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Hi /tg/ do we have any arabian themed or hijab equiped heroes and heroines?

Can it be a arabian picture thread?

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>exposed chest

that image just went full retard

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That is my fetish.

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Still, just went full erection.

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Hello there, White wing!

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You've obviously never seen hijab fetish shit.

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Just google AnissaKate and be done with it, dude.

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I would be highly appreciative since I am running an arabian game.

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tg's booru has lots of images


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Oh well...

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Ey wut? Thats not my picture.

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>wears a hijab
>Chest exposed

Completely missing the point.

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Im pretty sure that defeats the whole purpose of hijab

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Might not be a muslim fantasy lady. Might not even have islam in yonder fantasy world.

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is it even a hijab or just robes?

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He asked for "arabian", not "muslim".

Arab does not always equal Muslim, you know, and there were times when all Arabs were pagans.

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Sigh, I want to post some stuff from Magi: Labyrinth of Magic but Paimon's giant, fat, bouncy, blue tits with nipple piercings and chains might be too stimulating for the board.

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Islam truly did ruin all that was Arabia.

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Tale of an Industrious Rogue.

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shit, every single face in that pic is pure gold

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Anyone have any Sci Fi ones? I'm using Arabian themes in my sci-fi campaign

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Truth be told, the only salvagable part of the muslim world were the ancient persian empire,Al-Andalus, the Ottomans and perhaps Indonesia. Oh, and the cool trade roots they had and a few dishes.

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Arabia was always as shitty place, no wonder when they got the chance they all got out there and went on a rampage

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>Is wearing a hat designed for modesty.
>Still has an enormous amount of cleavage.


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Mmmm, trade roots. They taste like commerce.

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>not exposing your breasts at any given opportunity

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I think nomadic desert elves with this kind of flair would be interesting.

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>living in saudi arabia

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>cant post a few sand-people without /pol sticking it's head through the door
thanks a lot, Obama.

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could someone like, idk, photoshop over the tits?

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Do Turks, Arabs, and Persians have different discerning features in their look and culture or are they mostly the same?

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I stand by my statement.

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Persians and Arabs have a different skin tone. The latter is lighter then the other. They hate each other with passion so they need to distinguish who is who.

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Yes I know this more central asian, but fuck still somewhat related and those sexy backgrounds

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Dunno. Ask /pol/

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That's not even designed for modesty, probably just designed to shade your eyes and head from the sun. Because ya know, makeup and jewelery are the epitome of modesty.

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They have, though I like when someone looks at Eastern Asians, it's hard to distinguish when you are not used to.

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>the fuck these crusaders doing?

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Do Germans, English, and Finnish have different discerning features in their look and culture or are they mostly the same?

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Well if we take One Thousand and One Nights, which is a stable of arabian culture, we see that there were quite a few indian and even chinese stories as well (Aladdin was a chinese boy forexample).

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To a german, englishman or a finn, probably. To an indonesian bloke, probably not.

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Thems be fighting words!
wait... I see what you did...

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That's because "China" was just "some magical land far away"

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To be fair differentiating between certain Euro groups are hard.

Germans, Austrians, and the Dutch are practically 99% the same.

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Makes me realize that my character needs a spiky thing on top of his turban. To charge headlong into battle!!

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coincidentally, the fulani tribe of west africa were often thought to be possessed of magical power by surrounding peoples. what with their slender build, tall frame, long elegant necks etc.

The More You Know!

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Finns are depressive/suicide prone blonds with some Mongolic traits, and the English have the bad teeth and skin, and varie from pale brunnettes to blondes, with butter faces in general. Germans are Germans, what I can tell than you don't know? They generally have sharp features and big noses, and they colour hair is quite varied . They share in common though, than they can only socialize when drunk.

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Are Crusaders welcome too? Foreigners always strike me as an integral part of a middle eastern setting, what with it being a crossroads and all.

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Reminds me of Vampire Hunter D for some reason.

Dont ask about the picture.

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Remove infidel

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Hey now, we can be buddies.
Christian...muslim...anything in between... it does not matter as long as we are good and honourable people.

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Because Lawrence of Arabia was such a modest man.

