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Why are all D&D comics either total shit or someone's masturbatory gore fantasy? Or both?

Surely there has to be some potential in creative media coming from the hobby?

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The 4e-based one was amazing, it often gets storytimed here on /tg/. Unfortunately it was cut short.

The Pathfinder comic using the iconics didn't look all that good.

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There has been one good D&D comic.

They killed it when 4e came out and WotC stopped supporting 3.5e. But it was glorious while it lasted. I don't believe I have it in dumpable form, but some anon might -- it's the comic just called Dungeons and Dragons, published by IDW.

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when they stopped supporting 4e* ( I thought that was the excuse, at the least; with DnDNext on the horizon, they cut it?) disregard my cocksucking.

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The IDW comic was good, but it had one thing wrong with it: nobody bought it, so it got cancelled.

So, D&D comics are:
1. Total shit because they are done by people who don't get paid to do comics.
2. Are someone's masturbatory gore fantasy because that's what sells.

So, there's your answer.

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No, it just didn't sell. Nobody was buying it, so it got canned.

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Yeah, that one owned. Written by the Blue Beetle guy.

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Would Order of the Stick count?

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I had a lot of fun making these, even if they fall squarely on the left side of the scale.

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Legend of Drizt was pretty good comics, masturbatory gore was replaced with femdom fap.

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That obvious retrace on the bottom left pannels, dem tumblr noses

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Not really.

Yeah the first issue was sort of okay? But it's really gone downhill.

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Oh my god, I'm reading the actual dialoge now and its SO BAD
They may as well just call it "The social justice warriors"

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I think tumblr noses are adorable and hope they catch on more.

Certainly better than the absent not-noses found in so much japshit.

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How many people in real life have you seen with a tumblr nose? I have seen a grand total of ZERO
I don't know why, it just pisses me the fuck off, since they put them on EVERYONE

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It's not that bothers me, it's the plotting, lazy art decisions and overuse of gore.

I'd say the central conceit of portraying adventurers as very damaged people is actually a decent idea. I find the characters okay considering this (they're like a group of violent delinquents/ex-cons).

But it's not written well, and lampshading bad writing doesn't make it any better.

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You see them in real life quite often, on people who live and work outside in cold climates. It's a slightly chapped, windburned nose. It actually makes sense in this context. Granted, it gets used in a lot of places where it DOESN'T make sense.

It's a stylistic quirk, and I mind it less than I mind some other stylistic quirks.

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Portraying adventureres as damaged is fine, but these folks aren't damaged per se, they're basically anti-sterotypes of their various races.

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They're totally damaged. If you're on issue #1 it'll be more evident in the next two. Even if the delivery of some of the background plot stuff is fucking horribly done.

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It's less damaged and more completely fucking screwed in the head. They seem more or less That Guy sociopathic murder hobo types. Which could be fun, if, again, it weren't for the shitty writing.

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I have seen far stranger noses in my time.

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Maybe its because of genetics or something? Maybe people from around you just dont have that nose type.

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She is how I Chaotic Neutral.

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Is that braids' sister?

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>How many people in real life have you seen with a tumblr nose?
About as many people as I have seen with eyes like Matt Groening draws them.

It doesn't mean I write an angry letter to Fox every week complaining about the way he depicts human anatomy.

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I think I do actually have it somewhere

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Could I get a name of the comic so I/others can go hunting it down?

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It's IDW's D&D comic. I think it was just called D&D.

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>There's never been a good d&d comic

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Because comics are total shit?

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I do have it

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I liked Zogonia well enough.

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Hahaha, no. They look retarded and ugly.

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Man, I hate /co/ and that still offended me.

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Not really tho.

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>Hating on glorious anime

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>Why are all D&D comics either total shit or someone's masturbatory gore fantasy? Or both?

Because they're true to their source material.

captcha: noweden her

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All the good ones are comedies and were published in Dragon or Dungeon at one point.

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>an angel comes down from heavy with a note that says 'OK'.jpg

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Has anyone commented on how OP's comic had an all girl party and that is why they were losing and coincidentally telling a shitty story with "banter"? Because if not then I am prepared to do so.

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what is OP comic?

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Yech. Vulgar deconstruction combined with gorn, unlikeable characters (in design and personality) with a good spot of boring dialogue. That's just terrible, right there.

Shadowplague is the only one I've seen. I've got it in sequential format by issue right here. Don't think sequential images upload properly, though. Just tried and it got trapped at 99%.

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What was the one where the guy came to the present and Vecna was a Fortune 500 CEO?

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That dwarf is hot as fuck.

And the 4e D&D comic was glorious.
>They're orphan zombies, so at least no one will miss them

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Yeah this. That should count.

Also, Rusty & Co. is funny, too.

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It's not really a dwarf, it's just a thick chick.

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>this is how I waifu

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That's ok. Don't.

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Go read the manga Bastard!!, if Berserk is what you want your game to be, Bastard!! is how it turns out.

The OVA is also pretty awesome, shame it got cut short because the director got himself arrested.

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I feel that in this instance it is almost implied that I simply must.

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anybody actually reading these?

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Not the shitty Dark Sun one no, get back to the good stuff, faggot.

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I am keep going, I just have nothing to add.

