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Player's topic: Combine the last two quests you read or followed. Post results.

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The waifu fags are ruining Princess Guard quests and I wonder when it'll all go south.

>> No.28905928

Peasant Girl Quest where

>> No.28905945

The big problem is that a quest where multiple options are given should really route-lock early on. Like, first twenty threads early. Otherwise the shitstorms will get progressively worse with each thread until everything just folds in on itself.

>> No.28905964


It's simple. We kill the waifus

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>> No.28905979

I like where this is headed.

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Yes. Take out the popcorn everybody. Incoming shit storming starting soon.

>> No.28906031

So how do you guys feel about EDEN quest trying to come back?

>> No.28906034

You're implying that PGQ isn't just one low-heat shitstorm brewing constantly.

>> No.28906035

Is there a set schedule for this quest?

>> No.28906044

Hoo/d/ Quest is currently running, should go until 2 AM EST

>> No.28906058

>Every quest gets fanart but the ones you follow

>> No.28906072

Sounds like an awful stew. When will it be done?

>> No.28906090

kill me

>> No.28906106

>Every quest gets fanart but the ones you run

>> No.28906135

is a more appropriate response to >>28906106

>> No.28906142

hollow quest still gets fanart

>> No.28906208


Magical Girls Un Panzer Noir Quest.

You're playing some weird fusion of Chiaki and Russles, the first boy contracted by Kyubee to be part of his Officio on the city ship of Oorai.

>> No.28906209

So, guys. Favorite relationship between characters in a quest? Not necessarily romantic, mind you. Sometimes the dynamic between friends can be better than a straight-up romance. Bromances. Mm.

>> No.28906238

Jager and Risa BFF 5ever.

>> No.28906242

Dulu and Mordre from Golem Quest. It marked just about the only good characterization Bob has ever done, and it felt cool to have such a great nemesis that we never know would show up.


>> No.28906259


Uh, how often does porn happen in this quest? Is there a plot?

>> No.28906274

>Uh, how often does porn happen in this quest? Is there a plot?
All the time, and porn is plot.

>> No.28906292


Hunzuu and Iltani in Scorpion Girl Quest. I just can't help it, man.

In AoPHQ, Lilac and, well, anyone? Though i guess the only combination with lilac involves Cerulean one way or another. Cerulean and Devon is a close second, I really want them to become closer.

>> No.28906297

Peasant Girl Quest finally here for those who missed it.

>> No.28906305

There's something about rivals that make you want to get them together for some reason....

>> No.28906334


Prey tell, what is this quest about? I've noticed the art. Pst experiences say that a quest with custom made art for every update don't work well. Even in Deculture's quest it was greatly toned down, which is a pity.

>> No.28906364

>Past experiences say that a quest with custom made art for every update don't work well.

You haven't read many art quests, have you?

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>> No.28906397

Hero Quest manages it fine.
As for Peasant Girl, well it started as a 'wat do' quest on /v/, first post ending in X auto-wins, though it looks like the OP is doing it more seriously now that it got forced to this comparatively slower board. Not terribly serious, and without any overarching goals, so far.

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While I'm loath to pick a romance after that disclaimer, still gonna say Like/Mara from Golden Empire. So I'm sappy, sue me! I guess for non-romantic, Likenia/the twins is good (I like Face's character interactions okay).

>> No.28906486

>agrees with me
>with my pic

>> No.28906491

Oh look, it appears the fucking antichrist has deigned to show his face once again.

>> No.28906496

Ready to go in two hours.

>> No.28906522

Red Joker and Natsumi

They're both so broken. It's hilarious.

>> No.28906604


Mercenary Adventure is running and it's fun, anons should check it out. It has art!

Don't know if MercCap posted in the previous thread or not, but since it fell off around that time I'll plug it.

>> No.28906614

>first boy contracted by Kyubee
Sounds completely fucking retarded.

Not as much as males doing Tanker- oh my.
At least you didn't add dudes to Strike Wit- no, that actually DID happen. Go figure.

>> No.28906638

Karban and the Steel Guard. It was really cool to see all these competent badasses getting along and being awesome together.

>> No.28906641

>the first boy contracted by Kyubee

ugh. Just be a lesbian

>> No.28906696

It surprised me that polite society got one.

>> No.28906725

I'm hyped.

Although I hope things don't go too despair and insanely magical. I like the SoL stuff so far.

>> No.28906755

Do you cherish your family? Your friends? Do you treasure the things you have right now?

>> No.28906764


Imported Machines: Third world tactical mecha action. Have fun, Remove Kebab, get rich, etc.

>> No.28906810

Why are you linking to another quest's fans?

And why, why, why did you forget to put Quest in your subject?

>> No.28906859


It combines the all girl theme of girls und panzer and madoka, but with the GUPQ theme of russles being one of the first boys at Oorai or participating in japanese Sheshendo.

>> No.28906902

hahaha that was an accident, and the other was because I Did not realize it, and by the time I realized it, I couldn't delete it!

>> No.28906969

The waifu fags ARE Princess Guard Quest, you dolt.

>> No.28906988

I am becoming more and more sure that PGQ is containment, like a nuclear waste storage center or Toxic processing plant.

>> No.28907023

It is annoying how hard it is to delete threads you started nowadays.

>> No.28907049

What, the crazy uubermench?
Or am I thinking of someone else?

Because she's too unstable. I wish she were more sane so we could let her out for combat duty and for anti-human combat practice.

>> No.28907065

This IRC.

>> No.28907072

Like MSQ was in its time.

>> No.28907112

That's the one. half the readers want her dead and the other half want to domesticate her.

>> No.28907207

I just want to stop dicking with her and maybe get her a psychiatric advisor.
but those don't exist in the past days.

Just fucking chill, lady, and we can go out and play with swords. But no, she refuses to chill.

>> No.28907272

Too bad it isnt working.

>> No.28907399

for the longest time I thought people were talking about evil precure quest when talking about PGQ

I have no idea why.

>> No.28907465

One hour.

>> No.28907508

Humility. Who's your favourite meguka?
Depending on your answer I might have to drop

>> No.28907547

>Who's your favourite meguka?
I'd have to say one is heads and shoulders above the rest. She's got a good head on her shoulders and is pretty reliable.

>> No.28907566

Good enough to keep following

>> No.28907580


>> No.28907582

Just don't get ahead of yourself.

>> No.28907623

Do archelons favorite is kyoko and humilitys favorite is breasts. I wonder who the other qms like

>> No.28907638

I don't recall seeing that scene. Is it from Rebellion?

Also Kyouko best meguca.

>> No.28907648


I think it's from one of the two movies that recap the series.

>> No.28907670

I first saw it before Rebellion came out, so I have no idea. I rewatched the series once trying to find it.It's bizarre.

>> No.28907701

Prolly the recap movies then

>> No.28907710

There's a lot of magical girl quests running right now, exploring the madoka-esque themes of the descent into darkness and the futility of heroism against the ever-consuming dark, and all of that.

Would anybody be interested in a magical girl quest of a different sort? Where the protagonist is a battle-scarred veteran, not a little girl, and rather then a descent into darkness, its about their struggle to ascend towards the light? The struggle to find redemption; to save whats left of their humanity while retaining enough savage, primal instinct to fight to the utmost limits of their ability?

Warning, this isn't going to be lighthearted at-fucking-all.

>> No.28907723

>Angelic following Polite Society Quest


>> No.28907725

>implying protagonist of such crossover won't turn out to be lesbian trapped in man's body
much like Kirika Kure was

>> No.28907728

So, Love Rout was a total disaster. Or success, depending on who you ask.

>> No.28907731

I could see enjoying that if the writing was solid.

>> No.28907743

Are there lesbians?

>> No.28907746

Anyone fancy a laugh?


This fucktard claimed to be Archelon as well, check p6 of the chatlog if you don't believe me

>> No.28907758

She was also following Adventure Princess

She crit failed the first roll.