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It's more to stop overhead slice to top of head
Check later European cavalry helms esp Crimean war

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The keffiyeh is not the same as the hijab. OP's resembles a hijab. Lawrence wore a keffiyeh.
Learn yo' hats!!

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>White man playing a non-white man role
I'm the only one annoyed by this?

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I know what its for, lol.
But I also know what I /want it/ to be for!!

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>not white

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Thus Anon's point.

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How does it resemble a hijab? Shes wearing a robe and a keffiyeh. Yeah she has retarded cleavage. But its not a fucking hijab.

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I mean, they aren't black, but they're certainly not white, they have moor blood after all. They're as sandnigger as I dunno, a guy from Siria or Morocco. Believe me, I've been in Spain a couple of times.

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You didnt really think /tg knew jack shit about sand-people?
If there aint dice-rules attached /tg knows nothing.

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>dem tits
8/10 would enslave and take back to Europe.

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Saladin FTW!

Sultan Yusuf Salah Ahd-Din was THE baddest of BAMFs back in the good ol' days.

A pity Arabia shall never again see his like.

(Because everyone there hates Kurds)

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I guess no have never been in the north of Spain.

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Gypsy was a great comic.

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>Currently dating a blonde girl from Spain.
Yeah Anon. You're right. Now tell me, how do you spell Siria again?

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>Pope ormaedi
Is this a crusade-thing, Capcha?

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Well, some people don't consider the irish white. And if you are american, I will say than South America isn't Spain.

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It looks like its attached to the cape-thingy. That means it is not a keffiyeh. Its not exactly a hijab, but its closer to that then a keffiyeh.

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Agreed, bro

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You are retarded.

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Well, and I met once a Japanese girl with green eyes, your point?

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>Thinks a keffiyeh has a cape attachment
Sure. Sure, I am.

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Richard Cour-de-Leon and Saladin were actually total bros to each other.

They liked the same music, the same art, the were CONSTANTLY sending gifts and paying favors to each other.

Then the Templars had to perform their epic asshattery at Acre.

Saladin/Richard confirmed for total bromance.

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>they're certainly not white

The hell, sure there are Spanish people with darker skin but I've seen plenty of them even whiter than central Europeans, they have a pretty wide range of skin tones.

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Imagine how different history could have been....
>people in spain are tan
>therefore they are sand-people

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It was the Fifties, dude.

Not nearly as egregious as John Wayne playing Genghis Khan.

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Hilarious. You know they kicked all the moors out, right?? Moorish blood. Sure.

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Moors stood in Spain for generations, they mixed with all Spain,once you go black, there's no coming back.

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Not all of spain

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Lots of captured Moors taken as slaves, anon.


And EVERYONE knows the Spanish cant keep it zipped.
But srsly, pack the racists back to /pol/.

We is tired of ya.

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Well, for what I see Charlton Heston is descended from Scots and English, so British. Do you know who were the first people to walk the British island? Proto-basques. And the celts than populated the Ireland, the Milesians? Spaniards too, from Galicia. So yeah, I don't see that far-fetched for this guy to play El-Cid.

Oh, and both Spain and the british island were invaded be Germanics tribes (The alans, Visigoths, Vandals and Suebi in Spain, Jutes, Danes, Angles, Saxons etc in the British Islands), so yeah, Spain has natural blondes too.

And about Moor blood and all, being nearly all the muslims converted natives, the actions of the Inquisitors, expelling people and all that made the blood impact very low. Heck, Spain has a lot more Jewish blood than moorish if you see the DNA tests.

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they ruled spain for 800 years. that's alot of intermixing

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>Asian girl with green eyes
[Big Trouble in Little China Intensifies]

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Haradrim are pretty boss.

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How is it racist?

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Portuguese here, yeah we have a lot of mix blood since pretty much everyone and their mothers invaded us, still despite that geneticly speaking we are white and it's pretty obvious if you have two eyes on your face.

Not that I care about this, since this shit is stuff only /pol/ cares about, the same people that for some reason claim Irish and slavs are not white

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Galician fag here, Boas noites irmao!