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Professional offendees are not limited to just /co/ unfortunately.
Really though most comics, particularly tie-in and cape comics, are complete garbage.

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That's not all.

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You there! You are awesome.

These are so good, it's great that they get posted regularly. I saw them on /tg/, loved them so much I downloaded them and hunted down in physical copies from ebay.

Shall I dump Issue 1, the start of the Shadowplague story? Or do you have it under control?

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>MFW this level of retardation.

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Eh, the Dark Sun one was OKish. it looked like it might have gotten better as the series went on. It was just massively over shadowed by the awesomeness that is Fell's Five

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How can one opinion.

Be so wrong.

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i got it

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But those aren't Tumblr noses dumbass. They're shitty noses for sure, but they're not "The tumblr nose"

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>They may as well just call it "The social justice warriors"
Wait what? I didn't see that.

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There is always the Dungeons and Dragons comic. The one based on 4e.

Also, that fucking tumblr nose. It's one thing to force their fugly dike guro comics onto the Internet, but must the tumblrites draw everyone as if they had a stuffy nose.

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Id say throwing a cherry red koala nose on a bitch and cheeks to match counts as the tumblr treatment.

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Dat start of issue 1

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I consider Demon Knights to be a good D&D comic.

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Again, it's pretty shitty, and it's certainly tumblr as fuck, but it's not THE tumblr nose. It's actually fucking worse.

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Its a shitty nose drawn on tumblr. Split hairs if you want, but it shows how tumblr does not make anime more adorable in the slightest.

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Here ya go.

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I like Rat Queens.

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Okay. Why do they do this again?

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both feel free to post

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>Hating on Rat Queens

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Because tumblr is the devil.

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It is because the good comics inspired by D&D know which D&Disms to focus or not focus on. Without the D&Disms the story is indistinguishable from a standard fantasy story. Focusing on them works best in comedic series.

Bastard kind of falls into "masturbatory gore fantasy."

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Because anime is bellow them but they want a shit quick 'style' to bind them.

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Huh. It might have been all right if they'd just--that's a poor way to start, actually, I'd have been listing exceptions forever.

But the core of it is that they changed a few minor details while leaving it an imitation (giant eyes, impossible hair) instead of just "making a drawing in a different style" and therein lies the heart of the picture's awfulness.

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I like the halfling. She's an adorable nympho.

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Because Penny Arcade is popular.

>> No.28909154

Bueno Excellente's been working out.

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Dat Wolverine reference.

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>We'll never see Aldric's pirate days.


>> No.28909176

That one's actually okay. Not better, just okay. Then again though, there's somethin... off about the anime original so...
THIS one on the other hand, THAT'S horrible. Though the art style DOES look familiar...

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I love you anon.

>> No.28909182


It's in the filename: "Rat Queens"

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Honestly I dislike both sides.
Anime just has the very good excuse that it's made for animation.

>> No.28909232

They're just doing a scene in their own style, it can be great just as often as it can be shit, see pic related.

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>> No.28909275

>adding 100 pounds to Utena is okay
That is the opposite of okay

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Agreed, anything that isn't realistic or the so called hyper realistic just shows the artist is lazy and covering their flaws with "style".

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I always gave Bastard a pass on that front because it was so cheesy and over the top with it.

>> No.28909344

That's transferring old anime style to new anime style. I'd actually call it an improvement,

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Check your thin privilege.

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>That comic

Sorry, I like a modicum of seriousness in my campaigns.

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fuck accidentally closed the tab

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There's really no real difference beyond color and line quality, odd anime eye mouth proprotional differences aside. I think the hair even qualifies as more of a budget short cut in the update than the original.

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>taste is objective

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I imagine that, regarding the SJW's works- some of it is just really mediocre to bad art without ideology involved, I'm sure, see >>28909232 which is just a redraw in that particular artist's style- they have a fetish for taking ideal portrayals (or what they and others see as such; them Sailor girls are twiggy and ridiculously dressed and I'm not even aware of the themes involved inseries, not really my thing) and making them ugly, unideal. To lower fantasy to a semblance of reality (or something worse) as if it will make the two the same.

tl;dr envious destruction of things that offend them in perceived superiority, despite being nothing more than ink and paper. Or maybe an attempt to assault the very idea of beauty so that they can become it. Which they can't, because while they're only mostly ugly on the outside, they're all fairly damn ugly on the inside beyond the well-intentioned core possessed by most every human being.

Not sure if I pity the bad artists legitimately trying and failing to make something good or the SJW's madness more. And I'm probably giving them way too much credit; more like they just like making wonky animu looking things into ugly eyerape to bait weaboos, the same as /v/irgin types like trying to stick it to them. They're not so different. They're both social psychotics with varyingly twisted ideas of how things 'should' work and a severe complex of being wronged, actual levels of wrongedness varying.

>> No.28909474


ur a fagit
I would give my left testicle to play in a campaign like that.

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>> No.28909477

>not serious = not good
I mean that's just like, you're opinion, man.

>> No.28909484

You must hate fun.

>> No.28909492

>dwarven work

>> No.28909503

You're not serious, are you?

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>> No.28909508

>that comic
>not good

You have brain damage.

>> No.28909513

You need both for a good campaign.
Seriously, try playing a paladin in a grimdark campaign for 4-5 sessions and tell me you're still having fun.