>> No.28907767

'twas a joke.

>> No.28907768

Speaking of Rebellion is there a decent rip yet?

>> No.28907786

Haha what>

>> No.28907787

So, it's confirmed? Angelic is a she?

>> No.28907803

Shaana and Templar Commander Lloyd.

>> No.28907857


I can guarantee that. People have told me I Am Decent. Many people. People I still hide from. Protip never write good porn ever


No. No there is fucking not.

>> No.28907896

>Nonlesbian Nobledark magical girls

Holy shit yes yes yes

>> No.28907911

Maybe there's a reason why magical girls never seem to live long enough to become magical women. Maybe something in the nature of their power starts to grow sour once they reach a certain age - 25, let's say. Maybe the women lucky enough to survive that long start feeling their own powers turn against them - whisking them away to Avalon or Faerie or the Dreamtime - compressing them to keep them smaller until they die, or whispering dangerous or suicidal thoughts, or just slowly consuming them. Maybe the only women who can resist all this and still fight crime are the toughest dames there are.

>> No.28907926 [DELETED] 

>Love Rout

fucking #rekt

>> No.28907941

Anyone ever interested in doing a quest where you're a freedom fighter defending liberty/the white race/whatever against the new world order, against the combined arms and technology of the 21st century world powers? A hopeless war in a world where democracy has become a cover for governments that spy on, detain and assassinate citizens without warrant, for a state bloated with bread and circuses?

>> No.28907952

Hero Quest already has a little bit of that.

>> No.28907962

Then no

>> No.28907971

How can you really, and I mean really, truly test a character? How can you make players feel the darkest hour on a psychological level? How do you make them give up?

>> No.28907977

>Maybe there's a reason why magical girls never seem to live long enough to become magical women.
Nanoha, bitch.

>> No.28907992

/pol/ runs that one every day.

>> No.28908005

>No. No there is fucking not.

>> No.28908025


There's quest threads on /pol/?

>> No.28908026

Will you run no romance?

>> No.28908036

>Where the protagonist is a battle-scarred veteran, not a little girl, and rather then a descent into darkness, its about their struggle to ascend towards the light? The struggle to find redemption; to save whats left of their humanity while retaining enough savage, primal instinct to fight to the utmost limits of their ability?

>> No.28908050

/pol/ is one big RP thread.

>> No.28908073

The porn happens regularly, but plot usually advances alongside or through the porn.

This thread is going to be especially heavy on porn, and probably light on plot. It's like the /d/ equivalent of a beach episode.

>> No.28908097


There's some good stuff that comes out of there, though.

>> No.28908112

>a world where democracy has become a cover for governments that spy on, detain and assassinate citizens without warrant, for a state bloated with bread and circuses
Real life already exists, you don't need a quest for that.

>> No.28908116

>X character isn't allowed to have sex
>Sex heavy episode


>> No.28908191

Half an hour. Prewriting OP.

>> No.28908322

Both are pretty tied together, and boring as hell. Its kind of amazing how he managed to make both political intrigue as well as kinky sex dull as fuck.

>> No.28908475 [DELETED] 

>claiming the white race is oppressed
kill yourself, remove racist kebab

>> No.28908498 [DELETED] 

SRS pls.

>> No.28908812

>implying I'm SRS
White guys claiming to be oppressed is at best dumb, at worst insane

>> No.28908844

It's true though.

>> No.28908845

the worst part is you're serious.

>> No.28908878

>This fucktard
>calling the QM a fucktard
>not the autistic twelve year-old trolling the quest

>> No.28908938


We are live!

>> No.28908976

Hi, Love Song.

You approached Toot My Trombone tier, so I guess that's something to be proud of. Also, stalking EGO is nothing to be proud of.

>> No.28909002

Are you this guy?
>seriously at this point LS itd be easier for you to make a new account because i wil personally make sure to SHIT UP anything you run in future

>> No.28909004

anon, I am more inclined to believe his claims of you being a 12 year old autist than the claims that he's being a fuckup.

Usually because whenever I investigate these things, it turns out QTG was lying and misinforming, like always.

>> No.28909009 [DELETED] 

Hey all, just humbly requesting a choice/suggestion

>> No.28909033

It really shocks me how acceptable it is to actually troll quests on A-kun. It's so rare here to see people trolling in the actual quests instead of here in the QTG. But there, troll customs and reviews are really common.

>> No.28909063

they were common here, too, before we started mass reporting in-quest trolling.

>> No.28909080

In this case, you would be wrong. Sure, anons were acting like jackasses, but only because the QM was practically begging them to by calling all of his readers retarded, mocking the very person whose style he was copying, and bragging about how hard he was gonna bad end everyone before the quest even began.
/tg/ used to do that a lot more before troll archiving became a thing.

>> No.28909105

Nope, don't believe you. You sound like the type who will take neutral comments and say someone was bragging, begging, etcetera.

>> No.28909114

You're one of the people who trolled the quest, right?

>> No.28909162

>searching based on filename because someone brought it up previously

>defending EGO's samefag sockpuppeting and constant shittalkingfellow QMs
Hue hue hue.

>Hi, Love Song.
Dat paranoia.

Seriously. I don't understand why the QMs in question don't immediately go to the moderation.

>> No.28909221

Then allow me to enlighten you, you bratty little whiner.
Herein, he outlines his desires to fuck with anons and force them into bad ends and then asks people to provide said bad ends.
Nope, just watched it unfold.

>> No.28909258

Hey all
>>28905140 here, just wanting a choice/decision, and to the rest of the thread, why is there so much drama about quests. Its.. rather confusing.

>> No.28909293

>Every time I read a post like this I try to figure out how I could slot it into one of the quest ideas I already have, realize I can't, pout, and wish I were tale/a/non.

>Alright, give me a three word description of two girls and two bad ends, I'll put something up on Anonkun today.

Your conclusions aren't drawn from the data.

>> No.28909297

neither of these examples seem at all like what you have described, at either point, even after your backpeddling and goal shifting.

And you wonder why nobody believe you.

>> No.28909304

>renaming all your filenames out of fear of the same thing happening to you

>> No.28909321

Were you trying to link to the posts where someone posted under the tale/a/non name without tale's tripcode?

>> No.28909323

I know that feeling.

>> No.28909327

>renaming all your filenames out of fear that they might share a name with EGO's

>> No.28909330

>implying I am not changing all my filenames to ego filenames
Just to fuck with ego witchhunters.

>> No.28909338

He also goes on to say on Akun how he had only planned for bad ends and the whole thing wouldve just been him dragging us through foreshadowing said bad ends.

>> No.28909366

I'd like to see I've never seen someone as analpained as you, but honestly, you're middling.

>> No.28909370

I see what you did there.

>> No.28909385

You are quite the model of quality posting.
>b-b-b-but thats not me!
Whatever you say, Sally, whatever you say.

>> No.28909396

that can't have been him, since it was me!

>> No.28909406

>pointing out the truth is analpain
Hi, Love Song

>> No.28909427

>I was only pretending to be retarded!
You aren't really prepared for QTG level if this is all you have.

>> No.28909467

(Not that guy.)

It's cool how "butthurt" is like, an invincible strike. You call someone butthurt, they say, "No I'm not"? it's evidence they're butthurt (fighting over it makes you butthurt). They leave? Evidence they're butthurt (so bad he had to leave). They make a counterpoint? Evidence they're butthurt (backpedaling). They jokingly say "Yeah, I'm butthurt"? Evidence they're butthurt (roll with them punches).

>> No.28909505

>>I was only pretending to be retarded!
This accusation only works if the person in question claims to be trolling. Since >>28909338 is in fact more or less what LS, its an incorrect accusation.

At least you tried, buddy.

>> No.28909529

sorry bro, all the links provided showed was that he had poor reading comprehension.

Either he's pretending to be retarded, or, well, he's not pretending.

>> No.28909553

Ironically, the closest thing this setting probably has to psychological counselors is priests.