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MFW I am from Minho


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All considered, the hijab was basic wear for the desert climes that was adapted to the muslim ideal, not the other way around.
Islam did what Christianity did, took in and adopted local cultural norms.

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Fuck yes. I'd love this. I've been working on New Jhelom and pictures for the page would be awesome.

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Wait did we get imageswap bug in the same damn thread?

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Indeed it was. Full of great tits. I mean, moments.Why are european comics so much better?

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No faux-arabian game is complete without a trip through a harem.

Of course, if you want to fuck with your players, it's the male harem held by a female sorcerer/sultan/dragon/whatever.

But not this one.

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>no bedouin-dream elfboys
ruined mah day

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If you guys are interested, I have some really cool pictures of real places built during ancient times and in the middle ages in the Middle East and Central Asia. Also some landscape photos.

Here's a taste, in the form of some hollowed out cliffs in Cappadocia, Turkey. The region has entire underground cities carved into the rock.

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Turkish Rosewater is superior anyway.Right behind California Gold.

But just for you.

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Indian dreams is the superior babe!
I will put a jihad on you! a fetish-jihad!

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Son, I don't know what yours looks like, but...

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Nzappa-zap's are actually fitted with pointy steel dicks.
Because fuck you.
That is why.

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comics in Europe are a big thing only in France and Belgium. Those countries don't give a fuck about nudity or the topic of sex unlike american publishers. Countries other than those have much smaller, less known comic stage and shops don't give a fuck about weather they put their 18+ material next to their 7+ material or not.

I remember when I was 6 years old I used to look at boobies by reading Wake/Sillage in empik. They would mix Duck Donald with all kind of shit.

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Comics have gotten big in norway again.
Only humor comics though.
But I'll change that...

Well...I'll try.

>> No.28905621

>comics in Europe are a big thing only in France and Belgium.

This, I'm currently studying abroad in Belgium and I am absolutely amazed by the sheer amount of comics and comic shops here

Not that I can read them since most are in Dutch, fuck there are some genuinely interesting looking ones here ;_;

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One of my favorite encounters was with a blue dragon swooping down on the parties caravan.

Flies down, lands, and then turns all the water in the caravan to dust with the blue dragon ability to create/destroy water.

Then he lies down and tells us how much resupply will cost us, and offers us a variety off payment schemes. (Money, artifacts, doing some jobs for him, etc.)

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Meant to add, he was a complete asshole, but by god he had a kind of crass style to him.

>> No.28905695

There are ranges of skin tones within people? You sure? You mean someone could mistake a latino man for a white man?

>> No.28905698

Yeah, other European countries most often do not produce their own material outside humor because they have a rather large competition next door. The same thing with cape comics. Europe doesn't do it mostly because they wouldn't stand to Marvel or DC standards of publishing.

>> No.28905711

Is that Jesus?

>> No.28905725

magnificent bastard!
Did he subscribe to the New Yorker?

>> No.28905730


Dunno if anybody is interested in this stuff or not. Guess I'll keep posting.

>> No.28905745

we are

>> No.28905756

I am checking them

>> No.28905774


They used to call this the "Tower of Death," because in later centuries it was used for execution. You'd spread sand around the base of the tower, then throw a guy off the top, and the sand would soak up his blood.

Legend has it that when Genghis Khan took Bukhara, he was so struck by the beauty of this minaret he had it spared while the rest of the city was burned.

>> No.28905797


This is the largest of the surviving ziggurats from ancient times. It's located in southern Iran. You can see the upper layers have collapsed.

>> No.28905806

This'll blow your mind: I'm from Norway, born and raised. I can trace my ancestry back to the viking age, it's Norwegians all the way down.

I'm NOT blond.

>> No.28905813

Well in my country people just don't really care about comics, even DC and Marvel have an hard time here and you can hardly find them outside of the rare specialty shops.

The only comics that sell here and the biggest classic Franco-Belgians like Asterix and Tintin, and I guess Disney ones and a Brazilian one for kids that probably none here as heard of one sell decently too.

>> No.28905814


This is Hattusa, former capital of the Hittites. A grown man's head would only come to about shoulder height on those stone lions.