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>> No.28909592

Violet is a dwarf.

a HOT dwarf.


>> No.28909601

It has a modicum of seriousness when its needed. It also has comedy, appropriately timed.

Take that +1 stick of jerkateering out if your ass.

>> No.28909607

How was this as a representation of D&D?

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>> No.28909614

A work of writing not grounded in realism is nonsensical and frankly unreadable when it isn't offending you. It takes some serious conditioning to tolerate or enjoy art that's the same way.

>> No.28909620


I checked it. It's still there, thank god.

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>> No.28909649

You don't like fantasy, do ya son?

>> No.28909666


It's far too lolrandumb for my tastes, Then again I also hate murderhobo parties too. Games need a focus.

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>> No.28909691


I'll never understand why people get so worked up about tumblr. It's pretty much set up so that it's easy to only see the posts you want to see, if you keep seeing shitty artists and SJW's blog posts then you're doing it to yourself.

>> No.28909694

anon confirms that fun things are not actually fun.jpg

>> No.28909704

>> No.28909707

I vaguely remember the 80s-90s Forgotten Realms comic being decent. I can't remember if the other ones were decent though

>> No.28909719

Exactly, and that SJW shit is hardly exclusive to Tumblr, or even predominant there. There's plenty of worse places for it.

>> No.28909729

>> No.28909735


It's the /pol/tards looking for enemies that aren't even there.

>> No.28909757

>> No.28909758

I'll never understand why people get so worked up about quest threads. It's pretty much set up so that it's easy to only see the posts you want to see, if you keep seeing shitty pedos and lolrandumb FUCK THE SKELETON then you're doing it to yourself.

>> No.28909760

Ah the old shapeshift into a loved one and shank em in the kidneys trick.

God damn no wonder adventurers are so fucked up.

>> No.28909772

Don't ask me. I'm just dissecting a line of reasoning or two behind the why of making fat, ugly Sailors and such outside of novelty or whackass fetishism. Not like anyone's kooky enough to think those things look any good aesthetically, right?

>> No.28909777

Tumblr is filled with professional victims and white knight legions who live to defend them, even when you don't look for them- you'll find the,

>> No.28909780


So true.

>> No.28909783

>> No.28909785


Why do I find tails on chicks hot?

>> No.28909790

Okay, this guy is just being sarcastic... But I can't shake the feeling that even if he is trollin', there ARE people who genuinely believe that level of asininity, and that thought infuriates me.

>> No.28909796

that's barracuda

>> No.28909802


How exactly? Without visiting the site?

>> No.28909809

>> No.28909814

Picasso? Dali? van Gogh?

>> No.28909825


Because it's hot.

>> No.28909826

They've begun migration here. /v/ and /co/ are almost entirely given over.

>> No.28909853

>> No.28909863

You'll know anon, when someone calls you 'ist' on an anonymous image board like they know who you are.
Oh, then you are in the money.

>> No.28909869


Tumblr is just the new livejournal bro, it's made for bitching about the world and posting softcore porn.

You want to find stuff to be pissed about you can find it but otherwise just view it as something that someone is mad about and than nobody generally cares.

Don't fall for the /pol/tard propaganda that tumblr is 100% SJW and that they are invading 4chan because it's just not true.

>> No.28909872

Slender, serpentine appendage that accentuates hip movement... It's not really a mystery. inb4 "u just want penis-shaped things"
Also projects an "bestial" side to them, which some people seem to associate with sexual prowess (i.e. "She's a tiger in the sack").

>> No.28909883

>Anything but dominated by Misogynists and /pol/-fags, with a very tiny minority of SRS faggots.

>> No.28909884

>> No.28909885


I know everyone's throwing the nofun..jpg's at you, but I'm willing to admit that I'm at least a little jealous if you actually have a group on board with a serious campaign. I swear mine can't go five minutes without a dick joke, a monty python reference, or some meta humor.

I mean we all have a good time but I've always kind of wondered what it would be like to run a campaign that wasn't explicitly a beer and pretzels affair.

>> No.28909891


Then it's just SJ you're pissed at, not tumblr. Which, considering you're trying to defend anything on 4chan as worth saving, I don't think anyone is surprised at.

>> No.28909892

>good anon, don't believe the lies

>> No.28909912

In fairness many of us actually want the pc to fuck the skeleton. It isn't us trying to be funny. Sometimes it's a fetish and sometimes there's chemistry there, like with the skeleton and Ivan in obnoxious ghost quest.

>> No.28909915

I love Jinx.
He's like a bad DMPC but hilarious.

>> No.28909920


/co/ is fine bro it's just that everyone ignores the /pol/tards there and everyone is tired of defending DC doing stupid shit.

>> No.28909922

>> No.28909939


If everyone could just learn to scroll past shit that doesn't interest them 4chan would be an infinitely more chill place.

>> No.28909942

>I'll never understand why people get so worked up about tumblr.
Their little political clique is invading nerd spaces.
/tg/ isn't as susceptible since it's so decentralized (I mean who gives a shit what one group thinks or publishes?) to it but /v/ has started dealing with a lot of shit from SJW-types who aren't doing their own thing but attacking and demanding change from those who do.
/g/ is currently going full mockery of SJWs for a couple of reasons like the incident of the developers who wrote like 30% of node.js getting attacked by lots of SJWs, including someone working the node.js guys, for refusing a retarded "pronoun change in the comment section because 'he' is offensive" commit by someone who hasn't done shit on the project and eventually quit since he was doing it for fun.