>> No.28909565

You're not even making sense. Someone asked why Love Rout was getting shit and they answered, and that's butthurt, and retardism?

The guy literally outright said he was just doing it to blow off steam, that he couldn't wait for the bad end.

>> No.28909573

Those guys are the -worst- for what I want.

>> No.28909586

>all the links provided showed was that he had poor reading comprehension.
Oh, the irony.
>He also goes on to say on Akun
>to say on Akun
>on Akun
Try again, buddy, you almost made it this time.

>> No.28909606

Your reading comprehension has been shown to be poor by your posts regarding what he said in qtg, why should I believe you regarding anonkun?

>> No.28909610

>Player's topic: Combine the last two quests you read or followed. Post results.
Ugh...Mutant Hobo goes to apply for a paino job, but changes into a girl along the way. Felicia Hardy then quizzes him on piano trivia.

>> No.28909625

If you mean me, no. I've nothing to hide. But keep on tinfoil hatting.

>implying anyone's going to bother searching EGO's filenames anymore
It was one and done tool.

It's not witchhunting when he's demonstrably samefagged, sockpuppeted, and even trolled himself to get attention.

>> No.28909641

>changing goalposts
neither of those posts were: bragging, begging, calling readers retarded, or mocking a person.

Though, keep defending your analpain. Feel free to call me whichever QM this is about, like you're going to.

>> No.28909665

EGO please go.

>> No.28909669

>thinking all anons are one anon
You may not be LS, but youre as dumb as him.

>> No.28909673

ah, so it was about ego!

>> No.28909693

Sorry you don't understand the conversation, anon.
I'm sure you'll manage to find something to be angry about regardless, though.

>> No.28909711


I was thinking somewhat similar but with a lot more operating[/spoiler

>> No.28909715

Weirdest part that is that I read 'SRS pls' as asking for Sex Reassignment Surgery.

No, wait, funniest. I meant funniest.

I blame you >>28908938 for this.

>> No.28909721

yeah, basically this.

>> No.28909736

>Protip never write good porn ever


>> No.28909739

Is this like the Mornington Crescent of QTG? People take turns trying to name QM until the one who says EGO ends the game?

>> No.28909759

yes. It was always EGO.
Even if it wasn't.

>> No.28909798

>Another GuP quest
should I be happy or sad?

>> No.28909808

anon, even if witches were real, hunting them would still be witchhunting.

Whether or not the guy deserves it has no bearing on the type of hunting you are doing.

>> No.28909830 [DELETED] 

Janitor-kun, this troll has been a rather persistent thorn in /tg/'s side. Would it be possible to ask mod-kun to check the IP for associated tripfags?

Banning him probably won't help, but naming and shaming actually might.

Thanks in advance, janitor-kun. I won't be upset if you ban me for this post.

>> No.28909831

Newfag here. What's wrong with EGO that made hos name such a killing word? Is he the guy who makes the ladies toot his horn?

>> No.28909870


Its weird, we have 3 different Girls Und Panzer Quests running on this board, /k/'s contingent here must be happy as a clam.

>> No.28909873

Everyone is ego, from what I can gather.
Just roll with it. It's like a joke or something.

>> No.28909874

>QM: Have you ever kicked important responsibilities to run?
Sort of the other way around, generally.

In entirely related news, I will unfortunately not be able to run Monsterhearts Quest tomorrow. My sincerest apologies to everyone, especially so close to Christmas since I'll probably have some difficulty running next week. MHQ will be running on Thursday, however, and I'll also endeavour to get a Twitter account set up at some point soon.

>> No.28909881


He samefagged a bit and trolled some quests, before getting found out.

Now the running joke is everyone is EGO samefagging.

His only crime now is not abandoning his tainted trip, which means he is either an attention-whore or stubborn

>> No.28909887

Imagine the most autistic spazz running quests, then, when he gained his bad rep, deliberately revealing himself in quests he's (secretly) running for attention

>> No.28909899

Everyone is EGO. I am, you are, everyone in this thread.

The joke is that he samefagged so much that everyone assumes that anyone at any time could be EGO with a new face.

>> No.28909905

What the hell even -is- girls und panzer?
I thought it would just sort of putter out and die, but from the chatter, that hasn't happened yet, so I might as well look into it some.

>> No.28909945


Cute girls in fake tank fights that are horrendously dangerous for no apparant reason.

IF you like tanks, or REALLY like cute girls doing anything, go for it.

>> No.28909964

>fake tank fights

>> No.28909965

I'm pretty sure the samefagging and the trolling are also crimes, anon.

It's really ridiculous. The dude trolls himself, praises himself, argues with himself, agrees with himself, fucking everything. Why even bother posting on a public forum at that point?

>> No.28909988 [DELETED] 

You guys need to calm down with this shit I didn't even post in the thread

>> No.28909998 [DELETED] 

And so it begins.

>> No.28910006

EGO is what it would be like if there really was one person who was almost all of 4chan.

>> No.28910007

No, they're real Tanks. It's highshcool wargames.

>> No.28910014

Tank-to-tank combat, with live rounds, as a high school sport. Yep.

>> No.28910019 [DELETED] 

A shitty troll called me out on "stalking" you, and it unfortunately snowballed from there.

>> No.28910026

okay, so like where on the scale is it

Highly lethal single club activity? School-wars? Kill-la-kill style training to conquer the world?

>> No.28910027

It's an anime, where fighting in tanks is a high school sport for girls. With fake tank shells so that they don't actually all die, like how Kendo uses fake swords. The tanks are real, it's just the ammunition that's fake (with handwavey radio transmitters in the shells and special invincible armor plating on the crew compartments).

>> No.28910040

Its the new SW, so I just ignore them all.

>> No.28910058 [DELETED] 

sorry ego, I can't stop this because I am also ego.

Or at least, so anon says.

>> No.28910061 [DELETED] 


Oh so YOU are that little image stalker?

Why don't you get a life instead of fucking around with mine. Contribute something for once and then you get to pass judgement.


>> No.28910090

Club activity, matchs are school vs. school, is supposedly not lethal at all, but a moment's thought would reveal that in real life people would die constantly. They're using real tanks, and disarmed shells which still have a whole lot of speed and mass even if they don't have explosives, and people constantly stick their heads out of the tank or jump out and run around. Eventually someone's going to get hit by a stray round and go splat from sheer kinetic force.

>> No.28910107 [DELETED] 

But you DID stalk him.

>> No.28910108 [DELETED] 

Wrong trip.

>> No.28910133

Highly lethal single club activity.

people who are fans just tend to forget about all the unrealistic bits and focus on GIRLS and TANKS

>> No.28910137 [DELETED] 


Actually yours is wrong.

>> No.28910182 [DELETED] 

Can we not shitpost?

>> No.28910187 [DELETED] 


>> No.28910190

All the fans know its unrealistic as shit.
If it was realistic it would be stupidly dangerous.

>> No.28910195

hey baby
how it's going

this beat
is non-stop

>> No.28910199

God, why do I go to this shitty IRC.

>> No.28910222

so wait, this is an actual anime?

>> No.28910223

Because you hate yourself and want to suffer.

>> No.28910228

But this isn't an IRC, anon.

Or should I say... Love Song?

>> No.28910243

He wants to let everyone see the inside of his mind?

>> No.28910250

Which is why I said we forget about the unrealistic bits. By which I meant we ignore those bits, don't let it bother us, don't rustle our jimmies over something that is unrealistic in an anime, etc.


>> No.28910258

...That's a very good point. Well, that and the paranoia of watching them. Just in case they say something of worth instead of their bland babble.

>> No.28910261

Sorry, broski. I actually used to defend you quite a bit (in hindsight, I may have been defending you from yourself, hue, but samefagging is silly and you shouldn't do it.

>> No.28910266

Where do you think the pics come from? Lazyness goes a long way.