>> No.28905829

Well dear sir, obviously you have been adopted and lied to, it's the only plausible explanation.

>> No.28905852


Jerash, in Jordan, is one of the most well-preserved Roman towns in the world.

>> No.28905876

Interesting, I had no idea Hattusa ruins still existed.

>> No.28905890


You know that stone "building" carved into the side of a cliff wall where they find the Holy Grail in the third Indiana Jones movie? That's part of Petra, an ancient city in Jordan that is partially carved into the walls of the cliffs that surround it. Here's their amphitheater.

Note the tiny people in the bottom left.

>> No.28905904

No idea to either of you.

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>> No.28905967

Austrians are the grumpy ones

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>> No.28906059

The evil vizier of the group?

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>> No.28906079

these are men. All of them. Oh forbidden lust...

>> No.28906086

Isn't that the asshole who keeps trying to take over the Assassins in AC: Revelations when you're using Altair's memory disks?

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>> No.28906153

>curved suspension bridges

>> No.28906168

>> No.28906188

It's strange, but I don't imagine it's impossible.

>> No.28906192

Rolled 9, 2, 3, 10, 5, 2, 9, 8, 6, 2, 5, 5 = 66

How about some fuckin' real badasses for inspiration?

God I love Osprey Publishing, even if some of the illustrations are inaccurate.

>> No.28906202

>posts picture of a soldier of Rhun

>> No.28906206


>> No.28906226

It's not like the come with labels on the back of the uniform. Ulmo, man, give me a break.

>> No.28906244


>> No.28906265

And that's that. Hope some of them are useful.

>> No.28906267

Shit, at image limit.

>> No.28906377

Oh...oh yes.

>> No.28906783

If by look you mean physically then no not really. Turks, Arabs and Persians are all Caucasian and look like pretty much any middle eastern Caucasian would. Different cultures I'd imagine though.

>> No.28906846

White, no. Caucasian? Yes.

>> No.28908317

If their culture was all the same, we wouldn't call them different cultures.

>> No.28909485

Please read some books. The cultures are pretty different. North India has more in common with persian culture than any of the arab world. Keep in mind that after the persians were arabized it changed, but still the cultures are vastly different...

Not at all. Some persians look pretty arab and some turks look pretty arab as well, but there are 'classical' persian and turkish looks. Turks and persians look very different. Even kurds have distinctive features, dude.

Do all white people think all brown people look the same or something?

>> No.28909637

I don't know I'm not white, I've just never really seen the difference. What's the distinction between them?

>> No.28910522

>I don't know I'm not white
Apologies but you get my point - you are not from the region. I personally can't tell east asians apart but at least I understand that they are different, even if I can't tell.

> What's the distinction between them
Looks wise? Its hard to explain without pictures really, but I can tell the ethnicity pretty well personally. Are you talking about culture then? If you are, then 'persian' (rather than iranian muslim) culture is very distinct from arab culture. The food, clothing, traditions, architecture. I'm not sure what specifics you want, but most aspects are different....I know they are not presented as distinct in western media, but most western depictions are shitty when it comes to anything outside europe.

As for turks, they have very hellenic culture mixed with central asian influences. I am indian myself and find myself understanding almost everything about persian culture, and almost nothing about arabs. Turks are even more distant - they seem like europeans to me. Overall the main thing similar to all these people is religion, but besides that, they are pretty different. Even north africans are pretty distinct as well, although not nearly so much as persians and turks, from arabic culture.

>> No.28910657


Yes. Too much to get into in a single discussion. The crass way I'd phrase it is to consider the differences of Eastern European, Northern/Western European, and Southern European culture/dress/appearance prior to the homogenization of the 20th and 21st century.

And among the Arabs, considering "Arabs" range from Morocco (albeit a great deal arabized berbers) to South-Western Iran, the Sudan to Syria, there is a great deal of variety. I believe it's the case that classical Arabic and a kind of standardized modern arabic are mutually unintelligible with regional Arabic tongues. Meaning Arabic of Iraq and arabic of Egypt are like French and Romanian.

Also suitable to note that in the medieval period onward Arab =/= Bedouin.