>> No.28909943

I'd estimate tumblr is filled with 25% not shitty idiots.
And I'm being generous here, it's a hugbox over there.

>> No.28909946


>> No.28909956

I only play serious games with serious gamers like me.

>> No.28909967

>> No.28909973

let's not forget the 'python dongle' incident.

>> No.28909999

>> No.28910017

Wait, that first panel was supposed to be good?

I thought it was a critique of how folks make iconoclastic characters, defeating the point of choosing someone from x culture.

>> No.28910021

but how would they find a reason to bitch nonstop then?

you gotta remember that this is as close as alot of folks on the site come to human interaction.

>> No.28910028

>> No.28910037

It wasn't? I thought that's exactly what it was.

>> No.28910048

Hell even the whole "Developer Evangelist" thing is theirs and it is the most retarded thing i've seen in tech so far.
>you know what devs really need?
>a tech illiterate niche minority hire to tell you what new tech is currently trendy to learn and apply this week

>> No.28910063

>> No.28910089

>> No.28910114

It doesn't keep the hive-mind from festering over into standard things.

Nah, the amount of hostile cognitive dissonance that stems from it makes it and just about everyone there abhorrent.

We have a person who's a tumblr feminist sitting at our table, GM's GF too. It's fucking irritating the amount of politics that gets thrown in.

When ever it doesn't come up it's fine, but I just want to punch her in the fucking twat when it does.

It's just as bad as /pol/ just on the other end of the spectrum.

>> No.28910128


I know it's /v/'s boogeyman right now but I haven't seen them actually accomplish anything. I mean the only game I cared about that got flak from them was Dragon's Crown, and if anything they probably helped it out with all the free publicity they gave it.

>> No.28910136

>> No.28910151

You misunderstand the "Professional Victim" side of Tumblr.

They're just like /pol/, they'll manufacture a shit-ton of strawmen and then try to use that as some kind of proof for their arguments.

>> No.28910153


The same can be said for everything in life.

The fact of the matter is, though, we're culturally inclined toward discussion about things we dislike.

In our cultural, mutual distaste is as strong a bond as mutual interest.

People want to be accepted for the things they hate just as much as for the things they enjoy.

It's certainly a bit silly and usually doesn't make for great conversation - but that's just how it do.

>> No.28910154

I saw that gif and what immediately came to mind was the sound, "gubgubgubgubgubgubgub"

>> No.28910193

Incoming world's smartest orc.

>> No.28910204

Way, way better than the DnD shit comic.

"Lol, our banter. We don't take the setting seriously" then why would the reader?

>> No.28910205

>> No.28910210



>> No.28910224

Go home, Spoony.

>> No.28910226

>> No.28910234

>I'll never understand why people hate a bunch of psychotic, self-appointed commissars.

Tumblrites like you never do. Best blame /pol/ and go back to screeching about privilege and drawing congested noses.

>> No.28910242

Skullkickers is a thinly-veiled Pathfinder comic. I think one issue even included character sheets for the protagonists as an extra.

>> No.28910245

have you been keeping up on the mighty number 9 fiasco?

>> No.28910249


>> No.28910254

>> No.28910262

>I know it's /v/'s boogeyman right now but I haven't seen them actually accomplish anything.
Of course not, they're mainly targeting the media like they do elsewhere. The difference being no one gives a fuck about what the gaming media thinks.
But the reaction is still justified since there are actual communities that propagate that complete bullshit even if there isn't a need for the constant threads about it on /v/.

>> No.28910272

Skullkickers is pretty fun, yeah. I storytimed what was out of it about a year ago, got a pretty decent reception.

>> No.28910276

You mean the one where /v/ threw a shitfit over one person getting hired due to nepotism, and having very little influence over the actual game, then Kotaku or some other shitty, unprofessional "News" site threw a shitfit over their shitfit?

>> No.28910277


Jesus CHRIST you people are butthurt about folks from another site WHO WOULDN'T COME TO 4CHAN IF YOU PAID THEM

>> No.28910279

how the fuck am I going through captchas so fast? I queue like 20 and they just keep going away

>> No.28910287

>tumblr noses

Okay, I've read this whole thread, and I still have no idea what the shit a "tumblr nose" is other than a cartoony kinda nose half-based in real facial structure.

More importantly, why are people getting worked up about it?

>> No.28910304

Sweetheart, don't you know: they deliver. Just look at /co/ or SA.

>> No.28910314


They were raped by a tumblr nose when they were a child.

>> No.28910326

>they'll manufacture a shit-ton of strawmen and then try to use that as some kind of proof for their arguments.
They're already calling the /g/ project "harassment" and there was one dumbass who started pretending she had received death threats.

>> No.28910333


>congested noses



>> No.28910340

It's when a nose is drawn in a very simple manner, and then shaded to provide contrast with the face, usually red.

It's stupid and silly, and I don't like it most of the time(But it can work), but it's certainly nothing to get angry over.