>> No.28910270

In universe the tanks all have some kind of magically strong carbon coating that keeps the crew compartment safe from just about everything.

>> No.28910285 [DELETED] 

>Post with trip
>Post without trip

How about you just go fuck yourself.

>> No.28910286

I am unaware of if they have or have not pics.

I know absolutely nothing about the topic.
Well, I know what i've been told in this thread about the topic.

>> No.28910324 [DELETED] 

>post with the wrong trip entirely
>people dont even notice

>> No.28910336

everyone is ego. Why would the trip matter?

>> No.28910363 [DELETED] 


But this is the real one. You don't pay any fucking attention do you?

>> No.28910371

I miss the lone voter story.

>> No.28910387 [DELETED] 


Anon pls.
I just want QTG to not suck.
Can QTG do that for me?

>> No.28910412 [DELETED] 

QTG is generally pretty good for 15 minutes after janitor-kun sweeps by, as that's how long it times for a ban-warning-timer to finish counting down.

Sometimes for longer, if the guy catches an actual ban.

>> No.28910518

So is /tg/'s war against anonkun over? I've noticed that more people seem to be cool with it now.

>> No.28910572 [DELETED] 

At the risk of starting a new shitstorm, what ever happened to DeliciousBread?

We have a dedicated manchild aboard (>>28907746).

QTG isn't mostly shit, but this particular autist has been putting in overtime lately. The threads had actually been fairly decent for awhile.

>> No.28910577

like all things /tg/ has problems with, it was actually just one or two guys with a stick up their bum about one thing or another.

>> No.28910597

If you're the type to get mad over unrealism in anime, I wouldn't recommend it.

As far as the quests go, we currently have two flavours of them.

This is based on the show itself, except a bunch of guys in a Pershing join the school from the show. The writer is slooooooow, with over an hour in-between posts, and a plot development of about five minutes of time in-story for each thread. Despite this, he's been running since April and it doesn't seem like he'll stop any time soon.
Another thing to note, recently there's been an upsurge in writefags for that quest, to make up for how slow he is.

This is the other flavour of quest. It's more gamey and is based on the same canon universe as the anime, except in a different school, country, whatever. Compared to Blackjack, these ones post at lightspeed, and the quests overall involve a lot more game-y elements to them. They're more about managing a school tanking team, with things like keeping a budget, buying, selling and upgrading tanks, managing the morale and training of your team, etc.
The things this anon dislikes about LGA are the mild shitstorms and how quick the threads go. LGA is fast with a lot of content, but then there isn't really much time to discuss things inbetween story posts, so things tend to get a little out of control between the anons at times.

Those are generally it. The Girls und Panzer: Sherbrooke Academy Quest is basically LGA: Canada, from what I can see, but it only just started and it seems to have a good quality runner. Not much to say about it right now.

>> No.28910609 [DELETED] 

I don't think it's lately, anon. That guy's been around shitting things up a while.

>> No.28910623

Hey, do me a favor, and leave me out of the QM moesona quest thing please.

>> No.28910649

No trip, are you really twen?

>> No.28910650

nah, I'm fine with unrealism.
Breaking verisimilitude, though, that really gets my undies in a rumple.

Though as long as it's explained or lampshaded, I can handle even that.

>> No.28910658 [DELETED] 

The anonkun turbosperging is new, though.

>> No.28910668


>> No.28910679

I'm sorry, twen's moesona has already been saved to my files.
I think the guy just found a new thing to troll about is all.

>> No.28910690


>> No.28910694

No trip, no proof.

>> No.28910697

That's a shame. Don't suppose you could swap that on to someone else?

>> No.28910706

The suspension of disbelief is alright, I guess, as long as you keep in mind the entire plot was an excuse to make an anime about little girls having battles in tanks.

>> No.28910711

sorry, it has a fez and everything. though, I'm not the one making these things, just saving them.

>> No.28910718

Why would you be against it anyway? It's just a parody.

>> No.28910741

I am fine with plots designed around an excuse to make scenario X or Y happen. Easy to deal with. my problems generally only occur in the more serious works.

>> No.28910742

Because It's not really him, just someone trying to make Twen look like an uptight ass.

>> No.28910750

Oh, the fanart? I could live with that.

I don't like being talked about. I'd rather not be remembered.

>> No.28910770

Post with your trip and I'll respect your wishes. Offending a QM is the last thing I want to do.

>> No.28910774

I don't know what you would mean if it wasn't fanart.

>> No.28910775

>unknowingly swaps it to one of KQQM's unrevealed personas
I'd have quite a larf.

I'm not sure I buy that it's actually him, but KQQM genuinely seemed to dislike that kind of attention.

I mean, even when Tax Quest was lauded for god-tier writing and Waifu Quest was a mega hit, he still didn't come out and say that they were both him.

>> No.28910806

>I'd rather not be remembered.
You are a good enough writer that you should know exactly what kind of reaction a statement like that is going to provoke from readers.

Don't be a ninny.

>> No.28910831


>> No.28910859

Need opinions.

Is this lewd?

Her perky pepperoni slices stand to attention at your warm breath. Nuzzling softly into her folds of cheese, you lick at the buffalo mozzarella. "NOT THERE IT'S SENSITIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!" The pizza cries, before you bite into her without remorse, only hungry lust. She melts in your mouth, attacking your senses with her flavour. At this she screams in pleasure, releasing her sauce onto your waiting tongue.

>> No.28910864

KQQM never released Twen's tripcode, but he did divulge IR's.

>> No.28910869


>> No.28910873

One you didn't post the tripcode for.

>> No.28910886

That's one anyone could do.

>> No.28910891

This is getting interesting.

>> No.28910900


>> No.28910911

Hm. That's a shame.

>> No.28910915 [DELETED] 

You need to find a new hobby besides stalking people on the internet, dude.

>> No.28910919


>> No.28910963

Yeah, don't listen to the lying faggot. Twen's moesona is integral to the QM Quest. If it was him, he'd have posted with the trip from the get-go.

>> No.28910974

If you were really Twen you'd know Twen's tripcode, and more importantly, having used the name "Twen" previously in this thread you wouldn't suddenly switch usernames. The fact that you suddenly switched usernames to a previously revealed tripcode instead of posting with the unrevealed one that Twen is much more commonly known by is pretty obvious.

>> No.28911066

Yeah, he needs to learn how to troll properly cynical faggots.

>> No.28911199

Wait what, where?

Man, I thought I was being impatient wanting to run Eurotanks after LGA or GuP dropped.

>> No.28911235

Yeh someone's started Canadatanks.

>> No.28911242


LGA spinoff

>> No.28911339 [DELETED] 

It's a /b/-tier troll(complete with spamming and fake tripcodes) that keeps coming back. Obviously banning him isn't helping.

>> No.28911373 [DELETED] 

sad about the quality of trolls we get in the QTG.
They're persistent though, which is basically their only skill. The rest is just base lies, spam, and the rest.

>> No.28911563 [DELETED] 

Ive been called said troll just because someone disagreed with my opinion. Hell, you look like a troll yourself, constantly trying to dig up dirt on everyone and demanding bans.

>> No.28911616

Why is so much of qtg meta discussion? Why can't we have object level discussions, rather than shitfights between different people who call each other anonymous?

So, how about that plot twist in Text Adventure Quest? Pretty surprising, huh?

>> No.28911815

because talking about actual quests clogs up all the meta.

>> No.28911859

I don't like Text Adventure Quest.

>> No.28911918

I don't care for Mr. Bones, so I ignored his quest.

>> No.28911987

That feels mean.

Also meta.

>> No.28911993

>Combine the last two quests you read or followed. Post results.

Homeless Mutant Quest and Hollow Quest Redux.

Fucking weird, man.

>> No.28912029

>combining the last two quests we followed

Attack on scorpion girl quest.

So, like, two competing city states of rangers who use -even more- intrusive fullbody implanting and shit?

