman for punishment.

>> No.28923608

that wind was literally Manwe taking him home to kick his ass

>> No.28923654

Oh, I thought he was taken to the east.

>> No.28923781

No, the cloud tried to move west but a wind dispersed it towards the east

>> No.28924165

Yeah, after paying PJ's wages.

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