>> No.28910347

genuinely considering buying a 4chan pass just so I stop getting fucking incorrect captchas

>> No.28910365


That just tells me that the company had a dumbass in charge of hiring. If anything you should be happy, other companies will probably learn from their mistakes.

>> No.28910366

Absolutely excellent.
Until the tv series.
I love the writer.

>> No.28910369

>Gruhn chose rock
I like this comic

>> No.28910372

Based on the thread and nothing else, it's a style of nose which originated on tumblr in some attempt at reversing the anime nose (small or nonexistant) into something the tumblrites see as more normal/realistic.
In reality it turned out as a drinkers bloom, fat and red.

The fact it's been thrust upon anime along with "thick" builds for gymnasts adds insult to injury.

>> No.28910375

But then how will you know the whims of the CAPTCHA gods?

>> No.28910400

>> No.28910415

>Detail on those brick walls
>Quality and structure of faces is spot on.
>Detailed flacid penis
>Can identify the numerous structures even off in the distance
>Distant structures don't have exaggerated "background blur"

Yes, it's a Surrealist painting, but you can't argue that where it's applicable, the realistic structures are spot on, and that the work isn't massively detailed.

If this were redone by tumblr, you could bet that the nose of the mask in the center would lack anything but cell-shading at the most, and it would be unwieldy and bulbous.

The penis would no doubt be censored, or the person changed to a girl entirely.
The "Grain and texture" of the paintings would be almost missing entirely.

>> No.28910429

It does have a focus.
A group of heroes traveling about, dealing with the situations they find themselves in.
Unless your version of "focus" is synonymous with everyone else's word for "railroading", the party as shown in the comic is united in purpose, has the freedom to pursue it, and remains good guys all the way thru.
Exactly what else are you looking for?

>> No.28910433


I don't get as bent out of shape about it as some people, but I do think it looks ugly and out of place anywhere but on a drunken cartoon character.

>> No.28910434

>> No.28910451

fucking rainbow spray

>> No.28910460

>> No.28910487

>> No.28910515

can anywone tell me where I can get this 4D DnD comic at? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

>> No.28910516

>> No.28910541

I lost it

>> No.28910543

Oh Jesus this comic is amazing. It's an absolute travesty that they decided to stop making it.

>> No.28910547

That was the basic idea in the previous edition of Hackmaster. Most adventurers are at least socially inept, but either survived just long enough to develop some useful skills or had family or backing well-off enough to get them an education virtually guaranteed to keep them out of the way forever.

Adventuring was how the least favorite of eight children of the king gets the fuck out of the upcoming murderfest for the throne. It's how one of the many orphans eventually becomes a renowned archmage.

Character Creation was an involved process but in that way also kind of like selecting pregens in old console games. You don't play the other orphans because the others died of starvation, and you don't play that other prince that gets buggered by his squire in between tea-parties.

You play the one with a shot at doing something with his life.

>> No.28910552

>> No.28910573

>> No.28910585

They say love can't bloom on the battlefield.

>> No.28910587

>That not right.

>> No.28910612

So the OVAs are the way to go?

>> No.28910614


Absolutely no one says that.

>> No.28910620

>> No.28910664

>> No.28910691

>> No.28910698

It's what's being posted in the thread. There was a mediafire link earlier also.

>> No.28910714

People in real life don't live in 2d worlds. The tumbler nose is a cheap way to provide some visual depth to the nose without much effort.

>> No.28910717

Record of the Lodoss war was a DnD campaign turned into a manga and anime. Just finished watching the OVA
Also the 4e dnd comic and the Darksun comic were pretty good

>> No.28910725

I like how the elf is cracking that joke

>> No.28910727

I don't know how I feel about using a card to buy a 4chan pass. Have any of you bought one/know any places where you can use paypal or something to generate a card number to use?

>> No.28910729


>> No.28910734

>implying Rat Queens is shitty

>> No.28910738

I will name my first-born son after you, anon.

>> No.28910756

>except for that time in black foresst. but that one time only


>> No.28910760

>> No.28910765

Because the D&D genre is shit or someone's masturbatory gory fantasy.

>> No.28910785

It's adding insult to injury.
It's basically a calling card for Tumblr comics.

Tumblr comics back when they were beginning to house their iconic red noses and three frame animations.

Usually they have political meanings unrelated to the source topic injected into something where it should have been irrelevant in the first place.

Tumblr is widely known as a destroyer of fandoms.
In fact they've made the entire word, fandom, in and of itself toxic already.

Take a look at this comic:
This was created by someone who was quite overtly anti-self-defense and anti-weapon laws.
That point was forcefully injected into the Legend of Zelda fandom without actually having any kind of contribution or relevance to Legend of Zelda beyond the standard ye olde "It's dangerous to go alone" meme.
I addition it posses red, exaggerated noses on everyone.
And has shitty two frame animation.

All four of these traits are commonly represented in a wide majority of comics created on tumblr.

Radical liberal points are injected into a fandom ad infinium, until it is utterly shitty and destroyed.
Move onto the next thing that people enjoy.

"Stop enjoying things I Like/Don't Like" wasn't a thing before Tumblr and there's a damned good reason for that.