>> No.28910739

It's all good man don't sweat it. Thanks for the clarification.

>> No.28910818


Also what he said. In regions with a large degree of historical migration/invasion ethnicity is more a matter of association and identification (Self and communal) than outdated nazi-like notions of blood being strongest.

Darfur's War was between the Muslim "Arab Sudanese" against the Muslim "Black Sudanese" of Darfur.

Darfurans: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8452/8022554024_218364ab09_z.jpg

Sudanese: http://cache.boston.com/resize/bonzai-fba/Globe_Photo/2009/03/06/1236397501_4074/539w.jpg

If you showed any non Sudanese the two side by side, nobody could tell the difference. Hell, I'm inclined to think even Arabs wouldn't be able to.

>> No.28910834

oh my god my sides
oh u

>> No.28910981

He said:
>South-Western Iran
Which is true. As for sudanese some of them self-identify as arabs, which is what I think he was saying...

No problem. Good cultural info makes for good gaming. Even more interesting is when you delve into the subcultures such as baloch, azeri etc. I also forgot to add: central asia is also home to persianate cultures, such as the tajiks, afghans or uzbeks.

Yup I agree. Although culture and ethnicity are pretty different in some places.

>> No.28911049

>hijab fetish shit

how is the hijab sexy? i mean you eye slits to nice colorful eyes, covered up skin so it's left to imagination and exotic accents and... well damn i guess that shit is sexy. now i gotta convert to land me a middle east chick.

damn you /tg/ i got enough fetishes from here

>> No.28911091

Yes let's define a culture only by how other people have interacted with it.

>> No.28911148

>how is the hijab sexy
I never understood why people think this. Can someone explain to me? What is sexy about covering up? I'm rather curious. Perhaps its exoticism or something, since westerners are not used to seeing it...are turkish headscarves sexy too?

>> No.28911186

Same reason people fetishize nuns.

brb, finding some nun porn

>> No.28911254

a bit of exoticism, foreignness and they're not as displayed as western women. i guess it's like Christmas presents. what's beneath the wrapping? what is it hiding?

>> No.28911315

>What is sexy about covering up?

Leaves a lot more to the imagination, thus removing any actual flaws the person might posses.

It's like sweater meat. You might see a girl who wears a certain top really well, but once it all comes off you might be disappointed with what's underneath. In such a case, it's best to just let your fantasies replace the reality.

>> No.28911344



Then again middle eastern chicks are actually my thing...

>> No.28911422

>Same reason people fetishize nuns
Do catholics fetishize nuns too?

I can't empathize with this view but its pretty interesting to me. I guess I just don't see conservative women as sexy or something. Orientalism also gives me a bit of a knee-jerk reaction (imperialsm, exoticism, etc.), but I guess I shouldn't be offended.

>> No.28911445

>Do catholics fetishize nuns too?

Does the Pope shit in the woods?

Wait... something about bears and the vatican...

Anyway, I don't know, I'm protestant.

>> No.28911468

>sweater meat is a lie
no, that can't be true. why must you crush my dreams anon?

take my advice; look and talk to them but never get involved.

weird shit goes down. then again i had some kinda crazy situation and either she was lying about everything or in some soap opera level drama/danger.

>> No.28911542

>Do catholics fetishize nuns too?
Most nuns are older women.
But yes, it does happen.

>> No.28911602

This is a bad idea unless they are liberal/westernized. Exoticism is a nice fantasy, but its basically a 'muh dick' type of thinking - you are getting off on the girl's 'otherness' rather than her itself - unless you are willing to marry her - i'd stay away.

Why would you be offended?

>> No.28911626


My fellow protestant black man

>> No.28911964



Khuzestan, unlike most other provinces in Iran, is inhabited by a number of ethnic minorities and peoples: Persians in major cities, Iranian Arabs, Lurs, Mizrahi Jews, Laks of the north, the Turkic-speaking Qashqai and Afshari tribes, the Khuzis of Shush (Susa), Dezful, Shushtar, Andimeshk and the inhabitants of the coastal regions of the Persian Gulf all make up the population of the province of Khuzestan. There are no official ethnic statistics released by Iran's government.


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