>> No.28912048

If I dont like him as a person, chances are Im not gonna enjoy myself in his quest. Or I might actively sabotage/be extra critical of it. Its better this way.

>> No.28912064

Peter Parker Quest and Breaker Quest.

Peter turns into a girl. I am okay with this.

>> No.28912084

It's a snowball of shit rolling down a mountain of opinions, smearing everything in feces even as it swells into a convulsing crap-colossus, until the excrement eclipse utterly smothers the thread.

>> No.28912103

So, like a 7/10?

>> No.28912139


Trying Overhuman again.
Modern day/Shadowrun-esque at time of awakening/ Magic

Don't know what much else to say.

>> No.28912166

Is this Text Adventure Quest or QTG?

>> No.28912169

Oh god. I meant QTG and meta discussion. I haven't read TAQ.

>> No.28912254

>accidentally badmouthing the hell out of something when you meant to talk about something else
Haha, I've been there. Just ask my ex-wife!

>> No.28912294

>Combine the last two quests you read or followed. Post results.
Hero Quest and...Hero Quest. There havent been really any others that appeal to me...

>> No.28912324

you've never read any other quest, EVER?

>> No.28912325

I know that feel, broski.

>> No.28912361

Oh hey, on average, how many quests do you guys regularly follow simultaneously? That is to say, you always read the newest thread when it's up?

>> No.28912366

More to say:

Setting with over the top magic that combines Ritual spell, ki, chi, aura, magecraft, magick tricks, kung fu, into confrontations with other "Overs" that make reality itself tremble with disaproval.
There is a terrorist zealot faction that seeks to spread the power, corporations that seek to control and create these people.

Powers include: Walking on air, knifehand, fireball(classic!), metamorphosis, speed, mind tricks, and more. Enter Over(Human)Limit!

>> No.28912369

>Peter turns into a girl. I am okay with this.

That might actually happen at some point.

>> No.28912390


Is that you, Dranule?

>> No.28912392

like 3-5.

Right now it's at four, but it might as well be three since one of them comes around only once a week or so, and updates super slow.

>> No.28912401


>> No.28912475

I could quote Outlaw Star, but I'll just say a man can dream and leave it at that.

>> No.28912576


Hey cool.

How is Overhuman going on Anonkun?

And I agree, I totally see this becoming more of a comic rather than a quest.

>> No.28912611

>Princess Guard Quest
>Homeless Mutant Quest

Johann Reinhold Grün is a mutant swordsman of great skill, who lived his life on the mean streets of Newe Yorkia after his family were killed and he was forced to work at a brothel/drughouse. Fate selects him for great things, however, when the mutant daughter of King Magnetus, Marianne, is stranded far from home and he must protect her while surviving on the streets and unravelling the mystery of his family's deaths.

Though she dislikes him at first, Johann will improve his character and reveal hidden depths that will endear the princess to him, and use his uncanny ability to generate new sword techniques and mutations to protect her. Along the way the two of them will encounter stalwart captains of the guard, preening princelings, nefarious drug barons, mages, clones, rival royals, mutants, dragons, man-spiders, tsunderes, hand holding, inconvenient 1's, and talking otters! Who is friend and who is foe? Can they survive? Will this end up like Leon? Find out on HOMELESS PRINCESS MUTANT GUARD QUEST.

There'll also be drawing and pianos.

>> No.28912623

...some one clones Peter, we perspective shift to Jessica.

Yet we are wise to cloning now.

>> No.28912643

I'm rebooting it since I hated how I ran chargen there and for the others. Chargen for modern settings seems to be something that';s significantly harder than pure fantasy.

>> No.28912647


>> No.28912665


What went wrong?

And I do think you should get an artist and maybe a writer or two to help turn it into a webcomic.

>> No.28912683

Didn't expect how sluggish it'd turn out. Still almost want to bring it back to /tg/.

>> No.28912744

>Didn't expect how sluggish it'd turn out. Still almost want to bring it back to /tg/.

It might work, though you may end up like before here.

I say do Chargen like in Homeless Mutant Quest. Have three types already built (Tank, Stealth, Mobility for example) then let the players give the name and gender.

>> No.28912773

I like every one of the hybrid quests proposed

>> No.28912779

I figured it meant currently active.

>> No.28912794

well, I assume if you only have one active quest, you're allowed to also choose your most recent non-active one for the sake of the activity.

>> No.28912811


/qtg/ What do you guys think? Should I give another shot at Overhuman here? I swear I've gotten better in our time apart, and I've learnt my lesson about retardedly complex chargen.

>> No.28912835

Im pretty sure that happens in the comics.

>> No.28912837

>>Polite Shadow Society Quest

Uh... Shadow god in the modern era being a sniper?

>> No.28912859

I have no idea what you are talking about, your quality as a writer, or anything like that as I was never one of your audience or one of your trolls.

I, as always, say go for it if you think you can. That advice makes me a hypocrite though, because I've yet to go for it for my various quest ideas.

>> No.28912911

>hoo/d/ quest and AoPH quest

Oh boy. Fantastic. Great.

This is not a fortunate pairing. She's only 12.

I am going to assume giovanni will be the new MC because of this.

>> No.28912985

I... I'm here, Dranule-kun. Sitting here, waiting. I'm excited.

>> No.28913037

I. I can't say no to that.

>> No.28913080

So Giovanni going around and fucking PokeGirls?

You know, I could see this working.

>> No.28913110

I could see myself running such a /d/ quest, but I don't know their limits on that kind of stuff.

>> No.28913187


I might give it a look, but I'm in the process of packing and moving, so I might not be able to.

>> No.28913289

yeah, that's pretty much what it'd be.

Well, that, and sending your harem into dangerous environments to capture more pokegirl supplies.

>> No.28913377

would you play a game where it was your job to farm/contain the horrible flesh that erupts out of the earth for the overpopulated dystopian cities?

Highlights involve spreadsheets, tractors, and flamethrowering meat infected zombies.

>> No.28913397

So Cookie Cutter, the Game?

>> No.28913419

you mean cookie clicker?

>> No.28913450

>So Giovanni going around and fucking PokeGirls?
Only poketraps.

>> No.28913474

now you remind me how much we've been ignoring our poor ol' trap in hoo/d/ and fucking all the bitches.

Thankfully, we're getting back to him.

>> No.28913521

Oh poor him, he might have to go more than half a thread without being the focus and savior of the quest.

>> No.28913532

you sound just the tiniest bit bitter and hyperbolic.

>> No.28913624

More annoyed than bitter, and yeah, a little hyperbolic. Still, though, that nigga was basically the instawin button before I dropped the quest. To go back to the pokemon reference, it would be like if each of your pokemon was restricted to a single type and four moves, but then you had one who could just do goddamn everything and was better at it than all the rest. I get WHY you would only use that pokemon, but fuck if it dont make things boring to read.

>> No.28913625

>Giovanni hass sex with steel-jaw traps designed to catch large pokemon.

....That's 'steel-jaw traps' as in those things used to catch bears, not like....someone with Beldum/Gardevoir implants.

>> No.28913661

I have no idea what you are talking about, and this seems like a simple grudge of some sort caused by a fetish you didn't like popping up one too many times.

I myself don't like how much we assfuck ladies, but you don't see me talking about how we ONLY assfuck.

>> No.28913718

Someone should make a quest where a guy has a harem composed entirely of male friends turned into girls.

>> No.28913726

>this seems like a simple grudge of some sort caused by a fetish you didn't like popping up one too many times.
Its actually the plot part that bothered the most. That dude was the magic expert, the history expert, the mechanics expert, apparently an expert on psychic aliens, as well as a mana buffer, the prettiest girl, and the broest bro all in one package. Nigga was just plain too useful. Didn't help that the sex had gotten pretty formulaic by the time I had bailed, either.

>> No.28913744

/d/ is terrible m8 dont go there its all dicks all the time

>> No.28913789

correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't he the only member of our harem we bought to be useful, and not based entirely on looks?