>> No.28910816

Alternate is the Orc kisses him back and drags him back to the rape tent

>> No.28910824

Gruhn has a statistically unlikely intelligence for an Orc

I suppose he might just be high Wis, though, his knowledge tends to be pretty practical.

>> No.28910830

>> No.28910835

could be both

>> No.28910839


Are you seriously implying Zac fucking Gorman has an agenda other than "I like vidyagaems?" Anyone who can use Google can disprove this in one fucking search for his name.

Sorry, who's putting up straw men now?

Get out, you fucking joke.

>> No.28910842

Now I need a Gruhn version of the WHY guy

>> No.28910850

>> No.28910857


...but Zac Gorman is a raging manchild who's stuck on the SNES

>> No.28910865

>> No.28910867

I fucking love this elf.

He is such a fucking dick

I'm still waiting for

>> No.28910868

>wasting perfectly good tasted giant spider
That thing best have been super fucking poisonous.

>> No.28910877

So, what are the /tg/ approved comics? The D&D comic that everyone drools over, of course, and probably Skullkickers, but what else? I'd imagine Mouse Guard makes the list.

>> No.28910889

>> No.28910899


Why would you even want to mess with this, RGU is all about defying gender roles and shit. Tumblr should fucking eat this shit up.

>> No.28910909

>I kill things with an axe and smell like bark

Best elf.

>> No.28910918

>> No.28910920


Unsounded is good, and Clandestinuats is totally radical.

>> No.28910932


See I don't know anything about the artists agenda but when I first saw that comic the only thing I saw was the old man being upset that Link was being put on a bloody path at a young age, which would likely end with him being like most adventurer's, a murder hobo.

>> No.28910938

I can't even tell where the bait ends. I should not have set foot into /a/.

Only saw a couple of the Zelda ones. Aside from being, well, Zelda, they were pretty alright. He that bad?

>> No.28910939



>> No.28910944

And the dwarf is best dwarf

>> No.28910947

"A weapon is a terrible burden."


Dude, I'm /k/ as fuck, and I totally agree with that comic. I love guns, but if you think actually wielding a weapon is anything but a MASSIVE responsibility, and a heavy weight to bear, then you're a damn child that thinks guns are toys.

>> No.28910954

>> No.28910955

I can't find any definition of "tumblr nose" that is consistent between two people and is unique/originating in tumblr.

this leads me to believe it is an imagined trait.

>> No.28910961

Then he's pretty shitty at liking Video Games for supporting a community that seeks to completely destroy that industry.

>> No.28910965

Perfect for the perpetual angry mob that is tumblr. You don't need to think, you just need to be easily susceptible to peer pressure and shit loads of unresolved anger.

>> No.28910972

>> No.28910977

is it still dead:

>> No.28910980

It didn't originate on tumblr, but it saw a decently big surge of use in comics there, and due to crosscontamination, was attributed to them for ease of use.

>> No.28910988

You forgot pretenciousness

>> No.28910990


>> No.28910998

Mouse Guard has comics?!

>> No.28911000

>> No.28911005


Yup, still dead.

>> No.28911011

That particular comic, taken on its own, just seems an amusing subversion of expectations. There's little difference between that and a comical interpretation of pokemon as "brutal animal pit-fights held by ten-year-old children as a rite of passage", or calling Animal Crossing a retarded furry exploitation simulator.

The problem I have with tumblr and fandoms is when they relentlessly spam pointlessly short gifs of their latest mass crush. Oh look, it's a set of five gifs of benedict cumberbatch, each half a second long.

I like cumberbatch best in Cabin Pressure, which tumblr hasn't got its moist claws into, partly because it's british radio comedy and partly because his face isn't in it, only his voice, where he plays someone who isn't sherlock holmes

>> No.28911012

Yes. I think he's either drawing on /tg/chan or had his hand crippled. I can't remember which.

>> No.28911013


>> No.28911018


Are you fucking serious?




>> No.28911024

Did you just make all that shit up on the spot or is it seriously something you believe?

>> No.28911025

>> No.28911030

I believe some writers got together and made a show about a DnD campaign that they had played

>> No.28911035


Yup. Really good ones. They're in the previously linked mediafire. Read them.

>> No.28911042

Venomous, spiders aren't poisonous but there venom could be harvested...

>> No.28911043

Dude, this comic is actually wonderful. Like, it reads out like a group sitting down and playing a game, which is exactly what I would want from a comic about D&D. Otherwise I'd just read any other generic fantasy comic, but this one feels like there's that lightheartedness that you can find at a table top session, you know?
But yeah, thanks for posting these! I'd never seen them before.

>> No.28911051

>> No.28911069

The magical roasting probably ruined the venom, but that's now reason to leave perfectly roasted spider just laying there

>> No.28911072


Fuckin' lost it!

So Adric x Orc fanfic when?

>> No.28911076

Venomous spiders are venomous. Their venom is poisonous. But hairs, splitting, etc.

>> No.28911082

>I can't find any definition of "tumblr nose" that is consistent between two people and is unique/originating in tumblr.

It's actually been widely used since the 1950s.

>> No.28911090

Half of that's what the issue seems to be half of that's stuff I fucked up typing because dyslexia and a migraine.

I'd try to sort it out, but It seems too late.

>> No.28911097

someone touched a nerve.

p.s. you're a faggot.

>> No.28911104


>> No.28911109


>> No.28911113

My god that's ugly.

Probably why I hated Rin and Stimpy.
That horrific art style.

>> No.28911126


Except that comic is beautiful, which makes you both stupid and wrong.

>> No.28911127


It depends entirely on what you mean.

Based on your criteria, I'd say things like Elias the Cursed and Saga would fit.

Pretty much any comic with a "party" of main characters could be re-purposed for a campaign, though.

>> No.28911134

Isn't it both?

>> No.28911137

it really just makes anyone who uses the phrase "tumblrnose" seem like a really young person.

I can't say underaged any more, because we're in the goddamn faroff year of 2013 and they're over 18 by now.

>> No.28911140

Look at all this disgusting leftist bullshit he's spewing.
Damn, it makes me sick.

>> No.28911144

>starts over

>> No.28911150

The only good thing to come out of tumblr comics are the edits...

Anyone got the "Social Justice Warriors" edit from Critical Miss?
And the Original two for context.

>> No.28911151

>> No.28911156


>> No.28911166


Now that looks more like the
Zelda games that I played.

>> No.28911167

so, realtalk.
Have you people ever gone outside on a cold day?
Do you notice how your nose turns red?

>> No.28911173

>> No.28911180

tumblr pls go

>> No.28911189

>"Stop enjoying things I Like/Don't Like" wasn't a thing before Tumblr
Stupidity strikes a nerve, yes. Your post included. At least use capitalization you worthless fucking savage.

>> No.28911191

Yes. It's not like that all the time. Only if/when it's cold out, after prolonged exposure.

>> No.28911198

Ugh. That rainbow text in the last panel is obviously some sort of gay acceptance agenda. And using a bug catching net instead of a sword? Not on my watch, commie.

>> No.28911200

>> No.28911209

You seem to be mistaking "beautiful" with "pretentious"

You also seem to be mistaking "fact" with "opinion"

>> No.28911213

I love the thought process here.

>> No.28911217


Yes, but if your nose looks like that
all the time it's time to see a doctor.
Or you need to lay off the sauce.

>> No.28911225

>> No.28911230

These are terrible because they were probably drawn by transgendered she-hims who don't shave in the right places.

>> No.28911231

>x Orc
His name is Gruhn, and I'll have you know Gruhndric is my OTP

>> No.28911251

Rolled 10, 54 = 64


>> No.28911257

i bought a pass just for you, /tg/

if my card details get stolen it's all your fault

>> No.28911262

What if my eyes look like this?

Also I only have four fingers on each hand.

>> No.28911268


I ship Breedric.

>> No.28911281

Yeah, it's pretty inventive. I love Bree, but then, I love halflings in general, and I can vouch that she's a halfling

>> No.28911286

>> No.28911289

I'd ship Bree my dric, if you know what I mean.

>> No.28911290

Oh man the time between the comics is killing me

Thanks based anon

>> No.28911291

Welcome to the club. You won't regret it.

>> No.28911300

Not him but you don't see the faggotry of pushing that shit in simple as fuck videogames?
Zak has that other retard comic where about "bravery" as well.

>> No.28911301

Y'know, I agree with that. I realize the author really wants Adric and the eladrin chick, but I think Bree is far more suitable for him.

>> No.28911303


I already admitted that I fucked up using that example.

But it doesn't stop stupid people from assuming that's the meaning.

And it's by and by the flavor of tumblr's political spectrum
And there's no shortage of stupid people on tumblr.

>> No.28911311

Maybe I don't oogle at people's noses you disgusting fetishist
people aren't just noses nailed onto slabs of meat for you to stare lustfully at

>> No.28911313

>Any pairing but Varis/Khal

It's wrong.

>> No.28911316

>> No.28911322


Then it's time to stop dragging it out and end the fucking show already, I mean goddamn you've been terrible for more years than you were funny at this point.

>> No.28911335

Or stupid people elsewhere, apparently.

>> No.28911341


>> No.28911345


It's not that Bree is suitable for him. It's that Bree is gonna rape the fuck out of him.

>> No.28911346

>> No.28911353

it was a comic before it was a RPG

>> No.28911375

>> No.28911412

Yeah, /v/ and /pol/
Part of the reason there's a lot of spite.
People tend to assume when angry.
It doesn't mean that the actual cases following it aren't real of course.

>> No.28911413

What does the 'simplicity' of the videogame have to do with anything? What's wrong with using a game to explore a concept you find interesting? This is of course a separate issue from whether the execution is quality or not.
It seems to me that you're being overly defensive because you have a problem with a message that may not even exist. Stop being so insecure and leaping at imaginary enemies.

>> No.28911424

The Conan comics have generally been pretty good over the years.

Artesia is pretty awesome, though new books come out just about never.

>> No.28911431

The point


>> No.28911460

>> No.28911466

Oh no, I got it.
That was implied.

Still trying to make a point of my own though.

>> No.28911469


Everyone who likes something I don't like is actually a secret tumblr social justice lesbian hambeast who infiltrates websites I like so that they can ruin my fun.

>> No.28911473

It's like people who think facebook is a community of some kind

>> No.28911488

>> No.28911500

Shit, he's on to me.