>> No.28913792

Not like /tg/ is much better. Its nothing but genderbender and magical rapists.

>> No.28913817

But we have the bastion of solidarity that is the qtg

>> No.28913826

oh god, I thought we were done with this shit for a while

I don't even know what it's called. Aggressive overgeneralization?

>> No.28913834

I'd read this manga

>> No.28913846

>>28913792 here. I apologize, I shouldve specified that I meant only the lewd quests, not the entirety of /tg/ quests.

>> No.28913880

I cannot argue with you on that because A. I don't visit the /tg/ lewd quests and B. I am really into genderbending and am thus not impartial.

>> No.28913899

The alien, the guard, and even the witch were strategic buys, it was only the elves that weren't. On the flip side, you cant tell me people wanted a femmy orc for entirely wholesome reasons. Folks were talking trapping before he was even a confirmed buy.

>> No.28913938

Of course they weren't entirely wholesome, silly.
Though, you do make me remember that the other slaves are useful. They all seem to be doing their function of guarding/aliening as well as tak is doing his job of know-it-all-ing.

Only problem is Linnel. That language barrier is keeping her from doing much practical witching at all.

>> No.28914185 [DELETED] 


A new quest appears! Returning from beyond the veil!

>> No.28914199

A new quest appears! Returning from beyond the veil!

>> No.28914302

That fucker used the gif of that cat thing that I really like...

>> No.28914323

>he has at least three posters
Ah, wonderful. Now I can come back when I actually feel like questing and not worry it will have died.

>> No.28914437

>implying it's not that one faggot that samefags to try to keep quests alive

>> No.28914456

but that's what I do. It's why I am relaxed and unworried.

Unless there's more than one of those that one faggots.

>> No.28914464

anon pls, I'm too busy to samefag quest discussion tonight.

>> No.28914504

Miskatonic University Quest was fun while it lasted. Truly spooky.

>> No.28914784

hey QTG.

AI buddy brain implant in an amnesic MC. Together they fight crime.

Good enough premise to work on? Too close to snatchers?

>> No.28914910

And I'm done. Phew! That was an effort.

>> No.28914948

Then who was phone?

>> No.28915094


>> No.28915385

Catching up on PPQ... What kind of jail puts an insane serial killer like Cassidy in the same cell as a failed petty criminal like Marko?

>> No.28915461

Rikers Island.

>> No.28915526

I'm pretty sure it wasn't actual prison, but just in holding or whatever?

I don't think either of their cases reached trial yet.

Also if Ego you be, god damn do you read fast. Shit's impressive.

>> No.28915601

Ah. I've never been.

No, I'm just on vacation. Can't always be there for the full session so I was rereading to see if I missed anything important.

>> No.28915642

Fucking finally. The Joker Quest episode guide is up to date, and now has foolz links for anyone who prefers foolz to suptg for archive diving.

There's also a handy kills to level indicator whenever a level up was obtained. I could be missing a few kills or Essence opportunities, but I can't think of any. Of It's generally pretty consistent: There are a few places where you'd expect the gathered kills to yield more experience, and they tend to lead to two simultaneous level ups.

It still needs editing and I want to track down the last few armory variations, but this is the guide for now. Let me know if anything else should go into it. http://pastebin.com/DNGtTt04

>> No.28915645

Didnt EGO start on PPQ like 3 days ago?
Theres less than 40 threads, that's hardly that impressive.

>> No.28915661

I would hope not that is an actual jail on an island in the middle of NYC.

>> No.28915673

That's not a good speed. He should be able to get through it in under a day if he's not retarded.

He's taken several.

>> No.28916059

Maybe he;s got other things to do?

>> No.28916088

I highly doubt that, judging by the amount of time he spends in here.

>> No.28916217

I didn't see this problem coming when I made the character, but looking back it's obvious.

This is my first long running Quest. This is an obvious problem and one I'm working to make sure won't happen again. Your criticism is valid.

>> No.28916380

Okay so here's my idea: Space Station 13 quest.

The players collaboratively control one guy. They choose a job, and go around the station doing stuff, getting into trouble, causing shenanigans, and inevitably dying a horrible gruesome death.

It's not one contiguous journey, but lots of episodic ones. The players wake up as a new clone, on a new station, in a new job (or they can choose the same one over and over again) and new stuff happens. There will be, like, 10 other characters, all with established personas and three different jobs they alternate between in a priority set. The priority set allows the players to choose a job that doesn't really allow co-workers (like Captain) without totally fucking up one of the characters. For example, one character will have first priority Captain, but sometimes he will be assigned his third choice by random, which is Janitor. This will be attributed to Nanotransen fucking up the paperwork, for comedic effect. As suggested in an earlier thread, the characters will all give off a major Sealab 2020 vibe, and generally be pretty silly and comedic.

Every episode i will randomly generate antagonists. The randomness will be weighted toward the players, but sometimes they will be regular crewmen trying desperately not to get caught in explosions, or possibly even the target of a murderous traitor. The antagonists can be changelings, traitors hired by the syndicate, revolutionaries fighting against the man, cultits, wizards, or a rogue AI, granting huge variability in episodes.

I expect each episode to last one thread, but some will be shorter or longer.

Any advice? Anything to add? Any ideas?

>> No.28916465

did that anon who had the XCOM quest through the eyes of a rookie ever expand on it or go anywhere with it?

>> No.28916514

I think he was discouraged by people immediately talking about the potential for waifus

>> No.28916538

well that could all be solved by waifuing the base staff, problem solved

Dr. Vahlen best waifu

>> No.28916544

I think it was dropped when the idea of hazing orgies came up.

>> No.28916575

that was a joke and anyone who took it seriously are retarded

he responded to the talk of such waifuing alone the line of, its XCOM, people die

frankly, if people go into the quest expecting to get the bestest waifu ever and make it out of the project a happy family, XCOM ain't for them

>> No.28916608

I was just suggesting the idea. I don't have the time to run it, and I'm working on a different quest idea to run later, when I have time.

So if any of you want to, go ahead. I'll probably participate.

>> No.28916616

i remember a one shot quest with the same concept forgot the name though.

>> No.28916835

I wouldn't have a problem with the Xcom quest character developing a relationship with one or more women, then having it all blow up in his face when they find out he's five-timing them and three of them die on the next few missions because he broke the cohesiveness of the team.

Realistic waifuing would be great for /tg/.

>> No.28916930

No it wouldn't because there's no lesson to be learned. The consequences are hollow and meaningless to the players, and they'd just consider the quest shit and go to someone who will cater to them.

And they will be right.

>> No.28916942

hnnnnnnngg shadow quest players

>> No.28916949

Talk about wide spectrum of tastes. Why is that so surprising though?

>> No.28916969

Holy shit but the SQ guys just got rused.

>> No.28916985

And now SM is activating the critfail 1 he saved up to go ahead with it anyways.

>> No.28916999

It's a sign of kindness to fall for it when you know someone is trolling.

>> No.28917027

> realistic
A word that like no other serves as an excellent litmus test of a QM's likelihood to sperg out and leave.

>> No.28917130

One of these days I will find a quest with a main character who does not have the generic /tg/ qualities of waifuing and "I want to be the little girl".

>> No.28917152


Polite Society.

>> No.28917156

If only the thing you just said actually meant anything.

>> No.28917180

Thanks for sharing.

>> No.28917206

Yeah, I'll let the waifu shitstorms and MtF quests speak for themselves, I think.

Kinda slow, and I suspect likely to die after a few threads due to lack of interest despite the strong start.

>> No.28917216

Rena is, if anything, getting waifued instead of doing the waifuing and she just wants to get paid and not die.

Otto is trying to best little Schola Cadet for the Emperor and not reveal that her name is Otto.

Miko just wanted to remain self-aware.

Boss Baws Fistboss just wanted plase where ogres could be ogres.

The skeletons of Dungeon Quest have no other desire than to free their bony brethren from their meat prisons.

>> No.28917290

Waifuing is something players do, not characters themselves.

Unless you mean "capable of feeling romantic/sexual attraction to others" in which case you're a different kind of stupid.

And there's only one gender switch quest running, unless you also mean quests with female protagonists which is yet another kind of stupid.

>> No.28917362

>Otto is trying to best little Schola Cadet for the Emperor and not reveal that her name is Otto.
She also now has a pet bolt pistol which is going to be adorable

>> No.28917428

Rena and Bridgette

Cannot stop smiling

>> No.28917445

>Waifuing is something players do, not characters themselves.
That's pretty much what I hate. /tg/'s approach to quests seems to boil down to "Does it sound cool" and "Can I fap to this", when I'd much see character consistency.

>And there's only one gender switch quest running, unless you also mean quests with female protagonists which is yet another kind of stupid.
Not what I'm trying to say, though I did unfairly single out Breaker Quest. It's the fetish/fapquests that annoy me to no end.

>> No.28917471

>When you get into a tank you are transformed into a girl by the incubators magic.

>Always the first to arrive and the last to leave so no-one learns your terrible secret.

>> No.28917510

Baws and Celicia was pretty fun.

>> No.28917566

Seraph: The Calling x Monsterhearts Quest.
Chris just got a loli waifu.

>> No.28917648


>> No.28917673

>hero quest and scorpion girl
I can't tell if it's any different than normal hero quest

>> No.28917708

Well, that was fun.

It's really fun to be able to revive some of the elements of PGA I found engaging, as well as distill some Magical burst.

>> No.28917720

More horrific disembowelment, but otherwise business as usual.

>> No.28917725

It's good to have something like PGA back, I missed that nice blend of good characterization and perversion.

>> No.28917734

we should name the darkness. I'm going to name him something.

>> No.28917792

'Twas good fun. Plot was well-crafted for something put together partly on the fly, and all the characters in it were pretty neat. even the subtle fetishy elements/troubles we'll have to deal with were well-grounded in the decisions we had previously made, like exhibitionism as a logical follow-on from the girl who ran to the closet to get a towel. I can appreciate that level of attention to detail, moreso when it's a vaguely fetishy quest where some QMs would take the excuse not to bother.

>> No.28917807

The priests would be villains, yeah?

>> No.28917824

They're just meant for each other. If only Rena weren't such a dunce about romance.

>> No.28917839

Well, if I'm going to run my favourite set of fetishes, I might as well do it well.

>> No.28917850

Oh yes. An excellent partnership. You can never go wrong with a straight man and dunce pairing. Especially when who's who in the relationship depends a lot on the logic you're following.

>> No.28918051

You dont happen to be some pervert, do you

>> No.28918089

With an excellent taste in cartoons and Vidya no less.

>> No.28918109


>implying the waifu isn't Angelic herself

>> No.28918187

Where does the "Angelic is a grill IRL" theory even come from? Mention of periods, liking Free! or complaining about the Male Gaze?

>> No.28918251

You flatter me. No, I am not the master. Merely a student.

>> No.28918280

So will we be picking which of the three magic categories we're best at next time or will there be a more natural approach to deciding that?

What about our finishing attack?

>> No.28918325

Just wrapped up the first thread of the new Overhuman. I only hope my players enjoyed the run.

>> No.28918362

All that will be decided during the next thread. Won't be hard.

>> No.28918415

he is so moe he must be a she

that the logic of it entirely

>> No.28918427

So is Peter Parker Quest tomorrow?

Because I can hardly wait for the most awkward thanksgiving ever.

>> No.28918430

Before I check it out, is the mc a gypsie again?

>> No.28918431

<Magical Girls + Protomen theme.

Who'd play it?

>> No.28918448

I would rather the magical internet browser girls.

>> No.28918455

No. No they're not.

>> No.28918462

>The robots are magical girls
>Wily and Light are wizards who make the transformation items
>Wily used a magical girl to kill Emily

Shit just got weird.

>> No.28918494

>Magical Girls + Protomen theme.
What the fuck does that even mean? I'm serious, explain this goddamn bullshit to me. Do you mean dystopian magical girls? Megaman magical girls, even those already exist in a sense in Megaman ZX? Hell, motherfucking Megaman himself is a goddamn magical girl. So what the fuck does "Magical Girls + Protomen" theme even mean? Because you sure as fuck cant just retread the plot of the songs and give Joe, Proto, and Megaman tits, because that would be boring as fuck.

Do you people even think before you try to hamfist two words together?

>> No.28918509

No, not a gypsy.

Though some of the players are kinda suicidal. We're squishy and we can't heal ourself, and they want to wander off and be a lone wolf instead of sticking with a group.

We seriously need meat shields, preferably meat shields who can take a hit and get back up afterwards.

>> No.28918515

The overall theme of Protomen is two men, one with good intentions and one without, and their creations and their effects on the City.

Not hard to extrapolate that to two Wizards, one of whom wants to save the world with magical girls, the other wanting to rule it with the same.

>> No.28918549

>The overall theme of Protomen is two men, one with good intentions and one without, and their creations and their effects on the City.
No, thats the theme of Megaman. Dr. Light fucking destroys humanity with his good intentions, which is a hell of a lot darker than the fucking protomen. The protomen just scaled it back and put it to song.

Christ, sometimes I feel like the biggest protomen fanboys never even played the fucking games.

>> No.28918562

That makes it even easier. Dr. Light makes transformationitems, Wily copies them, and so on.

>> No.28918565

This. Protomen is just taking the tone of the later games from the Robotics Timeline and throwing it into the classic series.

>> No.28918599

>Dr. Light makes transformationitems
He already did. Its called FUCKING MEGAMAN.


Play the fucking games if you're gonna make a quest about it, people. Goddamn.

>> No.28918608

I think you need to calm down, anon.

He just wants to take the Wily/Light set up and use it for something else. He isn't raping Megaman lore or anything.

>> No.28918616

Right, I'm sure little girls have transformation sequences into megaman all the goddamn time.

Excluding Aile her, of course

>> No.28918643

I'm just asking that he puts just the tiniest modicum of thought into what he types before he blurts out that verbal diarrhea he called a quest pitch. Just fucking think a little, goddamn.
>Right, I'm sure little girls have transformation sequences into megaman all the goddamn time.
>Excluding Aile her, of course

You know fine, lets exclude Aile. The game still pauses every time Megaman switches modes. For a NES game, that's as close to a transformation sequence as you're gonna get.

>> No.28918679

>This huge analpain
Jesus christ man, the whole pitch amounted to "Men using magical girls to take over the world, because I liked the idea of Wily and Light". For some reason you're screaming about how megaman was always about magical girls.

>> No.28918695

Remind me never to become a megaman fan.

>> No.28918705

Hey, I'm this anon >>28918608 and I'm a gigantic Megaman fan.

Not everyone turned into that after MML3 got cancelled.

>> No.28918723

>the whole pitch amounted to "Men using magical girls to take over the world, because I liked the idea of Wily and Light"
No, it fucking didn't. It amounted to four words so lazily thrown together he didn't even bother to delete the < he randomly placed in front of them. Had he fucking explained himself beyond those four words, we wouldn't even be having this conversation.
I'm not even that big into Megaman, I just hate this fucking trend of ''lel epic mashup'' quests with zero fucking thought behind them. Had he gone

<Elephant seals + Queen theme

Who'd play it?

I would be getting on his case just the fucking same.

>> No.28918732

>No, it fucking didn't.
>Not hard to extrapolate that to two Wizards, one of whom wants to save the world with magical girls, the other wanting to rule it with the same.

>> No.28918742

I am very drunk right now.

>> No.28918749


>> No.28918756

Which, as I covered earlier, is in no way a trait unique to the protomen. Secondly, you could extrapolate a lot of other things from such vague wording, which is why a nigga needs to fucking elucidate when he tries to pitch a goddamn concept.