>> No.28911515

>> No.28911521

Took some effort but I found it on TPB.
its 7293944

>> No.28911540

>> No.28911554

Most people get upset when tumblr latches onto things they do like.

Like how they're all over Tolkien now because Thorin Oakenshield is hot and the actors from Sherlock are in it.

>> No.28911559

>> No.28911578

Never heard of rat queens before...
Downloading it now. If my experience with the other comics tg hates on is true then I will become a regular reader, maybe buy their comics too.
Thank you tg hate machine for another recommendation to add to my collection.

>> No.28911581

>> No.28911591

>What does the 'simplicity' of the videogame have to do with anything?
The simplicity of the setting.
>What's wrong with using a game to explore a concept you find interesting?
Same thing that is wrong with any politicization. It attracts more of the same, like maggots to a corpse.
>because you have a problem with a message that may not even exist.
Not me who brought up Zak or the tumblrites, so no. I think his comics are shitty and hint at a cancerous trend within them though.

>> No.28911610


I just had a read through the 3 issues I found online.

Wasn't too bad, honestly. Wouldn't call it great, but it was a fun read.

>> No.28911611

Whoa what? a fucking Demi-lich? what level are these guys supposed to be?

>> No.28911614

>2. Are someone's masturbatory gore fantasy because that's what sells.
Heh, reminds me of the assassin creed reviews by totalbiscuit. He complains that their combat is masturbatory power fantasy and that they should know better, at least they could copy the system from batman...

Yet ass creed outsells the batman franchise, probably because they are masturbatory power fantasies

>> No.28911617

>Most people get upset when tumblr latches onto things they do like.
No, *most* people don't give a shit. You don't hear about them because only the spergs post about it.

The only ones who do give a shit are desperate tryhards who are scrambling as hard as they can to prove how edgy and socially-antagonistic they are, by attempting to form a false camaraderie based around an overblown and phantom strawman.

First time posting in this conversation btw.

>> No.28911633

Wow you're dull.

>> No.28911638

new thread?
less tumblrshits?

>> No.28911649

>batman is not a masturbatory power fantasy

>> No.28911657

I don't know about the comics, but i just reread the books and they were shit, drizzet is awful.

>> No.28911664

...Wait, aren't asscreed and batman combat basically the counter/punch combat?

>> No.28911671


new thread fellas

>> No.28911684

Better dull than actively making the world a worse place.

>> No.28911712

Being a dull whiner does actively make the world a worse place. Just do everyone a favor and kill yourself.

>> No.28911724

Seriously, I wish I could be a silent predator in Assassin's Creed
you know, like an actual assassin
instead it's just as viable to run into the middle of the plaza and murder every guard
Which is why I want a modern AC, guns will ruin your shit so you need to pick people off one by one and make your enemies shit their pants as they find their buddies pinned to the wall.

>> No.28911743

Having just played and beat both AC3 and Arkham Asylum within the past week, yes. Totalbiscuit is just talking out of his ass, or making a very, very dry attempt at sarcasm.

>> No.28911745

Back to /tumblr/ Zak.

>> No.28911766

Well, if AssFlag is any indication, what you'd do is just find a building to climb up, shoot the guy in the face, and run off.

>> No.28911946

Its a lvl 8 Flameskull.
they arnt liches but rather they're created from the skulls of wizards to serve as intelligent guardians

>> No.28912281

even the weakest goon in batman takes multiple hits to down, and you actually have to dodge since blocking usually doesn't work and you have to look exactly the right way, you are usually battling the controls. On harder difficulty each of the lowiest goons is has more HP and does more damage per hit than you. Also ton's of things are unblockable and enemies attack simultaneously interrupting your attacks. That being said it is mostly just extremely tedious easy battle. But you need to use multiple buttons.

In asscreed you 1 hit kill almost everything with a gratuitos prerendered animation on a counter (whose timeframe is more than 10x longer than the counters in batman) which is executed from an unbreakable block. you use exactly 2 buttons in battle, block and counter.

>> No.28912379

Heh, I never saw such a sensible explanation for a dungeon before

>> No.28912878

WoTC needs next to undo everything they did right.

>> No.28912942

Ah, this is the part where you start posting anecdotal evidence and sperging out like a faggot.

>> No.28913119

Why are you spider experts slowly posting a comic in this thread instead of just uploading the .rar? Just use mediafire and install 7zip onto your mommy's computers. Fucking 4chan.

>> No.28913511

This isn't 3.5e, I found 16 books on TPB. Book 0 is the one you posted here. Book 1 which is a direct continuation with the same character and plot brings in the feywild and shadowfell, both of which introduced in 4e

>> No.28913524

this is storytime
not pdf/rar pirate time

OP posts a story one page at a time and we comment

besides the this was already uploaded. just search the thread

>> No.28913530

also, dragonborns, again from 4e

>> No.28914683

Bumping because I don't want the thread to die before I have a chance to read all this.

>> No.28915021

>I already admitted that I fucked up using that example.

That's not where you fucked up, honey.

That's not even where you started fucking up.

Honey, I know this is hard, but you might want to spend a little more time in your echo-cave of choice before exposing your dogma to the real world. It's still half-baked and fragile.

>> No.28915180

This comic is Reaction Images: The Comic at times. I love it.

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