>> No.28918766

the idea of pitching these concepts specifically is to get QTG brainstorming on a vague topic.

Hell, I come in like seven times a thread to just throw shit at the wall and see what sticks.

>> No.28918770

Just letting you know.

>> No.28918772

Well stop smearing shit on our walls and then fucking leaving. That is downright uncouth.

>> No.28918788

okay, the list of things that offend people on QTG related to quest:
Talking about quests
talking about quest meta
pitching vague quest ideas
talking about QMs

this is getting kind of restrictive

>> No.28918798


Are you the guy that keeps making posts with "[vague name of quest implying some theme] when?"

Because I fucking hate that.

>> No.28918801

no. I never add the post-text when.

>> No.28918807


/qtg/ - hate general.

>> No.28918815

Starbound quest when?

come on you were asking for it. I know there'll be like three other posts doing the same thing.

>> No.28918819

Heres one
>generalizing an opposing viewpoint just because you cant justify pointless posts

>> No.28918821


Oh. Carry on, then.

>> No.28918826

you -just said- you got mad about vague quest ideas.
It's on the list.

>> No.28918830


Everyone's asleep, so I reckon your post will be the only one, mate.

>> No.28918846

Oh well.

Still want a starbound quest. Shit'd be waifutacular.

>> No.28918853

W-will you be running again ever?

>> No.28918874

And now youre trying to make me out to be goddamn QTG Hitler for having a totally fucking valid point.
><Magical Girls + Protomen theme.
Is gonna inspire a hell of a lot less discussion than
>two Wizards, one of whom wants to save the world with magical girls, the other wanting to rule it with the same.
And you fucking know it. Take the time to give /tg/ some fucking materials to work with and build off of instead of shitting on our doorstop and expecting us to turn it into diamonds. Sure, sometimes /tg/ can polish that turd into a gem, but that doesnt mean the act of shitting all over the thread should be encouraged.

>> No.28918876

nigga check the fuckin catalogue

>> No.28918888

>And now youre trying to make me out to be goddamn QTG Hitler for having a totally fucking valid point.
>><Magical Girls + Protomen theme.
>Is gonna inspire a hell of a lot less discussion than
>>two Wizards, one of whom wants to save the world with magical girls, the other wanting to rule it with the same.

And guess what. Both were posted. And you're still flipping your shit.

>> No.28918901


Just fuck already.

>> No.28918906

Its only BECAUSE I flipped my shit that you ever bothered to expand on your original idea.

I shouldn't have to do that just to get you to fucking think for yourself.

>> No.28918931

I expanded on it, though. You're just spazzing in a corner long after the argument is over.

>> No.28918942

Whats with this new shitstorm?
Is ego thinking of running another quest or something?

>> No.28918949

Wow that intro was a little bit more out there than last time.
Seems to have attracted some attention though.

>> No.28918950

Lets add another one to the list
the list of things that offend people on QTG related to quest:
Talking about quests
talking about quest meta
pitching vague quest ideas
talking about QMs
Calling people out on their half-baked posts and asking them to elucidate

Sometimes I wonder why we even have these threads.

>> No.28918954

Nope. People would be shitting themselves regardless. EGO could not post for a whole month and someone would stir up shit anyway.

>> No.28918964

>This level of passive aggressiveness

I am so very very sorry to have hurt your feelings.

>> No.28918966

>Sometimes I wonder why we even have these threads.
because some of us enjoy them when two douchebags don't realise when their points have been made and know when to shut up aren't shitting things up.

>> No.28918968


dude, you need to take like SEVEN chillpills

>> No.28918973

Says the guy who originally started a list of strawmanning everyone he ever got mad at in a QTG.

>> No.28918976

my god, just go and take a break and calm down.
there's like four people telling you to chill the fuck out right now

>> No.28918993

Because everyone who is telling you to calm the hell down is the same person!

Wait wait, let me guess

were all ego

or twen

>> No.28918995

Not that guy, but it looks more like one dude desperately samefagging.

>> No.28919004

timestamps. Useful.

>> No.28919014

All but one of which are one minute or more apart.

>> No.28919018

>This shitfest starting from someone suggesting mixing Megucas with Protomen
>Nobody calls anybody out on the fact the only reason the Protomen story is good is because of the rock opera delivery.

Y'all niggas need to fix your priorities.

>> No.28919026

those are all on 2:31.
One minute or -less-.

>> No.28919045

the guy needs to calm down.
Also, don't remind me of my ill fated fantasies of a musical quest.

>> No.28919065

So in AoPH, what's stopping those Litwicks from evolving into Lampents?

Is it just that due to being kept in a docile well-fed state, they don't gain the necessary experience to reach level 41?

Those are Litwick right, and not just blue candles?

>> No.28919085


>Musical Quest

Unless you planned to sing yourself or are very good at setting up the atmosphere, it was ill fated from more than one reason.

>> No.28919091

>>Nobody calls anybody out on the fact the only reason the Protomen story is good is because of the rock opera delivery.
see >>28918549
>The protomen just scaled it back and put it to song.

>> No.28919098

I am assuming they're just sort of ghosts.

>> No.28919107

Maybe the Mediums or just Agatha herself feed off of them?

>> No.28919116

those don't... mean the same thing. One is a predicate of the other, but does not include the point.

>> No.28919137

well, ideally I'd have a musician, or significant experience in synth programs.

In reality, I apparently can only make fightscene drumlines, since that's what people I have listen to it think they sound like. So I am sort of screwed unless I make a martial arts tourney I guess.

>> No.28919139

Not hard to extrapolate that if all Protomen did was put it to song, that song is the main appeal of Protomen. Don't be such a sperg, man.

>> No.28919158

man the guy's entire argument hinges around how you have to extrapolate your points instead of asking QTG to do it for you

>> No.28919175

Not hard to extrapolate that I was being sarcastic. Come now, anon, be less passive aggressive.

>> No.28919192

I've got a picture somewhere about groups that get their jollies by pretending to be stupid

>> No.28919207

QTG is far too gone for that to be applicable anymore.

>> No.28919246

>tfw no Tremors Quest

>> No.28919272

<Tremors + protomen theme

Whod play it

>> No.28919276

Ego would.

>> No.28919278

hey, Ygg says he noticed us talking about graboids earlier.
Even if we don't get tremors quest, we might get some digworm action.

Can't tell if bitter or joking

>> No.28919320

I will read your thing if you write it then.

>> No.28919463

>Let me know if anything else should go into it.
Would you be able to make a list of unused/lost upgrade opportunities?

>> No.28919503

>guys can't be moe
Bullshit, good sir.

>> No.28919551

Supposin' I was so inclined to attempt a Lord of the Rings Quest would anons be able to control their autism when it comes to lore?

Just look at pic related. This kind of shit on such a huge scale is the kind of stuff I want to Quest.

Also, what race would you choose to be?
>Maiar (wizard)
>Mountain Troll

>> No.28919558

Stop. Leave now.

>> No.28919618

What would you do for plot anon? Would it be influencing the established lines, or a new conflict away from all that? Just because your quest is a fanfiction quest doesn't mean you can get away with a shit pitch for it. Tell us why we should be interested in a 'Lord of the Rings Quest'.

>> No.28919639

>That low-effort impersonation attempt
Why even bother?

>> No.28919644


>putting dwarf in the options
>expecting /tg/ would pick anything else

>> No.28919658


>> No.28919797


Fucking Maiar Quest would rock. Play as one of the two wizards that went east, guide the development of civilization, police the use of dangerous artifacts, monitor the spread of darkness and play the long game. Like a civ quest, but with more political demigod action.

>> No.28919954

/tg/ would totally go Elf and put themselves in a box and get the box dropped off infront of a handsome blacksmiths house just to play out a "Elf slave wat do" fantasy

>> No.28920080

Nonsense. Don't you know anything about /tg/?

We are angry.
Angry about elves.

>> No.28920108

yes but imagine the hatesex

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